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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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@"h"h3 3 3 3 3 ((walter history... in the making. president barack obama is in cuba this morning... and so are the tampa bay rays. what we can expect, from both momentous visits today. 3 ((vanessa and.. preventing tragedy... before it strikes. the bay area dads... who've invented a way to save kids from being locked in hot cars... just in time for the hot florida summer. 3 ((walter and... all job interviews are scary... but wait till you hear what happened to one guy, who had to deal with a *robber... during his sit-down with the
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3 ((walter)) its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes, in for jen epstein. we'll get to weather and traffic in a minute, but first a developing story out of sarasota. 3 (vanessa sarasota police officers are investigating a triple-fatal accident on old bradenton road, and desoto road. three people were killed at the scene, and a fourth injured person was taken to sarasota memorial hospital. we're told that person *will survive. it's not known what caused the crash, but police think speed might have been a factor. no word on whether drugs or alcohol were involved... and we're still waiting for the victims to be identified. more sunshine to the north cooler. high temps in the mid 60s. tonight will be clear and cold, with temps in the upper 40s. tomorrow will be full of sunshine, and mild temps with highs in the lower 70s. (dave 3
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3 available for traffic. 3 3 3 (vanessa/ developing this
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cuba, for president barack obama. he touched down in havana yesterday in air force one... with his family along... and today, he'll meet with his cuban counterpart, raul castro. 3 ((vanessa fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story for us. shayla... this is a huge breakthrough in cuban/u-s relations... but it's now without controversy. good morning. 3 it's a busy day for the president. i njust a few hours- --an official welcoming ceremony gets underway. it's happening in havana.he'll join cuban president castro for the event. 3 right're looking at video as president obamaand the first lady arrived in havana sunday. president obama is the first u.s president to visit cubasince 1928. relations between the countries have been strained sincethe cold war era-- the united states practicing a longtimepolicy of isolation. president obama wants to change that through diplomacy. he and president castro announced the effort a little
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opponents say, they don't agree with the outreach.some argue the cuban government spractices human rights abuses that don'tline up with american values. today's agenda includes meetings between the two leaders, followed by a statement to the press.president obama will participate in an entrepreneur event.he'll wrap up the evening by attending a state dinner with the first lady. 3 the three day trip wraps up tomorrow-- with a formal speech from the president.he's not leaving without a little baseball though! he's expected to stick around and watch the 3 tampa bay rays take on the cuban nationalteam. back to you. 3 ((vanessa thanks, shayla. 3 (walter fox-13 will have a team in cuba, too. our sports director scott smith will be covering the rays game... and political editor craig patrick will be covering the president's visit. look for their reports starting tonight at 5:00. in fact, we're hoping to hear from craig, during good day this morning. 3 3 (vanessa) there's been another wrong-way driver on
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time, the driver was arrested before anyone got hurt... but the driver came really close to hitting a tampa police officer. 3 (vanessa it happened early sunday morning, around five a-m. the officer was on his way home, driving north on i-275, when he saw headlights coming at him. he managed to get out of the way, and called for backup. another officer saw the car get off the interstate at busch boulevard, and pulled the driver over. "aja cancela" was behind the wheel. they gave her a field sobriety test, and she was arrested and charged with d-u-i. she's now out on bond. police are planning to release the dash-cam video from the 3 (vanessa all this comes just a couple of days after deputy john kotfila's funeral. he was hit by a wrong-way driver *last weekend on the selmon, and killed. law enforcement and hundreds of other members of the community attended a memorial service for him friday, in lutz. *tomorrow, there's a visitation for him in his home state of massachusetts... where he'll be buried, on wednesday. 3
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took off. 3 (walter it happened near interbay boulevard and macdill avenue.. police say a man in his 40's was killed. he police have not released a involved ... investigators video that could help them find that car. 3 (vanessa) today in st. petersburg: hulk hogan and his lawyers are back in court... looking to get an even *bigger payday, in their sex tape lawsuit. 3 ((walter the jury already awarded hogan 115 million dollars on friday. and today, the jury decides on punitive damages... which could *triple the payout. hogan won't be getting paid anytime soon though. "gawker media"... the website he's suing... is already planning to appeal the ruling appeals courts often reduce the size of jury awards. 3 (vanessa did you notice... gas prices are up... way up... 17-cents over the past two weeks. the national average is now two-dollars-and- two-cents a gallon.
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lundberg says the hike is due to higher crude oil prices, and fast-growing demand for gasoline... now that it's the busy spring travel season. for the lowest prices in *our area, go to our website: fox-13 news dot com, and look for the gas buddy feature on the traffic page. 3 3 (walter in sports this morning: get ready to cheer on the u-s-f women's basketball team! they beat colorado state saturday night... in a squeaker of a game... 48-to-45. courtney williams led the bulls with 31-points. tonight: they face u-c-l-a... on cal's home court... pauley pavilion. yeah, that could be tough. the game is at nine p-m. 3 ((vanessa)) 3 donald trump is used to taking jabs...((walter)) now, someone's going after his *sister. why the f-b-i is looking into it! 3
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overload... the little cub that's causing a big stir in colorado... the special reason he's drawing such huge crowds.
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3 (vanessa) a tricky, tense and potentially *volatile situation is going on in japan right now. two british ships are there... to transport a shipment of *plutonium, to the u-s... for storage. there's enough of it to make *dozens of atomic bombs... crews will move it from a nuclear research facility near tokyo... but it will take *hours to load it onto the ships. japan's massive stockpile have
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concern for *years. the plutonium will be moved to a u-s government facility in south carolina. 3 (walter) there are new paris terror attacks back in november could have been worse... (vanessa) the suspect taken into custody planned to carry out *more attacks. here's fox's kelly wright. 3
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3 now to a developing story in pennsylvania. authorities say: a retired state trooper killed a turnpike toll collector and a guard sunday morning, during a holdup at a toll plaza in fort littleton. troopers shot and killed clarence briggs, while he tried to escape with the money. police say: briggs served 26-years as a trooper, and retired four- years ago, with an honorable discharge. the toll collector he's accused of killing, danny crouse, had only been on the job for about two-months. 3 3 (walter) now to the race to the white house... authorities say: someone sent a threatening letter to donald trump's sister... maryanne trump barry is a *judge in philadelphia, who sits on the u-s circuit court of appeals, for the third circuit. the f-b-i is aware of the incident, and working with the secret service and u-s marshals service. on friday, trump's son *eric *also received a threatening letter... urging his father to drop out of the campaign. so far, trump's reps haven't commented on *either situation. 3 (walter but donald trump *is talking about the u-s
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he plans to release a list of judges *he'd nominate, if elected president. he told republicans in palm beach last night, that he's coming-up with a list of five-or-10 judges... to have on hand for this and *future vacancies. some in the g-o-p have worried he'd pick people they don't like, so he's doing this to quell those fears. no word on when the list will come out. 3 (walter a huge crowd... more than 10-thousand people... showed up in seattle to see senator bernie sanders. the pacific northwest is important to him, since hillary clinton already has a lead of more than 300- delegates... including a sweep of several states last tuesday. 3 (walter tomorrow, voters in three states head to the polls. utah and idaho will hold caucuses, and arizona voters will cast their primary ballots. then on saturday: washington state, alaska and hawaii will hold democratic caucuses. 3 (vanessa alright, we know mondays are hard. but this outta help. look at the
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pueblo zoo in colorado. he was born in january... and just made his official public debut yesterday. the cuddly cutie spent most of that time exploring his new home... and playing with mom and dad. zookeepers say: the little family is getting along great... and the cub is super healthy. he's the first lion cub born there in 10-years. he just needs a name. fans can vote on facebook. 3 ((anchors)) 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening
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3 3 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 (walter if you build it, they will come... 3 and publix plans to demolish... and then
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in clearwater beach. the current store is at 200 island way, in island estates... and it was built in 19-74. the grocery chain just applied for permits. last year, publix tore down and rebuilt its store in britton plaza, in south tampa. when that store reopened, it had an expanded deli and wine section, along with other new features. 3 ((walter)) sometimes it takes you longer to get *through the airport, than it does to get *to it.((vanessa)) but airport security is necessary, and important. 3 (vanessa now though, a new way to scan those bags... but get you moving faster. it could make your next trip... less *turbulent... on the ground.
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its sleek design... is mold-breaking.
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systems... paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. r starting at $38,950. 3 ((vanessa/ 3 tired of the long lines at the airport? this new machine could make the screening process significantly *faster... *and
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((vanessa)) the company that makes it says it will improve airport security for travelers around the world. ((walter)) as fox's rick leventhal reports: the system is fully automated... and processes 30-percent more bags. 3 (pkg script) airport security lines have gotten dramatically longer... because of reduced t-s-a travelers, and extra screening at checkpoints. this new machine could make the screening process significantly faster, *and* system takes it to the future. its ability to detect explosives in a number of ways is very, very important and i think that is where we want to get to..." halinski says: "...this will take us from the present and put us in a much, much better place overall." it's called the "detect 1000"... developed by a private company outside boston... it uses a cat scan to provide 3-d imaging of every thing in every bag... with sensors designed to sniff out weapons and explosives... including the latest threats like laptop bombs... and doesn't require passengers to unpack electronics or liquids. paresi says: "within about four seconds we've captured it, we've analyzed it and we've isolated the threat of concern." and it does this automatically, so t-s-a agents don't have to stare at a screen all day. developers say it's a dramatic step forward.paresi says: "testing has proven, that in best case, they might catch it 50% of the time. what you have here is a system that is going to catch it almost all the time..." "we take the decision out of the operators hands. we give them the answer automatically so we've got a much more reliable and a much more robust way of doing bag scanning." the machines can scan 30 percent more bags than current models... and company reps say it aced its tests at the t-s-a lab, with ten times fewer false alarms. while the company waits for agency approval to deploy the detect 1000 in america... it's already installing it overseas, starting in ankara turkey later this month.. hoping to prevent another attack.halinski says: "we know that they actively collect against our technology, they look at our operations and they look for vulnerabilities.: leventhal says: "(off cam) and this has fewer of those?" halinski says: "absolutely, without a doubt, because it is a completely different way to approach the threat and to identify those threat vectors
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the detect 1000 *could* be in a major u-s airport by this summer. in boxboro ma, rick leventhal, fox news. 3
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3 hollywood is full of tourist attractions.((walter)) but one of them was closed over the weekend. the grisly find that sent hikers *running for help. 3 ((walter plus... the new mission... to draw *veterans... to florida. what the sunshine state has to 3 ((dave))
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3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 it's 5:--, on monday, march 21st. i'm walter allen.((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes, in for jen epstein. the big story this morning: president obama's historic trip to cuba... it's controversial, but it could be a big part of his legacy. fox's kevin corke is traveling with the president and has this report 3 a new type of global warming is now
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3 (vanessa fox-13 will have a team in cuba, too. our sports director scott smith will be covering the rays game... and political editor craig patrick will be covering the president's visit. look for their reports starting tonight at 5:00. in fact, we're hoping to hear from craig, during good day this morning 3 3
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 we know our state has so much to offer... great weather... affordable housing... and no state income tax. no wonder so many people retire here... but now, the state is looking to bring even *more people to the sunshine state: *veterans! 3 ((walter fox-13's ken
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what's behind all this. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 thanks, ken. 3 (vanessa) a warning for parents and grandparents this morning: be careful where you stash your medications. a new report shows: *59-thousand children end-up in the emergency room *each *year... because of accidental medicine poisoning. most of the kids in these hospital visits are under three... they get sick from ingesting pain felievers, vitamins... even diaper cream. in 48-percent of those cases, the
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*grandparents. so experts urge adults to keep medicine in a high cabinet that children can't reach, even if 3 ((vanessa a new invention by two tampa fathers could save kids from *another danger... getting trapped in a hot, locked car... the guys paired-up to create a device... that alerts parents or caretakers if they've left 3 (vanessa) and the timing couldn't be more crucial. (walter) now that spring is officially here, it's only going to get warmer.. and cause of death for children 3 ((walter that's where this device comes in. it's called "sense a life." it was co-developed by "fadi shamma" and "jim friedman" of parts, programmed to communicate via sensors. child's carseat. if there's at least two pounds in opens...the other part of the device *chimes and uses a voice alert to remind you to take your child out of the car. if the message
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right in. you'll get an alert sent to your phone via an app. it can even send another alert to a second parent or caretaker... if a certain amount of time passes and the child is still in the seat. 3 we have optical sensors that are placed by the driver's side door that once the door opens it will alert the device and once the device goes off it will mention to the parent or caregiver please remove your child from the seat. --walter 3 the founders plan in the next few weeks to raise money for mass production on the website "kickstarter." they say they've already gotten some interest from investors. 3 3 (vanessa) now to los angeles, where hikers found what appears to be a human skull in griffith park... near the hollywood sign. police say: they found it up on the "brush canyon trail," saturday afternoon. the skull appears to be *several years old... authorities closed the park, and sent in search teams with dogs, but no other
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(vanessa a less *disturbing find in europe... and even more *fascinating. a ring... thought to belong to "joan of arc"... was unveiled sunday, at a theme park in france... though, historians are still skeptical about its authenticity. the gold-plated ring was dated to the 15th century, by a lab in england... but the historical documents that came with it haven't been proven to belong to joan of arc. and historians think: it could be another fake. this kind of thing has happened before. still, the ring fits a description of one she wore. she told the court about it, during her trial in 14-31, saying: her parents gave it to her. 3 ((vanessa)) up on the housetop... no, it's not *santa!((walter)) what forced a family... to live on the roof for days... and the special perk that tempts them to stay there! 3 ((walter and... the toughest thing he's ever done... the amazing run that took a british comedian *707-miles... and brought him, to the brink of tears. 3
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and keep their color... a lot, lot longer. these gardens are the next generation of blooming. bring on spring, with bonnie herbs & vegetables plants four for $10.
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3 let's face it... job interviews are tough... and nervewracking... no matter how much you prepare... you just never know what the boss will throw at you... or how
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(vanessa) but it wasn't the *boss that threw one job applicant in new orleans a curve ball... (walter) it was a *robber... who burst in during the interview. russell is here to tell us what happened next. 3 (russell) the job applicant is just 18- years-old... "devin washington"... and he was applying for a job at popeye's... the fast food restaurant. he was right in the middle of an interview with the manager... when a thief... grabbed cash from the till. 3 (russell this happened in new orleans saturday afternoon. the manager says: the robber asked a cashier to make change for a dollar... and while the register was open, he reached in and grabbed the money. the *assistant manager grabbed the man's arm, but he got away from her and ran to the door. that's when washington... the kid looking for the job... grabbed the guy's arm, and bent it back. and then he and a cook held the crook until police arrived. 3 (russell) well, washington didn't just get the bad guy, he got the job as well. the manager says: she had already planned to hire him... but didn't get to tell him before all the chaos started.
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hired, you earned it. 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 ((dave it's been a tough, rainy last few days for people in texas... but finally, one family... who moved up to their roof and camped there while the water was high... is coming down, and moving back inside they were supposed to evacuate... but jamie holden had just bought new furniture and appliances... and didn't want to abandon them... so he took them... up on the roof. he says: it wasn't bad up there... they loved watching the starry sky at night. they even were
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3 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3 3 3 (vanessa 3 so now that it's officially spring, it's a *perfect time to visit disney's epcot center. the "flower and garden festival" is in full swing... there are more than 100 character topiaries like goofy, pooh, and huey, lewie and dewie... plus big floral designs... and yes, the outdoor kitchens are back... you can snack on little bite-sized yums, while checking out all the beauty. the attractions
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which is 97-dollars for adults. the event runs through the end of may. 3 3 ((walter)) in sports this morning: veteran relief pitcher... and former rays all-star, "rafael soriano"... is retiring from baseball, at age 36. he played 14- seasons in the major leagues... and signed a *minor league contract with the blue jays last month... but never reported to spring training because of *visa issues. his last full season was in 20-14 with the nationals. now to the *current rays team... that will make *history... in *cuba tomorrow. here's fox-13's jeff tewksbury. 3 3 good monday morning... the rays are in cuba for tuesday's historic game... but before they left sunday... a little
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the orioles load the bases and pedro alvarez unloads to left center... a grand slam off of yahn marinez, kevin cash went with an all bullpen staff sunday, 4-0 o's in the second... top of the third...not to be outdone... the rays logan morrison answers with a two run blast... i mean a shot over the scoreboard in center... morrison came over from seattle to bring some pop... four two... next batter, evan longoria... he gets into one and drives it into the left center gap, his first homer of the spring,... 4-3, rays pull within 1... to the fifth inning with the rays trailing 7-3... bases loaded for steven souza jr... to the fence in right center and out... a grand four homers thursday, three more today... hopefully the bats stayed hot on the flight to cuba... this one ends in a tie 8 all... the rays headed straight to the airport for cuba... a trip that evan longoria knows will be historic... fox13 will be in cuba..scott smith and craig patrick will begin reporting from cuba today.. with scott covering the lead up to and the playing of tuesdays game between the rays and the cuban national team... craig patrick will report on president obama's visit to cuba as well... stay tuned to fox 13 for this historic visit... jimmie johnson hasn't won the sprint cup series points championship sin nearly three years... a drought for the six-time winner... he goes to fontana california looking to enhance his chances for number seven...i kyle larsen gets loose on lap 48... and watch as he heads straight across the track and into the wall... fortunately it is a safe barrier... because that is a vicious lick... larsen says he lost his brakes in the slide, and he is okay... a little later, kasey kahne gets into danica patrick... and she goes into the wall and sliding... when she gets out. she looks for kasey kahne... and gives him that "what on earth" sign... we go to overtime, and on the first restart... jimmie johnson pulls away from kevn harvick who led most of the race... johnson takes 3rd win in his eight races... that's a look at sports... have a great monday morning...
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(wally now this... is utterly amazing. on sunday, british comedian, eddie izzard, ran a double marathon in south africa... and that's a huge 3 accomplishment... but get this... it was his 27th 3 marathon... in 27 days! astounding. the 54-year-old did it to honor former south african president, nelson mandela... he ran one marathon for each of the 27-years mandela was imprisoned... and at the end... 707 miles... he broke into tears... calling it the hardest thing he's ever done. but what a massive achievement. he also did this to raise money to fight international poverty. and according to the british charity, "sport relief," his
5:51 am
one-million dollars. 3 3 ((walter)) he's one of hollywood's biggest stars... and one of florida's most famous faces. (vanessa) just ahead: burt reynolds talks about his long career... and the roles he *wished he didn't pass up. plus... the one a-list actress he turned *down. 3 ((vanessa and... *royalty... gets *real. what a new documentary reveals about queen elizabeth the second... it goes behind the tiara... and inside the palace.
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3 (vanessa the peking acrobats are performing at ruth eckerd hall this afternoon. the elite tumblers, contortionists, jugglers, cyclists, and gymnasts... will be accompanied by a traditional chinese instrumental emsemble. this show is very special... they're celebrating their 30th anniversary with a year of the monkey themed performance. tickets cost between 18 and 35-dollars. the show starts at 1 this afternoon. 3 (walter superstar burt reynolds... is taking stock at 80. he's still working, but spending more time at his home in jupiter, over on
5:55 am
and he dishes about some of his biggest career regrets... in a new documentary called "the bandit," which recently premiered at "south by southwest." he says: one of his biggest mistakes was posing nude for "cosmopolitan" back in 19-72... he thinks it cost him an oscar nomination for "deliverance." he also regrets turning down the "han solo" role in star wars... and... james bond. but the one role he's still glad he passed up: playing the richard gere part in "pretty woman." he thinks it would have been "weird" to pair him with the much younger julia roberts. 3 (walter everyone's gonna be rushing to the theater to see "batman versus superman" this friday. well, everyone but one. sam affleck... won't get to see his dad ben play the caped crusader at the box office. but there's a good reason for that... he's only four- years old. dad's worried the movie is too grown up for him... and doesn't "want him to have nightmares." but sam *is getting in on the fun... ben is gonna ask the film editors to make a shorter, less violent version on d-v-d.
5:56 am
(vanessa now... here's "something blue" to get "tickled pink" over. it's a nearly 10-carat, "fancy deep blue diamond" ring... that once belonged to legendary child star, shirley temple... and it's going up for bid next month. temple's father bougth it for her when she was 12... in 19-40... as her film, "the blue bird," was coming out. she wore it throughout her life, as both an actress and an american diplomat. the ring will be auctioned-off on april 19th, jewels" sale... and you can follow the bids online. (walter/ and... it's queen elizabeth... like you've never seen her before... advising kate middleton... and being called "gan-gan"... at least, by little prince george. it's all part of a new documentary on the longest- reigning british monarch, who turns *90 next month... it shows the queen behind the scenes... and much more casual, than we're used to. it also includes duchess kate's *first solo interview... she says: the queen has helped her get used to doing "walk-abouts" with the
5:57 am
being so chatty with people. the documentary debuts in britain, easter sunday. 3 ((vanessa)) there's much more to come on good day. ((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 spring is finally here... and for a lot of counties that means spring break is here too. and with that comes a lot of tourists... but spring break hot spots are cracking down on party animals. 3 now locals are worried those new rules could potentially hurt businesses in beach communities. how spring breakers are looking for new beaches to spend their vacation this year. 3 plus....a tennis official is busy apologizing after making some offensive comments about female players. how some of the top tennis players... from both the women's and men's leagues are firing back. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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pfrom tampa bay's no. 1 news pstation this is "good day tampa pbay." p>> first family on a historic ptrip to cuba, controversial pissue. p>> police calling them zombies, pspice, an update on the growing roblem. p>> spring break -- new rules pcould be hurting beach pcommunities. p>> upper 40s, brooksville barely


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