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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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3 new developments in the islands.. when the n >> new developments in the deadly plane crash on davis
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seconds. >> there's evidence that there are two airplanes taking off approximately the same time. >> right now at 10:00, new information about the deadly plane crash on davis islands and the two men board. >> the taser was the most effective way to try to get them to calm down on the scene. >> a burglary suspect dies on scene after deputies use a taser on him. >> no more races. >> donald trump and his
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protesters this time at ral rally $in rallies in arizona. good evening i'm aaron mesmer in for lloyd. >> and i'm haley hinds, fox 10 evan lambert is learning more about the victims of the plane crash. evan. >> haley, family and friends have identified the victims as louis caparici and kevin
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of st. pete. according to social media and public records, the men both in their mid 50s, were best friends, business partners and class mates. they were graduates of the united states air force academy. caparici's daughter shared this photo, rest easy daddy. i love you so much. and careno's wiefer respondingo's wife responded, i'm not sure how life goes on without him. ntsb officials confirmed a second plane might have been involved. >> there is evidence two airplanes taking off approximately at the same time. however whether the accident occurred coincidental or as a cause of, i don't know yet. that's one of the reasons why
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>> investigators say they're surveying the wreckage and taking measurements, hopefully it will give them tos clues as to why the be cessna be plane dropped from the sky. he said he was okay but remembered his friends, good lord have mercy, rest in peace, lou and kevin. back live, ntsb says in ten days they should are a preliminary report with some information about the cause of the crash. haley. >> hopefully that will bring these families some answer he. thanks evan. >> it's been a rainy start to the weekend, but we're in for cooler weather. mike bennett in with the forecast. mike. >> that cooler weather not too far off, showers, storms, cloud cover, all of that, starting to fill back in. let me step out of the way.
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as we head through the rest of the evening and into the overnight hours. a couple much of rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out. one batch of showers off to the side here. that continues to work into sarasota, manatee and into be de soto county. and this batch kind of expanding pinellas. wouldn't be surprised if this makes its way through tampa and pasco in the next hour or so. temperature wise we're in the low 70s right up against the coast ump 60s as you head , upper 60s as you head inland. mild and muggy not quite as warm the last couple of days. 40% chance of rain and those rain chances continue to drop as we head towards the end of the day.
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week, details later, aaron. >> thanks a lot mike. st. pete are medical officials be reported a spike in spice calls this week. today its e-it was in st. pete's unity park, dozen homeless people were suffering seizures, acting like zombies and unable to communicate. all across the bay area. >> new port richey home invasion, homeowner fought with deputies and first responders. storey tory robinson especially smashed through a window and cut up pretty badly, started fighting with one of the people inside the home and that went on until
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schaeffer chris naco said officers tased him because he wouldn't stop acknowledge even after 11 minutes. >> it was not a rapid succession of the taser. why would we want to handcuff him, they were trying to get him just to relax. >> officials tell us robinson was knocked out by the taser. paramedics tried to revive him but he did die at the hospital. investigation continues. >> a driver hit a pedestrian and drove away, crashed into a plan walking near central afternoon and third street around 5:00 this morning. the victim was thrown over the windshield of the vehicle. officers cracked down his car which we're told showed evidence of the accident. the victim is in the hospital
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>> donald trump's rally, outside was a different story, parked cars in the middle of the road, all while other drivers were stuck waiting. eventually a tow truck removed several cars. some were arrested. campaigns in utah and arizona, ahead of tuesday's primary, immigration is front and center in the race for the presidency this weekend. >> no more racist. no more racist. >> instead of grand old party the gop stands for get out and protest, at least when it comes to rallies for the front runner, donald trump. demonstrators took to the sidewalks and streets block traffic in arizona. the grand canyon state is ground zero in the immigration debate and voters in that state go to the polls on tuesday. >> we got to vote on tuesday,
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are showing great, arizona's great, i think we're going to do well in utah. >> but donald trump when it comes to criticism of form he presidential candidate mitt romney. >> mitt romney is making a total fool of himself. he had his shot. he didn't like it when i said, he choked like a dog. >> not exactly tipping his cap to donald trump, ted cruz. >> it is easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. and you're right, an awful lot of them are made in china. >> as the billionaire businessman continues to promote the great wall of trump along the mexican border democrat
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condemning what he sees as dean exeen dean dean xenophobic rhetoric. john kasich is campaigning in utah which also has a primary on tuesday pnl . kristen fisher, fox news. (f) furnish as fueling a fire make things more difficult for firefighters, no injuries have been reported. not clear what caused the fire. >> it was a rough day on the water for a group of boaters, rescuing five people after their boat overturned and sank. it happened seven miles west of clearwater pass. it's unclear what caused the
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to bring the be boater to shore unharmed. city of tampa held the river o green festival, bob buckhorn dyed the water. this is fifth straight year the city hosted this event. >> as always such a cool scene. another close call between a passenger plane and a drone. >> coming up next we'll take a look at drone regulations and
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pilots landing in los angeles say >> pilots landing in los angeles say they almost hit a drone flying at 5,000 feet in the air. lufthansa plane was approaching the l.a. international airport when it reported a drone passing 200 feet above the plane. the search for the person operating that drone. fox news reports these snenchts are incidents are becoming more be common and more dangerous. >> friday l.a.x. a drone and a plane were flying 5,000 feet and the drone came within 200 feet of the plane. the near miss sparked a search by local police helicopters though they never found drone or the operator.
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been drones or operators, more than 900 incidents nationwide from april 2014 to august 2015. one of those near misses happened in california where there have not only been issues at airports but also while fighting fires over the last year. we've seen a number of incidents where fire crews had to stopped flying air tankers because of drones in the area. california senator dianne feinstein is one of the sponsors of an act of congress. this is one more incident that could have brought down an airliner and it's completely unacceptable. a near miss of 200 feet should serve as a stark reminder of the dangers by reckless drone use. there are not many federal restrictions for drone use, they're not supposed to fly by airports or over 400 feet.
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that. they could facine a fine but finding the drone and the operator proves to be quite problematic. will carr, fox news. >> rainy start to the air force events today, just before the first aerialists were scheduled to come out, a huge thunderstorm grounded flights and sent viewers back to their cars. the storm stopped around 1:00 p.m. and air fest continued. >> there's some weather issues but it's great. >> air fest will continue tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. it is free.
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to go a little early. attendees said it took more than an hour to get from the parking lot to the stands. how does the wet look mike? >> not as big storms as we saw today, not as much lightning and thunder but with that they were able to get off. hilton clearwater beach cam. we started off with sun, looked like a nice day but we talked about the raven moving in and sure enough. the ending of the day, sun ton horizon certainly a sign of nicer weather that's going to be coming through area. sky tower radar view, a few pockets of scattered showers, one off to the south and another one through the midsection of our viewing area. that should continue to work eastward and that's going to be kind of the deal, scattered showers, light to moderate
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as rainfall goes heaviest across the nature coast and south and east of i-4. totals, around half an inch down here, southeast polk county inch and a half, har dee up to an inch, highlands inch or two, southern sarasota over an inch of rain. certainly did impact quite a big of weekend plans. weather headlines, for the rest of the night, lingering rain showers going to continue. best chance of a shower is going to be earlier in the day and further south and east you go. highlands county, hardee, de soto, cool and breezy. as we head towards the work week we're going to warm things up and another warm and unfortunately what's looking
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week and on into the weekend. 76 the high today the low 69 so the low being 10 above average, that is going to carry us over into overall above average day out there. currently temperature 71, dew point 67, relative humidity, 67, howling out of the west the wind is 17. lakeland, 68, wauchula 69, 72 venice, 72 in st. pete and 66 in crystal river. temperatures generally ofew degrees below where they were yesterday at this time, but by this time tomorrow and again by this time monday night you're going to see huge huge swings in the temperatures out there. here's a look at the satellite and radar view. we've got a couple of pieces of energy kind of rolling through the atmosphere. you have one right here that continues to move south and east. can you see the storms with it and the outflow boundaries with those storms pushing down towards the keys right now.
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the west and that's going to bring showers with it as that pushes through during the day on sunday. overall again the shower activity doesn't look to be as widespread, doesn't look to be as stormy mainly because this helped to stabilize the atmosphere so much earlier today it just doesn't have a chance to recover. so your futurecast, overnight tonight it is start of the day tomorrow, scattered showers around and maybe a few heavier downpours and rumbles of thurnld. by thunder. that continues to dry out by 1:00 p.m, by monday you can see the length of those arrows denoting pretty strong wind gusts monday. that's the name of the game, breezy and much, much cooler air. 68 tonight, scattered showers and storms, last muggy night for at least a few days. 74 for tomorrow, 66 on monday. look at the overnight lows, 49
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that means inland and north there could be some 30s out there. back into the upper 70s, in the middle of the week and unsettled end of the week. guys. >> cements seems like everyone is making craft beer these days. >> and that includes monks. we'll take to you a monday monastery
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3 ((haley vo )) new at ten: your next craft beer could be made by monks in italy ! >> new at 10:00, your next craft beer could be made by monks in italy. a number of benedictine monks
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>> brother francis from dallas, texas is the brew monk in chief of this biere norsia, newly available in the united states. a sustenance giving beverage during the fasting period. this medieval monastery in beer. it's not just the bottom line it's a bridge to community. >> many people are afraid of the past, afraid of be religion but they are more than happy to talk about beer. all monk made, we label it,
10:26 pm
to be sure. >> in terms of what the monks have next coming, they're not sure, maybe scotch but in the meantime, they are just working hard to perfect their craft. in rome, amy kellogg fox news. >> pope francis is once again break new ground. he now has an instagram account. social media, making a shift from previous popes. pope francis previously made headlines when he opened a twitter account, where he last 25 million followers. the instagram account is if you
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((aaron vo _ all 62 people on board a commercial airliner...were killed when it went down over russia. >> all 62 people on board a commercial airliner were killed when it went down over russia. the conditions in the area were gusty at the time. >> it was a fly dubai airliner, carrying 52 passengers and seven crew. the plane was in a holding pattern and it tried to land and wrong. exploded in a fire ball, the huge explosion left a crater in the runway but the flight recorders were recovered. it was the first fly dubai crash operation.
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fox's benjamin hall reports, salah abdeslam was supposed to kill himself during the attacks but changed his mind. >> he admitted that he wanted wanted to blow himself up but changed his mind. this follows a day of dramatic scenes in which he and fourth others were captured in the brussels suburb of mollenbeck. dramatic photographs were taken. loirs have announced lawyers have announced they will fight his extradition. he is in bruges prison. last night frenl forensic teams
10:32 pm
salah was the be logistics guy who planned much of the operation. he has told belgian inestigators that during the summer he traveled around europe the pick up other attackers. salah called a friend for hem, and that friend tipped off the police, passing on the cell number. border police watched out as his accomplices might try flee. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. >> in turkey, a suicide bombing attack killed at least five people and injured dozens of others. it happened on istanbul's main pedestrian shong street. there is shopping street. >> the united states is warning of the risk of zika virus in
10:33 pm
heads to that country. the cdc added cuba to its virus warning. obama administration says the virus isn't a factor in the president's travel decisions. he leaves sunday on a three day trip. the first trip by a sitting president in nearly 90 years. the tampa bay rays will play a game there in the island nation. scott smith will be covering the rays game and incarcerate patrick will cover president obama's visit. the rolling stones mick jagger and the band were scheduled to play but it has been delayed for days because of president obama's visit. the first international rock
10:34 pm
today the soyeuz spacecraft docked at the iss. it took six hours to get there. the system joins six other astronauts on board the space station in a mission that will last six months. it's a lengthy stay but scientists on earth are curious how the human body copes with the long time in space. >> britt britain answer prince harry arrived, special history between nepal and british explorers involved in the conquering of mt. everest. >> this strip was very, very personal. i'm so grateful that i will have
10:35 pm
to some of the world's most famous ambassadors, the guides, for their humility and kindness. >> the 39-year-old prince is expected to see some of the devastation caused by the quake as well as the efforts to rebuild local communities. >> if you plan to spend some time on the water we'll have to show you the latest toys. >> we'll give you a glimple at glimpse at the hottest new marine items. >> hillary clinton rolled through florida but she has challenges when it comes to earning voters' trust. >> i don't know away i was thinking. >> donald trump roasthis own parties' leaders. >> he put glasses often so people will think he's smart.
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>> we'll break it tomorrow is the first day of spring. and some people across the sunshine state are >> storm is the first day of spring and some people across the sunshine state are ushering in the season with new water toys. >> but as fox's phil keating reports, these toys come with a
10:39 pm
>> $1.5 billion of boats on sale, no hands, that's what $40 million will get you. this is the sea lion, a 203 foot super-yacht. gorgeous is amenities, gorgeous view. as we've learned it's not necessarily how big how bad your boat is, it's where the toys. about the toys. >> if we're doing a 10 scale i'd say it's a 12 12. >> the sea creature is part fire boat part plane. giflg you this fish-eye view then you shoot back out of your seat like on a roller coaster.
10:40 pm
>> we'll do a couple 360s. >> people like james bond? the hover craft skims across the water. i was doing 360s in no time. about starting at $30,000. as i learned -- you will be body-slammed but it doesn't take too long to get it and it is thrilling like flying on a skateboard. >> so you're out on your 200 foot yacht, the question is, not how expensive it is, it's what are you going to use what are you going to play with. >> if you hate the hassle to stand up to move your lounge chair to be line up with the sun, how about a rotating sun bed? it's the wave of the future. phil keating, be fox news. >> i want part of that fish.
10:41 pm
price tag, nope. i do like fish but i won't pay $80,000 for a fish. >> you need a friend who has one. >> use it. often. we're going to be talking about rays baseball coming up. the rays are loading up the truck for sunday's trip to havana. the first team to the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't.
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3 the tampa bay rays are going on an adventure of a lifetime starting sunday... the team leaves for the >> the tampa bay rays are going on an with adventure of a lifetime. after sunday's spring game in sarasota, havana, cuba's the destination, for tuesday's game. first time since 1989, an
10:45 pm
on the be island. truly historic. rain washes out the game just six pitches in. archer did get his work in, indoors to stay on schedule for the season opener. kevin kiermeyer thinks more about it, absolute deluge in port charlotte, after the game is cancelled in the first inning. the team loads up what they will need for the trip including game balls and items for players. getting everything on and off the plane takes careful planning. chris west west more westmoreland. >> in some ways it was similar to a normal road trip, setting up buses and trucks and things
10:46 pm
but the difference was the travel party, the size of the travel party and dealing with the cuban government and making sure logistically we can get in and out. we have items that we're going to leave in cuba with the locals. we have lots of items that our marketing department is going to distribute down there. and wearing partnership. >> it is absolutely cool. it's going to be awesome to be a part of the game and for me to get to compete and go in and do that, i think it's something that i'll definitely appreciate from here on out. >> fox 13 is making the historic trip ocuba as well, sports director scott smith and marissa lynn will join craig patrick, everything from the lead up to the game to the game itself to the president's visit.
10:47 pm
the tampa bay lightning are still in the playoffs. if the season ended today they would be. but a mini slide of late has the team lacking a little bit of its swagger. a chance to get back to the hockey mindset. in glendale arizona, coop looking at getting things strided. they have lost five of their last six. lightning 6-0 early shots. we'll update you at 11:00 on this one. the usf women's be basketball team is not getting the credit the team deserves. they play the toughest nonconference schedule of the 61. they have to travel to los angeles for their first round game and face colorado state who
10:48 pm
jose fernandez does not start courtney williams. williams a big part of closing the gap, drains the 3 there, 12-6 colorado state. williams is just getting started. in your face bucket, now trails by 3, and this jumper closes the gap even more. bulls down just one. williams 31 points, feels a come back that will have the vols moving downward. they beat colorado state 48-45. two more scores from florida schools. in the ncaa women's tournament acknowledge florida state advances, and miami falls to south dakota state by 3, the south dakota jack rabbits.
10:49 pm
dylan said, i'd rather be lucky than good. he had to be lucky and good saturday. wait for bad luck to happen at the time other guy. kyle busch has just been dominant in the xfinity series. he cuts his tire with one lap to go acknowledge austin dylan is there, gets around him to take the checkered flag. better lucky than good, he says, but great weekend for kevin dillon, auto club 300 right here on fox 13 at 3:30. he was the surfacest qualifier at the 2013 daytona 500.
10:50 pm
pride, not holding back, in the first preseason game. morgan scores four goals in the first game ever for orlando. they won 8-nothing. the real deal kicks off on april 17th. haley an aaron. >> it isn't fair to play against that player she's so good. >> a beautiful piece of hollywood is going up for auction.
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. >> welcome back. check out this time lambs view from today. we started out with sun but things got worse after that. pretty nice sunset, more in the ways way of clouds on sunday, less in the way of rain. scattered showers off shore, making their way towards the coast so we'll keep the threat of showers in the forecast at least overnight tonight into the day on sunday. here's the look at the highs today. 76 in tampa that's it, just 76.
10:54 pm
after that we were stuck at 71, l 72, all afternoon long. inland? see sebring was the high spot. 74 in tampa 78 in brandon, 79 in sebring, 79 in lake placid, 72 in crystal riffle, 73 in st. pete. most of the areas staying in the mid 70s or so. dew point 66, relative humidity 66%. 67 in frostproof, to the west up next to the coast, 72 in sarasota, the wide view across the state, miami still at 79 marathon 79, the cool spot, out in pensacola, if you could call it cool not too bad, 63 right now. across the country though, quite a bit of cooler air sitting up
10:55 pm
southward over the next 24 to 36 hours. before we start to see the cooler air. so that's why it's going to take @until later on tomorrow night for those overnight lows to drop off. satellite and radar view one batch of showers continuing to drop south and eastward, scattered light to moderate showers off to the west and water vapor loop, there's a ton of dry air and this moisture feed coming in from the pacific, that's why we saw all that rain today, and forecast into tomorrow. futurecast shows, showers in the morning, in the afternoon sinking south and east then turning breezy, coorm into cooler into monday, monday into tuesday we'll be in the mid 40s even upper 30s to the north. rule out perhaps a little bit of frost perhaps. for the day tomorrow, 74 turning
10:56 pm
out there rain chances about 48%. slightly higher rain cans he south and east. mid 60s as we head into monday, low 70s by tuesday, and then the next threat of rain arrives towards the end of the week, low 80s, haley. shirley temple's rare blue diamond ring purchased for her by temple's father in 19th 40 when she 1940. she was two years old. coming up, life is fast paced,. >> why these inmates are going
10:57 pm
to get them closer to freedom. >> and small spaces are becoming a big trend in real estate. what is driving people to live in these tiny houses. >> and this unique dog with two noses finds a permanent family. how he was saved from the
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3 right now at 11... family and friends remember the two men killed in a plane crash on davis islands. is. >> right now at 11, family and friends remember the two men killed on a plane crash on davis island. >> what investigators think may have been a factor. >> sadly some weather issues have come on but i mean it's still going on so that's great. >> rainy, stormy weather didn't keep family and friends away from mcdill air all in favor.


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