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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  August 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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a local leader of the catholic faith has died. >> local leader of the catholic faith died, monsignor higgins. a earthquake shakes italy leaving dozens dead. the message donald trump hopes to deliver. we begin with a passing of the
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lawrence higgins passed away. >> reporter: community remembers a man who gave so much to the bay area. monsignor lawrence higgins passed away at the page of 87. he studied in ireland, transferred to bay area, 1958. he was given turning 20 acres of cow pasture into a parish. he did just that. st. lawrence catholic church. church home to thousands. monsignor reached far beyond the catholic church. he became known as the civic leader directing -- boys and
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commerce. today they are taking a moment to remember a hero. >> he had a unique gift to talk to anyone whether it was sa child, mayor, u.s. senator to reach a mutual understanding. >> funeral arrangements for monsignor are being finalized. it will be open to public, attendance expte thousands. we'll bring you more details. >> all right. thank you. pope francis is offering prayers for a powerful earthquake that rocked italy. there is a search for survivors. even the vatican is sending a rescue crew. at least 73 dead and hundreds more injured.
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presidential nominee donald trump will be hitting the trail in our battleground state. live from the fairgrounds, evan? >> linda, right now, donald trump comes to the state fairgrounds facing the reality he is trailing every poll in order november. must have florida, pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina, right now he is down in those states, particularly pennsylvania. he is also trailing in florida. he is reaching out to minority voters, crucial in determining who wins the swing state. this is donald trump in louisiana last week. terrible flooding that killed several people and left
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softer side. he has been criticized for what he said. he said blacks have nothing to lose, why not vote for him. african-american voters very much turned off his comments that the president was born in africa. behind badly in polls amongst hispanics. he risks he reverses course on deportation and the wall. two things he hinged much of his early candidacy on. it is interesting to see how he addresses those things. right now a sizable cr same size as the crowd that we
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linda, we are see tremendous battle and verse rosty. this state more important to the republican than the democrats because of the electorate map. donald trump trying to bring home this crucial state. >> thank you, evan. update at 5:00 and 6:00. by the way, we'll trump live. meanwhile, hilary clinton's campaign is busy defending her. clinton campaign dispute it is associated press report. it rates troubling questions between the clinton foundation and state department that hilary clinton ran.
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of the zika virus confirmed in palm beach county. yesterday, pinellas has its first locally transmitted case of the virus. leaders all around were at the round table. there is a simple thing homeowners can do. >> it takes this much water to allow those mosquito breathe. take responsibility. we are going to do our part, state is going to do their part. we have to kill these suckers. >> wearing bug repellant and cover up as much as possible. dr. jo, how are we ensuring
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from what they tell us. we get very, very limited situation. that person is checking the individuals around them, at their home and work place. i kept hearing the word "event" this person or a person may have gone to an event. vast symptoms at ail. the only way is if we see a positive result. >> folks are wondering what our leaders are doing. >> we got more incite with hillsborough. they have traps all over the county, measuring mosquitos.
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spraying. they are not just randomly spraying areas. you can call up if you think there is a problem. we saw that with the major, if you see a hazard, you can call them and initiate the process. every single one of us can take the action. if we knock down the number of mosquitos, we are the chance that someone is bitten by one with the virus. i am frustrated. i would like to see us find out before that last confirmation. in the case of pinellas, i would like to know when they are start thing investigation and already launching initiatives. more we know, more everybody is
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seriously. it is tough, tough for all of us. certainly. >> i know you'll keep us updated. jim is watching a system developing in the tropics. >> certainly are. we are watching invest 99 hurricane hunter flying out into the system. we saw a big flare up of convection. we saw it fall say part through the morning hours. holding the intensity today. by satellite alone, better organized. plane is flying in the system. notice on the northern side. center is located in the center. deepest convection is south. still has a ways to go. they have been finding winds up to tropical storm force. continue to fly around in the system. they have to gather more data to see if this has devoped into a
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storm hermine. it is looking more impressive and following along with many of the computer models have suggested. it would continue to work west-northwest. conditions are comin for more development. computer models, agreement. basically that same track. then you see more of a spread in the dels. obvisl tis a b difference for the state of florida. way to the south or way to the north, you are talking rain and breeze over us. then something comes over the state and changes the story. on top of that, we are looking at the intensity. many of the models are showing a
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this system up. we are going to have to plug more data and get an idea of what we are going to see as we go through the next several days. much more and rain on sky tower radar. linda? >> all right. i see one line going over tampa. a 10-month-old baby dead. site a deadly aidentn county.
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a 10-month-old baby is dead and now bradenton police say a maed for questioning inhe >> a 10-month-old baby is dead. a bradenton man wanted just turned himself in. a 10 month old brought to manatee memorial hospital and died. 21-year-old man baby sitting the baby and a three year old. he was wanted forue two men shot in a st. petersburg park on pinellas drive. brown was able to drive to the hospital. whitson was found in the parking lot with a gunshot wound. so far there have been no arrests.
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investigating a deadly crash. victim is a 57-year-old man. it is a busy stretch of road with no crosswalks. >> scale of 1-10, this area is the 15 out of 1-10. it is very dangerous. it is not street safe. people die there are crosses everywhere. they need to put stoplights where people are dying. that doesn't make sense to me. >> in may, a traffic study at the intersection following a different fatal crash. robert lane was walking across
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car. we have yet to learn the results. a man arrested for vandalizing a courthouse. the man damaged several parts of the building before climbing on to the roof. once deputies convinced him to come down, he was arrested. the man appeared to be under the influence of something. video taken minutes before a man allegedly car jack ld a woman in lakeland avenue south. the woman was getting into her car. she said the man had a chain wrapped around his hand and told her to get out. deputies found the car crashed and burned miles away. residents in baton rouge could see up to three inches of rain.
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will have nowhere to go. flood waters flowing south just levelled out. some areas reseeding. right now people are working to clean up the debris after president obama visited flood damaged neighborhoods yesterday. 127 million dollars set aside for the victims from the government. >> hot, easterly flow across the state. we get storms during the afternoon. already getting a quick start. sky tower radar fairly active. we have been watching showers, 9:00 this morning on the east coast. strong east to northeasterly wind already carried these through the middle of the state. polk county, now working over into hills borrow county pasco
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they are moving quickly down to the south and west, 15-20 miles an hour. up to new tampa, temple perish, scattered showers worked their way through. then basically i-4 on to the north, scattered showers. these are all working their way down towards hillsborough county into pasco kent. seper hills, dave city. up to brooksville, showers working their way towards the coastline and right out into the gulf of mexico. really not seeing much of a sign of the afternoon sea breeze. as you work your way south and east, high lands county, south and southeastern polk county. 91 bradenton, down into
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clearwater, 89 tampa. currently sitting at 87?. got that flow with the ridge sitting to the north. obviously, watching the tropics, this year is invest 99 a lot of rain leeward islands. heavy rain and squalls with winds up to tropical storm force. hurricane hunter flying in this system. they are finding winds of continue to fly around that in fact this system develops into a tropical cyclone. low, center is sitting up in this area here. over the next several days, what exactly is going to happen with this? in the short term, very good agreement with the track west-northwest. it is not really expected to gain a whole lot of strength until it gets over here where
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favorable. the tracts are all over the place. still a lot of question marks in place. european and gfs, laid on top of each other. the white, that is the european. by sunday. distinct system right there. black line, that is the gfs. just showing a broad area of low pressure. then the european this over gulf of mexico, heads to texas. gfs keeps rain over the state. still a lot of questions that have to be answered. we'll continue to work on that. for us, today, scattered heat and thunderstorms, 92?, overnight low into 70s. daytime 92?.
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evening. heading into the first part of next week, rain chances, high tempe temperatures are tweaked watching invest 99.
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federal regulators are making waves when it comes to protecting dolphins in hawaii. >> federal regulators making waves when it comes to protecting dolphins in hawaii. marine life says it is --
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>> if we can't get enough rest, we have health problems and increasingly sick. same with dolphins. over time, their house maybe impacted, may not nurture their young and abandon their habitat and suffer long-term population impact. >> officials want to pass a rule keeping people 50ds from spinner dolphins, cover hawaiian isnds. head of the company that raised price of epinepepi-pens. >> epinephrine pi -- epi-pen
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total compensation reaching 19 million dollars. making them unaffordable. lawmakers demanding an investigation into the price hike. a stake in the company that owns empire state building. the cutter investment authority purchased 622 million dollars. uber will offer one year of investment management advice, seattle, boston, new jersey. they hope to roll out plan nationally. chick-fil-a pulled the chicken
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here's what ed narain believes fuawrom public education.hat take i opposed "stand your ground" gun laws and i'm against rick scott's hate-filled agenda. i strongly support medicaid expansion and i want to increase the minimum wage. democrat ed narain. endorsed by florida's teachers and kathy castor. hey girls wanna be in the commercial? no, we're good.
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well-earned staycation... determined to make it the most relaxing staycation in the history of staycations. thankfully, you have enhanced dvr from bright house networks... and you've loaded it with hundreds of hours of hd movies and shows... just for this very occasion. and now connect to... standard internet and tv, with enhanced dvr only $92 a month for 12 months. minutes from now... republican presidential nominee donald >> in 30 minutes from now, republican presidential nominee donald trump is expected to address the fairgrounds. evan is live, what do you see? >> reporter: lyilinda, the rain
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going straight for trump di harveysive comments. >> he has taken five deferments to get out of serve in the vietnam war. trump knows nothing of the sacrifices of fighting, being wounded or dying for this country. >> our country is in big trouble. we need
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we'll be streaming trump's address live starting at 1:00 on military attack is under way, security forces on the scene. witnesses heard explosions and gun fire. not clear yet. massive earthquake hit central italy killing 73 and causing widespread damage throughout the region. benjam has the latest. >> massive devastation in central italy.
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killing many while they slept. >> whole ceiling fell on my head. i only managed to put a pillow on my head but wasn't hit, luckily. >> we need everything. >> magnitude 6 quake is deadliest miles south. >> let's get to work. next hours we can keep saving human lives from the debris and give hope to territorieso s badly effected. >> reporter: dozens of after shocks bringing more damage where entire blocks of buildings
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as they continue to search for friends and neighbors. >> we are only hoping there are thees few vicms as possible and have the courage to move on assisting with satellite images of the damage. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. health officials taking precautions for fox 13 sheila reeves. >> reporter: woman in this video has a neurological disease called huntingtons, ht for short. uncontrolled flailing movements
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>> reporter: six years ago he found out his mother candice has it. when did your speech start to change? >> and a half. >> reporter: candace has balancing difficulties. >> i haven't stopped. one man i am fighting with about my air conditioning. he accused me of being drunk. >> reporter: this is candace's
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studying ht in venezuela. he is heading up a center of excellence along with korea, medicati something mentia. better is on the horizon. >> i am convinced. i feel optimistic,t amazing. >> reporter: that cure may come in the form of a nasal spray. >> we make particles that carry like a troe trojan like a horse. >> reporter: they create
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proteins that build up destroying it. from being expressed, you can stop the illness in the tracks. >> reporter: the future is promising, reality for candace is her growing dependence on her family. >> i apolog sheila's story. the nasal spray could be used to deliver drugs to treat other diseases like alzheimer's disease. it could be huge. heat is on tonigh.
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>> all right. we are going to try this again, fox 13 sheila reeves. >> reporter: we saw a woman drop off a young boy. she sprayed his legs with what appeared to be insect repellant. parents tell us, they are paying attention. this of course a day after educators and health officials spread a word about a local zika case not related to travel. this is a case in pinellas county. yesterday the district released a statement saying pinellas schools will keep working with state and local health
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place. teachers will share information with students. at this point, recess is not effected. message encouraged parents to spray their children's skin and clothing before coming to school adding some brands will last up to eight hours. spraying for coming to school could provide coverage for the school day. some parents said they still have a lot of questions. they shared feelings a concerns about a case in pinellas county now, here is what they had to say. >> it does concern me as it would most people. i would like more information about what they are going to do, and how they plan to attack the situation. >> it effects children and very scary.
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it is scary. i always make sure they are in before dark. it is really scary. we are all concerned about it so close to home. >> state and local health officials continue there are a few pieces of information we would like to pass along to hopefully keep parents keep chdr don't use repellant on babies under two years old or child's mouth, hands, eyes, mouth, irritated skin. cover their legs and arms. if needed, cover cribs, strollers and baby carriers. we are going to continue to follow this story throughout the ditialdetails are released a
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county. reporting in palm harbor, shayla reaves. fox 13 news. fox's adam housely talks to gordon ramsay about what is sizzling in the kitchen. we are putting them under immense pressure. we kept that quite concealed. we didn't tell them how good
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>> we are rocking and rolling. >> you are going to see a phenomenon this year we haven't seen and finale that is quite breathtaking. >> there is a reason to prove why he was a talented member. >> you have to be on your game, on your toes. vegas doesn't sleep, gordon ramsay >> you can catch master chef at
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment millions of jobs.
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>> hey, everybody, i am charley belcher.
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downtown. beautiful oasis. sunken gardens, st. petersburg, oldest living museum. this place came to be in 1903. started in 1903 when the george turner and family bought the property. became one of florida's roadside attractions in 1935. that is the roadside attractions credited for bringing tourism and population to property, they knew there was a sinkhole? >> yes. typically we do our gardening in sand and shale. we have black muck excellent for gardening, it is 10 feet, possibly deeper. >> that is the part of sunken gardens. flamingos came in 50s?
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>> you have a new flam boy yans of new flamingos. very difficult to buy flamingos. >> depending on what time year you come, you are going to get a different experience. >> lots of or kids. north lawn has a large section native plants and butterfly garden. master plan calls for us to
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features. we are redoing that. always something going on, really. >> construction going on, coy ponds renovated. should be ready in a few weeks. great place to get married. book now. sarah said first opening mid june. alive and well and moving in the future just fine. >> don't be put off until of next year, we have availability during the week. most people want to be married on the weekend. we have availability for weddings during the week. >> nice. come visit, support sunken gardens. 17 blocks from downtown st. petersburg. charley belcher, fox 13 news. >> weather looked good. all the shots of the beach so
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>> sky tower tracking storms. really carrying showers across thetate. po county, way out into the gulf of mexico all caught up in t faiy northeasterly time of year outside the rain heaviest rain starting to work over to seper hills. northeastern hillsborough county. continue to work their way south and west next couple of hours. see more of this activity. more showers over to spring hill, brooksville. little more lightning.
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lightning as we get into the later afternoon hours. right along i-4. see rain working its way heading to hillsborough county over to lakeland. high lands county, hearty and desoto. manatee and sarasota, dry. look for more rain mid afternoon hours. because of dry conditions down there, 92 in bradenton, down in sarasota, 87.rt richey currently 97?. this was invest 99. we saw it fall apart yesterday. today, holding its own over the past hour, decrease in intensity with this system as far as the satellite view.
12:50 pm
flying in the system. they have found winds of tropical storm force. they are looking for the center of circulation. i was looking at the data coming from the plane. at this point they are struggling, focussing on the northern side. all this deep convection well south of the center. looking for intense line system, need thunderstorms to wrap around the center of the storm. this is still a fairly disorganized it looks like over the next several days it will move into an area, conditions favorable for development. obviously things in the way. we have areas of land. we have dry air. bit of wind sheer. then you see the big fan out. actual direction of the system
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is bringing rain into the early part of next week. we are talking about a rainy day. looking at the european. completely different story. heading to texas. obviously, a lot of work, 92?, thunderstorms this afternoon. overnight low of 78?. seven-day forecast, rain chance working its way up. obviously with the tropics, tweaked numbers to the first part of the week.
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d i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties,hirts, cufflink everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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padenmonium in taiwan... >> it is pok?mon and main yum in t taiwan, hundreds playing the app. crowds stopped traffic. pok?mon go app released two weeks ago in japan while u.s. players have had the app since july. today through september 2nd, you can bring your little ones to the museum. everything geared for kids five and under. keeping seniors motivated can be
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magic stroke to rekindle tir creativity. ?? >> yeah, they are coming up. >> john comer is in great demand. >> i do four classes a day, 72 class as month. >> reporter: he has been teaching art therapy classes to seniors >> there is no way you can think of anything else except what is going on. >> margey enjoys the class and has been coming for eight months. >> it is a lot of fun, it alleviating the day. >> reporter: john started his professional art career almost 30 years ago. he went to a retirement community and seniors had
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classes are so popular, he teaches more than a thousand a year. >> relaxation and therapy side of it is the best access of art. >> reporter: 83-year-old edna swallows never picked up an art brush until now. >> i have tremors and parkinson's disease. >> they interrupted her it has been fun this afternoon. >> never know what is coming. >> what is coming with rain? >> scattered showers. you can see this coming down the state. welcome for the showers throughout the afternoon. we are watching the tropics, latest information on great resource and more at 5:00. news doesn't end here.
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address at 1:00 on >> more news, weather and sports at 5:00. >> see you back here at 5:00. we'll leave you here with pictures as we wait for donald trump. [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company] i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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i think everyone's home becomes a part of them se so much of that stuff in the flood that made the house your home. you just cannot imagine how much damage a little bit of water can do. and if i wld have had to float the cost of repairs... ...i'd have probably lost the house. the flood insurance allows me to put my house back together.
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>> lights, camera, access. >> colton underwood? >> oh, okay. >> if you're ever in san jose, what do you think? >> now a touch of romance for the final five. i'm scott evans as the adoration continues here in new york city. >> i should kiss this one. zach and usher serious in a place in my heart. >> alicia keys on her liberating no makeup decision. i'm natalie morales. this as courteney cox expresses to serious cosmetic regrets. >> i think i was trying to keep up with getting older. >> bethenny sent me the picture, tom. >> the cheating allegations just before the wedding. i'm liz hernandez and bethenny is sharing the details you haven't heard. >> when it came down to it.


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