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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (aaron/ we've got your super saturday results plus trump and rubio in florida... when the news begins. ... ... ... hps. >> they said golf is a a dangerous sport, you can get a ball on your head but look at this. >> now a plane on the course. the witnesses are praising the pilot. >> get him out! >> how donald trump is showing
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>> what are you going to do when you the hulkster runs wild? >> 10:00 news starts now. >> i'm haley hinds,. >> i'm aaron mesmer, lloyd is off knit. everyone is okay. it happened at the country club. evan lambert is there, what can you tell us? >> aaron, an 18-year-old was flying the plane with his dad. something happened to the plane and it forced them to find a clear place to put the plane down. >> we heard it, the motor stopped. whoa! >> carlos was in a nearby apartment complex when he saw a
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struggling in the sky above. >> we were putting and it stopped, came down. >> 18-year-old pilot and his father were heading from lakeland to manatee county. the plane suddenly experienced an engine problem. the plane landed on the lakeland golf course in st. pete. the wing did clip a tree coming down. >> golf is a dangerous sport, you can get a ball on your head but look at this! >> golfers played around the plane for several hours. the pilot and his dad inspected it and took the wings off to get ready for a tow. it's amazing, the teen pilot was able to not injury himself or his dad. >> that pilot did a great job.
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he came and showed me i'm like whoa! >> the faa is still investigating the cause of the accident. haley. >> i have a pledge, a swearing, raise your right hand. i do solemnly swear that i, no matter how -- >> love him or hate him fans and critics alike came out in droves to droves to see donald trump. supporters packed on campus to speech. the front runner got a pledge for thousands of votes. more from the ucf campus. >> if you wanted high drama surely at the donald trump rally
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donald trump took toot stage to a capacity crowd about 10,000 people. >> it's amazing, the crowd all the way up to the rafters. all the way up, unbelievable. uj unbelievable. >> the speech was high on hyperbole and short on details. >> we will build the wall, don't worry, we will build the wall. and ... who's going to pay for wall? who? >> mexico. >> you better believe it. they're going to pay for the wall. >> at least ten times rally was stopped to deal with unruly guests. donald trump reacted each time. >> get 'em out of here, get 'em out, right? [cheering and applause] >> reporter: mr. trump did show a softer side, stopping a
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fainted. he said he loved fainters. >> here are flowers, run up and catch that woman and give those flowers to that woman, i love that! >> heed the into ted cruz and marco rubio, joke going his small hand size. when he wins florida it's over. >> how to rally in jacksonville. how he's trying to stop trump at 10:30. >> today is the official start to statewide voting runs through march 12th. the florida primaries are coming up on the 15th. that's the last sometime you have to weigh in on who should be the presidential candidates. hillsborough got a head start on february 29th. 23,000 have taken part in person
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27% of the county's registered voters. that may suggest a strong turnout on primaries. bob buckhorn urges everyone to come out. >> if you don't vote you don't get a voice. irrespective of where you are on the political spectrum i'm urging everyone to come out and vote. >> buckhorn has been vocal about the primaries, he even traveled to hillary clinton to help her campaign. former wrestling star hulk hogan was signing autographs. felt a shift in the building, firefighters evacuated the building and declared it unsafe.
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will remain closed until a structural engineer determines whether it's safe to occupy. >> a flight leaving from fort wayne, indiana, pilots reported smoke in the cabin. all 159 people on board are okay. the plane was taken out of service, passengers were put on a new flight and given a $200 voucher. >> a woman is accused of going on a drunk driving spree at daytona international speedway. she hit four people and crashed into six rvs. investigators arrested abby kinney in the infield of the race track. a motorcycle race was going on at the time. one of the men hit says he was celebrating a bachelor party with friends. >> two of our good friends got hit, myself i had to duck under
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we're lucky to be alive. hopefully she realize that. >> keny admitted to having three beers and had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath. she will be facing d.u.i. charges. >> north albany avenue structure was set on fire. part of the building was filled with smoke and flames when crews arrived. damage is set at $5,000. tonight pinellas county officials say they cawd caught a man who was responsible for a robbery. the robber demanded money and implied he had a gun before running running off with cash.
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now in custody on $100,000 bond. take a look at this video. happened at bonbon vintage. 46-year-old woman noticed the suspect following her around the store. when she turned she saw him crouched down behind her taking pictures. when she confronted him, the man took off. if you recognize him call the sarasota office. >> construction on i-4 is not putting a damper on one of the most popular festivals, the strawberry festival. getting there can mean waiting in a lot of traffic especially with road work on the interstate. still fair goers say there's nothing out of the ordinary. >> traffic is moving. you're not going to be sitting here for hours waiting to get in. it's going. >> and if you are planning to head out to the strawberry
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routes to the fairgrounds including three exits that can you take from i-4. >> you know it is always hard to say good-bye to your four legged friends. >> i have the same feeling every day. who can say good-bye to those sad puppy yies? puppy eyes? hee mike? >> this is going to be the coolest day of the next seven and maybe beyond. details on that coming up. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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3 pet owners listen up... do you get that guilty feeling when you leave your pet? well now you >> pet owners listen up. do you get that guilty feeling when you leave your pet? you can monitor and even interact when you're away, terry shea explains. >> ann says how she can check on her dogs when she's away. the pet cam, through an app on her phone. >> i know that i miss my pets
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see them, nice to see them at home and what they're doing and the fact that can i give them a treat is such a huge bonus. >> this is basically a clear version of the device. >> the treat cam is one of a number of devices designed to keep connected with your pets. >> in many ways we're creating a need that they didn't know existed and they've never been able to check on their pet remotely in a meaningful and mutually rewarding way. >> he's like in a zone right now. >> the pet tracker, lets you know if your pet has left his safe zone. >> like find my iphone or similar solutions, you can go proactive even if there's no human in sight. >> the wearable device also tracks how much exercise and
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owners who want to keep their dogs and cats more active during the day, the pet cube can be activated with a touch of the finger. >> you can give them some action with a laser pointer and they'll be feeling better. >> there are even devices that let your pets call you, play games and win treats when they're home alone and speak with a hux voice. >> i >> -- with a human voice. >> i usually get hungry right about now. >> but owners should be precautioned not to rely on them too much. >> this is certainly not a substitute for time spent with your dog. >> i think we have a pretty good life. >> for many of today's pet owners staying connected, is very important. terry shea, associated press,
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>> what happens when your pet gets behind the wheel. a lot of damage. a white lab is behind the wheel of a semi, you can see the dog in the driver's seat. the owner is in a nearby store. how the dog was able to put the car in gear, no one was hurt, no citations were issued. >> that's amazing. i'm impressed. you and mike bennett both have dogs. >> i don't think my chihuahua is putting any car in gear. >> you've got that going for you. >> all right what's going on mike? there i >> i got a little count down for you guys.
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little bit cooler. spring count down. let's talk about this: eight days until daylight saving time. maybe not your favorite time of year, flipping ahour ahead, losing that hour of sleep but the good news is, the sun sets an hour later. what is vernal equinox? >> aaron it's all yours. >> i got nothing on this one. >> spring equinox. >> that would be a weather trivia. >> basically when the sun passes back over the equator. you get equal light, northern and southern hemisphere. 22 days to easter. >> i know easter. i was going to say that. >> and finally my favorite day
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>> first day of baseball! >> 29 days. >> some thing every guy in the room. >> 29 days until rays home opener. we can give a day count down to that every day. >> that was a stressful test. >> i think aaron and i are going on monday. >> i felt like a pop quiz in school. >> join us on sunday see what happens. >> too many numbers. >> almanac, 72 was the high, 52 the low. low humidity. 58 currently. other temps and the area, 57 in tow, 67 in bradenton. tonight's low is getting into the mid 40s in the north but for the most part it's going to
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53 in tampa, 51 in bradenton, 51 up in frostproof. here is the satellite and radar. either easterly flow. not a whole lot of cloud cover. heading into the day tomorrow expecting more in the way of sun than we saw today, or more than evening. dry air works into the picture sunday night and by monday we start to shift that wind, more of a southeasterly flow. this high pressure sits here sits here sits here. that's the prime positioning to see a really warm air mass in place. 80, maybe even 90. this front in the west may take its time to get here. maybe not arriving until next
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newer computer models point to sunday night. behind it you get colder and drier. now that we're in march we start to lose a lot of the cold air behind it, f stability behind -- instability behind it. that's what we're seeing with the front moving through area tomorrow morning. for tonight 54 , cool start to the day tomorrow, still getting into the mid 70s, near 80 inland, low humidity with the front bolo blowing by. temperatures into the upper 70s on monday, low 80s, tuesday and wednesday, rounding out the work week into next weekend. guys. >> you might know bit, it's a popular dating autopsy, tin diser. tin diser.
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spring break season has arrived.. and families are preparing for vacation. >> spring break season is here and families are preparing for vacation. many of them are going to be flying to their destination. and that means squeezing into those seats on the plane. this is something you might have noticed. airlines have been slowly cutting down on leg room and seat width. as aaron says. a senator fighting for more space. >> many figure not much can be done bit except to pay for an upgrade. but now an act of congress could change all of that. the average leg room in most airlines have declined nearly four inches and the window has narrowed almost two inches. new york's senior senator wants to change that with an add on to a mandatory faa funding bill.
10:24 pm
amendment to require the system. 35 inches, 18 inches. 35 inches for leg room, 18 inches as the width of the seat. >> schumer believes it should be done without a fare increase. airlines making record profit. people we spoke to are skeptical it could be done without raising fares. >> i'm over 6 foot. it's not money for the the airlines so i don't think they will comply. >> we see that not happening, we're talking bench seats. >> you wouldn't how much it's going to change the price as well. it is a compromise you have to make. >> kimberly is six feet tall and
10:25 pm
>> i paid all this money for i'm sitting uncomfortable for the next two or three hours. >> not everyone has the room to fly first class. the regular guy like me i need could. it should be passed. >> an industry trade organization called airlines for america, said that airlines should be seated safely not just for size. this could past by the end of march. >> tinder the dating app is teting out a share button that lets you send someone's profile to a friend. once you send the profile, the friend has the ability to swipe yes or no. they are only shareable via text. the link will expire after 72 hours.
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ling a small groap group group try the out. >> oranges on twitter. the caption reads, if only nature would find a way to cover this so we didn't need to waste so much plastic on them. that photosoon went viral. a store that stands on natural, will leave it in the peel. >> the knife discovered 22 years put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. donald trump has been the republican frontrunner... but so far he's only wo >> donald trump has been the republican front runner but so far he's only won one state on supersaturday. democrats have races in nebraska, kansas and louisiana, the three front runners are trying to stop trump. >> five states holding contests, saturday, texas senator ted cruz wins in kansas.
10:30 pm
hillary wins. >> taking a shot at his gop rivals including his gop rivals. including marco rubio. >> how offensive can you be. that is not conservatism. >> meanwhile, democrats in kansas, louisiana are choosing between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> we are defeating trump by pretty big numbers and bigger numbers than hillary clinton is. >> chmura met with african american ministers. >> we have to do more to help the people in flint.
10:31 pm
contest are march 15th in ohio and florida. doug mcelway, fox news. >> today, marco rubio rallied folks in jafl. in.jacksonville. >> bringing susanna martinez on his side. fighting to stop donald trump from becoming the republican nominee for president. >> marco took one smooth stone and he put it in the head of that giant and he felled trump because marco is going all the way. >> rubio barely referencing the republican front runner.
10:32 pm
contrast between his own and dobled donald's approaches. >> the foundation of conservatism is the hope that life can always be better in this country if we follow the principles that made us great to begin with. >> rubio acknowledged his underdog status in the state, but he also reminded florida voters that when he ran for u.s. senate he had to come from behind to beat former republican and governor charlie crist. >> i argued that the person running as republican was not a republican, how the person was running as conservative but not conservative. it's funny how history repeats itself. >> he's back on monday with
10:33 pm
county. >> what would it take for rubio to pull off an upset. our craig patrick will have that on monday power and politics. tomorrow night at 11:30 on fox 13. >> more than two decades after the trial of the century the o.j. simpson case is captivating america again. some may wonder what this shocking discovery will have at all. officials are testing a knife for dna and bodily fluids. it was supposedly buried on the property where o.j. simpson used to live. the former football star was
10:34 pm
police officer was handed the knife by a construction worker, in the late 90s. other are weighing in on this turn of events. >> we know nothing, who gave it, where it came from, how long it's been, the size, the shape, we don't know anything and you know, politics and there's a lot going on today in politics, politics took a back side or a back seat to o.j. simpson. >> and legal experts say even if the knife turned up to be connected in this case, simpson would not be charged because of double jeopardy. >> playing the cuban team, the
10:35 pm
built in 1946, is dubbed the yankees stadium of kook. president obama is expected to be at the game later this month. >> georgia father intentionally leaving his son in a hot suv to die. he was indicted for sending nude photos of himself to young girls under the age of 18. child coalition and exploitation. the day cooper died in 2015, his father was sexting. >> be aware ever phone scammers, fox's valerie buoy has more.
10:36 pm
officers want you to be alert if you get a call from the orlando police department. >> unknown people are spoofing an orlando police department number, claiming to be representatives of the orlando police department. >> spoofing is a practice where someone can look like they're calling from another phone number. >> they're saying there's money owed to a credit agency and if payment seasoned mate to that credit agency a warrant will be issued for their arrest. however these calls are not coming from the orlando police department. >> reporter: when residents called back, the number officers say they discovered that it was opd substation line that had been spoofd. >> the administrative assistant there realized what was going on and made proper notifications up the chain of command. >> he says it's important to know that:
10:37 pm
police department or any legitimate police agency ask you to make payments over a phone. >> he wants to let everyone know just in case. >> if ever you feel it might not be a legitimate police officer, i would encourage you to call that agency back. as long as you call the agency back at a number you know is there is, you can find out if it's a legitimate call. >> if it has happened, they really need to know. >> valerie bligh, fox 13 news. >> third time is a charm. the spacex rocket had a successful liftoff. >> three two one liftoff. >> carrying a communications
10:38 pm
elon said, however, the rocket landed hard on a drone ship. >> nasa astronaut scott kelly says he is adjusting to being back on earth this morning. his muscles and joins are sore, touching things in gravity is irritating his skin. he is enjoying having the experience on earth once again. he and his twin brother are getting to exchange things once again. >> rupert murdoch is wednesday again. fourth marriage for 84-year-old plur 84-year-old mir
10:39 pm
are-year-old measure you -year-old murdoch. >> when you're 92 years old and you try omake someone (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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starting a new career... >> a citizen ver businessman is starting a new career. >> and at the -- a denver businessman is starting a new career. >> and at the age of 92. >> that's jack barton, founder and owner of casey fine furniture. >> i looked at my competition, if they can do it, they're not very smart. i'm going to go into the furniture business. >> that barton did, casey fine furniture was a colorado icon. from 2008 to 2015, barton made himself busy by doing -- >> nothing. >> and at 92, jack has started a
10:43 pm
>> i always was envious of somebody who could get up there and face an audience and be calm. >> what a great audience and we're going to have some fun tonight. >> here is barton performing at the denver improv. been performing since september of last year. >> i said doctor do i have to take these pills for the rest of my life. >> getting up on a stage in front of a bunch of people and make them laugh is crazy. >> we had to ask for a sample. he has appeared 13 times at four clubs. >> they seem to give me a good reception. i don't know if they feel sorry for me. >> fought in world war ii and dream. at 92, barton is one comic that
10:44 pm
dan derue, fox, denver. >> he's a natural. >> to decide to do something late in life, 92 years old, i don't think i could get on the stage -- >> applaud him for that. lightning night theamelie arena, ben bishop had to come up with incredible saves to keep this one going. you check this out how the game wins and how in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ...
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publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 3 there's not a team in the league that's playing >> there's not a team in the league that's playing better than the lightning right now. maybe it wasn't the best performance during the winning streak but you know what? the bolts know how to finish. no matter what kind of adversity they face. the lightning break out, andre plot, watch him do his works, carolina would tie the game in
10:48 pm
it's going to bounce off anton straman's mouth. carolina goes back ahead, nick tea nikita kucherov, alex muscles the puck away, takes it up the length of the ice, and there it is. the lightning take over first place in the atlantic 4-3. what a night. the rays have a rare grapefruit league game tonight. you know smiley making his first spring outing a good one. he strikes out the orioles most dangerous bat, of course that's chris davis. 30 pitches, 18 for strikes, and he struck out 3. great starting pitching while
10:49 pm
the third. new ray brad miller, richard sheaferred, schaefer, 2-nothing lead. comes through a triple into the gap and that's going to score miller, 4-1 rays. the rays club the orioles, 10-6. well, remember dan johnson? how can any not remember him? great home runs, first game against boston red sox, that tied the game. and johnson helped one a crucial game to get them into the playoffs. then 162, johnson homered again, extras against yankees.
10:50 pm
and as a knuckle ball pitcher, as a renewal of his career. for the seminoles to get a ticket to the dance they have to go deep into the acc tourney. hitting on one of their first 12 shots but then they hit eight straight to grab the league. this game was kind of back and forth. fsu goes on another run, 11-2 split, terrence mann, the man there, less than 30 on the clock, the orange man within 3, 46 ticks left, they finish 78-73 win, they open with boston college on tuesday.
10:51 pm
for usf head coach orlando antigua. he's going to finish this one off, giving usf an early 11-4 lead. tell your best layer this season, another nice game, comes back to lead the team with 20 points. the hurricanes score 24 points, 84-74, they are now to the aac tourney on tuesday. usf women's team open up their toirn y tourney. usf built a lead early then held smu to just eight points second quarter. usf is moving on with a 73-60 win. they will face temple tomorrow.
10:52 pm
win at las vegas motor speedway his home town. darryl wallace can't get out of the way, hits ware's front end. all three drivers would be okay but their day certainly done. it is busch though who dominates the day, leads in all but two lapse. it is his first in his home town, he will also start on the pole for the sprint cup race tomorrow. amazing feat given fact they lost the regionals, and the district. they pulled off the win, kyle nordstrom won a rare fifth championship, you wonder how he
10:53 pm
he won as an 8th grader. congratulations out there. >> a talented group of young men. >> i'm sure he'll continue in college. mike's back with your seven-day forecast when we come back. >> and no, this soont isn't a hybrid i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable
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switch to better.
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>> welcome back. really nice day out there. day. we picked up a little bit more in the way of sun. helped feel just a little bit warmer at the beaches, they were packed and what a finish. slightly below average, 69 new port richey. just the last few days, the temperatures warmed up. 77 in brandon, 75 in wauchula, 75 up in winter haven, more like mid 70s right around i-75, your weather headlines, more sunshine on sunday. it's going to be more like the second half of the day than the first half. seasonal temperatures, mid 70s for most part. a big ridge in the jetstream is
10:57 pm
next week so that means a big warmup in our temperature department. our next rain chance he don't really arrive until next weekend. as we look at the models, they keep pushing back our rain chance a day or day and a half. look at sunday to be the real rainiy rainy day. low 80s as we head towards thursday. cool cool evening out there. 52 our dew point, dry air in place. winds out of the northwest 7. 60 in st. pete, 50 in pinellas park, inverness, 57 out at myakka city. 59 in arcadia. so any late night plans tonight, early morning plans, probably a
10:58 pm
satellite and radar, we had cloud cover, pushing off to the south and east. water vapor loop, you see these shades of red out there, that's a lot of dry air. good news for sunday more in the way of sun. most of that will be sticking around until monday too. we call this zonal flow, west to east flow out there. we tend to be pretty close to our average highs during the day and pretty close to the average lows at night. in the middle of the week we get a dip in the jetstream on the west, this cut off flow, and that causes the big ridge to develop, across the middle part of the country. mid atlantic, d.c, new york, 60s and 70s by the end of the week. mostly clear skies, low 80s for the middle of the week and again rain chances at this point, maybe on saturday 20 to
10:59 pm
point looks to be wednesdayer days of the weekend. guys. >> thanks mike. scientists play have discovered a new species of octopus. some of its unique features, a lack of pigment, and its suckers are all in one row, rather than two rows. but some scientists may call it ghostapus. but just do it, even if it's not official. what the muslim community in florida is doing to fight stereotypes in the midst of a turbulent election season. >> these kids spent their whole day in motion for a good cause.


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