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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  August 18, 2016 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. tonight we investigate your money and secrets in state contract. >> what's it spent on?
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>> and donald trump is now pumping millions into florida and three other swing states. will his ad blitz pay off? our pollster matt tour ri a and john wilson weigh in. our fox poll shows interesting changes on the election map. mike flan ri is fired up over hillary clinton. >> month more stalling on that. >> and donald trump. >> no more mr. trump. >> this is money, power & politics. >> tonight our three points start with newt gingrich. >> trump got involved in a couple of mistakes and hillary clinton spent about $110 million in advertising to his zero. >> the first point trump is fighting back. he bought nearly $5 million in tv ads that will air here in florida and north carolina, ohio, and the state of pennsylvania. those ads are supposed to air on friday. the second point, tim kaine is in an awkward position as
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running at a champion of the clinton era while having to explain why he once said bill clinton should resign over a sex scandal. >> do you think your feelings changed? >> it was a feeling at the time. now i think about what we do to help the country be strong. so past controversies don't have anything twood that question. >> the third point. we have at least a little more transparency in state spending. we knew visit florida sponsored a soccer team but the states marketing agency renewed the deal and revealed we'll pay $1.25 million for it next year. visit florida generally keeps the numbers secret. government watchdogs say that's a problem because we can't tell how well the deals pay off because they are keeping us in the dark. ? ? >> we know pit bull makes money in rap. but we don't know how much more
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taxpayers. ? ? because visit florida, the agency that pays celebrities for the state strikes deals with our money. it paid cooking slep i can em ril. >> this is where they showcase their duck dish. >> i'm a native and i'm here to concur florida. >> and racer ricky carmichael. >> that's cool about >> and paid a soccer club in england to work the visit florida logo in sign and shirts. like the deal with pit bull visit florida will not tell us hoich that costs. it won't publish its own staff salaries and yet we're paying this public, private agency 75 million state tax dollars this year, next year we'll pay $78 million. >> it's an enormous amount
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benefit giant corporations. >> the idea is to draw more tourists for jobs, entertainment and hospitality. visit florida combines contributions from the state and private industry to compete with other destinations like las vegas. >> early on the marketing agency was run by the state government. it wasn't very effective. >> so state leaders gave the reigns to private business leaders like keith >> we felt like we needed the expertise at the helm we needed and industry led not gov led. >> then the state gave up the final two seats on the board. >> there were legislators on the board but they just took them off the board. >> no one forgets the foirs time their parents take them to florida. >> and now the board says it cannot disclose details on spending because of proprietary information and trade secrets. >> you set this up if you
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watchdogs say we have a problem. >> what is it spent on? nobody knows. nobody knows. >> i'm a fire ball. >> we have a general idea. for example, pit bull gives visit florida shout outs in some of his tweets. he tweeted a picture of the visit florida logo on a soccer jer seechlt congratulated florida for hitting the 105 million visitor mark and tweeted sexy beaches and hoe tells only in florida. while promoting competitor las vegas from thank you vegas, to want to go to vegas. we can't see what we're paying. more details of the contract because it's confidential. >> we have to adhere to and respect his wishes to not have his trade secrets disclosed to the public. >> but in tallahassee that's up for debate. >> it's absurd that we would allow a private partnership and
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deal is. >> governor scott ordered a review within his own administration. >> in government you always look to see how to do things better and more efficiently. >> critics like joyner want more. >> we need an independent unbiassed firm that has no political ties. we really want to know how the people's money in the state of florida is being spent for tourists. >> okay. check o for more of our investigations of government spending. on youtube search for craig patrick money, power & politics and click subscribe at the top of the page. you'll find extended interviews and perspective on the upcoming election. that brings me to mike flaner ri. we worked together in the con vengss. i asked him to join our show to call out both sides. tonight he's calling out clinton and trump.
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fired up. >> clinton and trump need to come clean. clinton should release transcripts of the speechings. outfits that paid the democratic nominee millions of dollars. she needs to provide pronto a detailed plan for how her white house would prevent conflicts of interest. with the billionaire contributors to her husband's foundation. you know, like that lebanese other day who trued to get a special sfa vor when she was secretary of state. no more stalling on that mrs. clinton. that said i do applaud her release of her and her husband's 2015 income tax returns. it's how we know they got $6 million for giving speeches. six million of the nearly $11 million that they reported to the irs. they paid a federal tax rate of 34.2%. and the clinton's should get
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returns for every year since 1977. which brings me to donald trump. and all his baffle gab, double talk on this issue. that wall he's promising for the mexican border it couldn't possibly be as airtight as the stone wall he's put up around his recent tax returns. lots of experts believe trump has a lot to hide. zero is what the new york times says trump may be income tax experts point to outrageous special tax breaks that real estate moguls such as trump use to avoid paying anything at all to the irs. even when they have hundreds of millions of dollars in cash flow. the tax returns could also confirm what several journal etss reported. it appears trump has been shockingly stingy on charitable giving. the clinton tax returns, by the
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million dollars last year. trump says the irs is auditing his latest tax return and that's why he can't release it. the irs though says that's bologna. he can still make it public. no more mr. trump. time to come clean. i'm political editor mike flamnery. coming up our pollster matt tour ri rolls out new numbers in the race to the white house. how the race is moving. plus john wilson weighs in with
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florida. donald trump has expanded his team and refocused on national security and law and order but his rough run suns the convention burned him in the polls. trump is close in the state of florida and tonight john wilson is here to break it down. >> this is john wilson's my view now. >> let's bring wilson my view now. thank you once again. let's say you're running the clinton or the trump campaign. either one. strategically what do you do in these closing days to win the state of florida? >> well, for trump he's got to realize one thing right up front. that hillary clinton can win if she just wins in the states where she is leading now. or states leaning toward hillary clinton. that excludes ohio and pennsylvania.
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where she is leading she wins. for donald trump, he's got to play a campaign focused directly on her and get off extraneous comments he's making about personal attacks that turn into a single digit word. i want to see the man go through a complete sentence with thought about subjects. i haven't heard that yet, craig. >> do you focus on tampa bay and the i-4 corrid he won by not winning the battle of tampa bay and south florida he ran up the table and the score along th panhandle. >> donald trump could be look at that carefully. if you go back to 2010, the birth of the tea party. that's where rick scott found his base. that, i'm sure, donald trump is counting on that. i know hillary clinton is focused on that, as well. yes. i would focus on tampa bay.
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are. they are here that he knows for him. miami is, south florida is a hillary clinton vote. but for donald trump he needs to spend more time here and speak to us in terms we can understand and talk about these issues that we're facing in very specific terms. i'm hearing generalities now. >> if hillary clinton bears down on south florida as charley chris did and other democrats tried to do they get left at the al or the. the turnout is not what they it is. sometimes in national election years, as well. does that suggest that she needs to focus her strategy through the rest of the state more so than others? >> that's a good point. i agree with that completely. democrats in particular have a history of not turning out in numbers, as you know. they don't vote in large numbers. i don't know what that's about but that's been a historical issue. that's why alex saint didn't become the next governor of florida. democrats did not turn out for
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state investments but you've got to work the voting public now. you have to get out there and get in their homes and get in their schools and deal with the issues that we all face here. if she can do that and keep focused on that she will win florida easily. florida is already leaning toward hillary clinton. as of now it didn't start out that way as you know. donald trump has got a shot here. now it doesn't look like he has a shot at all. >> john thank you for perspective. please like our facebook page to join the discussion. that's fox 13s craig patrick on facebook to chime in and take a closer look at the numbers. speaking of numbers, we have big ones. just in. our pal ster matt tour ri spent this week in georgia. red state georgia or so we thought. the poll found that the race in georgia is tied at 43%. >> a battle ground state
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>> matt just broke down the numbers. what's going on in georgia that's matching the ultra battle ground state of georgia. georgia isn't a battleground state until now. >> we've seen a major change in the makeup of the population of georgia. increase in african american vote and hispanic vote. we see a candidate not appealing to a section of the republican vote. the suburban vote. >> south georgia has much in congressman xhon with the pan hand l of what about south georgia? >> we're going to see trump do very wl. i'd be surprised if any counties south of macon, georgia you see trump not win. the problem he has is in metro atlanta where you have over six million people and a lot of voters and suburban voters that aren't entirely comfortable. >> florida and georgia might vote together.
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florida georgia line. those aren't there anymore. donald trump and hillary clinton need to look at them as one area with media markets. florida has many. tampa and st. pete one of the most important. >> you have two homes. yu see the two communities. >> i do. >> are they basically one in the same? >> they are. particularly in the suburban areas of atlanta and st. pete. you have the same independent voters and republican there are some independent voters in other parts of florida that are more the independent voter you see in the north. where as in georgia most of the independent voters are republicans that say they vote both ways. >> what does donald trump do to respond and does hillary clinton make a move in georgia? >> donald trump has to convince the voters he's a sane, reasonable person who makes calm decisions behind the scenes. cut ads that show him making he additions, having board meetings, showing the donald trump other people have seen
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feel comfortable. hillary clinton needs to up her vote with women. in either poll she wasn't picking up a massive percentage increase of women over donald trump. she's going to seal the deal she's got to take advantage of being the first woman to be a nominee of a major party and she's not doing it right now. >> were you surprised by the numbers or did you see this coming? >> we've seen polls winning georgia. i thought trump would win georgia because i had more confidence in our battleground state and it's going to stay that way until the election. >> matt tower ri thank you again. >> coming up. donald trump is taking heat from beer makers and we have a court battle that could affect voter
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>> clinton and trump ranked as the least popular nominees in modern history and taking hits on all makers in chicago. >> it's a fantastic brew. so local, fantastic brew and we love the story behind it. >> that story stems from an early campaign speech presidential candidate donald trump gave about immigration. >> when mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime. they are rapist. >> chicago five rabbit which
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golden ale that was supposed to be featured at trump tower pulled the partnership. they decided to rename the beer all together. it's in spanish. we can't say it's name but it's a vulgar put down of trump's hair. even after the now gop nominee backtracked. >> i love the mexican people and the spirit of the mexican people. i respect mexico. >> the name stuck. >> how can you not help but laugh especially i have a bald head and there's a gentleman >> roberts park social on glenwood avenue wanted to make light of the vulgar named beer by giving back to a cause. >> we are going to donate a dollar for every pint sold to the a-c-l-u. >> people seem to like the beer. >> it's a really good beer. it's refreshing and summery. >> the beer will remain on tap throughout the rest of the presidential election. so regardless of who you vote for. >> it feels like a way to do
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afternoon on a weeknight. >> that bar is getting proceeds from the sale of that beer to the a-c-l-u. >> coming up. we'll explain the court battle over voter ids and what could change this year and how it
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very important date just around the corner. keep an eye on august 25th.
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in the state of north carolina that has implications across the nation. people in that state opposed to north carolina's voter id law have eight days in laymen's terms to make their case. the court ruling could protect or compromise voter id laws in states across the nations including texas, wisconsin, where there has been a good deal of controversy here. watch for how that plays out. we will break it down on money, power & politics in the weeks ahead. we will see you tomorrow night. thank you for joining us. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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