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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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for answers after their pet was shot and kild. why police say they were forced to fire. >> live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. good morning everybody. your time i` 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. if you're getting ready to go to work -- >> good for you. stay in bed. meteorologist erika a lgado with. >> happy to be with you on this tuesday morning. eric is absolutely right. waking up t 70 degrees in miami and kendall area. 71 in pembroke pines as well. we're picking up on a few light sprinkles coming in along the
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other than that, everything looking good. live first alert radar looking quiet as far as miami-dade is concerned. a few clouds along the east wind. everyththng over the atlantic waters moving in. other than that, waking up to mostly slooizcloudy skies. let's take a look at the tuesday morning roads with traffic reporter, kelly. >> good morning south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start so far. accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. if you're headed out the door on 595 from north korea michk go road to 441, that's an eight-minute drive. westbound towards u.s. 441, that's a nine-minute commute. 836 from palmetto expressway to
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82 northbound still blocked off. palmetto expressway drivers southbound from the big curve to okeechobee road a five-minute drive. kelly, through so much. decision 2016, voters will head to the polls. hoo why' will host its republican caucus. all eyes will be on michiganand mississippi where both democrats and republicans will take to the vetting booths today. nbc 6 reporter amanda plasencia has the latest. >> donald trump on the offensive. >> this guy is such a scoundrel. >> as the race for the nomination gets fierce, starting to look like a two-man battle after he and ted cruz split wins. >> iiwould love to take on ted one-on-one. ted can't win new york, he can't win new jersey. >> reporter: trump is out an attack ad aimed to take out
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at a tampa rally marco rubio flatly told reporter. home state. right now truchlis only up 87 delegates to cruz. 536 at stake in the coming weeks. the winner-take-all states of florida and ohio. he gets the space he needs to break away. if he loses to marco rub in florida and john kasich in ohio, locking down the nomination gets tough. trump will need to win 70% of the remaining delegates to stave oo a convention floor fight. >> if we win florida, it's over. if we win florida and ohio, it's really over. >> meanwhile bernie sanders and hillary clinton were faci off in michigan. next tuesday's primary -- >> she has supported virtually every one of these disastrous
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>> he was on offense on trade policy. >> reporter: on sunday night clinton turned the table. >> i'll tell you sometng else senator sanders was about. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> sanders accusing clinton of mischaracterizing his record. that money was also part of a bill that helped bail out big banks. >> i voted for the auto bailout. what i did not vote for a make no apologies is the bailout of the crooks on wall street. >> reporter: amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. >> we're working to get donald trump later thihi morning for a live interview that could happen around 6:40. for everything you need to know about the ite house, we have
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news and weather app. right now, an alleged child molester is waking up behind bars after police say he ambush ambushed a little 5-year-old girl in pompano beach. investigators believe there could be many more victims out there and they're urging them to please come forward and talk. michael spears is live outside the broward county jail where the suspect is being held this morning. go morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, eric. as 29-year-old lamont mayweather is behind bars, that is the concern, that there could be more victims out there. this 29-year-old is accused of molesting a 5-year-old pompano beach girl. police say he targeted the 5-year-old girl sunday night. she was outsideplaying with other kids when lamont, who does not live at the complex, tried to lure the girl using candy. that didn't wk according to investigators. but he was able to convince her
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alone where investigators say he molested her. the child did go to her older brother who confronted mayweather before he denied the crime and took off. >> to have somebody who is a stranger who doesn't live where the children live, who has no relationship with their parents or themselves, it paks ags pause for concern. it is unusual. >> mayweather is known for ying to befriend, using khan dirks little girls and littlele boys. the broward sheriff's office wants to hear from you. coming up on nbc 6 news at 5:00, we dig into a previous arrest for murder. a south florida family is heartbroken after police shot and killed her dog. this is what happened. miami-dade police say they were conducting an investigation when one of their officers fired at
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home on northwest 18th place and 122nd street. the dog's owner that they repeatedly warned police they did have a dog but they say they didn't listen. the family is insisting that the pet was never dananrous, only barked and never attacked someone. >> if a dog shot by-- >> immediately the dog was taken to the hospital but had to be put down because of the injuries. at this point police have not specified whether or not that officer. >> a south florida couple breathing a sigh of relief after a close cl while selling an iphone on craigslist. micel brown and his girlfriend website. when meeting up with the potential buyer, insad of paying cash, he pulled out a gun. that's when a car chase started.
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chase where the suspect dumped the gun out the window, eventually caught in a hooter's parking lot fortunately no one was hurt. out of northern california, a commuter train derailing, hitting huge trees on the track and toppling over into the creek. it happened in the bay ea. right now 5 of the 214 passengers have minor injuries while four have serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. keep it right he on nbc 6. we're gathering more information. more video is coming in from california. we'll bring it to you on the air as soon as we have it and share it for you as well on the nbc 6 news and weather app. >> it's an interview you'll see only on 6. the mother of a south florida teen that was shot say it is gun violence needs to to be. 16-year-old michael green found himself the target of two
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the shooting happened over the weekend near northwest 171st tear race and 25th avenue. miami gardens police say at least three people in a red pickup truck opened fire. the victim's mother speaking out about an end to gun violence. >> something ought to be done. just saying it, doing nothing, it's not going to stop. >> the teen's mom says she couldn't think of a reason why someone would want to shoot h. police have yet to figure out a motive or identify the gunman. if you know anything, you're asked to call 305-471-tips. this is a live look from our first alert camera over downtown miami. we're seeing high clouds here. that isn't impacting a lot in terms of the temperature. a nice warm tuesday. >> as a matter of fact, the@
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temperatures from cooling down overnight. that's why we're waking up to temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday. 73 in miami, 71 in ft. lauderdale. we have the breezy southeast wind. that will be the case for the majority of the day. right now it is looking quiet. we have an east wind. however, any little shower that does pop up over the atlantic waters near the coast could seizely swing through. maybe a light sprinkle. other than that, we're expecting a dry start to our tuesday. i want to take a look at the cloud cover. moving in along the east wind. unfortunately that wii stick along for the morning hours. it will be mostly cloudy. perhaps a quick, spotty shower. other than that, we should be dry with partly sunny skies to end our tuesday. >> here is our first alert traffic report with kelly blanco. >> thank you for joining us. if you're heading out the door,
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accidents in broward county. expect two lanes to be shut down on 595 and university drive. i-75 is shut down at this time until about 5:30 a.m. at sheridan street. you'll have those detours posted. also, 836 eastbound, that ramp to the palmetto expressway will be closed off for another hour. we are accident free in miami-dade as well. 826 northbound at tamiami trail, southwest 8th street, all lanes completely shut down. you can follow me on twitter, @kellynbc6. i'll be posting updates. we hear from those who saw a garbage truck plunge off i-95. how a split second decision saved the life of two fisher men as their boat was in the process
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we'll hear from the woman
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take a look as this garbage truck goes 100 feet off the highway. the driver you're looking at, incredible he was not hurt in all of this. nbc 6's jam pli guirola gives us a better look at what happened. >> traveling 45 miles per hour, falling 75 feet to the ground, not one camera but two capture the action as this dump truck flies off an interstate ramp into a park. >> i've never seen an accident like this where someone survived it. on that day god gave him an opportunity for a secondnd life.
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distracted, looking out the window not paying attentmon. he hits the inside wall twice. he over corrects, tears through the metal and the concrete. >> sounds like an explosion. evevyone turns, no one says anything. no one seams, no one does nothing. >> the garbage truck ripped through 50 feet of guard rail before hitting the ground before. on the ground, jose marty park. investigators say smith is lucky to be alive. >> from the video itself, how does he survive this? this is short of a miracle. >> smith char r charged with areless driving. there are still areas that need repair. this accident, still the talk of the park weeks after it happens. in downtown miami. jamie guirola, nbc 6news.
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sponsored by mcdonald's. mcdonald's, i'm lovin' it. 4:46 on this tuesday morning. live first alert radar looking gooo it's a mild start to the day. it is a rain-free one. good news there as you head out the door this morning. les jump right in. down into the keys things miami-dade. in broward county may be seeing a light sprinkle or two along the east wind. other than that, everything looking pretty goooo we have a breezy east wind, and afternoon. waking up for clouds out there. mostly clomdy. it's because the temperatures haven't cooled much more than the low 70s. 71 in flawed.
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temperatures a little more on the pleasant side, in the mid 60s into the naples area. hour. especially for the second half of the day. for your first alert forecast on this tuesday, a mix of sun and clouds as the day goes on. throughout the morning hours, expecting it to rain mostly cloudy with breezy conditions and rip currents along atlantic beaches. high prprsure in control. that's what's leaving us with this east-southeast wind. other than that, high pressure will protect us from any system even clearing south florida. so we are expecting a few benign days other than the wind pattern pickckng up. relatively dry as you can see by the shades of red, the moisture
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pressure will continue to protect us. we're expecting a few quiet days. wind will be the main weather factor. we are expecting a high rip current risk. small craft advisory will remain in effect over the atlantic and gulf waters. small craft should exercise caution over the bay waters. a mix of sun and clouds friday and saturday. windy conditions should stick around. another system will approach south florida and possibly leave us ththnext shot of showers for us, but other than that, we should be dry up untilthen. let's take a look at the roads witt first alert forecast reporter kelly blanco. >> heading i-95 northbound, that's where an accident was reported.
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camera, we see our camera on i5 south of atlantic boulevard. you see the car here off in the grassy area in between those palm trees. be mindful as you make your way out the door. it appears the car isn't on the highway. you can see a road ranger get together the scene. e let's take you over to our first alert traffic map. we'll talk a little bit more about construction coming up. ten minutes tohe top of the hour. former professional wrestler hulk hogan took the stand in his vil trial against the website gawker. gawkeke published parts of a sex video involving him. gawkeke says they have the right to publish the video of gawker and the ex-wife of one o his former friends. they say he talked in detail
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it newsworthy. >> i was embarrassed of what it did to me as a person. it was even embarrassing as a character. hulk hogan was embarrassed. >> so out of all of that, hogan is now seeking $100 million from that website. today a vote could change the look of body cameras for local officers. if miami-dade commissioners approve the resolution, more than $23 million could go to covererhe cameras and manage the video. a bill is handed to govereror scott that would establish guidelines for agencies that already use body cameras. some state senators are hoping body cameras will help repair r@lations between officers and the public. an amazing water rescue off florida's southwest coast for the coast guard. >> we've got the life raft out. she's going under. >> without a doubt you c!n hear
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two fishermen calling for help as their 37-foot commercial boat took on water. thth captain and crew member jumped into actn right away, abandoning their boat for a small life raft. the coast guard chopper spotted the pair thanks to their strobe light. ththy are okay, but their boat, however, is not. the woman behind the first successful uterus transplant says she prayed for this for years. >> nbc's janet shamlian tells us about a revolutionary procedure for thousands of women told they'll never be able to have a child. >> reporter: the texas woman who recved the nation's first uterine transplant says it's been her dream to bear children. >> it provided me with a gift that i will never be able to repay. >> reporter: the experimental surgery is groundbreaking, a way
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without the organ -- >> that women that can go on to be healthy pregnancies, those are great candidates. >> the 26-year-old woman identified only as lindsay has three adopted boys. at 16 she was told she would never carry her own baby. >> rom that moment on i've prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy. >> reporter: the uterus from a deceased donor was implanted during a nine-hour procedure and will remove after she bears children so she can stop the anti-rejection drugs. >> still a long road to motherhood ahead. lindsay will have to take anti rejection drugs for a year before undergoing ivf at the cleveland clinic. >> the rejection rate is high. in sweden, nine transplants have led to the cesarean section birth of five babies including this newborn. now lindsay's chance.
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>> a healthy baby, that is what is going to make this the picture perfect ending. >> reporter: one step closer, as a revolutionary new procedure could turn dreams of pregnancy into reality. janet shamlian, nbc news, cleveland. >> wow. that is a battle for so many people. a lot of people don't talk about it or discuss it. >> she has a lot to go still, but it's a great breakthrough. >> your time right now seven minutes to the top of the hour on your tuesday. this morning, we're bragging about another south florida school. >> from computer coding, medical sciences, a great jazz band, lots to brag about here. coming up on nbc 6 news at 5:00, do you have an exotic pet.
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take it off your hands. >> 836, palmetto expressway to i-95, you have a five-minute right. on this side of town, southbound lanes to okeechobee road. 826 eastbound to the golden glades, a nine-minute ride. >> well, from one exotic pet to you at home, viewers, temperatures in the lower 70s on the way out. we are dealing with a breezy east wind. perhaps seeing a spotty light sprinkle at best in your coastal
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other than that, you should be decades of tradition, a jazz band to be admired. plus back-to-back state high school championships.
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inside the home of the tigers. >> reporter: want smooth jazz? yes, you do. the jazz caths are as smooth as they come. the represent they the best of the tigers of blanch ealy high school which the principal calls an educational mecca. >> i think blanch ealy high school will be one of the top across the country. >> a science and engineering magnet which annually sends graduates to the best colleges. it has its own internship program and its students compete in architectural design contests. >> here was one of the original designs we had for the education program. >> our focus is on college and career readiness. we work very closely with our students. when they come in from day one in ninth grade, we create a four-yeararlan, establish what their interests are and continue to monitor them.
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students who graduate are prepared to go off stuing nursing in college and even medicine. you okay? feel better? sorry about your illness. >> reporter: last year 12 students graduating from the practical nursing course, all passing their lpn exam. 90% of the grads go on to a four-year university. that's evidence to the principal that hisislan to emphasize ak dijs is working and people are noticing. >> i don't want a first generation of highchool graduate. we want first generation of master's degrees, doctoral degrees. >> that doesn't mean he's turning his backon athletics. ealy boy's basketball team was a metaphor for life, they won the shaet championship after losing a lot of games early in the season. >> you can be successful if you stay the course and continue to work hard.
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whether in the school or on the stage. in pompano beach, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. >> we were just talking, doing something right. >> they've been the state championships five times, won four of the five times. >> he was like listen up, listen up, we're on tv. great students. the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. witnesses describe the moments when a garbage truck crashes through a concrete barrier and flies 100 feet off the highway. a man is arrested trying to lure a young girl with candy. why police say she may not be the only victim. a big day for presidential hopefuls. good morning everybody.
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>> i'm sheli niz. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning, march 8th. we've been talkinin exotic animals. >> can you handle your exotic animals? we'll explain more on that in a minute. erika, you want to give any ininght into that? >> no exotic animals fo me. apparently i am kelly's exotic pet. can't tame me. i'm untameable. south florida, it is tuesday morning. we got through monday. it is rain-free. it was a comfortable day. right nowe're waking up to low 70s across the board. 71 in mami as well as ft. lauderdale. 70 degrees right now in the kendall area. i want to take a look at our live first alert radar. things looking good from miami-dade into b boward county. our live first alert radar is picking up on a spotty shower


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