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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 23, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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he was looking for love when he >>laura: he was looking for love when he signed up for a popular online dating site. instead, he was lured to his death. what we learned about the single father's final moments and the people accused of killing him. >>russell: state federal government for help. one city is taking matters into its own hands. >>laura: is it time to rethink what goes into the kids' lunch boxes? a major health organization puts new limits on sugary foods and drinks. good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. first to dave and then it's that time of year, isn't it? >>dave: for the tropics. yeah. for the stuff out there. we have a lot going on in the
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particular i want everyone to pay attention to. i want to give you today's numbers which are 81 degrees with a dew point of 76. i'm going to be honest with you. that is steamy. our normal low for this time of year would be 76 degrees. we're well above that and that second number, that dew point is real high. we have a lot of sunshine today. we'll quickly get temperatures by noon time, i think many of us will be at 90 degrees already with at least there's a rain chance to cool a few of us off. that's this afternoon and that rain chance around 40%. more on the tropics in a few minutes. >>vanessa: see you then. thanks. here's an update to the polk county crash we mentioned affecting the entrance ramp from county road 557 to westbound i-4. we're learning it's involving a dump truck whose trailer broke off from the cab part, overturned into the grassway. now we have partial lane
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area. we'll let you know once this clears out. >>laura: he died begging for his life, telling his killers he had a 5-year-old daughter. those pleas fell on deaf ears. adam hillari was found shot to death in his apartment on friday and detectives say he was ambushed after meeting a woman on an online dating site. >>russell: she and three others are due in court to face charges in connection withis 18-year-old hailey bustos set him up, arranged a date through plenty of fish. the two went bowling and after e date, they briefly went back to her apartment. investigators believe she was looking for things to steal and that night, he was shot. >> there's so many places that you can check people out now on
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also on a first date, you really shouldn't take somebody to the place that you live. you need to get to know them better than that so that you can kind of judge their character and also judge their intentions. >>russell: investigators tracked down bustos leading them to three men. now all four face multiple charges, including first degree murder and robbery. police are also looking into whether they've been involved in similar crimes linked to online dating sites. >>laura: as russell mentioned this is not the first time that plenty of fish has been linked to crime. just last month, tally was beaten to death with a baseball bat after meeting a woman on plenty of fish. he died over $20 and a gram and
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>>russell: in june,hree people were arrested that they say lured victims to hotels and robbed them. they names like jessica to attack men. detectives think some victims may be too embarrassed to come forward. in januar teenager was accused of luring a man to a mcdonalds in lakeland. when he arrived, the woman's brother beat him and stole his wallet. paper were arrested the next day. these are just a few of the local cases involving the plenty of fis plenty more in other states. >>laura: and the website has a disclaimer for anyone planning to meet someone oine and gives advice very similar to what deputies told us time and teim again. bring a phone, do not share personal information, do not drink alcohol and have a backup plan should something go wrong. >>russell: the man who escaped a manatee county patrol car while
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investigators say joel canchola slipped away from deputies saturday night. he was wanted for probation violation so they arrested him only to find him missing moments later. two days later, he's facing the consequences. false escape as well as probation violation. >>laura: the man behind a human trafficking ring in pinellas county will spend 10 years in prison. robert weiss is accused of tracking at least seven women in a prostitution and drug wind. 10 years in prison followed by 10 years probation and a lifetime registration as a sex offender. >>russell: florida department of health is planning to spend $5 million to fight zika in miami taked. >>laura: they're trying to stamp out two hot spots where the virus is spreading locally but $5 million is still a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed. florida officials want congress to pass a $1.9 billion funding. it's an emergency funding
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requested back in february. since then, there have been nearly 500zika cases in florida alone. seven new travel related cases confirmed just yesterday, including a pregnant woman. there are no new non travel related cases. that number holding at 36 right now. travel advisory is still in effect for part of miami beach. governor rick scott was there yesterday with a first day of school. listen. >> what we're doing is make sure everybody has good information so they can make a informed decision. if you look at we're going to make sure, we made sure through our department of health people have bug repellant, we made sure people have good information. that's what you expect as a parent. you want good information. people live here want good information. tourists want good information. that's what we're going to do and it's going to be timely. >>laura: and while timely information was one of the key talking points, mayor of miami beach says that's something that has been lacking.
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locally transmitted cases of zika were in miami beach. the governor come out and confirms the cases. le vine said that scott is not doing enough to combat the virus but scott says that it's levine to blame. >> since february we've been talking about -- i've been travelling the state, holding round tables acros the state about how our county health departments, effected -- elected officials, doing it together. on top of that, after the wynwood area, i reached out to the mayor and he didn't return my phone call. >>laura: governor is tolding two more round table discussions today. those will be in the tampa bay area. at 10:00 he's scheduled to meet in pinellas county and then at 1:00 he'll be in pasco county. >>russell: you know, we know
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mosquitos and while mosquito control is usually done at the county level, city of tampa is taking matters io its own hands. they're focusing on abandoned properties. mosquitos can breed in pools, retention ponds and other areas withstanding water. they neutralize the breeding grounds. the city purchased 3600 mosquito dunks to treat standing water on abandoned properties. they can kill off larvae up to 30 days but not harmful to people or animal. code the public's health in reporting public areas. if you have concerns, you can find the number to contact them at our website. that's >>laura: 6:08 and the father of the toddler that was killed by an alligator at walt disney resort in june reached into the animal's mouth to try to save his son. that's according to the final report from the florida wildlife
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he died from that crushing bite. and then subsequently drowning. separately, the orange county sheriff's office released its report calling the death an accident. lanes' parents said they do not plan to sue disney over the death. the park has made a number of changes since, including no fishing sites and a stonewall around the lagoon. >>russell: you may be sitting down for breakfast or packing a lunch box so you probably want to hear this. >>laura: major health organization is putting new limits on drinks. shayla reaves is live for us next to all the foods that children should probably avoid, that all of us should probably avoid but it's so much easier said than done. what are they saying about the new recommendations? >>reporter: it comes down to convenience in some cases and for us, it's just a walk down the hall. when it comes to the added sugars, the american heart association just provided some new recommendations.
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and 18 years old. but just to weigh in on the numbers, according to the american heart association, on average, every day children here in the united states have about 75 grams of added sugar every day. so let's put that into perspective for you. if you take a look down here, that would be the equivalent of the amount of sugar in the lemonade coupled with these two bags of chips. this energy drink, a the concentration added in there from those chips and then take a look at this. we've got three bags of chips plus some cereal. we also have another energy drink and we have cookies. all of this together is 75 grams. each one of those combinations i showed you. so according to the american heart association, this is important for parents to pay attention to. too much sugar can have
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that means you could be at increased risk for things like heart disease, obesity, weight gain, diabetes, just to name a few things. so that's why they want to make surearents get the information they need to know to make sure that their children remain healthy. so to give you an idea of how much you might have to cut, take that 75 grams, ruce that to a third. so the new recommendation is less than 25 grams of added sugar between the ables two of and 18. the recommendation is to also limit your consumption of those sugary drinks to about eight ounces a week and children under the age of two, the recommendation is no added sugar for them back to you. >>russell: thank you. we'll see you later on. that looks good behind her, doesn't it? just around the corner.
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kit-kat for breakfast. >>russell: i'm not doing it. today president obama will be in louisiana to survey the damage caused by last week's flooding. >>laura: the white house responds to the critics who say he should have gone sooner and a florida school invites parents to opt out of the pledge of allegiance. the new controversy as the new school year begins. >>dave: 6:12. temperatures along the coastline still in the 80s this morning. i'm afraid those will be the lows. we'll go back to the 90s for today. the difference is more mid moisture which translates into a few afteronnd evening thunderstorms. east wind returns, the rain chances return. 40% today, tomorrow, thursda, 50% on friday and saturday and a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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today president obama will travel to louisiana to get a first hand look >>russell: today president obama will take a close hand look at the devastation caused by flooding. at least 13 deaths contributed to the disaster. more than 60,000 homes are damaged. state officials complained there's not enough national attention on the plight of the flood victims.
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president for calling his summer vacation short. the white house calls the controversy a distraction. >> the survivors of the flooding in louisiana are not well served by a political discussion. they're well served by a competent, effective, strong, coordinated government response. and the federal government has done our part in the first eight to 10 days after this disaster but there's a long road ahead. governor said he asked the president to stay away to avoid spending valuable resources on his visit. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will travel to the state as long as it does not interfere with the recovery effort. donald trump and his running mate went to louisiana last week. there's that and then things in the tropics. >>laura: it started keying up. i was watching some posts yesterday, dave.
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>>dave: let's jump into it. i'll give you what's happening first and then we'll get into the tropics. get ready to walk out the door, and it is warmer, steamier than yesterday. if you're not in the upper 70s, you're in the lower 80's. only one or two spots are in the 70s this morning with high pressure in control. the difference is we're going to get more of a northeast to east wind today and that's going to help to pull in some more what we call mid level moisture and that will trigger a few afternoon and e there wasn't much. there really wasn't much on the radar yesterday but we will see a little bit more today. notice how this moisture is starting to stream across the state and overtake this area of red which is that drier air aloft. so moisture equals higher rain chances. we'll go back to about 40% which is close to where we should be for this time of year. so here's fiona and it might be
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this storm because it's truly just falling apt. gaston as we talked about that huge tropical wave yesterday becomes a tropical storm and then there's this. invest 99. invest is just an area of disturbed weather that the hurricane center is keeping an eye on for the potential for development. to days ago they gave it a 10% chance for development. now it's at 60%. you can see a little bit of a spin here. there are planes sitting out here, hurricane waiting to get out there a the hurricane center may head it out there today to see if it achieves that low level circulation or if that's more of a mid level spin because this does have the potential to work west-northwest and with high pressure holding in place, you're going to put whatever this is near the bahamas in just a few days, at least that's what the computer models are saying. the problem with this is that if high pressure holds strong, these are record warm waters
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southwestern atlantic so it wouldn't take much for this storm to just kind of blow up and that's what the big fear would be. you know, you get the storms and the computer models, they're all over the place. some completely drop it. others make it into something much larger like right now, the gfs, the new model run is working as we speak so this is last night's model run. it completely drops the storm, right? pretty good global model. good global model which is the european. takes the same system and then starts to develop it as it gets into the bahamas. record warmth and record water temperatures are helping with that and then starts to bring it onshore and then eventually into the gulf. so two completely different resolutions from two very reliable computer models. what do we do? we wait over the next couple of
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because once the plane gets out thnd says, okay. this is where the center is, all the computer models will start from that point, all the model data will be put in from ha point and then you'll start to see a better resolution. head up the east coast, you could head into the gulf. it could be very, very weak. there's lots of possibilities but that's what happens in the tropics is it changes over time. the good thing is we're here every single day, plus you have to fall back on to kee throughout the day as well. so that's the only one i'm concerned about. gaston is going to go out to sea. that will become a hurricane. that's going to get out to sea. fiona is about gone. 92 degrees for a high today. rain chances will start to increase due to that mid level moisture increasing and this time of year, we run, say, 40% to 50% rain chances and you look at that next seven days, and that looks like a normal august afternoon.
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vanessa? >>vanessa: thank you. before we get to this live picture here in polk county, just coming into the news room, a fatal crash is reported out of the bradenton area. it's going to be affecting the eastbound state road 70 at 22nd street court east. that's going to be just west of u.s. 301. so that is new to our news room right now. we'll get more information as soon as we can but in the mean time, avoid 70 eastbound for, i would say, a couple more hours to come. looks like the best work around is 63rd avenue east. finally we'll get to this picture here. polk county, i mentioned road blockage here on the entrance ramp from 557 onto westbound i-4. this is the scene we're seeing where the dump truck, the trailer part of it broke off, overturned into the grass. i'm seeing some traffic passing. f.h.p. reporting a partial road blockage. looks like this will be in the cleanup process still. continue to use caution in the
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looks like we're not dealing with too much on those. eight minutes, taking nine minutes to travel northbound selmon to fletcher and 26 for those travelling pinellas bayway to i-4 using 275. >>laura: thank you. this may well be the oddest product launch we've ever seen. but now you can smell like chicken to prevent becoming extra crispy in the sun. >>russell: kfc has developed sunscreen. we're not we'll have that story for you at 6:30. and is it still carpool karaoke if it's in a golf cart? some indiana state troopers show their musical talents. that and more ahead in hot clicks. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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it's time to >>laura: it is 6:25 now and it's time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: vanessa in the studio. now she's here. >>laura: she's doing it all this morning. >>vanessa: jack of all trades, i
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summer is winding down. the kids are in school, vacation is over and now all we can do is look back and fondly remember those summer nights. ? ? >>laura: there we go. >>vanessa: isn't that funny? i wonder they drew stars to see who was going to sing the sandy part. they're going viral with the lip sync viral at the i understand instate fair, riding around on the golf cart. they had fun with "sum nights" from grease. it's been viewed more than 100,000 times. >>russell: that's cute. >>vanessa: well done, guys. this is millie bobby brown.
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things". in the show her character 11 has a shaved head and on sunday, she shared a video showing how she lost her locks. look at that. >>laura: my goodness. >>russell: that's traumatic. >>laura: at fist she was not thrilled and then the directors told her to think about it in a mad max type of way. >>russell: there's that. that will do it. >>vanessa: after that, she didn't think twice. >>russel the show. >>laura: i do not. >>vanessa: charley talks about it. have you ever seen v for vendetta? a pretty big transformation for a 12 years ago. sacrifice paid off. stranger things is the most successful original series on netflix. season two already in the works. and we'll get to an unlikely
6:28 am
an otter. strange combination. the zoological wildlife foundation shared this video. shows the lion struggling under a blanket before playing tag with an otter. >>laura: as long as it doesn't become lunch. >>vanessa: isn't it funny how animals know, you know, what the boundaries are? >>russell: everybody is fed. nobody in that video was hungry and that's >>laura: clearly. >>russell: you're not out in the jungle looking for food here. >>vanessa: me watching shayla's live shot this morning in avenue c. >>laura: most students start the school with the pledge of allegiance. >>russell: a florida school district is asking parents if they want to opt out. it's stirring up controversy and
6:29 am
more about you than you realize.
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy.
6:31 am
utting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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good tuesday morning.. it's august 23rd.. i'm russell rhodes.. >>russell: welcome. it's tuesday, august i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. top stories in a moment. first look at your skytower radar forecast with dave osterberg. >>dave: boy, it is a warm one outside this morning. a lot of us are still in the lower 80s. those will be the lows. 81 in tampa. 76 the dew point. that's just sky high. we're going to get right back to lower 90s for today but yesterday, we had next to nothing in terms of thunderstorms in the afternoon. today we're bringing them back.
6:33 am
and the same for tomorrow as well. tropics are active as well. >>vanessa: and right now 6:33 and just to recap what we mentioned in the last report, the biggest blockage from the bradenton area. it is a fatal crash reported state road 70. alternate here is 63rd avenue east and just a reminder for folks, fatal crash investigations the roadway so please use that alternate for a few hours. we'll update you once we learn a little more about this. and then with that being said, we'll get to other crashes. clearwater area, serious injuries reported here. one lane blocked at the very least. please take care headed that way and for folks in tampa, we're waiting for updates from the police. they're heading to columbus and maill. reports of a possible hole
6:34 am
information, we'll ps that along. in the meantime, plan a few extra minutes in case you have to be detoured on site. >>russell: professional thieves may be targeting pickup trucks in hotel parking lots on the i-75 corridor. sunday night, someone smashed the windows of a brand new truck and stole a $2,000 pair of sunglasses. there were two more break-ins at the sleep inn and five more the nearby hampton inn. deputies wonder if the same of them. >>laura: federal bureau of prisons released a cause of death for loupearlman. he died of cardiac arrest. he created some of the biggest bands of the 90s and also ran one of the largest ponzi schemes in florida history. he was serving 25 years in prison for scamming investors out of $300 million. >>russell: land o lakes, no one is going to tell this guy he's
6:35 am
a big gator between two homes in the wilderness lake preserve. no one called a trapper. he was told the gator just wandered back to the lake. >>laura: i pledgellegiance to the flag of the united states of america. those are the words that many of us started every single school morning out with. >>russell: but under florida law, our kids don't have to. and one parent's response to the law is creating an oin sensation. kenny is live to explain how this thing has blown up like this. good morning. >>russell: good morning, russell. you know, the guy at the center of this, the guy we're talking about is micah byrons. when leon county sent out a waiver which basically says what you said, what the state law says and what it allows, that your kid can opt out of saying the pledge, he hopped on the
6:36 am
essential ly the school distric said this. i request that my child noted above be excused from reciting the pledge of allegiance. this request includes standing and placing his or her right hand over his or her heart. now, in one of byron's posts he writes, what's happening to our country? his sister equally out of sorts this morning. she didn't hold back. she wrote on the waiver dumbest thing i've ever read. i'm so ashamed of this. conservative groups are saying it's like a rallying call that liberals have infiltrated the school system and they've undue influence. the school system obviously has to respond and it has. the superintendent of schools writing back saying that this is only state law. i'm only letting you guys know about it. don't blame me. back to you guys. >>russell: all right.
6:37 am
we'll discuss more later. thank you. >>laura: it is 6:36 now and the 2016 olympic games in rio are over and so are rye on -- ryan lochte deals. >>russell: four sponsors announced they were dumping rye on lochte. skin care firm and a japanese mattress maker. the deals are worth an estimated $1 million. speedo plans to donate $50,000 of his fee to save we cannot condone behavior that's counter to the values this brand has long stood for.l three teammates were robbed. then they were getting into a confrontation with security guards over vandalism at a gas station. he said he was still intoxicated later when he recounted the events. the international olympic committee set up a commission to investigate the incident.
6:38 am
ramen noodles are the most popular form of currency in u.s. prisons. it's replaced tobacco. it's big. researcher at the university of arizona found a drop in the quantity of food available in the prisons has made ramen noodles the hot commodity. inmades with purchase a pack for 50 cents and trade them for items worth much more like sweatshirts and fresh vegetables. >>russell: the jobs you have in your overall health into your 40s and beyond. ohio state university researchers investigated the long-term health effects of job satisfaction. they found people in the consistently low job satisfaction group reported much higher levels of depression, sleep problems and excessive worry. these people also scored lower on mental health measures. and your instagram pictures may tell you more about you than you realize.
6:39 am
algorithm that the type of posts may tell if you you're suffering from depression. those who picked grayer or who posted pictures that were grayer or darker tend to be more depressed than people who posted more colorful pictures. a lot to think about here. this process could catch the symptoms of depression sooner and help people get treatment. >>laura: be careful when you pick those it's true, right? >>russell: yeah. interesting to think about. i have to think about my instagram account now. >>laura: i like good black and white pictures, though. dave has more to talk about than the rain. he has his eyes on the tropics and that's coming up next. >>russell: and the rays face off with a former fan favorite.
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that is a butul
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anothe gorgeous beginning. it'swarmermuggier, a little steam bath outside but lks lihavery single morning, doestit? that'sbeauful. tampa.80 i st. . 81 in sarasota. we've got the very, very warm temperat especiay ang thecoast. we're to transitioning in that east wind again and that northeast wind t wind at
6:44 am
along the coa for later this afternoon. so a little bit better than it was yesterday. we've got a tropical storm gaston. huge tropical wave sitting here east of the islands, really kind of blew up overnig and fiona j. gaston is heade out to sea. it's going to become a hurricanas the potential to becm strong hurricane but this ishe system that's going to go out to sea and stay east of not a bother. this is the one we're going to have to watch because the computer models, they're not getting a good grasp of w to do with it. they're all saying the same things in terms of the motion of it, bringing this whole mess toward the west-northwest. here is the problem. look at these water temperatures. mid 80s, upper 80sn a few spots. you've got record warm water
6:45 am
this back from has en all this dry air in the midl. again, same map just showed you. moisture streaming in here and drier air down here. as the system moves toward the hamas with time over the next several days, and you have all of that record warm water and more favorable enronmen some of the computer models, they want to develop this. tr and then bng it into the gulf. others want to turn up the east coast and others don't want to . three completely different solutions and the best advice that i can tel su that we're going to have to watch this very, very closely. g.f.s. model drops it quickly. yet the european forms it into a storm just off the coastf our state sometime le this weekend. there's a lot to go on, a lot to watch wh this particular system and these will change.
6:46 am
change i think they send a plane out to develop this area. they've given it a 60% chance for development and of all three we've been talking out, that one poses a threat to the united states. 92 degrees but that's late weekend, efar time to keep ly c today. rain chance goes up to 40%. after that we'll slowly bring it up to 50%. i'm thinking by the weekend you've got a 50-50 chance of af vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks. we have one of our sky fox choppers in polk county. we just lost the shot. there we go. it keeps glitching too much. the back to that once we get the better shot. so we'll remind you once again, partial lane blockage. fatal crash once again, expect delays. extended closure here eastbound 70 west of 301.
6:47 am
will probably force you to do that work around of 63rd avenue east. polk parkway west of airport road by a mail or so, the left lane is going to be blocked apparently by a garbage can so use caution in the area. i want to check in with the usual suspects for congestion this time of morning on the majors. looks like we're shaping up about normal. southbound 275 approaching the interchange. westbound i-4 coming into the interc and then southbound 75 heading towards >>laura: thank you. donald trump has another rally planned in tampa tomorrow. it will be held at the florida state fairgrounds and entertainment hall. doors open at 10:00, rally starts at one. you can rsvp at trump website and the tickets are free. familiar face last night but in an unfamiliar uniform. the red sox put david price on the mound and he had a very good night against his former team. eight strikeouts.
6:48 am
game of it but it was too late. red sox win it 6-2. and we talked about it yesterday. goody goody burger restaurant is back. the original closed down about 10 years ago after 80 years in business. it is at a new location. the new restaurant opens at 7:00 and tampa mayor buckhorn is making an early appearance for the special ceremony. russell? >>russell: act fast if you want to book a cheap flight. today is the best day to get a deal. and keep your skin from getting
6:49 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're eat. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. ? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china." [ audience laughter ] ??
6:51 am
?? if you need to book a ? ba da ba ba ba ? flight ... today is the day .. >>laura: if you need to book a flight, today is the day. >>russell: it's cheap flight day. there's a day for everything but this is important. let's get to lauren simonetti. really? >> yes. i don't want you to go looking for a flight to come visit me in new york and not see a great deal and then get mad at me but today is the fall for the airlines. they start to lower prices because the kids are back in school. they're thinking there's not much demand out there and also before the winter holidays when demand spikes so they say between now and thanksgiving, you'll probably get a deal of up
6:52 am
so what do you think? >>russell: there it is. >> cheap flight day is today, kind of, question mark. >>laura: all right. i want to get to this story because we've been talking about it this morning. the oddest product launch i think we've ever heard. the one that's getting everybody talking, kfc's new sunscreen. colonel sanders. >> yeah. is out with a sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. yep. i just said that. you put the lotion on don't get fried from the sun, get you smell fried in terms of fried chicken but you can't eat it. they were giving away 3,000 bottles. not only did they sell out, they're being sold on ebay for almost 30 bucks a pop. this is just the beginning. you can expect more to be sold on ebay. it's just weird. i think they're doing everything they can. weird concoctions, weird things in general just to get us thinking about them.
6:53 am
gross. >>russell: is this real? are you messing with us? >> yes. no. i'm not messing with you. i think it's real. the company tweeted it out. they have a whole promotional video. you can see it on the ebay yourse. >>russell: is that george hamilton? >>laura: it is. >>russell: you can't see it but i think that's george hamilton. >> i can't. >>russell: it is. okay. wow. all right. >> day. this is the best day for air fare but maybe not. then you can smell like fried chicken but not eat it. >>russell: see you later >>re you sure >>russelo do this one more time. >>laura: if you're not sure where to find the fox business network, go to fox and look for channel finder. >>russell: it's all very
6:54 am
>>charley: perfect segue. speaking of strange, speaking of odd conversations, good day. how are you? >>russell: we're good. >>charley: we're going to expand our vocabulary. there are actually words for things you would think tre were not words for. this is from mental so here we go. the state of being full of i've experienced this a time o is called gambronous. now you know. the little bumps on raspberries, drooplets. >>laura: okay. >>charley: now you know. it's not going to get any better, russell. just go along. the space between your eyebrows, do you know what that's called? >>russell: no.
6:55 am
>>laura: get yours cleaned. >>russell: get that waxed. >>charley: now we know. the scented trail left behind by someone wearing too much perfume or cologne? sillage. >>laura: that's what you call -- >>charley: there's some sillage going on. >>russell: we try to make set a fragrance-free zone. sometimes it doesn't work. >>charley: the holes in swiss cheese. do you know what those are called? >>laura: eyes. >>charley: that's what they're called. two more. the act of stretching and yawning. >>russell: i'm sorry? >>charley: the act of stretching and yawning. >>laura: what dave osterberg is doing right now.
6:56 am
>>russell: he is. >>charley: and the use of sw swearing to alleviate stress or pain. alzia. >>laura: that's for better than any cuss word you can say. >>charley: that's according to mental now you can all go to work and use your brand new words you learned. trim your glubella before you go. i'm in lutz this morning hanging out with real live boxers. there's hurricane sammy valentin right there. he won a ton of belts in the amateur circuit. now he's a professional. got a bout coming up. this is his gym. we'll talk about his career, getting in shape for the big
6:57 am
day," too. >>russell: see you then. thank you. >>laura: sex, drugs and violence. those are the things that we try to keep our kids from watching on television. up at 7:00, dr. jo explains why the tv prevental guidelines may be leading us astray. >>charley: and gas prices jumped overnight. we'll tell you why and where they're going to go from here. and this dog is trying desperately to get this car to stop. driver ignores him. wait until just seconds later. >>dave: closing in on the 7:00 a.m. of "good day" and a very warm, very muggy outside. we're starting, most of us, in the lower 80s. dew points are high. it's going to be another steam bath today but the difference are the rain chances. 40% for today versus yesterday's 20%. 40% tomorrow and thursday as well and then up to 50% for the
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- healthy choice. getting your kids to consume ??less >>russell: healthy choice, getting your kids to consume less sugar. new guidelines for parents to know plus -- >> immigration reform and emails. what donald trump and hilla the campaign trail. i'm in washington. we'll have more on that just ahead. >>laura: persistent pooch. a dog would not let this driver get by. we'll tell you why the person at the wheel probably regrets not stopping. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. a lot ahead. first we have to talk about a


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