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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  August 19, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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((jen- happening right now, the search >>jennifer: right now, the search for this guy. he's a person of interest in a brutal attack on a former marine. plus -- >> donald trump says he's made some a big tactical change for the trump campaign coming up. >>walter: and a 25 cent treasure? that's how much they paid for a michael jackson cassette tape. what they found inside is priceless. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm filling in. forecast
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tampa 78, clearwater is down below 80 now and they're at 79 st. petersburg, brandon, sarasota all at 77. sun will be up officially at 7:03. less than two minutes. just a real pretty start to the day. it's warm, stea. 90s difference yesterday's 40%. not a huge difference from day-to-day, we know we tweak the ra minutes. how are roads? >>vanessa: they're starting to get a bit busy. we also have some updates on an earlier crash as far as the lane blockage. there's some modifications we've gotten as far as what direction and how many lanes but it's a hit and run. this is out of hernando. cortez at mariner. we originally heard westbound lanes were blocked but we're hearing northbound lanes are completely blocked and then eastbound/westbound traffic is actually alternating in the remaining lanes so delays i
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through this intersection. avoid if you can. instead of mariner,barclay to wheork around here jacquelin just on the other side of the shopping center with the marshall's in the area. looks like a pretty good travel time. not seeing too much congestion, maybe about 14 mrom beyond this poin wesley chapel boulevard, you have a crash here. lane blockage reported. seeing some notable eastbound/westbound delays. give yourself some extra time out the door. >>jennifer: developing in new jersey this morning, two buses have collided in the middle of downtown newark during the busy rush hour. it's unclear at this time the extent of any of the injuries but you can see the severity of this crash. there are reports that one of
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making sure everyone is out. many passengers are being treated on the side of the road as ambulances arrive. and you can see that one of those buses turned on its side nearly splitting the roof open. we'll continue to monitor this. we'll have updates as soon as we get them. switching gears, deadly shooting near the university of tampa campus. >>walter: police have been out there most of the night and into the morning hours. ken has been there all morning long. what can you tell us? have they found >> well, they're not saying if they found the shooter or not. what i am sure about is this. that the people who live in the apartment complex behind me just coming to grips or trying to come to grips with what happened overnight. this all began at 2:00 a.m. or so. we understand that a number of different apartment dwellers heard gunshots over and over again. we're talking about multiple gunshots. they call 911 and say someone has been shot in the complex. when they come out, they see a
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old, bleeding. eventually he's taken off with an emergency crew to the hospital. he dies somewhere along the line. we don't know if he was dead here or in transit or at the hospital. bottom line is this. he's deceased at this point. obviously there is a gunman of some sort. it could be more than one person. police not saying -- they're actually saying very littl about this. so the bottom line is this. you have a young man who is dead. one gunman on the run and a bunch of p early on friday morning to a terrible, terrible situation wondering a lot of same things we are. why was this young man killed? what were the circumstances? how many people were involved? all of those things have yet to be answered. back to you. >>walter: we'll check back in with you throughout the morning. thank you. 7:on 4 the time. hillsborough county detectives are looking for the person that beat up an 81-year-old marine in his backyard.
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this morning. carlos cordero is a person of interest. he reportedly did housework for alfred and was the last person with him before the attack. if you know where he is, call crime stoppers. you could be eligible for a reward. >>jennifer: a family vacation to siesta key ends with violence. a 16-year-old boy is accused of stabbing his mother and younger brother at the hotel where they were staying. deputies were sent to the scene and they found the 16-year-old boy a few blocks away. he's now facing two counts o first degree attempted second degree murder. the mother and brother will be okay. the family is from massachusetts. we're also learning more about the 19-year-old fsu student accused of murdering two people on the east coast of florida. austin heroof put a bunch of bizarre video posts on youtube recently. he talked in different accents and assuming weird personas.
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austi frosty. i've got a psycho side and a normal side. i've lost my mind. help me find it, end quote. that might explain the call from his mother the night of the slayings. >> he was out to dinner with his dad today and he took off and we're just -- you know, he was with his sister and he said, you know, he feels immortal and like a superhero so i'm just -- i don't know what's him. >>jennifer: he faces two counts every first degree murder. the murder scene was the most violent they've ever come across. they still don't know the motive. the victims were badly beaten and stabbed. >>walter: an apology from donald trump last night. he gave that kind of a message to many republicans and they've been waiting for it. meantime, clinton foundation is trying to address a perception it went too far to, quote,
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doug has a report from washington. >> this may be a case of donald trump new campaign management team exerting a lot of influence. this was a big change for trump last night, acknowledging he's made some mistakes along the way. it is a side of donald trump that we really haven't seen before. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. something that was said before a large, supportive crowd but the message was meant to resonate with voters who think trump is too combative and it may bear the signature of his new campaign manager. either way, it's a big shift for trump. >> that's important for politicians to do. it's especially important for a politician who is widely perceived as being too arrogant
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improve these dire polls he's swimming under. >>reporter: trump went to court minority voters and he'll hit tv ad buys in a handful of swing states. hillary clinton meeting with law enforcement leaders in new york and the clinton foundation announcing that if she wins in november, it will stop accepting foreign donations, sticking point for many critics. but at this late date, there may not be either side and clinton does appear to have a decisive need. >> we see it on polling and demographics. you have to look at how the vote has changed in each individual state, even over the last four years. >>reporter: and the concern for republicans and donald trump, the number of what used to be a conservative republican states that now appear to be in play
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>>walter: the race is tight when you add in the libber -- libertarian and green party. >>jennifer: a warning about contact lenses. coming up, how they might be doing more harm than good. >>walter: and generous donation. amber herd is giving away her entire divorce settlement. find out who is get >>dave: 7:09. 78 degrees so our temperatures this morning on par to where we were yesterday. the winds are light so you have that very still, kind of stuffy feeling to the morning. we're going to go back to 92 for a high today. the difference, the rain chance drops to 30%. rest of your weekend outlook, it's not going to change much but we'll talk about it in a few
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>>dave: if you didn't know, it's
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now. with that comes some gorgeous storms. look at this. dynamiteorest national outlined commentator even taking that extra step to superimpose the dinosaur and the outline for you. just amazing, amazing what lightning can do, you've been outside and you've just seen general cloud types that look like different things. we'll do that all the time time. that looks like this, looks like that. so pretty shot. tampa net camera, this geors, start to the day we have. upper 70s, go back to the coastline, water temperatures running 88 degrees. it's still 88 degrees in the gulf and every day in august,
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the coast. you don't get any big seas or anything to kind of stir it up. it just starts to get warmer and warmer. so i got 77 the current air temperature in st. petersburg. same for sarasota. as you go inland, away from the influence of those 88-degree waters, you do have mid 70s in polk county, down through highlands county. the thing i've noticed is the winds are relatively light and we're beginning to shift the weather pattern so high pressure, which is really anchored off the east coast of ou it's been pushing those storms west. we're geing big storms west of 75. now that area of high pressure is going to shift to the south over the weekend and so will the focus of the afternoon thunderstorms. number one, with some drier air aloft, we're going to knock the rain chance today back to 30%. i should say friday, by the way. and then we're going inland, maybe a little higher, around 40%. and that's the way i think the weekend is going to go.
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everything east rather than west. a couple of areas of interest here in the tropics, you're quiet in the gulf, quiet in the caribbean. this is a little upper level system falling apart. then you have tropical storm fiona which is this little system right here. obviously what catches your attention is not this but that. and we'll get to that in a second which is a strong tropical wave. here is tropical storm it's way out on a fast path to nowhere. west-northwest winds at 10 miles an hour. these are the kind of storms we like, you know? maybe the chance to kind of study them and they're not going to bother anybody. this has been surrounded by drier air and every time it tries to strengthen, it just ingests some of that drier air. and that tends to weaken these storms, kind of pull them apart. notice how the forecast for this storm really more importantly
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form it may be by the middle of next week. it should run to the east of bermuda. for that strong, tropical wave which is further south, it is not going to deal with the drier air like fiona is, nor is it taking a turn to the northwest. so obviously that has to raise your level of concern a bit because you're in august. the water temperature is obviously plenty warm with light wind shear. sunday is picking this up and developing it a bit. but then by the time it reaches virginng out toribbean, up here you, though. you're talking about seven days from now, a lot can happen between now and then. it may stay in the caribbean and
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toward the north. we're just going to pay attention, keep an eye on this one and we encourage you to join us as well by going to of course, when we're in the news cast, we'll talk about it. but there, any time day or not you get the latest computer tracks, computer models, interactive models, hurricane hunter flights if they send a plane out to investigate anything, you can get that live at that's what i want to point your attention to. we're keeping an eye on things in the it's starting to heat up here in late august. 30% for rain chance today with a high of 92 degrees. tonight warm, muggy, steamy again. 79 the overnight low. saturday pretty much the same. you got the isolated chance for an inland storm or tw ght through the next week. gradually bringing them back up to around 40%. vanessa? >>vanessa: dave, right now we
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hernando crash on cortez near mariner. and you can actually see it's right there in the intersection so as we reported before, many directions are going to be affected through the intersection. the good news is we're not seeing full blockage. in essence, you can see even though the lanes are going to be blocked here, looks like traffic is able to move on its way. i would suspect it's moving slower than normal so just a few extra minutes but no need to take the detours that i mentioned before. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. once again, this is a run crash. we saw two damaged vehicles on seen but presumably there's another one that left the scene. we'll get to this. earlier hours we reported on a vehicle in a ditch in the hudson area of pasco county, southbound u.s. 19 at york and actually now that we got a daylight shot, so thanks to ed for sending this along. we can see a streetlight has been taken out. we don't have any reports of lane blockage but presumably now or a bit later, crews might be repairing it.
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looks good. no big complaints here. 75 to i-4, that's a 24-minute drive along 275 southbound. it's just taken eight minutes at this point to travel i-4 westbound coming to the interchange from the mlk exit. >>walter: 7:19 the time. it's amazing to see dolphins when they're in the water. even better when you help them get their dinner. >>jennifer: new this morning, a video sent to us from a fox 13 viewer. check out this dolphin bringing in a nice catc but of course, they don't use a fishing pole. they just use their fins. michael from see through canoe reported a group of dolphins while they were feeding. at one point, a dolphin tosses a mullet right out of the water. travelled about 30 feet, almost, just almost landed on the canoe. it's not clear if the dolphin was really aiming the fish but still a pretty powerful fin.
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do they flip the mullet with their fins? >>jennifer: i don't know. pretty cool. >>walter: don't believe everything you hear about cracking your knuckles. i already did because mine are done. there are benefits, apparently. >>jennifer: and a treasure inside a michael jackson cassette tape. the couple only paid 25 cents for it. see what they found. bu good morning. >>charley: and we're off. >>jennifer: you're almost there. >>charley: i got a problem. my problem is i'm a fotter woul be a mudder. neither one of them are going to get that joke. never mind. google it.
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big, big fundraiser they're doing september 17 called xtravaganza where humans will race around the horse track. stick around. i'll tell you all about it. together, look at this, you get to see another sunrise, folks. make the most out of it out [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me.
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welcome back to good day tampa bay". the time is 7:--. slow but steady. (walter) >>jennifer: slow but steady. >>waer wildfire to contain the fire east of los angeles right now. firefighters have slowed the fire down. containment is around 25%. they've actually let some of the evacuees return. others are being kept away. unfortunately, some people never left. refusing to leave home despite the risk and they say wildfires are part of living in california. >>jennifer: donald trump will visit some of the hard it's hit
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worst natural disaster in the country since hurricane sandy. damage estimates are already around $30 million and climbing. close to seven trillion gallons of rain have fallen in louisiana the past week. that's enough water to fill seven olympic sized swimming pools. >>walter: a sentence for drugging women and then raping them in new orleans, the sentence twice as long as what prosecutors were asking for. it's almost sharper is also accused of doing the same thing in los angeles, phoenix and las vegas. he was a five time pro bowler, won a super bowl with the sants. >>jennifer: wearing contacts to bed or longer periods of time might be a bad idea. researchers say that the type of improper lens wear is triggering serious eye infections. out of 1100 cases, nearly 20% of patients had some sort of eye damage, including scarring on the cornea.
7:26 am
emergency room or urgent care clinic. researchers suggest taking the time to remove contacts before going to bed. >>walter: amber herd is donating her $7 million divorce settlement, half to the children's hospital in los angeles, the other half to the american civil liberties union to help them prevent violence against women. he accused depp of being abusive. the couple said their relationship was i passionate and there was never any intent of physical or emotional harm. >>jennifer: historic photo of the apollo 11 moon landing will be up for auction in lone ond this weekend. it's been signed by the astronauts. it shows their lunar module descending to the moon surface with the earth in the background. the current owner got the picture after providing limos to the astronauts during their visit to england in 1969.
7:27 am
close to $2,000. >>dave: wow. >>jennifer: i thought it would be more than that. >>dave: i did, too. >>jennifer: you want to chip in? >>dave: i got five bucks. you up for the rest? >>walter: i did have two but that will probably go to lotto for the weekend. >>dave: that's not throwing your money away. >>walter: every week, right. >>dave: i know sarasota, winter haven, we're in the mid to upper 70s. high temps today, back to the lower 90s. rain chances are going to drop a little bit. notice we're going to swing them back to 30% with a developing west wind because that's also going to change the time of day, meaning if you're going to get a storm this weekend along the coast, it would be early in the day and then later everything will push inland so there's some subtle differences in the forecast a little bit, okay?
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good to know. and about to switch over to 7:28. just some safety concerns here. no big concerns as far as delays, i think. a right turn lane will be here. hillsborough just east of harney road, remember to move to the left and be careful for any crws you see on sight. can't complain too much about travel times. start to hit the congestion to wilske. we're under 30 minutes right now so we'll take that. 23 travel time. suncoast all the way to t.i.a. check the interstates, too. 11 minutes branch forbes to 75. i-4, southbound 75, 14 minutes. >>jennifer: the scandal involving olympic swimmers gets more bizarre. >>walter: and local efforts to fight the zika virus.
7:29 am
effort to combat the zika virus. it's happening here in the bay area in a small office located inside that white building. we'll talk about what's happening this morning on "good day tampa bay" coming up next. happy friday, i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made??
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(walter-2 shot) welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. >>walter: welcome back. time is 7:32. a group of olympic swimmers from the u.s. are in some hot water. >>jennifer: they face criminal charges in brazil for lying. trouble is also costing the athletes financially. >>reporter: rio police indict two gold medallists after they falsified reports they were
7:33 am
charlotte, north carolina. >> there's strong evidence at least one of the swimmers took actions that would be define as false indication of crime. >>reporter: brazilian authorities release twoed other swimmers and they've already boarded a flight back to the u.s. after authorities pulled them from an earlier flight. >> i was just sitting there and they came by and said you need to depart the plane. >>reporter: swimmers were not robbed at gun point and instead, >> if there's no need to have his departure prohibited, he will go through the same process as the other two. that is, he goes to the judge that police don't need him to stay. if the judge authorizes, he can board. >>reporter: olympic officials are urging the police to drop the case. >> let's give the kids a break. sometimes you take actions that you later regret.
7:34 am
lochte is one of the best swimmers of all time. i don't know. they had fun. they made a mistake. life goes on. >>reporter: they risk endorsement deals by bad judgment. >> by him doing the stupid antics, it shows a lack of judgment. >>reporter: authorities in rio work to remain the city stays safety throughout the olympics. >>jennifer: u.s. olympic quote, the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable. nor does it represent the values of team u.s.a. or the conduct of the vast majority of the members. >>walter: two new cases of non travel zika cases in miami. both cases are outside the area where mosquitos have been spreading the virus. two new cases might be in miami beach. but we haven't been able to confirm that. there are now more than 500zika cases in the state of florida.
7:35 am
area. polk county has the most at 60. hillsborough not far behind with 14 cases. all of those cases involve people travelling outside of the u.s. now, it's hard to tell if or when mosquitos will start spreading the virus but there's a conference today at usf to discuss that. alcides segui is live on campus. good morning to you. >>reporter: good morning. florida is ground zero for the there is a zika health conference happening this morning but before that conference actually begins, state lawmakers actually will be walking into that white building right there. that's because inside, there is a mosquito lab. that is put together by usf and they have been studying mosquitos for quite some time now. the university is bringing together top researchers and elected government officials as
7:36 am
contain the virus. usf is a top 25 research university in the country so happening this morning, usf mosquito experts will explain how to better understand the insect, find more effective treatment or develop vaccines to prevent infections. currently the lab does not contain zika carrying mosquitos, but it is designed to begin studying the virus. so potentially this ground breaking right here in our backyard. today's announcement comes as researchers in a baltimore hospital have a new way to find a cure for the zika virus. but they need some volunteers. they're looking for healthy, non pregnant volunteers to infect them with this virus. it's sometime in the winter. it's called the human challenge. if the government regulators agree, researchers could be
7:37 am
zika as early as december. researching the zika virus has been going on for some time and looks like it's going to begin here in the tampa bay area as well with usf spearheading the effort. we're going to talk to hopefully some lawmakers coming up in the next hour of "good day" and we'll also get a better idea what the mosquito lab looks like. >>walter: i have to say that in my situation, my wife is pregnant but i'm frightened, i'm fascinated by all of this. the research, what we don't know, what zika virus, all of it. >>reporter: my wife and i are on the fence about having another child and there is no way you'll catch me anywhere near miami at this point. i'm just -- i am scared like you are. i believe we're not the only ones, either. >>walter: and that's why i have a steady stench of bug spray on a daily basis. >>reporter: that's right. >>walter: we'll leave it there.
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easy and when times get tough, it helps to have someone you can count on. i sat down with a local woman who is devoting her life to saving her friend. she's this week's home town hero. the last decade hasn't been easy for cheryl sage. she lost her leg to diabetes in 2007, was diagnosed with renal disease and has been on dialysis for six years. >> take all the blood out, clean it and put it all back in. take all the fluid out of my blood and put it back in. >>jennifer: it is not a pleasant process but she does it three days a week. >> it is hard on your body. >>jennifer: she's gotten through it all with melissa. >> she's a good person and i just do what any good friend would do. >>jennifer: when cheryl finally got on the kidney transplant list, melissa sprung into action. they have a lot of work to do. cheryl needs to raise $5,000 for
7:39 am
be two years, it could be next month. it could be next week. we don't know. >>jennifer: they're not wasting any time. they've already started planning fundraisers, soliciting donations and organizing bake sales and car washes. >> she gets things done. she gets them done, especially when i don't feel good, i don't feel like doing stuff. she just takes over and gets it done. >>jennifer: melissa doesn't plan on stopping until every dollar is raised, whatever it takes for her best friend to get off dialysis and on >> i think there's going to be so many more doors that open up for her. when she can lead a regular life and not be tied to a dialysis machine three days a week, sky is the limit. >>jennifer: whether the money is raised or the right donor is found, she knows she'll get through it with melissa by her side. and we have pretty amazing news. in the two weeks since i interviewed cheryl, she got a kidney.
7:40 am
monday. her immune system, they say, is pretty weak. otherwise, she's doing well and the kidney is functioning properly. but they still need our help to raise the $25,000 so there's a bunch of upcoming events, including a flap jack breakfast at applebee's in st. pete and cheryl's friend is getting all of it together. i've got all the information on my facebook page. >>walter: good for her. 7:40 the time. you've heard the stories. if you crack your knuckles, it will give you a new study found that may not be the case. researchers in california looks at the ultra sounds of 400 knuckles to find out what is going on inside a joint that's being cracked. they say those who crack their knuckles had increased flexibility after doing it. scientists think when you crack your knuckle, you pull apart two surfaces of the joint. that allows the gas in the fluid to dissipate. lower pressure allows for more
7:41 am
hey, dave? >>dave: right. hey, in sports, the rays will play the rangers this weekend at tropicana field. a win tonight will be five in a row and that will be the longest winning streak this season if they pull that off. baseball commissioner rob manford says owners are going to discuss some possible rule changes. for instance, they might restrict defensive shifts, change the strike zone the game. those are just a few proposals, nothing definite. any changes they do make will probably start with a 2018 season. football, buccaneers are out of town again. they've been holding joint practices. they had a brief scare yesterday with gerald mc coy as he turned his ankle. jameis winston is sharp. the bucs will play the jaguars
7:42 am
night. at the olympics, jamaican runner bolt takes home another gold medal. that's eight for his career. bolt won the 200 meters for the third straight olympics. but he fell short of beating his world record. a bit of a disappointment for him. breaking that record was one of his goals. i'm sure he'll take -- look at how far ahead he is. to do it in one olympics is amazing but to do it in three congratulations. it's a beautiful start to the day. we're looking at just a few afternoon thunderstorms as the rain chances drop a little bit this weekend. we'll discuss in and a look at we'll discuss in and a look at the
7:43 am
y22s3y yy6y
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z22t7z zy6z y22t7y yy6y >>dave: good friday morning. it's 7:45. don't tell this individual he's walking through the camera shot.
7:46 am
camera. that walk there along the beach this morning. water temperatures continue in the upper 80s. air temperature is 78 tampa, 77 in brandon. yeah, you go inland and you get away from the very warm water temperatures of the tampa bay and the gulf, it's a few degrees cooler but it's 73, 75, not a big deal. there's a little bit of drier air aloft and i think that's going to hold back a potential for storms today so we're going to bring the rain chance overall back to coast. still keeping it about 40% inland and those are the rain chances that i believe are going to hold through the entire weekend as well. i do want to mention one more thing. here is fiona which is weakening and that's going to turn to the north. this is the tropical wave you want to watch because this has the potential to be over here by the islands by the middle to latter portion of next week. head to for more on that and we'll talk more
7:47 am
so 92 degrees for a high today. rain chances drop back to 30% and stay there for the weekend. that means a whole lot of heat, though. high temperature running lower 90s, right through the next seven days. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. thanks, dave. river view area, one reported at mcmullen road. seeing northbound/southbound delays, moderate in nature. there are lane blockages reported so make sure you're an door. to the fet sound area, pinellas county from one lane ahead and check ininte. not a bad look here. 275 southbound, those lanes heading away from us in the are. taking in 27 minutes to get from 75 to the i-4 amazing. north carolina couple paid 25 cents for a michael jackson cassette tape.
7:48 am
>>jennifer: they didn't realize it was worth a lot more butnow. >> old, i told mel jackson to birthday cake. >>reporter: she never got that birthday surprise but she'll settle for what she and her husband came by a few weeks ago. >> she's like, babe, babe, babe, no way. signed. >>reporter: t that appears to be autoghimself. >> this is a once in a lifetime find for us. >>reporter: they found it here at heavenly treasures in concord. it's a thrift store that the family regularly shops at. >> i'm not going to be able to leave without this, am i? >> no. we're definitely getting that. >>reporter: they were in the music section and noticed the cassette being sold for about as low of a price as you can find. >> there's michael jackson's
7:49 am
>>reporter: amber's 10-year-old son loves to dance so a few days after they bought the cassetteps what appears to be an autograph from michael jackson himself. >> i definitely freaked out. i literally could not breathe, couldn't speak. i just sat there blinking my ju directly in front of me. i j heart beat in my neck. >>reporter: they noticed the stn thepage. they got on the internet to compare it to authentic autographs and they believe it's real. >> i compared every little detail how the m bottom and everything.
7:50 am
i've seen a lot of prints. it does look real. and i'm super happy for them. >>reporter: suzanne is a coowner of the thrift store and it you think she's bitter about letting again. >> my is weus want our dollar. >> i would assume this ranks as one of the coolest moments you've had as a couple? >> absolutely. >> we've hads. >> we have.y i wonder why they wanted to buy a cassette tape. i guess just for the memorabilia. >>walter: then you have to buy a cassette player. >>jennifer: do you have any cassettes? >>walter: no. not anymore. old mixed tapes? >>jennifer: i'll bet charley kept a couple of his old cassette tapes around. do youave any? >>charley: i used to make the mixed tapes. i would do that. >>walter: i'm in love with you
7:51 am
>>charley: i made mixed cd's. i had even made a play list and sent it to my wife. yes. yes, i have. i never made a mixed eight track, though. i'm not quite that old. you couldn't make your own eight tracks. i love that story, though. we go to antique stores or something, i'm always looking for a comic book or maybe some paintings and behind it was a van gogh. so far, obviously i've not found anything yet. still looking. walter and jen, look at view of the horse track. it's such a great, beautiful location. you forgetlter: that was going> or stoplight. when you get up close, wow. it's a lot bigger and wider than i thought. so am i in person. >>walter: no. >>charley: in person. no, actually probably wider on tv than i am in person. that's beside the point. what is the point is, getting
7:52 am
horse track right here.
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>>charley: "good day tampa
7:55 am
beautiful sunrise, looking good out here. a little warm. that's all right. we live in florida. i'm charley belcher coming from tampa bay downs, right here oldsmar, in between oldsmar and west chase, racetrack road. give you a point of reference. horses are not here this season. it's the off season for the horses. let's get some people out here and that's what charley is going >> it haspember 17 for for the going to be a a fun he ages? >> >>charley: nice. llat me what'shere's a mul5k ra that run on the a big loop soccer ball
7:56 am
we also a going to have course s from 8:00 to 5:00 and we're also goino g thave qualifying for a llion dollar hole in one competition and that's over at the tampa bay downs golf center. >>charley: nice. nice. so come out here and help you a? >> $25,000 a year for 40 years. that way you don't get taxed w much. >>charley: how do people get involved? >> they can get tampa bay's united website which is put that easy preregister for the racee out ad there's going to be european
7:57 am
racetrack. it's going to be a fun day. >>charley: it's going to be a "good day" on the 17th. here, too. we'll tell you more details about the race and what else they're doing out here this fine friday morning from the track. >>walter: always a good day with charley belcher. >>jennifer: looking forward to it. thank you. coming up at 8:00, we'll tell you about a lawsuit against the shoe company crocs. parents say the shoe is responsible for injuring their chiel. >>walter: and imagine showing up for a job interview in a halloween we'll tell you the latest gimmicks to land a job. >>jennifer: and donald trump and all his glory. we'll explain why someone is placing naked trump statues in
7:58 am
8:00 am
((walter here's what we know.. bullets everywhere.. holes in cars.. and one man dead.. this all happenin here's what we know bullets everywhere holes in car and a man dead. all happening in an arment complex in tampa. paying to leave rio. one of the swimmers caught up in $11,000 to get out. but the questions about what happened are far from over. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. good morning everybody 8 o'clock on your friday morning russell rhodes has the morning off i'm jen epstein laura moody also has morning off it's friday august 19th. house the weekend looking? >> you know, honestly looks like


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