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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  August 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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((walter wiggle room? a barefoot guy in handcuffs... slipped out of a cruiser over the weekend... and took-off running. live from manatee county, where deputies are searching... and explaining. ((vanessa having kids is rewarding, sure... but it's also a huge strain on your wallet. and a new study shows: it could also cost you... your career. ((walter and... she's one of the most beloved entertainers in the world... and in november, she's coming to tampa... but dolly pa not care about her ?music, at all. the amazing thing she's doing for families... living with autism. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes, in for jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave. hot and humid, with a 20% chance of a pm storm. high temps in the lower 90s. tonight will be mostly clear and steamy; lows around 79. rain chances slowly begin to go back up tomorrow, at around 30%, with high temps around
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((vanessa)) developing this morning: the search for a man who climbed out of a patrol car... and took-off running... handcuffed, and barefoot.((wally)) how did he do it? and where is he? that's what manatee county deputies want to know. ((wally fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story for us... shayla: he slipped-away saturday night... that means he's been on the run for about 36-hours...
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the polk county sheriff's office is looking for a person who carjacked someone in a lakeland parking lot. it happened early sunday morning in the parking lot of the bonefish grill on pipkin road west. deputies say the man approached the car with a
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and demanded the driver get out. the victim's vehicle was later found crashed and burned at west pipkin road nad county line road. the thief is described as a white male with a slim build who is about 5 foot 8... he was last seen wearing a dark t-shirt, shorts, and a ball cap. new this morning: palm harbor firefighters respond to a fire at a condo complex. they were called out to the meadow lake condos around 12:30 this morning. a third floor unit was on fire with flames coming through the roof. firefighters were able to keep just the one condo. and the person who owned it was not home at the time. the fire is still under investigation. ((walter)) the cost of childcare has skyrocketed.. on average.. it's 18-thousand dollars a year.. but finances aren't the only thing that takes a hit.. paying for childcare can also affect a woman's career... ((walter fox-13's ken suarez joins us live from tampa - to explain just how much of a financial burden
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((wally thanks, ken. (wally) school bells are finally ringing in sarasota county today. they're the last district to head back to class in our area. (vanessa) and with more than 42-thousand-students on the move, it's going to be extra busy on the roads. be careful out there. (vanessa many sarasota ?middle school students... will get to learn in the "classroom of tomorrow."
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see at disney... but sarasota county pioneered the concept back in 20-10... instead of individual deks and blackboards, tech-active classrooms feature u-shaped workstatsions, designed for small-group collaboration. each station has a touchscreen computer where students can gather to solve math problems or scrutinize data and images broadcast by wireless graphing calculators and digital microscopers. there are more than 200 classrooms like this in sarasota county right now. (wally some ?older students are headed back to school today, too. it's the first day at u-s-f. incoming freshman moved in last week... and there was a big block party to kick-off the school year, in ybor city. u-s-f has more than 48-thousand students, at campuses in tampa, st. pete and sarasota/bradenton. (wally and u-s-f is helping all those students on a tight budget... with ?free food. it's called the "feed a bull" food pantry. the usf center for student
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no student has to choose between buying textbooks... or food. the pantry is in the student services building, and it's available to ?any registered student. it's run entirely on donations... and are always accepting them. they current have a goal of raising 35 hundred dollars for the current semester. they have about five hundred dollars so far. and i'll take a closer look at the "feed-a-bull" program coming up in a future "extraordinary ordinary" segment. ((vanessa)) it was a typical sunday at church... services were about to start... ((walter)) then something from ?above, interrupted... but it's not what you think... what sent parishioners... running out of the chapel ((walter and... party time in rio de janeiro... it's a golden farewell at the olympics... just ahead: the ?american champ... who
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despite threats from north korea. the drills are like simulated war games... but the communist north calls them an "invasion rehearsal"... and "kim jong un's" government is threatening to launch ?nuclear strikes... saying: it will turn washington into a "heap of ashes." it sounds dire, but this is not unusual. north korea fires-off this kind of fiery rhetoric every year at this time. (wally a day of fun turned tragic in utah... when a para- glider crashed into a church, and died. it happened sunday morning to begin. thankfully, no one else was hurt... witnesses in the chapel say: jim petersen's glider appeared to be spiraling downward before the crash... and out of control. no official word on what ?caused the crash... investigators are looking at possible equipment failure, or medical problems for the 57-year-old pilot. (walter in ohio, at least nine people are hurt... after a car crashed into a crowd of people. it happened sunday night during a community concert in "parma heights,"
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pedal, instead of the ?brake... and drove right onto the dance floor. the car stopped, after hitting a telephone pole. the woman who was driving, was "shaken up," but not seriously hurt. six people were taken to the hospital. (wally a new twist in the investigation into prince's death. a source closes to the case says: some of the pills taken from the singer's estate in minnesota earlier this year: were counterfeit drugs, that actually contained ?fentanyl. it's a synthetic opioid... that's 50- times more powerful than heroin. said the pills were falsely labeled as hydrocodone. autopsy results show prince died april 21st of an accidental fentanyl overdose. authorities still don't know where he got the drugs. (vanessa so... what do you get a giant panda cub for its birthday? well, bamboo, for one thing... and a big cake, made with layers of frozen fruit. "bei bei" just turned one... he's the third giant panda to be born at the national zoo in washington... and even at
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important job. he's a symbol of peace, friendship and diplomacy between the u-s, and china... he's also really cute. ((anchors)) it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. to find out what's happening
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no closed captioning is available for traffic. (vanessa well, the olympic closing ceremonies are ?always looser and more relaxed than the opening... but in rio... it was ?definitely party time. the host city threw a bash to remember, last night... samba dancers... fireworks... all kinds of music... they even brought back the tonga flag bearer... and yes, he was shirtless again. (wally) gymnastics star,
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little tricky for her... since the pole was twice her height, and it was windy. and then even when she got in place, her work wasn't done. ?everybody stopped to take selfies with her... it actually slowed down the athletes' entrance to the ceremony... it was like a wedding receiving line... but simone kept smiling! (vanessa so while rio said ?goodbye to the world, the closing ceremony also gav host... a chance to say hello... and they did it in grand, and funny, style. the prime minister of japan was actually involved... appearing as "mario" in a mario brothers skit! apparently, he's a ?huge olympics fan... and said: when he heard tokyo was getting the 20-20 games, it was even more exciting for him than winning his own election! (wally actually, the next ?three olympics will be in asia. first, it's the winter games of 20-18... in south korea. they'll open
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(vanessa then, as we mentioned, tokyo will host the 20-20 games... baseball will return at those olympics... surfing, skateboarding and sport-climbing will also be added. (wally then it's "back to beijing" in 20- 22... that city will become the first city ?ever, to host both the winter and summer games. (vanessa and 20-24... well no decision on that, until next year... but los angeles is in the final four... it's going up against some heavyweights, though: paris, budapest and rome. ((walter)) let's see, we've got tennis champs, swimming stars, movie idols... ((vanessa)) florida is ?full of famous people... and
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(vanessa when we come back, the mysterious death of ?lou pearlman... the orlando man behind the biggest boy bands of the 90s... and why mourning him, is so complicated. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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america runs on dunkin'.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. ((wally he's the florida man, famous... for making other people famous. back in the 90s, "lou pearlman" managed boy bands n-sync... the backstreet boys... and o-town... turning them ?singers into ?superstars. and he did it all, from his office in orlando... then... came a monumental fall
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biggest artists in his lineup ?sued him... then... he was convicted of running a ponzi scheme and was sentenced to federal prison for 25-years ((wally)) well, over the weekend... we learned that pearlman ?died in federal prison, friday. so far, no word on the cause.((vanessa)) but there ?is, a ?legacy issue. as fox's tom johnson reports, people who ?knew him, are wondering how they should ?remember him. lou pearlman's impact on pop music was huge. he was almost singlehandedly responsible for the 19-90's boy band craze. n-sync... backstreet boys... o-town and more... all managed by remembered for his monumental fall... a ponzi scheme conviction and 25 year federal prison sentence. no mater the context... his death is big news. people magazine marking the moment with this article online. music-industry mag billboard also chiming in... even rolling stone devoting space to what it noted as the "disgraced boy band manager." "these ah... go back to the early days. the early 90's." orlando attorney clay townsend's office is filled with lou pearlman memorablia. original studio tapes of the backstreet boys... a portrait of pearlman... gold records from some of the music mogul's biggest former clients... including again... backstreet boys. "to lou pearlman's artists... he was ah... 'big papa.' he was a creative... energetic ah... entrepreneur. to others... he was the biggest he was the biggest swindler and con man in the history of florida." a lot of those artists sued pearlman for misrepresentation.
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backstreet boys... and pop singer aaron carter. all involved now dealing with the death of man who played a large role in their lives. "sad to hear the news. sad anytime (someone) passes. but i know it was doubly sad for those people that who were very close to him that lost a lot." and despite all the success... making music magic... it's the crimes and ripoffs thompson believes ultimately define pearlman's legacy. "at the end of the day... most people will remember him... as being one of the most dishonest
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((vanessa several of pearlman's high profile former clients tweeted about his death. superstar justin timberlake... who rose to fame with n-sync says... "i hope he found some peace. god bless and r-i-p... lou pearlman."((wally chris kirkpatrick was also a member of n-sync... and lives in "mixed emotions right now, but r-i-p lou pearlman."((vanessa backstreet boys singer a-j mclean tweeted... "many emotions at the news of lou's passing. without lou i wouldn't have met my four brothers or had the opportunity of a lifetime. r-i-p." ((vanessa)) she's hilarious, for sure... but this morning, some local folks aren't laughing.((walter)) the major shade amy schumer threw on tampa... in her new book... ((walter plus... they won gold, glory and fame... but doing well at the olympics
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((walter)) it's 5:--, on monday, august 22nd. i'm walter allen.((vanessa))
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start this half hour... with the search for an escapee... a guy slipped out of a patrol car, handcuffed and barefoot... and has been on the run for 36-hours! (vanessa fox-13's shayla reaves is on the story for us in manatee county. shayla: how did he get away... and is
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((vanessa thanks, shayla.
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the time now is 5:xx. let's get you up to the minute on today's top stories: a scary situation for a family trying to enjoy a day on the water. their boat capsized while on the indian river... police and rescued most of the family... but they couldn't find a 23-month-old girl. an hour after that girl was found trapped underneath the overturned boat. they say she had stayed afloat in a small pocket of air. she is expected to make a full recovery. ((walter the future of tropicana field is once again up for discussion today. the city is hosting another "revisioning community meeting." it's tonight at 6-30 at the usf st. petersburg student center.
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tropicana field land could be redevelopment. the city is anticipating the rays will move out of the trop in few years, to get a ?new stadium. and during tonight's meeting they will already have some concept drawings of what could replace the trop. ((walter she's a funny lady, but some people aren't laughing. amy schumer just called-out the city of tampa... in her new book. six pages into "the girl with the lower back tattoo," schumer talks about a between "two horrendous cities"... fayetteville, north carolina... and tampa. and she wasn't done. she also said, quote, "i know for a fact that no one who lives there has ever read a book." (walter and south tampa's inkwood books -- has responded to the book. they decided to let schumer know that -- in fact -- people in tampa ?do read. they just changed their sign along armenia avenue to read: "dear ms. schumer give us another chance? love, the three people who read." by the way --
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to perform at amalie arena this october. ((vanessa)) this morning we are discussing the high cost of childcare... and the effect that can have on a couple's future.. their retirement.. and even the woman's career.. ((vanessa fox-13's ken suarez is live in tampa.. ken.. children are a blessing.. but these days you ?really have to plan ?financially to have them..
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thanks, ken. (wally well, after fun- filled farewell at the closing ceremonies in rio last night, it's time to take stock of this year's olympics. the u-s dominated the overall medal count with 121. and we also finished first in each category... gold, silver and bronze. the american team finished with 46 gold, 37
5:38 am
than ?half of those wins. china finished second... and great britain came in third. (wally) so, you'd think all that ?gold, would be worth a lot of ?green to american athletes. (vanessa) well, sort of... fame could earn them ?endorsements... and that's where the big bucks are. the medals themselves... could ?cost them. (vanessa now, it's true... there are incentives for winning medals... the u-s olympic committee will give athletes bonuses... 25-thousand for gold, 15-thousand for silver... and 10-thousand for bronze... but just like any other prize winner, olympic medals a ?income... and they're tax. the maximum "victory tax" for a gold medal: about nine-thousand, 900-dollars. for silver, it's about 59-hundred and for bronze, it's 39-hundred. so someone like michael phelps probably owes about 55-thousand dollars, from the rio games alone. (vanessa) congress has tried to give olympic athletes a break. in 20-12 florida senator marco rubio introduced
5:39 am
medals and bonuses from uncle sam... he said at the time: "we can all agree these olympians who dedicate their lvies to excellence shouldn't be punished when they achieve it." but his bill died. (wally) don't worry about michael phelps though. his net worth... is about 55- million. ((wally today's good day good deed comes from polk county. a mom was having lunch with a friend and her three children when one of her sons fell and broke is arm... badly. she said she middle of the restaurant, not sure what to do. that's when deputy "michael hill" came up to her and took control of the situation. she says he called e-m-t's and sat with her crying son trying to comfort him. after the incident he even gave her friend his phone number so he could check on the boy after. she says this picture was taken a few days later when deputy hill came to check in
5:40 am
((vanessa)) she's the singer with a voice "like buttah." ((walter)) but turns out barbra streisand, doesn't like someone else's ?sound. why babs... is taking-on ?siri! ((walter and... dolly parton's new project... comes straight from the heart... but this time, it's not a song, or t-v movie. it's a big helping hand, to families dealing with autism. her
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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(vanessa) it's an agonizing problem for parents. they want to expose their children to as much joy as possible.(wally) sensory issues can make that hard... but it looks like... the world is catching on. russell's here with a new opportunity for family fun. (russell) for children living with autism, going to crowded, bright, busy places can be an ordeal. it's just too much stimulation... over the summer, some movie theaters here in the bay area, offered special viewings for kids with sensory issues. now some amusement parks are getting in on it... (russell in may, dolly parton's theme park in tennessee... added a ?calming room. it's small... soothing... quite and safe. there's a tee-pee kids can crawl in, for some time alone... the muted color
5:44 am
cool air... everything is geared to helping children who are ?over-stimulated and distressed, re-set their emotions. and since may, at least 84 families have used it. one family said: up until now, the only place they could calm their son, was in the car... (russell) "dollywood" partnered with "autism speaks" to make sure the room had exactly what was needed. legoland.. in winter haven.. has also added a room similiar to this.. it's a room where kids with autism can get away for a bit... in a very controlled are quiet spaces.. as well as a sensory wall.. where kids can still play.. yet be separated from the hustle and bustle of the park.. guys.. let's hope these rooms catch on in other places and
5:45 am
is dave. ((dave they're gonna need to do some ?dusting in phoenix. a huge dust storm... or "haboob," as they're called... rolled into the city sunday. it was so thick, it caused delays at the airport, and slowed traffic on highways to a crawl. the dust storm also packed heavy rains... so first dust, then rain.
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it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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rays catcher "luke maile" hit his very first major league homerun saturday night.. against the rangers.. he made it back to the dugout.. where his teammates gave him the silent
5:52 am
celebration began! after the game.. maile caught up with the person who caught that first homerun ball.. his name is also luke.. he's from wesley chapel and is just 12 years old.. maile traded him an autographed bat... in exchange for the ball.. and then they happily posted for a picture! the long-standing fued between "barbra streisand" and apple's "siri" may finally be over. mispronouncing her name all this time. with a hard s in "streisand" instead of the soft s. so she said she called up apple c-e-o "tim cook" and he agreed to have siri change it. she says the change should take effect with the next update on september 30th. ((walter)) well, let's face it, you wouldn't want to
5:53 am
gator. (vanessa) but what happens, when they rumble with each other? we'll show you who won, after the
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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check this out. in a battle between an alligator and a burmese python... it's not surprising who the winner was. this picture was posted by south florids water management. it shows a gator carrying the body of a
5:56 am
"our staff spotted this alligator swimming away with lunch." by the way, the burmese python is considerd an invasive species in florida and has a devastating impact on local wildlife. ((wally)) it was a scary sight, sunday morning... a mother and son, hanging off an overpass, after losing control of their car, along an orlando toll road. ((vanessa)) and fox's kate burgess shows us: the stress didn't stop when help showed-up. fact, that's when things got ?really dramatic. first responders work together to pull 27-year-old lucilinda quiles and her 6 year-old son ayden williams of altamonte springs from the wreckage... the whole time, the mangled car dangles upside-down at the edge of the overpass - ready to drop at any moment.the horrific accident happened just before eleven o'clock on sunday, on 408 near kehoe boulevard.quiles told troopers her car went fishtailing out of control and over the edgea& but witnesses say - she just drove off the 408 westbound into the grassy median, and eventually careened over this overpass . florida highway patrol closed part of the highway while they worked to free the pair and get them out of danger.they strapped the car in-place, keeping it from slipping any further down the overpass to crash on the asphalt below. highway patrol kept drivers away until work crews could finally hoist the car up from
5:57 am
((vanessa)) there's much more to come on good day. ((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clocho president obama has received some criticism about not yet visiting the flood devastated areas of louisiana.. but now.. the governor of louisiana is coming to his defense..((laura)) why he says he asked the president to stay away... coming up at six.. (laura/take vo) and: a pizza delivery driver is carjacked.. and stuffed in the trunk of a car.. her ?daring escape - as the car speeds down the road... (russell/take vo) and: when it comes to homework.. one teacher is trying something new.. her class is trading reading and
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5:59 am ? david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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a man in handcuffs escapes >> a man in handcuff escapes from a manatee county patrol down the modern day houdini. >>laura: it's back to school for kids in the miami neighborhoods hit by the zika crisis with last minute changes to their shopping list. >>russell: no homework? no problem. a teacher sent home a letter that's getting a lot of attention but should it catch on? >>dave: 4r6.


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