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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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which means they can turn in their visitor badges, they are now employees. >> and i know there is a' a 'bama fan or two in the studio. >> i don't know about that, but right now at 11:00, local bird lovers are alarmed. >> they fear for an eagle's nest sitting dangerously close to a construction project. >> after the season they've been through, i would not be surprised if they didn't abandon this area. >> they say more need to be done to protect our symbol of freedom. >> and bringing the gaps through baseball, how a rays game in cuba will impact both countries off the field. >> there is nothing like new
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>> a homecoming more than a year in the making. what astronaut scott kelley says he missed the most during all of that time in space. >> new at 11:00, it's one of the longest standing eagles nests in florida dating back to the 1940's but now bird watchers near olds mar says it's in danger as construction crews started carrying out trees here the nest, and they don't think that florida fish and wildlife is doing enough to protect the nest. >> a lot of the things they are telling me is they believe the eagles are actual scared, just about anything can scare them off including loud noses and so imagine how the sounds of bulldozers and trees collapsing with impact them, and bird
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full of eggs that have been abandoned. >> crews began tearing down the forest. >> it was really emotional and i'm thinking back and i can get very upset over it. >> but the animals effected the most on the property are not in a pen, they are the bald eagles that have been nesting high above the zoo. >> we would see the mom eagle come off of the nest for 15 to 30 minutes at a time, but in previous years it's been like clock work, they just sit down and incubate. >> they've been thrown off by neighboring construction and even built a second nest but were scared away so frequently, their eggs did not hatch. >> after the season they've been through, i would not be surprised if they didn't abandon this area and build elsewhere. >> according to the construction
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nothing wrong, but bird watchers say the rules are too lax. >> half of our nests are up in cell phones. >> and development signs line nearly ever road outside the property, and neighbors feel that construction is taking away the little piece of neighbor they have look. >> we see little animals running through the neighborhood looking for a place to go, and i'm not atree hugger but at what point in time are we going to quit giving away to the developers and realize that we only have one earth. >> ryland homes hired its own ea ea ecologist to monitor the nests
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to move. others say it could have been nice had they waited until the end of nesting season to begin. >> and the state's primary is a chance to score a knock out or make a big comeback. for republicans it's winner take all, for democrats florida has the fourth most sell delegates and so how are the campaigns looking in florida now? >> hillary clinton's campaign and her people are already using the terms nails and coffin when it comes to her battle with bernie sanders. saying she already has a large lead and they are hoping that a win in the florida primary which offers plenty of delegates to
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top and make her lead insurmountable. and mayor bob buckhorn gave a speech to several dozen volunteers. he says the goal is to win florida's horde of delegates and make his lead imabl to impossible to overcome. rubio says he needs to win florida but he does trail in several state polls to donald trump and cruz. >> i'm going to support the republican nominee because it's not going to be donald trump. it's going be me, and i think if we win florida we'll be difficult to stop but we are going to have to win here and work hard to do it. >> let's send donald trump back to wherever the hell he came from! and we are going make it huge!
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everybody, let's go! >> major senator ted cruz of texas has an office here, and there are others in homes in the area. our political editor says campaigning in florida depends on grassroots support but also very much on big tv ad buys because of how many people need to be reached. this is a state of 19 million people, the trump campaign has offices in sarasota and in tampa. they are hoping to use the i-4 corridor as well as the entire florida primary which is winner-take-all for the republicans as a knock-out punch for cruz and rubio. >> evan axelbank, thank you for that. and now ben sar
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this may be the end of his campaign. he says he sees no path forward to for him. he tanked on super tuesday and says he will not attend tomorrow night's gop debate in michigan. it's not immediately clear if he is dropping out but he says he will no longer actively seek votes. >> new at 11:00, polk county detectives are keeping their eyes open for some stolen big rigs like that one right there. thieves cut through the fence of central construction and took two semis with two low-boy trailer oos trailers attached. the owners say they even gassed up the rigs using a fuel pump on the property before they took off.
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accused of running a drug house here fourth street and 62nd. >> and the rays are poised to make history as they travel to cuba on march 22 to play a baseball game in havana. the impact of this game is likely to impact both countries. >> this is being viewed as another step in rebuilding the relationship with cuba. the rays will be the first mlb franchise to play there since the or orioles did in 1999. a history between tampa and bayou came could
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>> this is a step down the road towards normalization, whether it takes six months or six years we just don't know how long, but at some point there are going to be normalized relations between our two countries and it's events like this that i think help pave that way. >> this is going be the start of something and we are going to look back in a few years, certainly in a decade and the more normalized relations to know when it helps up it's quite exciting. >> the rays will fly into cuba on the 20th and on the 22nd they take part in the exi exhibition game, and looking on will be our commander in chief, president obama. >> the president made it clear to his twitter followers that he is excite buendia that
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ball". well, at least six u.s. airlines have made applications to fly to cuba. southwest wants to fly there at least six times a day with two flights out of tampa, and jetblue is asking two daily, and american, delta, frontier and silver airplanes have also submitted applications but of course not all of the requests will be granted. the government is expected to make a decision this summer. >> and a lot of people are still talking about this. now we get to meet the woman who find that giant alligator in her swimming pool. >> wow ! i don't think there are woordz words to describe when you come home and find a 9-foot alligator
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>> -- in over 20 years. just over 300 bears were killed in two day, however this does not mean that this hupt hunt was a success in any way. >> with the air quotes and all, she took her message to the county commission, asking them to spare the bears. megan sorbo is her name but she plans to travel the state asking for an end to the state bear hunt. >> she impressed everybody, she is 10 years old and brought her
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she could reach the microphone and she cited facts and figures and asks the commissioners to pass a resolution banning bear hunting and while there were adults there advocating for the same cause it was her youthful passion that really got the commissioners attention. >> i'm trying not be so emotional but they are beautiful animals, i have seen one once, and more young people need to speak out because they can cut to the heart of the issue. >> the commissioners say they are a tool to manage the growing bear population but one commissioner says it's more of a state issue, but they will look into the issue to see if there is something that can be done here. >> what a powerful little speaker!
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started in some places and law enforcement wants you to be aware out there. >> every year we have a plan, and that plan is during our peek times when we have our tourists and our spring break visitors we bring out enhanced patrols. we like to prevent, disrupt and deter and let our guests know this is not an area conducive to criminal activity. >> also, i will notice improvements along siesta beach. >> we have an update for you out of south land land. this is the video we showed you last night, that 9-foot, 300-pound alligator that crawled into a family's swimming pool right through the screen. and the family recently moved
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this golf course community where there is a little lake, well, the action kicked into high gear when the trapper got there. >> i got in that lasso came off, and it did but he was not that aggressive yet, but i thought that gator could jump right out of that pool and then we'll have a problem. >> when it gets warmer the gators tend to be on the move and it's also mating season and there are at least three other gators in that pond and they are just hoping that none of the others decide to show up in their pool. well, paul, this is florida and this is the time of year we heard about alligators showing up in amazing places. >> i brought a blow-up alligator on amazon for $9.99. >> and that is not a good visual
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point a to point a. b. and we had changeable skies today, and watch as the fast-moving high sirrus clouds came auto at us from the west. i think that is pretty much the theme for tomorrow, a mixture of clouds and sunshine, and the sun should be dimmed or blocked by the high clouds coming in late many the day. this is a time lapse from saratta beach, and that is a great picture, i love the combination of the blue in the sky, the orange in the sunset. good stuff, and in redding reddington beach, a great shot.
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west and they may help to put a cap on tonight, the dewpoints are dropping and tomorrow we'll probably have to deal with the high clouds that could be in and out. as i mentioned during our 10:00 broadcast, some of these may help to produce a halo around the country sun. it's tough to predict but it's caused by the ice crystals in the ieg high clouds. 59 in tampa, and temperatures dropping a few more degrees under cloudy skies and a dryer north and northwest wind. if you stepped outside this evening you can tell it's a little bit less humid, a bit of a breeze, a really nice march had night and the winds coming in from the west are ushering in a cooler and dryer air mass. the dewpoint is 50, and humid at
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north-northwest wind and things with quiet up and down the east coast. kind of a battle between two air masses. lots of heat in the west. chicago has had a crummy couple of days. 30 now and they have had snow and off and on sleed sleet and freezing rain, we stay in the 50's tonight, and then tomorrow with a mixture of clouds and sun t will be cooler at the coast, not a great beach day because of increased high clouds but not bad, and then low 80's as you head inland, and great day tomorrow, you have to love the first day of the strawberry festival. 67 in the morning and we top off in the mid 70's. don't forget the sunscreen, a cold front continues to move
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weakening cold front moving by thursday night into friday that may produce a shower or to, and then this high builds in and the timing is perfect to give us a beautiful weekend both days. high clouds and less humid tonight, 55, and tomorrow, sunshine, high clouds and nice, 73, a small chance of showers tomorrow night into friday, and as i mentioned and advertised, the weekend? outstanding, both days in the mid 70's with ample sunshine. >> well done, sir. all right, back on earth and already tweeting. >> there is the picture of his phone call with the president and we get a snapshot of his first salad back on (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store
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>> well, for a man who just travelerred 144 million miles, the 20-hour flight from kazakhstan to houston? piece of cake, and of course he get as phone call from president president obama. and jill biden and his brother mark kelley, also an astronaut.
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this long time in space will pave the way to mars. he talks about what it was it was like to spend all of that time up there. >> this is a very closed environment. >> it's the simple things about earth that astronaut scott kelley says he missed like running water and fresh air. when the hatch of the russian capsule opened in caz kazakhstan it was his first fresh air in 340 days. >> there is nothing like new cold air coming into the capsule. >> help was there on the ground if he needed it to climb out but kelley did not appear to, despite almost one year in conditions of micro gravity. he said leaving the space station was bittersweet and he could have stayed longer if necessary.
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was for the right reasons i clearly could have stayed however long it took. >> part of the mission was to see how the body handles long periods of time in space along with the raid radiation. testing of his physical responses began immediately in kazakhstan, and other tests will continue for at least nine months. in miami, steve harrigan fox news. >> can you imagine what his dvr looks like and all of the shows he has to catch up on. >> and swrus the just the stories he has to tell, it will be like months and months. >> and nobody will be able to relate, either. he is showing everybody up. >> show his neighbors his vacation photos.
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