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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  January 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. pinteresting endorsement. pa pivotal time we will a talk ptour political analyst what a psarah palin endorsement of pdonald trump could mean for his pcampaign. pmcyummy. pmaybe. pthese late drizzle french fries ptoo much or sweet and salty erfection? p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p>> anchor: i just want to no phow they serve them. pyou can't put those in one of pthose french fry packages, pright? plike a, looks like a tray. p>> a box? p>> yeah. pokay old fashioned p>> anchor: i'll try it. pyou know i'll try. p88 o'clock i'm laura moody. pthank you for waking up with us pon this incidence with rn
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pwe will get straight over to pdave with look at chilly pforecast. phey dave. p>> quite chilly outside. phow about this, temperatures pcontinue to drop, what a cold pmorning. pthat one of our own, one of our pown angie fox 13's linda hurtado phad to use her defroster. plisten. pyou hear that. pthis is a look from inside her pcar. pless than an hour ago. pyou can barely see out the pfront. pin fact, windshield wipers pworking hard trying to get that pice off. pa lot of frosty spots away from pthe water, away from the city. pand we hope linda that you're pnot going to be late for work as pa result of this. preally cool video as well to pshow you from teco power plant. pin apollo beach. pwe're getting used to seeing pmanatees there for the warm pwater. pbut look at this, these are psharks, folks.
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phundreds of them trying to keep pwarm. pthose are sharks. phow unreal. pyeah. p>> those are sharks not pmanatees. pi was petting sharks. pno, this isn't a live video. pmaybe this was yesterday. p>> this was from earlier this pmorning. pmaybe it was ten minutes ago i pwas petting sharks i thought it pwas manatees. pi hope they can both coexist in pthe same place. pwhat laura? p>> anyway. pit's 41 degrees out at tampa pinternational. pwe've 36 in brandon. p35 wesley chapel. ptemperatures are still below pfreezing. pbrooksville crystal river, pcrystal river actually got back pto 28 degrees earlier this pmorning. pthe freeze warning out for one pmore hour or so. pbut, boy, is it cold this pmorning. pin fact we're running 4 to 9
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pthere's your freeze warning i pthink only morning for that pwhich is good news. pit will still be cold tomorrow pmorning not quite as cold. ptoday we should get back up to pabout 63, 64 degrees. pnow on to shark petter herself. p>> we had live look about 30 pminutes, ten minutes ago i pthought they were manatee and phere petting them not here but pforget it. p8:03 i'll stick to traffic this pmorning. pthere's an accident blocking all planes with injuries u.s. 41 at p28th avenue east. pin the bradenton section of pmanatee county. pso i would just completely avoid pthat area. pyou can always use state road 64 phead east and then hop on i-75. pthat would a good north south palternate i'll let you know a psoon a lanes reopen as of right pnow all lanes are blocked along pu.s. 41. inellas county a couple slow pspots there. pincluding northbound 275, pthere's a crash at i-175. pslow speeds even after that, 37
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pspeed from at trop. pup to a 54th avenue north. palso in pinellas county that pearlier wreck, still being pworked on and clearing psouthbound u.s. 19. pafter ulmerton road. ptow trucks are on scene phopefully it would clear in 15 pminutes or so. pif you're planning a drive over phoward franklin bridge a, looked plike expire rush hour drive give pi don't ever yourself 12 minutes p>> thank you, jen. pwe have a news alert now. pclearwater police are very pconcerned about an elderly man pwith dementia who has been pmissing since yesterday pafternoon his his arment regency poaks south an elderly living pfacility. pman's name is bob taylor. phe's 82 years old and he's been pgone all night in this cold pweather. phe suffers from parkinson's and pearly dew men sha he needs a pwalk other cane to get around pbut he left that. phe didn't have it when he left. phe was last seen wearing sweat ants and red jacket they do not pbelieve he was wearing shoes.
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pfliers and people in the area ptrying to find mr. taylor. p 8:04 following a developing pstory out pakistan. pat least 19 people killed and pothers injured. pmany more injured after gunman pstormed a university. pofficials militants scaled a pwalled the attack happened just pbefore beginning school day akistan police and the army pmilitants. pwe'll let you know what happens pas it develops. p two homicides just miles papart in manatee county. pinvestigators want to know if pthey were killed by the same erson. pthis morning fox 13 shayla preeves did digging and found out pthese two people who are dead pnow, appear to have known each pother. pand she's live for us at the pbradenton police department. pgood morning, shayla. p>> reporter: good morning to you plaura and russell. pyes we checked facebook this pmorning and saw both of those eople found dead were listed a pfacebook friends.
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pmorning. pand right now investigators are ptrying to find out if their pdeaths are related. phere's the reason why you're plooking video from both of those pscenes that happened yesterday pafternoon. pauthorities responded to two pscenes, miles apart, both preported within an hour. pfirst report came in before p1 o'clock tuesday afternoon. poff 8th street and bradenton. pnow bradenton police say pneighbors described hearing pgunshots and seeing an out of pcontrol suv crash. pauthorities identified the man pinside as 38-year-old karl tux pford. phe did not survive. pnow 40 minutes later a driver pspotted a body off bishop pharvard road. pinvestigators say s. said that pbode belong to 23-year-old pjordan finland and foul play is psuspected in her death. pnow they are working to find panyone who may have seen or pheard anything before or after pfinland's death and maybe they pjust didn't report it some
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pdark colored suv leave the plocation where he was later pfound. pso far authorities have not said pexactly how both the two pactually died. ptheir causes of death. pso still a lot of questions out pthere. pbut investigators are asking panyone, if you have any pinformation in these cases, to lease go ahead and give the pmanatee county sheriff's office pthe bradenton police or crime pstoppers a call. pback to you. p>> all right shayla, thank you. p>> thank you. p>> firefighters had a busy pmorning fires popped up all over pthe bay area overnight first sun pcity florida valley forge and pbell glade. pfire started just after p1 o'clock this morning. pthe woman inside said her cad pactually woke her up alerted her pto fire. pshe was able to get out safely. punfortunately that cat is now pmissing. p>> other fires sparked a house paaron brook drive in valrico. psix people now slook look foggy lace to stay after severe smoke palerted everybody in home and pthey were able to get out safely
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pmorning. plocal pesticide learned a hard pway this some chemicals don't pmix before 5 o'clock a pesticide pexplosion rocked the farm even pclosing down part of u.s. 41. pthe explosion could heard about pa mile away, north river pfirefighters and law enforcement pofficials say the gra it was pfound about 300 feet and took pabout four hours to get peverythinged cleared out usually eople go to church to pray one pman walked into church water pchurch to steal. pit happened last week st. sell pseal yas surveillance individual pshows man walk into chapel you pseek him walk right up to at pfront and busted open donation pbox and took $50 out of it. pchurch officials say if man pwould have asked for assistance pthey would have gladly helped phim in two days country will a pcelebrate legal milestone on pjanuary 22nd, 1973, supreme pcourt ruled in roe v. wade case pgiving woman a right to have an pafworgsalso prompted a long
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prights that continues today. p>> and meanwhile new this pmorning, a bill to toughen laws pon abortion clinic scored first papproval in florida house pyesterday. punder new legislation clinic in pflorida would held at the same por more stringent licensing pstandards than surgical centers psupporter say helps protect pwomen seeking abortions but popponents say new regulations pcould shut down shf florida 65 pclinics which would then make it pharder to get abores. plegislation still had has long pway to get before it passed. pzika virus carried by mosquito pstarted latin america moved to pu.s. and now in hillsborough pcounty. pflorida department of health pconfirmed this case yesterday. pthey believe the woman got it plast month while in venezuela. pthere are two other confirmed pcases in miami dade, zika virus pis spread, when a mosquito bites pan infected person and bites psomeone else. pmost people who contract the pvirus only have a mild illness.
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pwoman is pregnant it could cause pbaby to be born with birth pdefects. pwe have a very streamlined rocedure with mosquito control. pso that when we do find out pabout issues in the community we pcan get them involved pimmediately and they can go out pand spray the community, spray pthose areas. opulations. p>> federal government as trying pvirus. plast week the cdc issued an palert asking women in any stage pof pregnancy to postpone travel pto 14 places in latin america pand the caribbean. p>> and to another virus. pone much more familiar w moving pinto the bay area. pflu virus. pthe centers for disease control pand prevention says this years pflu season is off to late start pbecause of all of november and a pdecember's warm weather. pbut because of recent cold snap pexperts say they expect flu pactivity to pick up in the pcoming weeks. pif you haven't gotten your flu pshot yet don't worry there's pstill time. pthey are given out until march pif you have concerns about its
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pyear's shot is better matched to pthe current strains. p>> dave's and a speaking pforecast and a big storm hitting pthe northeast this weekend. puninvited house guests. phow many bugs are living in your phouse. pthere's nothing to worry about. pfirst we check in with charley pbelcher. pand a speaking of bugs. pand an i'll use that a segue. pthere is a, there's a pgrasshopper taco on this menu. p>> that real grasshoppers rotein or is it crickets. pyeah. pand i'm being for real. pi'm being for serious. psome of you are familiar with psouth tampa. pand have been out in about for a pwhile. pmight remember a place called pthe rack. pthey were known for their sushi. pwell the rack is closed. pbut one of those owners is now a art owner of the lure and the pyes.
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pit looks incredible.
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palzheimer's affects thousands of pamericans every year scientist pspent decades looking for ways pto prevent it. pnow some researchers england say pit could be an as simple a drink pthing three glasses of champagne pevery day. p>> according to research that pstarted back if 2013, a compound pfound in the black grapes used pto make the champagne can ward poff brain diseases. pscientists say results in mice pwere very dramatic. presearches say they've trying to pmove on to human trials but that phas not happened. pjust yet. phere's something that might give pyou heebie-jeebies we will papologize in advance for this. pthere's chance you have lot of pguests in your home you don't peven know it. pscientists say that the average phousehold has 100 insects in ptheir home right now. p>> but the good news is most of pthem aren't big. pbad news, your house likely has pbook lice, fun gas, gnats and pcarpet beetles. pbugs antiafter you so don't whoa
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paround edges of the room and eat pother bugs and bits of hair. p>> you're welcome. p>> wow. p>> all right. phere's one. pand this kind of goes against pthe conventional wisdom of what pwe've told before. pgo ahead, get those extra hours pof sleep on the weekends. pbecause it could be good for are pi don't health 19 healthy men pwere recruited for this study pout university of colorado. pand for first four days they pslept the normal eight hours. pthe next few days they were put pon a sleep deprivation schedule pjust getting four hours of rest. pthat's good day sleep cycle. pthe lack of sleep caused their pbodies to create 23 percent more pinsulin than those who slept. pbut listen to, this where it pgets interesting. pafter these men got about 12 phours of sleep over the next two pdays, their insulin levels preturned to normal.
8:15 am
pof getting type two diabetes. pscientists say while this is pgreat news they are going to phave to follow-up on it. p>> some schools are fighting pobesity with water. pnew study shows kids who are poffered water in their school pcafeterias are slimmer. pmore true for boys than girls. presearchers say many of those pkids will continue drinking pwater once they go home. p>> that makes sense. pmilk carton they give out these pdays. p>> yeah. pit is cold. p>> it's january. pit happens. pwe have temperatures below pfreezing to the north of us. pand we're in a huge contrast to pdecember. pwe had all of those a remember pwassest december of all time, pright? pwe're more than half the month, pwe've been below normal. pincluding yesterday's high of ponly 59 degrees. pwe can temperatures tack a pyesterday. pbut still below the normal high pof around 70 degrees. pit's pretty outside.
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pit's gorgeous. pbut it's also quite cold out pthere too. pwe've had this steady stream of phigh clouds. pwhich actually i think worked in pour favor. pi think the high clouds kept pthem from reaching the maximum plow potential. pyeah that made sense kind of. pbecause we could have been two por three even 4 degrees cooler pif we had had those clear skies. pso we have until 9 o'clock this pmorning, the freeze warnings out pfor citrus and hernando county. pthings are starting to warm up a plittle bit. pstill critical 30, 32 degrees to pcrystal river. pmid 30s in west will chapel. p41 is our low for day in tampa parea. pand winds primarily out pnortheast and along the coast pabout 9 to 13 miles per hour. plooks good today, right? psome high clouds, temperatures pwarming up just a little bit. pmake it back into the mid 60s. pbut gradually things will pchange. pwhile we squeeze out a decent pthursday, by friday, showers and
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pwe've got mostly sunny, 64 ptoday. ptonight, we'll be cold again. pjust not quite as cold. pso we'll drop it back to about p49 degrees. pand then partly cloudy and pseasonable tomorrow with high ptemperature of 70. pgot moderate chop seas running ptwo feet. pif you're boating today, 71 pfriday. pbut, we've also got good chance pof showers and thunderstorms on pfriday as well. pthat's going to be a late pmorning event. pfollowing that, it gets cold pagain for the weekend. pin fact saturday's high ptemperatures only in the mid p50s. p>> 8:19 and we are in the heart pof rush hour drive and we're pseeing delays because of that. pthe typical rush hour traffic is pgoing to slow you down along the phoward franklin bridge. pfirst, it's always slow. pit is today as well. pveterans expressway, that psouthbound slow down begins just pnorth of gunn highway. pextends pretty much down phillsborough avenue we're seeing pspeeds range between 12 and pabout 18 miles per hour through pthat stretch. pso you might want to avoid the pdelay and save a couple bucks.
8:18 am
psouthbound to get into tampa. pdisabled vehicle blocking lanes palong columbus drive at himes pavenue affecting northbound planes along columbus. pas i mentioned slow on howard pfranklin bridge you can see paverage speeds around 20 miles er hour those delays begin paround mid span portion of the pbridge. pextend all the way pretty much pto the downtown interchange. retty typical for the morning prush hour drive. pjumping down to manatee county pan an injury accident reportedly pblocking all of your southbound planes along u.s. 41 at 26 the pavenue east. pcrews are on scene, still pwaiting for tow trucks to arrive premove cars out of the roadway. pso you're best thing to do it is pavoid u.s. 41 southbound. pyou can always hop on state road p64 head east that will take you pover to i-75 that's your best psouthbound alternate travel ptimes in red very slow this pmorning along southbound 275, pabout 30 minutes from bearss pavenue to i-power. pas i mentioned really slow over pthe howard franklin bridge will ptake about 16 to 20 minutes to
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p if you like salty and sweet, pthis might be for you. pgood snack. pmcdonald's announced yesterday pit's adding chocolate drizzle to pit's french fries. phmm. pwhat do you think about this? pit won't number u.s. pdrizzle fries will only be sold pin japan at this point. pthe new menu item is called the pmcchoco potato. peither drizzle with milk pchocolate or white chocolate. p>> i don't know, guys. p>>, what do you think? p>> leave them alone. pi like ketchup and a little psalt. p>> but if it works it works. pand we'll have them. pi'll try them. pdon't they drizzle in france it pmayonnaise and ketchup. pthat makes a little more sense. pstill, people like sweet and psalty, right? pthis could work. pthis could work. p>> trying all kinds of different pthings. pwhy not.
8:20 am
presponds a customer bad report
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pon daytime p good day tampa bay i'm pcharley belcher coming to you pfrom at 600 block of central pavenue downtown st. petersburg.
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lace called the lure. pthey hope they will lure you paround from all over the place. pmaybe even from across the bay pand all around pinellas county. pnew restaurant only be open like pa week or so. pwe opened about nine days or so. pmichael stewart, brought us a prestaurant a 717 south in right pacross street in south today. pventure across bay with partner ptom p>> tom and i go way back he was popening this restaurant and pwanted a partner to come be pinvolved i jumped at it he pwanted some of your money, let's pbe honest. pthat's why i said to call psomebody else, right? p>> now tom actually created the prat, which was a south tampa pfavorite for many, many years. phe sold it. pafter he sold it, is when it pclosed. pbut they were known for their psushi. pthey were quietly too. pnot like they were, advertising. phey have you had sushi at the prat. pexactly it. pvery quietly wasn't even a sushi lace per se. pthey didn't have a charley come pover.
8:23 am
pyeah sushi and rat that's pterrible. pgoodness. p>> we've got half the menu here. pwe've got over 35 rolls. pin house. p>> we brought out, this is the pcrab, cucumber avocado baked pdynamite eel sauce. eter parker fried soft shell pcrab cucumber. pwe've got tom bomb. psometimes he explodes with a few pcreations. pbut it's got shrimp, and a ptopped with a spicy tuna. pand now this one i will tell pdave osterberg named after him. pcalled the screaming dave o. palso got shrimp and cream cheese pasparagus and salmon is amazing phere. pwe actually do have a couple pdifferent ways we smoke in house pthen we put continue oh sushi
8:24 am
pthen following up with our tuna. pon advertising menu. pit is. p>> very nice. pand later we're gorying to pshowing a lot more of our tapas. poh my gosh i love sushi i'm pgoing to the other going i hate psushi i don't want anything to pdo with it. pthat's why whole other side of pmenu with everything else tacos pand am i reading this right a ptaco with crickets, pgrasshoppers. pthey actually, they come from pthailand. pso it's kind of a huge seller. pdon't worry they come from pthailand. pyou will want to eat these. pi mean, they are approved by pf.d.a. pthey come in lit. pthey are hard to get actually. pwe didn't know it would be such pa hit here. pwe're slowly becoming known as pgrasshopper taco place. pwell congratulations. p>> usually you get that preputation. pyou're going to try to it. pthere you go. pall right. psushi on menu i did not agree to
8:25 am
prussel and laura and sushi next psegment we will take look at the pmenu. pbring us some bag. pbring us some grasshopper tacos pback i want to try this. pi want to try this. ptell michael we should try it. pjust kidding. p>> see you later. p>> chills. pa little bit. pall right looking for a new pcareer. pcoming up 8:30 the top three pjobs for 2016. pbut first alcides is in largo pwhere someone trade ad stolen uppy for crack cocaine. pit's an infuriating story p>> yeah it's a sad story. pit really is. pgood morning to you, laura. pyeah all about puppies in largo psomeone walked into the store, ptook a puppy a yorkie, went back pthere, put it behind, put it pinside their shirt, then walked pout the door. pas you mentioned then sold it pfor cash and cocaine. pand now they are working to try pto find this dog. pbecause he's so little, and he pneeds a lot of care. pwe're going to discuss it the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p well first police say that
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pthen, he trade it had for drugs. p>> right now the man accused of pa stealing that $1,600 yorkie is pin jail. pbut he won't say where the dog pis. pfox 13's alcides segui is live pat all about puppies in plargowith a plea from the pstore's owner. pgood morning. p>> you may not know where it is plaura and russell. phe's, but he's very tight lipped paccording to investigators. pfrom what they tell us he walked pinto this store here opened this pcrate and there was yorkie pinside. phe grabbed that yorkie, pliterally start playing with it pfor a couple of minutes and then pwalked into that direction. pand there's private room over pthere. pand that's where investigators psay he grabbed that yorkie and pshoved it inside of his shirt pand then walked out of the front pdoor. phe and then met someone at a pshopping plaza, not too far away pfrom here. pand that's when detectives say phe sold that yorkie for cash and pcrack cocaine. pthe man arrested is wayne, pjunior.
8:30 am
pthe pinellas county jail on a p$5,000 bond. phe was arrested as for that cute pdog, it's still missing. p i was disgusted very mad pthat he took a puppy from us. pyou know and then sold it to psomebody. pso i can buy drugs. pwhat is point of it go spend pyour own money and stealing psomebody else's dog. pyou know. p>> the message this morning we phave to find this yorkie because phe is so small and aneeds to be ptaken care of in a certain way, pright? p>> correct. phe needs to be fed three or four ptimes a day. plike. pyou know, take care properly it. p>> so here's the thing, the pyorkie is micro chipped. pand the chip information is pentered as stolen. pso any vet that runs a that pmicro chip will see that that pdog has stolen hopefully they
8:31 am
pthere is $1,000 reward if that uppy comes back safely. ptalking to the manager, she says pshe doesn't care who has the dog pat this point. peven if a person who purchased pit she's willing to pay that erson $1,000 to have that pyorkie back. pa lot of interest for this dog. pand hopefully it its safe this pmorning p>> alcides, talk later. pthank you. pfor years researcher have been pdigging up unmarked graves for a pdoerz school for boys. pwe're seeing final report about pwhat they found. pchildren were allegedly abused pwhile living there and presearchers say nearly 100 boys pdied there in first 55 years of pthe school was open. p>> the largest reform school in pthe u.s. ermanently shut down in 2011. presearcher say they uncovered 51 psets of remains so far. pthey've only be able to identify p21 of those boys. presearch evers say they will pcontinue to work with law penforcement to a rest remains pand try to locate surviving pfamily members.
8:32 am
pstate cabinet later this week to resent their findings. pa polk county sheriff's captain pwas an involved in crash because pa medical problem. olice say it happened when pcaptain mike was driving on pmorning. pthey say he side swiped a ford ptruck. pcausing a it to spin, flip over pand then hit a telephone pole. p>> witnesses told police it plooked like the captain had pmedical episode. ptruck driver had minor injuries. pcaptain wiggins also had minor pinjuries but still in hospital pundergoing tests to find out pwhat happened. p>> some big updates in 2016 in prace for the white house. pfirst, republican candidate pdonald trump continues to get en pdoorsments. pmost reason sarah palin. pand another big change, pdemocratic candidate bernie psanders is closing the gap pbetween he and hillary clinton. pand for the first time he's psurging in the polls. pright now fox 13's political peditor craig patrick is here to pbreakdown whattal at changes pmean for both parties.
8:33 am
alin endorsing donald trump. pdoes it help? pdoes it hurt? pit helps. pit helps. pin the state of iowa, in the prepublican race. pclearly it helps. pwe can talk about down the road pin just a moment. pbut remember, that sarah palin pstill has a lot of clout with pevangelical conservatives and pwatt tea party faithful and that pis where donald trump and ted pcruz are duking it out pabsolutely in week where ted pcruz was having very good run of pit you see him stepping aside phow often does donald trump do pthat and. pit tells you, that the trump pcamp figures this is an pimportant endorsement for time pbeing. pyou looked beyond iowa and pbeyond republican race you see olling that shows sarah palin psupport has cratered across the pnation since 2008. pi don't think her endorsement pthat. pbut we're talking about here and pnow surely helps.
8:34 am
pand now we hear that the iowa prepublican governor is telling eople in his state to vote for panybody but ted cruz. pwhen did he say it yesterday pone-2 punch bet that coordinated pyou have trump picking sarah alin he's not officially icking up governor of iowa you phave governor of iowa saying not pcruz. pdon't go in this direction. premember, with charlie crist pwhen he was republican governor psaid he wouldn't endorse last pminute that changed whole pdirection of the bay it was ptrending romney and suddenly pwith endorsement of mccain in pflorida from popular republican pgovernor here we have a big pchange in florida same can hold ptrue for state of iowa. pyou have a popular republican pgovernor sending signals that at pleast can give a lot of voters prepublican voters some pause. pand maybe question their support pof cruz. p>> let's talk about democrats pfor a minute. pman i tell you, all of sudden, phillary has a problem on her phands.
8:35 am
pwith new poll showing bernie psanders is up nearly 30 points pin the state of new hampshire. pyes, that's his neighboring pstate. phe's been strong there and be pleading for are while you when pyou talk fwb that kind of gap, pnot only has he closed the gap pin national polling, but now phe's running up to score in new phampshire. pand is neck and neck in iowa at pthis point. pthis is a problem for hillary pclinton. pa conventional wisdom has okay pshe gets past first couple of pstates. pthen race moves south where she pis very, very strong. articularly among african pamerican democrats. pif you look at what bernie psanders is doing, no the just in pthe early states goes to pfwirming ham, alabama has some 7 pthousand people there, very pdiverse audience. pif he runs the tables in iowa pand new hampshire, those other pstates, don't just stay where pthey are. pyou tend to get a fwouns out of pearly states something clinton pcamp is surely watching. p>> what does she do? pwhat can you do you saw what she pwas doing during debate she psuddenly goes after bernie
8:36 am
pbeyond him ignoring him and ptaking her aim at the prepublicans cruz or trump she phas to focus not just ongoing pafter sanders more than she was, pbut she's now moving resources a pmove lot of staff away from new phampshire putting all of her peggs in iowa basket knowing she pwould probably lose in new phampshire and best chance of pwinning by getting a fwouns out piowa shifts resources money and eople, specifically to the pstate of iowa. pokay. pcraig, good to see you as palways. pthank you. p>> its saying:39 now. pyou looking for are a new pcareer? pthe best jobs in america for p2016 will be released next week. pbup this morning we're giving pyou a sneak peek. pthe list was released by glass ptech world. psecond attacks manager. erson who looks a companies pliabilities make sure it's not aying too much. pand make sure the company is pfollowing the law. p>> and number 3, a solutions parchitect. pthat person overseas the making
8:37 am
p>> and the way we did it we plooked a three factors, first pwhat highest paying jobs. psecond, what jobs have the most pjob openings so you actually phave a chance of getting jobs. pand third, which special we plooked at crowd source reviews pof which jobs had best career popportunities. p>> andrew chamberlain with glass pdoor. phe says its important to stay on ptop of the job trends. paverage person will change jobs pat least 12 times in their plifetime. pso it's good to know where the popportunities are in the end. p>> no better job than one we phave, right, dave? p>> working with you russell is pbest job anybody could ask for. pyou're living the dream. pi'm living the dream. p>> walking through it. p>> knee deep. p39 degrees in westchase. pand we're walking in cool pweather today. pwe get 30s still, 8:40, and pwe're still in mid 30s sun city pcenter new tampa which bottomed
8:38 am
pmorning. pand in areas were away from pwater they got back in the 30s, pthere's no doubt, you had a plittle bit of that frost on your pwindshield this morning. ptampa international is low as p41. pbut again, that's right near the pwater. pyou're you get away from water plook at this 30 in brooksville. p38 in dade city. pmid 30s, hey at least it's back pabove freezing again crystal priver innerness, bushnell you pgot mid 40s from bradenton, psouthward. pinto the inglewood area. pand lakeland is still holding on pto that 39 degrees. pit's cold. pit's january. pit happens. p>> we didn't break any records pthis morning i don't think we pwill see a freeze tomorrow pmorning. pbut, for next few minutes we pstill have this freeze warning pout for our northern counties. pbut you saw by hourly's just pabout everybody got back above pthat critical 32-degree mark. phigh clouds. pthey've streaming in for the ast week or so. pespecially into south of tampa.
8:39 am
pwith at sunshine today, look at pthis sub tropical jet stream. p>> all of this moisture goes pback into the pacific you're pgoing take some energy here pcombine it with this here and it plooks like for us another round pof showers and storms come pfriday. pit looks like friday, late pmorning, we've got another round pof rain to get through and maybe pa few thunderstorms. puntil then just slowly warm pthings back up. pslowly 64 degrees today for phigh. ptonight overnight lows near 49. pand then for tomorrow, we're pback up to 70 degrees under artly cloudy skies. prain around, late morning early pafternoon on friday. pafter that, the colder air psettles back in. pwe do have parade of course on psaturday. pbring your jackets bring your pgloves. pit will be a mid 50s. pbut, your heart will be warmed pby jen epstein drawing you pthese. pi will do my best. pso there you go. pit's worth the bundle up. pi'm working on that throw. pon that arm.
8:40 am
pand things are starting to wind pdown as far as rush hour commute pgoes we're not seeing as much pvolume as we did earlier this pmorning there is crash a bad pcrash along southbound u.s. 41 pin manatee county in bradenton preportedly blocking all lanes at pintersection of 26th avenue peast. pthat north and south alternate robably going to be i-75. pso best way to get there is to puse state road 64 manatee avenue phead east. pand use i-75 ats as southbound palternate checking howard pfranklin bridge slow's spot as pfar as traffic cap northbound p275 traffic pretty slow heading pinto hillsborough county. pgoing to take about 12 to 15 pminutes. palso, sluggish on veterans pexpressway. pstill seeing average speeds pabout 15 miles per hour that pslow down shortened between a pstretch of hillsborough avenue pup to wilsky boulevard. ptake look slowest spots this pmorning southbound 275, 18 to 20 pminute drive from bearss avenue pdown to i-4. pwe're also dealing with delays psouthbound along 75, 10 to 12
8:41 am
pboulevard to i-4 also stop and pgo traffic along northbound 275 pas i mentioned from howard pfranklin bridge into downtown ptampa. p>> so there's a new vine star ptaking over social media. pbut it's not a person, a lamb. pa lamb. pand it seems to be an a little pconfused. ptake a look at this. pthis is little dory. psee that lamb in the back. pshe lives with her owners in pireland that starred a vine page pfor her. pnot only does she run with other pdogs she eats and drinks along pside her puppy pals. poh my goodness. pthat's so presh. pshe gives puppy dog eyes when pshe gets in trouble. pof course she does. poh my gosh. pi want one. pshe doesn'tknow she's a goat. p>> a lamb. psweet little thing. plook at that.
8:42 am
p>> going on the farm add it to pthe list. pincidence means another episode pof "american idol" tonight. pand the show is in its 15th and pfinal season. pthis year but not to worry its pnot over yet auditions still in pthe works. pjudges will be handing out more pgolden tickets in san francisco, plittle rock, atlanta and hiladelphia tonight. pand for some idol hopefuls phollywood is the boulevard of pbroken dreams. pbut for those lucky few their ptickets paved way to fame. pso far judges say they are psurprised and excited about the pamount of talent they've pdiscovered. ptonight's episode air the p8:00 p.m. right here on fox 13. p stay with us straight ahead pthree americans released in precent iran prisoner swap are pgetting treated back in the u.s.
8:43 am
pflorida family who wants to stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
8:44 am
stre-e-eam. all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant?
8:45 am
pin germany this morning a pbroward county family is pdemanding answers appear their pown son was not among those preleased.
8:46 am
pworking cia op in iran in 2007. piran denies that they are pholding him but u.s. officials pbelieve government knows where phe is. plevenson's family who live in pcoral springs are disappointed pbut happy for the other pfamilies. p>> this is a delicate situation, pbut, it important for people to punderstand that the padministration has been in touch pwith levenson family. p>> this comes a u.s. officials psay that none the iranian preleased during the swap pactually went back to iran. pthey say that a plane left for pswitzerland with empty seats pfrom somewhere on the east pcoast. pthat that plane left anyway as pit was a flight schedule to take pthe american prisoners back to pgermany. p>> now to developments on the pthree americans kidnapped in pbaghdad. pgovernment officials believe the pgroup is being held by at piranian backed shiite militia. pabducted from interpreter's home pon saturday. pu.s. officials say the woman and ptwo men are iraqis with american pcitizenship while working at the pembassy. psecretary of state john kerry pcontact have constant contact.
8:47 am
pabducted in iraq in five years. pcloser to home the coast guard pjust announced it called off a pmassive search for 12 marines pwho have been missing since last psearch started late thursday pnight after two marine phelicopter crashed mid mid air poff north coast of oahu. pcoast guard found debris field pbut all four life rafts were pempty. phigh waves in the area. palso hampering efforts. pone the missing marines p22-year-old corporal is from pfort meyers. p>> 8:50. p41 degrees, dave. pwarmer spots. pmany spots still in 30s. pyou ever got brandon wesley pchapel, leesburg. pbrooksville still near that pfreezing mark this morning 36 in pcrystal river. pwe're going to warm up today. pin fact our forecast brings us pback into the mid 60s today. pand lower 70s today friday. pon friday another round of
8:48 am
pinto early into afternoon time pnow eight:51. phow you doing my main man. pmy 1818 years a fox 13, thank pyou, sir. pdid you hear name the sushi proll, dave. pit's the screaming dave o. pthe screaming dave o. pnamed after manager at the rack pin south tampa when that pexisted. papparently his name was dave o. phe was a canadian. pscreaming canadian. pjust scream at the, what a leasant to work for that must phave been. pso sorry, dave you can tell eople it named after you i've pheard dave scream in newsroom. pwhen we come back everything
8:49 am
phere at the it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a 661 central avenue pdowntown st. petersburg. pwhat a cool block. p600 block of central avenue has pbecome such a funky cool place pto hang out. pone more place to hang out and pdo t the lure. pname of a new restaurant opened pup about nine days ago. ptom golden his place, partnered pwith michael stewart and some pother guys to bring us this ptasty restaurant. pwe looked at the sushi last ptimemichael went through sushi pfor those that this like sushi
8:51 am
psushi, other side menu very peclectic, a little bit of efg. pwe have it all here. pwe're a fully operational prestaurant. pwe're not going to say no to pvery few things. pwe're going to say no across the pboard. pwe have everything from southern pcomfort food, ice tea to spicy pand off the chain, grasshoppers. pgrasshopper tacos. plet's start down here. pscallops they look fantastic pover white pepper vanilla bean psweet potato mash. p>> look at this. psteak and eggs. pit's a hang radar steak. pbacon balsamic black eyed peas pwith a sear hangar steak and poverest egg. pwe have at spiced and bronzed pduck breast. pthat is fan atop of an orange pbalsamic reduction again with psweet potato. palong with some pepper and bacon pbalsamic p>> i like the portion sizes this pall looks good. pmeant to share.
8:52 am
pgreek. pthey are all named after friends pand family. pand this is the pineapple, pseared salmon along with garlic pbasil mashed to pay to and preduction. pthe kevin. p>> the kevin, named of a my pbrother and chef. pit is smoked gu at that grits punder neat a bronze red fish pfilet. psome wings. pabsolutely. pwe do a p>> secret, full wing and we do a psecret recipe. pwe also change sauce, all the ptime. pstandard buffalo, which is pbetter than most. pand then we do a special one all pthe time. pand then your flat bread we ptalked about earlier a dollar of peach goes different charity pdepending on who put p>> this is from robert from the p7110 south in hyde park. pis done with a marinated and pgrilled off hang around steak. parugula, and gorgonzola. pwe brush it with a little bit of pduck fat. pdon't tell robert. pwow. p>> that's pretty cool.
8:53 am
pa little bit all over the place pin a good way. psomething for everybody. pyou have to these days. pfew f. you stay with one simple pthing all the time, well people pjust go to different, here you pcan have a little bit of peverything. pwhen we come back will you show pme how you make this grasshopper ptaco. pwhy not. pyou going eat it? pi'm making it if you eat it. papparently we're small opulation of world that doesn't pdo it all time we will find out phis reeat insects the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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