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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> around 2:30 this afternoon, metro dade dive team got a hit on a side sonar. at that timee they immediately sent the dive team, which confirmed and recovered the body. >> reporter: investigators say montes de oca wasn't wearing a life jacket and had a pacemaker. he leaves behind his wife, three children ages 3, 5, and 13, plus his extended family. again, his extended family is still here dealing with the shock. they're also planning his funeral. miami, i'm claudia docampo. tomorrow is mega tuesday. primaries kick off in five big delegate-rich states. on the republican side,, two are on the home turf of donald
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steve handelsman is here with a look. >> reporter: good evening, trina. it's great to be in beautiful south florida today. biscayne bay, miami river, in the hometown, of course, of marco rubio where he started his political career. it's in this state where his runun for the white house could end tomorrow. marco rubio must win florida. he campaigned in his home state all day. >> we believe. >> i believe too. reporter: of the five mega tuesday states, florida is winner take all for republicans. >> we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. donald trump. you like rubio. you like kasich and cruu why trump? >> i like trump better. i think he'll help make america great again. carolina. demonstrateors inside and outside.
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days of confrontation that critics charged trump encouraged. >> because of that, people say, there isn't violence. there's a love fest. >> he has the kind of record that you want in washington. that's why i'm convinced you're going to do the right thing tomorrow. agreed? >> reorter: kasich found to beat trump. >> we're ahead and going to win tomorroro >> if you want a candidate who will defeat trump or some other republican, you are looking at him right here. >> reporter: but in total delegates hillary clinton still figures to best sanders in the five states. >> the message love, trump hate.
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could be facing his last day in the race. the florida governor and the senator hinting they'll drop out of the race if they lose their home states. from miami, steve handelsman, nbc 6 news. carly fiorina stole headlines last week when she endorsed ted cruz. today she spoke to jackie nespral. >> i asked carly fiorina if donald trump should be held accountable for what's happening in at some of his rallies. >> let's talk about donald trump and the violence we've seen in his some of his rallies. some of them have been cancelled, including one here in south florida at doral. some say that he is responsible for someef that because of the tone that his campaign has taken. how would you assess that situation? >> well, you know, first i think we need to be honest and say
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protesters are showing up as part of an organized effort to shut these rallies down and to gain media attention and they're succeeding. let's not imagine that this is just spontaneous protesting going on. these are organized groups who have a purpose in shutting down people who attend donald trump's rallies, opportunity to exercise their first amendment rights. it's also true, however, that tone starts at the top. you don't see these scenes of violence at other candidates' campaigns. i think there's plenty of blame to go around. >> ms. fiorina told me donald trump does not calm the situation. he tends to inflame the situation. nbc 6 news. meanwhile morehan 2 million floridians have picked a party nominee.
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sent in an absentee ballot. another 869,000 voted early. the early voting turnout could still rise because more than 600,00000 absentee ballots have not been mailed back yet. we know millennials are changing so many things in our society. that includes politics. >>jamie guirola takes a look at the impact. >> reporter: florida mill less thannians are extremely important. >> i think of young people. i think of change of hope. >> reporter: just who are they anyway? >> ordinary people.
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they were born in the 80s and 90s. >> >> reporter: according to a civic youth project at tuft university, it is a millennials who have sizable influence in the election. in florida, millennials make up 20% of registered voters and in 2012 the youth vote was the deciding vote in whether the sunshine state was blue or red. florida, millennials lean more democratic. many inspired by the message of bernie sanders. >> i'm fed up with the state of affairs. >> reporter: national voters are gravitating more to the right than ever before. >> i think that's pretty much a huge part of marco rubio's foundation is with millennials. >> reporter: whether millennials make it to the polls, that's the big question. voter turnout probability is low
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more so for the primaries than the general. from miami-dade college, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. >> as jackie mentioned, join us tonight for a special edition of "nbc 6 impact." that's at 7:00. and as always, you can check out the nbc 6 news and weather app. it's your on the go guide for the race the white house. you'll be able to track live results as they come . police are looking for a man who allegedly raped and robbed a woman in coral gables. the woman was walking along the 1300 blackock of grenada boulevard when she was attacked. he is 5'8" to 5'10", 170 pounds,
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a snow bird sits in jail after he exposed himself tl children and women on a south florida beach. he is held on bond following his arrest last thsday. broward sheriff's office says he was sitting on the sand n pompano beach when he repeatedly exposed himself. witnesses told life guards there they saw him masturbating. a trial that could impact the future of education in florida is under way in tallahassee. the case stems from a lawsuit filed six years ago. it accuses the state of not providing engh money for schools under a constitutional amendment. minorities and children from poor families have been shortchanged as a result. the state is expected to highlight areas where it says public education has improved.
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a pilot leaves his gun in an airport men's room. an officer goes too far in trying to stop a bar brawl. plus, historic flooding and rainfall hammering the south and after several days of devastating downpours, many areas are still facing a serious threat. meanwhile south florida lots of humidity around. with that humidity, a couple of rain showers that have been around the area. i'llet you know to what the expect in the next few days. one night, two phases on "the voice." i want to love you pyt >> these days he's calling team
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stage new disturbing video tonight from inside a kellogg's factory. this food and drug administration video is now investigating because of this footage. it shows a man urinating on one of the assembly lines. kelloggs says it has deterned
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in 2014 at its memphis factory location. the company claims it immediately alerted authorities and they believe any products that may have been affected are past the expiration dates. rescue crews rushed 32 people to the hospital. most have already been released. a government official says that an engineer pulled an emergency brake to avoid a significant bend ahead of him. the train may have been traveling around 70 miles an hour when it came to a halt. >> it was bone chilling. we saw the hydraulics. i thought maybe a little bump. once we heard the shouts, we knew there was something wrong. >> more than 140 people were on board that train, including about a dozen crew members. it's unclear it will take to get
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a pilot leaves his gun in a men's bathroom. when he went back to the bathroom, he couldn't find the weapon. he notified police and the air marshals. surveillance video helped authorities zero in on a jan janitor. they found the gun. one passenger described the chaos befre that gun turned up. >> looking everyone in the face. not giving them eye contact. they went from bedind me to the front of the plane. >> reporter: the pilot whose name hasn't been released is authorized to be armed while he flies. after several days of record rainfall in the south, some states are trying to dry out. the threat for historic flooding remains high in other states. more than 2 million people bracing for more f foding after storms have already claimed six lives. >> reporter: a new week brings new worries for many rain-soaked
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>> i'm hoping that it doesn't get a lot worse, but i can't make any promises. >> reporter: the sabine river is on the rise. >> we've never seen the river go up this high. it's the highest i've ever seen it. >> reporter: the texas town of dew deweyville already surrounded by record water. it could be days before rez residents are allowed to return. the possibility of the worst flooding in more than three decades. residentsrushing to fill sandbags to protect hundreds of homes under threat before heading to higher ground. >> best be safe than sorry. >> reporter: across the gulf states, torrential rainstorms have left the most widespread non-hurricane flooding ever seen here. thousands of homes destroyed. the national guard working throughout the weekend to bring 4,000 to safety in louisiana alone.
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trash and all that's floating through the house and the hoses, there's gasoline that's got into the water. that's flowing through these people's houses. >>reporter: another worry for residents as they start the long road of recovery. nbc news. >> announcer: now first alert weather with john morales, south florida's most accurate forecast. the humidity really making the feel of the local environment pretty hot. right now, the live first alert doppler radar doesn't show much, but we've had some showers. the showers moving offshore key biscayne and port miami as you see here in miami-dade county. others were close to ft. laladerdale international airport as well as areas near oakland park. now they've moved towards the
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there will be a risk of showers this evening too. take a look at the current temperature. it is still 85 degrees. plentiful sunshine despite some of the rain showers that you see. there are warmer places out there it's 89 degrees right now in dallas, texas. contrast with 40 degrees in new york. looking pretty chilly in the northwest. your forecast headed into tonight, a slight chance of showers in the evening. those shower chances drop to about 5% for the rest of the night. temperatures are above normal and so is the humidity levels, so it is going to feel a little bit muggy out there this evening. tomorrow think we'll see a change because the humidity level will drop enough so that we'll feel a little bit more comfortable when we're out there. 67 to 70 degrees early in the morning with a mostly sunny startto the day. now the future tracker is seeing
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a few scattered cllds and, yes, eventuuly a couple of spotty showers. you see that? on the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. don't discount a showor. the chance of rain tomorrow is down to 10% whereas the last couple of days we've been talking 20% to 30% chances for rain. youump ahead to the weekend here. scattered showers on saturday. possible thunderstorms on sunday. the reason for this upcoming weekend is an approaching cold front. this front could mean business in terms of actually bringing cooler air to south florida n n by sunday, but maybe by monday of next week once the front moves through. the hope, despite the forecast for rain this weekend, is we will get some relief from thi frontal system when it moves through. if you want to see the full forecast, it's in about ten minutes. big night tonight.
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taking stage as season 10 of "the voice" sings on. >> a miami boy is in the spotlight. >> reporter: tonight, the final coveted spots will be filled in the blind auditions. you say that you care >> rerorter: and then the battle begins. this is a man's world >> reporter: team members will be pitted against each other. only one voice will sing on. that includes this local. i want to love you pyt pretty young thing >> reporter: paxton ingram from miami. >> at the end of the day,that's what brought me here. coming togeer to make a beautiful music moment is what the big picture is. >> reporter: a picture that
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girlfriend gwynnn stephanie has maintained. >> the notes and the advice they were giving me were just awesome. >> reporter: there is some flirting onset. >> it was cool to be a fly on the wall and see the subtle things. >> reporter: an awesome opportunity r paxton and the rest of these hopefuls to be mentored and advised by somef the biggest names in the business. patty la bellbelle advises team kristina. how is that for seaso 10? sean diddy combs on team pharrell. the coaches will coach.
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the battle for local paxton ingram begins tonight. the question is will paxton move on to the knockout round tonight. you'll have to tune in and watch. blinds and the battles begin on "the voice." it's march 14th. or 3.14, which means it is national pi day. that number equates to about 3.14. pi day has flooded social media with fun memes because it is also albert einstein's birthdhd. several businesses getting in on the mathematitil assignment. dommo's offering discounts on
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whole foods offering large dessert pies for $3.14. >> i'm going for the pies like the strawberry anapple. >> i'll take all of them. give me all the pies. >> yum. still ahead, bruised and humiliate humiliated, d d an officer go too far in trying to stop a brawl? we're bragging about another local school. >> today wee brcaing about ada
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where do you shocking new video. this is out of cape corral. a woman thrown to the ground by police. that video getting a lot of buzz on social media. some say the officer went too far. that woman speaks out about what happened. >> that officer seen in the video now ununr internal investigation and placed on administrative duty. she is admittedly drunknd screaming as she punches and
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hand over her keys and let her that's when a cape corral polce officer steps in and puts her hard on the pavement. she says it was excessive force. >> the next thing i remember is laying on the ground. >> reporter: she says she was bruised because of what happened before. >> i w wnted my kids. i was demanding my keys. i was a little drunk. i was pushing him lightly. >> reporter: a bystander recording it all sunday morning with his hone. when that cape coral police officer approaches her from behind, grabs her, flung her to the ground. here is how peopl reacted to that video. >> uh-oh. >> ew. >> wow. >> looks like the cop cold cocked her. she was clearly intoxicated, but she didn't see it coming.
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she didn't see coming was the officer's reaction to it. >> get her off. >> if there's anything that makes me mad about the entire % video, it's not being thrown on the ground. it's how he is nonchalantly saying get over it. >> a lot of people get drunk, they act a fool, if they get tossed somewhere, you should have controlled yourself better. >> we'll see what happens. that'll do it for the news at 5:30. >> don't go anywhere. more news straight ahead. the fight for florida. the predential hopefuls making a push on the eve of the presidential primary. ller co erer collision.
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drills a hole in a broward supermarket. how the feds say he benefitted from car accidents. we're bragging about south florida's only public commuter school. ari odzer explores the campus and the dual language program that sets these kids apart. the sunshine state up for grabs in tomorrow's pivotal primary. white house hopefuls on both sides stumping hard in the battle for florida. >> for one republican candidate, it is a do or diacone contest. rubio is predicting a surprise win. >> tomorrow's the day. tomorrow's the day where we're going to shock the country and we're going to do what needs to be done. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. >> thanks for joining us. i'm jackie nespral.
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florida is a major prize. >> today's gop frontrunner grabbed a pretty big endorsement from the state capital as he dominates the polls. that's donald trump. >> hey, guys. on this eve of florida's primary elections, fresh poll numbers show senator marco rubio has made little progress against his chief rival donald trump. it showsws trump with support of 46% of likely florida republican voters and senator rubio trailing with 22%. candidates are getting their final push, their fial say with the voters, before tomorrow's elections. it's the big dayefore the big vote. candidates candidates candidates crisscrossing their way across the states that matter. hillary clinton in illinois. >> i'm so worried about our country and what could happen if we don't stand together to elect
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all of america. >> reporter: her opponent bernie sanders is way behind in florida polling, but he hopes to chip away a a her lead with voters in ohio. >> the key difference between secretary clinton and myself is not only did i vote against every one of these disastrous trade agreements. i helped lead the opposition for them. >> reporter: the four republicans are vying for position today. senator marco rubio stood on the bed of a pickup truck in melbourne, florida, talking optimism, fighting to win his own state. >> is tomorrow win or r home? squl >> we're scheduled to be in ututh. >> reporter: if the candidates weren't doing the talking, their surrogates were. pam bondy stumped for donald trump in tampa. >> we need someone who is not afraid to lead.


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