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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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that heist was caught on camera. the teen accused of posing as a doctor now rearrested. what me must do in the next 48 hours. 5:30 now. good morning to you. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. it is thursday, march 3rd. we want to get you right over to meteorologist ryan phillips. >> hey, guys. i was almost ready. i'm wearing dress shoes today. normally i wear roller skates. my role was ooh little slow this morning. i have another batch of clouds moving on by. the satellite picture looksks somewhat intimidating. a fair amount of south florida sunshine will make its way in. a nice warm afternoon. we have a mild morning across bward county. oakland park, lauderhill, pompano beach, deerfield beach
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heading down 95 into hialeah, opa-locka, temperatures around 69. in and out of the cloud cover. visibility is fine as we look at downtown tards aaa. mid to upper 60s this afternoon. still plenty warm. more sunshine coming to play this afternoon as highs creep up into the lower 80s. again, the cloud cover will be in and out, but the uv index at the pool and beach staying very high. 5:31. joe brennan in with a look at traffic. joe, are you ready? >> i'm ready because i have m m dress shoes with the wheels that pop out. >> the wheelies! >> looks good on i-95 through broward county, no real issues. view he south of 595. it's a-okay. further to the north around cypress creek road, still lightly traveled as well. the best news about broward, the rampway from eastbound 595 to the turnpike has reopened.d. we had a bad crash earlier
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>> i do not have rollers on my feet, but do have breaking news. police are searching for three men in hialeah they say broke into a target store. let's get you over to nbc 6 hialeah. we know you're the first inveveigators. what are they telling you now that the morning is pushing on and the search continues? >> reporter: we just spoke with police again, hialeah police. they say the crook got into the front door, grabbed the shopping cart and loaded it up with iphones, ipads, play stations and more and got away. here is new video at 5:30. crime scene investigators processing the scene. this is hialeah west 37th street. the search is on for at least three suspects captured on surveillance video. that's what'ss interesting here, eric. they tell u it wasn't an alarm that went off. that a surveillance monitoring company that was watching what
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police after catching those suspects on camera doing a shopping spree essentially with that cart. at this time we don't have a description for you on the suspects. police say they were covered from head to toe. rigig now we have very little information in that regard. we do know police looking for a white chrysler 200 or 00 as a possible getaway car. back out here live, there are several target managers here on scene. we drie to speak with them. they told us no comment. the have someone from their office investigating, taking pictures. all this happening around 3:30 this morning. canine units were called in to sweep the area. the suspects did get away. if you haa any information, call hialeah police or crimestoppers. for now in hialeah, michael spears, nbc 6 news. asouth florida teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor has less than 48 hours to schedule a mental exam. this comes after his arrest yesterday. 19-year-old malachi love robinson has since walked out of
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judge granted him supervised release. he's accused of using an elderer woman check's account to pay for auto and credit card debt. this stete on charges of practicing without a license. a second south frida man is arrested in connection with a multimillion dollar gold heist. officials say alberto perez was involved in the hijacking of a tractor-trailer in north carolina. the truck was heading from opa-locka to boston with nearly $5 million in gold bars when it was hit. fast forward here. yesterery, a boat was towed from the home where perez w w arrested. the suspect's family members say they never noticedny change in his lifestyle. >> he's had the boat for a pretty long time that i'm aware of. he had an older boat, then got a better one, then this one, i don't know how long ago he got it. >> police are looking for two men in connection with that heist as well, two more men, i should say. another man has already been
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to cash in one of those stolen gold bars right here in south florida. police are looking for the armed robber in this video. they san jose h h hit up this convenience store in little havana havana. that's where we find nbc 6 reporter julia bagg with more on who police are looking for this morning. >> reporter: hi thete, sheli. i spoke with the shop keeper next door to the golden market. it's still closed up here on northwest 12th avenue in the 500 block this morning. let's get right tohat happened. on monday evening around 6:30, that's when somebody came in this store and we've zeroed in on this vid i don't. i want you to take a close look of what is on the arm of the chief who came in here. now have a listen to what police say he was hiding under that. >> he had the shirt wrapped around his arm, and the knife
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>> reporter: that's where he pulled the knife from that shirt and held it against the clerk therere demanding some money. now this morning police are searching for a white hispanic man between 5'6" d '58, between 180 and 200 pounds. last seen in a white polo shirt, dark colored jeans and the gray shirt wrapped around his arm. if you know anything called miami-dade crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. this morning police are asking for your help to catch a uple thieves accused of bird napping. the culprit broke into a south florida home and stole several pricey birds. the owner went outside to find the cage open and none of their six birds were inside. six blocks away police working a away with three birds. if you know anything about these break-ins, call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips.
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on your thursday morning, the next republican presidential debate happening very quickly tonight in michigan. one candidate will not b b in attendance this time around. talking about dr. ben carson. his campaign has confirmed he will not be at tonight's debate and his public schedule sending after a speech tomorrow. i think that tells us a lot right there. tqd cruz welcoming carson supporters while marco rubio is looking towards donald trump. rubio already in michigan today is hoping to end that front-runner's reign. >> i'm looking forward to the debate. evevyone get together so we can keep this front-runner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> as for that republican front-runner that he was just speaking of, trump took to social media yesterday tweeting about mitt romney's speech where he is expected to criticize trump in a big way. trump calls it, quote, another desperate move by the man who should have easily beaten barack obama.
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focusing on raising money, ready to take on whoever emerges frfr the other side. when we come back, an unexpected surprise found in a florida home. >> that's not a little one either. it was home sweet home. what president obama told u.s. astronaut scott kelly just hours after he returned to earth. at 5:38,isibility just fine here. we've got extra clouds moving ahead-- overhead i should say. we move inland to the miccosukee bingo and gaming camera. i'm just making up names for these cameras. i don't know what i'm looking at. it's nice to have the miccosukee cam back on. temperaturur settleing into the
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welcome back on this friday eve morning. a piece of a p,ane is being sent to australia to be analyzing. the missing boeing plane went missing two years ago. south korea is saying north
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into the sea, hours after the united nations voted to impose fresh sanctions. trying to determine if they're missiles or artillery fire. the new sanctions are intended to starve north korea ofoney for its nuclear weapons program. the latest event further escalated tensions between the north and the south. of urse, north korea has a history of firing weapons when angered at international condemnation. at come point today the uber driver accused of going on a random shooting ree in kalamazoo, michigan, will see a judge. in the meantime, the 14-year-old who was critically hurt is improving according to family. six people were left dead after the shooting happened. today's hearing is to determine whether or not attorney ks start to go over evidence this week. they hope to learn much more about what led to those shootings. deflate-gate, you thought it was over, right? it's not over. tom brady expected to be back in
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the nfl will be appealing a decision that got tom brady out of a four-game suspension at the start of the season. originally he was spended for an alleged role in the deflate-gate scandal. the nfl comes to stand by their stance that brady knew about that baldeflating ring. did youd see this? hope you have the nbc 6 news and weather app. you probably did. dry radar pattern has been like that for days now. as we start off early march, i think that's the patternrn we'll settle in to. rain chances very slim for the next few days leading into the weekend. actually made one subtle adjustment to the extended forecast. we'll show you tha in a moment. let's look at what's on the roads this morning -- [ laughter ]. >> i knew it was going to get me. it's been a while since we've %
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the air, and today is not going to be the day. >> tomorrow is friday. >> tomorrow is friday. we're going to save it. we've had pockets of cloud cover. i do thinkhe sunshine does win out into the afternoon hours. 66 up to about 69 or so on the drive in. the drive home will still be laying low into the lower 80s which will get deeper into the evening hours. it's a really nice temperature trend, just a touch a aove average on both the morning temperatures and the afternoon as well. 68 right now in west kendall.. 68 in homestead. some of our cooler locations, a little warmer than what we're seeing in broward county because of the cloud cover moving in. the wind speeds haven't been that ba, with the winds draped across the area, we'll see the winds transition to the northeast. our wind speeds won't be that strong. through the keys only about five to ten miles per hour. winds trending to the northeast. our temperature trend here has
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81 in key west, 80 in key largo. your morning, clouds around but i do think the sunshine wins out. mid 60s will do it. 79 by the lunch hour. up to 82 this afternoon. still above average, but not record breaking. sunset this evening at 6:24. 68 tonight. so still on the mild side here. partly cloudy skies and light winds. it's been pesky cloud cover extending from the peninsulul into the gulf waters. as far as the rain chances are concerned, ststing slim, our next weather maker starting to charge through the lower mississippi valley this morning. by the time this system moves to the east and the front behind it drops in. there's not much left to it. we're keeping it dry. that's the subtle change we mentioned to the weekend forecast. we'll take the shower chances out of sunday and leave it dry. 82 today, 84 tomorrow.
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looks to be dry through the weekend. the one thing we'll watch weatherwise next week, increasing wind here on the beaches tuesday and wednesday. it's 5:47. here is joe brennan with traffic. >> not bad at all on the highways, moving along pretty decently on 836 where it comes together with 826. 26, the palmetto, on the approach to the dolphin, still moving at the posted speed. looks like even better in someme areas. same for t north end of 826 south of i-75 by 122nd street, starting to get busier southbound. a few more cs but still moving at a pretty good clip and accident-free. that's traffic. back to you. take a look at this, a lakeland family came home to find this unexpected guest taking a dip in the pool. not a baby either.
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the homeowner, craig looer, tuesday he approached his lakeland patio to let the cat out. his wife and 6-month-old baby were inside the home. apparently that alligator make a big hole, chomped right through the patio screen door, and that's how he got onto the property but didn't c cse anymore damage than that. the family called that trapper who eventually removed that alligator from that pool. your time is 5:48on your thursday morning. in just a couple hours from right now, the official groundbreaking for construction on miami world center will happen. we've been talking about this for quite a while. but finally it is moving forward. the mega project, as it's called, is slated to be one of the biggest retail and housing nation. erika glover in downtown miami >> reporter: this construction site behind me might not look like much now, but the miami world center is the largest pr_ject in mime mim's history and a $2 billion investment. this moing developers will
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of construion for the 27-acre mega project and its signature residential tower, the paramount miami world center condominium. the retail promenade will run north and south from northeast 10th street to northeast 7th street in between northeast 1st and 2nd avenues, surrounded by residential towers, a hotel and exposition center. the hotel also cacals for a first of its kind upper deck which will debut as the largest deck in the u.s., spanning 90 feet above downtown miami. lit feature a pool, spas and private bungalows. listennollude an entertainment complex whicic will include the first outdoor soccer field featured in a high-rise residential development. developers say this project will invigorate this area like never before because it's like living in a city within a city, hoping
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downtown miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. scott kelly back from space and apparently grew two inches taller. nasa has been comparing him with his identical twin back on earth to find out changes in mind, body and spirit for the last 340 days, the asonaut lived aboard the international space station 250 miles away. he says overall he feels good. president barack obama spoke to the astronaut today from the oval office. the commander in chief thanked kelly for inspiring a new generation of astronauts and advancing space research. he tweeted yesterday saying, hope gravity isn't a drag. >> apparently it wasn't. >> no, that's interesting. >> another reason to prove as we age why gravity is not our friend. >> exactly. there you go 5:50. we're going to learn a lot from scott kelly in the next year. still ahead, bad news for bikers. florida is setting a national record this morning. e numbers are not pretty.
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at 6:00, this morning a thief steals a man's package off his front porch. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work.
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welcome back. you may notice motorcycles on tt road. that's because thousands from around the country are making their way to florida for daytona bike week. a new report saysys florida leads the country with the most deaths. this is from the national highway traffic safety association. they're citing numbers from 2013 when 467 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents in florida. aaa says florida motorcycle fatalities have more than doubled since the helmet law was repealed. pretty intense video here.
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southbound lanes of i-75 near miramar parkway. witnesses quickly took action and rescued a man from that burning vehicle. firefighters showed up shortly after and put out the fire. witnesses say the driver, as you can imagine seemed a little dazed and confused, bup believev it or not, not seriously hurt. the cause of that car fire is still unknown. we were talking about this during the commercl break. at some point in most of our training. the question is, in the heat of the moment, could you do it? would you be able to recall what you learned? it happens for some of us. so have faith. one woman in parkland is being recognized for saving a man's life by giving him the cpr lessons she learned. >> nbc 6 cameras were there as the fire department honored that woman and talked about an app that could come in handy for emergency situations like this one. >> the app is called pulse point. rescue crews say the app can alert people who are cpr
5:56 am
in need of cpr. this is where your memory comes in. it can also point you to the closest defibrillator. the parkland fire department bought the app and honored meghan greerch for saving 66-year-old richard appin. >> i just reacted. 911 was on the speaker and they said you've got to start compressions. >> she is proof that in the heat of the moment you can remember. she was certified five years ago but never imagined she'd have to perform cpr on anyone. you can find out how to get that app and head over to the nbc 6 news and weather appl ours, and search buls point and it will take you right to@it. >> checking the time. working on a whole lot more for our next hour. first on the scene of breaking news in hleah. three men broke into a target. they ole a lot of dollars' worth of electronics.
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michael spears live with more information at the top of the hour, 6:00 a.m. also, police are looking for an armed robber who hit up this convenience store. no disguise, though. we'll talk about that coming up. across the area this morning, temperatures into the mid 60s.
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a dry start to our day.
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breaking news out of hialeah where an overnight break-in at a target store has police looking for three people. good morning to you. i'm shi muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. it is 6:00 on the nose right now. rightow we know those suspects managed to get away with very high-priced items. we understand they're electronics. we're not exactly sure how much but we do know aigh llar. michael spears is on the scene gathering information talking with invetigators. we'll check in with him live in a couple minutes. first let's get a closer look at what you'll encounter as you step out the door today. ryan, looks like we're setting up for a beautiful weekend. >> temperature trends above average for the last few days. we've been into the lower 80s. we'll head there again this afternoon. it's a day where we start with a fair amount of cloud cover. through that. we have a nice afternoon coming our way. here is where the temperatures stack up. we haven't seen a big change in


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