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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> florida senator, marco rubio, a state hiss campaign thought they would take. rubio finishing third and donald trump capturing his third win of the night. i'm shellyi muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. we have what the candidates are saying. >> let's help you get out of the door. meteorologist, ryan philips catching some windy weather wednesday. is that right? >> you are on par, there, sheli. >> still contending wiwi the pesky breezes. if you are trying to get some quality time in, it is a rough go. let's talk about a dry forecast here. live first alert doppler, no rain in sight despite the fact that we have an extensive cloud deck right at the top of us here. let's move over and see, roadways are dry.
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we get closer to first light here. it will reveal the clouds streaming in off the atlantic water. in and out this morning. i do think progressively as the day goes on, a little bit more sunshine coming our way. wind out of the east/southeast at 15-20 miles per hour. temperatures balanced at 72-73. a quick climb this morning with a little bit of sunshine. mostly cloudy sksks turning partly cloudy from 74 early to 79 for the lunch hour. breezy conditions continuing. your first alert forecast, high today, 81. here is kelly blanco. >> thank you so much for joining so we have some police activity going on in miami-dade but first county. this is i-95 here. your northbound lanes of pembrook road, construction and an accident. all lanes have cleared p. you have dodged that accident. no need to worry. let's take you to our first alert traffic map. on 395 westbtbnd ad you are
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northbound ramp is partially blocked off. a hit and r involvesing a police officer. that right lane as you are trying to ramp on to i-95 northbound. palmetto drivers, roads looking good for you, so far, so good. from the big curve, a five-minute ride with traffic moving along at 55 miles per hour. 826 northbound to the dolphin expressway, a four-minute ride. eric and shelly z no. no real surprises for republicans. if you went so sleep after 11:00, you are waking up to what turned out to be a democratic upset.t. >> not many people expecting bernie sanders to take michigan. >> certainlylyot. certainly, he is smile being this this morning. let's remembe hillary clinton still won big last night, taking more than 80 delegates when you count mississippi as well. guess who else is smiling this morning? no surprise.
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of the four states up for grabs among republicans. that's from michigan to mississippi. mississippi thought to be cruz country there. hawaii, where marco rubio thought he might snag a win but it was not the case. late results showing that he definitely was a big loser there. trump's lone loss came to cruz in idaho. a rough night for not just marco rubio but a aso for john kasich. neither one came away with a win. donald trump doubting his success. >> tre is only person that did well tonight, donald trump. for democrats, mentioning bernie sanders eking out a win in the crucial battleground of michigan. he and hillary clinton will split the delegates. she crushed him in mississippi. sanders trouble continues as he
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all candidates can focus on orida. we'll see where things stand in our live report from washington. >> another presidential debate. this time, the democrats battling it out right here in miami. this will be the second showdown for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. the debate kicks off at 9:00 at miami-dade college. >> t`e florida primary may be less than a week away. across the state, election officials say that nearly 1.25 million votersave already made their official choice. 56% of the votes cast came from registered republicans while 44% came from registered democrats. florida is, of course, a closed primary state. that means that you can only vote in the primary if you are nl registered to a specific political party. >> if you missed our clusive interview with donald trump yesterday morning around this time, find that as well on the nbc 6 news and weather app. breaking for you overnight,
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shooting a pastot in idaho, this man has been arrested but he was arrested far away in washington, d.c. 30-year-old kyle odom was taken into custody by the secret service after he threw some papers and a flash drive over the white house fence. these are some brand new pictures into the nbc 6 newsroom overnight of the scene just outside the white house. officials say that the package odom threw had a manifesto mentioning the name of house and senate members as well as israeli government officials. a different letter was sent to odom's parents and several media outlets which says the shooting was not random and another chuchl member might have been targeted. 55-year-old tim remington was shot six times in the church parking lot after sunday services. the shooting the day after the same pastor led a prayer for senator ted cruz in idaho. that pastor regained consciousness but doctors are saying he is not out of the
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an 18-year-old man accused of an armed robbery. police are still looking for two more people. investigators say jonathan val valenswala. police caught up to him and arrested him. detectives searching for clues in a braden shooting in lauderhill. police say a m was taking up a co-worker on north 57th avenue. the victim was able to drive off. he was shot. crews rushed him to broward health medical center with nonlife-threatening nonlife-threatening injuries. the first to let you know about breaking news out of miami and our social media page around 4:00 this morning. a car hit a miami-dade police cruiser andd tried to take off
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michael live at the scene. >> we know people were detained. we understand they were also released. do we have any idea why they were released? they think in some way they are connected. we're not sure what's going on here. >> both suspects detained actually released. these are two men miami-dade police say were the suspect ns this hit and run involving an officer. a short time ago, police dropped them off on north miami avenue at the shots at mid-town where they caught a cab and took off. we did try to run up to them and ask them questions, why are they being released. police tell us the mercedes these two suspects are involved with, tied to, is involved in the crash. whether or not the suspects wee in the mercedes, that part is unclear. so police sa pending more evidence. pending investigation, they cannot hold the suspects at the time. we give you some video from earlier at the scene. this is new video. around 3:30 this morning, police
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getting on 395 when he was hit by a mercedes that sped off. hehe radioed in the description. one person was outside the mer say daes. police don't have witnesses to say, hey, he was behind the wheel. pending more evidence, they can't hold the suspects. that's our understanding. the officer is okay. it appears the two people influence. that's why they were not allowed toeave in the mercedes that was theirs. once we get the video, we'll have another live report ahead at 6:30 a.m. for `ow, live in miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news. be the first to know when breaking news like this happens, no matter what is going on. you can keep track with us on social media as well. we are constantly updating our facebook and twitter feeds with everything. michael has been tweeting updates from the scene where he was just speaking from. you can always stay up to date on our nbc 6 news and weather app.
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good morning to you. if you are just waking up with us, kofrm continues. a delicate tracker. this gives you a better idea where the candidates stand after yesterday's primaries and caucuses. andrea mitchell tells us, now the gop front-runner is playing some defense. good morning, donald trump has been criticized for a lot of controversial things he has said. now, he is being criticized for a pledge he was urging supports to take in the large rallies. some critics are saying that the
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that happened in the run-up to hitler's taking over in nazi germany. trump is pushing back hard. so far, it doesn't seem to have cost him any support. we'll have a lot more details from both sides coming up on "today." your time right now is 6:14 on this wednesday morning. the ami-dade county officials are vowing to take action after tests confirm something they have feared for quite a while now. a new study shows that water from the canals used to cool the turkey point nunuear plant are going into biscayne bay. it doesn't address risks to the public or marine life. it has more than 200 times of radioactive marial. they are working with agencies collecting data to determine the best way to address that problem. in central texas, people waking up to this, the aftermath of some very severe weather. take a look at this. just outside of dallas, workers at a constructiosite caught this video of a transformer exploding.
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brought dangerous winds, flooding, and possible tornadoes. things like trampolines just went airborne in southwest ft. worth. a possible tornado was caught on camera that sent debris flying. >> weather is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with mcdonald's cafe coffee made just for you. mcdonald's, i'm loving it. now, first alert weather with meteorologist, ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forect. >> good morning to you, 6:15. on a d note, that's the trend for the rest of the workweek. some rain chances to talk about. we'll get to that in your weekend forecast in just a minute. to kick off your wednesday morning. a few breaks from the clouds. unfortunately, the cloud deck staying rather thick overnight. it will initially this morning.
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coming back at us. our roadways are dry. 36. kelly will bring us up to date on your morning drive in just a moment. 72 in fortt. lauderdale. we are hoing on to 73 in miami. temperatures across the area above avage thanks to the on-shore breeze that never shut down overnight. 10-20-mile-per-hour winds overnight that 20 mile per hour wind rather steady in ft. lauderdale. they are going to ramp right back up into the afternoon hours. this breezy pattern we are locked into, thanks due in part to high preshsure off to the east. all the wett weather tucked over on the western side of the gulf moving into louisiana, texas, that's where all the severe weather is. all the wet weather. we're goinggo keep the rapin chances at bay for a few more
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we can see 8-12 inches of rain here in the next few days over into the southern plains. for us, underneath high pressure, it is just breezy, warm and dry on the morning commute. we will work our way through that cloud cover in your first alert forecast, taking temperatures from the mid-70s to the upper 70s by mid-day. the lunch hour, about 79. partly cloudy and breezy. today's high, 81. despite the sunshine, we can't get the temperatures to climb too far. the winds kind of regulate the overall temperature trend. the winds also posing a problem on the beaches. spring break continuing. a lot of kids heaeang out to the beach where we could see wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. dangerous rip currents. a good day for the sand, not for the water. the breezy conditions continuing through thursday. friday, looking at partly cloudy skies. you will note the humidity creeping up. saturday, the better day. sunday, the afternoon hours. isolated shower chances back in the forecast.
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>> we still have this traffic alert. a hit and run crash involving a police officer. that crash happened at northeast first avenue and 12th street. this is where the car got stopped. a mercedes benz on 395 as you are connecting on to i-95 northbound. michael spears was first on scene. he will bring us up to date on the latest. as far as your commute and how it is going to be afecting your ride. if you take a look at your screen, you'll take chopper 6 above 395 westbound as you are approaching i-95 northbound. the left lanes are getting by and the right side is still blocked off. we will keep you posted on-air and on line. this is the only traffic alert we have this morpg. if you still have a ten-minute ride from the golden glades to downtown miami. on the turnpike, traffic moving along between 54 and 60 miles anan hour. that leaves you with a
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to tamiami trail. a four-minute ride from bird road to the dolphin expressway. no issues in broward county. sheli. breaking news from the music world. george martin, the so-called fifth beatle has died. he signed them to the first record contract in 1962 and went on to work with them. the cause of death hasn't been released yet. martin was 90 years old. take a look. tributes and condolences have been poring in overnight from fans, friends and family. beatles drummer, ringo starr, tweeting, god bless george martin. peace and love to judy and his family love ringo and barbara
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>> the man or kes strghting a heist will not get out of jail. they say he used a gpg device to track a tractor-trailer and used a remoteontrol to release pepper spray so sicken the driver and passenger before that truck was robbed. perez is set to be arraigned at some point next week. they say they expect more arrest ns that s in that case. marlin fans have something to brag about. we will tell you where td fish will b b playing a major league baseball game for the first time ever. >> we continue talking about a police hit and run involving a miami-dade police officer and cruiser. you are looking at the smashed-up cruiser right there. we are live at the scene where that cruiser was apparently hit by a black mercedes. we have learned within the last 20 minutes that the two people they detained about an hour ago have been released. nbc 6 reporter, michael spears, is working to figure out exactly
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next in the welcome back, everybody. a man was shot and killed by police in tampa. take a look. our nbc station in tampa tweeting out a picture and more information. you are looking at it rightt here. four officers responded to reports of a man yelling and waving a gun. it happened last night outside an apartment complex just outside tampa. he was told to drophe weapon, stead approached deputies and pointed the gun right at him. inhestigators shot the man and he later died at the hospital. >> the u.s. navy is naming a combat ship after the florida city. the uss ft. lauderdale is part of the navy's new generation of small warships. they are equipped with a high-tech weapons system and
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lauderdale has tie was the navy. it is a first as well as. marlins fans circle the fourth of july weekend on your calendar. the fish haa something kind of nice to brag about. first of its kind on sunday, july the 3rd, the marlins will take on the atlanta braves in a nationally televised game from ft. bragg in north carolina. it will the first regular season game played on a u.s. military base. that's kind of neat to begin with. major league base bull major league baseball and the players association. they are building a 12,500 capaci@ty ballpark that will be converted into a permanent softball field after the game is played. that game originally was supposed to be played in atlanta. in return, the braves will be the home team in north carolina. before you pack your bags, if you want to go to the game, you should know this. the tickets will not be available to the public. >> time now, 6:25. we continue to follow breaking
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hit a patrol car and took off. he has been live at the scene with why police had to release the two men at least for now in his report coming up a major public traffic study has confirmed our worst fears. every time miami beach holds a local trade or consumer show instead of a fly-in convention, an additional 3,200 vehicles come barreling into town. creating a mess on our roads.
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could fix this. so people could walk not drive to conventions. on march 15th, vote yes for a world class covention center
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a number of breaking news stories. >> michael spears is on t scene of a police cruiser where multiple people have been detained. michael is working trying to figure out why the two suspects were released a surprise win for bernie sanders and a disappointed night for marco rubio. julia bagg is trackinin things at home. tracie potts keeping an eye on
6:29 am
not to mention an arrest right outside a white house fence, the same manan that shot a prominent idaho pastor overhe weekend on sunday. kelly blanco, very busy. we have been telling you about this hit and run accident involving a police officer. michael spears hasp been on the scene giving us the latest information. that scene is starting to clear up. it has been like this for an hour and a half, maybe even more. it was 395, the westbound ramp to i-95 northbound that had your right lane blocked off. if you are headed out the door just in me for this accident to clear up. 660 a.m. road ranger is about to leave the scene. let's change sources and take you overo i-95 southbound. we can see the flashing lits here off to that entrance. it doesn't seem to be blocking the local lanes. express lanes looking good. we do have a couple other
6:30 am
southwe 288th street at southwest 147th. also, an injury accident on galloway road. ryan? >> we start first with a look at live first alert doppler. the only live doppler on the rare here in south florida. sweeping clear. we have cloud cover out there. not oducing any shower activity. going to leave your forecast dry with clouds. can't do anything about that. they will continue to stream in. here is a look. notice the cloud deck at least across south floridan the satellite with the southeast winds coming in keeping the clouds in play. with that, limited sunshine. at least initially this morning as we get through the ternoon. more sunshine and breaks in the clouds come our way. we should warm nicely into the lower 80s. right now across the area, winds continuininfrom the southeast. anywhere from 15-20 miles per hour. 72, fort lauder dale, 73, mile. we are just around the corner and minutes from your sunrise this morning. as soon as weeget some sun up.
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into the upper 70s by the miday hours. today with the breezy patterns in place, we will call it partly cloudy with your first alert high of 8 . a surprise in the presidential campaign. it is not the strong performance by donald trump. >> a couple surprises popping up this morning. senator bernie sanders, getting a lot of attention after an upset win in michigan. from nbc 6, tracie potts, live in washington, d.c. a lot of people wondering not just just how he did it but what this will mean for his campaign moving forward. florida primaries right around the cornene >> his team didn't expect they were going to win michigan. they were all surprised last night when the final results came rolling in. the big question had been, could he win a state with a large minoty population. the answer this morning? yes, he can. >> frany, we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporter: bernie sders with new confidence after an unexpected win in michigan.
6:32 am
the polls were wrong. even saaers didn't see it coming. he won with nearly a third of the black vote. >> hello, cleveland, hello, ohio. hillary clinton didn't mention her mississippi win or michin loss last night. she picked up more delegates than sanders. our wall street journal poll shoos she beat donald trump by 13 points. >> only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> only one person did well, donald trump. we started with a field of 17. now, we're down to four. i really want to close things out. >> reporter: he is hoping to do that in florida tuesday with ted cruz closing in on delegates. cruz won idaho. >> we know we are closing the state. >> reporter: florida could be it for marco rubio. third. now, okay? let's not get into that. i can't lose any votes.
6:33 am
will win ohio. >> reporter: right now, it is shaping up to be a two-man race between donald trump and ted cruz. our nbc wall street journal poll found 6 in 10 voters say they think that trump is hurting the party. yet, he continues to win. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so much for the update. nbc 6 spending time with the candidates. a live interview that sheli and i did with donald trump. if you missed it yesterday, you can watch that whole interview with mr. trump on our nbc 6 weather app. donald trump not the only candidate we are talking with. we are talking with everybody. julia bagg caught up with two more of the candidates hitting the campaign trail in south florida. she joins us live in the studio. julia, sanders and rubio, definitely not being quiet to say the very llst. >> not at all. making their voices heard right
6:34 am
you heard our own nbc 6 anchor, due juwan straighter, speaking one-on-one. he is hanging his hgpes on taking his home state's primary here next tuesday telling us whoever wins florida will also win the republican nomination. >> what we are fighting for is to create an economy that works for working people, not just 1%. >> that was our nbc anchor speaking with bernie sanders. the vermont senator enjoying a life line with his michigan win just eking out hillary clinton. in south florida, ted cruz will be on the campaign trail in doup town downtown miami. he is heading to his home turf. >> julia, thank you so much. a quick reminder. if you missed our exclusive interview with donald trump during our 6:00 a.m. newscast, shelly and i did that. you want to catch more interviews with senator bernie
6:35 am
you can catch all of them. >> back to that breaking nene in miami you saw first. a miami police cruiser involved in an early morning hit and run. our team keeping you updated across social media with new video and information every step of the way. nbc 6 reporter, michael spears, leading our coverage on the ground. ins in the last 30 minutes, we understand you have learned police took someone into custody and just releasedthem. >> reporter: we came back to the original scene where the cop car is being looed up right here. police say they have found the mercedes not too far from where we are right now involved in the hit and run. the two men originally detained were just released about 30 minutes ago. police say at least one of them was out of the mercedes when police caught up to it it is not clear who exactly was behind the wheel. there are no witnesses@s at this point. not enough evidence to hold those men that have lawyered up. we did follow the cop car who released them a short time ago in the shots at midtown and
6:36 am
detained some questions. take a listen to what they say. >> you hear one of the guys there yelling out police brutality. they were in the back of cop cars as we reported live. from 395 northbound ramp. miami-dade police told us those two men were being arrested and going to be takento the jailhouse but at this point have been released. around 345 at northeast first avenue and 12th, police say that mercedes that you will see in a cond in the video hit the cop car and kept driving. a hit and run investigation, luckily, the cops here seeing the miami-dade officer is okay. the two suspects originally. both will be arrested according to police have now been arrested. we are told they were under the influence.
6:37 am
not sure aso brightbriety test was completed. the cop car is up on the tow bed right now. we are told as far as the two men who are detained, it is not necessarily over. investigators will be talng with them pending this investigation. for now, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> a lot happening very quickly. thank you so much. we continue to follow breaking news overnight out of washington, d.c. as well. that former marine suspected of shooting a pastor in idaho has been arrested right outside the white house gates. sheli, with more there. >> the secret service took the man into custody in washington, d.c. they thought 30-year-old kyle odom throwing papers and a flash drive over the white house fence. these pictures just into the nbc 6 newsroom out at the scene & outside the white house. officials say the package odom threwad a manifesto mentioning the names of some house and accept senate leaders as well as israeli government officials.
6:38 am
apparently sent to his parents and several news outlets which showed the shooting was not random and another church member may have been targeted. keep it here on nbc 6. we are going to keep tracking this story and bring you updates on air and online. we are following several breaking news stories including that hit and run crash in miami. we were just talking with michael about this. michael spears told us a police cruiser was involved in this crash. we saw it being towed away. two people have since been released. we have t tat and a couple other stories. the six stories you need to know before you head out the door. >> a dui for a woman takes an interesting turn when police discover who is sitting in the back seat of her car. do we have problems out on the roadways? if you are heading out the door on the turnpike, traffic moving pretty slow between 26-38 miles per hour on the turnpike, northbound leaving you with a
6:39 am
drive t t the tamiami trail. not seeing any delays on the 826 eastbound. from the big curve (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not evevy cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakeryrchantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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welcome back. 6:42. donald trump celebrating after a couple victories. >> we are six days awhich for the primary here in florida. peter alexander joins us live from west paul beach with how candidates are moving forward. >> reporter: it's all on your shoulders. it becomess winner take off when we get to super tuesday, in places like florida and ohio. this was another significant night for donald trump, a double digit win in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. blunting the forces that have source of coalesced against him,
6:43 am
advertising here in the sunshine state as well. donald trump only lightly patted his delegate lead which does rays the stakes for next week. for marco rubio, it was dismal. he had zero delegates with fourth place finishes in michigan and mississippi. john kasich celebrated what appeared to be a victory speech even though so far he has zero wins and ted cruz, like kasich, insists he w wl stick around in this race. cruz winning idaho. he is cfident when the field starts to winnow but when there are two competing, it is trump that continues to win. >> you will have more on the "today" show coming up in about 15 minutes or so. people all around the globe. something you don't see very often got a brilliant display in the sky. it was sort of rigged.
6:44 am
was intercepted for this. the original schedule would have put that plane ahead 25 minutes, completely missing the event. the flight plan. with that. at least, they shouldn't have. in indononia, more pictures. people on the ground treated to that total solar eclipse. many others were only able to see a partial eclipse or heavy cloud cover. unfortunately, ruined a good majority of that view. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with mcdonald's mccafe coffee, made just for you. mcdonald's, i'm loving it. >> meteorologist, ryan phillips, south florida's mos accurate forecast. good morning. it is 6:ha.456 we wake up with dry weather. we finish off the workweek dry as well. the weekend, some changes to
6:45 am
live first alert doppler sweeping clear. now that the sun is up, we can't say we h he a full blast of sunshine coming our way. by the afternoon, more sunshine working through the cloud cover. right now, a deck of clouds streaming in all night long, limiting our early morning sunshine. the conditions are dry. the breezy pattern continues. that's bad news for our beach-goers. high pressure having a a good and bad side. keeping us dry and warm and also providing the strong breeze. temperatures on their way up. humidity unfortunately climbing up even into early march talking about this makes me a little uneasy. we don't want the humidity to turn on too fast. east and southeast winds 15-206789 if you15-20.
6:46 am
upper 60s for these early 72-74 will do it. a breezy forecast for all across the nbc 6 viewing area, key largo to key west, 81 balanced temperatures this afternoon. partly cloudy skies and winds out of the east at about 15-20 down through the floriri keys. the cloud cover, again, streaming in all night long. we willind breaks in the clouds and progressively some more sunshine in the forecast later on this afternoon. out early, dry but mostly cloudy. temperatures into the mid-70s. upper 70s by the lunch hour. notice, winds from the southeast at 20-25. wind gusts up to 30. most of the viewing area at 81. 72 is what we are down to toght. the beaches stay breezy but we are dry. partly cloudy conditions. let's walk you through the next few days. the breeze still sticking around into wednesday anh thursday. friday and saturday, humidity creeping up. staying dry. it is sunday. we bring in rain shower chance. i think we split the weekend
6:47 am
sunday, 82, isolated showers possible in thefternoon. busy on the roadways already this morning. here is kelly with an update. >> those traffic alerts we had this morning have finally cleared up. 395 westbound. the ramp to i-95 northbound, nice and smooth. that earlier trashing that we had is no longer there. chopper 6 above the palmetto. can't tell which lane is which. that's because there is hardly any traffic out there. surprisingly, no accidents in miami-dade or broward county. let's change sources and take you on over to i-95. we are seeing a little bit of a slowdown on northwest 75th as you are making your way towards the airport expressway and the causeway. we did have a crashing at northwest 52nd street. broward county is also looking great on i-95.
6:48 am
595, nice and green westbound and eastbound. a morning filled with breaking news. devastation in a seattle washington neighborhoooo a massive explosion there. it looks like a natural gas line blew up just as firefighters were investigating the leak. we are learning at least nine firefighters are hurt. these are just some of the pictures streaming in to our newsroom as buildings are leveled. there is a big concern people could be buried under the rubble. search dogs are combii the area. a corruption probe leading to a raid in the football headquarters. they seized documents they say are important to their case as it moves forward. a lot ofeople involved and a lot of money involved here. bladder is accused of p ping just over $2 million to an associate to stop him from running for the fifa presidency
6:49 am
deals as well. >> a teenager speaking out after she was nearly snatched coming home from school in pompano beach. she was walking home from school along northeast ft. street last week when she says a man called to her fromom his suv and she ignored him. the man got out of his car and tried to grab her. that is when she says she pulled away and ran for help. now, she wants other kids to know who might face a similar situation. >> if it does happen and someone does grab you, just keep fighting them off and don't give up, even if you get tired or anythinin don't give up on it. ten minutes to the top of the hour. some s sth florida patients might need a new place to fill their prescription. federal agents raided this specific pharmacy in miami. customers were turned away as agents collected files and
6:50 am
west flagler in little havan no official word on what led to the raid. the agents are part of a strike force. there is no word on if he will be facing any specific charges out of all this. >> it was more than a regular dui traffic stop for a woman. you are about to see her give a field sobriety test. wt you can't see is her 2-year-old child inside of that very car she was driving. >> state troopers say they pulled over colleen laugh man in the e eergency lane of i-95 in ft. lauderdale. the trooper stopped to see if she needed help. after suspecting she was under the influence, she admitted to two drinks and three xanax. she is facing several charges, include child abuse. miami-dade police officers
6:51 am
their u uiforms talking about body cameras here. this has been sort of an on going debe. it is official, the miami-dade commission has given be the green lightfor the police department after endorsing this plan less than a year ago. the miami-dade commission unanimously voted to fund these cameras. the cameras get attached to the officer's shirt or right on their pocket on the front right side. the wide-angle lens that it will have wi capture everything in view. also, a microphone capturing all the audio too. there is a catch to these cameras and that is that they don't automatically turn on. what the officers will be required to remember to do is turn on those cameras before every interaction that they have with the public. 6:52 now. that commuter train that went off the rail ns northern california about 52 miles south of san francisco will be back in service today. they corrected%things pretty quickly. we brought you the initial
6:52 am
breaking news right here on nbc we are told the train wasn't speeding when the accident happpped. they believe a mudslide caused the derailment after the tre fell on the tracks. that sent the lead car into the creek. nine were hurt, four with pretty serious injuries. some passengers do say it is a miracle based upon the pictures that no one was killed. >> now, the big six stories you need to know. >> right now, police are investigating a hit and run crash invving a miami-dade police officer. the two men ornliginally detained were released. >> we learned from sources that apparently there was not enough evidence to hold these suspects found near the vehicle suspected in the hit and run crash. the officer is expected to be okay. this is an on going investigation. to are now, live in downtown miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news. a busy day for the candidates as they continue the race. on the democratic side, bernie sanders upsetting hillary
6:53 am
clinton won in mississippi. with the republica, they came out victorious in three of the four states up for grabs and cruzzon in idaho. the former marine suspected of shooting a pastor in idaho has been arrested in washington, d.c. 30-year-old kyle odom was taken into custody by the secret servicefter they say he threw papers and a flash drive over the white house fence. officials say one document showed the pastor may not have been the only target. george martin, the so-called fth beatle has died. martin not only signed the beatles to their first record contract in 1962 but went on to work with them in the majority of the music they recorded over the next eight years. no word on the cause of death. martin was 90 years old. >> the search continues for a teenage girl that disappeared. kaitlyn king was dropped off at the new renaissasace middle school. she is 5'5", with curly black hair, brown eyes. anyone with information as to where she might be issked to
6:54 am
until friday, the body of former first lady will lie in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. following the funeral, she will bebeuried next to her husband. she died sunday of congestive heart failure, 94 years old good morning, south florida. things are looking great. we are accident-free. a first alert camera, your eastbound laps, local eastbound lanes, jutst around university drive. your southbound lanes on northwest 54, a little bit different. you are going to find some heavy tie-ups between northwest 79th and the exppssway. northbound, no major issues, just your typical slo slowdowns
6:55 am
let's take you out the door with drive times on the turnpikes. traffic moving along between 17-30 miles per hour. leaving you with a 16-minute commute from coral reef drive to tamiami trail. big curve to okeechobee read. temperatures in the lower mid-70s. a breeze still out there. the cloud cover rather extensive as we can see in all of kelly's traffic cameras. we will breakthrough and get to more sunshine. a quick look over at the 836. cloudy skies up above with the sun coming up. a win forecast out on the beaches later on today. notice, the winds have kicked up from the southeast at fort lauder dale lauderdale. that will take the hat off your head real quick if you are standing outside. 72, ft. lauderdale, miami and
6:56 am
more xloudsclouds and sun. dry but breezy. up to 81 this afternoon. of course, across the area, high risk for rip currents on the beaches. we could see gusts up to 30 miles an hour. a dry forecast. lower 80s into the weekeke. sunday, our next chance for rain. >> stay on the sand. >> stay on the sandnd out of the water. >> than for joining us, everybody.
6:57 am
6:59 am
>> we'll be right back here good morning. good night. donald trump stays ahead in the republican contest. >> i wouldn't say anybody didn't do well who didn't do well. only one person did well tonight. donald trump. >> brings props to his victory rally to take on critics of his business empire >> make the finest wine, as good
7:00 am
in the world. >> we'll j jn us live. on the democratichillary clinton's hopes to lock up the nomination dashes with bernie sanders win in a key state. a pastor shot in a rally outside of the whitetehouse. he was arrested by the secret service. how was a wanted man able to get on a plane and fly to washington? raining debris. twisters rip across texas. >> whoa! whoa! >> tornado. >> yeah. >> yes, that's a tornado. >> major flooding forcing evacuations in uisiana. 18 million people facing the threat of more severe weather today. and the man bend the mania. george martin, known as the fifth beatle, the legendary producer who signed the fab four and guided them into music history has died.


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