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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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ahead this hour: >>walter: straight ahead, trump in trouble again. new poll numbers that could have a huge ripple effect on the rest of the republican party. >>laura: a murdered overseas, even worse, police say that it was completely random. >>walter: every kid wants to look cool for school. you don't want the pafrrents picking it out. we put teenagers to the test. i'm walter allen in for russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. it's friday, it's august 5. we begin with a news alert out of pasco county this morning. few details confirmed so far. what we do know is that a lot of
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we want to get straight to vanessa who can confirm the roads are blocked here. we're talking about those trying to learn a little more. good morning. >>vanessa: good morning. bear with me. i'll get in the shot in a second. i'm just trying to keep an eye on the sky fox shots. i'll just move to the maps here and let you know what is happening. u.s. 41 is blocked northbound and southbound. this is going to be in the pasco, lake acres area so northern pasco county, really close to county line road. and your alternate is going to be the sun what we're hearing from authorities is this is a traffic crash that resulted from earlier police activity. we do know that there's going to be a briefing later so we'll have more information hopefully to bring to you later this morning. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we do know that at least one person has been transported to the hospital with some injuries. we also saw unfortunately looks like an extended crime scene being set up with investigators. it looks kind of like a grim scene to be unfortunate here but we'll let you know once we learn
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suncoast parkway is going to be the work around here. i want to let you know briefly because this is an earlier crash but it is already starting to cause some big backups on the selmon expressway. it was a crash that was eastbound on the upper deck. this was at 50th street and there's some lane blockages. they haven't quite cleared the crash out yet so that's preventing them from opening those express lanes and turning them in the westbound direction. that's why we have westbound delays heading this way. if you yourself extra time. this might be clearing the crash fairly soon in which case we'll be able to fix the express lanes, get them turned the right way. we'll get to dave. >>dave: thank you. i'm watching just the showers develop out in the gulf and some of them are working their way onshore, especially down near the longboat key area. others are just barely offshore in parts of pinellas county. and yeah, it's setting up like
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coastal showers and storms. we do have the clouds and the showers from really bradenton to longboat key. sarasota so close to getting the showers as they move onshore to the southwest. pinellas county, they're hovering, probably going to work close to clearwater beach at 20, 25 minutes and then up to the north where you see more rain around cedar key. focus is going to be on rain chances going up over the next several days. 60% to 70% chance of showers today, the morning, inland this afternoon. highs in the upper 80s. >>walter: thank you. 7:03 the time. developing this morning, more violence on tampa roads. >>laura: and a motorcyclist was shot in an apparent case of road rage. the man suspected of pulling the trigger is due in court this morning. this happened last night at the intersection of nebraska and 109th avenues in tampa. it started as a traffic dispute and carlos rodriguez got off his
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they argued and when rodriguez started walking back to his bike, the other driver shot him in the back. the driver took off but was arrested nearby. rodriguez was taken to st. joseph's hospital. remarkably, he's expected to be okay. police identified the driver as this man. he's being held in jail right now charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. >>walter: tampa police are looking for a take a look at him. he disappeared last night around 10:00 after getting into an argument with his mother. he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, shorts and black sandals. if you know where he is, he was last known to be seen in the belmont heights area or hangs there sometimes. if you've seen him, call tampa police. new details about a deadly stabbing attack in london. we're learning more about the american woman who was killed. >>laura: darlene horton and she's from tallahassee.
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professor at florida state university. horton was in london with her husband for a study abroad program. john thrasher releasing this statement about the death. quote, there are no words to express our heart ache over the terrible tragedy. we're shocked that such senseless violence touched our own family. that attack happened in russell square, an area popular with tourists. five others were hurt. 19-year-old man just started stabbing people. police have them in he suffers from mental health issues. authorities say that the attack was not terror related. more trouble for donald trump this morning with swing state polls and likability numbers both heading down, including here in florida. >>walter: all of that fuelling concerns that republicans could lose more than just the white house in november. doug has more this morning from washington. >> she could have or the next president would have as many as
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three or four -- >> donald trump talking about the future of the supreme court and the impact hillary clinton could have as president. the kind after tack that republicans in washington have been clamoring for after days of distractions. hillary clinton's likability numbers are terrible, underwater by 11 points with 55% of registered voters saying they don't like her. the problem for trump, his numbers are even worse. 63% unfavorable and then there are t the real clear politics average is showing clinton is up in florida, michigan, new hampshire and pennsylvania and that's not all. >> he is in the -- especially perverse situation of forcing other republicans to take a position pro or con on his antics and that's disastrous. >>reporter: that could affect the senate in the year that republicans have more seats to defend than democrats. trump cannot be counted out,
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and back to the likability issue for a moment. there's a new a.p. poll showing that young voters in particular do not like either trump or clinton. >>walter: switch gears now at 7:07. $76 billion is how much families are expected to spend this year on back to school shopping. about $900 per child. >>laura: and we know for a lot of families, every dollar counts and that's why man probably headed out to the stores today. summer has been shorter than usual. sales tax holiday is shorter than it normally is. but this tax-free weekend is coming up this weekend. starts today. shayla reaves has a closer look at all the items you can save on. >>reporter: the tax-free holiday weekend is officially underway so we expect stores around the bay area to be packed as parents try to save a little bit of crash before their kids head back to the classroom.
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manager. tell me about this year. there are some items, some changes that parents need to know about as far as what qualifies and what does not. >> one of the big changes this year is electronics. aptops aren't included, things like that that were included the last couple of years are not so it's mainly your core school supply items. >>reporter: for folks who may have said i'm going to wait until the tax-free holiday to buy desk top, whatever, you're out of luck. >> maybe out of luck as far as the tax. we have plenty of great deals to help you out but yes, you'll be paying sales tax this year. >>reporter: can you talk about some items that are tax-free as far as school supplies are concerned? really it applies to items $15 and under per item. correct? >> correct. $15 and under per item. most notebooks, pencils, crayons, things like that.
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under $60, they'll be tax-free. >>reporter: and as far as things that stores are doing to get people in the store or make their shopping experience more convenient at a time when everyone is looking to shop, i know you guys are doing some things online and you have also made some easy changes in store to make it more convenient for people when they come in, too. >> sure. yeah. a few things we've done to try to make it easier is offer more buy online, pick up in store options. you can do your shopping online the crowds, things like that. also as far as the in-store goes, displays are a lot neater, cleaner, located in better areas of the store, make it easier to shop. >>reporter: and how important is it to make that shopping experience as easy as possible when you're talking about going back to school? >> it's a big deal. it's a high stress time of year and small things we can do to make it easier on parents is obviously greatly appreciated, i
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time. the official back to school holiday tax-free weekend is officially underway and it runs through sunday, 11:59 p.m. and of course, you can find all the details you need to know. we'll link you right over there if you head to back to you. >>laura: thank you. and when you're getting all those deals today, try to pick up a little extra, just a little bit. it will go a long way. "good day" is hosting a back to school supply drive monday,ex hillsborough and pinellas county schools. it's from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on monday and you can drop off supplies just outside of our station on kennedy boulevard. you can meet a few of us on "good day." all of us, in fact. we have another drive going on at the long center on belcher road in clearwater. jennifer epstein, charley belcher will be at that one. and we've got a list of some most needed items. those are on our website at >>walter: today in pinellas
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them to school. department of health is hosting free dental screenings for all kids age four to 18. they open at 8:00 this morning. all right. later this hour, more troubles for george zimmerman and he's got the bruises to prove it. >>laura: but after the break, start taking notes, mom and dad:we're letting the kids show you the coolest back to school fashion. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs.
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>>dave: what a great start to the day. it is beautiful. yesterday at this time, we had tons of rain on the radar. every day will be a little bit different. what we do have, showers this morning that are getting ready to work onshore. i want to show you the sirata beach camera. see this? little popup showers moving southwest to northeast? so if you're getting that early start, getting to do things outside, i really want you to
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it's already raining, there's a shower i just showed you at the sirata beach camera and we have some rain headed to the north western parts of citrus county. notice more rain out in the gulf. as the sun warms up, the atmosphere destabilizes. like yesterday, then they shift inland during the afternoon. but it is raining this morning, just to the west of sarasota, around holms south of longboat key, tropical downpours, also just north of osprey on 41 where we have a shower getting ready to move through. it's not a huge deal but again, it would be annoying to have outside very early this morning. here's some shower activity headed very close to clearwater beach now. there's one tropical downpour working from southwest to northeast and another one into citrus county. our temps at this hour, here not bad. they're in the mid 70s the most
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rain chance, which by the way, today will run 60% to 70%, high temperatures should stay in the upper 80s so no extreme heat the next seven days. the problem is this. computer models are painting a very, very wet seven-day forecast and i'm talking about several inches of rain a possibility, especially north of us right through early tuesday. so i really need you watching our news cast over the weekend. skytower radar app as well because we do have, again, the the next several days. coastal areas in the morning, inland locations in the afternoon. >>vanessa: thank you, dave. and of course, just a reminder, folks heading through north pasco county along 41, you will be diverted northbound and southbound in the area of bowman so that's going to be close to the county line road area. pasco lake acres, this is an earlier screen shot of when sky fox was over the scene showing you basically this is going to be an extended scene.
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they do have it roped off with crime scene tape so that does indicate that they're basically going to be camping out here for this investigation, i would say, for at least four hours. we mentioned before, we have a crew headed this way. we're expecting a media briefing so we should have some more information to provide you a little bit later this morning. in the meantime, suncoast parkway will be your alternate there. we'll get to the selmon expressway. i want to update you on that. clans are clear on the upper deck. however, it will take a few minutes for them to reverse lanes where they should be. that's causing backups for all the westbound drivers heading towards where that exit is to get on the express lanes. make sure you're planning extra time. if you don't want to be there, take that detour, maybe take alamo. that could be a good one for you. a crash we want to tell you about, palm harbor area blocking two lanes southbound. expect some delays. and expect delays here as well. emergency road work started a
7:18 am
center lane blocked in the southbound direction did back up during rush hour yesterday. this will number effect until wednesday. >>jennifer: most kids, the best part about going back to school and the new wardrobe. wearing last year's clothes, never going to happen, especially if you're in high school. just ask andrew and kayla. they know what's hot and what's not for fall of 2016. meet andrew and kayla. university, best friends who love to shop. perfect. i'll follow their lead. first stop, tilly's. they go their separate ways. kayla has eyes on the rompers and anything floral. >> this is cute. i could definitely wear this to school. these might be a little too short, though. this would look perfect. >>jennifer: flannels are back. >> solid one might look cute
7:19 am
the waist. >>jennifer: i was wearing flannels in like the 90s. i can't believe they're back. >> they are definitely. >>jennifer: would you wear that as a full shirt? >> yeah. over blue jeans or something like that, that would look cute and you could roll it up in the summertime. >>jennifer: bottoms and i got really excited about another throwback. >> i've never put a pair on but i'd be willing to try it. >>jennifer: it's still skinny jeans. >> high wasted i can wear them with shorter shirts. >>jennifer: and andrew was about comfortable and casual. >> i'm looking at this. i'm looking at the green shirt. it's a nice pocketed shirt and i also like this white one. it will match a lot and has a nice silky feel to it. >>jennifer: finding pants was just as easy. colors are in. >> not just the blue jeans but also the colors. >>jennifer: hands full and headed for the dressing room,
7:20 am
waited. >> that looks good. >> thank you. i like yours, too. >> wow. looks good. >> thanks. i like your outfit. >>jennifer: we waited and kayla modelled more. i love that. >> good? >>jennifer: that's really pretty. then we were off to pac sun. we stayed together and moved quicker until it was time for the final fashion show. >> i really like that. >> i like yours, too. >> it's >>jennifer: best friends don't mind matching. >> we look the same. >> i know. >> i think we should definitely do this on the first day. >>jennifer: i'm pretty sure they picked out enough to last them the whole year. okay. i love these kids, too. they had a lot of fun and i think they pretty much have a wardrobe for like at least the first week or so of school. what do you think? >>walter: i would say so. >>laura: i think that's the perfect gig. you know they had so much fun
7:21 am
yeah. >>walter: flannels are back. >>jennifer: and all the old school grungy look with the holes in the jeans. >>walter: it's all coming back. >>laura: later, stealing bikes from wounded veterans. the search is on for some heartless criminals. >>walter: and something in this picture does not belong. how this road got turned into a runway but first to something that definitely belcher at comic con. good morning. >>charley: yes. these things go together, me and comic con. suicide squad this weekend, they'll be all over the comic books, of course, at this place. artists, in fact, one of the artists who worked in the harley quinn comic book, we'll talk to them later. we have all kinds of guest stars and comic and collectible dealers.
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((walter)) a quick check
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and the world.(laura)) >>walter: quick check on stories making headlines, internationally and nationally. >>laura: phoenix, the search for a serial shooter. police say the man has already killed seven people seemingly at random. july 11 a man and a 4-year-old boy were targeted and that brings the total number of shootings to nine now since april 1. police have no idea who the shooter is, but they believe it may be a young hispanic man with black hair and they composite sketch of him. police have not ruled out accomplices. >>walter: tragedy for a family in georgia after their twin 15 month old girls died after being left in a hot car. someone found the girls parked in front of a duplex. neighbors pulled the girls out, tried to cool them down using a bay pool and ice packs. police arrested the father who was supposed to be watching them. believe it or not, the mother is in the hospital in another city
7:26 am
accident. >>laura: imagine seeing this during your evening commute. that's a huge plane in the middle of the road. boeing 737 cargo plane was flying from paris to northern italy but it skidded right off the runway. no one was seriously hurt but these photos have been trending online and they look really scary. it could have been worse, too. right? the plane went right across another road. luckily there were no cars on that road. >>walter: international airport in belize is expected to reopen today as the nation tries to clea storm hit thursday with 80 mile-per-hour winds and up to 12 inches of rain. country suffered massive power outages, streets were flooded, rooves were torn off. country's dams have reached flood stage. and thankfully they're out of it, right, dave? >>dave: yeah. that's pushing to mainland mexico now. might go back over the bay of campeche briefly but for all intents and purposes, it's going to head into mexico.
7:27 am
here. yesterday it was pinellas county. this morning we've had a fair share of rain moving into sarasota. tropical downpours, maybe a rumble of thunder but in general, it's heavy rain we have in longboat key to sarasota. venice, osprey, you'll get in on the act soon as well. near clearwater, we have a quick tropical downpour. the overall rain chances, they stay high. not only all weekend long but even in the beginning of next week as well so numou and storms. now, the good part of that is it keeps temperatures below 90 degrees but still, a lot of rain anticipated the next several days. >>vanessa: all right. hopefully folks will stay safe on the roadways when the rain does come. meantime, overall big picture, it's pretty quiet. i do want to elaborate on the detours here for this crash and deputy investigation that's happening here in pasco, u.s. 41 at bowman with northbound-southbound shut downs. suncoast parkway, if you're
7:28 am
farther than county line road. that will be the last point before the crash site where you can get onto the suncoast parkway. northbound direction drivers state road 52, that's going to be the northern most point so keep that in mind. majors, fortunately looking good here as well. just some moderate congestion westbound on i-4. >>laura: thank you. still ahead this morning on "good day," the latest on the breaking story out of pasco county. we're going to try to get an introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. we're following a news alert right now out of pasco county. >>walter: we're following a news alert out of pasco county right now, and the only thing we have confirmed is there's an investigation. one person was taken to the hospital. >>laura: details are still coming in. shayla reaves is on the scene. here is what we know so far. it's happening in the area of
7:32 am
just south of hernando county, just south of the county line. u.s. 41 is shut down in both directions and vanessa is keeping an eye on that. one person has been taken to the hospital and we are expecting the sheriff's office to hold a news conference any moment. fox 13 shayla reaves is at the scene now. she's setting up, a live shot will be ready to go. we'll have an update from her coming up very soon. >>walter: is florida zika outbreak finally contained? health officials areop they've been focusing on a square mile in northern miami, especially the upper left-hand corner. health officials have been focused the past few days, spraying the area and going door to door testing. >>laura: it appears to be working. state is confident that there are no zika cases in the area. focussing now on the rest of the square mile where 15 local zika cases have been discovered now. other good news on thursday, the department of health confirmed
7:33 am
florida statewide. only two travel related ones in miami dade county as we've reported. governor rick scott, miami's mayor and the director of the cdc met about the situation. governor scott said officials tested more than 20,000 mosquitos and have not found any deceased insects but the department of health is also warning that money to fight zika could run out this month. >> we are more exposed here in florida than any other state the country when it comes to the zika virus. i think we as a delegation now have two main priorities. number one, we want to make sure that the federal government uses the funds that it already has at its disposal in a way that benefits and pays attention to the unique needs of the state of florida. >>laura: the department of health is also rolling out free zika testing for all pregnant women in florida. that began yesterday, that
7:34 am
bay health departments should offer it by monday. hope is to get those results back as quickly as possible. george zimmerman is punch lined again this morning in more ways than one. quite literally. he was punched in the face after a man accused him of bragging about tray von martin's death. it happened in sanford. according to the incident report, zimmerman was telling a group of people that he shot martin in self defense and a man approached zimmerman, asked if he was bragging about that and zimmerman according to deputies, man used racial slurs and told zimmerman to get out of the restaurant and punched him in the face. zimmerman called 911. the man got away. he could be charged with assault and battery. >>walter: a rough morning for radio listeners here in the bay area. that's because they won't be hearing the voice of dave mc kay. he was found dead in his apartment yesterday morning. his co-workers went to check on him when he didn't show up for work. it's not clear how mc kay died
7:35 am
play and suicide. mc kay spent almost three decades on the air waves and had a huge impact in the industry. he hosted countless charity events over the years. just one example of his impact, long list of country singers sending out condolences online. that brings blake shelton and hillary scott from lady antebellum. >>laura: major bay area company was hit with a $2 citigroup technology, part of citigroup bank, was not paying many workers overtime. cti denied workers time and a half when they worked more than 40 hours in a week. the investigation focused on the company's anti-money laundering division. and the violations have been between 2013 and 2015. as a result, cti had to pay 882 employee a total of $1.8 million. also received a civil penalty of
7:36 am
violations. citigroup said, quote, citi reclassified jobs as overtime eli eligible. we fully cooperated with the department of labor and are pleased to have this resolved. >>walter: now search for some bike thieves in hillsborough county. they were made specifically for wounded warriors. take a look at the surveillance video. tampa police say the broke into the residents only house and stole a pair of diamond backed road bikes worth nearly $5,000. the bikes belonged to an organization called ride to recovery that helps wounded veterans recover from their injuries. if you have seen these guys or the bikes, call tampa police. been to tampa international airport lately? if not, you're missing out. t.i.a. is undergoing a huge
7:37 am
-- concessions opening alone. >>laura: the world's newest hard rock cafe. good morning. >>reporter: exactly right. good morning to you. a lot of excitement here at the tampa international airport with the hard rock cafe. you can see staff members are out here right now. they have a family and friends dining tonight. actually starts at 7:00 this morning. it started about a half hour ago. they're getting the bar ready and the soft opening for the hard rock is actually tomorrow and they'll actually have a grand opening about a month from now. as you mentioned, it's one of 65 different shops and restaurants located here at tampa international airport. we'll talk to jeff, a memorabilia expert from the hard rock cafe. one of the things we were looking at earlier is the bass guitar. who is this?
7:38 am
that's the very bass used to record the song. it's the bass from the video. it's a really, really iconic piece of new wave history and if you survived the 80s, it's a part of your life. >>reporter: you've got that one piece. you also have a prince -- i guess it's a you have so much memorabilia here. that just happens to be another piece. >> every hard rock, in addition to being a tremendous cafe is a music museum. and with the recent just shocking death of prince, our collection of memorabilia has become sort of even more special than before. we have a little suede jacket that wasn't a stage piece. it was just something he wore hanging out at paisley park, around minneapolis and you can
7:39 am
man, prince but a giant in his own way. >>reporter: exactly. hard rock cafe, it's part of history, music history and there's so many other pieces and so coming up in the next hour, we'll talk about the cher piece she wore during her tour and during her big -- >> it's an infamous piece. >>reporter: we'll talk about that. let me ask you a question. what does it take to bring in a pi jacket and other pieces like that to a location like this at t.i.a.? >> physically? we have a really dedicated team in our memorabilia department that frame and present memorabilia in all corners of the globe. we're based in orlando so this was like being home, in our backyard. our team will go out to kazakhstan or nigeria or, you know, europe, australia and they've got this down to a
7:40 am
>>reporter: no doubt. we'll talk to you in the 9:00 hour. at 8:00, we're going to talk about the food and we'll meet natalia. she's going to be mixing up some great drinks. apparently they have some signature drinks, including a mojito. is that right? magic mojito. you can't find it other than here at the hard rock. we'll talk to her and we'll talk again to jeff in the 9:00 hour about the >>laura: big. we're big now. big city airport. all right. thank you. >>walter: mojitos. >>laura: magic. >>walter: there's a little competition going on at rio this weekend. >>laura: we're talking about the summer olympics. after all the buildup, all the setup and all the controversy, the main event is now just hours away. the opening ceremonies. and the olympic torch has already arrived. torch came through the streets
7:41 am
cheer it on. they lit a symbolic cauldron until the real one gets lit during tonight's event. more than 10,000 athletes, half a million tourists are expected in rio for the games. and of course, security is a priority. but brazil's most recent moves has a few worries. they just brought in a team of retired police officers to take care of the screening outside the events and some are still getting trained on the x-ray machines. brazil will have more than 85,000 police and patrol during the games. >>walter: we've been talking about it for jefr. here it is. have you ever loved a movie so much that you wanted to live the movie? one group of guys made it happen. their shot for shot remake of one of the greatest action movies of all time is up next. >>laura: and then are you ready to have a ball? how about a million of them? the bay area's newest beach opens to swimmers today. that and the rest of your weekend events when "good day tampa bay" continues.
7:42 am
weather. >>dave: you might want to go to the beach and be inside because we have higher than normal rain chances again this morning. this time around sarasota and bradenton. it's raining very close to clearwater beach, up toward cedar key. this is just the beginning. more skytower radar views. we'll talk about the higher than
7:43 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment millions of jobs.
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>>dave: look at tampa. beautiful this morning. i mean, look at sunshine. not too bad out towards sirata beach. up around hudson beach, though, a little different story and then out to lakeland. let me tell you, it's a different morning than yesterday. we did have a lot more in the way of rain yesterday onshore at this time but notice all of these lines of showers hovering, sitting out there over the eastern gulf this morning. we've had rain around longboat key, bradenton, sarasota and you
7:46 am
that. so kind of a wet, dreary start to the south. then get up to pinellas county and really it's falling apart but we do have some clouds and a line of sprinkles very close to clearwater beach. just north of clearwater and also around cedar key, i've been watching all morning long, all these showers and thunderstorms and some of those are now touching extreme northwestern parts of citrus county. the atmosphere is just loaded with moisture and it's honestly time before you see more of these coastal showers just pop up and then eventually move inland during the afternoon. we're at 79 degrees. you've got rain chances today 60 to 70%, especially along the coastline. and watch this. as the tropical moisture continues, the south to southwest winds continue through the weekend. there's one other thing computer
7:47 am
weak low developing in the northeastern gulf and as that happens, we're going to get into a setup where you get a low to the northwest, a high to the southeast and to be honest, all that does is just funnel tremendous amount of moisture our way and that's why the computer models are really jumping not only the rain chances up but how much rain we're going to get through next tuesday. so this obviously bears watching because of just the way it's a lot of rain, especially sunday, monday, tuesday. i keep urging you to check back with us during the weekend weather cast. 88 for a high temperature today. 60 to 70% the rain chance. now coastal areas, morning, early afternoon but then it shifts inland. we start off warm tonight. we'll get the coastal showers late tonight and early tomorrow again, low 77. then everything that develops
7:48 am
inland for tomorrow afternoon request a high of 88. i remember thinking in july, we don't have days with 20%, 30% rain chances and now we're going to the other side of the coin where we have these 70% rain chances saturday, sunday and monday. >>vanessa: thank you, dave. and just a quick update here. out of pasco county, we told you earlier about u.s. 41 being shut down due to this crash that resulted from what we're being told police activity beforehand. this is in the pasco lake area at bowman road. we are hearing that a media briefing is expected in the next hour so hopefully we'll get you a live report shortly with more details. but in the meantime, continue to use suncoast parkway instead. you have detours in place. southbound on u.s. 41, go no further than county line. that will be the last chance to get on the suncoast. we'll get to selmon expressway.
7:49 am
crash on the upper deck that had prevented westbound lanes from being reversed on time and sent towards tampa. we do have traffic now flowing on the upper deck towards tampa so that's better news for drivers here. we're not seeing any earlier delays. those have cleared out. you're good to go through the area. update you on the drive times. looks like we just have minor congestion here for this time of morning. 16 minutes from bearss avenue to i-4. southbound 275, 10 minutes southbound 75 heading from bruce b downs boulevard to just moderate congestion as well, i-4 westbound drivers plan for 14 minutes coming from 75 heading into the interchange. >>laura: if you saw charley belcher where he was yesterday, you know all about this. you can head to the beach this weekend without touching the water. beach tampa opens this morning at amalie arena. instead of water, you'll be able to swim in more than a million white plastic balls. and the experience is free.
7:50 am
ice cream but you have to reserve an hour to check it out. the hours are available on ticket master. the event runs through august 25. tonight in tampa: >>walter: that is classic country. you can see it tonight in tampa along with some modern country. hank williams, junio i along with grammy award winner chris stapleton. it starts at the credit union ampitheatre. >>laura: and it has been called the greatest fan film of all time and you can see it this weekend in st. petersburg. the movie coast sun dial is hosting a special screening of raiders this sunday. movie is a shot for shot remake of raiders of the lost arc made by three 11 y11-year-olds.
7:51 am
film and two decades later, two decades later they got to film the one scene they missed, the airplane explosion. sun dial is playing a double feature sunday and the director of this is going to join walter allen to talk about it in studio and that's in the next hour. goosebumps? rudy runs on the field. i love this movie. the actor who played the inspirational player is back in the bay area today. he is one of several stars from movies and television at the annual tampa bay comic con. >>laura: and fox 13 -- you got chills? >>walter: i did. >>laura: charley belcher is out there live this morning giving us a preview. good morning. this is your place. >>charley: it is. these are my people and this is my kingdom.
7:52 am
has become more about meeting actors from the favorite pop culture movies and the collectibles. hot shot toys right now setting up their booth and we're talking interesting games like big bang theory version of "clue." i know a certain photographer who would love that. we'll talk later. stick around. i have a perfect preview for you. we're tell you everything you need to know to come down here and have a good day at comic con. kicks off today at noon. new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
7:53 am
in florida, people are working hard, just to get by. but in washington - "republican senator marco rubio has the worst voting record in the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs.
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>>charley: "good day." i have an amazing, incredible, spectacular thing to do this weekend. visit tampa bay comic con. kicks off at noon and runs the whole weekend. how many people do you expect >> we're expecting 60,000 attendees over the course of the weekend. yeah. >>charley: i remember when this show started. it was like the little comic con that could. it was 5,000 people and the next year 10,000 people. it's becoming quite the premier comic con event for our area. >> absolutely. we're so excited. we're growing every year as a convention and we have new guests, new panels, new programming, all of it. >>charley: so many stars. you name the show. if it's hot right now, walking
7:56 am
game of thrones, joffrey is going to be here. daredevil is going to be here and electra, right? >> yes. she'll be here as well with charley cox and also shawn ashton from lord of the rings. and we also have ray park from star wars. >> ray park, my goodness. darth mall is going to be here. you get autographs and pictures and that sort of thing. plenty of comic book dealers are here. they're seeing a resurgence because of the movies in pop culture. >> we have over 300 exhibits here on top of all the guest artists and comic artists and things. >>charley: lots of toys and collectibles. it's almost a collectible convention as much as a comic
7:57 am
nerddom you can find here. >>charley: we embrace our nerdcome. >> the exhibit hall closes at 6:00 p.m. and on sunday, to 5:00 p.m. >>charley: and we didn't talk about the workshops and panels that go on. you think of a discussion that people have, could superman beat up batman for real? there's a panel probably to discuss that very issue. all kinds of panels, all kinds of fun. it will be best place for people to go to get tickets? >> box office. online sales are closed. come down to the box office at noon today is when we open.
7:58 am
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?? ((walter a fox 13 news ? ba da ba ba ba ? alert out of pasco county.. a fox 13 news alert out of pasco county a very busy road shus down. a big investigation is under way. we expect sheriff chris nocco to update us within the hour. and then, some b some ways to make life easier in the mornings. the color hanger you use could save you all the time and money you need getting out of the door. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. and good morning 8 o'clock now i'm laura moody. i'm walter allen in for russell rhodes. thank you for waking up on this friday, august 5th. let's head over to dave osterberg. a little bit of rain again on


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