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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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it's a thrill slide. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase tickets. 3 right now at 11... >> right now at 11:00, a monumental trip, what americans are looking forward to when they travel to cuba. >> it shows what our country is going to, violence... >> a political hate crime, when donald trump workers found when they come came to work. >> i'm haley hines and i'm aaron mesmer, lloyd is off tonight.
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>> the president is going and the rays are going, even the rolling stones will be in cuba this week. president obama is the first u.s. president to set foot on cuban soil in nearly 90 years. he will meet with the country's leader. >> for the first time ever, air force one has landed in cuba, and this is our very first stop, so this is an historic visit and it's an historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people and to forge new commercial and business deals and forge new ties with the people and lay out my vision for a future that is better than our past. >> today we spoke with several
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perfect time for a trip to cuba. >> it's opened up for tourism, and many years ago we went to east berlin when the wall was coming down, to be able to have that experience and see things while they are still relatively authentic. >> president obama will watch the rays take on the cuban national team, and our fox 13 directors will be there, watch for their reports tomorrow. >> and -- causing more and more overdoses. police are working to put a stop to it. today clearwater police arrested seven people on a variety of charges including those related to synthetic marijuana. spice has caused a number of medical emergencies and overdoses and yesterday first
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homeless people at unity park suffering from seizers all spice. >> it is the first day of spring and in florida that means that summer is coming add and hot car deaths seem to happen every single year, but two fathers have created a new system and app to prevent children from being left in hot cars. >> two tampa dads say with their invention, children would be saved from being left in hot cars. >> we were tired of seeing the agony on parents' faces and we decided this is such a serious problem that could be probably solved with such a simple solution. >> a pharmacist and an electrical engineer are business partners. in 2014, the most recent year
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at least 30 children died from heatstroke in cars. after crashes it is the second leading cause of death for children under 14, that is why this dwis device comes in. in as little as 20 seconds, anyone can install in this their cars. >> the weight turns on the sensor and it is all wireless and bleet briewt bluetooth technology. >> you get a voice alert that your child is in the car and the back-up is a message send to your phone, and it will continue to go off until you silence it, and if ignored long enough, a second parent or caretaker can get a mobile alert. >> our goal is to save lives and make sure the defenseless lives them. >> that was evan lambert
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the cofounders say they hope to have it up on kick starter where they will crowd source, and they hope to keep the price for the device under $100 and are planning to showcase the device on shark tank. >> a man tried to break the windows and it's call on cram in camera in this surveillance tape. he tried a flower pot and when that didn't work he tried a garbage can. this is the fourth time that handles have hit the trump office, and supporters say this is the wrong way to show your political opinion. >> we should be able to say how we feel but it should be respectful and not hurt anyone else or hurt property.
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won't press charges if the perpetrators show up on monday willing to him learn about politics. >> and at least a half dozen republicans say they will meet with merrick garland but mitch mcconnell says no action will be taken and that is even if the next president plans to nominate someone even more liberal. saying the seat should stay vacant until the next president is sworn in. >> i'm sorry, for the things i've done, and i try and be stronger -- >> that is 21-year-old brian taylor, he sings his case to the judge rewriting the lyrics to adebt's adelle's song. the judge said he was a talented
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>> well, drones have been a hot item the past years. >> and people love seeing the spills and thrills of what they can do. how some drone users hope to make a new sport. >> and first day of spring, but by tomorrow it's going to feel like january out there, and wait until you see tomorrow night's
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>> well, moan, money, power, and politics usually mixes politics with humor but voters are clearly frustrated and sometimes you have to have fun with a political system that a lot of voters say is a joke. >> he put glasses on so people will think he is smart, i mean, it just don't don't just don't work. >> the whole world is on fire. >> the world is on fire? >> the world is on fire, yes!
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>> and with marco rubio gone, we'll ask if he will ever quench his thirst for change. >> i think i just drank clint eastwood's water. thank you. >> and of course we'll remember the candidates we left behind. >> the fruit salad of their lives is what i'll look at. >> this notion that barack obama is -- >> there it is, his memorized speech. >> i will suspect my campaign immediately -- >> please clap. >> yeah, we are working on serious investigations but tonight we'll have fun with candidates in both parties bringing you blunders and gaffs and political satire, on money, power and politics all right
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>> drones are more popular than ever, and now entrepreneurs are hoping to transform drone racing into the next nascar. >> like an out-of-body experience. >> he raises his races his drone to victory while watching through goggles. >> you have to learn to control your nerves but that is common with my racing. >> he won this race, organized by the drone racing league. >> there is organized drone raising and so we are focused on taking that hobby and turns turning it into professional that people at home can watch. >> is generated nearly $750,000 in revenue, and analysts say it
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>> it builds on themes that are very popular, people are buying drones and it's a spectacular scene to watch. >> epic crashes add to the race but without risk of injury to the pilot. >> if you crash, you change a couple of problems propers and you are able to go to work the next day. >> that it was a much brighter start for the macdill airfest today, as the sun was out and the jets soared overhead. so many people came out that police had to turn away guests after it reached crowd capacity, but it's about to get cooler out there. >> what a great show this is to watch. if you have never had an opportunity to see the f-16's fly over you, it's exhilarating and walter allen actually got a
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>> i could hear them flying above today when getting ready for work. >> and you can see it on the facebook pages. bragging about. >> he didn't throw up. >> and he didn't pass out, either. >> not the actual experience, vomiting. >> i took a similar fight last year and they don't fly the same tape of will aircraft. it doesn't push as many g's but i can't make the same claim. >> oh, mike. >> what a great way to end the weekend. >> now you get to transition from that into weather. >> all righty, let's do it, i'm the king of awkward transitions here. and look at sun popping out for a good portion of the late morning. now a bit more cloud cover, and i think we stick with some of
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through the overnight period. 77 the high, rieg right at our average, and the low is 67, and when you put this day into the books it's still going to end up and count as an above-arrangeaverage day. mid 60's heading north and not much of a spread but we are going to see the temperatures start to drop off a significant amount as you head to basically the next seven, eight hours. low 50's off to the south and east. and if we keep that cloud cover a bit longer you may raise the temperatures up 2 or 3 degrees but by tomorrow we'll drop back down even lower than tonight. winds not bad, occasionally gusting toward 15, 20 miles per
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you will see winds gusting 25 to 30, and really staying like that into the early afternoon. a cold front pushing through, and clear skies off to the edge but what it means for tomorrow is the farther north you go, the more sunshine and the farther south, the more in the way of cloud cover. 51 for tonight, clearing overnight, and off to the north, breezy and chilly. temperatures into the low 70's on tuesday, plenty of sunshine, and then becoming unsettled and
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3 plenty of moms-to-be.. do maternity photo shoots before they deliver, but dogs usually don't. >> -- deliver but dogs usual by don't. but a photographer in brazil decided to give her neighbor's very pregnant job a photo shoot of her own. the puppies were born and these pictures were taken. the photographer says they planned to do another shoot with the dog once the puppies are older. >> i think it's safe to say that no human would be taking these pictures the day before. >> no, she would have her feet up and be kicked back -- yeah, that dog is just ready to go.
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>> but, hey, a professional skateboarder puts a psychedelic swin on his spin on his tricks. this is hippie jackson, and this reel of some of his best stunts and tricks and i guess he doesn't like road signs. >> yeah, did he put the signs back? >> you know how we have those wet floor signs? i want you that be how you enter the bathroom every time now. >> why are these signs on the ground. >> i'm going to do in this the weather office without dellegatto's knowledge and we'll see what happens. this is how we'll enter rooms from now on. >> well, a canadian drummer puts a death meth spin on appendix children's
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>> i'm a little teapot short and stout -- >> that is the rock version of i'm a little teapot. professional death metal drummer posted this pib chiewr picture on his youtube page and it can't be complete without the head banging and the hair whipping. >> just the contrast. >> i guess if you do the teapot thing there is some hair whipping. >> yeah. >> i want this to be how our viewers try to put their children to sleep at night, play this and see if their babies fall asleep. >> had a is that is kind of catchy. >> i'm feelin' it. all right, well a big week for the rays. >> it is, haley. an historic trip to cuba, plus,
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scary crash in fontana, california and show you what
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the rays are in cuba for >> the rays are in cuba's an historic game, but before they left, a little more baseball to be played. the orioles load the bases and pedro unloads them. a grand slam, cash went with an all bullpen line up, and a shot to the scoreboard over the board in center, morrison will be adding a little bit of pop to this lineup. and next batter, longoria, he gets into one into the left-center gap, and 4-3 rays pull within one, and then they are down four and get them all
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bases loaded for sousa jr., and out. the rays four homers thirs, ers thursday and three more today. hopefully the bats stay hot on the trip to cuba. the rays headed straight to the airport for cuba, and fox 13 will be in cuba. and scott smith and craig patrick will be reporting from there, covering t lead-up to and the game, and crig will craig will report on president obama's visit. jim any visit. jim any jimmie johnson hasn't won a sprint cup championship, but he
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california. this is a terrible lick but he is able to get out of this car and walk to the ambulance he said he lost his brakes in the slide, and a little later kasey kahne gets into danica patrick and when she gets out, she goes up to the apron and gives kakes a little piece of her mind. johnson takes his third win in his last eight races. >> thanks, finally a young student got out of being late to class in the most rock 'n roll way possible. >> the young that fan had a note signed by the boss, we are talking about bruce springsteen himself. the 9-year-old was at the concert and they caught the rockers attention with this home made sign.
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tomorrow, please sign my note and once the concert ended that is exactly what did. he said he has been out rocken and rolling, please excuse him if he is late. all right, that does stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam
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when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
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pmr. speaker. pthe president of money, power & olitics, craig patrick. p [ applause ] pgood to see you. pweaver the good a lot of work to pdo.


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