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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  August 8, 2016 11:30pm-11:58pm EDT

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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. ama ericruns on dunkin'. the rays and separated by 18 games in the a.l. east, but it's aslway a battle between the two. the ray hav beaten the jays more often than not this year. tonight in toronto rays playing tch-up throughout most of this game. to of the fifth, brad miller hits it down the right-field line. that's trouble. that going to play two, and tied this game up at 4 apiece. in the 7th the jays march back out in front. because advertise at that extends that with a double.
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7-4 jays lead. logan forsythe in the ninety getting a little rally start. he leaves the yard here. solo shot and that's as close as it gets. raysal tonight, 7-5 your final. smart move by the bucs. they took their practice indoors today to avoidhe t rain. the team toover the trop this afternoon. as kevin o'donnell tells us, the bucks have the player who is the perfect mix of skill and marts. >> cameron brady is used to intense competition. he got into harvard, after all. in a way the nfl is no different, only the elite make it in. less than a year ago he was cut by the bucs. >> it was a major bummer to get cut. i tried to stay as positive as i could given the situation. >> the saints picked him up mostly to pick his brain about the bucs.
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i don't want to be a traitor to the bucs, but i had to give them something. a little bit but not too much. >> a week later they snatched him off the qu, relief to dirk koetter. >> it just worked out we had a chance to get him back. >> since his return he's passing all the tests. he went from castoff to clinching the starting tight end spot. earning a degree from harvard is wft mos accomplishments in the country. being a harvard guy in the nfl carries a bit of a stigma. >> probably a little bit. a lot of guys want to talk about my classes, how hard was it and everything? >> the bucs have a cast of intelligents players and a new tight end from northwestern. >> he's the smartest guy onhis team you have a guy fro norstern now. >> i would not say dans t smartest on the team. top 30. i'll say top five, you know,
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jameis winston is a spote'd gllyaccept. at bucs training camp, kevin o'donnell, fox 13 sport. auick congratulions to melanie nargeiles advanced in rio. >> we're out of time. "money, power & politics" is coming up next. >> good day starts bright and early. have a great night.
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u and me ? hey guys, i'm going to tell you what it's like to be a fireman. ? helping you connect to what matters most. bright hou networks. >> hillary clinton bears down on the ultra battle ground state with rally in st. pete. >> florida could be the center
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country. >> donald trump regroups and bears down on the issue that helped him take off in the polls. >> i am proposing across the board income tax reduction. especially for middle income americans. >> and guess what is happening around trump's real estate. >> free this area up. >> we will show you the boom in tourism around the buildings that bear his name. >> like christmas all over again. >> plus mayor are back to fight the battle of the bay with our pal squares. this is money, power and politics. >> okay this week could be the turning point in the race for the white house. trump is coming off a rough week but judge our leaders by how well they respond to adversity. mitt romney owned the president in their first debate. you killed jobs. >> i have no idea what you are talking about.
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some rough weeks as well but he won because he fnd ways to bounce back. >> our navy is smaller now than any time since 1917. >> governor we have fewer horses and bayonets. >> and so now trump is regrouping and focusing on issue that year that could help him close the gap. >> my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from seven to ree a dramatically reamlinehe process. trump focusedn o his plan to drive he has an opening. >> we will make america grow again. in app that basically follows rick scott here in florida trump wants to fuel jobs by cutting business taxes and cutting regulions and beyond that he wants us to produce more energy in ourwn country and he wants to simplify the tax code compressing the sevenrackets down to three. that's 12% 25% and 33 perks.
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>> witthh he stedn message. read from a script and did not engage the protesters who repeatedly interrupted his speech. >> he simply thanked his security team for leading them out of the room. >> the american people first. >> so trump week is off to a much better start than last week especially if he blocks out nute gingrich trying to help him out as only he can. >> trump would cut taxes $9.5 trillion over the next most of it going to top earners. and adds $11.2 trillion to the debt. mr. speaker his numbers don't add up. >> of course not. i think historically no candidate numbers add up particularly in the media. >> wait so you are saying his numbers don't add up. >> have to quote on you that one. >> politicians on both sides have a way of saying the things on chris wallace. remember hillary clinton fumbled badly last week blamed her
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e-mail controversy that earned four opinion noke yeses on short circuiting. trump having a field day with that. >> hillary clinton short circuited again to use a now famo term when she accidentally told the truth and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class. >> so i may have short circuited and for that i will try to clarify. >> countered in st. pete claiming trump's plan drive us >> in the fir 100 days i will work wboth parties to pass the bigge investmentn new joince war ii. >>mong oer things sheants to raise taxes on the highest earners to invest rebuilding our infrastructure. >> our roads bridges tunnels our ports airports we're systems our sewage systems. we have got to put people to work fixing all of that because that's going to make a big
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clinton clyeads t by arounden-points. put that in perspective oba beat romney by around four-points in 2012. so trump is in a hole but remember he was ldi just two wes ago. a lot of people don't srt keyi ino t the race until ound labor day or later. >> remember once again in the summer of 1988 due khakis has a big lead. still got blown out in the end. so work through the map and show you how it is changing but fst political squares and that's our take off of the old hollywood squares that features a panel of stars whora jokes and try to bluff contestants. tonight with that we have round two of the battle of tampa bay with our mayors. so announcer taket away. >> one of these stars sitting in the secret square the contestant who picks it could win a special prize. >> which star is it.
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matt. vaness laura moody. russell roids. jeff tewkesbury. >> marissa lynn. charlie belcher. asr thein the political squares. political squares craig patri thank you for joining us. it's good to have you here on political squares this is round two. our stars are back thank you so much for joining us we have some familiar contestants as well. mayor buckhorn my right. wea battle of the bays continuing. iie fstnd rou went to mayor last week. this is round two. mayor buckhorn try to even it up >> startit charlie belcher.
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square. hit me craig what do you got. >> crlha, wchep rublican candidate said after prime time debate the more wine i drink, the better the debate got. >> think that's what much everyone said who was watching it at home. every time somebody said something you think may not be ue i drink at home. careful, though. dot drive afterwas. belve tha was n gi. will dagree with that. re you kno who it was? lindseyraham. you gott rht. on aga mayor of tampa off to a good start right here. circle gets the square. all right. you are up. >> i'm going to choose marissa. >> you are up. >> finally let's go some wt is the one thing that democrats and re in common? >> well craig that's easy.
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>> we can't go with that that too easy. where does the expression to vet someone come from. vet a candidate. vet a running mate. what was origin of that? >> it comes from the word veterinarian like veterinar hatoheck out horses to make sure they would be good runners for the particlar race. >> where do we go with that. >> that's fairly accurate but i will disagree. >> all right. he is going the he gets it wrong. it is a contraction of the word veterinarian back in the horse racing. you check a horse for flaws carried over to the horse race in politics. there we go and so goes the origin of word vetting in politics. >> this could be a quick game. >> looking good for the mayor buckhorn. >> i'm going with my old friend john wilson. >> here we go. true or false. hillary clinton was a republican who campaigned for barry gold
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truer false. thiss ser.ious he was alican. >> is he bluffing or on to something. >> he is not on to something. it was true. >> we have a winner. this game is even had up battles of the bay. congratulations. we will pick it up once again with round three next week. you both so much for joining >> you will find more political and interviews on our you tube channel search for craig patrick money, power and politics. click subscbe theop of the page and get c upn segments and shows you may have missed. >> comg up we will show you he election map may look very different than you may expect and take you t the new tourist craze ats all abo
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up tates now in gray. with that clinton drops bee will he 270 sitting at 246. those states in gray show where the election will be won or lost and some of the states not typically thought of as battle ground states. this week we will work through the map and show what you the heck is going on here and start with our northern neighbor georgia. it's about as republican as you can get or at least it has been so then why is it in play this year. peter shows us how and why >> georgia has been a red state in seven of the last eight presidential elections. but it's quickly changing and democrats are noticing. >> everyday that i was in chicago in 12 there stes we pay cttention georgi was alws athe topf the list. >> that's becausrg is experiencing a major dem graphic shif between 2004 and 2012 the number of latino voters in the
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largest hispanic population in the country. so the democratic party is making a move. recruiting operative wh experience in btle ground stes like ohio and north to helh state in the fall. >> it's the perfect storm. so georgia has been trending with its demographic to becoming a stronger minority state. we have a lot of active young people here and young people tend to be more hopeful for our future and more accepting of other people in general than >> but experts studying this trend say it will take time for democrats to benefit from the growing minority population because not everyone is registering to vote right away. >> i think that georgia becoming competitive is likely in the long term but unlikely in the short-term. >> republicans read those numbers the same way so they don't think they are basically to lose their grip on georgia. >> democrats in georgia year in
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year where the demographic time bomb goes off and taking you guys out. it hasn't happened. >> georgia has 16 electoral votes of all the states florida is clearly the biggest prize with 29 electoral ves hillary clintonead ors in florida but leads b less than three pipes. trump said he wants to shake up the map not just here but elwhe. wants to put cifornia and his home state forublicans we are not seeing that inhe interein cnges in the sta of new yorkecause trump rise inhe polls has triggered a boom in tourismund s properties. stacy shows us how it's playing out at trump towern new york. >>ou goto move. >>hissypal scene tristsack t tows theys silk to g glimp of the candidate or the very least his mcade. to see whether he is president iasoern that they
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urpittsb andtopping hereg from was at the topf their list. >> historic landmark now that he is running for president and we like trump. >> catch a glimpse of him? we hope so. >> even nonsupporters are coming by for selfies. >> you like donald trump? >> i cannot decide now we are not supporting anyone. >> we wish there was a third candidate. >> we just thought you know he might be the president we want to get our picture in front of his building. >> open to the public course the trump store. >> i am from italy. >> and you stopped at the trump store. >> y. >> stopped by to buy souvenirs for friends but she passed on the $30 makemecare again hat. not by choice but because the to be an american citizen to buy one. citnts as cpaigncontributi. >> so whatotcr owds mean for regular new yorkers who themselves live in trump t oowerr wkearby.
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have, camera crews and police. >> monica passes by everyday to get to her office. >> it's like christmas all over again. know, mob scene. >> can't walk down the sidewalk. you have to walk in the street. it's been an inconvenience but what can you do. >> just wait it out until november and hope this circus ing up putrump's wh the cb family in context sh how it compares to others who jump in. and we will show how the race may tighten sooner how the race may tighten sooner than you may got shot down ov etna and speneleven mths in a pow. what dald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
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>> the trump campaign may regretted getting in the parent of a fallen soldier. >> here to put it in context. >> famous news caster always says in presidential politics the unforeseen will >> have you even read the united states constitution. >> i will gladly lend you my dier insiste that hisdeamu family belongs in in ame donald trump was a nearly even bet to win in november. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one.
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>> what zachary face have you made. >> i made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i have created thousands and thousands of jobs. 10s of thousands of jobs. >> after months of attacks from top democrats, a defining challenge came from a family with a personal story. that's nothing new in presidential politics. >> please welcome. >> remember him. samuel joe was used by john mccain in 08 to hit then senator obama raise taxes on wealthier business owners. joe had challenged obama's tax plan to his face. >> if i buy anoth truck and add something else to it build the comny, i'metting taxed more and more. >> real winner last night was joe the plumber. >> yet joe the plumber never took hold. and john mccain lost in part because he never seemed self assured on the economy. now go back to 2004.
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reporting for duty. >> the swift boat veterans for truth were spawned by george w. bush campaign to attract kerry's list try as a vet turned protester. >> but they kept their medals. today they are teachers, farmers, businessmen. >> she betrayed us in the past. now.could we be loy loyal to him >> they went after kerry's supposed strength and patriotism during the might have the iraq so the common man always enters the campaign. >> his picie his pctesdo not rey understanding of the basic fundamental constitutional principles of this country. >> they can say things in ways the candidates themselves can't. for money, power and politics. >> thank you once again. of course donald trump is now
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taxes and jobs. >> coming up roll out predicts for the rest of the week and show you why the clinton
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clinton campaign because donald trump is raising a good deal of money in fact exceeding expectations of $80 million in july. much of it by way of small donors and with that not only does trump beat expectations but he pressed the clinton campaign to redouble efforts as well. we also havno the race as conservative alternative. at 8.2%. already in. of course we will see you once take care. come io steak 'n shak. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipd milkshakes hpralf ice during half-price happier hour, weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars.
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and fresh guacamole made from scratch.
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gary, what's going on with your girl here? >> getting ready to help. come on! porsha, i want to win the olympics! >> no. >> yeah. love! [ scream ] >> bure. >> looks like your feet are dying. >> yes, dying yes. >> oh, hell yeah. >> you have ganggray. >> you've seen enough. no. captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company hey, y'all, welcome to "dish nation." at it all day long. keep it going. >> all: usa! usa! usa! usa! >> we are straight olympic mode here in the studio, all sorts of funny olympic moments to talk about, plus last week orlando


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