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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... nope animated real honey for honey nut well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that.
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>> doing a good job landing that plane, man. >> a good job that likely saved lives. why a teenage pilot is getting praise for his emergency landing on a golf course. >> look at the protestor, camera. >> what the gop front runner is saying at five more states hold primaries. >> we hope that they can see us as fellow americans. >> a rally of peace, what muslims in florida want people to know about their faith. >> you're watching fox 13 and
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>> good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm haley hinds. >> i'm aaron mesmer, lloyd has the night off. amazingly no one on a plane or on the ground was hurt when a small plane made an emergency landing this afternoon. >> evan lambert shows us the story. >> that plane was piloted by an 18-year-old. he and his dad safely landed it after experiencing engine trouble from manatee to be lakeland county. something was going wrong with the engine, that's when the 18-year-old and his dad decided to land on the lakeland golf course in st. pete. it did hit a tree on the way down but the only serious damage appeared to be the wing that took the impact.
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there was no obviously cause for the engine problem. several witnesses saw the plane go down and credited the teen for the lack of injuries. >> i saw the plane come down and thought whoa. he came and told me i'm like whoa! >> the faa will continue to investigate the cause of the crash. haley back to you. >> republican presidential front runner spent the day in orlando today. hosting primaries for the democratic and republican primaries on march 15th. trump said in a general election he would beat hillary clinton. someone began heckling him. >> voter turnout during the primaries, 50% up, 60% up.
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look up there camera, look at the protester, cam are. today. just a short while ago trump announced wins in louisiana and kansas city. and hillary clinton took louisiana. >> conservatism is not how loud you can be, how offensive you can be, how many bad words you can say, how many ridiculous things you can say on television. conservatism is adhering to the constitution of the united states. >> vowing to repeal president obama's executive action he. rubio also focused heavily on the foreign policy threat tying
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called a gutted military. florida's primary is march 15 with a little under 100 delegates up for grabs. >> florida mayor buckhorn has been supporting hillary clinton. he traveled to support her campaign. >> islamic organizations from all across florida hold a peace rally this afternoon. the goal of the raleigh was to speak ral rally rally was to stand up against terrorism. >> let no one tell you you don't
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>> during a peace rally today. >> because unfortunately some people have stigmatized islam and muslims because of acts ever a minority group who claim to be muslim or representing islam somehow which we believe is completely false. >> volunteer says she hopes to educate people on the true beliefs of islam. beliefs that she feels were misrepresenton a national stage. >> how they speak about our religion in a negative connotation. we are supposed to be awareness to peace and how peaceful we are. >> community leaders say their goal is simple. >> we hope they can see us as fellow americans and start working together to solve the real problems in our community. >> stereotypes that have been harmful to the american
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the muslim community wants to change. >> we are not covered in the media that we are condej terrorism. condemning terrorism. you are not a believer unless you love for your brother what you love for yourself. >> kirsten delgado, fox 13 news. >> the group teens for haiti hopes to raise $25,000 for a medical clinic in the island nation as well as more lab techs. dance player on this is focusing on a different theme, the dance team just wrapped you a few minutes ago at 11:00 p.m. still to come, the strawberry festival is oopen in
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>> we saw these temperatures slightly cooler today, things are going to get toasty for us later on in the week. i've got details coming up. >> heart land to the halls of power. this weekend he's hanging out with us. >> dude what was that?
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) it's one of the most popular annual festivals in the bay area...the >> it's one of the most popular annual festivals in the bay area, the strawberry fix brings in more than half a million visitors during the 11 day fair. one of the main exits to the fairgrounds off of i-4, is under construction. >> but that exit may be your
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>> the thonotosassa exit off i-4, the main artery leading to the strawberry festival looks very much like an active construction zone but the lanes are open and fair goers say delays are not anything out of the ordinary. >> traffic is moving. is you're not going to be sitting here for hours or anything. it's going. >> florida d.o.t. has been hard at work expanding exit 19 to two eastbound turn lanes. for the duration of the strawberry festival which draws thousands of visitors the plant city each visitors to plant city each day. it's business as usual. >> we've had some construction at exit 19 but that hasn't held us up at all. they have it fixed to where people ask get in and out of
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>> while traffic on thonotosassa might not be moving, that is not the fact last night. mike davis spent hours in festival traffic, to take the forbes exit to avoid construction. >> it whereas a two lane road and stop lights and everybody and their brother were trying get to the festival. >> so far, traffic has been smooth sailing. despite the orange cones, all lanes are open at the thonotosassa exit. kelly cowan, fox 13 news.
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thonotosassa exit. heather lucille took home the crown. they needed to know a lot about the americans with disabilities act. to educate and advocate for people with disabilities. miss wheelchair america has been around, i noticed looking at her twitter, she had a wonderful time. >> absolutely beautiful young congratulations. this is one of these weekends that makes you happy to be a florida. >> so warm, makes you want to get up and go. >> the crispness of the air it was aplaysing. if you thought it was a little bit on the cool side, there are some people out there that maybe
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the warm he air is coming. so er air is coming. river view saw some high clouds. breaks of sun. once we hit the afternoon. we saw a little bit more of sun and ended up being a nice end of the day. more in the way of sun for tomorrow. so for today, more in the way of clouds, 72 in tampa, 75 in wauchula, 78 in lake placid. but for tomorrow, with a little bit more sun we're going to see that rebound. 75 for a high in tampa, 76 in bradenton, 75 in crystal river, 76 in brooksville. current temperature, winds out of the northwest at 7, sebring, 57 in ar cais arcadia.
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40s tonight. all in all. a cooler night but not one of the coolest nights this winter. satellite and radar, high pressure remaining in control of our weather, pushing through to the south. reinforcing it gusts will head through tomorrow. what happens is you get more of this south southeast flow that warms things up, moisture bumps up the dew points just a bit. i don't think we get all that muggy but enough that you may notice it by the end of the week. cool night out there, seven-day forecast, here is the warmer temps. look at this 78 on monday, 80 on tuesday, low 80s wednesday and thursday and a few showers around for saturday. >> i think we all know what's
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3 trending tonight... there's nothing like a little car karaoke to blow off some steam and relax. and when you drive around as >> trending tonight, not a anything like a little car karaoke. when you drive around like police officers it is about to
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>> guitar solo, these officers are from the palisades police department, the classic journey song, "don't stop believein'. believing." we will keep pushing through, don't stop believing. >> it's the right message. >> everybody knows these words. >> moving on here. one thing to play with your food, a whole other thing to create art with it. i don't know if you have seen it, it's amazing. pancake art, mesmerizing. in celebration of zootopia movie.
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is a master masterpiece that's almost too beautiful to eat. by the way this movie is supposed to be great. >> you should frame it. too good to eat right? >> then it gets moldy. >> nothing like helping animals? who says dogs and cats don't get along. few seconds go by and the pets, we're in the clear, okay, okay, let me out. cat runs over, finds a way to pull the wall down. there we go. fantastic. >> that's a good cat! >> it is. you know they're talking to each other right? this could be a movie in itself. >> exactly what they're doing. >> animals are absolutely amazing.
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3 can take a minute to soak it in and puff out their >> lightning can stay a minute and soak it in and kind of puff out their shoulders. they deserve the accolades. lightning won a record nine straight games. carolina's power play had just expired. andre watt, 1-0 bolts. carolina would tie the game and it's palot again. bad break for the bolts, carolina power play, this is going to bounce off anton
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got to hurt. nikita kucherov, he gets the shot off, he stuffs it in 3-3, six minutes to go, this one goes into ot, this is a wild one. finally alex muscles it up the ice, and the bolts take a 9th consecutive victory. bruce couldn't contain his joy? when the real games begin in april. smiley making his first spring outing and it was a good one. strikes out chris davis, orioles most dangerous batter.
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of pop, brad miller slice it down the line, then everyone's favorite kevin kier meyer, making a trip to sarasota, he comes through. it's a triple in the fifth. 2 rbis. rays are back in port charlotte to play at 1:00 tomorrow. >> well, there is an unusual skill. but dozens of people in key west put their sea shell skills to the test at the conch-blowing skill. they are judged on the novelty of the sounds and the duration. composed his own music for conch shell. >> everybody has a special talent.
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>> not everybody can do it. >> animation domination is next. >> have a great night. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company again! r again!
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