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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: in a show of worldwide support and unity, trans lit up the eiffel tower in belgium's colors. president obama pledged a global response. >> we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocentntpeople. >> and a senior iraqi intelligence official said isis planned the brussels attack in syria two months ago. this esaid suicide bombers will carry out another attack. live in the newsroom, keith jones, nbc 6 news. >> thank you very much. jet air flight that departed brussels, belgium, not long before the first explosion, went off in this morning's terror attack. he's now landed in orlando, florida. the plane was notx allowed to approach the gate after landing. bomb-sniffing dogs had to look for explosives as passengers were moved by bus from the airplane toto holding area.
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we just went over for a quick vacation. people said, are you concerned? i said not in the least. i'm going to visit people who are 30 miles out of town. but apparently that was not correct. >> that plane is now expectete to arrive at miami international airport later on today. >> airports in the united states reacted swiftly after news of the terror attacks broke overnight. while there's no specific threat here in the united states, police are ramping up security at airports in major cities. miami international airport was one of the first airports to begin putting heightened security in place following those attacks in belgium. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks is there with re. bobby? >> reporter:hey, trina, good evening. i can tell you, i haven't seen so much security in an airport in a long time. they were not messing around. where i'm at, concourse g, this is where a flight was set to take off for brussels. that obviously didn't happen today. but a new flight has been scheduled. i want to show you on the board bbind me, it took off at 5:10,
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able to speak with some belgians heading ome. hearts. these are some of the passengers at m.i.a. they badly want to go home. but obviously they can't. the airport they're heading to right now was partially in ruruble. many people were killed. a cowardly terrorist attack has shut their hme airport down. they wait, some almost in tears with `ixed emotions. >> for@ these people to die. >> reporter: some are looking to avoid flying into brussels all together. >> i probably won't go to brussels. that's horrible. >> reporter: that's nora, she found out what happened in her homeland by so many others here of the her parents. >> my family started texting me. they were really scared. they thghtt i was dead. >> reporter: another young man we spoke to said his parents can hardly stand knowing he has to fly. >> they want us to get home. >> reporter: had this happened a day later, it might have been
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blast today. that's something they t tink about, and constantly fear. >> a lot of things happening around, so it freaks me out a lot. >> reporter: it was nice for them to see beefed-up security here in miami. there was extra canines, officers on patrol, adding carts to the shift today. but the belgians add, this is afterthe fact. they're scared of another attack like today. one woman, a retired doctor we spoke with, said it's time for civilized nations to put a stop to the people who took cedit for the attack. that's isis. >> we alled should help. >> reporter: take a look at this. you see 6:50 p.m., that flight left brussels about an hour before the attack. we also have other crews here t m.i.a. waiting for that plane to come in.
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the passengers when they arrive. be sure to follow along with our nbc 6 news and weather app to get updates on that throughouou the night.t. bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. >> bobby, thank you. one of europe and the world's most beloved c#mic book characters, a belgian creation, is becoming a symbol of solidarity after the attacks. julia bagg joins us in the studio to explain. >> the face that usually draws a laugh is now one meant to deliver comfort. the image has popped up all over social media today. he li the boy is usually with his dog. sometimes he's depicted wearing the colors of the belgian flag. sharing this image is reminiscent of the outpouring following the paris attacks last year. 11 victims died at "charlie hebdo," and nearly 130 people
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a belgian artist created tintin in the 1920s. he's become a symbol of the cotry over the decades, showing on tv, film, and coins. now he's a symbol of rerelience as well. >> julia, thank you. our coverage of the terror attackck in brussels continues on the nbc 6 news and weather pp. we'll post any updates as soon as they come in, plus tune in for a special hour-long edition of the "nbc nightly news" with lester hole, beginning at 6:30. the president's historic visit to cuba is now officially over. the presidentnt boarded air force one a couple of hours ago and is now on his way toto argentina the the president and first lady shook hands and said good-bye to raul castro right there on the tarmac. >> jawan strader and jackie nespral have been following the president's historic visit to cuba all week long. they join us live from havana
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esident's day. jackie and jawan? >> reporter: goo evening from havana. once again, we're in old havana. a beautiful day, albeit windy. what a difference a day makes. yesterday there was media from all over the world here, and today it's pretty much a ghost town. president obama has already departed onto argentina from his historic trip here on the island. it was really a whirlwind trip for him. a lot of important meetings, especially today, directly speaking to the people of cuba and meeting with the dissidents as well. he also made his mark with the cuban people, but also@here in cuba. >> it was all about the president's speech, jackie, to the cuban people. everyone wanted to hear what the president was going to say. when the president spoke, he spoke about embracing change and called for congress to lift the embargo. standing ovation. the presidede said that the blockade hurts the cuban people by cuttin them off from the
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cconomy growth here. confrontations between the two countries have been going on for his entire lifetime. he said the two counies share the same values and hopes that some day hostilities will be viewed as one chapter in a longer story of family and of friendship. >> i have come here toury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. [ applause ] i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. what the united states was doing was not working. we have to have the courage to acknowledge that trtrh. a policyof isolation skind for the cold war made little sense in the 21st centuy. the embargo was only hurting the cuban people instead of helping
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and i've always believed in what martin luther king jr. called the fierce urgency of now. with you we should not fear change, we should embrace it. >> now, after that, the president's day wasn't done just yet. had ehad a very, very important meeting. >> it was an important meeting. a meeting that was supposed to take 45 minutes, instead it took 1 hour and 45minutes. that meeting took place at the u.s. embassy in havana. and it was 13 dissidents, including a woman from ladies in white. i had the opportunity to sit down to three of the dissidents who spoke to the president. and this is what they had to say. they are the voice of the opposition. and today a meeting that was 57 years in the making. 13 dissides from the old guard to the new movement, met with the leader of the free rld in havana. >> translator: he understood dictatorship. >> reportete three of those
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president obama spoke with me today. jose rey, and shared their thoughts. >> translator: he told us that if they continued with the pressure of the last 50-plus years, that change would come. but with bloodshed. >> reporter: will change come as a result of today's historic meeting? >> translator: i dcn't think so. i don't think so. i think the cuban government will continue in its position. and it won't reform. and will continue to criminalize like until now all civil and political rights. >> reporter: they all agree this is a step in the right direction. >> translator: act like this for those that fight. the one fight from within. the u.s. presisent's behavior always had positive results and we really appreciate it. >> truly, truly inspirational. by the way, sanchez gave me the list. here's the list, remember, thatat raul castro said the other night at the press conference, that give e im the list of the political prisoners and he would release them.
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now it's in their has. >> there was also a baseball game that everybody was talking about as well between the tampa bay rays and cuban national team. as faras the score's concerned, in case you're wondering, 4-1, tampa bay rays. the first major league baseball game to play in havana since 1989, when the baltimore orioles took on the cuban national team. many are wondering what this could mean for cuban baseball players who want to be a part of the mlb here in the u.s. cuban-american baseball player be knows it's important. >> all of us, it was a dream to come play in america. that's how it was. we'll do whatever it takes. and, you know, that's tough, but hopefully this can open a lot of doors.
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>> fernandez admits he's got mixed emotion about the tampa bay rays havana. he's still not ready to head down here wth the miami marlins until things change. and obviously, he's very conflicted, as imas a cuban-american. what thing president obama said in his speech, he said we know what cubans can build. look at miami. it gave credibility to what our parents did whenn they fled here after the revolution. >> i'm sure not just you, jackie, but a lot of other people as well. my experiences here have been something incredible. something i thought i would ver experience or see inn my lifetime. pefully one day ian come back when it's a free cuba. >> live from havana. we'll see you tonight on the nbc 6 news at 11:00. >> thanks for that great reporting. >> videos and articles from the president's trip to cubaright on our website and the nbc 6 news and weather app. head to our cuba crossroads section and you'll find the
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this morning if you want to check it out. police on the hunt for a dangerous robber who attacked a jogger. investigators releasing this sketch of a man they say robbed and sexually battered a woman. details coming your way next. we saw low temperatures this morning in the 50s. highs this afternoon in the 70s. but things are going to change rapidly. with heat and humidity. i've got the forecast coming up.
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right now, police want to know if you recogniziz the mab in this sketch right here. investigators say he sexually battered a woman who was out on an early-morning walk and then robbed her, too. >> claudia has more on the search for that attacker. >> reporter: that's right. this is the man coral gables police is looking for. they say he attacked a woman walking down the street a week ago this past sunday. this is the face of the attacker who went after a woman walking alone in the north end of coral gables. >> 6:ha in the morning. it was still dark out. we had a female walking south on grenada boulevard when she was attacked from behind by a whited hispanic male. >> reporter: police say e attacker dragged the victim behind the tree and fondled her. after that he robbed her and ran away. detectives are now going door to
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this man. >> i have three daughters, and i'm concerned because now i don't feel as safe when they walk the dogs. now i walk the dogs with them. >> reporter: police describe the attacker as being 5'7" to 5'9" in height with a muscular build, bald with bushy eyebrows. he was wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans and blue and yellow sneakers. take another look at the attacker. police say he i i driving a white suv or van. if you hav any information that could help detectives, call them at crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. remember, your call is anonymous. in coral gables, claudia dop campo, nbc 6 news. >> head to the nbc 6 facebook page and share the sketch, and the story on your own page.
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sun than yesterday. actually, warmer temperatures this afternoon thananesterday. but certainly we started off wiwi a chilly morning. no rain in the radar. quick look outsid because we do have the rough surf along the coastline. it's spring break for many. there are a lot of visitors in town. do be careful at the coast. advise them to be careful with the rip currents as we head through this week. because this is expected to continued. the weather headlines here, pleasant and dry weather for tonight. a little bit breezy at times. as i mentioned, hazardous marine conditions, not just at the operators, too. as t t week progresses, heat and area. we'll feel it. it's going to feel a lot more humid over the next few days. pleasant right now, 73 miami, 71 ft. lauderdale. enjoy the comfortable temperatures. humidity values mainly in the 40% range.
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shows high pressure over the state@ of florida, controlling our weather. it will move east, though, and eventually we'll start to see this. winds that will become southerly and southeasterlily locally. that will increase the moisture. that's why we'll feel more -- more humidity in the air, and eventually start to see some more showers. not a lot of humidity right now. it's really dry across the state. this is the water vapor satellite image. the red meaning dry, the freen meaning moisture. the moisture is trapped to the south. this moisture will return northbound and that will lead to the chance of rain beginning on thursday. let's look at tomorrow. first and foremost, you notice the overnight temperature into tomorrow morning, 5. that's about ten degrees warmer than today. future tracker bullish on bringing rain to the coast. we've talked about this before. our future tracker tends to produce a lot of showers that eventually just don't materialize. so i'm just going to call for a mixture of clouds and sun for tomorrow and not call for rain. either way, 65 in the morning, 81 in the afternoon with a high
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coast. up to 86 on thursday. chance of showers and thundersrsrms. rain chance in the forecast friday, saturday and sunday. humid, wawa, temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. >> john, hanks. story that quickly went viral.
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shot in the back by her police say a 20-year-old is dead after allegedly speeding and crashing a car into a canal in coral springs. the incident happened at c-14 canal near northwest first street. the car blew through a cement barricade and drove vit into the canal of the the driver died at the scene. the incident remains undnd investigation. a gun activist mother was shot by her 4-year-old son uld place charges. jamie was hospitalized earlier this month after her toddler accidently shot her from the back seat of the car while she was sittttng in the driver's seat. the sheriff's department is asking prosecutors to charge the 31-year-old for allowing a minor access to a fiearm.
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days in jail. >> it is of paramounted importance that parents w`o are responsible gun owners do everything within their power to make certain guns do not fall in the hands of their children unintentionally. >> that boy who shot her was unharmed. she i still in the hospital. a gas pump at a cvenience store in tampa burst into flames after a car backed into it. the 37-year-old was the driver behind the wheel of the ford mustang that struck the pump. investigators believe weber was under the influence. officials say t t crash caused about $10,000 of damage to the gas mp, and approximately $3,000 worth of damage to the rental vehiclee he was in. weber's charged with driving under the influence with property damage. we'll be right back wiwi today's top stories right after this. we'll have expanded coverage of the twin terror attacks in belgium. our team is on the ground. we'll walk you through how it all played out. we're interviewing eyewitnesses to the attack and we'll update
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tom costello with airport finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. this heightened security at our local airports following the deadly terror attacks in belgium. there's a noticeable police prepares today throughout the concourses at miami international airport. u.s. officials stressed there's no credible threat of a similar attack here in the united states. >> the airport in brussels will remain closed through tomorrow. and possibly longer. it has already left several passengers stuck at m.i.a., wondering when they will get home. get to the airport early, check ahead and count on possible delays. >> follow these stories and news making headlines today on the nbc 6 news and weather app. download it for free.
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today's weather. it was so pleasant out there. temperatures in the 70s this afternoon. so it's not going to bee as cool and pleasant over the next few days. things will warm upn a hurd ri. we're headed for lots of humid days in south florida. especially the upcoming weekend. if you can get out and about this evening, since the sun doesn't set until about 7:30, maybe you ought to take advantage of it. >> we needed that good weather on a tough news day. lester hold with an hour-long special edition of "nightly news" coming up next. we'll see you back here at 11:00. en sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl sfl somewhere advertise pall breaking news tonight. terror in brussels, a horrific sea of carnage as bombs explode at the airport, in the subway at rush hour. dozens killed. hundre injured, including americans. nailspjn the bombs and the bodies and the victims. two americans who were at the airport still missing.
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bombers caught on camera, wheeling bags. right now a massive manhunt for a suspect who may have escaped. urgent raids yielding more shocking discoveries. tonight a chilling moment-by-mont account as an american who witnessed it all speaks to nbc news and as isis says it was behind the attack. authorities step up security in cities and airports here at home. the world tonight standing in solidarity with belgium. "nbc nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: brussels terror attacks. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. shock and horror but sadly no surprise. belgium, which for four months has been living on edge and braced for attacks, took two devastating hits today, claimed to be the work of isis. at least 31 people are dead and nearly 190 others are injured, including some americans after
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rush. two explosions in the departure hall at brussels airport, followed by another deadly blast at a busy subway which commuters escaped the carnage by evacuating through a dark smokey tunnel. child screams of fear. the world today once again haunted by images of stunned and bloodied survivors from another brazen act of terror. toninit a massive manhunt is under way as a chilling photo captures the suspected attackers just moments before they struck, including the one who apparently survived and may be on the loose tonight. we have expanded coverage of the attacks starting in brussels with nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: terror in the airport terminal. it's 8:00 this morning, moments after an explosion. a strolle lies abandoned. a victim is on the ground. a survivor says stay down. >> day down. >> reporter: thrgh the smoke a woman cowers clutching a child. somee cries help me. >> someone help me. >> reporter: and then survivors begin


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