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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 3 ((russell- 3 3 ((russell- a big lie. p>>russell: a big fat lie. ptelling police that your child pis missing, the chain of events pthat were revealed and an palleged coverup involving bay pcare parents. p>>laura: and driver pdistractions. pthe risk of crashing, why pthere's a good chance you're pbuilty of something. p>>russell: hog wild. pit's the new pet craze. pjen will join us with why micro igs may be the perfect pcompanion. p>>laura: a face only a mother pcan love.
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pto the 7:00 hour of "good day." p>>laura: all that ahead and a pwhole lot more. pfirst we need the forecast from pdave osterberg. pdap in p>>dave: indeed. pwe're at 52, not bad. pa lot cooler than yesterday. pyesterday we were in the 70s pbefore the rain came in. pit's drier, breezy outside. pnorthwest winds at eight. pwe've had winds 10 to 20 pmile-per-hour winds right at the pcoastline with a few higher wind pgusts as well. pi do expect a breezy day with psunshine and high temperatures, pit will be a bit of a struggle pmaking it back but we should get pvanessa? p>>vanessa: no complaints there. pwe'll touch on the windiness in pa second but i do want to get to pa new crash working in the new ort richey area with some lane pblockage. pyou could see delays along state proad 54: just one lane will be pblocked. pyou can see minor delays that pway. pyou heard dave talking about pwindy conditions. pright now i've got a live look pat the sunshine skyway bridge
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pus. pdrive carefully across the pwater. pwe do have a travel advisory due pto high winds here. pshame on them. ptwo parents accused of lying pabout a missing child. olice say they did it to cover pup some bad behavior and today, pwe may get to hear the 911 call pthat sheds light on this bizarre pcrime. pshayla reaves is at the pclearwater police department pwith that story. pthis thing started out so scary, pshayla. p>>reporter: oh, very scary. pit's hard to imagine what that pmoment is like if a parent loses pa child. pthey can't find them pimmediately. pwell, police are telling us pthat's what they thought they pwere dealing with in this case. pa parent frantically trying to pfind a child and a stolen car pbut this situation ended up pbeing anything but that. pin fact, i want to take you pright to these pictures provided pto us, mug shots from two
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pyesterday. p24-year-old angelica marrero and pnester badillo. pthe family is facing charges of pcalling 9 preport. pthe boy was never really pmissing. pin fact, police tell us the 911 pcalls and written statements preally explain how all of this punfolded. pmarrero reportedly told police pthe car. pshe came out of her house and pskofr pdiscovered the car and child pmissing. pthe vehicle was tracked and the pcar crashed. pthey didn't find a child, only a pstolen car and the suspect paccused of taking it. plater marrero admitted she made pup the whole story about her pson. pofficers found the boy and his p4-year-old sister at a pinellas ark daycare where they were the pwhole time. pthe whole or deal brought their pgrandmother to tears. p>> awful.
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pi thought i wasn't going to see pmy grandson or my granddaughter. pnot being able to hold them, you pknow, and now thank god almighty palmighty, i have my grand pbabies. pthey're going to be safe and pokay. pi want my grand babies to be pokay. p>>reporter: and authorities tell pus they talked to the daughter. pas for badillo, he said he was pat work when the situation punfolded and he said also it's pnot the first time his vehicle pwas stolen. pin this case, though, someone is pfacing charges for stealing that pvehicle. pas for the driver, stevie pgamble, junior, he is behind pbars facing a number of charges, pincluding grand theft auto, pfleeing and alluding and driving pon a suspended or revoked plicense. pdrugs played a role in the case. pwe'll keep you posted as they
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p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. palmost 7:05 and new this pmorning, the search for a north ort woman accused of child pabuse. p>>laura: this is a picture of p21-year-old lacy aleca. pshe faces a felony charge of pchild neglect, causing great pbodily harm and the victim is pthree months old. pshe's in the north port area. pcall police if you know where pshe is. p>>russell: polk county now, pdetectives caught the person presponsible for killing clark. pthey say it's his girlfriend who pshot him. pshe's facing a murder charge. pthe motive still a mystery. pcrime. pwe're told that clark's children p>>laura: there are three new pcases of zika virus in floor pmore and they are all pregnant pwomen. pto protect their privacy, the pthey live. pthe total number of cases in pflorida is now at 32. pthat includes three in
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pall of them got the cases from a pmosquito bite while travelling pout of the country. psame system that hit the bay parea has killed seven people. p>>russell: four in virginia, two pin louisiana, one in pmississippi. psome of the damage from the pstorm here in florida. pthis is charlotte county. pthe harbor height area that's pnear port charlotte. pa suntrust bank in that area off pstate road 776 and u.s. 41 also phad damage. ieces of the roof were blown poff. pno one here hurt. p>>laura: and then video from ensacola. pincredibly no one got seriously phurt after a tornado hit there ptuesday night as you can see. pup. pthe twister tore a destructive ath about two miles long. pone of several houses were hit. phe knows he and his family are pfortunate to be alive. p>> we got out and started eeking out the windows and we pcould see a little bit of stuff pon the cars and stuff and my dad popened the door to look outside pand he slammed it shut.
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pand then he opened it up and pshowed me. pthe r.v. was on its top. pthat's the first thing he saw. poh, my goodness. p>>laura: yeah. pthat storm kept moving north, ptoo. pthis is what it did in pcharlotte, north carolina. pstrong winds tore down trees and ower lines, leaving a few pthousand people in the dark. p>>russell: president obama is ptrying to pressure republicans pto consider a supreme court pnomination. phe may even choose a republican pfor the job. pdoug is in washington where psenate leaders are standing by pon their promise to block any pwhite house action. pgood morning. p>>russell: good morning. pultimately this has come down to pthe question of what the senate pis willing to do or not do but pit seems pretty clear now that pthe president is getting closer pand closer to coming up with a pname. p>> i'm going to do my job. p>>russell: president obama pwasted no opportunities to go
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pget a third crack at naming a pjustice to the supreme court. phe tried to pressure g.o.p. psenators, especially majority pleader mitch mcconnell who plans pto block any nominee during the poffice. p>> i think it will be very pdifficult for mr. mcconnell to pexplain how, if the public pconcludes this person is very pwell qualified, that the senate pshould stand in the way for olitical reasons. pfurther. p>> senate republicans are giving pa middle finger to the american eople and they're giving a pmiddle finger to this president. p>>reporter: the white house said pthe president is giving this pcareful consideration and a name pwas leaked yesterday. pbrian sandoval. pthe choice of a republican pnominee is an effort by the pwhite house to put republicans pon the spot, although some pconservatives think they should phold firm.
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pit and the process begins, they pwill cave. p>>reporter: either way it's fair pto say there's situational poutreach here. prepublicans once rales against pdemocrats in congress for prefusing to confirm george w. pbush's judicial picks and resident obama when he served pin the senate, tried to block a psenate vote to confirm another pjustice. pso no one's record is articularly clean here. pthe other complication here from pthe white house perspective, pfind someone who is willing to pbe the nominee with no passurances. pin fact, without much likelihood pthat that person would ever pactually get on the court. p>>russell: like falling on a psword. pall right. pthanks. pwe'll talk later. p>>reporter: thanks. p>>russell: all right. pi think we know who camille is pgoing to vote for. pthe problem is, she's six years pold. pshe drew this picture of marco prubio.
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pis that the rubios move into the pwhite house. psenator's campaign tweeted out pthe image for us and they gave pthanks to camille for her partwork as well as her prayers. p>>laura: if cats could chat. pfeline's trip to florida has psome people wondering how it got phere. p>>russell: and danger on the proads. pdistractions while we drive. pa new report gives us some psurprising results. p>>dave: a couple of us squeeze pback to the upper 40s this pmorning. pcrystal river, you're one of pthem. pinverness another. pmost areas are in the low to mid p50s. pso not a bad start to the day. pit is cooler than yesterday on pthe strength of the northwest pwind which right now runs 10 to p20 miles an hour. phold your hats. pwinds will be gusting to 25 the ast hour. ptemps today only make it back up pto the mid 60s. ptomorrow overall, the coolest pday of the next seven with a low
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p>>dave: good start this morning pwith a cool picture from space. pastronaut burtz who often tweets ictures of his time on the pspace station, he tweeted this pout last night. phey, this is good. pdoes it look familiar to you? pit's of the bradenton area. pin it you can see the sunshine pskyway bridge span across the pbay. pthe bottom tip of fort de soto ark and anna maria island. pthat is beautiful. pobvious it will looks like pyou're looking north to south. pthat is a pretty picture. pcrystal clear, too. pyou can see that. pwe're at the 7:14 on this pbreezy, cooler thursday morning. pyou look and it's a pretty start pto the day. pobviously much better than pyesterday was and from time to ptime today, we'll still be a few pclouds spilling into the pcoastline. pbut look at this gorgeous
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pto be honest, temperatures paren't that bad this morning. pit could be a lot worse. pwe're a lot cooler than pyesterday but we're in the low pto mid 50s so you have new tampa pat 52. lant city at 52. p54 in west chase. p55 in st. petersburg. psome 40s snuck back to citrus pcounty, parts of sumter county pas well. pdade city at 50 degrees. p55 in sarasota. plet's check in with polk county pwhere they're in the lower 50s pas well as hardee county, phighlands and de soto in the mid p50s. pnot bad. pnorthwest wind, though, you're pfrom 10 to 20 miles an hour. pthe problem is, behind this pfront, the winds have been so, pso tremendously high that we pstill have dangerous rip pcurrents for today. pwe still have high surf padvisories and small craft padvisories so unfortunately for pboaters, not your day. pwait at least one more for pthings to get better. pnow, with the northwest wind and pthe colder air kind of driving pthrough and into our area,
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pthat these are strato cumulus pclouds. pa few may sneak in today with pthe sunshine. pno big deal. pno rain associated with those. pother than that it's going to be pbreezy and cooler today as ptemperatures make their way up pthrough the mid 60s so overall, pwe're going to run 10 degrees pbelow normal for this afternoon. ptonight, we are expecting ptemperatures to go back into the p40s. pnow, i think along want pcoastline, you may hover near p50. ptampa is about 49. pbut inland and north, you make pit down to the lower 40s so pthat's definitely jacket weather ptomorrow. punseasonably cool air sticks paround for tomorrow afternoon pand friday's high is only about p62 degrees. pi say only because 62 is not pthat bad. pgranted, it's well below normal pwhich is the mid 70s. pwe won't get back to normal ptechnically until we get to the ptuesday time frame. pi don't see any significant rain pin the forecast at least for the pnext seven days. pwe're talking about wednesday
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pwhen we get some showers back in p>>vanessa: thank you. ptime right now is 7:16. proadways. pstill dealing with just a little pbit of congestion so we'll touch pon that right now. ptimes. pexpressway. pwe're solidly backed upstarting psouthbound direction nearer lick proad all the way to hillsborough pavenue. pa 36 minute right top to bottom pwhich is slightly above what is pnormal for this time of morning pso. pnorthbound direction is normal, pthough, looking clear at 12 pminutes. pbearss avenue to i-4 along 275 psouthbound is actually not too pred. pwe certainly have seen it pheavier this time of morning. pnowhere near what we were seeing pyesterday with all that rain. pthis is a live look near the pdowntown interchange. p20 minutes is your time. pbearss avenue to i-4. p>>russell: texting, talking to a pfriend, doing the radio, preaching for something while pdriving, all dangerous tasks but pa new study has the numbers to
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paaa says 70% of drivers admitted pto talking on a cell phone while pdriving in the last month. ptexting while driving still a pbig problem. p32% of us admit to typing or psending a text or email the last p30 days and it comes to reading pand text or email, 42% of pdrivers confessed to that. peating, daydreaming and reaching pfor items are dangerous as well. pnational traffic highway safety padministration says that pdistracted driving plays a role pin at least 3,000 deaths in pevery year. pofficials believe the actual pnumber is much higher. presearchers say looking away for pmore than just two seconds, two pseconds doubles your risk of pbeing involved in an accident. pi wish we would just put the hone in the glove box, you pknow? ut it in the back seat. pit's hard. p>>laura: it is hard. ptop five spring break pdestinations. pit's that time of year and two pof them are in florida.
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plist. p>>russell: and getting better pgrades in school. ptwo things your kids should try pdoing every day. pbut first, he ran away to join pthe circus finally. pcharley belcher. p>>charley: finally. pi may never come back. pi'm weighing all my options. pif there was ever a circus all pstars, that's what circus psarasota is. pit's the best talent and they erform all around the world, pall converging here for a plimited show. pit's tonight through sunday. erformances every night and pthat guy is center stage. pit is bello. pthe show is red, white and pbello. pinternationally acclaimed comic pdaredevil. poh, that hair. don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps
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(laura) there's a ne p>>laura: and welcome back. ptime is 7:22 and there is a new ptype of pet craze sweeping the pcountry.
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pit's not a dog or a cat or a pbird. pjennifer epstein will show us pwhat it is. p>>jennifer: are you ready? pcute, cuddly and surprisingly pclean. pmicro pigs are becoming more and pmore popular as household pets. pfor these micro pig owners, phaving them as pets is a walk in pthe park. pthey do well in strollers, fit pinto dog clothing and some even plet you paint their hooves. pthey don't bark. pthey snort. pand they don't whimper. pthey squeal and unlike popular pbeliefs, not all pigs stink. p>> they're one of the cleanest panimals. pthey use a litter box. pshe's very clean. pthey do get baths. p>>russell: micro pigs can be phouse trained like dogs and cats pand owners say they can also pform a bond. p>> they're very social, very ploving. pshe just loves to be held and priding around with me. pwe go to ballgames for my son's pteam. p>>russell: of course, they do plike to eat. pmainly pig pellets, fruits and
7:24 am
pthey live longer than most pdomestic animals, 15 to 20 pyears. p>> i wanted a pig because of ptheir long life span and i'm retty allergic to most animals pand the pig is hypo allergenic pwith their saliva and them phaving hair and not fur. p>> micro pigs are amazing pets. p>>russell: veterinarians say pthey require vaccinations and proutine maintenance. pthey're prone to obesity and can phave sensitive skin but for the pmost part, they're good around pkids. p>> they're very, very pintelligent animals and pick up pthings quite easily. p>>jennifer: and you can even pteach a pig to do some tricks. pdid you see that? p>>russell: yes. p>>jennifer: you can buy a micro ig for less than $1,000. pwe recommend getting one from a pbreeder. pthat's less than what you would phave to pay for one of the top pdog breeds. plaura, thinking about it?
7:25 am
pi'm trying to see jim walking psomething like that. pit doesn't work there. pi'm worried about russell and phousehold. p>>jennifer: i think it's going pto happen in the near future, ptoo. p>>russell: i would put her in a pdress all the time. pjust let her walk around in a pdress. p>>laura: you do want it. poh, my gosh. pall right. pthank you. p>>russell: thanks. pflorida gets more than a million psnow birds every year. eople in the northeast come phere to escape the cold winter pweather. pthat's what nadia the cat may phave done. psomehow she got to florida after pdisappearing from her home in pwisconsin on christmas eve. preally? pa woman in naples found her. pshe took nadia to the humane psociety. pshe was micro chipped. pshe found out her cat is okay
7:26 am
prelief. p>> it was a very windy day here pin sheboygan. pthe door blew open and the cat pgot out. pwe looked for her for days. pit was one of the worst pchristmases ever. p>>russell: she's wondering how pnadia got from wisconsin to pflorida. pshe and her husband are looking pfor ways to get her back home. ptake a look at this. pthis kitten in california has pwhat looks like a mustache, a erfect black pattern over the psnout. pthe kitten was found in a pdonation bin at a salvation army pin fresno. pthey took it to the shelter. pthe kitten is getting medical pattention. pit should be ready for adoption pthis weekend. p>>laura: it has a snout like the p-- p>>dave: yeah. pa little mustache.
7:27 am
p>>dave: it is almost 7:27 and retty start to the day. pi know it's breezy, it's cooler pbut you look at the shot poverlooking our friends in plakeland, lake mirror area of olk county, 52 degrees with pwest winds at eight miles an how pwere. pwe talked about those cold air pclouds. pthey're generated by the pnorthwest wind and the cold air pmoving over warmer waters in the pgulf. phere's a great example of what pthey look like there in the philton, clearwater camera. pwe'll see a bit that far from ptime to time. plook at the winds along the pcoast. p20 miles an hour starting at 55 pdegrees. pwinds have been gusting in the pmid 20s the past hour or so. preally it's going to be a pretty pbreezy day. psunshine mixed in with clouds. ptemperatures running mid 60s for phighs. pthis is a three-day forecast, pfolks. pwe don't get anywhere near the pnormal high. p62 tomorrow and saturday back to pthe mid 60s again. p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you. pand we want to check back in on pthe veterans. plast report we showed is that
7:28 am
pcouple of minutes up from what pwe normally see and actually pthey've really jumped up since pthen. pwe do have a new crash reported pand this is probably the psituation we're seeing here and pwhy we're seeing the delays but pit's near waters. psouth bound direction. paccording to f.h.p. there aren't plane blockages but it's not punusual to see folks slow down. p42 minutes is your total travel ptime top to bottom on the vets pwith lots of delays. pstarting at waters but all the pway back to ehrlich so if you phave a southbound alternate you plike to take through that pstretch, i would definitely psuggest doing that. pit's uncomfortable in the psouthbound direction. pright now wif e have a live look pi-4. ptravel times are not too bad. pwe're in the red. pyou can see 275 southbound, pbearss avenue to i-4, we've pjumped up to 24 minutes. p>>russell: no room for error. pcoming up, why the bucs may not pchoose a player they need in the pfirst round of the draft. p>>laura: first alcides segui has
7:29 am
pgood morning, alcides segui. p>>reporter: good morning to you, plaura and russell. pseminole hard rock cafe rolling pthe dice on (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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3 3 (russell - p>>russell: it's 7:32. pwelcome. pthe hard rock casino and resort pin tampa is looking for a few pgood men. p>>laura: that's right. pthey're hiring men for a osition that's long been poffered to only women. pfox 13 alcides segui is here to pexplain. pgood morning. p>>reporter: a dream job for a pcouple of people that i know, pincluding walter allen. pwe were discuss that go at 5. pchlt . p -- 5.
7:33 am
phard rock will soon hire male pservers. pit was interesting because papparently more than 50% of the pcustomers that walk into the phard rock here in tampa are pactually women so this change pwill target those guests. phard rock is planning to hire pabout 50 men as servers of the pcasino floor. pit's the first time here on the roperty. pit currently employs about 170 pdrink workers, casino workers psay. pthey want to expand the amount pof services on the casino floor. pwednesday they held a job fair pand received several papplications. pa couple of years ago, regatta pin atlantic city, new jersey pmade the move. pmale servers here at the hard prock will wear boots, black ants and a button down shirt pwith a red undershirt as well. pand it's a uniform that's pactually meant to match the pwaitresses.
7:34 am
p32 hours a week, get paid $3.25 lus tips and of course, they pare currently hiring and pday tampa bay," we'll speak with pthe public relations person to pget a better idea who they're plooking for. pback to you. p>>laura: makes sense. pthank you. p>>russell: a new study may lead pto exercise in the classroom. presearchers found that children pmay have an easier time learning pif exercise is part of a lesson. pscientists had teachers of psecond and third graders to pstart incorporating physical pactivity into their lessons. pinstead they have 30 minutes, pthree times a week. pafter two years, the children pscored better on math and pspelling tests. p>>laura: i think they could prelax a little. psoon. pa few million college and high pschool students will hit the pbeach for a little fun in the psun to say nothing of the family
7:35 am
pwe have a list of top spring pbreak destinations. anama city beach is number one. pstill with an estimate of p250,000 spring breakers this pyear. pthat's dispute a new law that pbanned alcohol on the beach. psecond most popular destination pwill be myrtle beach, south pcarolina, miami, austin, texas pand las vegas round out the top pfive. pof course, our beaches will see lenty of spring breakers but pnot as many as the hot spots. pthat's because our beaches are pmore family friendly, not the ptype of places that will ptolerate all the wild, all night artying. pthe buccaneers will try to prove pthis year that starts with the pdraft. pwalter allen is telling us what pthe team is doing this week. p>>walter: speaking of a party, pthe nfl combine is underway in pdowntown indianapolis. pteams go there to evaluate the pcollege players entering the nfl pdraft and we know the bucs are pnot looking for a quarterback. pjameis wins ston should be the
7:36 am
pbest rookie season since andrew pluck. pthe bucs' greatest need is pimproving the defense that have pa hard time stopping opponents, peven a safety but general pmanager says that the bucs might pdo something else early in the pdraft. p>> we're taking the approach the plast couple of years, best layer available and we've felt pgood about our last draft and peven 2014 so we're not going to psacrifice a really good player pjust to fill a need. pare made. p>>walter: in addition to winston plast year the bucs have been retty successful in the first pround the past few years. pthey got gerald mc coy with the pthird overall pick in 2010, the pbucs first round choice in 2011. pthey had two first round picks pin 2012. pthe bucs didn't have a first pround pick in 2013 but they did pwell in 2014.
7:37 am
pbucs had a ninth overall pick in pthe first round of the draft pthis year which starts on april p28 and this is the first year pfor head coach koetter which i'm pexcited about. pone of our next segments, you'll phear somebody talking. pwe have a basketball star in the phouse. p>>russell: well, you probably pheard this by now. pand we're all really sad about pthis. pour sports director, chip pcarter, he's retiring. phis last day here for us is ptomorrow. pand the goodbyes have begun pincluding one special visit that phappened during our 6:00 p.m. pnews cast last night. p>> what's going on here? phey! p>> you're retiring? p>>russell: that is former bucs phead coach. pthey came by to congratulate pchip on his stellar career on phis retirement. palso he gave chip his own bucs
7:38 am
pchip is heading to new england pafter 28 years. phe's going to join us in the p9:00 hour to chat more about his pamazing career. p>>laura: he's so ready. p>>russell: it's going to be hard pfor me today. p>>laura: yeah. p>>russell: i love chip. pthis is going to be hard. p>>laura: we say goodbye to too pmany here. p>>russell: chip is one of the pgood guys. p>>laura: he is. p>>russell: this saturday phundreds of classic guitars are pgoing up for auction. p>>laura: they are for sale. pfox news senior correspondent phas the story. p>>reporter: for one day only, pmusic enthusiasts from around pthe world have a chance to buy pthe instruments some of the pgreatest guitarists ever rocked pout on. pthe event will feature several rivate collections from famous pguitars, including about 20 pinstruments from legendary jazz pmusician george benson. p>> more than 250 guitars will be
7:39 am
plike eric clapton, stevie ray pvaughan, eddie van halen, george pbenson, ringo starr and john plennon, tony metolla, the list pgoes on and on. p>>reporter: they date back to pthe 1880's and many fine pinstruments made by famous pmakers like gibson and martin. p>> want something great? pi'm inclined to take it. pwhy stand on the ceremony? pwhy say, well, gee, it's a plittle too late. psomething as wonderful, it's pgenuine, that's our job to roduce the most exciting pthings. p>>reporter: these are some of pthe most unique guitars in the pworld. pthis one is by famed jazz pmusician rhinehart. p>> it was really one of the star pattractions in what many pconsidered the finest collection
7:40 am
pworld and that instrument is in pmany books. pit's a very treasured, wonderful pguitar. p>>reporter: the auction takes lace in new york city on psaturday starting at 2:00 p.m. pif you can't be there in person, pyou can bid online in real time pand live for or p>>russell: hey, hey, hey, look pwho is here. pteam ambassador for the harlem pglobe trotter $ here to promote pthe game in tampa next week. pminute. pstay with us, everybody. pbrilliant. pbrilliant.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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p>>dave: 7:43. p52-degree start. pcloud cover mixed in on the ptampa cam. pnorthwest winds at eight miles pan hour. pour headlines today, even though pthe front is long gone and south pcontinues. pthe strong rip currents pcontinue. pi think by this evening we'll pstart to see both of these relax padvisory. ptomorrow things will get better pas far as no winds. pseas offshore but seasonably pcool weather on tap for the next pseveral days. phighs in the mid 70s. ptomorrow the lower 60s. pin fact, we don't go back to pnormal until early next week. phowever, it is late february and peven though it's going to be pwell below normal, it's still retty nice outside. pour next rain chance, deent rain pchance is not until late pwednesday or maybe early into pthursday. pyou know, seven days away, the ptiming of that will change. pbut i'm not going to worry about
7:45 am
p48 degrees in crystal river. p53 in brooksville as well as pwesley chapel. ptemperatures are a shade below pnormal but compared to pyesterday, our temperatures are prunning some 20 degrees cooler pthan they were yesterday at this ptime. ptomorrow morning's lows are pgoing to be kind of where we're psitting at up here. pmid 40s in spots. pupper 40s in others. pit will be much cooler tomorrow pat this time than today but it pis 18 to 20 degrees colder than pyesterday at this time. phang on to your hats. pwinds are 10, 20 miles an how pwere. pwe've had wind gusts as high as p30 today. pthe only thing that could put a pcrimp in the high temps today pwill be this. pa little cloud cover. pwe'll be watching this as it psqueezes from northwest to psoutheast but there will be psunshine even with some of the pcolder air clouds shifting in pthat i think we get back to the pmid 60s for high temps today. ptonight 49 degrees. pthat will be in tampa.
7:46 am
pthe rural areas, you'll get down pto the low 40s and for tomorrow, psunshine, 62 degrees for a high ptemperature. pit's going to be beautiful this pweekend, seasonably cool. pwe have 62 tomorrow, 65 on psaturday. pby sunday, not too bad. ptemperatures get back up to near pthat 70-degree mark. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: looks good, dave. pthank you. phere at 7:46, we have sky fox pchecking out that earlier pmentioned crash which we poriginally heard from f.h.p. did pnot have a lane blockage but pthat doesn't appear to be the pcase right now. pit actually just cleared out on pto a shoulder. pwe did have a fire truck pblocking the left lane. pi think that's the source of our pdelays. plet's zoom here and see. peverything here has completely pmoved off to the side. pthis is near waters. pthere's a crash that is still pslowing things down in the area. pwe do have solid delays all the pway back to ehrlich road and pjust north of there is where pyou're going to start to hit the preally slow speeds. ptravel times at this point, 47
7:47 am
ptop to bottom, the entire length pheading in the southbound pdirection, if you can avoid that parea, please do so. pa new crash is reported 275 pnorthbound in pinellas county pnear 22nd avenue north. pwe are seeing traffic kind of pslowing down in this area so you pmight want to leave a bit pearlier if you head this way. p42 minutes ride from the inellas bayway heading to i-4. p p>>dave: i love that music. pit is -- it is -- i'll bet most pof us can just guess by the pmusic, right? pwe're play that go right now. pwho is in the house right now? pharlem globetrotters. pyou have to give them a shot, pright? pthey're so much fun to watch. pthey're coming back to tampa psoon. pwe have anthony buckets blakes. phow are you this morning? p>> i'm doing good. p>>dave: let me take you back to pthe late 1970s, okay?
7:48 am
rovidence civic center, and pmeadowlark lemon and i was so pexcited. pthey're playing like the pwashington generals. pyou don't play them anymore. pso this tradition has been going pon for years. p>> this is our 90th anniversary pand for our 90th anniversary, we phave an initiative called the pgreat assist. pwhat we're doing is give 100 pmillion smiles in the next two pyears. pwe're visiting schools, well pover 400 schools, we have an panti-bullying program, a spin rogram, spend as much time as pnecessary and we have smile atrol. pget smiles out of the kids in phospitals. p>>dave: you do so much and then pyou play a little basketball, ptoo. p>> oh, yeah. pwe play a little basketball, ptoo. p>>dave: coming here when? p>> we'll be here march 2 at the pamalie arena at 7:00 p.m.
7:49 am
pwe'll wear some throwback puniforms. pyou said the 1970s. pwe're wearing the short shorts. p>>dave: you have the big socks, ptoo? p>> big socks. p>>dave: there we go. plook. p>> big time. phey, hey, let me give you a plittle spin around. p>>dave: i love that. p>> we're wearing the big socks, ptoo. pwe're going to wear them for the pfirst half of every game. pfirst half of every game and pthen we'll go back to the pstriped shorts and the jerseys pyou've seen. p>>dave: you don't play the pgenerals. pwho now? p>> the world all stars. pthe generals, we don't play them panymore. pthe uniforms are in the second phalf right there. pwe want you to see, we have been pworking on our legs, too, by the pway. pthat's highlight right there. pmonty is like the meadowlark plemon of this era. pyou'll see big easy. pthat's cheese. poh, no. pthat's sweet jay.
7:50 am
psome of the most famous as well. p>>dave: i said before i talked pto you, two of the best jobs in pthe world. pbeing the ambassador, being the pspokesperson, how many countries phave you travelled to? p>> i've been to 79 countries. pthey just added 20 pages to the assport. p>>dave: you get a chance to see pthe world. pand you're helping children all pover the world, too. phere in the united states and peverything. pyou mentioned the assist rogram. pcan you help me assist jen in pdoing something? p>> i sure can. p>>dave: you know, jen -- this is pwhat i have to explain. pjen sat here by the front door pwaiting for you, okay? p>>jennifer: good morning. pamos. p>> i'll do him later today. p>>dave: here's my challenge.
7:51 am
pyou said you can actually spin pon those? pspinning. p>>dave: see if you can do this. phold on. plook at that, folks. p[applause] pthank you. p>>dave: one more time. .m. pit's the 90th anniversary. pnominate someone in your pcommunity to assist in a major pway and we'll try to figure out phow we can get involved. p>>dave: we appreciate that. pwe love seeing you again. p>> no problem. pthanks, man. p>>dave: you have to clap. pi love that. pdo the bouncy thing. p>>russell: yes! p>>dave: i wish charley could see pthis right now. phow are you doing, buddy? p>>charley: love the pglobetrotters. plove the globetrotters. pthey're always fun from when i pwas a kid to now.
7:52 am
plove it. pladies and gentlemen, children pof all ages, it's time for the pcircus. pi could have been a ring master. pinstead i'm just a clown. pbut that's okay. pi enjoyed clowning around. pwe're climbing around with one pof the best. pred, white and bello! pbello will be here and in there pand so will his daughter and pthey'll do all kinds of crazy pstuff. pcircus sarasota is in town, pshows through sunday. p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
7:53 am
7:54 am
oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share.
7:55 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming to pfrom you sarasota. pexit 213 off i-75, you'll see a pbrand spanking new university ptown center and you'll also see pa big top. phead for the big top here ptonight, tomorrow night, a pcouple of shows on saturday, a pshow on sunday. pcircus sarasota, the best of the pbest from around the world erformers doing some death pdefying acts. pled by none other than bello phimself. pwe're exactly the same height. p>> thank you for pointing that pout. p>>charley: i won't give you one pof these. pi need one of these. pmy hair is going.
7:56 am
p>>charley: i have a bald spot in pthe back. pyou were cooking up something pgreat. pthis show, circus sarasota. p>> this is my daughter who is pfollowing in the footsteps, peight generations of, you know, pdaredevil performers and just precently broke a guinness world precord for -- well, two things. pthe only girl to ever do a full pforward front somersault inside pof a wheel and then she did the pmost amount of somersaults in pone minute. p>>charley: let's see you do psomething here, my dear. pnow, i heard somebody call this pthe wheel of death. p>> that's a very common name for pit. pwe don't like to take it that pfar. pwe call it the world of wonder, pworld of destiny. p>>charley: i would, too. p>> they always say the show must pgo on, right? pthat means there's another show. pwe have one tonight at 7:00. p>>charley: all kinds of erformers around here.
7:57 am
erformers but we have the best, pthe elite from around the world. pthe brothers like myself have pwon a gold clown, the beautiful pmolly jacobs is also a clown pwinner so the brothers are four pbrothers that do hand stands on ptop of each other that is just pamazing. pthey travel the world. pit's basically a horse pwhisperer, 10 horses in the ring phere. pmark from france on a bicycle pdoes things that are just crazy. px game stuff. p>>charley: i want to win a pgolden clown. pstick around. pwe're going to learn more about pthis wheel and they're trying to pget me inside it. pwill it happen?
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
ba da ba ba ba ((russell a destructive hole in one. pa destructive hole in one. pfour teens under arrest for pstealing and a vandalizing a plocal golf course. p>> and then a picture taken poutside of bradenton chick-fil-a phas this employee earning praise pfor his compassion and humanity. pwait until you hear the story pbehind it. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody 8 o'clock i'm prussell rhodes. pi'm laura moody thanks for pjoining february 25th. pwe need to get to check of the pforecast right now with dave posterberg. p yeah, it was a crazy, before pwe do that it was a crazy day


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