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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (mark things get out of control at a donald trump rally in chicago. >> things get out of control at a donald trump rally in chicago. when is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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>> they are taking a chance with just their life. >> what you don't know about spice could kill you. the popular street drug and a hidden danger. >> a donald trump rally is flooded by protestors. how an up-beat event turned so ugly it has to be canceled. >> i honestly think this is where elections are won. >> the fight for florida is heating up.
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trying to win over bay-area voters. >> good evening, everybody and welcome. i'm kelly ring. >> and i'm mark wilson. at 10:00 a new stage of ugly. a donald trump rally called off in chicago as protestors panicked and packed into the area where it was scheduled to take place, and the announcement that trump could postpone the rally led to cheers and several encounters between some mbs members of the crowd, and here are more of the flights fight here. some said that his comments as prior rallies have fired up his protestors but what happened could be cause for concern at future events.
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and this time it was the protestors. it raises broad concerns for trump and those who might attend the event. >> and faculty and staff had petitioned the school not to hold the rally. citing concerns. >> ahead of the florida primary, thankfully things are much calmer here in the bay area. which candidate is nominated may well heng on florida and what happens in the primary but it also may hinge on the ground game, and the get-out-the-vote effort but font volunteers is in full swing now. >> for all ofort talk
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they are solely focused on convincing voters to go to the polls and are driven by passion for their candidate. >> ah, yes, the sounds of politics. (cheers). >> i'm a volunteer in tampa for hinter. >> the get out the vote effort is underway. >> on the internet and redit and grassroots movements like us. >> bernie sanders is hoping to pull off a double. first michigan and maybe, maybe, florida. >> one volunteers drove for hours just to stand in line. >> you wouldn't do that for everybody, that is my candidate. >> but think again, this person from d.c. is in town and he
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made100 calls today. >> i think this is where elections are won. >> certainly it helps people spread the word of mouth. >> it's always get a to great to be a part of the system. >> this teacher has supported mar supportedmarco rubio since he became a tea party darling. >> we want the guy to win and we are all positive in not thinking about anything but winning. >> the candidates themselves however, now that the game is not without risk. >> risk. >> and they got a mouthful from trump supporters just passing by. >> that is the fun side of politics. the campaigns have a few more days to fight in florida and
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and move on to the next state. others depending on how well their candidates do on tuesday will have to pack it in for good, and the candidates often thank their volunteers on the thank-yous yous can thank those working so hard on the ticket, most of them people that the candidates have never even met. >> and when you think of all of the hours. >> and it's hours and hours a day for the mast last months. >> a really passion for serving. thank you very much, evan. >> and a wild spike in overdoses for a popular drug. in the past days 30 calls for rescuers based on use of
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what is going on here, evan? >> emergency room doctors say this week they've dealt with dozens of serious reactions to spice from seizures to even death and they think it has to do with a bad batch of the drug. >> whether it is a poorly mixed batch. whether it was a specific unique characteristic of one of these 500 different compounds that is the part that is really hard to determine medically. >> doctors and first responders in tampa are worried because they can't pin down why emergency rooms have been filled with an overwhelming number of overdose patients. the one common thing is that all of those have been on spice. >> perng it's spice. >> >> it looks like marijuana, it's
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material that is soaked in chemicals. >> tampa rescue got 30 calls, 12 calls in just one day, compared to 17 total for the month of february, and the symptoms range from seizures and heart attacks to strokes in otherwise healthy people. and many of the victims have become violent. >> dr. michael strolla says cases of people addicted to the drug are up overall. >> they can have panic and manic type reactions and very depressive reactions, very suicidal or homicidal ultimately tape reactions type reactions or thoughts. >> and just last week the
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would ban all synthetic drugs no matter the chemical component and that should represent help in the prosecution of those found in this drug. >> and police they've they have found the dodge challenger used in the drive-by shooting that send a to getter to toddler to the hospital. the car was reported stolen on monday and right now forensics teams are looking for evidence inside, but someone in that car opened fire and hit 3-year-old jayla mack in the stomach, and also hit a 23-year-old. both are expected to recover. no arrests have been made in the
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>> and police say this man, 28 had sex with a 13-year-old girl and got her pregnant. he they say he admitted to the crime. he has been registered as a sex offender and he was on probation when heed that sex with the teenager. and hulk hogan's attorneys have rested their case against gawker. he is suing gawker for posting a sex tape with him and his best friend's wife. gawker says they had a right to publish the tape. and the sounds of scwawfing qualifying runs filled the air in downtown today, with the roar of the engines and it will continue all weekend.
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tomorrow, and thousands are expected to attend. you should really budget more time for security screenings if you go down there similar to someones at major stadiums. today was warm-up day for the volunteers partners with vendors. >> we get a very small percentage of the sales but we get to keep 100% of our tips and it's a great fundraiser for our schools because our students don't have to go out and sell wrapping paper. >> and racing starts in the morning and leads up to the afternoon grand prix. and soon a free ride is coming to downtown tampa. >> we have trolleys and water taxis and bikes but now a new form of transportation is on the way, and the free service -- around. more after the break.
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anything, you just need to have a positive attitude. >> a horrible accident turned his life upside down but how this chef turned his life into a platform to help others. >> and beautiful out there, plenty of warm temperatures and the question is is it going to be a dry or a rainy weekend or a mix of (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom
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and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. >> the legislative session in tallahassee has officially ended. >> something that failed to pass this session was a state-wide policy for ride-share sferses. services. the house approved its version of the bill and the senate had planned on the table today but we are told it never made it to athe jen today because of this. the hillsboro public transportation commission
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and is reissuing tickets to lyft and uber drivers. this is an app called downtowner and with the push of a button you can get a free ride anyway in the downtown aboard a six-seater open-air vehicle. >> and crystal has been looking into the app and it sounds like really good deal. >> the downtown tampa partnership is launching this app, and on any given night will are hundreds of people walking the streets but they can either park or pay to park or walk but their options are very limited. >> we've got buses. we've got boats. and we've got bikes but when it comes to hitching a ride in tampa there is one thing the
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>> the short little trips just fall through the cracks. >> dining and will sites are spaced out. >> there is no way without your car to get to those areas. >> and hart buss are just not convenient for a night on the town. >> the hassle and the overpopulated buses. >> think uber but without the cost. visitors and residents can hail a ride on one of six-seater electric-powered vehicles. and the driver is your tour guide. >> the driverrers have that training and they are going to know a lot about the community. >> they arrive in 10 minutes or less, and they plan to run the service from 6:00 a.m. to 11 p.m. week days and 11:00 to
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>> we'll be able to ramp it up and scale back. >> and the rice rides are free. but city officials are planning to crack down on uber and lyft and the downtown partnership is hoping to fill the gaps in service. >> we are not inventing anything the service. >> the vehicles have not been purchased yet but we are told that the start-up costs are between $800,000 and $850,000 to get it going. hotels say their customers could certainly use this type of service and if all goes well,
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>> we are definitely looking forward to it. and clearly people need alternative sources of exaction, transportation. and let's hand it off to mike. it's been a picture-perfect week. >> yeah, a pretty nice weekend and we talked about showers potentially on sunday. still a bit of a murky picture as to who is going to see the showers and when they move it but we'll try to break it down for you. if you were up this morning you got a treat. take a look. look at the sunrise. what a spectacular sunrise it was across the area, colors of orange and pink and red and it ended up being a pretty fies day overall. now, the biggest problem over the last couple of weeks were in the season, and now the tree pollen season, especially. it remains high for the weekend.
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sunday and monday that may ramp things down a bit but i don't see it coming to an end, hopefully over the next couple of weeks we will ramp things down just a bit. so both of those well above average, shy of records but certainly much warmer than it should be this time of year, the dewpoint 63 and so muggy air and the barometer calm, 71 in new port richey, and 70 down in sebring. across the country, this is pretty mild for midmarch. 71 in atlanta, and 59 in dallas and 59 in omaha, and eventually later this week we'll see cooler air across the northern half of the country, and there are clouds across the west trying to
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has been the rain. it stays away for now but eventually it will start to spin in, and this upper-level low is moving and the other big story that doesn't get a lot of press has been the heavy rain across california and some of the mountain snows. they are trying to get out of a three of four-year-long drought. sunday we are going to start to see showers pop up, late morning, early afternoon the best chance and inland your best chance is early to made to late oven and then generally 30 to 40% rain chances going through the night sunday and on into at least the first half of the day on monday. 66 tonight and watch out for
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here is your seven-day. temperatures in the low 80's and 40% rain chance os s on sunday, and 30% chance of showers and then upper 70's tuesday and wednesday and back to 80 to round out the week. >> all right, still to come at 10:30,. former first lady nancy reagan laid to rest. >> she was known for her feers fierce
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today in california.. friends, family and loved ones of former first lady nancy reagan.. >> today in california friends and family and loved ones of former first lady nancy reagan gathered to celebrate her incredible life. she was 94. >> what a devotion and what a marriage they had? speakers recounted her drive and her love for her husband. >> the service today included family, friends, political figures and even hollywood elite all gathering to say their last good-byes. it brought together democrats and republicans but the focus was on her contributions to the
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the former first lady was you'll you'll eulogizend but her daughter and son, and -- baker. >> while they might venture out and include others in their orbit, no one truly crossed the boundary into the space they held as theirs. >> they were co-equals and complements one complemented one another. individual they could have gone far but together they could and did go anyway. >> anyway. >> she was buried next to her husband on a hill facing the pacific ocean, and her staff added a special tribute.
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her husband nearly 12 years ago played at her funeral. >> and waiting to see what the governor decides. we have a bill that is expanding medical marijuana use in florida and the go governor could sign or just let it go into law, but many people say they are forced to break the law to get the relief they need for their pain. we spoke with one bay area mother who has done just that for her 5-year-old daughter who is fighting an aggressive brain tumor and according to the mom cannabis only is the only painkiller that has helped her little girl. >> after diagnosis we spend most of our nights watching our children breathe to make sure they are still alive and the
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window to make sure a s.w.a.t. team is not coming to our house. >> she says her doctors are aware of their use of the can nis oil cannabis oil, but other doctors say more testing needs to be done on the dosing and safety for kids. >> and back in january, cedric carr posted grady judd you don't stop my show. well, he was wrong. deputies just arrested him in a drug crack-down calling him a career criminal. >> the bottom line is he is a bad guy but he thought that he would taunt us and say hey, you don't stop my show. well, we stopped his show. >> his charges are grand theft
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possession of a firearm by a convicted felony. >> and dozens of people have been arrested after trump supporters clashed with the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. we have more now on the developing story in chicago... >> all right, much more on this developing story in chicago as contramp conelectron confrontations between trump supporters and protestors became violent. the rally was called off. >> this was the scene outside the uic pavilion in chicago stretching several blocks around the building, an estimated 6,000 demonstrators voicing their anger at the presidential candidate many holding signs and calling trump unamerican for his past controversial statements. inside the rally, fights
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punches thrown. many shouting at each other, but no serious injuries. police got control of the situation and asked people to leave. >> i don't want to see people hurt or worse and made a decision not do it and postpone the rally. it was a big rally with tremendous people but i just don't want to see people get hurt, any people on either side. we have such a divided country, it's been so divided under this president and i've been saying it for a long time. >> trump created waves on the campus and dozens of faculty and staff petitioned administrators to cancel the rally, and he is facing intensifying criticism for the violence between protestors and supporters. >> tonight trump and his rivals are gearing up for tuesday's big primary.
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look at the push to gain support. >> that the candidates resumed the battle and fanned out to the various state. >> at a jewish sin synagogue, rubio refirmed his support for israel. >> mr. trump perhaps does not understand that his position is in fact antiis israeli and that is perhaps not his intent tbhaw is but that is the practical result of his position. >> but his aides have suggested that rubio voters in ohio should vote for kasich so top the front runner.
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>> kasich aides couldn't wait to thank rubio -- slammed trump for having no real solutions to the nation and world's problem. >> -- he says whatever the problem is we need more government and so any issue he doesn't disagree with hillary and obama on stiewns. >> substance. >> former rival carson endorsed trump this motor vehicle who admitted hitting him hard. >> today the retires physician diagnosed trump as having more than one. >> a. >> one. >> one. >> one. >> a persona. >> there are two trumps. the one on the stage and the one that is very cerebral, and that is the one that you will start to see more and more and more.
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likelihood of a contested convention. in the everglades, carl cameron, fox news. >> there is only one person in the world who can say their father was president and now thear their mother is running for the office and that is chelsea clinton. she was just 12 years old when her father bill clinton was sworn in as the 42nd president of the united states and now years later, chelsie says it's her earliest memories of her mom that inspired her. >> i grew up listening to her talk about what was so important for her and watch her fight so hard to break down barriers that hold too many people back. >> she says she is proud of both of her parents and she is
10:35 pm
and that being a mom had made her realize just how important this election season is. >> and one executive receive in >> life forever. >> in a split second on a sunny day this past july his life changed completely. >> there was a distracted driver playing with his radio who hit me going 55 miles per hour, and i didn't even realize it was an accident, it just was a big explosion, but as soon as it happen, the explosion part right away i felt it was not good. my legs went numb completely from the very beginning. >> and now paralyzed at 52,
10:36 pm
>> i'm just going to take the bowl like this and butter the pan. >> this is helping. >> yeah, chuck does physical therapy here but being back in the kitchen is his true love. >> when i cook, i come into a different world, it's one of those things where when you start cooking all of my problems go away. >> cut off the bottom and cut it in half and put it in the bowl. >> he is now teaching other patients to cook even with a disability. >> always make sure you have the right knife for the right job. >> his spinal chord is still impact and so he is hopeful that one day he will walk again but right now he is just focused on what he can do. >> it could have been worse, and a lot of people say well, you are sitting in a wheelchair but i could have been dead.
10:37 pm
just opened its doors to 14 dogs among hundreds rescued from an arkansas puppy mill. the staff spend the day taking a look at them. nearly 300 dogs were found living in deplorable conditions and suffering from untreated medical issues. the arkansas owner surrenders the dog and is facing animal cruelty charges and the society says some of the dogs spent their whole lives in cages, whole lives, forced to breed. >> please don't buy puppies from pet stores because it says it's okay to do this. and it's not fair she has had to spend eight years just giving birth. >> now the dogs will get the medical care they need and be
10:38 pm
chipped. >> and it was just really a blessing, it was an amazing experience. >> last night lawn furniture. that' s why she uses scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxi-clean. it cleans all of wendy' s lawn furniture without damaging any of wendy' s lawn.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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coming up tonight t >> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00 a question of how security it really is at universal studios orlando. after an employee was stabbed in the park. and astronaut scott kelley is hanging up his space suit. what his retirement is going to mean for future missions to space. and it's game over for two more "american idol" hopefuls as the field is narrowing from eight contest presidents down to six. the competition is certainly fierce. >> and despite falling short of
10:42 pm
part of the show was an amazing experience. they she received high marms from the marks from the judges but seemed to have a hard time connecting with the audience. >> i think me and all of the other remaining contestants there is going to be a time when everyone has to go home and yesterday just happened to be my time, and that is cool. it's already. >> young said she is sad to leave the show in fact parkt part because of all of the friends she had made had among the finalists. >> and the bucs go out and spend big money this afternoon to bolster their express. what it can do for the bucs in the next season, and then the lightning is playing the same team that snapped their winning
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>> and i saw this video and i could not believe it. this massive sea creature is trending. you have got to see this. 3 drunk driver in north tampa.... the grieving family
10:46 pm
********> all right, in florida we get to see lots of big turtles because i'll bet you have not seen anything like this. this is from liberia and it's a group of people releasing this huge leather-back sea turtle, back into the ocean, and over there they grow upwards of 8 feet long and way up to 2,000 pounds and the way they get that big? is huge. they are incredible creatures but he is going the right direction. >> and fast. >> you could have used a huge there. >> he is struggling a little bit there. and some incredible dolphin
10:47 pm
whale watchers in orange county california recorded video of hundreds of dolphins jumping in and out of the water and it's known as a dolphin stampede, and it happens without warning and although it helps them travel more quickly -- >> are you sure there is not a about? >> write quite a race. >> and looks like they are having a blast. >> anything you can do i can do better. >> and this little lonely chimp finds a friend. his name is terry, and there he goes. his lonely days are over. he spend 18 years alone at a zoo in las vegas, but he was just moved to an animal sanctuary and
10:48 pm
it's so sweet to watch how they are interacting. and 18 years by himself, that is too long. >> but now he is happy. >> it is too long. >> all right. >> looks like they are working on their secret hand shape, a match and a pound and give me some skin. >> well, she they are still going. >> it's been a rough week for the lightning. the start quickly unraveled into a two-game losing skid and the flyers were in town and they were hoping to get a little pay-back but it did not start out well. the flyers got the first goal, for a lead, 1-0, and then on the powerplay once again, matt reid,
10:49 pm
and then it's braden, with an all-out assault, and the flyers were cruising along with a 3-0 lead, and plenty of time left for the bolts to get on the boards but they did not do so until late in the game and it would about not be enough. the flyers took it. >> and the bucs resign bucs resigned doug martin and just in case you thought they forgot about the defense, that came in a big kay today. after this 32-year-old is a solid corner cover. was a member of the dolphins and he has missed just one game in the last 13
10:50 pm
and jason sacs, and they love this guy's versatility, three years at 21 million and so a corner and a pass rusher, those were the important concerns and they have certainly been able to address them. now, only three times in the history of the valspar championship has the marquis guy not been in the field, and that was the corner concern for spieth coming into today, but he struggled a bit with the putter yesterday but not today. off of the green, and then heading for the seventh. and he did it once, what is a few more feet out? he does it again and sneaks inside the cut line, and so he
10:51 pm
and stricker can his first our co-leader sharing it with wilma will mckenzie, and in it comes. atop t leader board at 5 under par, and jake odorizzi showing his moves. how about this, getting defensive help and this is your shortstop, a double play from the opposite side of the field, and offense from the bat of taylor maud, rerks. mauder. later on mauder again, but it's not enough height i suppose. off the wall it goes and that brings in a run, he is 2 for 3
10:52 pm
and more ray's news, jer derek jeter is going to make the trip to cuba, and it's going to be a huge deal. >> it will be, okay, thank you so much, scott. have a good weekend. >> well, she finally got her high school diploma at 93. how her dream came true when we come right back. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day
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go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> what a just gorgeous start to the day. check this out, emelita peres send this one in, and you see the fog in the distance and the beautiful colors in the sky, but it didn't end there. rick deal send this one in from lakeland. look at the colors in the sky, and pam brown with this beautiful shot over the water. just a stunning start to the day and overall a pretty nice-looking day. here are the highs across the area. these should be around toarl early to
10:56 pm
midmay and here we are in mid march hitting them. a pretty warm day out there, tomorrow, maybe a degree or two average. weather headlines, temperatures remain warm and we continue to see higher humid around here as well. tomorrow, a stray shower possible. rain chances around 10% of so. maybe a white sprinkle but overall not looking at anything big, and then scattered showers sunday and shifting inland, rain chances sunday into monday, that is where we are close to the 40% mark. here is your satellite and radar view. this keeps the south-southeast flow going and the rain doesn't
10:57 pm
in the same spot to two days now and it's going to take time to make its way here. here is your future cast, there are light showers popping up throughout the afternoon. and rain chances 10 to 20%, but we'll start off dry and then start to see showers developing along the coast and move inland and the heaviest of the storms look to develop along the east coast, and then a few lingers showers out there. your forecast for the next few days, not bad tomorrow, a little bit in the ai way of cloud cover, and we'll keep a 30% chance of rain goes on monday, still warm and humid and details on your seven-day coming up in just a bit. >> all right, mike, thanks. how about some lotto time.
10:58 pm
now, before we go we want to stay a very special thank you to our producer, here for a number of years, jessica stanley, and we are sad to let her go, but jessica, thank you so much for taking care of us. >> fantastic, we love you and we are going to miss you. she is recently married and pan over and you see her husband, now she is jessica huntly, and we want to you just come and visit and keep in touch with us. >> a lot of talented people hundred-dollar the scenes behind the scenes here. >> very proud of her and happy for her. >> her. >> and a woman in ohio is celebrating a huge milestone. >> dorothy hudson finally receives her high school diploma from akron north high school.
10:59 pm
off to kentucky to marry her high school sweetheart, and a few months later she was pregnant and was forced to drop out of school because they found out she was married and now her deems of a high school diploma finally came true. >> i always wanted to graduate, although i'm 92. >> hudson's daughter wrote a letter saying her mom was just a few weeks from graduating in 1942 and the akron superintendent personally presented her diploma so her on a day that just happened to be her birthday. >> and cynthia is here, take it away. >> thanks, guys.
11:00 pm
between pro and antitrump protestors. >> picture a thousand-pound weight on top of you, multiply it by 10. >> a painful time for a family whose loved one was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. and new video of a stabbing inside universal orlando. the new concerns it's raising about the theme park. >> (yelling and shouting). >> this disturbing scene in chicago where a violent clash between protestors and police happened outside the university of illinois chicago campus, where donald trump was supposed to hold a rally and then quickly


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