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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the candidates tonight are likely to debate i iigration and campaign strategy as they try to sway voters in our swing state. for more on that, let's check in with jay gray. he is also on campus with more on that. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. look, this entire area, the coast bracing for what will be a political storm`no doubt. you've got the democrats tonight here. the republicans tomorrow. rallies and stump speeches through next tuesday's primary. the focus of the presidential campaign now shifts to florida with both parties and all six candidates looking to draw a political line in the sand. for the democrats, it begins at miami-dade community college where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate in just a few hours. sanders had a surprise primary win last night in michigan.
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lot more are yet to come. >> reporter: clinton has a substantal lead in the delegate count and needs florida to help scal the deal as she turns her attention to the general election and the gop. >> we hav our differences, which you can see when w debate, but i'll tell you what. those differences pale in comparison to what's happening on the republican side. >> reporter: frontrunner donald trump who won three of four primaries last night is calling on the gop establishment to embrace his campaign now. >> what i say to the republicans is embrace it. we will win the election easily. reporter: john kasich is trying to hold on until his home state's primary next tuesday in ohio. >> it always comes down to florida, doesn't it? >> reporter: most agree marco rubio must win his home state to keep the florida sun from setting on his campmign.
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the stage tomorrow at the university of miam tonight, though, it's the democrats here. jaw, i throw it back to you. >> all right. thank you. with tonight's debate airing on spanish language television, the candidate are expected to focus on immigration and the country's renewed relationship with cuba. for more on that, keith jones shows us how local college campuses are courting the hispanic vote. >> reporter: florida international university has grown significantly over the years,, so too has its hispanic students. the vast majority don't vote or are even registered for that matter. >> one thing that can unite all latinos is donald trump in the
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>> reporter: one of the panelists is student president of the college democrats. hispanic millennials are just uninformed. >> they don't know what a caucus is or a commissioner is. >> reporter: across the county at miami-dade college downtown another millennial summit of sorts. the dreamers bring their message. >> they need to listen to the needs of the community, a foreign policy that doesn't seek to bomm >> reporter: it doesn't push millennials into voting bootot. many would argue they're apathetic. they don't care. >> we do care. we want to expose them to the issues we need to start caring about. >> reporter: another way thought up by the student government is no name mock elections. we want students to vote for the platforms. >> reporter: no nas on these boards, but drop a marble for
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the most marbles went to bernie sanders. they want to get the younger voter, the millennial, out there to register and then, two, to te. in miami, keith jones, nbc 6 news. tomorrow will be the rereblicans turn to face off in the magic city. you're talking about trump, cruz, rubio. they'll go out at in deate. laura rodriguez will have a one-on-one sit-down with senator marco rubio on his fight in florida. let's go live to the rubio campaign in hialeah. >> i know of no community tha understands the american dream better than hialeahh florida.
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>> a community of working class people, many of whom came here with nothing, nothing but the dreams of a better life. and they worked hard and it wasn't easy and they had to struggle and they were counted out and they were underdogs. people said you weren't going to be able to get ahead. they thought you were forever stuck, but you worked hard and you persevred and that's why hialeah is the city that aays progresses. that's why this is the city of progress. a city of hard working men and women who have dedicated their lives toheir children's hopes and dreams. [ speaking in spanish ] >> wants me to talkbouou castro. in a moment. you think about this community made up of people who lost their
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>> that's senator marco rubio speaking at a rally in hialeah spspnkling in some spanish. speaking of that, election officials say, get this, nearly 1 in quarter million votes have already been cast. florida is a closed primary state, which means you can only vote in the primary if you are registered to a political party. >> the republican national committee takes legal action in the battle to rlease hillary clinton's e-mails. the rnc filed two lawsuits in an effort to force the state department to unseal records late related to hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. republicans along with the associationed
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records months ago and say the administration faileto comply with that question. today, marks nine years since a south florida man was captured in iran. today state lawmakers bring attention to bob levinson's case on social media. senator bill nelson tweeted it's time fo iran to finally fulfill its promises to bring bob home. congresswoman tweeting saturday to commemorate the ninth anniversary of bob levinson's disappearance in iran. bob levinson disappeared in 2007 from an iranian island while on a cia mission. levinson's case drew renewed attention in january when he was nono part of a prison swap between the u.s. and iran in whichhour other americans were freed. iran has long denied knowing
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family and friends gathered in coral springs over the weekend to bring attention to his case. zblnchtsz police are still on the hunt for two suspects here. tonight, one of the three suspects is behind bars. he is accused of robbing two 15-year-olds. police set up a perimeter and caught up with him and arrested him. the male victims were confronted by three young robbers who demanded their belongings. one of t t suspects threatened the victims with a gun. the victims called 911. two more suspectstson the run. nobody here was injured. officers in jacksonville hoping o o of their own makes it out of the hospital alive. an off-duty narcotics detective remains in critical condition after being shot in the head and in the torso.
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this morning in an unmarked cruiser when he was shot vy a wanted man. investigators say the suspect was wanted for threatening his girlfriend. soccer champs make a stop in south florida. [ cheering and applause ] >> they won a world cup and tonight they're playing right in our backyard. the u.s. women's soccer team gearing up for the rio olympic games. stefano fusaro is live for . >> reporter: it is the final she believes cup. usa taking on germany on the field, but their impact is far greater off the field.
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tonight as the reigning world champions are in town. collecting hardware is their thing and inspiring the younger generation has become a treasured responsibility. >> i'm really excited to see them play because they're such an inspiration to me and a lot of my friends. i'm just really excited. i think about it a lot. maybe one day i can be there. >> reporter: with games and face painting set up for kids young and old, the fans were here early. >> we're so excited. >> is this your first time seeing them? >> oh, yeah. i'm psyched. >> 24/7 this girl talks soccer. >> reporter: the dedicated supporters of the u.s. women's national team stop at nothing to cheer on their girls. for example, this fan who waited cn line for an hour with her foot in a cast. >> they have conquered the world.
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a good thing, not a bad thing. >> reporter: well, indeed all the soccer fans are continuing to arrive here maybe to catch a little bit of bonus soccer. the third place is going on right now. france against england in this tournament for the rio olympics this summer. the u.s. game against germany begins at 7:30. church shooting suspect caught at the white house. next up, the accused gunman's bizarre behaviorr before the arrest and details on his manifesto. two police officers in trouble with the law days after a disturbing video surfaces online. plus, live tv it is unpredictable. we know that. why a tv station delivered the news n the dark. that's straight ahead. we've had a dry start t/ our workweek, but as you can see
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that's the we're back with new details in the case of a school officer caught on camera beating a student. the baltimore officer violently smacked a 16-year-old student. he was c crged with
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second-degree assault, and misconduct in office. a second officer who allegedly encouraged the abuse is facing misdemeanor charges. the attorney for the teen says the victim is a tenth grader and not an intruder at that school. more than a dozen refighters recovering tonight after being injured in a massive explosion. nine firefighters rushed to the hospital with injuries. there was a gas leak in a quiet seattle neighborhood this morning. the men were 40 minutes into their investigation when there was a massive blast. a bike shop was left heavily damaged. a chilling twist in the case of an ex-marineccused of shooting an idaho pastor. police now say there were other targets on his list. kyle odom wasrrested in washington, d.c. after allegedly throwing a manifesto onto the
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the note contended martians controlled the earth. >> there was a number of people on the list, a number of u.s. senators and house memrs, israeli officials. it was disturbing to us. >> he is accused of shooting the pastor tim remington six times on saturday in idaho. heelivered an innovation at a ted cruz rally the day before. south florida, we've been seeing dry conditions since the weekend and today was no change. rain free everywhere in sight. that goes for browawd county down into miami-dad but it hasn't been dry at least not since january 1st. it's been quite the wet winter
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precipitation totals in miami, more than 10 inches in miami. more t tn three inches above average as far as precipitation totals are concerned in the ft. lauderdale area. el nino year has been wetter than average for us. temperatures have been a little on the cool side, especially throughout january into february. right now temperatures are in the 70s across much of south florida. 77 in miami. still in the lower 80s near the tampa bay area. very mild end to our day. mperatures well above average across some areas. we'veeen dry. some of the cloud cover beginning to creep up across much@ of the panhandle. a few patches of clouds from the atlantic waters, but other than that it's been relatively quiet. high pressure still remains anchored across much of the atlantic, leaving a very stable atmosphere across much of the eastern seaboard. hour by hour, temperatures will
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you can see just a few passing clouds. other than that, rain-free the evening. that's going to take us ino the overnight hours. just that southeast wind dragging in a few of those clouds, especially further to the north. we could see a spotty portion on the east coast. tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies. mild and breezy to start the day.y. temperatures will be in the upper 60s to low 70s. to start the weekend, it's looking like it will be nice. breezy and warm. temperatures lower 80s under a mix of sun and clouds. well, t t teams are filling up quickly on "the voice" following another amazing night
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>> coach adam levine added unique sounds to his roster, one of them who earned a spot on the team with his haunting performance of a bob dillon classic. tonight will feature the best of the blind auditions. on monday, the coaches will complete their team. tackling hot button issues with family around the kitchen table or couch, serious topics with serious laughs coming your way in the second season of "the carmichael show." >> we got a preview. >> i saw something today i cannot unsee. i was at a cheese burger place. >> reporter: "the carmichaels" are coming back. >> you were seeing michelle obama at the beginning of our relationship?
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>> reporter: "the carmichael show" is a conversation starter. >> you're not my rilyn. jfk didn't end up with marilyn. >> he was assassinated before we headed. >> reporter: what can wee expect? >> shenanigans? be honest with me. do you use that word off air? >> reporter: i do say shenanigans, especially while watching your show. >> you're too young to say shenanigans. you have to serve time in vietnam to say shenanigans. >> i have an old soul. >> yeah. what are the young bucks up to with your snapchat? come on, you're too young. we're having a lot of conversations thisyear. that's the shenanigans we're into.
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people's shenanigans in the premiere. we're talking about, you know, cheating and, you know, islamophobia. >> reporter: how many times have you and your family been sitting ararund the table or the tube and thought your life would make a greaea sitcom? that's exactly what a comedian did season one and he's doing it again season two. it is so funny this show. do not miss it. there's a special preview tonight. two back to back episodes. the big premiere sunday night at 9:00. >> it looked really funny. a lot of energy.
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to work in television news, you have to be flexible. that was the test for a crew at a station after a blackout minutes before a show. find out how they used s sial media to deliver the news live. some selfless members of our community were honored by miami-dade county public schools today. find out what they did to deserve this coming up next. all new tonight at 6:00, we dig deep into the violent past of a broward man chahaed with sexually assaulting a
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hear from a family claiming welcome back. an nbc tv station in memphis lost power before a newscast. the crews pulled out their smartphones and started broadcasting on facebook. >> technical diffffcultyiesdifficulties. i don't have any graphics. i had to improvise a little bit. >> he just drew a picture. he got the news out to viewers on facebook live, although the power did come back soon after the newscast. a few problems lingered today.
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take to facebook to produce their own live stream. a powerful storm caused that outage. new tonight, some remarkable individuals were honored by miami-dade superintendent roberto ko roberto cavallo. >> they are our children's angel patrol. >> reporter: they may not have wings, but they fly high with their inspirational work. >> they are often invisible in our community. >> reporter: the superintendent honored these ten philanthropists that go the extra mile to help people in the community. >> i think it is extremely important that they honor people doing the right thing in our community. >> reporter: they were recognized for their hefty donations and personal
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kids who are homeless. >> we try to help every day. >> reporter: there were free funerals to parents whose children who have sadly lost their lives and don't have the means for burial. >> we wanted them toeach out knowing these families who don't have funds to honor the loved ones with traditional burial and let them rest in peace. >> reporter: and tinker bell is nothing short of magical. she serves as a mentor for kids whose parents are incarcerated. >> if we bring it out in the open, we give people the opportunity to say, i can do that. we take 600 children to 17 prisons. >> today was the opportuni to
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heart, the spirit, the soul of miamians. >> reporter: today was a small way to honor their big contributions to our youth. reporting from downtown miami, amanda plasencia. nbc 6 news. that'll do it for the news at 5:30. don't go anywhere. more news is straight ahead. the fight for florida. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready to faceff one more time. nbc 6 is live from miami-dade college with team coverage. plus, senator marco rubio n't giving up his fight. rubio returns to his hometown, rallying for a primary win in the sunshine state. new details about the man who used candy to lure and then sexually assault a 5-year-old. one woman says he's linked to an unsolved murder mystery. i'm at northeast high hool. these students are launching a robot in the water that could
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rip currents. we're going to show you that coming up. showdown in the sunshine state. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders ready to slug it out on nationwide television in the fight for florida. >> tonight's democratic debate trending on social view 6. some students at miami-dade college also sending o pics of the campus before it appears on that national spotlight. >> just miles away senator marco rubio is s(owing he's not giving up on his home state jt yet. the hometown candidate holding a rally, trying to drum up support. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. >> reporter: and i'm jawan strader live at miami-dade college's kendall campus. you're talking about the eighth
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the security is tight as many get ready for the big deba tonight. we have a team of reporters covering both the democratic debate as ll as senator marco rubio. we begin with steve litz who is live with a preview of tonight's big debate. steve? >> reporter: we are well into this primary process, and as we have been reporting, secretary clinton enjoys a comfortable ad. it is forums like this, jawan, that can move the needle in the direction of one candidate or another. hillary clinton, it appears is well on her way to the nomination when it comes to the delegate count. senator sanders is hoping to turn that tide tonight. miami-dade college's k kdall campus, the setting for the hillary clinton/bernie sanders debate tonight. jennifer carol is already looking toward clinton running in the general election. >> that's why she has to play her cards so well, to not really


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