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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 ((walter ahead this hour on good day: a developing story out of tampa... the fight at one apartment complex... that spilled over to a second location... with deadly results. 3 ((jen and... more problems for padi the dog... now he's accused... in a *second attack. but this one... is definitely different. 3 car trouble, and then there's found under a car's hood... and what the driver... decided to do with it. 3 ((walter)) its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) start off with a check of the 3
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3 clouds and sun with nice warmth on tap for today; high temps near 80. tonight will be mostly clear and mild; lows in the lower 60s. wednesday will be partly cloudy and toasty warm with high temps in the
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 ((walter)) we're following a developing story out of south tampa right now... where police are investigating a deadly shooting... that scared people in *two locations. 3 ((walter fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story for us... she joins us now live from lois avenue... so shayla, this started with a *fight? 3 3
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3 3 ((walter thanks, shayla. thanks, shayla.((walter 3 thanks, shayla. 3 3
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that's getting all sorts of national attention... and no wonder... some of the testimony is downright scandalous. in fact, yesterday in the pinellas courtroom, the hulk hogan trial got up close and very personal... about the sex tape at the center of this case. fox-13's haley hinds picks up the story from there... and we should warn you, it's not child-friendly. 3 monday in a pinellas county courtroom, hulk hogan shared a story of vulnerabilty.gave up.. gave in.. let my guard down and it just happened on the verge of divorce, his defenses were weak. and he leaned on his best friend -- now *former* best friend -- bubba the love loved bubba unconditionallyyes with bubba's blessing... hogan finally agreed to have sex with heather clem -- who was bubba's wife at the was so surreal. i was there and he was handing me a condom. my gut just, just didn't feel right - it just came out, you're not filimg this is what i said if i can remember correctly. he says bubba reassured him... what happened there would stay there.i knew bubba had cameras. but i was never told or 3 never was pointed out that there was a security camera pointing at the bed or there was a camera in the bedroom, i never heard of it hogan says they had sex 3 or 4 more times. but years later, a call from a gossip site would shatter that trust. there
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there was a sex tape.when the video was released, my whole world changed. it turned my world upside down and i was desperate to know if he did this hogan says bubba adamantly, and at times, angrily denied any part in it. another reassurance that would ultimately turn out to be a lie.bubba at the end of the tape say he heather if we ever need to retire this is for our retirementmy arms started shaking violently in the end... hogan lost more than just his privacy.i refused to believe he did this to me, he is my best friend, no one would do this to another person haley hinds, fox13 news. 3
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(jen) hogan is suing the website "gawker" for 100- million dollars. his attorneys say: the video got seven-million views. gawker's defense is: that hogan spoke freely about his sex live in florida, so therefore, it's fair game. they're also calling it a first amendment issue. the trial continues today. 3 3 (walter) it's the story we got so many calls about last summer... the dog saved from being put down, after biting a child. well now, padi is in trouble again... accused of biting a *puppy. 3 (walter padi the dog was nearly euthanized after biting off part of a four-year-old boy's ear in june. it happened at his owner's pet clinic in bradenton. well monday morning, a four-month old puppy... that was in training to be a service dog... was bitten on the nose by padi. padi's owner claims the puppy was the aggressor... growling at his dog, and getting up in padi's face... but the puppy's caregiver says: that's not true... the attack was unprovoked. she's afraid the bite may scar him, and prevent him from becoming a service dog. 3 "having fear issues can take a dog out of the program. he's being trained to be a wheelchair support dog, so he has to be able to go into a neighborhood with other dogs,
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--walter/ 3 she has filed a complaint with the manatee county sheriff's office. padi's owner has not yet been charged. 3 3 (jen a house fire that broke out in tampa early monday morning... has been ruled an arson. it happened in a home on north lantana street. everyone got out safely, and crews had the fire under control in about 25-minutes... but investigators with the fire marshal's office went inside... and say: someone entered the building, stole items from it, then set the sofas on fire... estimated damage is about 35- thousand dollars, and the red cross is helping the person who lived there. authorities are still looking for potential suspects. 3 3 (walter) it's another big day for voters in the presidential primaries. they're headed to the polls in four states today. 3 (walter the biggest prize: michigan. there are 59- delegates up for grabs there... on the republican side... and more than
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democratic side. here's how the rest of the states look for the g-o-p: 40-delegates in mississippi... 32 in idaho... and 19 in hawaii. 3 (walter one of those republican hopefuls, is back in the bay area today. marco rubio is holding a rally in sarasota. it's at the dolphin aviation hangar on north tamiami trail... doors open at four p-m... the event starts at five... the rally is free, but you need to register on rubio's website, first. 3 3 (walter) new this morning: sarasota county is working to lure another major league team to the bay area. county and local leaders are talking with the atlanta braves about moving their spring training home to north port. the braves could begin playing at a new complex in the west villages area as early as 2018. atlanta has one more year on its lease at disney. the team wants to move to a site closer to other clubs. they're also talking with pinellas county leaders about moving the team there. 3 3
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not so bright depending on how you look at it. gracie and her owner were kayaking on the banana river near port canaveral... when a dolphin decided to say hello. and rather than just enjoy nature from a far... gracie decided to jump in and get a closer look. her owner started to panic... 3 but in the end neither dolphin nor weiner dog were hurt during their swim. 3 ((jen)) there's something in the water off north carolina right now... ((walter)) nope, it's not a storm... or a even a sea creature... but researchers are so intrigued, they're going *diving...
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3 ((walter and... u-s-f is buzzing this morning... about basketball... and alex trebek! the two big events... putting the tampa school... in the national spotlight. 3 3 3
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3 new this morning: a train derailment and nine people hurt in northern california. it happened late last night, and one of the commuter train's cars, plunged right into a creek. crews had to fight fast-moving currents, to pull riders from the partially submerged cars. it was dark...wet... raining... and chaotic. a sergeant with the alameda county sheriff's office says: it's a miracle that no one was killed... 3 (jen) the train was traveling from san jose to stockton. three other cars, including the locomotive, managed to stay on the tracks. 3 a state trooper was airlifted to a new jersey hospital overnight... after being hit by a vehicle during a traffic stop. officials say the trooper was responding to a car on fire... and while he was standing outside that car another vehicle hit him. he was seriously hurt... the driver of the parked car was hurt as well. the accident is still being investigated...
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a miami garbage truck driver is lucky to be alive... after careening off a highway and plummeting to the ground. it happened last month.... but we're just now seeing video of the crash. officials say the driver lost control... hit a guardrail... 3 flew off the ramp... falling a hundred feet. the driver was thrown from the cab. he was taken to a hospital in serious condition... but amazingly he survived. that driver was cited for careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt. 3 3 (jen a final farewell to former first lady, nancy reagan, will be happen this *friday. her funeral will be held at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california... a place she's dedicated herself to, since her husband's death. her body will lie in repose there, for public visitation, tomorrow and thursday. the funeral friday will be private. nancy reagan passed away sunday at her home in los angeles, of heart failure. she was 94-years old.
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this... we're looking at what might be a civil war relic. it's a ship... sitting on the floor of the atlantic ocean, off the coast of north carolina. it's in the oak island area, where so many other civil war shipwrecks have been found. usually, the remains are pretty beat up... but this boat, is largely still intact... and researchers think: it might have been a blockade runner... used to bring specialty goods to the south, while avoiding capture by the union. they haven't been able to identify by name yet, but divers are heading out to the site again tomorrow, hoping to do that. 3 ((anchors)) it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3
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3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". 3
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3
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3 the lightning will try and start a new winning streak for their 10th win in a row... last night against the flyers. tampa bay took the early lead, but couldn't hold it. philadelphia won, 4-2. florida also lost, so the bolts remain in first place by a point. the lightning are bruins. 3 (walter/ it was also a tough night for u-s-f. the bulls had the unenviable task of playing the undefeated
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jumped out to an early lead, but it wasn't enough. u-conn pulled away... winning 77 to 51. the huskies are 32 and oh for the season. and going back to last season... u-conn has won 69 games in a row. the good news, u-s-f is pretty much a lock for the n-c-double-a tournament. they'll find out monday where they'll play. 3 a local biology professor got the chance to show off her smarts during an episode of 'jeopardy'. 'norine noonan' is a professor at u- 3 s-f's saint pete campus. she auditioned for the show last summer after making it through an online screening test. 'noonan' says she's been a fan of 'jeopardy' since the 19-60's... but being an at-home contestant is a lot easier than actually competing in the show. no word on how she did... we'll have to wait until the show airs on
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3 ((walter)) the bay area is known for sun, sand, surf... ((jen)) and now, suds! 3 (jen turns out we're about more than *beaches... we're also a great place for *brews... and right now, *women are creating a craft beer *buzz. we'll meet
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3 3 (jen) craft beer is a booming industry... especially here in the bay area. people aren't just *drinking
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and many of those consuming the specialty brews are women. i sat down with a *woman who's making craft beer her business. 3 lisa colburn isn't your typical beer drinker. i like to really experiment with different styles and different tastes. she doesn't just 3 drink the sudsy stuffa&she brews it too. it is fun. it's fun to develop recipes it's fun to see how it comes out and sometimes they do really well and sometimes not so much. she's one of the many women in tampa baya&who's made craft *beer her business.that's righta& *women in the craft brewing industry.and according to lisaa& female brewers are nothing new. women go back to the very very origin of brewing. ancient sumari the priestesses were the brewers and men were not allowed to do it. she's bringing brewing.. back to it's rootsa& encouraging fellow females to dabble in the process too. she's so enthusiastic. she has such a passion for craft beer and she brings that everywhere and she glows. lisa is the head of the bay area chapter of barley's angelsa& female craft brewing fanatics... who share their knowledge and appreciation with each other.she says the craft beer experience is more about *conversation than *intoxication. it's not like going out and drinking just to party and get drunk. it's a social thing to do. you go out you have a beer you enjoy the beer you savor it, its like fine dining. lisa also co-owns hi-fi home brew and barbeque a&a one stop shop for home brewing suppliesa& it's so much fun to meet all these people, to hear what they're making, to hear their ideas on what
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the front store is like a laba&where customers can create their own flavors.. we're gonna bump that up a little bit. we're gonna go with pete smoked malt. and there's brewing stations in the backa&where both men and women can learn how to brew their own batch.. they let me go wild. some have been pretty spectacularly bad. like are you sure you wanna do that:? and i've learned that i should listen to them. but even if the suds.. are duds. it's the craft brewing experience that keeps both men and women coming back for
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3 (jen) if you're more interested in *drinking beer than actually making it... you're in luck... tampa bay beer week is going on now through sunday. stay tuned tomorrow.. lisa will be in studio all morning cooking up some "good day brew".. that's right... she'll show us how to make your own batch... in your kitchen.
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3 ((jen)) the job of a caregiver, is round- the-clock...((walter)) now, the new tool that should give so many piece of mind, and better sleep. it keeps track of your loved ones, when you can't. we'll show you how it works. 3 ((walter plus... it had to be absolutely terrifying... a co-worker brings a gun to the job, and tries to open fire... but what happened next, at a florida office, possibly saved *dozens of lives. the last-minute snag... that prevented a massacre. 3 3 the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 ((walter)) it's 5:--, on tuesday, march 8th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. going to a baseball game is supposed to be fun, not frightening... but when bats and balls go flying into the crowd, people can get hurt... and that's happened twice in just the past few days. 3 ((jen fox-13's ken suarez is at blue jays stadium in dunedin... where a woman was hit in the *head by a broken bat... ken... how is she doing? and how concerned should fans be about being injured in the stands. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3
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3 heads-up if you recently paid at the pump, at a convenience store in sarasota. your credit card may have been compromised. *skimmers were found inside two of the pumps at a 7-eleven on "fruitville road." deputies think: they had been there about two-weeks. investigators say: the skimmers were hidden inside the pumps, and used blue-tooth technology to steal credit card information from unsuspecting drivers. now authorities are studying security video, to track-down the crooks... but so far, no arrests. 3 ((walter a polk county man is accused of pretending to be a doctor, for at least two years. he's 75-year-old "manuel cordova," and authorities say: he ran his own doctor's office in haines city. he also allegedly
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diagnose listeners who called-in with health issues. cordova told investigators he's a "natural" doctor. but they say: what he did was *criminal. he's charged with practicing medicine without a license... and scheming to defraud. 3 3 (jen) a jammed gun saved a north florida city from being the next victim of a mass shooting tragedy. 3 (jen it happened in clay county monday... in the jacksonville suburb of "orange park." the sheriff's office says: a man who worked at "jacksonville granite," brought a gun in to work... with the intention of shooting fellow employees. but as he aimed, the gun jammed... several times... and that likely saved lives. 3 "it's certainly a tragedy averted, but at least two people, who he was at point blank range with could have lost their life, so the good lord was looking down on them, and they're very fortunate." --jen 3 one employee was hurt, but should be okay. the gunman took his own life. authorities are still trying to figure-out *why he opened fire. they say: he was new to the company. he'd been employed there for less than a month.
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3 (walter) after days of emotional testimony, big at trial... she'll get *millions over a secretly recorded nude video. but as fox's kelly wright tells solve the problem. 3 a jury awards fifty-five-million-dollars... video taken by a stalker back in 2008 and posted online. the tennessee marriott have argued only the peeping tom... michael barrett... should be liable. dedman says: "we would like to say that we're disappointed with the outcome. our clients, western and windsor, learned of this in with the f-b-i to determine how this happened." barrett half years in prison after he was convicted of interstate stalking... but has since been released. the settlement comes after andrews' emotional testimony in court last week. broillet says: "erin andrews has shown phenomenal courage in standing up for security, safety, and privacy. she is a true american hero." the former e-s-p-n and current fox sports reporter claimed she was shamed and humiliated by the video. attorneys for the hotel have said her reputation has not been damaged since the incident... claiming her career has taken off in recent years. there is still the chance the hotel chain could appeal the decision.dedman says: "we are going to look at the outcome, at the proof, what occurred during the trial with respect to any issues that may exist and make a decision at that point in time after consultation with our client whether there will be an appeal." although andrews was awarded 55 million dollars ... she may only collect twenty-seven-million... if barrett isn't able to afford to pay his share.
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3 (walter) and no matter what sort of money's involved, there's one thing it won't change. the video is out there, and likely, will never go there, and likely, the video is out it won't change. there's one thing money's involved, what sort of and no matter (walter) 3 3 (walter) and no matter what sort of money's involved, there's one thing it won't change. the video is out
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go away. andrews grew-up in brandon, right here in the bay area. 3 3 (jen) if you have an older relative who tends to "wander"... there's a new program that should keep them safe, and you calm. 3 (jen the pasco sheriff's office has teamed-up with "safety net" to help find missing people. "safety net" is a search-and-rescue program, designed to help wandering people, who have been diagnosed with alzheimer's, dementia or autism. each member has a tracking bracelet, outfitted with a radio transmitter. once reported missing, authorities say: they can often find the person, by tracking their wristbands. 3 ((jen)) spark plugs... battery... fuel pump... yeah, that wasn't the problem. ((walter)) nope, the car trouble for one driver, was much *creepier. what he found under the hood, when we come back. and... 3
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3 a rare moment of levity for tennis champ, and former bay area resident, maria sharapova. but jennifer capriati's not laughing... why she *slammed sharapova's *real reason for holding a news conference. 3 3
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3 when the car starts to sputter, you usually pull over and pop the hood. (walter) and that's what a guy in zimbabwe did... and then he got the surprise of his life. russell's here with the scaly story. 3 (russell) so, there he was... probably thinking it was a pump problem, or a hose issue. ohhhh no. the culprit behind the car trouble: a python... a really *big python. 3 (russell and just look at
5:44 am
didn't scream when he opened the hood... he calmly checked to see if the python was alive... then gently lifted it out of the engine. a passenger helped him... they grabbed the python around its neck so it wouldn't bite them... in the background, you can hear ben's five-year old son yelling, "it's a snake! it's a massive snake!" an african rock python, to be specific. they moved it to the side of the road, and quickly ran and got back into the car. 3 (russell) now here's where it really gets nuts. this wasn't the first encounter between ben and that python. he first caught it in the chicken coop on his farm. he caught it, bagged it and moved it to a river about four miles away... but it slithered back to the property, and apparently
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3 under the hood. 3 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 ((dave a huge sigh of relief for people staying at this r-v park in pismo beach, california. a big rain and wind storm blew through there monday... knocking down five big trees. those trees
5:46 am
totaled... amazingly, no one was seriously hurt. one man felt his trailer rocking... then heard a loud bang. he got out, and seconds later, the tree came
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3 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's roads - with our "skyfox on time 3 traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 "i know that with this i face consequences and i don't want to end my career this way. and i really hope that i will be given another chance to play this game." 3
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3 play this game." --walter 3 in sports this morning: tennis champ maria sharapova... comes clean. she failed a drug test at the australian open in january. she says she tested positive for "meldonium"... which she has been taking for 10-years, for several health issues... including a family history of diabetes. it was legal until *this year... but it was banned in january because it helps with oxygen intake and endurance. so far the w-t-a hasn't announced a penalty. 3 (walter) sharapova once trained at nick bolletierri's in bradenton. she's one of
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call the bay area home... now one of them... jennifer capriati... who trained at saddlebrook... is reacting to sharapova's news... and she's not mincing words. 3 (walter capriati... says she's "angry and disappointed" at the news. on her twitter account, she railed against sharapova's decision... saying: "i had to lose my career and never opted to cheat, no matter what... i had to throw in the towel and suffer... i didn't have the high-priced team of doctors that found a way for me to get around the system and wait for science to catch-up." this was part of a longer rant about cheating in *tennis, and in *life. 3 ((walter)) well... we were hoping to tell you about two big hometown wins this morning. but neither the lightning, nor the u-s-f womens basketball team, were able to pull them out. fox-13 sports director scott smith tells us what happened... and a bright
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3 3 ((walter)) they've served
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((walter)) they've served our country, and returned home, proud, but injured. ((jen)) now, the tampa family who's made it their mission to help our wounded warriors... and the
5:55 am
5:56 am
them did, with the check.3 a lot of people *think about helping others... or *talk about it... but one bay area is actually doing it. (jen) they've made it their *mission, to help wounded veterans. and they're doing it... in a big way. 3 ((jen the "howard lutnick family" donated *60-thousand dollars to veterans and their families at the "james a. haley" hospital in tampa, monday. the family met individually with the veterans during a special lunch yesterday, including "michael monthervil"... who was wounded during his service in the army.
5:57 am
her job to help him. he immediately handed the five- thousand dollar check he received from the lutnick family, over to her. 3 "left everything behind to come take care of me since my injury...she's my everything." --jen the lutnicks established their charity after losing employees in the twin tower attacks back in 2001. they wanted to help wounded veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. each family also received an i- pad....courtesy of their *son's foundation. his charity is called "game knights heroes." 3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2-shot)) a developing story out of san francisco.. a commuter train falls off the track and into a creek..((laura)) ahead at six.. what caused the crash.. and the conditions of everyone on board. 3 ((laura/take vo)) and: if you thought getting in a spacesuit was difficult.. check this out! astronaut scott kelly gets geared up for more tests.. what nasa is
5:58 am
3 ((russell/wipe vo)) and - have you ever had to choose between exhaustion and hunger? for this little boy - the struggle is real! it's all ahead at six.
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3 3 a dramatic rescue overnight as a commuter p p>>russell: dramatic rescue povernight as a commuter train pderails and falls into a fast pmoving creek. phow rescuers got everybody out palive. p>>laura: and a dog whose life pwas spared after biting a boy is pnow accused of biting a puppy. pnew trouble this morning for adi. p>>russell: and marco rubio lacing his bets on florida. ptime is running out. phe's crisscrossing the state to prally support before next week's rimary.


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