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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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p p p cemetery battle heats up ptonight city spencer gravesite pdecorations feeling quite the pemotional debate. p>> is your cell phone spilling psecrets about you the alarming pto the what you can do about pit. p>> for every leap year we have pa going to have the biggest paround. pleave your baby so is his pnewborn. pwild coincidence that really
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p>> good evening welcome on pthis monday. p>> thanks for joining us peverybody tomorrow is super ptuesday the day that will pdetermine so much about the prace to become our nations next resident. pvoters in 12 states and pamerican samoa will cast pballots in the primary pelection. pon the democratic side is a day pthat could establish clinton as pthe inevitable nominee and on pthe republican side it may be pthe last chance for somebody to ptrump. p>> fox 13 to show us what's at pstake. p>>reporter: so much at stake poutside of election day itself ptomorrow is a single biggest pdemocracy. psuper tuesday the maker or pkiller of contenders. pit will go a long way towards pnomination. plet's take a look at what's on pthe table now. pon the republican side 11 pstates of voting.
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pmust have the amount needed to pwin the nomination. pdonald trump leads the polls pmost of the state's you see pthere if those polls are paccurate you could amass a lead pit would be difficult not ossible difficult to overcome. pohio florida pennsylvania still pup for grabs. ptrump campaigns ought to doubt ptoday ending with a rally in pgeorgia where he vowed to prestore wished and power texas psenators ted cruz baking and pwinning his home state. phere's a small lead over trump pin the polls in texas. pmarco rubio tomorrow is the pfirst election since a sizzling pdebate performance last week at pa rally tonight in oklahoma he psent a message that this is preally republicans last chance pto not make a huge mistake. p>> after eight years of rock pobama and a crazy election we pcame this close to getting it pwrong. pbut then just in time we premembered who we were we premembered we will always be pand we did with the generations
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roblems we confronted our pchallenges we braced are popportunities we return to the rinciples made us great. p>> we are going to win at pevery single level.we are pgoing to win with help were pgoing to win with education pwere going to win at the pborders. pgo to win with our military. pwe're going to win when when pwhen. pwe'll hear from ted cruz in pjust a moment he's campaigning pright now. ponto the democrats now 11 pstates and american samoa pcasting alex tomorrow 865 pdelegates up for grab shaping pup to be a big day for hillary pclinton. pbernie sanders actually pcompetitive in five of the pstate's but they are the ones pwith the smallest ellicott pcount clinton hold a tremendous pbandage among minority voters pshe should rack up victories at pthe south tomorrow and in pmassachusetts where she's pcampaigning tonight. p>> i know there are a lot of pchallenges but i am confident pand optimistic we are up to
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pi know together, together we pcan work to make sure we have pour best days ahead of us in pthis country.>> tonight at p11 you'll hear how clinton and psanders both went after donald ptrump today. pthe matter how tomorrow turns pout sanders has little pincentive to fold here is pcampaign announced today that pit raised $45 million this pmonth alone. pthis break. p>> early voting underway on phillsboro and polk county pstreet more than 3000 people pcast their early votes on phillsboro county. pthey've artie received almost p40,000 by mail so interest is pway up. p2008 40 percent of democrats 49 ercent of republicans were pcasting their ballots early. pand is still 13 days left of
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p>> you're going to wait until pelection day i hope when you pwake up that morning you went psick the kids are sick you pdon't have a flat tire. pmost counties actually are open pfor early voting on march peighth. pit's really only select sites pto check each counties website pand where you live for your olling location. p>> zephyrhills cemetery gotten pthe attention of some city pleaders they said the pdecorations and mementos on psome plots are getting a bit pout of hand. pin the looking to possibly cut prestrictions on what can and pcan't be there. pbut that's not sitting well pwith everybody. p>>reporter: the city manager psays the problem here was pcommunication the current pordinance been in place for palmost 20 years it just is not pbeen enforced clearly sold pthese spent years creating pmeaningful mortars for the
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panother potential loss. p>> last year my husband aj and pi had a stillborn son. pnatasha visits her son jonathan phere almost every day at pzephyrhills oak site cemetery. pwe go and we talked to him we pfeel if it starts spinning we pfeel like he's listening. pbut that pinwheel is gone she premoved the second time she psays the city planted a steak pwith a notice of noncompliance pdirectly at the site. p>> not only do they have psteaks, the base rate painted pin front of the headstone. p>> city manager is a sensitive psubject to get a focus on penforcement after complaints pcame in.>> some of the eople had family members in pthe cemetery said it was pgetting to be too much. p>> this is nothing new the pordinance has been in place
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pshelved toys discarded pglassware sprinkler and cancer psimilar articles permitted. pnow the city is looking to pupdate the ordinance or the pvery least enforce it. pthe suspect a petition with pmore than 1000 signatures pasking the city to leave the pgravesite alone. p>> the area where his wife and pson rest a sacred ground for pgrendel. pi want to keep it exactly how phe had appeared he maintains it pmourn in peace. p>> city manager is letting to pmeet with the families affected pby this to hopefully reach a pcompromise so they can change pthe rules create a more paccurate site and make sure
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phere in the future is given a pcopy of the updated ordinance. pthere's a meeting on the topic lan for next week march 10 at p4:00 p.m. at city hall. p>> prosecutors seeking the pdeath penalty against a man. pa madam taking off for this pfour-year-old autistic son. pthis was back in the fall of p2014. olice later found him and his pson in a tampa hotel. phe was arrested charged with pfour counts. plast tuesday state filed a pnotice of intent to seek the pdeath penalty because of the pgruesome nature of the crime. pafter analyzing all the dna pevidence in the case that's pexpected to take several pmoments now. p>> finessed deputies searching pfor peer credit car thieves ptonight these are surveillance ictures the suspects debbie psale january 31 they stole a pwoman's purse with her credit pcards inside. poutside the narrow on state proad 580 in clearwater later pthey use those cards in a
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pthis is an old smart and target pand cbs in palm harbor if you pknow who these people are in pthese pictures contact the inellas county sheriff's poffice. p>> a company that offers a lot pof those signs will be keeping pan eye on the type of people assing underneath them. pclear channel outdoor america ptoday announced it will use pcell phone data to do so. rogram is called later. eople not thrilled with this. p>> full of cell phone users pthe biggest picture that makes pthem nervous there wondering pmuch. peverywhere you go you can be ptracked and you might not know pit. pis. pof their cell phone location psettings options. pa billboard company banking on pa lot of driver leading it on pso they can figure out the kind pof people passing by the signs. p>> some don't mind the idea. p>> clear channel outdoor
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pcompanies including at&t the pgoal is to allow advertisers to pmore precisely target their paudience. pbut if you don't want your plocation tracks, cell phone ptechnician say there's an easy pfix. p>> some other date is being ptracked experts tell us is a pway to stop that too. p>> you can turn it off pcompletely. pshutting down background rofession iphone restricting pbackground data on android. pa lot of people say they do pthat already. p>> a clear channel outdoor pspokesperson says the driver pdata they receive is all an pominous. pstill some say this is the platest reason to stop the
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pclear channel and its partner psaid they're mostly looking at pvery generalized day that they pcan even track things like ages pand genders but there are p500,000 people who are being pfinancially compensated to have pthe locations mapped an answer psome questions afterwards. p>> a father and his newborn pson amazing birthday odds that pthey beat. p>> once every four years will pget to celebrate his earth day pbut he won't be celebrating it palone. pnoted a man born on february 29 pwelcomes his newborn son his ptake on this one in 1 million pcoincidence. pwe're going to talk to both the pwife and the husband tonight at p10:30. pand then a tampa engineer ptaking a shot at building good pguns. pwe'll show you why business is pgood in the garden business. pstay tuned. pafter a nice weekend today was pfantastic more to come take a
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paway. p unbelievable leap year pstory coming out of minty pcounty. pthe baby was born today. pthat's not necessarily make it pso special leave it or not his pfather is also a leave your pbaby. pwhat are the odds of that as we pwanted to know. p>> really credible story josh. p>> yeah you know every four pyears we hear about babies born pon the leap day february 29 pnothing special very unique but pin this case having a father pwas a lee playing and that's pwhat they call it when you born pa leap daily playing having a pfather was a lee playing now phaving a son who's a lee laying is just incredible you
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phousehold are going to be huge. pthat is every four years. pjust before 5 o'clock on pfebruary 29 liam black was pintroduced to the world. poriginally he was due march 13 pand today he was born on leap pyear. pwhich is rare in itself phappening every four years. pbut this leap year birthday ptruly takes the cake. phe will be celebrating it alone pwill be celebrating it with his pfather. p>> that's right dad shane pblack was also born on february p29. pwhat are the odds dad and son pboth born on the leap day. p>> it's the ultimate birthday pgift for dad whose technically pnine years old. phe was right by mom's side pduring the birth at manatee pmemorial but was close he had pto hop in a last-minute light pfrom idaho to catch it.
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pnow we have a leave your baby. pmom dad and little lamb paltogether on this pextraordinary day. p>> the fact that they're going pto actually get to share the psame birthday and on a holiday pthat is extremely limited. pi think that's a bond that's pgoing to the special and carry pon with them for rbc the rest pof their lives. p>> you better believe those pshared birthdays are going to pbe epic. pgoing to have the biggest best pblowout that they parties paround. p>> i know what you're thinking pknow this was not planned again pyour luck by the way liam seven ounds eight ounces. p>> fantastic thank you so much pjosh. p>> good for them but maybe if pyou try to plan it i'm not sure pwhat are the odds. p>> the fact that he rushed in pand got her just in the nick of ptime.
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p>> love those wacky odds when pthey come true. phow about this winning streak pweekend was good good timing ptake a look outside today guys pthis is pretty good stuff. psunset tonight clearwater beach plooks like a bill of gold with pthe sun in the middle palm ptrees love that photo. pexcellent work by roseann rosin pdorn. pgood job roseann and the second pone susan brooks sunset tonight pat saint pete beach that's retty good and the third one pfrom cheryl the neck he plongboat key tonight. pfew high clouds when the pdistance this one's the bonus pone love this pirate ship off pclearwater beach got that. pthat's good stuff. pgreat shot tonight that photo pby the way on my facebook pthat's one of those wallpaper pcover photos for your computer. pcheck that out certainly a deal pof spring today.
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pcountdown calendar we've got 13 pdays to go until daylight psavings time. pwe obviously add eight daylight pin the evening and lose pdaylight in the morning we pspring ahead in about two pweekends and then 20 days until pthe first day of spring which pis the vernal equinox and then p27 days to easter my favorite p34 days to opening day when the prays will host the blue jays at pthe trop. pall these days are sundays. pobviously east is a sunday at pthe rest don't have to be an pactually the daylight savings ptime has to be but these two pdon't it's the 13th 20 27 pbefore so lots to look forward pto in the next month or so. pthe temperatures this month pit's kind of interesting to ptalk about how there's been ptrends for days in a row warm pcold front goes by long stretch pof cold air under the front pgoes by. pwe warm up to the front goes by pwe chill off and today were in
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pthe first couple of days in pmarch should be in the mid-70s pat tia many spots in the and pwill be in the low 80s in the pforecast is pretty simple high ressure is over us it's not preally going to move much. pthere is going to be a week pcold front heading away on pwednesday we talked about that plast week in fact for a time i pwas a bit concerned about a psevere weather threat but i pdon't think that's going to phappen at all. pit's a nice night. pgot a decent 60s across the pboard the dewpoints are under pcontrol they may be a little pbit of patchy fog inland ptonight not much winds are plight calm in some spots little pbit of a seabreeze today near pthe coast and futurecast has a pweakening cold moving our way pthe old subtropical jet not as pstrong as it was earlier this pmonth that's good because when pthat subtropical jet begins to pweaken that kind of puts in and pto el niqo. pwe'll see how that plays out pthe next couple of weeks. pfor now are looking pretty
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pthere's the weakening cold pfront on wednesday.were 62 pthe dewpoint 51 a light wind paround the country good weather pin the southeast you've got psome snow and some ice across pthe plains. pthat's not a concern to us. pwhat is coming up is lots of pdry air.look all the red is pdry air so tomorrow will pfeature ample sunshine as well pand certainly a sign of the pupcoming spring season. p90 argo and 65 and baton rouge pa huge temperature swings in pfact 65 in kansas city and nine pin fargo that happens in the pspringtime temperature shifts pnorth and south when the bring psevere weather sphere storms pnow heading for oklahoma city. pour forecast for tonight is psimple mostly clear and some atchy fog. pwe do have 59. ptomorrow not day lots of psunshine cooler at the coast pmany spots in land will be up pnear 80 75 again the over coast pwednesday partly cloudy small
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pmid-70s could be another chance pof rain on body but look only p20 percent. pdon't forget the strawberry pfestival kicks off on thursday pthat's good with sunshine and pabout 73 degrees. p>> coming up a the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. pback. pyou know where honor few psoldiers ever get today a navy pseal was his life in a daring prescue.
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pedward buys risk of american pcivilian in afghanistan. p>> tells us house quick pthinking saved a life. p>>reporter: advise would be plong remembered as compassion. phis sacrifice and his pendurance. pin awarding navy seal senior pchief is a water operator pedward buys the middle of honor ptoday president obama gave the pnation's highest military pcitation to a man whose pcommitment to service knows no pbounds. p11 overseas deployments. pnoncombat tours. precipient of the purple heart ptwice. pbronze star with valor five ptimes. pbut it was a daring rescue of pan american doctor held by the ptaliban in afghanistan back in p2012 that brought a man used to pworking in the shadows into the pspotlight. pjumped off the guy was on onto pthe doctor the reason i did pthat i'm wearing body armor so pi want to protect him from any pother potential threats in the
10:26 pm
p>> buyers quick action say the pdoctor who said in a statement ptires and his team are examples pof courage and bravery and pheroism i'm so grateful for ptheir dedication for rescuing pme as well as bringing security pto the afghan people. pso byers is a six navy seal to preceive the medal of honor he pcredited a seven seal p28-year-old the officer first pclass nicholas check with the pmission success. pcheck with the first internet pfirefight and died that evening pwith tyler and distinction. phe will forever be remembered pand into the pages of history pfor the sacrifices that he pmade. pa solemn reminder of the price pof read him in a moment of pthanks on behalf of a grateful pnation. p>> buyers who says he like to pgo back to doing doing what phe's always done that service pis one of 78 living medal of phonor awardees. peight of them like buyers are pfrom the u.s. navy. pthere have been 14 of honors pawarded for action in pafghanistan which as you robably know, is the longest
10:27 pm
p>> and manatee homebuilders pthrowing his hat into the ring pfor florida's u.s. senate seat. pcarlos for roof officially pkicked off his campaign today prelated republican to hop into pthe race to fill walker rubio's pnext term. ptoday's announcement today prelic supporters and pjacksonville and orlando. pthe political class in pwashington somehow knaus weeks pthat they're different than the prest of us that are opposite me pthat our present you the prepresent themselves in a pspecial interest. pso it's time for people to do psomething about it and i think pthat i'm one of those people. p>> with your support, i can do pthat. p>> several republicans pincluding pinellas county rep pdavid jolly fine for rubio psenate seat to state democratic prepresented are also running. p>> update now in the spread of pthe sica virus travel alerts phave been issued for two more pcountries. ptoday the cdc added vincent and
10:28 pm
pmartin's to the list meanwhile pthe number of sica virus cases pis growing here in florida. pfive new cases of the mosquito pborne virus have been pconfirmed. pin broward and miami-dade pcounty that brings estate total pup to 42 and the all travel prelated. phealth officials say one of the precent cases does involve a regnant woman. p>> zika linked to a serious pbirth defect in women who are regnant or thinking of getting regnant their advice to stay paway from sica affected areas. p>> coming up apple gets an pally and it's a war with the pfed. pyou go (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for
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publix. where shopping
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. p p big twist in a battle pbetween apple and fbi. pnew york judge today is made a pruling that could very well phelp apples high-profile case phere. ptoday the judge ruled that the pus justice department cannot
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paccess to a locked iphone in pthe data there in a brooklyn pdrug case.that's important pbecause was going on between papple and fbi across the pcountry of california. pcalifornia judge just ordered papple to help the fbi hack a hone to access information on pthe government san bernardino pshooting massacre. papples is complying with the psecurity of all iphones at risk pthe company plans on putting pthe judge's order. papple stand by the way huge pdebate over diesel privacy and palso national security the new pruling could help apples ptelephoning case if it does had pto a higher corporate vigil pheld last night from virginia olice officer killed during pher very first day on duty. p28-year-old ashley winton was pshot responding to a domestic pviolence call. ptwo other officers were wounded pthe army staff sergeant accused pof killing the officer and his pwife faces multiple charges. p>>reporter: this tragedy preally shaken up the police pdepartment in prince william pcounty virginia. ptwo-year-old ronald hamilton
10:32 pm
pand three officers who came to phis front door. pbasis capital murder charges enalty. paffidavit filed today that says pthat hamilton shot all three poffices are the rightful they presponded to a 9-1-1 call made pby his wife. phis wife is hamilton was found pdead inside the house. p>> officer ashley winton died pof her wounds it was a first pshift after getting sworn in pthe day before. pshe served in the marine preserve she was a pilot pgraduated from embry paeronautical university in pdaytona beach. p>> hamilton wasn't active duty parmy staff sergeant. pat the pentagon the couple's p11-year-old son was at home but punharmed. pcrystal hamilton sister says phis mom told him to run away pjust before she was shot. phe heard the shots but didn't
10:33 pm
pthe 11th law enforcement pofficer shot and killed in the punited states so far this year pand we are barely months two pmonths into 2016. p>> forced in the meantime precovering tonight after they pwere injured a school shooting pin ohio. phappened in madison high school ptownship butler county psheriff's office tells us p14-year-old james austin phancock entered the cafeteria popened fire. ptwo of his classmates were hit pto others hurt trying to pescape. pnone of the injuries are plife-threatening. olice dog track hancock after phe took up from the cafeteria pwas caught. arents rushing to the school. p>> when you first heard what pwhat do your mind? p>> every thing bad. pyou always will happen to you pand this is an eye-opener.
10:34 pm
pcharges including two counts of pattempted murder the chef is pnot yet released a possible pmotive. pcould elyse chase ends in a pwild crash in california look pat this video san bernardino olice were chasing a stolen ptaco truck this morning psideswiped a school bus full of pchildren and crashed into a ropane tank. phere's some of the aerial video pof the crash and the thieves prun in seconds after impact pofficer surrounded the bank up ptaco truck and arrested them. pthankfully nobody was hurt. p>> he's a big fan of firepower phe designs and builds guns pright here in the tampa bay parea local gun maker says pbusiness right now is quite pgood. phe tells fox 13. p>>reporter: it's was gone from pfirearms.
10:35 pm
pa lot of gun for the money. p$875 he has dozens of new bm p50s in production and is match paffecting plant in tampa recision technologies come palong way but no matter how big pand advanced guns get, he pbelieves americans have the pright to own them. p>> he knows that many disagree pbut like larger gunmakers, his psales have gone up as president
10:36 pm
p>> the firearm industry ptradeshow he says people were panxious to get a look. pmany had already seemed clips pon his youtube channel. phe says the internet is huge pfor sales ringing buyers to psmall boutique firearms pcompanies like his. p>> on his computer designing pnew firepower he believes pdemand will continue to be pstrong. pfor now those aiming to control pboom. pand gunmakers are shooting for precord sales. p>> smith and wesson says prevenues for quarter ending pannually 31st hundred $80 pmillion is a 16 percent
10:37 pm
p>> coming up trouble finding a arking spot? pcourse on clearwater beach palways b
10:38 pm
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p pnew place where dreams come ptrue and financial struggles pare buy the jobs pbeing lost the changes coming pto disney. pbecause of budget concerns. pnew study that could save more pshelter dogs why so many are pbeing able to both when they preally are. pwhat that could mean for the pfuture. pcoming up in the fox 1311 a car p20 percent of the parking owned pclearwater beach marina it's pvery very tight. pthat's what you get there what pyou do get through all that
10:41 pm
pvalet parking could work valet pskin let you park more cars pinto a space $26 month parking ermit workers can buy their pgoing to cost more the good be phard to get city officials pthere are hoping that that pshould a leave more slots for pcustomers. p>> on any given day can be pmore employees parked in there pthan it is availability for pmarina participants. palso talking garage is coming pthat should give us long-term prelief there new parking garage pright there at the marina. pclearwater city council learned ptoday the process of hiring a arking consultant for that is palready underway. p>> that time of year when eople from all of the country pflocked to the beaches on the pgulf coast but there can be pdanger lurking in the beautiful pwater too.
10:42 pm
ptoday else county installed 78 psigns like this one at access oints on county maintain pbeaches like sand key park the psigns illustrate rip currents pthey describe what they are and pmost importantly how to break ptheir grip. prip current of car when the pserver current is up was not ptoday was a beer for day-to-day pthe fast-moving channels of pwater that rush away from the pshore if you look closely penough you can sometimes spot pthem. paction on the beach there will pbe foam in the water that you pcan see stuff like that and pother materials in the water psuch as seaweed and stop will pbe going towards the area and pthen shooting away from shore. p>> if you're caught up in a prip current do not fight it. pin other words don't swim into pit swim left or right parallel pto shore until your free of the pcurrent and then you can swim pback in safely to the beach. p>> steve eiseman says thanks pbut no thanks to office for pjonathan who doesn't want to be
10:43 pm
ptyler johnson left the ice pbloodied after getting a puck poff the four head last night as pfaces all stitched up a way to psee what johnson did tonight. p>> afraid to ask about this a pwild at turning why snap chap pface (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store
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layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger.
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steakburger. p p p--. pnew here's the deal does a pcouple of new apps is the first pone being my daughter we did. plook at twitter look at this pand just a beaver the trump pstarted playing around six pstart doing this during paul's pweather we could not stop plaughing. pwe would distracting him pbecause we laugh so hard.
10:47 pm
pweatherman and a politician. p>> is one app that's called pface swap or snap chat built on pthere you go to play with a lot pof fun. plighting up twitter right now pin his book and sadly our own pthese book pages. pwho would've thought halloween pin february. p>> it's so fun. p>> hockey game turns little pwild check this out right here.
10:48 pm
ptalk about getting lucky pbecause similar thing happened pto tyler johnson last night and pit up with stitches in the four phead is in the ranger game is psaturday defenseman dan girardi pright there a better view punbelievable. pthat's wild. pthat's kind of scary that can pgo all the way up there that's pa little dangerous for their peyes. p>> tyler johnson got stitches plast night very similar play. phit them a lot harder though. phe can laugh about it now pthough. p>> with impressive shot pturning tonight you see this. phere we go baby let's get pbuckets. pthat's bucket blakes he's from pthe harlem globetrotters is
10:49 pm
pwild video lots of people pwatching this. pthe town for an event on pwednesday and so he did it made pit look easy we're talk about pearlier would how many times he racticed. pthat was one take. pi bet it was. p>> plenty of cameras. pgood luck because he did it. pseveral different angles that's pfantastic. pthose guys practice a lot at pall these different shots. pi remember i was in high school pthose guys would come up and pthe shoulder. pthey're good. plighting gm presses the past pbut in the nhl deadline didn't pcave to the demand of jonathan p's agent to make a deal that pwas not one team that one team pin the league that thinks the p20-year-old really with little laying time have the ability pto help their playoff push so preally they were offering panything good. pstill could be traded but if he
10:50 pm
peligible for the playoffs more plikely the lighting a hold pdaily on the draft in june peiseman has it ended up holding pthem out to find a deal worth ptrading him for. peiseman is leaving the door popen for julian to return pinteresting to see if this 2013 pfirst round pick calling back pto the bolts for second chance. pi'm not enjoying the situation pnot how i want this to play out pin whatever is asked a couple pof weeks ago what what i prefer pwell you know i'm not purposely pdragging this out for anyone ptrying to do the right things pfor the team and when the right pthing comes along i will do pthat. pso with again with jonathan the pattention is what is the right pthing for the team will act pupon it. p>> bolts in toronto tonight ptyler johnson in the lineup
10:51 pm
pstitched up after getting hit pwith the pot scoreless in the psecond. pand look who it is johnson pwalking down the ice and no one preally on them so is going to prip it 1-0 bolts. pjohnson be a little tougher pwith the stitches. psqueeze of the second goal in pyour giving them is first ptwo-goal game of the season. plast minute for this lightning pseven straight to one they are pnow tied with florida for first lace in the division. pbooks are under the microscope pthey were a year ago and held a pnumber one pick in the draft pthe picking nine this year that pkind of gives them a little pmore options than they had a pyear ago lot more directions to pgo this time. pit better be a defensive when i ptell you that because that is pwhat this team really needs. pthe box could bring on is pburning hargraves back home pwith the first round pick phargraves turn heads at the pcombine today talking punofficial times of
10:52 pm
pofficial timer which is pelectronic says 45 would still retty fast. phargraves considered the best ure corner in the draft but preally didn't finish strong for pthe gators at the end of the pseason. pthe greater need for the boxes pto find a defensive end that pcan get to the quarterback. pwe will focus on defense for psure this off-season. pto say that for sure will do it pearly in the draft you know i pcan't say that. pneeds to match up is a strong pgroup of players certain ositions that we do have anita pbut you know we've taken the papproach the last couple of pyears as player available and pwe felt really good about our plast draft in even 2014 so pwe're not going to sacrifice preally good player just to fill pa need that's a lot of mistakes pare made. p>> have to totally agree with pjason alert rich mckay a few pyears ago take the best player pon the board no matter what you
10:53 pm
pbetter record than anyone pelse's had with this porganization. p>> you never know how it's pgoing to check out so really pmake sense darting with the ptalent. ptwo girl scouts giveback. pthe the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the
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america runs on dunkin'. p p last full day of pmeteorological winter. pstarts bring at least as far as pwhere this concern the vernal pequinox later on the month all pthat being said nice sunset and phernando county tony gets a fox p13 umbrella nice job tony so pappreciate that nice photo pthere signs of spring on the pweather map today these are phigh temperatures. pyou've got 70s along the north pcoast 50s across the plains pcold air confined to the pnorthern states is nice night ptonight mostly clear skies in ptampa and 62 st. pete has a 63 pin dade city it's 56 under pmostly clear skies. pthe only issue tonight will be
10:57 pm
pthink it's a big deal venice pdown to 64 inland holding in pthe 30s and low 60s cold front pheading our way not tomorrow ptomorrow is a nice day with a pdeveloping seabreeze during the pafternoon cool off the pcoastline and then by wednesday pwhat's left of the front will pslide across the peninsula with pa small chance of showers and pafter that the weather is nice pand thursday next chance of prain coming in will be on pfriday evening that's going to pbe a small chance. p63 degrees at 9:00 a.m. with psome patchy fog by noon up to p72 and 75 at 4 o'clock if pyou're watching us inland retty decent chance to see phighs tomorrow in the low 80s. plet's do some lotto numbers for ptoday. pcash three daytime numbers 052 p443 is cash three at night play pfor dave. lay for night number is 84 52.
10:58 pm
pdrivers tend to shell out more pcash to fill up the tank gas rices up six consecutive days pnow nearly 4 months national paverage for regular now bucks p75 a gallon but that still way pdown from this time last year. pstocks down on the very last pday trading for the month pending what was a pretty rocky pmonth for the market dow was pable to eke out a gain not so pas to s&p 500 both falling for pthe month. pmeanwhile americans putting up utting up piece of the pamerican dream for now report utting fewer people signing pcontracts to buy homes in pjanuary relatives blaming the pdrought on the cold blast of pweather during the month along pwith a shortage of homes pavailable for sale. pwomen looking for better pquality of life might look in pminnesota the best place for pwomen in 2016 things like pmedian earnings job opportunity pand healthcare all big reasons
10:59 pm
p>> took girl scouts going pextra mile with the cookie psales this year. praven and allie attempting to psell 4000 boxes of cookies this pyear. pthere's a twist there hoping to pdonate 1000 of those boxes to psoldiers from indiana. p>> we wanted to get back to pthe military. pthank you for all they do. pthank you for risking your plives. pand everything that you've pdone. pso far the girls of 108 boxes pdonated for the soldiers they phope to reach the goal by march p12 and i'm sure they will. p>> we hope they do. pright now outrage over pinterstate expansion plans. pthat plan has people in ybor pcity speaking up. p>> going to make people just pdrive through. pall of our historic
11:00 pm
pwere breaking down the pros and pcons of this project that comes pat a cost. p>> i will never allow icon partists to take control of the arty of lincoln reagan. pthe candidates heat up as super ptuesday dons a look at what's pat stake. p>> it can be pit bulls are a pbreed with a bad rap sometimes ptoo often are found in shelters pwill show you way a new study pthough says sometimes the case pof mistaken identity. p>> temper residents still utting the plans tampa bay pexpress known as tpx to be at pofficials informational meeting pabout the controversial new ptoll lane expansion this time pspecifically for everyone who plives in works in ybor city. eople really were a single


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