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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  August 6, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "host." a woman is accused of killing a man after meeting him at a strip club in pasco county. why deputies say all signs point to a robbery girl who has overcome almost impossible obstacles. why she never thought they would make it to graduation. >> walter: good saturday morning. thank you for joining us, i am walter allen in for alcides segui. >> anjuli: i am anjuli davis. and mike bennett in for lindsay. a wet forecast. >> michael: not a constant rain from today through
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your car. keep it handy. sun roseann hour or so ago. this is looking to the east over downtown tampa, so cloudy start to the day. a little more in the way of sunshine inland. here where that cloud cover is coming from, that batch of showers to the west, and overall the progress of those showers are to the east. we do have this downpour here now making its way into st. pete, headed toward the beaches here. a quick downpour with this. this is not the main batch, 15 minutes. what happened to the rain in that's not it. just that little shower here. this is the main batch of rain headed through crystal river and much of western citrus county and on into hernando county. we will continue to watch those showers. temperatures in the mid-80s. a 6% chance of rain today. 7% chance of rain for tomorrow. periods of rain heaviest at time. heaviest and steadiest the closer to the coast. the farther north you get a
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long this wet, unsettled weather lasts coming up. >> all right, make, thank you. a news alert coming into our newsroom. feet police are investigating a shooting that happened around 4:30 this morning. dewayne nash jr. walking on aragon way when he was shot. he was taken to bayfront hospital and is expected to be okay. police are, woulding to get more details. a georgia man was found dead hours after deputies say he mel this woman kayla collins at a strip county. collins was arrest and charged with second-degree murder. investigators are working on a motive but all signs point to a robbery. collins and lott met at a strip club. they left, went to her place and collins shot lott in the parking lot and took off with his truck. he was arrested 3 a.m. friday. deputies say she tried to run
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first into a sliding glass d door. she is charged with armed robbery, grand theft and second-degree murder. >> did interact with a few of the ladies later on at denny's. made some admissions that something bad had happened, and then took the vehicle down to pasco county. we are not 100% sure what the motive is although it is not unlikely that it was robbery. >> anjuli: yes lott worked in the construction business in the all happened. as for collins, her bond is set at more than $100,000. 8:0 3. things are back to normal along the pasco county line. this following a deadly shooting of an off-duty detention deputy. you you a that as a news alert. a woman called 911 that a man identified as ronald ramparro was following her. he crashed his car on u.s. 41 and ran to nearby coca-cola
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plowed through the gate of the business. an off-duty detention facility saw the truck driving radically and started following it. rubebarro slammed on his brake and reversed into the deposit too he's personal vehicle and kept going. he eventually crashed into a pick july truck driven by another off duty detention and he got into a scuffle, a fight. he started choking the deputy and the deputy shot and killed him. >> i am glad that no out to the parents of the boy. i really do. i seen them out today and she was heartbroken. >> reporter: the suspect has a lengthy criminal history dating back to at least 2010. one usf student, today's graduation ceremony holds extra special meaning. the completion of a journey after detour that was almost a dead end. one year ago barbara jimenez was seriously hurt in cuba.
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fractured. nerve damage over my left eye. i spent months where it was completely shut. and months where it was very wide open. >> anjuli: last august she was visiting family in cuba and barely left the airport when a semi truck crashed into her taxicab. among the injuries you just heard barbara talk about, she also suffered a brain aneurysm and was in a coma for two we weeks. with no insurance, her family couldn't afford treatment for a medical flight back to theu. the community rallied together covered and get her back to the state. the usf sorority raised more than $20,000. >> that was a miracle. just the fact that this many people from different, like, sectors got so involved, and, you know, to help me. it is definitely coming to a better place, and now i look at it as a thing in the past. before it was hard and seemed like a pleasant part of my l life. i am graduating tomorrow. so it is part of my -- part of
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now. >> anjuli: this afternoon she will becomea usf grad and she will take a year off before heading to law school. she wants to find a way to give back to the tampa bay area, to pay it forward for all the love and support we gave her. well, the zika threat is capturing even more attention. experts have confirmed the 16th nontravel related case in the miami danger zone. >> meanwhile, officials are hunting the insects by land and air. fox's phil keating tel politicians are looking for ways to pay for it all. >> reporter: miami-dade county zika air assault is now under way with plans to continue spraying insecticide over a 10-square-mile area this weekend. the county laid mosquito traps first and after the flyovers the traps revealed 100% kills, this despite a funding sho showdown. >> government inaction that is the height of irresponsibility. >> reporter: florida senior
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nelson today, the latest elected official to descend on miami's emergency zika situation. he is calling on congress to return early from august rehe is to pass the president's $1.8 billion zika funding req request.what about when it is discovered in another state. the fact is that this is a health emergency, and it needs to be dealt with straight on. >> excuse me. >> reporter: he follows in person on the strt thursday by florida's governor and south florida's congressional delegation all dig a that florida's zika crisis is real here and now with today a new 16th case confirmed to have come from a mosquito in that neighborhood. >> we don't want people to be scared of coming here, so from my perspective, whatever it takes to get this done, whether it is a special session, if the senate went in tomorrow in pro forma section, i will be pleased with that as well. we knead these funds.
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only active zika transmission is in this one-square had-mile box. one of the 16 local cases are not tied to a visit here. exactly how that happened remains under investigation. as the county and state intensified their war on the zika virus from the skies and house to house on the ground, president obama reiterated from the pentagon thursday, current zika funds at the national institute of health dry up september 30. >> the situation is critical. for instance, without sufficient funding, nih clinical trials and the possibilities of a vaccine which is well within reach could be delayed. >> anjuli: the food and drug administration ruled that significantly modified mosquito also have no impact on florida environment. bring them one step closer of being used in the south florida neighborhood and efforts to fight the zika virus. some local residents support
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the. they will wait to launch their trial until after the november election when residents will rote on a nonbinding referendum on that trial. the company already started miles from brazil, panama and the cayman islands where they claimed to reduce the mosquito population by 90%. [bell ringing] >> anjuli: awngz i feel bad for all those kiddos. you know the weekend before you go back to school. >> walter: the >> anjuli: the last hurrah. >> walter: the last supper. is it me for earlier. much earlier, wow. >> anjuli: the last weekend of summer, guys. get with your mom and you go and do all the back-to-school shopping. >> walter: before you head back, the parents are like yes -- before you head back, you want to get deals. kellie cowan is live outside the staples in dale mabry with deals we can get.
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not the same amount money arizona last year. >> that's right. the summer is shorter for kids. the tax breaks are shorter for the parents. i feel like we are getting a raw deal this time of year. you can't even enjoy this weekend if you were a kid because you are thinking of that first day of school coming up, and your summer passing you by. but there are three days of tax breaks coming up. they started yesterday. to just two more days left today. day two, and sunday as well. these -- this tax-free weekend back-to-school shopping. a couple of deals to get out there, but there are some important things to note, just like the time period has been shortened this year. well, so has the amount that you can actually spend on those tax-free items. to last year, it was tax-free on $100 items of clothing and shoes. this year a $60 threshold.
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tax-free and $15 per item for school supplies. unlike last year, this does not comply to computer and ele electronic accessories. things like that. last year the tax break app applied. this year it unfortunately does not. but one of our producers got her tax-free shopping in. i am a little jealous of the lunch box that she picked out for they are son this year. "star wars" theme. but a lot of people are doing th if you are going out and doing your shopping, pick up a couple of extra items. a hillsborough county and pinellas county drive going on from fox 13. we will be collecting school items -- [inaudible] -- or we got a location out in pinellas where you can actually meet jen epstein and charley belcher if you go to that location. appropriately enough it is on
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drive i should say. we have that information on out web site and collecting all kinds of school supplies for hillsborough and pinellas county. walter, i am sorry we didn't mention it before, we can meet you monday if you come to the fox studios and drop off cool is supplies, can't we. >> walter: that's right. of us. the big draw will be russell, laura, have a necessary and dave osterberg. >> anjuli: all characters. worth the trip for sure. there will be a charlie drive that intersects with bell cher. >> anjuli: i think a only a matter of time. .> wal >> walter: only a matter of time. we will talk to you later on. sounds good. get back to that shopping drive -- the school drive will weekend, 6 to 10:00 on monday benefiting hillsborough and pinellas county schools. two drop-off locations fox 13 studio west kennedy boulevard and long center off of bell cher road in clearwater.
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are needed on our web site. i am looking at hillsborough county's list. spanish-english dictionaries, scientific calculator. college-ruled and wide-ruled paper. things that i wouldn't have thought of. >> anjuli: i think a i am sure anything helps. >> walter: a wish list for hillsborough and for pinellas. check these out and every little bit help. we appreciate it. 8:13 is the time. people on west coast dealing with severe weather >> the impact of all those wildfires and why it looks like soon. good news for the rays. we will take a look at the -- latest look at the sports headlines coming up. and the rain not too far off. some of us already seeing some raindrops. take a look at the satellite and radar view. the rain sitting off of the northeast coast. does it arrive today, tomorrow or the workweek. or the workweek. details on the full forecast it's one of the ocean's fastest, fiercest predators.
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california is living through-- one of its costliest fire seasons in recent memory. and the worst-- may be yet to come. now, the state the costliest fire season. the worst is yet to come. >> anjuli: they are asking washin jonathan hunt tells us that congress is fiddling while california burns. >> reporter: already this year according to cal fire, there have been some 4,000 wildfires in california core muching around 350 square miles. and we are only just getting to peak season. the problem is a tinder dry landscape across millions of acres. >> a crew pulls on scene. they are seeing fire conditions that normally we could hit the head of the fire.
8:17 am
fast, to hot that there is no way to get in front of it. >> reporter: when you have 66 million dead trees and millions of acres of dry brush, the fires can spread quickly in the initial going for fire fighters to keep up with the result, homes destroyed, lives up en ended. this particular home was destroyed two weeks ago by the sand fire here in the angeles national forest. so the message from the forest service to congress is, fight these fires more effectively, but that means more prevention, and for that, we need more money. >> that will keep us from having to rob peter to pay pal, to take restoration and management dollars and use them for firefighting. >> reporter: 20 years ago the forest service spent just 16% of its budget on fighting fi fires. now that's up to 60%. but congress haven't acteden that tress service request to declare the biggest fires
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up additional emergency fun funding. the problem is not so much a political decide but a geographic one. with east coast lawmakers perhaps predictably not making west coast fires a priority. in the angeles national forest, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> walter: quite the opposite here. mike, you and the entire weather team are preparing for a busy >> michael: a busy weekend and busy week next week. we hope obviously what looks like will happen doesn't come to fruition because you kind of remember last summer. it doesn't look like last summer, but, again, there is the potential for heavy rain. the potential for flooding so you got to take it seriously. 79 sirata beach cam. showed the raindrops and clouds in the distance. yep, a shower moving throug that area. the sky tower radar. the bulk of the activity is to
8:19 am
that lone shower -- actually two showers. you got this one moving through st. pete. you got another one north and west of that. these are pretty quick moving showers but the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. the atmosphere is ripe for this heavy rain happening to the north. this batch of heavy rain continuing to strike the western citrus county continues to move in. thunder and lightning with that as well as we head to say chat as well as we head to say chatsiwitska and will head on shore the next couple of hours. current temperature up to 8 in tampa. 77 in new port richey. 73 in bartow. 77 down in arcadia. wider view. mid-80s to the out. mid-70s to the north. watch what happens when we switch over to the winds. this is kind of interesting. you have this southerly wind for most of the state here. basically all the peninsula. you head to the panhandle here and winds are kind of coming out of the north. that is a sign that we have
8:20 am
of flight between and sure enough satellite and radar show that boundary. here we go. this trough here bringing that batch of rain out across the gulf. eventually that will slide on shore and won't be quite as bad by the time we make our way on shore and we will see showers from time to time. here we go futurecast through the morning hours. best chance for showers arrive say 10, 11:00 or so for the nature coast. spreading inland a bit as we head through the late morning inland and east coast, you see a couple of showers late this afternoon on to this evening. tomorrow, though, better chance of seeing those showers a little bit earlier in the morning and better chance of more widespread shower and storm activity to start the day well. you can see little more active looking futurecast for sunday. here we go, for today 86 degrees. showers developing heaviest at the coast. seven-day forecast have those rain chances 60% for today. up to 70% for tomorrow.
8:21 am
though as you head to the nature coast. 80% on monday. again the heaviest of the rain. the biggest flood threat will be the farther north and west be the farther north and west you get she is one of brazil's most recognizable exports, and tonight he walks on her cou country's biggest stage. that is supermodel gisele bu bunchen. >> strut. the opening ceremonies complete with fireworks and, yes, an appearance by one of the most famous supermodels in the world, gisel bunchen. the competition with men's cycling. the olympic games run through sunday, august 21. sports this morning loc locally, the rays take on the twinkies at the trop. and a bucs injury uptate. sports director scott smith. scott khat good saturday morning and start with baseball.
8:22 am
matt duffy a newcomer a single and a double. and duffy planning to be re-evaluated by the team before deciding the next step. ready to go by the end of the next week. the ray it is with the twins yesterday and you off to a big start. nick franklin through the right side. logan forsythe comes around to score. first run of the ball game. a lot of talk to the first base position. who is going to fill it. could miller. franklin doing his part. over the shoulder catch. haul it is in. not too shabby. speaking of miller. he was getting it done at the dish once again for the third straight game. miller with a home run. this one deep. bounces off the back wall. 20th home run of the year. rays off to a 2-1 lead. the bull pen cannot hold. eddie rosario the pinch-hit run off of ramirez. the bull pen gives up four runs
8:23 am
and by the way romero going to the 15-day dl. cutter says mccoy and robert ayering so a great job of guiding rookie robert sp spence. draft pick flashes every day. by the way, today's practice back open to the public. we know yesterday was a closed practice. the team is off on sunday. speaking of d line, georg injured reserve. the defensive end injured his hip in thursday's practice. dirk cutter is a aid significant injury and not sure if it is a season ender or not. but buc have signed martin ifetti. there he is number 67. he spent part of last year on the bucs practice quad. the loss of johnson is the first injury setback since the start of camp. >> we don't want to lose
8:24 am
a blow to our depth right now. because these guys are competing for spots. so, yeah, it is a blow and unfortunate. the worst part of this game is that. the injury situation. the worst part of football at any level are the injuries. country and we wish george the best in his recovery >> the camp opening at 8:45 today and also tonight, 7:30, big soccer match between the rowdies and ft. lauderdale. that at 7:30 at al lang sta stadium. sports this morning. send back to you. looking to beat the heat or the rain. >> walter: the hot happenings for you and your chance to see the biggest names in comics and science fiction right here in the bay area. live long and prosper, my friend. tampa bay comic con take over introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs.
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looking to get looking to get out of the house and brave the rain for you. just the thing for you. >> anjuli: a bunch of hot happenings all across the bay area. get ready to see superheroes in downtown tampa this weekend. tampa bay comic con back at the convention center. brings actor jack gleason astin and many more to the bay area. signing autographs and posing for pictures. if you want a photo or autograph. bring cash. signings are cash only. tickets start at $30 for si single-day tickets or $60 for weekend ticket. this was all one conversation? >> yeah. >> this is -- first of all, i think i go the a bunch of bo books, and five seconds later she says i don't know a mr.
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got it. >> walter: watch a classic movie at the tampa theatre. they are showing "all the president's men" part of their summer classic movie series. it will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie. classic about woodward and bernstein. starts at 3:00 tomorrow. you can go to a beach, a beach with no water in downtown tampa. instead of the water you will be able to swim in a million white plastic balls. the first weekend of the beach it is open at amalie arena. it is free and you have to book a time to experience it. you can do that on ticket master. the event runs through august 25. ? say it ain't so ? ? i will not go ? ? turn the lights off ? ? carry me home ? >> you can watch pop punk trio blank 182 in the bay area at the mid there amphitheatre tonight.
8:29 am
they are joined by ocala medcore favorites and night to remember and the american rejects. i am in the minority of not knowing who they are. >> anjuli: you are pulling a lindsay, she never know any these acts. wament baltimore tickets start at $25. >> anjuli: i think a right up mike and my alley. >> walter: blink 182. that about the only one. >> michael: guys you were talking about the beach, right, at amalie a that is probably the beach to be at the next few days. dodging these showers from time to time for today, tomorrow, especially, in fact, tomorrow and monday. and monday. we will detail the rain chances
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there is a grocery store,
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we got showers and storms starting to work into the area. let me show you the sky tower radar view and show you exactly what i mean. showers sitting off the northeast gulf that are slowly making their way on shore. cedar key to crystal river. we are seeing the rain right now elsewhere throughout the next couple of hours. rain chances for today highest along the nature coast. 76% rain chances from crystal river to spring hill even down toward st. pete. 60% rain chances from tampa just to the east toward plant city. 50% east of that the forecast for today, 60% rain chances overall and tomorrow we bump that up to 17% rain chances. heavy rains at times as well and we will talk about that and how much rain overall we can
8:33 am
next week or so coming upwall baltimore thank you, 8:32 the time. hillsborough county deputies are looking for a man that robbed the mid florida credit union at bruce b. downs in tampa. the guy in the blue visor right there seen in surveillance photo. he implied he had a gun and got a bag full of money before running off. if you recognize him, call the hillsborough county sheriff's office. a judge ruled that tampa's panhandling b first amendment. a judge ruled it is unconstitutional to ban panhandling in parts of the city. people are free to return to the same streets where they were banned from last year to ask for money. the lawsuit was brought against the city by the founder of homeless helping homeless. they targeted panhandling in heavy tourism areas. multiple reports of an you a congress sieve alligator in the rain bow river. park officials temporarily shut
8:34 am
popular for swimming, tubing, diving, paddleboarding. a great spot in dunnellon. florida fish and wildlife hired a nuisance trapper to try to find the alligator. marion county officials say they will announce when it is safe for people to return to the river. an explosive night on the water is all caught on camera. this was the site early friday morning when an elderly man's sailboat went up in flames. this all happening near fort myer's beach. the b moorings and the flames jumped to another boat. authorities rescued a 80-year-old man on board and he is being treated for minor burrs. they are trying to figure out what caused the fire. in nassau county, people are cleaning up after severe storms swecht through that area on thursday. a tornado touched down in one area leaving a lot of damage in its wake. you see there people klein up broken debris.
8:35 am
unexpected visitor at a water treatment plant in south florida. police arrived on scene to find a gator on the loose, wandering around aimlessly. he was potted in the parking lot before taking a break in the road. lying down, taking a load off. security guard called 911 and they came, got the gator, trapped it and able to take it away out of harm's way. at least 40 people were hurt when a fence collapsed new jersey. it happened at the bb&t. fans flew over the upper gap. snoop dog and whiz kalifa were on stage and rushed away by security. no word on who was hurt. shocking and disturbing that chicago police misconduct is using to release newly
8:36 am
the deadly shooting of paul o'neill last month. o'neal was expected of trying to steal an abandoned car. police chased him and ended up shooting him in the back killing him. he was unarmed at the time. the city of chicago released several videos of the incident one showed officers shooting at o'neal as he drove by in a stolen car and shows a foot chase after o'neal. in all nine videos were released from body cameras and one dash cam video. the first release under the new policy meant to restore public trust in coming to the tobacco industry. starting on monday the u.s. food and drug administration tobacco regulations will extend to all e-cigarettes, cigars and hookah products. all of these sales to minor also be prohibited. the center of tobacco products say the new actual have little impact on how adults can legally purchase tobacco products. before this ruling, there was no federal law prohibiting retailers from selling e-cigarettes, hookah tobacco or
8:37 am
of 18. and more heartbreak for france. 13 people are dead after a fire breaks out in a bar. this happened in run negotiation northern france. the fire broke out at the bar as people crowded in for the birthday party. 13 people were killed and another 6 were hurt. crews are investigating the cause of the fire. the world's oldest american alligator is being celebrated not hear in the states but in the serbian zoo. age has nothing to mugo. he is honored as a local legend at the belgrade zoo. according to local staff members, mugo is at least 80 years old and lived through world war ii and the bombing raids in the '90s. he is the world's oldest alligator in captivity. despite surgery four years ago for gangrene. he is living well. >> anjuli: living large. spoon-fed. he don't have to do anything.
8:38 am
>> anjuli: apparently. >> walter: 80 years old or n not, i am still not messing with it. raising money while taking in a ball game. >> anjuli: how to fight pediatric cancer all enjoying to see the tampa yankees play. and out with the old as a piece of st. pete history torn down i think everyone's home becomes a part of them or takes on their character. and you lose so much of that stuff in the flood that made the house your home. a little bit of water can do. and if i would have had to float the cost of repairs... ...i'd have probably lost the house. the flood insurance allows me to put my house back together.
8:39 am
8:40 am
when the tampa yankees take the field tonight.... running alongside each player will be a child who has battled cancer. they're encouragi is a child who has beat cancer
8:41 am
devin ike let's start go gold. >> it's to bring awareness and for to all kids that have cancer. so it is pretty cool. cole was the one who started it all. actually came to visit to devin i found out. it was pretty cool. it is awesome. >> you go to the game, what should people experience or -- going to be an awesome game. post-game fireworks. they are giving away backpacks to kids under 14 who come in the gate. the players walking out with these cool kids. hands are actually on these jerseys that will be up for auction, which really awesome. there is devin's hand right there. >> walter: that awesome. >> one of a kind jerseys and you can get them online if you can't make it to the game. >> what will it be like when the players. >> we told them yet and really
8:42 am
chance to meet really the kids who are on there or get to see them today. they are really excited. >> walter: let's transfer to you guys. let's hear your story. >> well, first from the beginning i -- i started to have head aches that wouldn't go away. >> two years ago. and we went to the hospital. they said it is summer. then i got double vision. and then they -- i had a and they said i have a brain tumor. so i had it -- i had -- so i had to get three surgeries. >> walter: wow. >> and then i was in the hospital for a while. and after the surgeries, i had to do 30 rounds of radiation, and then like a nine month break and four rounds of chemotherapy.
8:43 am
>> walter: so you -- obviously she needs to be -- but dad, for you, i am sure that is just heartbreaking for her to go through that. >> i remember they gave her a mri and when she had double vision, they said that is not normal about the heat. they gave her a mri and two hours later we went to our doctor and i just remember to this day, she said your baby girl has a brain tumor and all children hospital is waiting for you. >> walter: wow. how is she doing now. >> great, cancer-free and she's -- she is going to start 6th grade in unfortunately three more days. >> walter: yeah, a little bit sooner -- walking on the field with these players, right. >> yeah. >> walter: are you excited about that? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's -- a yankees game. and i really like baseball. >> walter: have you been on the field before? >> yes. >> walter: you have not anything new.
8:44 am
field? >> some batting practice tips? hit the ball far. >> yeah, hit the ball far, i don't know. >> walter: i will tell you this. your story is a tip enough for them because they are playing a game. you have been through a real battle. testament for everybody to listen to. so great job. we just have the information on. hope everybody goes out to the game. thanks, guys for coming on. >> >> mike: thanks, walter. fingers crossed that the weather stays good right now at least. weather is okay for most of the area. a look from our sirata beach cam. winds are starting to gust out of the south and the radar is getting a little more active now. we will talk about when that rain should arrive across the
8:45 am
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a sarasota man is under a sarasota man is under arrest after he admits to a sarasota man is under arrest after he stole $10,000 worth of guns from business. justin mcfarland's girlfriend got a key from the where the guns. he broke in and stole guns from a business on porter road. they found of two the guns at a manatee county pawn shop. they found deputy where is they
8:48 am
guns. a pair of teens are charged with stealing pikes from a charity that provides them for injured vets. the teen were seen on surveillance camera taking the bikes from the parking garage of the channelside apartments. each bike was valued at $2,000. meant for the nonprofit ride for recovery. tpd is look for a third teen connected with the case. taking advantage of free food in st. petersburg. pinellas county commissioners joined with the nonprofit farm share to hand out donated zion ame church at that location. the organization aims to eliminate hunger by collecting fresh food that otherwise would have been thrown away. >> anjuli: great idea. time is 8:48. look like a messy weekend for us. >> walter: a little bit of a messy weekend and messy monday. start of the cool week, mike. >> michael: definitely true. the good news is, i don't see it raining from now through
8:49 am
and if you were inland, you may not see a whole lot of rain at all over the next four or five days. this is how it looks right now. a gloomy look from our br brackdale, bayshore camera. inland a little more sun. filtered sunshine right now out in lakeland, and you will see less in the way of rain. not just today. not just tomorrow, but monday, tuesday, and wednesday. on into thursday as you head inland. the sky tower radar view showing the showers and storms sitting across the northeast gulf. starting to spread into the big bend from cedar key, c chatsiwitska you are seeing the shower and storm activity right now. it is filling in a bit across the gulf here right. just west of pinellas county. we have seen a couple of showers make their way through pinellas county but more showers back off to the west in will start to work in now as we head toward 10, 11:00 this morning. but the heaviest of the rain, the steadiest of the rain has certainly been all morning s sitting a cross western citrus
8:50 am
heavy downpours and thunder and lightning with these storms as they roll through. winter headlines, periods of rain over the next several days. not washout through now thr through, say, wednesday. and dry stretches and does look like we will see steadier rain closer to the coast it gets. some of it heavy and when all is said and done, could be several inches of rain especially for the nature coast. some folks along the lines of 10 to 12 inches of rain by wednesday evening, maybe toward hernando and especially. current temperatures, 8 degrees in tampa. so warm and steamy start to the day. 79 in brandon. 80 in bradenton. upper 70s inland from winter haven down to lake placid. highs today getting into, say, the upper 80s to 90 inland where we have the sun right now. clouds and showers though persistent to the north and west. 81 for high today in crystal river. 86 in tampa. 84 down in st. pete. here is the wide view satellite and radar, you can see that batch of showers and storms
8:51 am
a lot, a lot, a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. not just today or tomorrow as well, so futurecast, showers developing and pushing inland today. tomorrow, likewise, very similar and we watch this area of low pressure kind of drop into the gulf and this is what we have to watch. a 30% chance that this develops tropically over the next five days and if it does, that will certainly add to our rainfall amounts and will certainly add to the amount of wind we see around here as well. at the very least expect breezy conditions for the next several several 86 degrees. showers developing. heaviest at the coast today. tonight, the showers wind down off of the east and more coastal showers develop. 78. and this pattern -- kind of a rinse and repeat pattern. a little bit more moisture out there for tomorrow, monday and tuesday and up those rain chances. eventually it does look like we get back to a little closer to normal as we head to the end of next week. first birthdays out there today. happy first birthday to add addison. she loves spending her time
8:52 am
and cucumbers. happy first birthday to kasen. playing with his big bro, playing peek-a-boo and swi swimming. pearson is sweet, giggly and always happy. he loves playing with his
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you are watching "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: i think a finally this hour the city of lakeland has received a big facelift following a donation. as fox 13's photojournalist lucas bogg shows us, it is the perfect addition. >> they are tearing down the police training we will make room for our new police headquarters where this building stands. it will go a little bit north of here and a little bit less of here. this building was built circa the early or middle 1920s. initially it is built to be an automobile dealership. and then became a warehouse and then it became a courthouse. the police department moved in and it became our training building.
8:56 am
we then utilized it as our training building. locker room here for several years. we had our swat team storage here. we had our bicycle compound. we have our forensic unit staged here. a weight room in here. it has been something for the police department over years. a lot of history here, a lot of officers have gone through h here. i came on here in 1982. this is where i first came to the police department. even though the main headquarters is across the street. all the housed out of the training building. it'sed a to eit go, but then again it is also nice to know that we will have a brand-new headquarters and new complex coming -- or being built right where this is. down the road rather quickly and that is awesome to watch that go down. that is being torn down and you are standing there watching the
8:57 am
it is quite impressive. we were very excited. anybody that is working in the police department over the last 40 or 50 years know that we are cramped. the building is a little outdated. we have been long overdue to have a new building and thankful that the mayor and city council approved the headquarters for us and everybody is extremely anxious introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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a man breaks into a gas a man breaks into a gas station and tries to make off with the safe. what he ended up leaving with. we will tell you about that. plus, hillsborough deputies are hoping to cut down on stolen bikes with the help of the community. how you can help them crack the crime. finally open. the lighting ceremony and celebrities and its message behind the big ceremony. >> announcer: from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. >> anjuli: good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay. it is 9 a.m. on this saturday morning, i am anjuli davis. >> walter: i am walter allen in for alcides segui. thank you for joining us. mike bennett is in for lindsay milbourne. musical chairs. it's fun.


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