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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 10, 2016 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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chosen at random, a 73-year-old woman is killed by a police officer ... >>russell: a 73-year-old woman is killed by a police officer. we have new details on a tragic accident. >>jennifer: donald trump dealing suggesting second amendment people could find a way to stop hillary clinton from stacking the supreme court with liberal judges. >>russell: for much of the tampa bay area, today is the first day of school. what everyone can do to make certain the kids get there safely and back home again as well. >>dave: and nice little reprieve on the radar this morning, which is awesome. we do have a couple of sprinkles, tiny little sprinkles here and there, but as we move along during the morning hours, we will start to pick up some
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eventually by the afternoon, everything starts to move inland. we begin to shift our weather pattern. 78 degrees. that's our current temperature at tampa. scattered showers today, rain chances 50% to 60% and high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. for those folks who missed the last traffic report, we do have a big roadway obstruction out pinellas county. railroad arms are blocked down position. please avoid the area. we'll let you know when csx clears this out. live look 275, 22nd avenue north, travel times look good northbound 275, pinellas to i-375. four minutes is the drive. >>jennifer: developing this morning, a horrible accident at a citizen police training academy in punta gorda.
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died, live ammunition was used during a role playing scenario involving an officer. shayla reaves is there this morning. the big question, how could something like this happen? i know we don't know the answer yet, do we? >>reporter: we don't have any answers about the question, how did this happen? answers. this is part of the sub safety complex here behind me. it's roped off by caution tape and just last night, the florida department of law enforcement sent members here to participate in what's been described to us as an independent investigation. now, that is an investigation requested by the police chief for the punta gorda police department, thomas lewis. he has requested that assistance
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us as a horrible accident. we're told this all started with a live role playing exercise about when to use and when not to use lethal force. it's part of the department, citizens academy program. the exercise involved two participants randomly selected. one of them was 73-year-old mary nolton. simulation became reality. a live round struck local hospital and officials here, along with not only the witnesses to this but law enforcement, senior leaders are all still trying to take in the events unfolding here tuesday night. police chief did release a statement. he said, quote, i'm devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable event. if you pray, please pray for mary's family and for the
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everyone involved in this accident is in a state of overwhelming shock and grief. according to her facebook page, nolten was from minnesota but lived in punta gorda. she worked as a librarian. florida department of law enforcement is continuing to investigate the events of what happened here, how did something like this unfold? certainly a lot of questions that are out there that we do not have answers to at this hour, but follow and keep you posted as new information is released. back to you. >>russell: we will talk later. thank you. >>jennifer: polk county couple is behind bars after deputies say they had to rescue nearly 200 animals from their overrun animal rescue facility. it all started with a tip from peta. back in may, two members went undercover as volunteers in polk county. they recorded footage of what they described as severe
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the sheriff's office last week and on thursday, detectives and animal control officers removed 197 animals from the facility. the rescued owners and her husband. >> she prided herself in a no kill shelter so she would let the ones that were very sick sit there and suffer until they die. that's not a rescue operation. that's a death operation. >>jennifer: they are c animal cruelty and 138 counts of animal neglect. civil hearing will determine the fate of the animals. >>russell: central florida woman is accused of not only allowing her three sons to shoot bb's at a homeless man but also driving them around while they did it. police say she was behind the wheel while her children shot at a homeless man picking through garage behind a gas station.
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cursed, fired and then circled around and did it again. she said she was having problem with transients rummaging through the trash at a nearby car wash her family owns. she's charged with aggravated battery, and child neglect. >>jennifer: switching gears. after all the drama, house speaker paul ryan easily defeated his challenger. he beat 80% of the vote. support from prominent conservative figures. ryan got trump's endorsement. he was first elected to congress in 1998. this is his first re-election since becoming speaker last fall. >>russell: donald trump and hillary clinton are in a virtual tie in florida.
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and pennsylvania. and these three states are significant because no presidential candidate has ever won without taking at least two of those states. >>jennifer: this morning trump is under fire for something he said. >>russell: this time he's facing criticism for a joke he made about the possibility that gun owners could take action against hillary clinton. listen. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >>russell: well, clinton's campaign has called these comments dangerous. trump later tried to clarify saying what he meant was the power of second amendment supporters to unify. controversy comes as the national rifle association launches the most expensive
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$3 million targeting clinton in the battleground states. hillary clinton was in florida yesterday but her focus was not on guns but on zika. >>jennifer: event in miami, she called on congress to return to washington and pass a zika funding bill. >> and get a bill passed, a bill focused on combating zika passed. then health departments at local and state governments, everybody will know that there are resources coming forth will be able to take action to try to prevent that. >>jennifer: clinton's visit came as governor scott announced four new zika cases in the miami area, all likely caused by local mosquitos. that brings the total number of people with locally transmitted zika to 21. scott, a republican, is also calling on congress to return for an emergency vote on zika funding. >>russell: school starts for most tampa bay area counties
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have a little extra time. >>jennifer: the rest of us, that means add some time to your commute and be very careful on the roads. ken reporting in pinellas county where the buses are already hitting the road. >>reporter: it is the first day of school, not only here but also in hillsborough county, citrus, hardee, hernando and manatee and then on monday, polk and pasco county kids go back to school. when i talked to you earlier, this place was full of buses but across pinellas county. same thing happening in the other counties i mentioned to bring the kids to schools all over the place. the man in charge here is dr. michael greggo. you had a mess jam -- message for bus drivers. what are you telling them? >> let's have a safe but productive yrnd also, they're the first smiling faces students see in the morning.
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and they're also seeing them at the end of the day, too. many of them, they're the last face they are in touch with in terms of being dropped off to their parents so i have a full respect for our bus drivers. that's a tough job. in the last bus rodeo, i actually got on and went into a bus and tried to drive it and the railroad crossings, bus stop, all the rules and regulations. i'm asking the community to slow down, take a little extra time and really adhere to the rules of the road, buses. where there's a bus, there's going sten. >>reporter: if lose this job, you're probably not going to get hired on as a bus driver in pinellas county. >> i'll keep practicing. i think i can do it. i have full respect for the people doing it. i tried to do it with no kids on the bus. that's a lot easier. i have a great deal of respect. each year i start the school year out here at bus depot to say thank you for what you do.
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morning. you have a very difficult job. you serve our students, you serve this community and you bring those students home at the end of the day safely. >>reporter: school is starting two weeks earlier. why so? >> well, our state legislatures allowed us to have additional flexibility on start times. prior to this, the schools could not start school weeks prior to labor day that created a very imbalanced school year. kids were coming back after winter break, taking semester exam with that added flexibility, all districts aren't the area, around the state, we have similar calendars. we're starting and ending around memorial day. we have the complete month of june and july for in-service training and to take a little r & r. so what that does is all students take their economister exams before the winter break and students are happy, parents are happy. this community is happy. we want to thank the state for
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flexibility. but this one summer got a little shorter because we had to make that difference up for this one year. we'll be back on track next summer. >>reporter: another message this morning, take a little extra time to go where you're going. a lot of school buses are going to be out there, a lot of moms, dads and we want to be safe. this and every other school year. back to you. >>jennifer: great advice. when you head to the bus stop, don't forget to bring a camera, make those back to school memories last a lifeti instagram or twitter. that's me, with the hashtag, "good day" tb. we'll try to share as many as we can. >>russell: when was that? >>jennifer: i think it was seventh grade. i'm not sure. we'll try to share as many as we can all morning long. you see the overalls and they're back in style. >>russell: i wore overalls every
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our back to school coverage continues with a visit from the hillsborough county sheriff's office. >>jennifer: major chad will explain why following the car line rules are so important for parents. and a refresher how to be safe around school buses. >>russell: and delta still dealing with the fallout from monday's outage. coming up, what the airlines' president is saying to all the inconvenienced passengers. >>dave: nothing more than a sprinkle or two so i say so far because we are anticipating another round of showers and storms today. i think rain chances start to fall back a little bit. 78 degrees. that's our current temperature outside. we'll get 50 to 60% which is pretty solid. 50% for tomorrow. leaving us in the upper 80s for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.?
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?? ?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ? >>dave: 6:16. looking at the rainfall, so far, first nine days of august, we've
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typically we would see a bit above, too. it's obvious that we are above normal so far for the month of . so we'll administrator more in the morning afternoon. i le brooksville at 74. 77 in new port richey. 76 in it's still 80 degrees in pensacola this morning. they and key west are both sitting at 80 degrees. i'm watching the radar just waiting and so far, it's been quiet. there were a few sprinkles north of brooksville, about an hour ago and one or two little popup sprinkles in polk cou we do have aaround, and i'm morning, we'll stalose to the ct
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waning. of rain. in tallahassee all new orleans, going to get several next few w
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gree weekend. 'l still hav showers andstorms.. manatee county d watch out a more, but it will be so remembe skirt oves promised we're watching ver arrived heree 49th street nohe down position and l mentioned
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some it. in the. >>jennifer: gone fire demonstration inn the second br deatar sped through a group air. as it d fired. >>russell: ceo of delta airlines apologizing to customers aft caused worldwide cancellations and delays. >> this isn't who we are. this isn't the quality of service and the reliability that you've come to expect from delta airlines. we're very sorry. i'm personally very sorry for what has happened to you. the impact it's had on your travel plans, the impact on your families or business ventures or for whatever reason you were travelling on delta. >>russell: in addition to the apology, delta is also offering travel vouchers to anyone forced
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the outage. that's $200 to anybody impacted for more than three hours. more information on the vouchers, go to as for today, delta's outlook is pretty good but they're still expecting about 90 cancellations nationwide. >>jennifer: the metal detectors at disney world are working. what happened to a man who tried to sneak a gun into the magic kingdom. >>russell: a teacher shows one way to do a fire drill. l have that [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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fast sandwiches,
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ty of way, any time of day. >>russell: it's tho edition. we wantedbyaving a fir one. chkdid. >> what there's a we're
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we should have a "good day" fire drill, canl: there'scoming. >>jennifer: a of an a hers kesh. she posted photos to her facebook page when her children went back to school last week. she's jumping for joy, people.
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100,000 times. first of all, does she have seven kids? can we talk about that for a second? they're grumpy. she's like, get out of there, people. >>russell: they're a cute family. >>jennifer: finally, this is what you get if you work hard and do well in school. vanita abraham says she's found her soul mate. not a man, a job. good for her. after seven long months, she found the per she's now a health administrator in california. rather than just changing her status on linkedin. she posed for a series of photos as if it was a big wedding announcement. i'm getting married to my job. it's a life changing event, after all. we're happy for her. congratulations. >>russell: she may be more right than she knows. all right. thanks, jen. would you come back? >>jennifer: yeah. >>russell: all right then. >>jennifer: just a second. i'll be there. >>russell: still ahead on "good
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good morning i'm russell rhodes. >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>jennifer: and i'm jennifer epstein in for laura moody. radar a little less active? >>dave: a little less activity. we had several days in a row with just band after band of rain. at least right now, it's quiet. no, i not going to stay like that all day long because it is august and we still have tons of moisture in the atmosphere but
6:31 am
off on the school buses okay, even see a little break in the clouds in the brookdale, bayshore camera. we're at 76 to start. we're back in the mid to upper 80s today. showers moving inland later today. 60% the overall rain chance. it will be there. just not there right now. i like that. okay? >>vanessa: take that after the past couple of mornings. we're going to be busy with all the buses on the roadways, kids going back to schoolment want to plan some extra time. as i mentioned, lane blocks are reported. we don't know the nature of them but you could expect delays through the intersection. live and updated look here, drive times nine minutes for folks travelling 275 northbound to bearss. it's eight to get from bruce b downs to i-4 along 75 southbound and for those folks hitting i-4 coming out of the interchange to the connector, just two minutes.
6:32 am
punta gorda police officer shoots and kills a 73-year-old woman. naer nolten was one of nearly three dozen people in the class. she was randomly selected to take part in a shoot, don't shoot scenario. that's how officers trained to use lethal force. in the scenario, the officer was playing the bad guy. in the scenario, he fired several times at nolten who was supposed to be pyi it was a tragedy. more than a simulation. apparently at least one bullet was in the round. nolten was shot and later died in the hospital. an officer who has not been named is on administrative leave, which is standard in officer involved shootings. >>jennifer: arkansas man is out of jail as deputies say he attempted to bring a gun into the magic kingdom at walt disney world. he was randomly selected to go through a metal detector.
6:33 am
sherwood police officer from arkansas. webb was fired from the department back in 2013 for dishonesty. he's charged with carrying a concealed firearm and falsely impersonating an officer. >>russell: much of our area, today is the first day of school. >>jennifer: we're starting things off on "good day." ken has moved locations. he's still in pinellas but right now at largo high school. hey, ken. >>reporter: i think the mantra this morning and more changes. kids have to get up. they've been sleeping late, not anymore. this place was built in the late 1950s. i know you can't see what i'm looking at, but all i can say is wow. let's fw to the principal. tell me what's different now than last year or the year before. >> we've added a number of
6:34 am
tech program. it is our hope and expectation that our kids receive their degree and want to move on. >>reporter: do you think the physical changes attitudes when they come to a school and it's classy that kids are going to be more academic and psyched to be here? >> we think the building is important. i think what's more important are the staff and the students and the expectations we put in front of the kids. our kids have always been one to have risen to our expectations. >>reporter: and more technology as a result of the new structure. >> we've added a lot of technology. again, we want to give them the skills they will be successful not only in high school but after high school and that's our goal every time. >>reporter: congratulations on the new school year, on the new plant and i think when other high schools and the bay area take a look at this, they're going to say, what happened to us? just an incredible place. i'm sure that this is not the week to visit but if you can check this place out, it is
6:35 am
we're going to be checking it out and i'll tell you about all of that coming up. back to you guys. >>russell: see you in a little while. thank you. >>jennifer: we want to see your back to school photos as you head out the door, make sure you take your best snap shot. remember to post them to facebook, instagram or twitter with the hashtag, "good day" tb. there's a first day of school selfie. we'll try to share as many as we can right here all morning on "good day." >>russell: it is back to school day and little refresher course on school zones and keeping our kids safe. major chad with the hillsborough county sheriff's office joins us a day early for staying safe. that's how important this segment is. >> how are you? >>russell: i'm good. you okay? >> yes. i'm wonderful. >>russell: before we start with some specifics, just -- it's important to tell everybody it's the first day. be extra careful. slow down, right? >> there's a lot more traffic on the roadways today, whether it
6:36 am
children crossing the roadways which means a lot more delays, which means a lot longer commute to work this morning. you're right. everyone out there, take a deep breath. it's going to take longer to get to work this morning. >>russell: all right. now, this is important. reminders about passing school buses. pretty much don't do it. but the fines can be pretty stiff, too, for right hand and left hand passengers. >> they are. we're going to have a very strong schools in hillsborough county for the first two weeks. it's to get people to slow down and be cognizant there are school buses and our children are out there. it's not that we want to write a ton of tickets. the goal is to slow people down and make sure we don't have any child out there hurt. i'll try to simplify the school bus passing as easy as i can. if you're behind a bus and the red lights come on, you must stop. >>russell: we've got the fines
6:37 am
they're not cheap. >> they're not cheap. they're horrendous. can you put a value on the price of stopping somebody from passing a bus and hitting a child? and you know what? i hate that i have to sit here every year and every year it happens. i hate it because someone is texting, not paying attention or someone is in that big of a hurry. they don't to want take an extra moment just to slow down and stop. if you're behind a school bus, the only other way that you could not stop is if you're going the opposite way of the bus, if there's a four foot median, you can keep going. if there's not a four foot median that separates the roadways, you must stop. i hope that helps everybody out. >>russell: we have another graphic to put up on fines for school zones. pretty steep as well, right? >> you can imagine how important this is.
6:38 am
limit. this is going through a school zone. we have 235 crossing guards out there working very diligently to make sure our children get to school safe. you know, we all have to slow down. and you see how important it is. >>russell: before we go, i want to talk about this, too, really fast. car lines, parents bringing their kids to school, pulling into the car lines at the schools. there are rules. the parents should know them and your advice, stick to those rules. >> that's right. i' so many people stop in the middle of the roadway and drop their child off there or they go do a u-turn in the middle and obstruct traffic. they have rules in place. we have done a ton of traffic studies with the schools and i know it stinks to wait in the long line to get in but when you do it, you can be assured that you're not going to hit a kid. >>russell: good advice this morning. we'll all stick to it, okay? >> have a great day, everyone. >>russell: you, too. good to see you. >>jennifer: good news for anyone
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dave is next with the back to school forecast. >>russell: and pokemon go usual many involves digital animals. see what happens when they come across the ? and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i remember when i started painting the sistine chapel, people thought i was crazy. they were like, mikey you can't spend 4 years painting the ceiling, and i was like, you can now! just like this morning, when i went to chick-fil-a for breakfast,
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so you know who is not crazy... that guy. chicken for breakfast, it's not as crazy as you think.
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>>dave: yeah. we have some cloud cover. however, look at this. we do have a little bit of sunshine to start things off this morning. officially sun up in a few minutes and it's a decent start to the day. at least it's just not down rain yet. well, we do have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we're going to get showers and storms again today. we just are going to get the kids off to school first and then we're going to start to pop up some showers along the coast and then gradually during the afternoon, we start the shift as we move everything inland. 78 degrees out the door this morning in tampa. 74 in brooksville. lakeland, that's nice. 73.
6:43 am
76 in st. petersburg. big picture, okay, so last couple of days, we've been under the influence of this. this weak low just sitting and spinning. it was over here. that's why it was so close. it was just pumping in wave after wave of rain. now it's far enough to the west and it's allowing high pressure to kind of slide back in. while our winds are starting south-southeast right now, they will shift to the southwest. to notice the showers pop up along the coast later this morning and then move inland during the afternoon hours. so the rain chances are still up there. it's august. it's going to rain. it happens all the time. it's just going to be a little different than what we've been under the past couple of days. you can see all of this mid level moisture just stewing about, heating of the day, shifting of the winds. once that happens, we'll pop showers and storms.
6:44 am
skytower radar app handy. you'll need that morning along the coast and then inland locations during the afternoon. rain chances 60% along the coast. the overall trend as we go into the weekend is going to be to slower the rain chances a little bit, back to 40%, maybe even 30%. thing is, when you do that, all skyrocket. after all the rain we have, okay. it's okay if we get back in the 90s for awhile. 87 for a high today. still going to feel unsettled, look unsettled. scattered showers and thunderstorms later in the morning along the coast, inland during the afternoon. warm and steamy, back to 77 degrees and scattered afternoon showers and storms tomorrow with a high of around 89. next seven days, watch the rain
6:45 am
monday and i think obviously it gets hotter so we may get up to 92 degrees for our weekend high temperatures. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. right now we have a scene we're hearing unfolding in the dover area. it will be affecting mlk, junior boulevard and forbes road. at this point we're calling it delays but we believe that the roadway is being shut down. most of our delays we're seeing along mlk east and westbound direction so drivers, say give yourself extra time, more so than what you were going to anticipating the school traffic, but you'll probably be rerouted in this area. it looks like u.s. 92, if you do want to take a work around, looks good as well as sydney road to the south. just wear with us. this is a new scene. we'll get you updates as soon as we can. still dealing with this concern out of pinellas park. the crossing arms that are stuck in the down position, avoid 67th
6:46 am
i want to say good morning to charley. how are you doing? >>charley: i'm fantastic. good day to you, vanessa. i'm seeing something this morning that i don't think i've seen the last few days. is that -- is it clear skies with the sun coming up over there? >>vanessa: thank goodness, right? >>charley: wow. yeah. we can stand outside without getting soad morning. it's actually a little -- slight slightly lovely this morning. happy back to school, everybody. i just tweeted that i'm rooting for the teachers and i'm cheering for the students. i'm excited for all of you to get back to school. a friend of mine, casey turner, he's a deejay in town, all over the place, he's back to school today. he's coach turner and he was tweeting about how excited he was to get back and see his students and i love that.
6:47 am
i know a lot of them, the alarm goes off. their summer vacation went by quicker because they've been at work already this week and some even last week, but good for you, teachers. we're rooting for the teachers and students probably just gleery eyed right now at the sound of my voice. students probably hate it. i hear charley belcher talking. that means i have to get to we hope that you have a "good day" at school certainly and today, i'm officially the parent of a high school sophomore. sophomore. lindsay rose, happy first day of school, my dear. she's not watching. she's already on her way to the bus stop because school starts at like -- in like 10 minutes or 15 minutes. it starts so early for high schoolers. but anyway, lindsay rose, happy
6:48 am
my goodness gracious. my vcr is broken. the fast forward button -- >>vanessa: those are obsolete now. >>charley: so am i, vanessa. i'm well on my way. i'm right behind the vcr, being obsolete. that's all right. so i talk about the fast forward button. forward wind. i used to call i because it was rewind. i really did call it that. we're going to hit the rewind button all the way to the 1970s. yeah, baby. funky sweets. i've got a sweet assignment for you this morning. this is a place devoted to funnel cakes. the couple that opened it said why not have funnel cakes and ice cream? we'll do donuts.
6:49 am
creamto pl they're serving coffee, working cow ice cream. it's going to be a groovy, far out "good day" at funky sweets and if you see who is peeking at us through the window, do you know what i want you to do? stay classy, tampa bay. >>vanessa: you know it's a classy joint when they got ron burgundy. >>charley: i don't know about you but i'm pretty sure i'm going to have a "good books. enjoy. >>jennifer: time is 6:49. developing this morning, a woman is accidentally shot to death by a punta gorda police officer during a citizens academy training exercise. mary note nolten took part in a role scenario when she was mistakenly struck with a live round. search crews recovered the black
6:50 am
the ship sank during hurricane joaquin last fall. they plan to process the audio and other data when searchers return from sea later this week. a yes from tampa, yes from st. pete, a yes from hillsborough and now a yes from pinellas county. pinellas county commissioners were the final piece of the puzzle needed to move forward with a new ferry project. it will take passengers from the tampa convention center to st. petersburg b ferry should be ready by november. and a group of pokemon go players helped rescue this manatee. it got all tangled up in a rope of a crab trap at safety harbor. player spotted the struggling animal and the man was able to cut it free. they say it appeared to be fine and swam way on its own. >>russell: another story involving pokemon go. why some are calling the game racist.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. the nasdaq settles at a record hight, and disney is celebrating a big win as well. from the fox business network studios, lauren simonetti is with us. let's talk about >>russell: let's go to lauren simonetti talking about disney. beat earnings, didn't they?
6:54 am
the stock is down so this is the nults and bolts and why it matters to you. theme parks doing great. we have to see how the zika virus affects things. their studio, finding dory, the jungle book, big hits. espn is a problem. to counter that problem, to get a younger audience, disney is buying a stake in the streaming arm of baseball. baseball and other sports things as well. >>jennifer: chipotle took a big hit this year but now they're doing something to get people back in the door? >> chipotle is making -- they had e-coli and other scares plaguing the company and they're really making a big effort to get the customers back.
6:55 am
now they're doing happy hour promotions. buy one drink, get one free, et cetera in the midwest. if you want it, a margarita, for you in florida it's not happying yet but kudos to chipotle trying to turn things around and free drinks is one way to do that. >>russell: sure is. by the way, shame on you. that was pretty funny, though. >> it was a great tweet. i had to share simonetti on our sister network. if you're not seur where to find fox business network in your area, log on to fox finder. >>russell: chronicles of narnia series returning to the big screen. 1953 novel, the silver chair, it's the fourth novel in the series. it's been six years since the last movie. still unclear whether the original cast, which included
6:56 am
>>jennifer: amazon moving forward with a series featuring the iconic c.i.a. hero. former jack ryans include alex baldwin, ben affleck and chris pine. >>russell: hair on my neck stood up. we're getting another jack ryan series. pokemon go launched one month ago and it's conquered the world. game has earned mor million despite being a free download. success is not without some controversy, though. latest involves a study. suggests pokemon locations are biassed to predominantly white institute. landmarks in washington, d.c. and predominantly black neighborhoods had less than half. the reason may have something to
6:57 am
in game map is based on an older, less popular computer game. users can submit new landmarks. they say more pokemon stops will come over time. >>jennifer: if you want a cheap flight out of tampa, you have to act before midnight tonight. coming up at 7:00, the airline that's holding a big sale and the places you can go for less than $100. >>russell: and tim tebow trading touchdowns for home runs? he has baseball now and guess what? one team is already buying it. >>jennifer: and persistence paid off. how this dog finally would -- woo-d a flight attendant to take him home. >>dave: while we have mostly cloudy skies, we have a poke of sun here and there. look at the sun over polk county. a pretty, pretty start to the day. t will finish stormy.
6:58 am
7:00 am
((jen- welcome to the seven o'clock hour of good day tampa bay. i'm jen epstein filling in for laura moody. >>jennifer: welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." >>russell: a shooting has shut down part of dr. king b vanessa following that for us right now. >>vanessa: good morning. we want to start off with a sky fox shot. this is a still shot because this is a sensitive scene. we don't want to show you anything disturbing. we do know it's involving a shooting. there's an investigation underway shutting down the area of mlk so that's shut down eastbound and westbound at the intersection with forbes road to just east of there. we know that somebody is dead. you can see from the shot here, you have quite a few deputies on scene. i would expect an extended


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