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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a hillsborough county sheriff's deputy is killed on the job... when a wrong way driver crashes into his cruiser head on. the news begins in 60 seconds. 3
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>> drives at home called ought the deputies because it could have been his car, anyone else's car. >> right now at 10:00, a hymnsboro county sheriffs deputy is killed. when his car is smashed into head on. >> what donald trump is doing is so dangerous on so many levels. >> donald trump gets interference at his rallies.
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lloyd has the night often. mangled metal is all that's left of a hillsborough county sheriffs car. joins with his extended law enforcement family in mourning his death. kimberly q3son yuizon has the story. >> deputy kat fila tried to swerve out of the way. john's smile couldn't get much wider. bonded by their blood and careers but now their bond has been split. >> all the law enforcement men
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and women who are trying to get home alive. >> deputy cotfila was driving east along the upper expressway deck. he was hit head on and both were killed. >> it's probably the worst part of the job. we go through a lot when it's one of your own, it is very hard. >> deputy cotfila was going back to his zone from the hospital. his death sent a shock wave through law enforcement field. >> the men and women are out there trying uh trying to protect everybody. these officers are very concerned and this deputy was
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the years. >> neighbors tell us he was supposed to be going out of town to celebrate a birthday up north. not sure why he was in the area. but one thing for certain, the extended family, of deputy cotfila are questioning why. >> it could have been his car, anyone else's car. >> the be crash is still under investigation. they will wait for eric mcbeth's tests to see if he was impaired. >> kimberly thank you. >> sunset point road just west of hercules avenue. adult man was hit and killed. driver is being interviewed by police. the roads are closed right now for the investigation, so if
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you're in that area try to avoid that. another rowdy donald trump rally tonight in kansas city, where protesters clashed with supporters outside the even. washington, d.c. held its gop primary today, the results are not in but wyoming, ted cruz won most of the dejts at stake. ron henry delegates at stake. >> friday night's matchup between trump supporters and opponents was called off because of a forecast of more violence. then saturday morning that prediction nearly came true when a protester nearly was able to rush trump podium. >> get him out, get him out of here, get him out!
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i think they're bernie supporters. >> senator ted cruz is laying the reason for outbreak at the foot of trump. >> unlike donald trump i don't ask people in the audience to punch them in the face. >> senator marco rubio who is trailing in the polls was asked about his support of the future president, even if it is trump about. >> the fact that you are even asking me that question, i still intend to support the renal nominee but getting harder every day. >> hillary clinton took aim directly at trump. >> the encouragement of violence and aggression is not only wrong but dangerous. if you play with matches, you can start a fire. you can't control. that is not leadership.
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>> the next big contest for both parties is next tuesday where clinton is trying to fend off a big onslaught of bernie sanders. meanwhile on the republican side trump is trying to fight off two native sons, ohio's john kasich florida. in cleveland, ed henry fox news. >> marco rubio was campaigning around tampa bay today, from his meet and greet held in lakeland. taking pictures and sharing a couple of pictures with the republican candidate. he held rallies in pensacola and working up to get voter support on tuesday. >> we're feeling great.
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the future of our party of the conservative movement is at stake and i know republicans are going to come out and respond in big numbers. i'm so excited about it. >> rubio is scheduled to be in orlando tomorrow. three days away from the florida primary and this weekend poll workers are making the final prep. clerks drove up to the election service center today stocking up on all the essential election day supplies. the voting equipment has already been delivered. poll workers are now make sure they have everything else from manuals to forms to poll books. >> we started piling in these electronic pom books so now we're poll books so now we're ready. this is brackets brackets. best practices. >> all vote by mail ballots must be at the election office by 7:00 p.m. tuesday.
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early voting in hillsborough wraps up tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. ahead of the florida primary, we have the results of the most recent fox 13 poll. poll has senator ted cruz within striking distance of rubio for second place. a new policy in the works right now in the aftermath of the gop debate in miami and donald trump's decision to postpone his chicago rally because of clashes between supporters and protesters. we'll have that for you monday night at 5 p.m. sunday craig patrick goes one on one with marco rubio and bernie sanders. he'll drill into the issues that matter to voters here in tampa bay. we'll reveal predictions, and charlie la duff, takes us over
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money power and politics on fox 13. tonight tampa police are asking for public's help to find a hit and run driver, police a victim was riding his bicycle along 50th street when the driver of a pickup truck hit him. witnesses say the driver was a man with medium length blond hair. the bicyclist remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries. if you have any information about this crash call tampa police. >> if you like any and all types of music just follow your ears to downtown tampa. the gasparilla music festival kicked off today. 50 bands, five stages, on the river walk, rock hip hop to
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erica badu is the headliner. spring break are is in full swing. but reminding everyone of the rules, where they're cracking down on spring breakers, next. hey mike. >> hey haley. humidity did creep up.
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3 astronaut scott kelly is hanging up his spacesuit. 3 after nearly almost an entire >> astronaut scott kelly is hanging up his space suit after nearly a year in orbit, kelly announced his retirement. he looks forward to, a new role. continuing to do tests on how the human body holds newspaper space, his twin brother is retired astronaut mark kelly. if you are planning to head to the beach off anna marie island, beach officers will be looking for violators, watch where you park, they will ticket anyone not in a designated spot. officers say be patient when coming out to that island
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longer wait to get off and off the island. >> we're watching to make sure vehicles are not broken into, alcohol violations, parking enforcement issues. we're going to be out and going to be enforcing these laws and if you are under age and caught drinking we will call your parents no matter where they are in the state or out of state to try to get you be picked up by them. >> officers will be stepping up their patrols for the remaining period of spring break. >> it was a sea of green in ybor city. 20th st. patrick's day parade. decorated floats and plenty of beads. what is a tampa parade without beads?
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>> pretty nice day, week or so. little more in the way of cloud cover providing shade today. not too bad, still beach weekend. >> this is what we can enjoy until it starts getting -- >> start to see humidity creep up. if you were outside, it wasn't the temperatures, that humidity creeping up just a bit. >> it's back. >> i want to show you time lapse view from today. tampa camera looking out west. look at the sunset out there with this camera here, gorgeous gorgeous sunset and we'll just show you the other side of it. sunrise, after two time lapses in there why not? a little more in the way of cloud cover especially inland. kept temperatures to feel a little bit cooler. by the way reminder tonight turn the clocks forward one hour.
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tomorrow daylight savings time begins. almanac for today, 84 , high 64 this morning. well above average temperatures. only 3 off that record high. dew point of 65. dew point, remember last night upper 50s to low 60s. starting to see that dew point of dew point come up come up a little. warm evening, 75 in brandon, 74 for you in winter haven, 74 in new port richey. 73 in st. pete. even a few upper 60s. venice coming in at 68, lake placid 64. overnight into the day, sunday looks to be a pretty humid day. when you see the dew points rise
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that's when we start to see some fog out there. especially when we get the winds come down a little bit more. patchy fog developing out there, sea fog stays offshore into the day tomorrow. here's the look at how the satellite radar sets up. nothing over the states right now but off to the west we've got what's left of the rain that was impacting the guvment gulf coast east to panama city. this rain is kind of falling apart but still going to make it overnight hours towards sunday morning. the question is how much is going to be left by the time it comes? unfortunately the model is still split on that. huge batch of rain, this area of low pressure lifting towards cincinnati, bringing heavy rain to the tennessee valley and to the west. you can see it pouring into northern california, welcome
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drought for three or four years, they need this rain, higher elevations picking up snow as well. here is how our futurecast plays out. starting off okay, futurecast not showing anything, showers north of i-4 near the nature coast. as the line works eastward it starts to fall apart, near the north coast. like the summertime, you still get some rain near the coast before it falls apart so i think the best chance of any kind of late morning early afternoon showers would be up against the coast. then as that sea breeze pushes in land and towards the coast, you see more storms develop along that, those will be developing early afternoon, midafternoon, pushing eastward. overall, rain chances look to be 40 to 50%, slightly lower the
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higher north and west. keep that umbrella handy that's best advice during the day sunday. patchy fog out there, chance of a shower later especially north. tomorrow, 80 , scattered showers, rumbling of thunder. more shower than storm activity. main forecast for tomorrow, winds out of the east, two to three knots. breezy at times tomorrow, that could make the final round at valspar pretty interesting. 79 tuesday and wednesday. st. patrick's day looks nice, 80 degrees, nice weekend, potential for a heavy rain event. we'll keep our eye on that. >> all right mike. terrible accident at florida gun
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several children were shot. we'll tell you what happened when we come back. >> i'm kevin o'donnell, coming up, driver on a deck, when a
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the fairway.3 3 (haley ) a news alert right now in tampa. police are investigating a hit and run crash that killed someone in ybor city tonight. scwa. >> in the news alert, be police are investigating a hit and run that killed someone in ybor city. police are not releasing anything are more than what happened. roads are closed in that area. happening in a shooting range in ocala forest. deputies say a man was in the
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proper location, loading a double barrel shotgun. the shot gun ammo ricocheted and hit five or six people, several were rerated. 8, 10 and 14. plus father and grandfather. that family was from leesburg. everybody was taken to the hospital will be okay. >> this was an accident, always point a weapon in a safe direction, this points to the ground, we had concrete that caused a ricochet. but weapons are something we need to be very responsible with and treat with oututmost oututmost respect. >> police believe this was simply an accident. in claremont, two died when their plane crashed into a field. they do not know where the plane came from or what its destination was. they don't know what caused the
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no one on the ground was hurt. crews are working to remove a tree on the side of a home. happened in downtown orlando, the family was inside when the tree tipped over. to make matters worse there was a big bee hive on that tree. luckily no one was hurt. pretty soon you will be able to take a cruise to cuba. find out when service will begin, when we come back. and this video is going viral, a police officer who adopted an some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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10:30 pm
myself i know it's not -- >> reporter: tense moments for donald trump on the road to the white house. someone apparently threw something whether it was a threatening word or an object at donald trump during a campaign stop in ohio. protesters trying to rush the stage. secret service agents surrounded the candidate. the ohio incident came less than 24 hours after a chicago trump rally was cancelled after the potential for violence. others are weighing in on the trump factor. >> it's going to rip the country poorlt and will hurt us very direction. >> what trump is doing is incredibly taken russ at so many levels. the cause of their problems. >> scapegoating sphwhrp what they have scapegoating. >> that's what demagoguery is
10:31 pm
take people's fear and anger and turn them against minorities. >> not subtle and insults and schoolyard talksen along the lines of race and faith. certainly not violence against other americans. >> asked again saturday whether he would support donald trump if he was elected the nominee, florida senator marco rubio said, "it's getting harder every day." in chicago, matt finn, fox news. >> man intentionally rammed a snow mobile into teams, one dog killed several other injured, at iditarod race. newspaper reports said he told them after drinking at another town. >> emergency crews responded to
10:32 pm
an disment accident in terry town. barge is connected to ongoing construction on the bridge and it's believed the three people on board the tugboat are construction crew members. more flooding evacuations in southwest tennessee. rescue squad members helped a family get ohigher ground in haywood county. three people and five dogs were loaded including one woman who is five months pregnant. major problems of flooding across america. >> you can now go where no american has set foot in years. americans can now cruise to cuba. tourists can now enjoy whatever the cruise has to offer.
10:33 pm
carnival cruises will visit the island once a week starting this may. the number of tourists visiting cuba is expected to jump substantially. about. >> i've never been here. it was so interesting to know we were going to be -- they opened the ports and americans would come back in it seemed very interesting to do something we have never done before. >> carnival fat okay cruise line, provides interaction with the cuban community. (e) israeli air strikes in gaza city killed a ten-year-old boy and six-year-old sister. the air strikes targeted a hamas military base but shrapnel killed two children and six others injured. in a statement released by the israeli military, five other attacks were carried out.
10:34 pm
israel friday night. six skiers died at a massive avalanche in the french alps. rescued nearly a dozen people but not clear how many people were on the mountain at that time. mudslides and flooding caused by heavy downpours have taken a terrible toll in brazil. at least 18 people have lost their lives in weather related incidents including a four-year-old boy. authorities say the amount of rain that fell within a 24 hour period on thursday was more than the area ordinarily gets for entire month of march. cbs says it has lost nearly cvs says it last lost more than $50 million on a tobacco free sale. double being the number of
10:35 pm
tobacco usage. cvs says the ban will last for three years and hopefully will owner cut the number of people who smoke. being st. patrick's day falls on thursday but the city of chicago will be marking the day all weekend long. you lose an hour of sleep with
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love it or hate it ... it's spring and it's time to move your clocks and watches one hour forward. but as fox's >> love it or late it it's spring and it's time to move your clocks and watches one hour forward. but as brian yeddis reports: >> some corners of the country are considering bold new moves to eliminate daylight savings time or dst. no consensus as to how. half bills want to establish permanent standard time and the other half has permanent daylight savings time.
10:39 pm
if the bill is passed and approved by the voters, california could join hawaii and most of arizona in choosing not to observe daylight savings time. in massachusetts and rhode island, they want to shift to atlantic time zone. >> atlantic time is that we would stay in a perpetual state of dailt savings. equal with new york approximately eight months of the year and four months of the year we would be one hour ahead. >> department of transportation said it also reduces traffic accidents, but some experts and studies say contemporary to popular belief it does not save electricity and in fact it is bad for our health. >> the truth is taking new england and putting it on nova
10:40 pm
scotia time, cements like seems like one of the worst things we've thought of in a long long time. >> more strokes, more and more workplace accidents, giving people jet lag. there's not enough compensatory time in the fall to make up for it. >> the journal of medicine says it takes three weeks to adjust for time change. more than 81,000 people have sent petitions to congress demanding an end to the time switch, in new york, brian yennis fox news. >> be florida is one of the states where folks are considering abolishing daylight savings time. the previous two times it died in committee. can't we just spring back? >> keep the sun out to 9:00 and
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get to play golf more. valspar, number one justin spieth, shows why he holds that
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when your the number one player in the world all eyes >> when you're the number one player in the world, all eyes are on you. it's all about jordan spieth. spieth has climbed his way back into contention. but he has still got to be a long shot for the title. his last bogey was his first hole on friday. the winds died down allowing spieth to climb back into the hunt. on 12 got it even but this is the shot that's going to give
10:45 pm
on 14 from 51 feet away, spieth for eagle needs it into the hole. two under for the tournament. he's got nine players in front of him. charlie hoffman, birdie on the 8th, then hoffman, not a duplicate shot but does as well. not your leader. justin thomas, how about this driver off the deck, slices it into a diving spectator right there, rays might want to give that guy a chance. no harm no foul right? tomas chips in, 6 shots back from the lead, here is the plan everybody is chasing, bill haas,
10:46 pm
67, eight under overall, one shot lead heading into the final round on sunday. >> i got to be able to handle tomorrow and i got to be able to play decent in majors and four rounds on really hard golf courses against the best players. my goal is just to keep improving. >> if we're patient with our birdies and limit the bogeys. maybe i'll get one at 6 tomorrow and have a chance to win. >> here is the leader board, heading into the final round where rain could be in the forecast probably 50-bring. bill haas, first win on the tour in over a year. over canada's graham delett, patrick reed rounds out the top five. spieth tied for 9th. ready for the real games to begin, nearly perfect to start.
10:47 pm
struck out 3 didn't give up a run and allowed two singles. rays manager kevin carb, cut for a cure, fiecht fifth year the rays have gone ball, made over 15,000 today, great to hear that stuff. then it was time for some baseball. bottom of 5 no score, johnny field, bases loaded, delivers the double, that's going to plate two rays, yankees strike in the 7th, ronald torrez, ryan webb gets his first win as a ray. rays win it 2-1.
10:48 pm
mar mar marlins, and red sox, chris young, travis slaw, shaw pnl tomorrow's firestone grand prix, billy power, greatest racing name don't you think? on the poll for now a sixth time in the last seven years. he's earned this one after crashing in practice on friday, teem penn key team pens penske. busch regains the lead he held earlier, he would be in front
10:49 pm
for 175 of the 200 laps. 20 races in phoenix, how about joe gibbs team. lightning really didn't learn much on their last meeting with philly. bolts duplicated their performance with their 19 shots, a week ago the lightning were in first place since then they is have lost three straight. john cooper isn't holding back. >> we are playing like we're a comfortable team. that's been the playoffs and if we're going to play like that, we won't make it. that's it. that's how we're playing. >> not much more you can say. 15 games to go and they better turn this thing around quickly. >> thanks kevin. mike's back with another look at
10:50 pm
your seven-day forecast when we come back and an adorable little recruit, the story behind this
10:52 pm
is the economy rigged? acquired more wealth than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. >> what a day out there today. another day where we hit the
10:53 pm
mid 80s inland and upper 80s, 6:30, starts to get dark hour. but tomorrow, 7:30. 85 in tampa, 88 in brandon, 84 in winter haven, 85 in wesley chapel and brooksville. tomorrow will be slightly cooler, little bit more in the way of cloud cover and shower activity. mid 80s, upper 70 to near 80, inland. still feel pretty warm and humid. showers and few storms developing early sunday, in fact we may see a now showers later tonight moving on shore. the latest models may make it a
10:54 pm
pushing to the east coast and in the afternoon. potential for heavy rain into next weekend, of course had a forecast still six to seven days away, let's get through tomorrow before we talk about that. dew point of 65, winds out of the south at 9 miles per hour. 70 in pinellas park, 74 up in plant city, to the north 70 in brooksville, 73 in new port richey, 72 in 73 in frostproof. high pressure is in control right now. trough is pushing this line of showers, and you don't see a whole lot of rain on radar here, there are some showers and storms lined up along this trail here and that's slowly working its way towards us as we head to the rest of the overnight period. into the day tomorrow, we're
10:55 pm
talking about showers developing towards the morning hour on the coast and pushing inland, on into the evening, could be aperiod of time of light to moderate raint. few lingering showers out there, get beyond that and it still looks like a pretty dry middle @of the week. still warm and humid though so we don't see a whole lot of relief from that. your forecast heads up for paix fog scattered showers, even a few rumbles of thunder developing and pushing inland. i don't expect a whole lot of sun during the day tomorrow. seven-day forecast, temperatures near 80s, tuesday and wednesday hang around 80, next chance of rain arrives friday and into saturday. haley.
10:56 pm
a baby kangaroo in western australia has taken up resident in residence in an unlikely place. adopted by scott mason of west australia police. it shows the kangaroo climbing in jumping into the conestablish's constable's shirt. hop on over to our web site, fox 13 news under trending. here is what's ahead on the fox 13 be news. a brave kid is raising money for other children. and who his family is thanking for helping him pull through his own illness. the new tack make it
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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>> we go through a lot and when it's one of your own it's very hard. >> right now at 11, an outpouring of emotion from hillsborough county deputies as one of their own is killed in a crash. what we're hearing about the driver they say is responsible. >> check your polling site. >> what election officials want you to know before you head out to vote.and music lovers pay want to head to downtown tampa this weekend. how can you still get in on the fun of the gasparilla music festival. >> 11:00 news starts now.


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