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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  March 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 developing this morning: a tense situation in north tampa... deputies are forced to open-fire... and this morning, a man is in the hospital... 3 ((jen also developing: a wild chase on u-s 3-0-1... authorities, try to catch up with a wrong-way driver... we're live with the frightening series of events that put deputies and drivers in danger. 3 ((walter and move over coffee... we've got something *stronger brewing this morning... in honor of craft beer week, we'll show you how to make your own sensational suds at home... 3 3 ((walter)) its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's
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3 (vanessa new this morning: a stretch of dale mabry has reopened, after a deadly crash overnight. it was closed down near cypress for hours, while officers investigated. but everything's back up to speed this morning. detectives haven't said much about the crash... and haven't identified the motorcyclist. 3 3 3 (walter) developing this morning: it's been a long, tense night for people at an apartment complex in north tampa. deputies shot a man who was yelling and waving a gun around... with families, just feet away. 3 ((walter fox-13's shayla reaves is at the windwood oaks apartments right now. shayla... good morning. has it quieted down there yet. 3 3
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3 with him through numerous efforts including using a p.a. some dialogue with them. it was very aggressive and confrontational. they kept asking him to drop the gun. he refused to, pointed it directly at them and advanced in their direction 8:51
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3 ((walter 3 thanks, shayla. 3 (walter a dangerous, wrong-way driver is off the roads and in jail this morning. this is an update to a story we first reported as breaking news last night at 11. around 9:30, hillsborough county deputies responded to reports of a man driving
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stop the driver... he then slammed into several deputy cruisers. they arrested the driver... and also found a one-pound bag of powder inside his truck. 3 3 (jen/ new this morning: lots of cleaning-up to do at a broke out at the "kitchenality" facility on u-s 41 around 10-30 last night. by the time firefighters got there, heavy smoke and flames were shooting from the big two-story building... it went to a second alarm... 22- units responded... but crews were able to contain the fire to this location... it didn't spread to other buildings nearby. and thankfully, no one was hurt... but no word yet on how this fire started. 3 (walter in pinellas park: investigators are trying to figure-out what sparked another fire... at the "kozy korner" restaurant. crews say: it looks like it started in the kitchen... but the business was closed when the fire began last night. firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to other adjoining businesses... but it was a shocking site to neighbors. a pastor says: he was cleaning up his church... left for just a few minutes... and when he came back, he saw flashing lights everywhere. 3 "when i came around the
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thought someone might have gotten hurt, killed, shot or something, but thank god it was just a small fire and nobody got hurt." --walter 3 again, no one was inside the building at the time.... firefighters say: there's *significant damage. 3 3 deputies in polk county are looking for a suspicious man this morning.. who attempted to lure a young girl into his car.. by using a story about her mom being in the hospital.. 3 the incident took place around 4 p-m, tuesday afternoon.. near the intersection of thousand oaks boulevard and ronald reagan parkway in davenport.. the 11-year-old girl got off her bus and began to walk home, when the man's car pulled up along side her.. he told the girl her mother was in the hospital and she sent him to pick her up and take her there. the girl ran away. 3 and the man made a u-turn and sped off west-bound on ronald reagan parkway.. the car is described as a 2000- model white four-door, with tinted windows and a black bumper.. the man is
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50's -- and has a salt-and- pepper goatee.. if you have any information.. you're asked to call the polk county sheriff's office.. 3 3 (jen) and now... to the race for the white house... another round of primary voting is over... and it was another big night for donald trump. (walter) he won three of the four states... only idaho went for someone else... ted cruz. no wonder trump is already focused on facing a *democrat, instead of his fellow republicans. but they say: not so fast. 3 : "if i get to go against hillary, polls are showing that i beat her and some of the polls have me beating her very easily." cruz says: "we are closing the gap in state after state"cruz says: "a new wsj poll just donald trump *crowd cheers* 3 --walter turning to the not as many states voting here... just two... and they
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clinton won mississippi... and bernie sanders pulled-off the upset, winning michigan. but it was close... he got 49-percent. clinton was less than two-percentage points behind him. michigan is the first industrial midwestern state to hold a primary... and it could set-up sanders for big numbers next week in ohio. he's optimistic. 3 "so we started this campaign as many will remember ten months ago, we were sixty or seventy points down in the polls, and what we have seen is poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is to create the kind of momentum that we need to win, 3 (jen// it's going to be a busy week for candidates on both sides. tonight, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will square off in a debate at miami dade college. then tomorrow, both candidates will hold rallies here in tampa. also thursday, republicans will face off in a debate at the
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and ohio. 3 (walter) and don't forget, florida voters... today is the *last day to request a primary ballot by *mail. and when returning your ballot, make sure to leave enough time for early voting for most florida counties ends this saturday. 3 3 *shopping... a brand new opening in valrico today. down to the big event for *weeks now. doors open at 7-30 this morning, after a ribbon-cutting ceremony... it'll be open round the clock, 24-seven, after that. the new location is on bloomingdale avenue... less than a mile away from the *other valrico walmart. the old store, in the bloomingdale plaza, is closing. 3 ((jen)) all in a day's work? not so much! ((walter)) the risky rescue highway patrol troopers had to make... with seconds to spare. 3 ((walter and... cheating death. the split-second- thinking that saved a reporter and his photographer... while they were out on a story... and the emotional moment,
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3 a man accused of shooting an idaho pastor is in custody this morning.. police say -- "kyle odom" shot pastor "tim remington".. 6 times sunday... hours after pastor remington attended a campaign rally for texas senator ted cruz. odom was arrested in washington d-c.. after he threw something over the white house fence. the object hasn't been identified. pastor remington survived the shooting and is now talking with his family.. investigators are still looking for a motive.. 3 some startling new statistics this morning concerning the zika virus. experts say one in 5 people in puerto rico could be infected. in response... the f-d-a has shipped blood to the island over fears that the local supply could be contaminated. the u-s territory is now in crisis mode with 157 confirmed cases of the virus. 3 a california highway patrol officer is being called a hero after rescuing a family from a burning car. that officer just happened to be
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caught fire... a news photographer also happened to be there at the time. the officer first grabbed a 1- year-old baby from the backseat... then went back for the 2-year-old girl. after the children were safe... the driver got out through the passenger-side door. the family was treated for smoke inhalation... but is otherwise okay. 3 looks like a *mudslide is likely what caused a commuter train derailment in northern california, that injured nine people monday night. (jen) investigators say: mud and debris pushed a tree onto the tracks... which knocked one that plunged into a creek... rescuers had to pull people out as it sunk. covering that accident, had a close call himself. 3 (jen look at this... it's reporter "alex savidge" and his photographer chip vaughan were almost in an accident. this is chip's view... from behind the lens... he could see this car was coming... and had just enough time to yell "get out of the
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he lost 3 focus. thankfully, no one was hurt... but man, scary stuff. later, alex went back on the air, to update everyone... and understandably, he was emotional. 3 "i want to bring chip out here. i would just like to thank chip. (hugs) thanks, buddy. (gets choked up) you're alright, you're alright. thanks. it's scary. (it's alright) it's scary." 3 --jen 3 you can't blame him for being shaken up. without that split-second warning from the photographer, things could have been very different. investigators say: the driver of the white car likely hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes... 3
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3 dave. 3 3 it is 5:__: time now on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". 3
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3 on the ice last night.. it was 60 score-less minutes between the lightning and the boston bruins.. but then just 10 seconds in to 3 overtime -- bruins winger "brad marchand" scored to send his team home victorious.. the 1-nothing win.. means the bruins and lighting are now tied for first in their division. the bolts next opponent are the philadelphia flyers -- friday night, at
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3 ((jen)) they're the people that run *toward danger, when everyone else runs *away.((walter)) it takes a special kind of courage to be a police officer... and that's under the best circumstances. 3 (wally well, andrea didn't have those... she had to fight her way through a health crisis, and the academy, at the same time. how she summoned that double courage... and now, how she's using it to lift up others.
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3 the task of going through
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becoming a police officer is not an easy one. and for this week's extraordinary ordinary -- it was especially difficult. but she did it... with *grit and *grace. 3 "i had to, i guess fight for my life and i had to fight to stay in the game and i will always live by that." andrea urig has quite the story to tell."doesn't matter how hard you hit, it's how many times you get hit and keep getting hit and move forward." let's start at chapter one. ever since she can rememer, she wanted to be a police officer.honestly as a kid, chasing the bad guys and making everyone safe. i just wanted to be a part of the community and be a role model"it was a dream that i had to put on hold time and time again for different life circumstances... i put it on hold for so long that i honestly lost hope in it. she had been an employee with u-s-f p.d.for a number of years she held a couple of different positions like ... working dispatch. it was her passion and dedication -- that u-s-f p.d. noticed and offered andrea a spot in the academy and position as an officer when she graduated.... the dream was finally coming true... until a couple of hours into her first day at the academy.i got the phone call on my first break and they told me that i had cancer. i was devastated. i was now thinking that my dream is turning into a nightmare. because of the physical rigors of becoming a police officer.... some of her doctors told her she should put the dream on hold. those at the academy, said she could hit the pause button at any time and be welcomed back when shes cancer free. but this extraordinary ordinary was going to turn this into another chapter in the book of andrea... instead of an ending. at 7 o'clock in the morning, we're running pt's, doing push ups, sit ups, we're fighting. i made sure that i told my instructors and my fellow cadets that no one is to feel sympathty for me. a lot of people call me a warrior,a hero, a super hero. i just think it as the perfect distraction. and while there are many blank pages that lie ahead, andrea passes on her story to others.... now that she graduated and is an officer for the university of south florida police department. :"when i do arrest the "bad guy" per say, before i take 'em down to the orient jail and about 90% of them end up thanking me for sitting down and talking with them. not
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like that everyone has three choices in life. i try to you have 3 choices. you can give up, give in or give it your all." ttsdrasnew pben trge ad t ude e ce othe asoing. to streheme 3 f wa gg lv kinf egy ini ou3 antoeaeuraous one t haan wulwato-
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3 that's right, and she's decided to give back -- she's collecting hats for those who lose their hair going through chemo, if you're interested in donating, the information is on our if you have an idea -- know someone or something that you think is an extraordinary ordinary... shoot me a
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3 ((jen)) 3 a big decision's coming for governor rick scott... ((walter)) and it could impact the *finances, and *addresses, of thousands of florida families. 3 ((walter plus... the president is used to taking lots of jabs. this morning: the one *stellar review he's really savoring... and this one will mean something to him... long after
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33 it's 5:--, on wednesday, march 9th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. a wild night on the roads for hillsborough deputies... they had to chase down a driver going the wrong way... and the truck wasn't the only thing they had to dodge. 3 ((jen fox-13's alcides segui is on the story for us. alcides: investigators say: the driver was throwing things out the window. 3 3
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3 thanks, alcides. 3
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3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 ((walter 3
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3 5:__. the man deputies shot overnight at a north tampa apartment complex has a story we first reported at four a-m. "jeffrey casal" was waving a gun and yelling outside the windwood oaks apartments. deputies brought-in a casal refused to drop the gun. raised it... and that's when they fired. casal died, just a few minutes ago. fox-13's shayla reaves is on this developing story for us. we'll check in with her in our next half hour. 3
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a gruesome find in a st. pete park. someone discovered human remains at the "war veterans memorial park"... near bay pines national cemetery yesterday. detectives say: it's too early to identify them, or even tell what gender the person was... much less how they got there. we'll bring you more information, when they pass it on to us.. 3 ((walter out of the doghouse... for now. no criminal charges will be filed against padi the dog... after his latest biting incident. you remember padi... he's the dog in manatee county that was almost put down, for biting a ago, padi bit again... this time, a puppy... that's in training to be a service dog. the sheriff's office decided: it was just an accident... but the state investigate. 3 (jen) we're following a developing story at sea world in orlando this morning. very sick... and not responding to treatment. 3 (jen/ you might remember tilly, for tragic reasons. he's been involved with three deaths at the park... most brancheau. but the sea
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him park officials say: "tilly" has a respiratory infection... and it's really serious... in fact... it could kill him. he's on antibiotics and other meds, but they don't seem to be doing any good. tilly is still interacting with other whales, but trainers are sad to admit: the end may be near. 3 "i wish i could say i was tremendously optimistic about tilikum and his futre but he had a disease which is chronic and progressive and at some point might cause his death." --jen 3 peta released a statement, blaming tilikum's condition on "years in captivity." tilly is 34... he likely wouldn't have lived *this long, without treatment. 3
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as a baby and was originally housed at a marine park in canada... where the other two trainer deaths happened. he came to sea world in 19-92, where he's been a prolific breeder... fathering at least 21 orcas. at six tons, tilly is the largest orca in captivity. 3 3 (walter) a bill is headed to florida governor rick scott... that affects thousands of florida families... who are dealing with *divorce. 3 (walter it revamps florida's alimony laws. the state house just passed it tuesday. the bill requires judges to start with a "premise" that children spend equal amounts of time with each parent. it also calculates alimony payments by how long the couple was married, and their income. opponents say: the bill is one-sided... and favors men with careers, versus women who stayed home with the kids. 3 "we cannot afford to play games with people's lives. we need to think about the real life consequences of this bill, and they are very concerning." 3 (walter) the last time alimony legislation was sent
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he'll do *this time. 3 3 (jen president barack obama gets top marks... from the doctor. the white house physican just released a report on the commander- in-chief's health, and says: overall, he's in excellent shape... and has actually *improved since his last formal exam, two-years ago.. the president's cholesterol is down... and he's lost five pounds... now tipping the scales at 175... the only meds he takes regularly are: nexium for acid reflux... vitamin d and nicotine gum. they credit his healthy choices for the good results. he does cardio and weight training daily... gave-up smoking... and only drinks
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3 in moderation." 3 ((walter)) beer... it's not just for happy hour anymore!((jen)) and it's not just for *breweries, either. 3 ((jen when we come back... everything you need to know... to brew a great batch of
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when i was two. there was 14 of us in a four bedroom apartment in the projects in boston. to be the first, actually, kid to buy a house in my family... ...i just realized that, i'm the first kid to buy a house...'s a very proud moment. whatever home means to you, we'll help you find it.
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3 (jen it's a tough job.. brewing beer. but somebody's gotta do it! we first introduced you to lisa colburn yesterday... she's one of the many local *women in the craft beer business. she and her partner robb larson own hi-fi home brew and bbq... you can go there to brew a batch.. or get the tools you need to make it at home. 3 (jen) since this is tampa bay beer week.. we figured, lets bring them in and brew some good day beer! good
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3 3 robb larson 3 3 3
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to check the forecast with dave. 3 ((dave people in asia were treated to a stunning view this morning... a solar eclipse. while most places like singapore, hawaii, and northern australia saw just a partial eclipse... indonesia saw a *total eclipse. this video shows the moon covering 90-percent of the sun. an eclipse happens when the moon passes directly between earth and the sun. according to nasa ... the world's next *total solar eclipse will happen in august 20-17. we'll be able to see that right here in the u-s. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time traffic". 3 3 no closed no closed captioning
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3 3 3 a short turn around for the lightning - after seeing their 9-game win streak finally halted last night in philadelphia. back in front of a sell out crowd at amalie tonight hoping it was just a bump in the road... and they'd get back on track in a first place battle with the bruins. opening period... tampa bay on the power play, but an odd-man rush for the bruins.... ben bishop with the glove save on brad marchand... where would the lightning be without bishop between the pipes cheap
5:50 am
liles with the blatant elbow.... kucherov instantly drops... no penalty called... absolutely horrendous...expect the league giving liles a phone call in the next couple of days.... jonas gustavsson equally as good as bishop... just robs alex killorn here in the second.... late in the period.... loui eriksson on a breakaway... bishop with the pad save, but victor hedman is there to clean it up.... 3 of the last 4 at home have gone to overtime... but this one didn't last long... ten 3 seconds in patrice bergeron with the pass to brad marchand and puts in past bishop.... lightning lose 1-0, but do pick up a point in the standings.... to football and on the eve of nfl free agency, the bucs with a couple of moves today... first re-rigning fifth year safety kieth tandy... and releasing linebacker bruce carter - who just signed a 4 year deal last offseason... but was quickly 3 supplanted by kwon alexander. now, it *is considered the legal tampering period prior to free agency... the bucs used the time to meet with defensive end charles johnson... but late tonight johnson has confirmed that he's taking less money then he could have recieved elsewhere to remain with the carolina panthers... so, the bucs still have a need for a pass rusher - and they have about 60- million in cap space to play with.
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((walter 3 and get this...
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beef up spring training in sarasota county. why it could be the new home for the atlanta braves... next 3 3 the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. live outdoors as comfortably, and as fashionably,
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 (jen) the atlanta braves may have found a new place to "play ball"... at least, during spring training. (walter) there are plans to build a new state-of-the-art training facility in southern sarasota county. fox-13's josh cascio tells us what it could
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3 3 this is by no means a done deal yet - but things are steadily moving forward. and the county says its cautiously optimistic that in a few years - the braves will call this home during spring training .take pkgimagine thisa&transforming into all of thisa& a&the future home of the atlanta braves spring training. "we are probably at the half way point if you willsarasota county has gone public about its talks with the teama&. and proposalsa& to build a spring training facility in the west villagesa&which sits in the southern part of the county. if we were able to bring an iconic brand to join the one we have in the atlanta braves the benefits could be exponential.a move from their current digs in orlando - would bring the braves closer to several other major league teams that call the bay area home in the spring. the team had been in talks with pinellas county - regarding toytowna& sarasota county officials say the braves are doing their due diligence in looking for a new facility. out and touched usthis is corridor along us 41 and i-75. along with practice fields and are to build a 7500 seat stadium on 100-150 acresa&it would sit next to the state college of florida's venice campus. this is exciting because its bringing jobs it would bring a destination location to this area and give us one more reason to visit. moneya&proposing using state dollars to pay for some of the build. but they aren't yeta&admitting there's still been thru this process before cautiously optimistic we'll respect the process and see where it leasds uswe're told the negotiations will continue here. again this is about a 2 year processa&if approved the goal would be to have the stadium ready for spring training in 2018. in sarasota
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3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to o'clock hour. 3 ((russell/2shot)) it's a very busy morning... deputies shoot a man - accused of waving a gun around an apartment complex.. fox 13's shayla reaves will bring us up to date in a couple minutes..((laura)) also - a young girl says a stranger approached her while walking the line he used - to try and lure her in his car.. 3 ((russell/take vo)) also ahead this morning - a wild rescue.. a community comes together to help an elephant - stuck in a mud pit.. 3 ((laura/wipe vo)) and - a news reporter almost run down during a live report.. this morning - his emotional "thank you" to the photographer who saved his life.. it's all ahead - at six. 3
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3 301. p>>russell: heavy along 301. pa dangerous walkway, a driver on pa police pursuit. phow they risked their own lives pto end things safely and why pdanger may be lurking on 301 pthis morning. p>>laura: a big night for donald ptrump and bernie sanders. pthey defied expectations. lus -- p>>russell: that is a close call.


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