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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the national guard, keeping watch, after two nights of violent protests in >>russell: the national guard keeping watch after two nights of violent protests in milwaukee. how the city responded to an emergency curfew. >>laura: and a crime ring is live and well after a series of arrests last month. what law enforcement agencies throughout central florida are doing to bust the burglars. >>russell: and what a challenge for suicides. what the ice bucket challenge did for als and it has some >>lindsay: an hour to go before sunrise. clear skies out the door this morning, but it's just as humid. it looks nice. looks quiet, too. tampa bay just getting the day started. it's 75 in brooksville which is closer to the average low of 76. look at the 80s, clearwater, tampa, you're nearly there. st. pete and sarasota, we tied a record of 96 yesterday. clear skies, really quiet, tranquil morning. i don't see any low clouds and
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melbourne, that will give way to rain, a 40% chance. dark green is where the 50% storms line up. hopefully good news on the roads. >>vanessa: we don't have a lot of incidents going on. it looks quiet. quiet here as well. live look over the howard frankland bridge north end should take about six minutes to cross the water here. eight minutes northbound along then eight minutes is also the drive time between 275 and 75 along i-4 eastbound. >>russell: after two straight nights of violent protests, a relative peace has returned to the city of milwaukee. >>laura: at 10:00 last night, a curfew for teenagers went into effect and milwaukee authorities along with the national guard watched and waited to see what would happen. it was nothing compared to the
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ruins. officials have been trying to calm tensions following the shooting of smith. that comes amid nationwide tensions over race and the use of deadly force. he was armed with a loaded handgun and was running from a traffic stop when he was killed by a police officer. that officer has not been identified. officials are only saying that like smith, he is black. >> there's more issues than that. you know, it's just not -- it was like a spark or something that's been brewing and, you know, bubbling for a long time. >>russell: body cam video shows smith turning toward the officer with a gun in his hand. city's mayor, wisconsin governor scott walker want to release the video to collaborate the police account, not clear when that's going to happen. state law requires all police shootings to be investigated by
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turning over such evidence. >>laura: pinellas park police say a devastating teacher has died. >>russell: her boyfriend was in the car and he remains in the hospital with serious injuries. they were driving home from a date early sunday when a man ran a red light. caroline died yesterday and sean's back has been broken. the couple met as the music program. she was a music teacher at five pinellas county elementary schools. >> her passion for her music and for kids just comes through. you know, being in her classrooms, there was always something energetic going o. you could feel the love of it. >>russell: the suspected, macleod, being held in jail on $50,000 bond. if he gets out, he's requires to
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as well as a separate ankle device that monitors alcohol intake. >>laura: a fellow librarian is being remembered one week after she was accidentally shot as a police officer. she was a volunteer last week and the officers were demonstrating when to use lethal force. she was hit by a live round. nolten was 73. her memorial is held today in punta gorda. the doors open at 1:00 and the donations are being accepted in her honor and that money will go to pay for a new library. >>russell: 6:04 right now. car dealerships are on alerts. >>laura: thieves are smashing windows and taking keys and taking off with anything that has an engine. >>russell: robberies continue. good morning. >>reporter: good morning. and this has got to feel like
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some people have been arrested. the crime ring strikes again and that's really got to make a lot of owners and businesses that haven't been hit like these over here pretty nervous. let's get right to that surveillance video. thieves smashed throug the glass doors in auburndale. that was back on thursday. they went straight for the car keys and then drove off. criminals got away with five cars. if this looks familiar, there's a reason. two weeks ago, citrus county the exact same thing at a dealership in inverness. suspects are believed to have hit nearly a dozen dealerships. problem is the crimes didn't stop after the guys went to jail and like we said, detectives believe this is part of a larger crime ring. the manager is hoping that somebody knows these criminals and calls police. >> for the benefit of everyone out there that's doing the
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earn a living, we need to find them, put them behind bars, do whatever is necessary so we don't have to spend extra money to try to keep their things secure. >> crime ring has targeted dealerships from the east coast to the west coast of florida and the tampa bay area alone. businesses have been hit in places like davenport, wesley chapel and now auburndale. all within the last few weeks. some of these vehicles have been recovered, all five cars in the auburndale crime, those were found b stolen vehicles out there and still obviously several criminals out there so somebody with information should call 91 # 1 or crime stoppers. back to you. >>russell: thank you. zika virus is spreading state to state. health officials say someone from texas who recently traveled to miami has tested positive for the virus. that patient is from el paso and it's that county's first case of the virus.
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linked to travel within the united states. officials say the person recently travelled to the miami neighborhood that's at the center of florida's homegrown zika outbreak. this does not mean it's an epidemic. it only demonstrates how easy it is to spread the virus once people are infected in one area. number of locally transmitted cases in florida does continue to rise. one case was the one mile square area where the virus is active. the state is now enlisting the help of commercial mosquito control companies to keep the virus from spreading to other areas. >>laura: a man accused of killing a police officer in rural georgia was arrested yesterday in florida. nassau county deputies found him hiding in the trunk of his sister's car. he fatally shot officer smith. it happened saturday night.
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deputies got a tip that deeds was travelling in a gold nissan ults -- ultima yesterday morning. he's waiting for transport back to georgia. >>russell: attorneys want to know if a florida teenager is accused of posing as a doctor at a west palm beach clinic was insane at the time. a judge has agreed to delay the upcoming trial of robinson. that will give the 19-year-old's attorneys m whether an insanity defense is viable. robinson was 18 when prosecutors say he put on a white lab coat and pretended to be a doctor and he's accused of stealing money from at least one patient. his attorneys think he may suffer from a still undiagnosed mental health problem. trial resumes in november. >>laura: donald trump is calling for a new screening test for immigrants. >>russell: says the policy will help weed out and devote islamic
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calling it extreme. trump says we should only admit people in the country if they share values. he calls it extreme vetting. in order to implement the screening process, his administration would temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous countries in the world. >> in the cold war, we had an ideological screening te new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. these are problems like we've never had before. >>russell: policy announcement
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clinton founded isis. clinton's campaign says the policy cannot be taken seriously. >>laura: monday was the first day of early voting for the florida primary. >>ussell: driven by the high stakes u.s. senate race, turnout is up 25% from two years ago. more than 1900 people cast ballots yesterday in hillsborough. in 2014 more than 20,000 people voted early. monday's numbers set a pace for 26,000. you can vote bet august 28. polls are open on primary election day. that will be august 30.p>>laurae the voting booth, remember no cameras. there's a big legal battle brewing right now over ballot selfies. voters take photos of themselves or their ballots while at the polls. many states already have laws on the books right now restricting voters from sharing ballot information like this.
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privacy where the voters can be used as proof for transactions. state law says no photography is permitted in the polling room or the early voting area. in new hampshire the makers of snap chat are allowing ballot selfies. they want them. the case is scheduled for oral arguments next month. a decision is not expected until after the general election. >>russell: i don't know. for some reason, it makes me ballot selfies. at least they're voting. at least you're voting. think about that. all right. it's the second day of class for students in polk county. a new school is facing an old problem. it is one that the school was designed to fix. >>laura: one we did not see coming yesterday. it's some of the worst flooding the state of louisiana has ever seen. the rain is over, but there are still plenty of dangers lurking in the water. >>lindsay: no rain locally this morning. great visibility out the door.
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view over downtown tampa. sunrise is 7:00. rain, a couple of sprinkles near i-25. beach goers like the pattern because rain holds off until probably 4:00 today. a hot day with low 90s. heating up a bit in the tropics, too.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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the man police believe started a >>laura: the man police believe started a massive wildfire in california is facing 17 counts of arson. lake county fire has wiped out whole blocks and destroyed more than 175 homes and businesses. fortunately, no injuries have been repord still only about 5% contained. and the hot, dry conditions continue. damon is currently in jail right now. officials believe he's response i will for other wildfires as well. >>russell: louisiana a 48-hour tore -- torrant of rain. a body was pulled from the water, some of the worst flooding that state has ever
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feet. as of yesterday, the rain is mostly stopped but new places are still getting hit by the flood waters as it moves toward the gulf. lindsay, i was watching paul last night, and he said something that stunned me. that in these few days, they've had more rain in louisiana than they've had in years in california. >>lindsay: something like five years, i think. it puts it in perspective. it wasn't a tropical system but it honestly might as well have been because of the way the moisture flung up from the gulf of mexico. just tragic when you put in perspective how some places need the rain and then we'll see more rain probably. this may be the best story of the hurricane system, even though it wasn't a tropical system. we have all the green boxes. those are all flood watches and warnings. the saving grace is this front
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it stalled to the west. notice the rain along the overrunning boundary east of dallas, houston going to see more rain than louisiana today but arkansas seeing it and this front extends all the way up toward the ohio valley so here's the low pressure. that severe weather, heavy rain pushing across this entire region because it's blocked by the same high that's making it so warm across the east coast. what we'll be tracking the next couple of days, watch the clock going all the way to even saturday. sure, a couple of inches of rain. spots but it's not the additional rain. it's just the rivers and they're receding and the aftermath these places will deal with. little rock, two inches. speaking of rain, here is skytower locally this morning. very quiet. we like the east wind for the morning commute. on the east coast, though, they're not a huge fan because they have the pesky little sprinkles. here is one just west of vero, rain-free all morning long. by midday, a couple of showers.
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good visibility, a couple of clouds. it's a muggy start to the day. 77 in arcadia, 79 in leesburg and 78 degrees out the toor in winter haven so we factor in the humidity. i'm going to throw it out there. feels like the mid 80s in a few spots but only hotter in the afternoon until it rains which at least the rain comes in mid-afternoon instead of very late day. what will happen is these pesky showers inland by lunchtime, between 2:00 and 6:00, they build back west so for your eening the coastal counties, you'll see the best rain chance today. by noon, probably no rain here in tampa but 92. scattered storms pushing west all the way through thursday and then those winds flip-flopped. by the weekend storms pushing the opposite way. here is future cast today. there's the inland rain chance midday and here come the scattered storms. watch how quickly they exit. here is 7:00, 8:00. we're not talking about in terms of rain tonight. we're talking about another
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back west. a couple of scatter ones late in the day. tropics, disturbance. while it is moving west now, look at the models taking it more northerly. we love to see this track. nxt named storm is fiona which will likely be developing in the days ahead. 92 for today. scattered afternoon and evening storms, pushing back to the west coast. that's a pattern we've been locked in for a few days. long gone the rain by sunset at 8:07. 91 with morning sun and a 60% chance of afternoon storms tomorrow. it's a little more active. east winds at 10 knots today. moderate chop. discouraging voting late afternoon as the storms will be racing in. high tide is a midday one. we're on low tide at 6:35. seven-day forecast, we bump the rain chance by sunday. before you get excited. it's inland storms so it's just the pattern change. let's toss it over to vanessa and get another check of the commute. >>vanessa: right now we're
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police activity is we're seeing out of the st. pete area, appears to be causing partial lane blockage of some sort. westbound direction we're told this is 16th -- or 13th avenue north near 16th street. so westbound direction is what we're told is the area of concern here. we don't have any reported crashes in the area so we're trying to figure out whether this is a traffic stop or something else but nevertheless, be prepared for some police cars there on the side of the roadway and we'll let you know once we figure out what it is we'll get to this. i want to head to pasco in the last hour reported on debris in the roadway along 75. that might still be there in the southbound direction at wesley chapel boulevard and we're hearing this actually stems from a crash. in addition to the debris you might see in the travel lanes, you'll likely see a scene on the side of the roadway so please remember your move over law here. we'll get to downtown lakeland. yesterday we were telling you about the railroad work that was expected to close yesterday, that railroad crossing,
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i told you that had been delayed until today. good news is, while you're avoiding that area, kentucky avenue is now clear so the closure we're seeing there is no longer sitting around, blocking things up so you should be good to go in that area. >>laura: scientists have found something adorable lurking at the bottom of the sea. we'll show that to you ahead in hot clicks. >>russell: and this is the new ice bucke why everyone from average joes to celebrities are filming
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foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game.
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serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein makes a big appetite go away. foster farms corn dogs.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web >>russell: it's 6:24. you know what that means. >>laura: time to see what's clicking on the web? >>walter: getting situated? getting ready? >>laura: warming up. >>walter: we want to start with a followup to a story we did a few weeks ago. let's do this thing. started small but some are calling it the new ice bucket challenge. this is a challenge i can get behind. take a look. remember this one?
6:25 am
his human partner, right? tis is an officer raising awareness for veteran suicide. they want to do 22 pushups in a row for 22 days. campaign was started by 22 kill, meant to call attention to 22 veterans who commit suicide daily. a ton of celebrities are taking part now. take a look. >> here we go. 22 p i was challenged by one of the greatest dudes around to raise awareness for the 22 veterans who commit suicide daily. 22 pushups. here we go. >>walter: that is duane the rock johnson. just one of a growing number of a-listers taking part in the 22 pushup challenge. johnson was challenged by chris pratt who did the pushups with his wife.
6:26 am
day for 22 days and it's only going to get bigger as they challenge their famous friends. the goal is to make it to a million pushups. it's a little more challenging depending on, you know, he's got a dog to contend with here. he wants to get in on the action. >>russell: you don't necessarily have to do it with a dog. >>walter: no. i don't know where the dog came in. i think the goal is to just have 22. >>russell: coco and josephine are not going to do this. >>walter: rookie want to play, too. mama bear springs into action as her cubs are floating over a water fall in alaska. runs across the water. all three end up going over the falls but they are okay. >>russell: oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >>walter: the video has been viewed more that be -- than a million to two million times. >>russell: don't mess with a
6:27 am
>>walter: and this is real. you know the ones they find in arts and craft stores? it's called a stubby squid and lis off the coast of florida. stop looking at me, stubby squid. it usually burrows in the sea floor and uses these eyes to spot friday and fish. we think this is what homer is -- is what homework is going to look like the first school. >>russell: that's your new nickname. stubby squid. i like it. thank you. >>walter: you bet. new drama at the summer olympics. how international politics got one athlete kicked out of rio. >>laura: and monkey sea, monkey sue. this selfie is at the center of a major legal battle and it could give animals the same
6:28 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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((laura2shot) good morning, i'm laura moody ((russell)) >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. lindsay is in for dave. let's check in with her for a look at the weather. >>lindsay: beautiful start to the day. let's forget about the humidity, the heat. great view overlooking st. pete. boatin clearer skies than yesterday for sure. hints of a little fog that has made its way into citrus county. the low beams for maybe one to two hours tops. temperatures are nice and steamy, 77 lakeland. i have 80 here in tampa. 79 in sarasota. but it feels like the mid 80s in our coastal areas but it's drew. we look to the east coast for rain today that takes all day to get here. by noon, interior storms and the
6:32 am
storm chance that quickly ends by 7:00. feeling really, really hot like the triple digits so take it easy. take it easy on the roads, too. here is van's -- vanessa with an update. >>vanessa: and we're checking out all the traffic heading along southbound 275 in towards the interchange. this is a camera near osbourne. you can see the volumes are starting to pick up notably since the last time we checked out a 275 camera in this area so just be prepared normal congestion but i don't see any incidents that will slow things down considerably. 275 southbound, fletcher if you're heading past the interchange all the way down to pinellas county. pinellas bayway, 34 minutes is that drive. eight minutes to get from fowler avenue to the selmon expressway. we just switched from the green times, getting into the yellow zone just slightly here along i-4 westbound coming from the area of the connector to 275.
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new this morning, the sarasota county sheriff's office is investigating an armed robbery. it happened at the 7-eleven in venice. a man walked in, jumped over the counter and robbed the clerk at knife point. he got away on foot. detectives are still on scene there. we'll keep you updated as soon as we learn more. >>russell: hillsborough deputies need help tracking down a man who robbed a plant city convenience store at gun point. it happened at the circle k. the robber casually walks in phone against his ear. he pulls out a silver and black handgun and then demands money. deputies say he took off in a dark colored hatchback. you recognize him? call the sheriff's office. >>laura: scary moments for passengers on an american airlines flight headed to los angeles from orlando international airport. the plane blew a tire on the runway forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing. 164 passengers and crew members were bussed back to the terminal.
6:34 am
never got off the ground. >>russell: alligator hunting season has started in florida. permit holders can kill two gators and only in designated areas. more than 14,000 people applied for permits but only 5,000 given. alligators are removed from the endangered species list in 1988. >>laura: school crowding is an old problem. it's one that a new school in polk county was supposed to fix. >>russell: yesterday morning but we were not expecting the frustration that came before the first bell. kenny is live in davenport. parents and children being turned away we've learned, right? >>reporter: that's kind of a down side to the whole story. i can tell you it's still a cool school. it got lots of street credit because everybody wanted to come herement it's one of the only schools in the country that
6:35 am
the kids who want to come here are, unfortunately, not going to be able to come here. so yesterday when parents tried to register their kids on the first day of school, they were told it is not going to happen because it's overcrowded. here's what the school website says this morning. citrus ridge is now at capacity. as you register your student, your registration will be dated and time stamped. due to class size restriction, your student may not be able to attend citrus ridge for entire 2016-2017 school year. your student will be assigned to another school in the district. school board policy authorizes the superintendent to make administrative assignments, displacement may present an inconvenience to your family. however, we must comply with the law. now the problem is if they're not going here, where are they going to go? this school was built because a lot of other schools in the area, which is a very growing
6:36 am
that is the situation at the start of the school year. so it's not going to be an easy fit. if the kids have to be bussed out of here, how far are they going to be bussed? inconvenience there. that's something that officials will have to deal with this morning. they started the process yesterday. they're going to wrap up the whole deal by the end of the week. back to you guys. >>russell: thanks. all right. u.s. has sent 15 guantanamo bay detainees to the united arab emirates. it's the largest single administration. transfer brings the total number of prisoners to 61. most of the inmates have been held without charges or trials more than a decade. president wants to close the facility before he leaves office. >>laura: a group of heavily armed men in mexico abducted at least a dozen people in the seaside resort town. hostages were celebrating at a restaurant before they were taken away in two big utility vehicles. motive for the attack is not
6:37 am
involved, the kidnappers and the kidnapped were members of criminal organizations. >>russell: seven people hurt when an aerial camera fell from its cables above the olympic park in rio. handball match was ending when the wire snapped. cable hit one girl in the neck. all the injuries are reported to be minor. olympic broadcasting service provides tv feeds for countries around the u.s. >>laura: egyptian judo athlete who refused to shake the hand of an israeli athlete has been sent home from the olympics. when the israeli offered his hand, egyptian backed away and shook his head. the referee told him to bow and he gave a quick nod no and the crowd booed. the international olympic committee condemned his actions, sending him home. israeli athlete later went on to win the bronze medal. >>russell: most popular
6:38 am
village is -- it's over my shoulder. mcdonalds. good reason. food is free. it's so popular, mcdonalds had to put a cap on the number of items any one person can order. nobody is going to starve. still a lot. 20. mcdonalds also provided free food to athletes during the winter olympics. >>laura: viruses are more dangerous in the morning than at night. university of cambridge study is times more effective if the infection started in the mrning. during the study, nighttime infections often failed to get off the ground. researchers found that a disrupted body clock caused by shift work or jet lag was always vulnerable to infection. >>russell: peta is taking a photographer back to court over an infamous selfie that featured a monkey. this is the picture at the center of the heated legal battle. in 2011, slater set up his
6:39 am
the shot. a few years later the picture ended up on wikipedia. any proceeds belong to the monkey. slater upon the lawsuit but peta is appealing. they want the geed -- guidelines to include animals. >>laura: 6:39. no umbrellas needed this morning. that's a good thing, right? dry on the skytower radar. >>laura: lindsay is up next with a look at the forecast. >>russell: plus the new harry potter -- i like that back and forth we just did there. the new harry potter play in london sold out until next summer. coming up, what the producers
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>>lindsay: we're almost to the middle part of the work week and it's a great way to start out the tuesday, right? fewer clouds, it's warm and muggyt least it's beautiful and at least it's not raining for anyone who has outdoor workout plans, outdoor plans at the bus stop for the kids, the weather looks good. only a few clouds over lakeland this morning, giving way to mostly sunny skies as we kick off tuesday. we'll wrap up the tuesday with more showers and storms. east wind hanging midday, early afternoon, your time frame for storms. late day, the storms pushed back to the west coast, back to the beach by early evening so late afternoon the time to check on the radar. starting friday or definitely saturday, our storms will be heading inland. that's a wind shift for us and that's a pattern change for sure. the tropics, change is well.
6:44 am
chance for development. odds are higher. it should not play a role in the local weather. visibility was perfect but we had a little bit of low cloud cover. it's crept into northern citrus, maybe a few spots in hernando or pasco. just some low clouds and lots of low temps especially on the east coast. it's 84 at west palm. we're at 80 in tampa. 78 in sebring. factor in the humidity which has been so values in the low to mid 80s by the coast. by 9:00 a.m., it will feel like the 90s for a good chunk of the area. best part of the east wind is this skytower. so quiet in the morning hours. east coast, some pesky, tiny little showers which may give way to late morning or midday rain, eastern poeg polk and highlands county. watch how quickly the clouds will fill in by midday. those storms pushing back towards the local area later on. next couple of days, that's a pattern, too.
6:45 am
96 tying a record yesterday. 93 in brooksville so really hot today and heating up, some of the tropics. now we have the red circle meaning a 70% chance of development the next five days. there is drier air north of the disturbance but it's on its way to becoming a tropical depression. good news, models tonight show a west track. they show a north-northwest track. not going to impact the u.s., not headed towards florida so we love to hear that. 92 for today. storms pushing back towards the west coast. they end before sunset which is at 8:07 in most locations. partial clearing overnight, very warm this evening. sunshine, it is back wednesday. so are the afternoon storms. that east wind holding steady. so we love to hear that at the beach and on the water. if you're boating, east winds at 10 knots, seas at two feet. moderate chop today. there's the gulf buoy at 86. boating, head out before 3:00, 4:00.
6:46 am
high tide is 12:56 on the st. pete pier and let's check out the seven-day forecast. rain chance is 50% through thursday. then down to 30% on sunday and monday. we flip-flop winds and push the storms inland. how about the roads? here is vanessa. good news so far this morning. did i jinx it? >> it wasn't your fault. these crashes happen before you even said anything. so land o lakes, we'll start off here with your trouble spot. a new crash reported. we're hearing from authorities the lane blockage is going to be in the i did check some of the delays here and all the delays we're seeing are southbound and they're minor at this point. so just a couple of extra minutes if you have to head that way but otherwise, it doesn't look like a big traffic concern right now. we will watch this and make sure it doesn't get worse. manatee county, a crash reported. it's going to be affecting the t tamiami trail. it's south of the manatee river. we're hearing there are going to
6:47 am
southbound direction and additionally, emergency vehicles might block a single northbound lane. we have southbound delays backing up over the river so if you do have to get from palmetto to the bradenton area over the bridges, business 41 is going to be your best bet. we'll check your travel times and see how the congestion is fairing. we're normal here. we're building volumes but nothing unusual to see here. 13 minutes bearss avenue to i-4 along 275 southbound and then seven minutes westbound between mlk and time right now is 6:47. we'll say hello to charley belcher. >>charley: are you ready? >>vanessa: i am. i'm ready. >>charley: it's back. >>vanessa: i know. >>charley: college football! i'm excited that college football is back. now, i know that your favorite college football team might just have to be the university of georgia bulldogs. >>vanessa: go, dogs! >>charley: no problem.
6:48 am
from there. with specia honors, right? magna something or other? >>vanessa: did you do research or something? >>charley: i know you. i know you. my college football team is the appalachian university state mountaineers. however, i am always one to support the home team. i live in tampa, florida. born and raised in the area. i love all my tampa something i don't know if i've ever revealed publicly or not because it's so embarrassing, i did attend graduate school at the university of south florida for one class. >>vanessa: why is this embarrassing? >>charley: i went to one -- i paid for the tuition. i paid like over a thousand dollars. books and supplies and tuition and i was going to go to graduate school and get my
6:49 am
class and realized, this is not for me. >>vanessa: the class wasn't good? was it a good class? >>charley: it was an excellent class if the professor is watching. it wasn't you, doctor. it was me. it wasn't you. it was me. i just realized it wasn't for me. so i claim the university of south florida. i went to school here. i went to one whole class here. they got some of my money. i'm here on the campus to tell you all about their fall yes, football is a big deal. the coach got it turn around a little bit last year. we're going to talk to the quarterback and a couple of wide receivers. there's some promise and the two whiteouts are local kids here from the tampa area. we'll talk to them. we're also going to talk about volleyball, soccer. u.s.f. celebrated the 50th anniversary of one sport. what was the first sport here at the university of south florida 50 years ago?
6:50 am
my math is terrible. 1965. they celebrated last year. >>vanessa: i was going to say basketball. laura moody thinks basketball? >>charley: men's soccer. yep. men's soccer was the first sport here 50 years ago. >>vanessa: i didn't get an accurate date so i couldn't guess correctly. >>charley: so noted. we all can't be magna or whatever. >>vanessa: have fun, charley. >>russell: she's a brain. we didn't know about this. >>vanessa: nerd alert. >>vanessa: i didn't know. it's impressive. very impressive. the creator of harry potter is joining the fight against a salesman who won't sell to her fans. >>laura: wouldn't you love it if your car could talk to traffic lights?
6:51 am
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6:53 am
one of the country's largest health insurers is >>laura: 10 minutes from the top of the hour now. one of the country's largest
6:54 am
>>russell: it's a big deal and i think we talked about it a little bit a few weeks ago. apparently it's not illegal to do it. you can if you have to, right? >> not illegal. can't make money losing hundreds of millions being on the public exchanges and now aetna making it official. next year they'll exit florida, pennsylvania, north carolina and in total, 11 states meaning they're going to be on exchange in just four states next iowa, nebraska and virginia. so if you had obamacare and you were signed up with aetna on the public exchanges in florida, next year you've got to find yourself another form of insurance. >>laura: hopefully there will be a resolution. it affected so many people just as they switched over to the exchange. >> patients are too sick coming in. it's too costly for many of us. >>russell: we have to move on. i have lots of questions but we'll talk another time.
6:55 am
literally and talk about audi, developing cars that talk to traffic signals. >> so you know if the light is going to change from yellows to red because they talk to the light. pretty cool. >>russell: very cool. >>laura: it's more the light saying i'm going to be green than the cart telling it >>russell: wouldn't that be the invention. >> thank you. see you later. >>laura: don't miss lauren simonetti on our sister network station f. you're not sure where to find the fox business network, log on to fox business to thecom and look for channel finder. >>russell: not only was suicide squad number one at the box office, the sound track features new songs from 21 pilots, rick ross and panic at the disco. it's the first movie sound track to debut at the top spot since
6:56 am
potter play in london are cracking down on people buying and selling tickets at a huge markup. tickets were selling for as much as $6,000. producers are not letting anyone inside if they knowingly bought a ticket through a scalper. so far they've already denied entry to about 60 people because of this rule. the show is sold out through may of next year. >>russell: harry potter's creator has found herself in a dual a wand shop is refusing to sell his wands to harry potter fans. he said his products are real spiritual items and he doesn't want people to use them as toys. rowling heard it. she said, oh, yeah? well, i don't think they're really wands. the wand shop owner says his words were taken out of context. he said there's no outright fan.
6:57 am
spiritual journey, he would be happy to sell them. >laura: there's more ahead, including the story of a little boy trying to sell his teddy bear for food. what police found when they went to his house. >>russell: it only took a few seconds. iconic landmark in las vegas that was taken down this morning. >>laura: a dramatic finish at the olympics that people will be talking about for a very long time. >>lindsay: it's day two back to school for what you can expect is warm air, humid air but only a few clouds. 80 this morning. check out this gorgeous view. fewer clouds. storm chance is just as high, though. we'll time a 50% afternoon rain
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- school of hard knocks. overcrowding ??already. why this ??wa roim >>russell: overcrowding already. why this was not supposed to happen. plus -- >> more email trouble ahead perhaps for hillary clinton is donald trump is once again trying to shore up his own party. i'm in washington. we'll have more from the campaign trail just ahead. >>laura: and dramatic finish. did you see it? last second decision that won an olympic runner the gold medal. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead. first the forecast from lindsay. she's in for dave. >>lindsay: sunrise and it is a beauty this morning because we have fewer clouds but enough that we can see the sun kind of flirting with the layers. great view over downtown tampa despite the fact it's 80 degrees and extra steamy. if you're boating this morning,


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