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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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(mark the democratic presidential candidates face- off in their final debate before the florida primary. hillary's pointed response when asked about her emails.. ..when the news starts in 45 seconds.. 3 wendy hates dirty lawn furniture. that' s why she uses scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxi-clean. it cleans all of wendy' s lawn furniture without damaging any of wendy' s lawn. scotts. it'
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>> you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great! >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the debate that could change everything. that. it's such a peaceful and quiet area. >> a man tried to abduct an 11-year-old girl, how the quick-thinking child got away. >> please, as another human being take down the video. >> the hulk hogan sex tape battle intensifies. and how it could impact his case. >> good evening, everybody and welcome, i'm kelly ring. >> a and i'm mark wilson, first at
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and hillary is heating up. let's go straight to craig patrick. bernie sanders is coming off a big win in michigan and so who has more to lose tonight? >> clinton does; because she has more delegates and she is the front runner. and while there are fireworks they are not directing much of it at each other. rather, each have been focused much of their attacks, nearly all of it as a matter of fact on the gop front runner donald trump. and when asked if he was a racist, they would not go, there and hillary clinton mocked trump's call for a wall that mexico would pay for but the first part of the debate brought up points that hillary clinton did not necessarily want to cover, first why she thought she
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and who gave her permission to set up a private e-mail server. watch this exchange. >> -- there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors and it was permitted. >> if you get indicted is that indicted, will you drop out other ? >> oh my goodness, that is ridiculous, that is not going to happen and i'm not even going to answer that question. >> there are no game changing in this be date debate but that could, and at this point the cal calculus sets up a position for betterly bettery better thane better better thane better bernie to play
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clinton in florida. we did i think make a little bit of news though, here, because hillary clinton and bernie sanders both promised, when pressed, that they would not under any circumstances deport children or those who do not have criminal records. from there they both called each other's records into question. >> no, i do not support vigilantes and that is a horrific statement, an unfair statement to make. i will stand -- terms of my political career fighting for workers, fighting for the poorest people in this country. madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> gives you a good sense of the tenor and flavor of this debate.
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we'll map it out for you and 11:00 and tomorrow a very big day for both candidates. hinter will be here in tampa, ybor city and bernie sanders will be holding an event later on in the day tomorrow, and i'll be there. i will talk to bernie sanders one-on-one. >> and craig, thanks. meantime donald trump and his republican rivals are busy campaigned in florida ahead of the big winner-take-all primary. >> strer >> stranger danger in polk county. police are looking for a man they believe tried to abduct a little 11-year-old girl after she got off the bus, and josh is live to tell us more. >> kelley, that guy tried luring the 11-year-old into the car by
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hospital and she needed to get in the car with him to go to the hospital. but fortunately she knew you never talk to strangers and got the heck out of there, and tonight deputies want to catch this guy. some kids. >> he came up to her in a four-door white vehicle, a 2000's model, tinted windows, black rims, black bumper and said, hey, your mom is in the hospital and they sent me to get you. >> but thankfully it didn't work tuesday evening on an 11-year-old girl from davenport. >> norwich fortunately this young lady was astute enough to know nah, that is not true and they took off running. >> she had just gotten off the bus in a quiet community filled
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>> we walk all the time and it seems like a great neighborhood. i'm surprised. >> deputies put out this composite sketch calling it 80% accurate. he was wearing a green shirt with orange lettering and may may neighbors are praising the little girl for running away rather than becoming a victim. >> i would probably have gone right in the car, but today they educate kids. >> we have to find him before he picked up some young person some place, we are exceptionally concerned. >> it's every parent's nightmare, and there are cameras near the area but it doesn't show the incident, or more accurately the charade this man played to an innocent little girl. >> hopefully someone recognizes that guy or the car. the polk county sherrif's office is waiting to hear from you.
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to pasco, where deputies say a man tried to suffocate and kidnap a woman. jason cheladyn attacked her while they were sitting in his car. he asked her if she wanted to smoke pot and when she said no and opened the door, he tried to put a plastic bag over her head, but they got away, and this is the tag, bpsp50, a red hundred hyundai, and if you know where he is pasco county deputies want to hear from you. >> okay, it's day three in the hulk hogan sex tape trial, and hogan's attorney says the more he actually pleaded with the gawker website to take down the video, the more gawker refused. >> david houston was his name and he said he was not threatening or rude.
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the right thing, and as soon as he realized they had posted the website he tried everything to have it taken down. he wrote e-mails to gawker pleading with them to remove it from the website and the tape showed hogan having sex with heather clem, and houston says he threatened to sue but instead tried a softer approach. >> we are not here to challenge you or tell you what to do. it is certainly something that could cause great damage to my client and therefore i'm asking you please, as another human being take down the video. >> gawker did not remove it until they got an order from a judge, and they said hoaken hogan talked openly about his sex life and that made it fair game.
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miles down u.s. 301, there is the driver, dunk derek hyde. deputies followed him and boxed in him and then hyde slammed his truck into four police cruisers before giving up. they found a one-pound bag of a white powder in his truck and he was also tossing things from his truck and he drove along. neighbors said they were stunned by what they saw. >> he put everyone else's lives in danger. if he wanted to to do something stupid, go somewhere else and do it, he put lives in danger. >> this is his eighth arrest since 2011. >> look at this, the whole family. are you kidding me?
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keeping it in the family for sure. the polk county sheriff says three brothers, one of them 17 tortured and killed a man and then called the father to help them get rid of the body. all four family members and a friend are behind bar, charged with murder and other crimes. chris, the sheriff says this is a case of vigilante justice. >> vij lan at vij vij vigilante justice gone way too far. it was a case of revenge. the sheriff says on january 14 a female close to the brothers he didn't want to identify her came to him and said she had been raped by a man named robert banes after smoking meth with him. the brothers called him over to
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buying drugs and he says they beat him with a pipe and stick, and strangled him with an electrical cord and then violated him. >> nathan sodomized him with a flash light asking him, "how does that feel now? how do you like it" and then they beat him to death. >> the brothers say they called her father and told him what they had down and he helped them take the body to sumter down and burn it. he is charged with accessory to murder, and there is an investigation to see if the female was actually raped by banks. they took pictures of the victim's body with a cell phone and showed it to them bragging about the murder. he says the suspected are cooperating and have given pass codes for their phones to get
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interesting grady judd moment. >> i can tell you the first time we do have trouble getting into a cell phone we are going to seek an order from apple and when they deny us, i am going to go and lock the ceo of apple up because you can't violate the law and when you are asked for information and you don't provide it, we are going to see how good their lawyers are. >> so tim cook, you are on notice, i guess. the sheriff was referring to apple refusing to help the fbi broke into the apple phone of one of the riverside, california terrorists. and so we'll see if there is ever a case where judd can flex the muscle he put into that
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>> and first lady nancy reagan is being laid to rest but her legacy clearly carries on. >> she was very, very well respected. >> so what were she and her husband like behind closed doors? we are going to hear from a secret service agent who guarded them. >> and horrors that a mother never wants a child to go through. >> a deadly drug has taken a new shape. a deadly warning about heroin pills tonight. >> and what a midwest just west of mess just west ofus, talking about significant flooding like in monroe, louisiana, up to a foot of rain, and eventually that line is going to move our way. and we'll talk the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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row pose tonight lying inrepose tonight and tomorrow will be buried at the ronald reagan library. she passed away of course, of congestive heart failure on sunday. she was 94. a private funeral is scheduled for friday, and she will be buried next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. one of those mourning her loss is with us tonight. >> i can only imagine the stories he has about mr. and mrs. reagan. >> from air force one to horseback riding this agent was assigned to protect both reagans and they must have a business-like relationship with the people they protect but he uses the words like dignified, respectful, humble, and
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>> look at these picture, who do you notice first? certainly the president and first lady are most register recognizable but something else they all have in common is greg mertz. >> he served four presidents over 21 years in the secret service, starting with ronald reagan. he was assigned to the first lady's detail in 1987. >> she was such a motivator and a behind-the-scenes leader and mentor and partner and teammate with president reagan. >> he trailed on horseback and drove her and did everything he could in all sorts of situations to keep her safe. during the "just say no" to drugs campaign, he was told she would be hoisted up to dunk a basketball.
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my hands out waiting for something bad to happen. >> but the memories are more somber now. >> after she passed away i took it to heart. >> he says the way she is being described now is how she really was. he remember's the president's health scare towards the end of his sad striation. >> administration. >> every day when she left they they she would thng all thank all of the nurses and aides for take such good care of her husband. >> but this time he came to say good bye to the woman he gave his life to. >> she was very, very well respected. >> and she also loved children. he says she drew strength from gathers of children at the white
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his former secret service colleagues to attend the services in california. >> that is really something. evan axelbank in our news room, and they are trained to keep their distance but at the same time they have to be so close, and so i'm sure it's very emotional for many of them. >> i'm glad he spoke out because it gives us a side of her we may not hear or see or a validation of that. thank you for speaking out, and it is a beautiful night. >> especially in planted city, it was awesome. >> what, about 20,000 fans cheering you on? >> they were your fans out there. >> always appreciate the support, very nice of you and it was a beautiful day. take a look, the facebook pictures are off the charts. this is high clouds coming in at
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the wind was up, certainly a breezy day, and tony turk tonight, nice job, tony, love that, and our good buddy ed posting basically morning, noon and night. a nice job, ed, love that over in clearwater, and then crystal beach, this is over by palm harbor looking off to the west and the gandy bridge late today, some of these high clouds are kind of blow-off clouds from the big storms occurring in the western gulf, and we will show you that on skytower in a moment. the trend is for the temperatures to stay in the low 80's at least into next week, the average high is 75 dress degrees and we should say above average for at least a week or so. is this the first day in a while we have had temperatures above
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the weather was last year, the last time was the last three days of december, it's tough to believe but that included new year's eve and all three of those days were 80 plus, and you remember our november december was out of control with nearly every single day in the mid to upper 80's. the clock moves ahead one hour this weekend as daylight savings time again, and sunrise will be 7:41 and sunset at 7:35 and so additional time to enjoy the weather in the evening and that is saturday night into sunday morning. turns out to be the shortest weekend of the year at 47 hours. you get high pressure off of the east coast and the high is strong enough to act like a block, at least temporarily and keep the rain away. the combination of a high here and a big upper-level low spinning here is bringing rain
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all coming in on the same line. there have been search ands are operations tonight in louisiana where rainfall amounts have been up to near a foot in the past couple of days and urch unfortunately there is more to come. this is monroe, louisiana and memphis, east of st. louis and that train of rain continues tomorrow. for us, we'll stay dry as the high pressure is strong enough to keep the rain at bay. one thing you want to keep in mind if you are boating tomorrow, it's kind of rough, the future cast as the high hanging tough. we stay dry and warm tomorrow, and if you're concerned about rain this weekend, lots going on including the grand prix, i think the best chance of rain is saturday, not sunday, and even then i don't expect much, maybe a couple of showers as
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this mess goes this way and not that way. it's mostly clear and a mild night,64, and back in the 80's home, and turns humid, 82 will do it, on friday, rain-free and toasty, with a high 8 degrees above the average of 75, and i don't think it's going to be a wash-out, we turn a little bit cooler early next week. overall that is a pretty good seven-day forecast. back to you. >> that is stellar, paul. okay, a high-stakes decision.
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>> new developments in the fight to fill the empty supreme court seat. president obama is working to pick justice scalia's successor and he has interviewed at least four candidates. >> but appointing a justice will not be easy. >> if there is a short list of nominees there are little doubt these judges are on it, and while there are no guarantees, white house officials admit that president obama is sloasly slowly closing in on a nominee to fill the vacant si
10:28 pm
vacancy left by justice scalia's death. >> it is a dereliction of our constitutional duty. >> senate republicans say they plan to ignore them. >> what they are planning to do is an unprecedented and unwarranted he is escalation of partisan politics. >> the names are familiar. one clerked for justice o'connor and another for justice beginsberg, and 63-year-old judge who clerked for justice brennan and who has strong support on both sides of the aisle but in this politically marged charged environment, the gop may not releapt.
10:29 pm
political charged will atmosphere not to hold the hearings but i don't think anyone gets through. no way, nohow. >> well, it's a few key days in a high-stakes race. >> what i say to the republicans is embrace it, we will win the election easily. >> thank so, huh?
10:31 pm
>> ted cruz picked up a big endorsement today from former republican presidential candidate carly fiorina. reformer. someone willing to take on the sta cuss status quo in washington.
10:32 pm
taking on three of his rivals and losses in ohio and florida would likely force several out of the race. >> donald trump won three of the four contests last night, comfortable building his own momentum and slowing his rivals down. >> they call them the elites but those are the people who don't respect it yesterday and what i say to the republicans is embrace it, we will win the election easily. >> trumps aids says the others have to drop out now to avoid potentially embarrassing showings in their states,. >> if you were a jeb or a marco supporter or a kasich supporter
10:33 pm
>> and rubio pleaded for support. >> they were saying ben carson is going to drop out and now they are spreading rumors we are going to end our campaign, but i will be on that ballot on tuesday, and campaign as long as it takes. we are going to the white house and we are going to win this nomination. >> rubio is on the ropes and knows it, he has a meeting with jeb bush today, and if bush endorses anyone but rubio, it would be a huge below to the florida senator. behind his end-zone rally conference today, he has to pull out off a win. >> florida health officials have confirmed the first sexually transmated case of the zika virus in the states, one is travel related and the other was
10:34 pm
who had traveled to one of the countries. the cdc says while it's true that it's typically transferred through mosquitoes they are getting more and more reports of sexual tran transmission. >> there was a potentially explosive situation outside the courthouse today, three suspicious packages found outside the front door, they were bottles wrapped in duct tape. the sheriff says it was an obvious attempt to create a scare, but he saw no reason to close the courthouse. >> they were three small bottles and the damage they could have done was so narrow and contained there was no reason to do that. >> and while that was going on, a woman called 9-1-1 and claimed
10:35 pm
to the courthouse to shoot up the place with guns and the sheriff sinks the first hoax prompted the second hoax. >> and a offer-duty undercover deputy was shot by rojas who has just threatened his girlfriend with a gun and fired shot noose the s intothe house before taking off in his car. the plainclothes deputy was wearing a vest and he was takingen son takingtaking his son to school while on his way to work. >> he was on duty? >> he was not on duty. >> the deck tifers detectives 14-year-old
10:36 pm
managed to call for help, the detective was hit in the head and hand and body, and he was in critical by stable condition in the hospital. rojas after a chies chase was shot four times by officers. he is in the hospital tonight. >> you don't know what you are getting until you put it in your veins. >> that is the horror of heroin and now heroin pills are becoming more and more popular. >> and those little blue pills have big consequences. >> welcome to ground zero of an epidemic. heroin. 77 people dies here died leer died here last year, but now there is a new form. >> they are in the form of a pill and some are even marked to
10:37 pm
>> this ignited a frightening side effects. addicts simply moved from prescription pills to heroin. >> the amount of money i have spent is ariel sharon astronomical. >> i was up to three to four budgets a day and it was roughly $300 to $400 a day. >> heroin became the single focus of her life. nothing else mattered. >> there is no time to go grocery shopping or going to the movies, it's about the drugs and that's it. >> she lost her children to addiction and said no family is immune, not even the most stable. >> what she went through are horrors that no mother wants her child to go through. >> and then another horror. >> she disappeared for two weeks and when we found her it was on
10:38 pm
walgreen's close to our home and she was on the bathroom floor with a needle had her arm, that is how i found out about my daughter. >> and then heroin killed her. >> it's hard to think about. >> a lot of these guys are cutting heroin with fentanyl. it may be the first time you overdse and maybe the second dime. that first time could cost you your life. >> and community addiction centers like this one are on the front lines of this crisis. >> we have recently seen a resurgence of people asking for help to let off of heroin. and when people try to stop using they go through a withdrawal that can last for weeks and some become so sick they can't stop on their own. that's where we can help. >> and now sylvia fights her
10:39 pm
it's a cold, hard reality. >> if you would like to know more about the work they are doing, we have it on our website, it's sobering. >> certainly is. >> and still to come, a special thanks to those who serve and protect.
10:42 pm
>> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00, customers of a long-term ybor restaurant will be glad to hear this. on the day it was supposed to close, is a spaghetti warehouse says it's staying put, and scotch whiskey could mean a hang-over for your wallet. >> with prices goes up, up, up. and. >> a big time for soldiers and veterans, honored for their
10:43 pm
>> it may be the only night where the strawberries are not the biggest stars. it's american heros day. >> how does it make you feel to know that veterans and first responders are welcomed -- >> an excellent idea. >> they paid for me. in 1945 my father was in the second world war, and i'm a navy baby. >> they have macdill so close and i don't what your political views are on the wars and all of that you have to love the people who go out and keep us safe every single day. >> i have five generations of law enforcement in my family. >> and fox 13 for years has been a proud sponsor, helping to thank each and every brang branch of service. >> the land of the free
10:44 pm
headliner. country music superstar marty in a mcbride with 15,000 of her big his fans enjoying each and every note. >> american hoar heros day sponsored by the care force. >> and marty in a was phenomenal and what a beautiful night! a special day all around. good job. >> and scott, you need to get out there, you have to see the strawberries, you will love it. >> looks like a lot of fun. well, the nfl free agency kicked off today, a flurry of moves and stick with us, and the best coflers golfers are here, and how tough is the course?
10:45 pm
els. >> that looks like it hurt. >> and could you create this wild snow art? this is 3 (chris) a battle between ride sharing services and the hillsborough transportation commission is heating back up. why regulators are going to start fining uber and lyft drivers again... tonight at 11. in 1934, another hamburger. it needed a steakburger.
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quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. >> just when you think you've seen it all, have you seen snow art before? >> no!
10:48 pm
led suits and snow but this is simon beck. he created a snow portrait. it is using only his feet. he walked -- yeah, look at that, like in two feet of snow. he walked more than 20 miles over a 13-hour had period to cread it and create it and in case you were wondering, he sketched it all out first. >> and where did he find that massive piece of property that had not been touched. >> that is the french alps. >> and how do you sketch that out, that is amazing. >> you appreciate it more the wider you see the shot. >> this photo is trending and was flashed at splash mountain in disney disneyland, check out the
10:49 pm
scrowling in scawling scowling in the back, and this has gone viral now. she was mad because her husband wouldn't go on the ride and people are having fun with this, as she falls from the sky. >> who was the gymnast a couple of years ago who had a not impressed look, i forgot her name but this is what this reminds me of. that is very funny. >> very funny, and she probably did that just to look in the camera because you know when it's going to be taken. >> either that or it was her 40th time. >> the lesson is don't let your husband get control of the photos. >> okay, you have to see this precious video, an excited giraffe, the little guy so excited to be outside. this is his first time he was outside for the spring and he
10:50 pm
he is two years old, and he lives in chicago's brookville zoo and spends the winters in an enclosed area and now he is able to run, this should shot the first time he could go outdoors and he just loves to run, and he is not good at it -- oh, well, here is he is getting better and better. >> they have quite the gallop. >> he does and just loves to run, just like my kids when they are outside, run! get that energy out for sure. all right, scott. >> i was going to say that reminds me of myself when i was about 12 or 13 years old, long and clunky. and then running back doug martin is on board for another five years and the bucs looking
10:51 pm
signed guard sweezy for another five-year contract, and there is a potential max value of 42 millions if he hits all of his incentivs but the bucs were able to keep their own and at a pretty fair value, keeping the key pieces of this offense together for years to come. >> doug has overcome adversity with the injuries. he had a couple of years where i was banged up and not by us but he was written off by a lot of people, and coach cutter was one of cut koetter wasone of his bigger fans and he is not a dime-a-dozen guy. >> every time doug touched the ball on the practice field he hit it hard and made it like it
10:52 pm
success even in preseason games it was not a spries spries because sur price because surprise because that is how he looked in practice. >> and big money came calling. former dolphin running back, lamar miller is also in denver, and on the even eve of the valspar, the attorneys happily announced it would stay in the area for another three years. a title sponsor has been reached locking them in at least through 2020, and with the return of the defending champ, and jordan spieth, who with an her last year, it
10:53 pm
victory helped to springboard an historic run. he said this course is perfect for setting the table for the majors majors ahead. >> it's a difficult golf course, in the top five normally most difficult nonmajor golf courses of the year, which is great for the majors. any time you can play a difficult course it requires patience and allowing the course to come to you and take chances in certain spots instead of just being able to fire away. >> the rays happy to welcome steeive steven sousa back into the lineup. he went 0-3 with a pair of strike outs and so it may take some time to knock the rust off. chris archer with some ups and downs, he struggled a bit with
10:54 pm
lose, and in comes goings, 1-0 toronto, and it happened with the next batter, archer goes 2 and a third, and the rays fell 5-1, and archer says he was feeling really confident about his stuff, everything in sync. >> he hit everything he aimed at, right? >> you got a good point there. >> just spring training, thank goodness. >> approximate and and it all doesn't matter in the he said. >> well, coming up a birthday bash like no other. >> this woman turned 100 and the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> well, this is good stuff. how about this, wilderness lake preserve, a great shot there barry white, and if you know anything about florida, that is florida right there. uploaded to my facebook page through the wetder weather pix contest app.
10:58 pm
well deserved. and another sign that spring is on the way, tampa's high, 82, and washington, d.c. also 82, and records around the city, not long ago there was snow and sleet and freezing rain in chicago and today? 63. usually there is warm air shooting up the west coast. phoenix hit 80, raining in seattle and 52 degrees. this is the big problem, there is a state of emergency in many counties in louisiana with rainfall records falling and additional rain on the way. some areas are end up between one 1and 2 feet of rain. that is not g and good, and the rain continues into memphis and elsewhere, we
10:59 pm
we top off in the 80's by lunch time and turning more humid, and here are your lotto numbers for the day. good luck, back to you. >> all righty, paul, a woman from wisconsin has just turned 100 and is celebrating in a unique way. >> blanche bodwin hosted a blood drie drive to celebrate her big day, she has volunteered with the red cross for 40 years and is their oldest volunteer. she says giving back has kept her going. >> get out and do something. people say i look young, well, keep busy. if you sit home, you just get
11:00 pm
>> that is exactly right. blanche says they collected enough blood at her drive to save up to 300 lives. >> wow! how about that? happy birthday. >> time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> we talking about a local battle that has been reknew renewed. >> regulators are challenging ride sharing or not, but this time they are fighting back. >> whether we like it or not, the rules are on the books and we have to enforce them. >> with fines for uber and lyft drivers. >> you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> hillary clinton fighting back.


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