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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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pdonald trump like to sue people phe should sue whoever did that pto his face. pi call him little marco. phe's like 6 foot two which he pdon't understand his hanz are psize of somebody that's 5 foot ptwo. pyou know know what they say with pman with small hands-- i pguarantee you there's no roblem. pyou guarantee it. p>> thank god he has really large pears the biggest ears i've ever pseen.
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pmirror i don't think because at odium goes up to here. pbut he wand wanted a full length pmirror maybe to make sure his ants weren't wet. phe was putting on make up with a ptrowel. pdonald is not going to make pamerica great he's go going to pmake america orange. pwell hear it big dodge. pdon't worry about it little pmarco. pi have never seen any human pbeing sweat like this guy. pit's rubio. p>> the republican a race is pturned into a comedy. pway things are going donald ptrump could get the last laugh. pthe establishment republicans pare all you know bed wetting pover this. pmarco rubio is our special guest ptonight we'll ask him about his pstrategy heading into florida. pwe're going to win here in pflorida and continue to fight pacross the country because if pdonald trump is our nominee we pwill lorenzo. pour contributeder and pull pliteratures per prize winning
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pnews studio with an inside look pinside the next big race in pmichigan. p>> dude, what was that? lus our polster matt towery and prepublican strategist adam pgoodman reveal their projections pfor next week in parody segment pwe a historians may describe the olitical war of 2016 to our pkids. pbless your heart niki haley. p>> this is money, power & olitics. pokay. pwe have a lot of ground to cover pand we'll start with a senator pmarco rubio. psenator rubio thank you for pjoining us. p>> thank you. pthanks for having me. pin august you agreed to a psupport whoever gets the prepublican nomination. pdo you still stand by that ledge givens growing ossibility at least that trump pcould win this and you say these pa con man? p>> yeah. phe's not going within the pnomination it would be a can at pthat trophy for republican arty?
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plose we will lose badly and lose pconservative movement this guy pwho supports planned parenthood pand says he waent take sides pwhen it comes to israel. pyour question is i will support prepublican nominee because it's pnot going to donald trump u it's pgoing to be meep. pit's a going to a hard fight pflorida will be key iff. we win pflorida we have to win here we pwill work really hard to doyou psaid you got into trash talk pwith trump do give him a dose of phis own medicine when you make pfun of his hands or color of pskin regardless of what he said pdoes that not just lower the bar peven more? p>> yeah. pit's unfortunate that's politics phas become about. pyou look a sdrufrp has gotten pten times as much coverage as pany candidate all other pcandidates combined. pbecause he spent year insulting eople that's not going to be pcore of our campaign you're not pgoing to hear me saying that all pthe time when you're bully like pdonald trump every now and then psomeone that is to give you ptaste of your own medicine this pguy mocked everyone from a pdisabled to women to minorities. pthis is what he really want to pbe identified a republican arty?
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pto condemn klu klux klan or pdavid duke. pthere's no place for that in prepublican party appear party plincoln and reagan how can he be pour nominee he won't. pwe're not going to stick around pand watch donald trump continue pto poke people in the face, and phave no one respond to him. pto that end in your speech sue psaid you started to take down ptrump just a few days ago why pwould you indicate physical a pfew days ago at this point it pcould be too late for any prepublican to bring him down? pyeah it's not too late. pi mean the question is how does pdonald trump get the delegates phe needs to within the pnomination because resistance to phim is extraordinary. pin virginia he was meet beating pme by 20 points he basically pended winning by less than three oints. pone more we can we would have povertaken him there. pflorida will be big. pflorida is always big. pit's big again 99 delegates a pbiggest chunk of delegates by pany state up to this point we pneed everyone's help. pyou want to stop donald trump pi'm only one that can do that in pflorida. pto your key challenge you said pif you did not have atto share pthe ballot you you would have
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pcan't same be said to two or pthree other people. pyou look other people we're ptalking about, they are pasterisks small percentages. pjust enough to make a pdifference. pand but look i can't control pthat. pi'm not asking to do anything pwe're just going to have to do pbetter and we will. pflorida is critical people pwatching this right now they phave to understand that future pof the conservative movement and prepublican party is going to be pin their hands here in florida. pif we win, we're going to have preal chance not just to win the pnomination but to keep it from pfalling into the hands of a pconartist like donald trump who pnot deservative and never voted pin republican primary in his pentire life. pare you then in this race until psomebody mathematically clenches pit no matter what? p>> yeah. pand we want it to be us pobviously. pwe want to get 1237 delegates i pdo not believe donald trump will pget 1237 delegates. pif you extrapolate what is phappened now it won't happen. pand we feel like the math now pthe states that are now coming pup, those are much better for us pthan some other states that
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pand so, we feel good. pit's going to be a tough ride. plook i'm an under dog no doubt pabout it. pbut i've been underdog my entire pcareer and my entire life a role pa relish and a quite frankly a prole i think is important in pthis election because front prunner is someone who will get pcrushed li hillary clinton. pwe cannot allow hillary clinton pto be the next president of the punited states. p>> senator rubio thank you for pyour time. p>> thank you. p>> okay. pso let's now bring in adam pgoodman republican strategist. plet's talk about marco rubio ledging to support the winner pof the republican race even if pit's donald trump. pask yet he calls donald trump a pcon man? pnot just any con man the pulling poff the biggest con of all he pclaims. pwho would destroy the pconservative movement. phe says yeah i support him if pgets the nomination how does pthat add up? pthese are interesting times paren't they, craig? pi mean you're seeing pconventional rules being broken pcampaign. pat the end of the day marco and pother if donald trump is nominee
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referable to alternative. pand we all assume it to be phillary clinton. pthat's how they get through pthat. pthe positive part of this, if pthere's a positive silver lining pis that i think it's helping pboth sides not just republican pbut democrats are opening it up. popening this whole thing up so pthe party itself is maybe less pcontrol, and the people are more pcontrol. pyou see bernie sanders craig ushing on the left. psaying that the superdelegate prules are unfair. pthey are. pi mean why do you he wins pcolorado by 19 points and ends pup same number of delegates. pon republican side we the people pwant to make this call and not arty owners. pand i think that's what we're pseeing played out in this drama. pin florida, polling show in oints. plet's say the polls are young. pup. pbecause early and mail-in voting phas started in that scenario peven if only up ten points is prubio already lost? prubio has two, at least two roblems. por two challenges.
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pvote was cast while jeb bush was pstill technically on the ballot. pa lot of ballots came in early pvoting that will be a votes say pfor jeb and maybe for carson pnow. pthat cannot be counted towards ptrump. pnumber two is, i think there are pother candidates in this field, pi think kasich for instance did pvery well in the fox debate. pi think people are starting to pconsider maybe he is an palternative as well to donald ptrump. pdecent super tuesday comes with pa little bit of momentum as pwell. pi think if it were one-on-one prace we'd have a wholly pdifferent result in state of pflorida then one on three race. pi think still, yet to say trump pis looking pretty good. p>> and at this point you're rediction therefore would be ptrump? pi think going to close election. pbut i'd have to say donald ptrump. p>> adam goodman thank you for pyour insight. p>> thank you, craig. p>> coming up, charley leduff is pin the house. phe'll give us an inside look at
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pflorida. romney declaring war on trump-- & republican leaders in a state of panic-- we wondered how historians may describe all this to our kids.and so, in p okay. pflorida weighs in on march 15th. pbut the next key state to watch pis michigan on tuesday. pvoters are angry in at that pstate. pcharley leduff knows why. p>> when you get down to it pgovernment's supposed to do some pbasic things. pwater, roads, schools. pin michigan the government can't pseem to manage any of it. pand people are angry. pconsider politicians both pdemocrat and republican decided pflint should help build a new pwater system. pcontractors got paid, oliticians got contribution and eople of flint got poisoned pwater. prepublican governor rick snyder pis peddling the unbelievable he
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pclean up will a cost millions of pdollars we don't have. pthe detroit public schools are prun out of money next month pthanks to cratering enrollment pand graft. pbut politicians aren't talking pabout revamping standards and pcurriculum, they are talking pabout clawing the taxpayers for pa half billion dollar bail out pthey can't afford. pin the meantime, those same oliticians both democrat and prepublican, voted to spend pmillions of public dollars to pbuild a pro hockey arena that pcould have been used for the pdetroit public schools. p>> michigan's unemployment rate pdips again. pemployment is rebounded in pmichigan. pbut mostly low paying stuff like pwiping old people's bottoms. pcar companies are doing better. pand auto workers recently got ay raises? pexchange for agree to go more pfactory jobs going overseas. pdetroit recently emerged from pbankruptcy and there's now whole pfoods in downtown. pand that's good.
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phole of basic services in the pneighborhoods and that's bad. pand so the people of michigan plook to washington for answers. pbut it seems it's just rhoton pthere. pturns out they knew about pflint's water in washington too. pand no one said a word. pthis election is about special pinterests versus public's pinterests. pa future for our children, or a pfortune for a few. pit goes beyond party politics, pand rehearsed sound bites. pbut that's all we ever get. pthe candidates are coming to pmito debate. pand that's great. pits nice to be considered more pthan a punch line to a national pjoke. pcome to mito talk, but talk olitics is cheap. pmaybe be better if they just pcame and listened. p>> because it's not too late in pamerica. pand here he is in person, pcharley, thank you for joining pus here in studio after all of pthese year for hundreds of miles pappear it easy when you sent pcorporate jet p>> well sometimes you have to do
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pso let's start with michigan. pyou know michigan well that's pyour home turf. pwe have primary coming up just paround corner. phow do you see this? pwithout looking a single poll pand just talking to regular eople, going to be donald trump pfor the republican going to be phillary clinton for the pdemocrats. pit's pretty simple math. pwhat drive voting behavior in pmichigan? pjobs, jobs and money you spent pfew days with us here in pflorida. psome so i'm interested your erspective you have to bring us pwhen americans traveling along pi-4 corridor. phow does it compare and how does pmichigan? p>> it's much more diverse. pdense. pbut it's really the same. pi mean, let me look at it as phow's different from the united pstates. pnew york to l.a. and everything pin the middle. uerto ricans working class pwhite people. pwealthy retirees. pyou name it it's here. pand the common thread is
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peverybody's angry at the olitical process. pand the political parties. pregardless of which party you pline up with. pyou spent a lot of time covering pissues relating to race prelations you stopped by psanford. pwhat struck you by the visit of pmost. pa 4 year anniversary of trayvon pmartin shooting. pit was eerie because it's an pintegrated gated community, but pit's taboo to talk about it pthere. psomething so big, something punleashed something greater in a pneighbors don't talk about it. pbut two young men both named pjoshua one white one black 15 pyears old, they spoke about it. pthey spoke about it frankly. pyou know what it did for me it pmade knee feel good about future pthe kids we're bringing up there pare men in waiting you will see pthat when ever you decide to air pit. pcharley, thank you so much for pjoining us in person. plook forward to your work next pweek. pthanks. pthanks, florida. pcoming up our polster matt
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pdonald trump likes to see sue pheem he should sue whoever did pthat to his face. phe really large ears biggest phere's i've ever seen. pdon't worry about little marco. plet's hear big donald. pdon't worry about it. pgentlemen. pokay let's bring in our polster pmatt towery. pin all of your years with all pthe name calling, the comedy proasts this republican race has pturned into reality check have pyou ever seen anything like this pbefore? p>> no.
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pnever thought i would. preality tv brought to politics. pand so you've got donald trump pcalling rubio little marco. pyou've got marco making fun of pthe size of trump's hands and pthe size of his well -- p>> you know what they say about pmen with small hands. pwho benefits from this and who phurts the most do you think in pthe next round of polls? p>> the attacks on trumps and pdidn't really stop him in most laces in reality some internal olling attacking fight back and pforth was benefitting john pkasich who, you know was pulling pin double digits going into this pand some states like georgia. pso what i'm thinking is that pthey are either all going to phave to adjust their style or pthis thing is going to stay the pway it is coming into florida. phow important do you florida is pgoing to be the way the cards pare stacked? p>> i think florida decides it pall. pi think quite frankly that if ptrump were to carry florida the prepublican party is now the ptrump party.
6:20 pm
pcarry the florida beginning of pdemise. pi think p>> matt towery as always thank pyou for your time. p>> thank you. p>> well florida's jackpot on pmarch 15th. pand a lot of people have already pcast ballots. pso even capital 11 axelbank shows how. pto find out how donald trump and phillary clinton did so well you ponly had to visit early voting psites. pfirst hillary clinton swecht pfive super tuesday states in psouth winning 80 percent of pblack voters. pwe spoke to tampa air force vet pannette jenkins, she said in pnostalgia she has for clinton residency hasn't worn off one pbit. p>> when he left office, we had pso much money. pand then when the bushes came in pwe lost all of that money. pi don't even know what happened pto it. pwe also spoke to pastor rick prawlings who also felt the pclinton no signal ja. phe consider voting for bernie
6:21 pm
pbut in the end he just couldn't. pbecause to him she seemed like a psafer choice. plong. pso i think i'm going to go with pmy gut. pif hillary clinton benefit from pnostalgia benefitted from popposite voters who like trump pfor insistence on smashing the psystem and being different. p>> he speak to me. phe's an open book. phe speak the truth. pshe's an immigrant from peru who pjust became a citizen. pshe says trump's talk about pwalling off southern border pappeals to her. pshe says she's never would have pbeen involved if he wasn't in pthe race. pwhich is core part of the trump pargument. pi live paycheck by paycheck i'm psingle mother with two kids. phe's really talking about the pmiddle class. pfor now, it's two different praces.
6:22 pm
pwill become one race soon. pfor money, power & politics, i'm pevan axelbank. p>> coming up in our parody psegment with a republican party pat war, we turn the race into a pwar documentary. p>> great republican war of 2016
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pwhat we became. p well with crump trump and prubio tearing each other apart promney declaring war on trump pand republican leaders in state pof a panic we wondered how phistorians may describe this to pall of our kids. pin trail tales in spirit ken pburns we came up with this.
6:25 pm
pon the corn fields soft spoken psurgeon tried to heal his war ptorn party with gifted hands. pwhat kind of judgments have they pmade? pthe fruit salad of their life is pwhat i'd look like. plieutenant benjamin carson. s would somebody please attack pme. p>> he was too late for the pwounds had festered through fort pnight and party was a plunging pback into the furnace. pmy party is gone crazy. pdon't worry about little marco. plittle marco rubio, this guy pthat he's going around he's pgoing crazy. p>> the great republican war of p2016 defined us and opened us up pto what we became. pit was a cross roads of our pbeing and it was a hell of a pcross roads.
6:26 pm
pto the bone. phow i long for the insepp id pcomfort of mint. pthe brass general from new york pthrough a dozen states with pruthless abandon and showed no pmercy as he poured through the psouth. plike to punch him in the face. pthrow in the gulf. pno coats. pno coats. pmr. their florida trump cheek of pevery american must tingle with pshame for all i can muster in pthe way of a comeback is bless pyour heart, niki haley. pthe party establishment bucked ptheir and echl brace a young man pflorida who promised to folk pfocus war on issues and psubstance so general rubio paccused his rival of peeing his ants. phe doesn't sweat because his ores are clogged from the spray
6:27 pm
porange. phe's don't understand why his phands are the size of someone pwho 5 foot 2. pyou know what they say about a pman with small hands i guarantee pyou. p>> war changes men forever. pwar is hell. pfor i fear holding this party ptogether may be the biggest lost pcause of all. pall right. pwe have other chapters of trail ptales that you may have missed pbut you can watch all of them on pour facebook page. psearch for fox 13's craig atrick on facebook. plike our page, and then check pout video section you'll find pinvestigations prior shows and pyou'll also find ling to pchannel. pcover. pthis is end of our show. pwe're looking forward to pmichigan next week and of course pflorida on march the 15th.
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pwe'll also see you next week phere on mo introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. 16 ounce t-bone. 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should
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know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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3 right now at six @ @>> right now at 6 tampa mayor @buckhorn leading by example. @he want everybody to get out @and vote. @>> we will beat her so badly, @folks, we will beat her so @badly. @>> ten days ahead of the @florida primary he has his @sight on hillary clinton and @he's confident he can beat her @in general election. @>> we had nothing. @it was middle of july would @have had more traffic than @yesterday. @>> and organizers don't want @all that construction to scare @you away.
6:31 pm
@orange cones. @. @>> thanks for joining us i'm @haley heinz. @>> lloyd has the night off. @new at 6 tonight tense moments @in the air for a teenage pilot. @his small plane had to make @emergency landing in middle of @golf course in st. petersburg @this afternoon. @unfortunately pilot and @passenger escaped unhavrmd. @>> fox 13 evan lambert has more @from the st. pete country club. @>> they took high lot and @father several hours to get the @plane up on the tow truck bed. @here's some video tat we shot @just moments ago. @you can see where this plane @dime final rest right in the @middle of the golf course. @st. pete police say it was @around 2:00 in the afternoon @that the pilot who was 18 was @with his father flying this @plane and mechanical issue lost @power in the engine and forced @to neighboring emergency
6:32 pm
@they were up able to do so so @they were over thiser and found @a safe spot to bring this plane @down. @we talked with a witness who @saw as the plane was coming @down, listen to what he had to @say. @>> he did a damn good job @landing that plane, man, i mean @i seen it going down and was @like whoa! @that plane is going to crash! @i said, everybody shut up! @we heard no crash. @my homeboy came out of @apartment and saw the plane @here. @i was like, whoa! @ @>> this plane sat in the middle @of the golf course st. pete @country club. @golfers had to tee off around @the plane and faa is @investigating this and they @tell me they don't have @hobbious signs of what led to @the engine problem. @reporting in st. pete, evan @lambert. @fox 13 news. @. @>> and also tonight. @clearwater public safety @officials say they were forced @to evacuate a building and @during an autografted signing @for hulk hogan during event at
6:33 pm
@number of people were on sepd @second floor balcony and felt a @shift in the building. @clearwater fire crews got @everyone out safely and a @structural engineer will @determine whether it's safe for @people to go back inside. @>> election in the sunshine @state. @early vote ago cross florida @begins today and runs through @the twelfth. @hillsboro country almost 70,000 @people have taken advantage of @early voting or mail in ballots @at nearly 10 portion of county @voters. @officials say that might @suggest a strong turnout during @primaries on the 15th. @and buckhorn was first in the @bay area to vote philadelphia. @more people should take @advantage of the opportunity to @cast their ballots early. @>> i decided to vote early @which a lot of people are doing @now because it's more convene @and election day is always kind @of a crazy do i for me and but @you know coming out early there @were no lines and really gives @you an opportunity study the @ballot and decide what you will @do. @>> mayor burkhorn has been @supporting hillary clinton and
6:34 pm
@earlier this month to help her @campaign there. @>> meanwhile donald trump spent @the day in or land owe. @florida will be hosting @primaries for both democratic @and republy can parents 10 days @from now. @in general election trump said @he would beat hillary clinton @and he mocked rubio for saying @he would lose to clinton in the @general election sdmri mean @this guy has so many problems i @don't think he'll come close to @winning his own state. @how wow like to be this, i'm 21 @point up now and i happen to @love florida in all fairness. @truly, truly my second home. @i'm here all the time as you @know. @all the time. @don't forget --. @>> today is important day in @the presidential election cycle @the presidential election @cycle. @voteers in four states kansas, @kentucky, maine, and nebraska @are caucusing and primary sake @held in louisiana. @. @>> new at 6, tampa fire @officials tell us early morning @fire in vacant building was set
6:35 pm
@investigators determined that @someone poured ak sell plant @multiple locations inside the @building north albany avenue @and set it on fire. @southwest corner of that two @story building was filled with @smoke and flames when crews @arrived and the damage is @estimated at 5,000. @and anyone with information @that could help catch those @responsible is urged to call @the fire marshall's office. @>> deputies are trying to @identify the bank robbers in @the photos are you about to @see. @investigators state man walked @up to the teller around 11:30 @friday morning and handed her a @note demanding money and imply @note demanding money and @implying that he had a begun. @if you think you know who he is @you're asked to call the @panella county sheriff office. @>> it's a popular annual @festival in the bay area @strawberry festival brings in @half a million visitors during @11 day fair and getting there @can mean waiting in a lot of @traffic. @this year one of the main exits @to the fairgrounds off i 4 is
6:36 pm
@>> fox 3 complains that exit @may be your best bet. @>> a sea of traffic comes with @the exit off interstate four @main artery leading to @strawberry festival looked very @much like an active @construction zone. @but the lanes here are on. @and fair goers say delays are @not anything out of the @ordinary. @>> traffic is moving. @so it's not -- you're not going @to be sitting here for hours or @anything like that waiting to @get in. @it's fine. @>> florida dot is hard at work @expanding exit 19 to two @eastbound turn lanes. @traffic lights will also soon @go into the interest section. @but for the duration of @strawberry festival which @strawberry festival which draws @thousands of visitors to plant @city each day the construction @project has been put on hold @and it's business as usual on @this popular route to the @fairgrounds. @>> we've had construction at
6:37 pm
@but that has not held up up at @all. @they have it fixed you can get @in and out of exit 19 easily. @>> traffic might be moving, but @some say that was not the case @on alternative routes from i 4 @last night. @and mike davis a long time @plant city resident spent hours @in festival traffic after @taking branch "forbes" exit to @avoid construction. @>> in two and a half, three @hours of backup it was a two @lane road, stoplight, and @everybody and their brother @were trying to get to the @festival and gridlock. @>> those arrive @>> those arriving early to the @festival today say so far @traffic has been smooth @saleing. @>> despite orange cones all @lanes on at the exit and @traffic to the strawberry @festival for now at least @appears to be flowing smoothly. @for now reporting in plants @city, kelly wowin, fox 13 news. @>> if you plan to head to the @strawberry festival there's @multiple routes to the
6:38 pm
@exits you can take from i 4 @including alexander street and @the branch "forbes" exit and @nodasasa. @>> a piece of history on a @sarasota run way. @>> what's special about the @incredible display. @you can check it out this @weekend. @hey, mike. @>> hey, haley, pleasant out @there and touch on the keerm @side. @we're going in the opposite @direction as we head throughout @the workweek and on into next @weekend, details on that as we @look at a great, great sunset. @day three of the strawberry @festival in the books.
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enough talk.
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aviation history is on @ @>> of a jaition history is on @display in sarasota this @weekend. @world war ii planes felt toured @at braip bradenton and only @working b 29 super for tres a @plane used to drop atomic bone @on hiroshima. @during yesterday the last @surviving member of the mission @got a look at the plane and @recalled the flight. @>> the only thing we were told @-- we were stunned. @>> russel gawkbaulk took two @photographs of the atomic both @as it sxhod tape was his job to @be do that and he hope no one @releases one again. @the planes will be on display @throughout the weekend. @>> and one of the great things @about the weekend is sleeping @in, right? @>> when growing up. what about @when adult. @>> always. @>> certainly something every @teenager they wish they could @do on school days and new
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6:43 pm
6:44 pm
@because of extra shut you remember those days when you just wanted to pull the blankets over your head and not go to school? well it seems that sleeping in .. @ @>> sleeping in is one area home @school children have advantage @over those that head to the bus @stop. @>> it was after he underwent @sleep therapy he felt like he @could fully function in the
6:45 pm
@for years his alarm wept off at @6 and for hours his mind @struggled to catch up. @>> i would get to school and @pretty much be the same as all @the other kids we were all just @blurry eyed and why are we here @at this time i don't want to be @here. @>> it's not uncommon attitude @for teenagers and may not be @their fault. @experts say try as they might @teenagers cannot fall asleep as @early as others. @>> it's not they don't want to @or have a lot of activity @or have a lot of activities or @facebook or homework which they @do they physiologically can't @fall asleep earlier anymore. @>> a sleep psychologist @national jewish health the @production of mel tone inshifts @by about two hours in teenagers @by about two hours in @teenagers. @and because of that they need @to sleep slater in the morning @but most public and private @schools don't allow it. @>> so to see how it impacts @teenagers she compared students @to those home schooled and what @she found in first ever a kind @study was eye opening.
6:46 pm
@slept 0 minute more a night and @wake up nearly 20 minute after @other schools have started and @in public and private schools @nearly half of all students @don't get enough sleep. @>> tim fact every aspect of @functioning you think of @academics, their ability to @learn, concentrate, pay tension @learn, concentrate, pay @tension, all diminished he when @you have not had enough sleep. @>> and affects teenager's moods @and ability to drive. @she's using this study to urge @schools to rethink their hours. @>> national jewish health in @denver. @this is clark powell, reporting @this is clark powell, @reporting. @>> experts say schools that @moved start time back improves @tardy @tardiness and graduation rates. @it doesn't mean home schooled @are better students but they're @more rested. @>> when i sleep 7, 8, hours @like they say, i know that i'm @more focused and more alert. @i mean -- @>> happier. @>> exactly. @>> kid enjoy the sleep when you @can have it.
6:47 pm
@>> no, no, especially when you @go from day side to morning to @night side we've all done that. @>> good night of sleep is @achievement. @>> with the way the weather is @get out of bed early. @>> you don't want to sleep in @with this paerm weather. @here's a great day. @sun wept down about 1 is 4 @minutes ago now. @look outside. @temperatures 66 degrees. @winds northwest at 8 miles an @hour. @let's head to the beach. @check it out. @clearwater hilton beach cam @nice end together day out there @as well and cooler at the beach @as well and cooler at the @beaches 64 right now and winds @coming out of northwest at 13 @miles an hour. @almanac for today, how about 72 @for the high. @slightly below average. @little cooler than it has been @the last few days. @52 low this morning and that @slightly below average. @weatherhead lines more sunshine @on sunday. @we start off little more cloud @cover today. @we're getting rid of that now @and stay on the sunny side of @things on sunday with more @seasonable temperatures as well @seasonable temperatures as @well. @temps into the mid 7 0s near 80 @temps into the mid 7 0s near @80s you head inland.
6:48 pm
@week and we warm things up. @eventually we're back into the @0s by earlier or midweek and @next rain chance that doesn't @arrive until next weekend and @models continue to shift back @just a bit. @we'll have to wait on that one. @right now looks to be late @saturday. @some models say not until @sunday, though, some @uncertainty with that. @66 in tampa and 64 brooksville @and down to 59 in crystal river @and 68 bar tos and 73 -- and 76 @in arcadia. @still warm evening especially @further inland you go and mid @70s down in miami. @low 70s marathon key west and @north, 64, panama city and 65 @tallahassee and across the @country look at this in the 30s @country look at this in the @30s. @mip app list to buffalo new @york city cold pool of air up @there and to the south 75 @dallas and 63 kansas city and 5 @bismarck in march. @not too bad. @we'll flip things ridge @building in and pushes warm air @east and folks like d.c. and
6:49 pm
@70s later on this week. @and high pressure in control. @satellite and radar shows that @cloud cover shifting further @off to the south and east and @as we get rid of the cloud @cover notice drier air norm and @west that keeps us on the sunny @side of things for sunday. @heres a look at future cast. @one cold front pushing through @rerepublican forcing dry air @behind. @it not really cooler air just @drier. @high pressure continues to move @in. @and that's going to allow that @south, south east winds kind of @warming things up. @monday we warm up into the @upper 7 0s. @tuesday, and wednesday, we're @near 80 or even better. @and so your forecast recap for @tonight, rather, 53, mostly @clear skies, cool night out @there for the day tomorrow, 77 @there for the day tomorrow, @775. @mostly season any. @low humidity. @camera going up and camera @going down there we go looking @at the 7 day forecast i think @the camera is nodding it's such @a good forecast now. @upper 70s monday. @80 tuesday and low 80s as we @head to wednesday and thursday @and mid 80s maybe even a few
6:50 pm
@next week. @kevin? @>> mike, we don't like that. @90s? @it can wait until july, right? @how about lightning they're @staring at a record setting @night at home against carolina @tonight and plus how about thb @remember this guy? @race fans should. @he was clutch. @more than once helping rays to @the playoffs. @wait until you hear why he's @back with the rays five some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
6:52 pm
3 the incredible run the lightning are on right now @ @ @>> not confined game winning @streak they turned around for @this team and actually started @back in early january. @since then bolts had a 7 game @winning streak and now 8 game @streak one shy of a new @franchise ror. @lightning are back home tonight @top take on carolina a win away
6:53 pm
@setting new mark of nine @straight wins. @after stumble @after stumbling around most of @the season this team is right @back where it was a year ago. @steven playing like he's @expected to and tyler johnson @feeling healthy and ben bishop @is best goalie in the league. @that's not hometown talk that's @a fact. @bishop has lowest goals against @in the nhl. @>> somebody told me after we're @only two point off last year's @pace which was kind of record @pace which was kind of @record-setting franchise for us @and going through that year you @remember what a great year it @was but i don't know if like we @had that same feeling about @this year. @everybody talked about how @we've been up and down and @inconsistent and here we are @two points off last year's pace @two points off last year's @pace. @>> we've been trying to get to @this point. @we've kind of had our ups and @downs and obviously we have not @thought about too much. @we expected to be here and
6:54 pm
@and when we were down here it @was let's turn this thing @around. @and we started to hit stride @here. @i think there's room for @improve m and hopefully we can @keep getting better here. @>> they have a rare group fruit @league game tonight in sarasota @against orioles and drew smiley @gets first start this spring. @should be nice weather mike @tells us and interesting news @out of port charlotte remember @dan johnson how can anyone not @remember him johnson two of the @most revered homers in history @and both as pinch-hitter @against boston september 2008 @that tide the game and really @crucial game helped the raise @into the playoffs and then @again 2011 in game 152 johnson @homeerd again bottom of ninth @to send games to extras against @yankees and we all remember @what happened gloria winning @it. @johnson is back and he put his @bat away. @he is trying to president @recollect career at a knuckle @ball pitcher.
6:55 pm
@how incredible would that be if @johnson can pull it off. @>> what a day at georgetown @brener field jank ease and red @sox on beautiful spring day @fla. @yankees trailed 1-0. @not anymore. @jorge matt a owe drills off @september are right and mark @shatara singles to left. @2-1 yank ease wright gave up @two runs and five and but @boston away and pinch hit three @run blast and yankees win it 6 @run blast and yankees win it @6-4. @florida state seminoles made @hot finish and need to go back @to a. @c tournament to get in that @large bid. @otherwise for thisier's senior @class it's going to be over. @fsu makes a statement though @today against syracuse. @noel s started out cold against @queues before hitting eight @straight this game was back and @form. @after syracuse ties at 55.
6:56 pm
@11-2 sprint. @terrance man showing he's the @man gives seminoles a lead with @less than 5:30 on the @less than 5:30 on the clock @and tyler brings them within @three. @knoles finish offer syracuse. @they on with boston college on @tuesday. @orlando and teegua. @bulls on the game controlling @floor and it did not really @look pretty. @how about bo zeigler he's going @to finish this thing off. @giving usf 11-4 lead in the @first half. @murray having another really @nice game. @watch this move here. @floats in 13 points in first @half helping usf to lead at @half time and went down to @injury in second half and right @now usf is timing this game. @56-56. @virginia tech as 7th ranged @hurricanes in trouble.
6:57 pm
@knocked down and then knocked @down right before half time. @tech takes 11 point lead at the @break and more robinson in @second half and work miami @backdoor play right there tech @opening up lead. @how about this? @just four of 24 three pointers @and they get run by tech. @77-62. @really damages their chance @winning acc tourney and north @carolina needs to be just have @to beat duke. @>> who doesn't want to see that @happen though. @i mean i went to north carolina @grawtded in maybe. @>> notice the tie. @>> i like duke. @>> what was that? @>> i guess we'll see how it @turns out. @>> i know. @i will say nothing i'm not @going to jinx anything going to @-- you. @>> just did. @>> all right. @thanks kevin. @>> five states holding @primaries as candidates on both @side of the aisle battle to
6:58 pm
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. residents in five states are casting their primary votes for president today... as hillary @ @>> residents in five states are @casting their votes today. @>> three republic an hopefuls @are looking to stop donald @trump melt owe up. @>> voters headed to the polls @in five states day. democrats @and republicans have contest in @cap can and louisiana and @republicans in maine and @kentucky are holding caucuses @and democrats nebraska. @>> republicans are reading @their own we have to be @careful. @we have to bring things @together. @>> donald trump and closest p @good gop rivals cruz and rubio @are continue @are continuing verbal couldn't @area tacks.


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