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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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developing this morning, new video >>russell: developing this morning, new video of a strong storm in the caribbean. this claim is on instagram. so much for our last day at st. maarten. if this is an invest, i would hate to >>laura: that's what a lot of people are worried about here, the storm becoming a hurricane. those look like powerful winds. >>dave: and i think the big issue is because this is not a named storm yet. the computer models are struggling with what's going to happen in the long term. as you look at it, you've got the rain, you've got some wind, wind gusts but high about 55 miles per hour. you can't call it a tropical storm because there's no low level circulation involved with this yet.
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couple of days, once it moves from the higher terrain of his poniyiyial -- hispanola, we mig see and regardless of winds, which again, we're not going to be able to tell you here at 6:00 a.m. on thursday morning exactly what's going on happen, i can tell you a lot of heavy rain may come through the state early next week. that in itself could be an issue. we're at 78 degrees. we're going to forecast 92. rain chance of talk much more about what potential impacts it may have, 99l in our state. >>vanessa: and 6:01. bring you to eastern hillsborough county. this is an incident since the start of "good day" at 4:00. this appears to be a medical emergency. not tying up any lanes but do remember to move over here. still dealing with the scene on the shoulder eastbound direction near county line road.
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of frame but there's a vehicle off the freeway and we're told that that driver had a medical emergency. we're seeing a loft deputies in the area before searching the grass with flashlights. that being said, we're running up to speed here along i-4, both eastbound and westbound. it's taking 11 minutes to go from buckman highway to 275 c >>laura: the road is clear how after a pretty serious looking crash at kennedy and west shore. this car is totaled but officers say the driver was not seriously hurt. an officer saw this car wrapped around a pole and called for help. they say it actually hit three different poles before finally coming to a stop. no serious injuries. investigators say that the driver was intoxicated. >>russell: a crime alert for the u.s.f. community. police are looking for a man who
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other people several times last week. and this morning, we've got new surveillance video of a man officers are calling a person of interest. >>laura: for a closer look, shayla reaves is live for us at usf. this sort of thing has actually happened a few times in the last year. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. we were just here in april when over the course of at least a couple of days, we know investigators were tackling a similar case, someone accused of exposing u.s.f. campus. now detectives with u.s.f. police need the public's help to identify the person of interest in another case. i want to take you right to these images here on your screen. if you recognize this man, campus police would like to hear from you. they tell us just last week, last thursday around 6:00 in the evening, a man reportedly entered the juniper poplar dining facility and exposed
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between 20 and 30 years old. the same day just a couple of hours later, we're told a similar incident happened inside of the argos dining facility on campus grounds. we're being told that if you have any information, if you recognize the man on your screen, he's someone that detectives working this case would like to talk to. any information can be helpful. if you have details you would like to report, you're urged to reach out to u. police with those details. again, this is not the first time we've been here and reported on incidents involving someone exposing themselves to people on campus. not only happened in april. we did cover a similar incident back in october of last year as well. so we will continue to follow this, continue to show you these images and if this is someone you know, contact campus police. back to you.
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thank you. >>laura: just about 6:05 now. a deputy involved shooting led to two arrests and the discovery of a marijuana grow house in st. petersburg. deputies were trying to serve a warrant on 26-year-old xavier williams when he point a gun at a detective who opened fire. the bullet did not hit williams but it was enough to make him put his gun down. he was arrested on several charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping. deputies also arrested his father for harboring a discovered marijuana growing so both men are also facing drug charges. >>russell: an act of vandalism turned into a public spectacle as a man accused of spray painting the old courthouse smashed through glass and climbed up onto the roof. you're looking at the after math now. graffiti on the walls, on the grounds, on the monuments. quiet morning was shattered, quite literally, by the sound of breaking glass and alarm at the
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to catch the person responsible. he went to the top, even damaged the clock tower. the focus shifted to cleaning it all up once they got him down. >> there's a lot of people angry, a lot of people that they're heart broken. >>russell: deputies arrested 21-year-old killian mc lean. he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. >>laura: governor scott is putting pressure on the federal government as new cases of zika threaten some of the most popular the country. >>russell: he reported a case in polk county. that brings the state's total to 43. this new case is not connected to the investigation of another person infected this month. as a result, the department of health has begun testing. health department spokesperson says one case does not mean that active transmission is taking place. that won't be determined until
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the state needs more money and more zika testing kits. >> we are given every pregnant woman in the state a free assessment and test if they want it. every county health department. i've allocated state dollars, over $26 million so far. we'll do more if we need to but the federal government, think about it. i asked for a plan from fema and they still haven't given it to me. >>russell: scott says he has asked the cdc for antibody tests so far. cdc director says they're already on the way. they were supposed to start shipping them on tuesday. >>laura: mosquito control workers are working around the clock spraying chemicals on potential breeding grounds. planes are set to begin again flying over the wynwood arts center. the big storm brewing in the tropics right now could be a major setback. bad weather can keep the planes
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other coastal areas because of the high buildings and sea breeze. >>russell: race for the white house. donald trump is leading hillary clinton by two percentage points in florida. trump has 43 to clinton's 41. libertarian gary johnson 8% while 5% of voters say they're still undecided. clinton has a 3 1/2% lead in the latest real clear politics average of all the polls. >>laura: both candidates that florida is a key state and they were both here yesterday. >>russell: trump was at the florida state fairgrounds. he had a message for minority voters. >> do you know what? african-americans are tired of being used by these phony politicians. hispanics are tired of being used by these phony politicians and everybody else in our country is tired of being used
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that trump is more disliked by minorities than any republican presidential candidate in modern history. now, he's trying to fix this. today he plans to meet with black and hispanic leaders in colorado. >>laura: clintons are defending their charitable foundation. they're responding to reports that more than half of people outside of government who met with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state gave money to the foundation. >> we're trying to do good things. if there's something wrong with i don't know what it is. the people who gave the money knew exactly what they were doing. and i have nothing to say about it except i'm really proud. i'm proud of what they've done. >>laura: and bill clinton says that he will no longer solicit donations for the foundation if hillary is effected. the charity will also stop accepting donations from foreign governments if that happens. while campaigning in florida yesterday, former president made an unannounced visit to the site
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paid his respects to the victims at a memorial outside. his visit comes as the florida department of law enforcement turns over the investigation to jeff ashton. >>russell: the two orlando hospitals that treated victims after the shooting have announced they will not build the survivors or their families. orlando health will cover more than $5 million in unreimbursed costs. hospital is other options to cover immediate medical costs, including the one orlando fund. >>laura: a local sheriff's office honors three local heros who died with no one to go to their funeral. >>russell: and star wars fans unite to grant a dying man's final wish. plus nature's wrath. a tornado outbreak hits indiana. new video of the destruction as the cleanup begins.
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thursday morning with dew points in the mid 70s. no significant change from yesterday in terms of the short-term forecast. 40% today, 40% tomorrow. afternoon storms will be rolling through with highs around 92, 93. and we'll talk about the tropics
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>>dave: 6:14. looking at the temperatures right now, low to mid 80s along the east coast because of that northeast to east wind. the west coast stays in the upper 70s. this is very yesterday. finished the same way as well with the rain chances running for the most part at 40% for later this afternoon. the morning you'll be quiet and then start to see the storms develop along the east coast and work back toward the west coast. best rain chances today will be down a little bit further toward the south and into south florida. this is what we're watching. this is the dominican republic. this is haiti. this is puerto rico. you try to find the center of that.
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airplanes as they fly around. they can't find a low level center so by definition alone, this can't be a tropical system. however, they've had winds gusting 50, 55 miles an hour so once this achieves a low level center, and it may not happen today. not with the interaction with hispanola. it may happen tomorrow, may happen on saturday. i think this will become a tropical storm as it drifts back toward our state. here's a better view, just a lot of this is a huge, huge rainmaker and while our focus is always about, okay, hurricane, winds, this and that, i want you to understand that this storm could easily not develop and all of this moisture just comes straight through the state and we get flooding still, okay? i just want you to know it doesn't need to have a name. you don't have to have massive winds to cause problems with flooding and that's what i think we'll be looking at next week if
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pan out. they want to dump tons of rain on top of us. computer models, the one thing they're starting to agree more upon is the track of this mess toward the west-northwest, through the bahamas, up through south florida, maybe along the eastern gulf or perhaps the west coast of our state. what they're completely disagreeing on is what form it will be when it some models more aggressive. they want to make it a tropical storm. others, like this, the gfs model, they just don't develop it at all. they take this big broad area of low pressure in the mid levels and all of this moisture and they just throw it up through the state early next week. monday, tuesday into wednesday and i know what you're thinking. that's good. it's not going to develop. but that could still bring us several inches of rain which in
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models that take the same path but they develop it a little bit more. they make it a tropical storm as it heads up the west coast. so we still have plenty of time to watch it. we're talking about tuesday and it's thursday right now. so things will change but in the short-term, i just think you're going to see the disorganized area of low pressure just slowly, slowly start to work i in the back of your mind, i want you to think early next week, the potential for a lot of rain and we'll work on that wind forecast as it gets a little bit closer. okay? 92 degrees for a high today with the rain chance of about 40%. warm, steamy tonight, low 78 and then tomorrow, 92 degrees once again with those afternoon storms coming through the area. coming up in the next half hour, when i'm talking about heavy rain, i'm going to show you what
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out for rainfall between now and next wednesday to give you an idea what my primary concern right now is rain. i'll do that in the next half hour. first we check in with vanessa. >>vanessa: thank you. we have an update right now as we check the roadways here at 6:18 of this crash in the last hour of the tampa area. mlk, junior boulevard near tampa street, we're learning the one lane blocked is in the westbound direction and it's the right lane. good news is there's cleanup underway. just do be careful as you pass on by. of course, you have tow and police on scene and you want to be careful for all those folks involved. we'll check in on the major roadways. we're running up to speed, largely incident free. this camera shot in pinellas county, 275 at 38th avenue north, if you're heading southbound from i-4 in hillsborough down to pinellas bayway, plan for 26 minutes driving. >>russell: we're seeing new video this morning of the damage that was left behind by tornados
6:19 am
yesterday. not clear how many touched down. they tore the rooves from homes, brought down trees and completely flattened a starbucks and star bubs released a statement announcing that everyone inside the building is safe and not hurt. public schools in indianapolis delayed sending kids home on buses for nearly two hours waiting for the weather to clear. >>laura: prince's estate could become the next graceland. his estate will open for daily public the same company that runs elvis presley's home will run it. prince died of an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl. >>russell: 520 space days. after breaking the record, kelly surprised williams with a question.
6:20 am
number of days in space. it's great to see another record broken and especially by a sardine but i do have one question for you. and my question is, you got another 190 days in you? >>russell: kelly joked whether he could beat his record for continuous days in space. earlier this year, returned home after spending a year on the international space station. that won't happen. williams returns home september 6. he'll have a record of 534 days. >>laura: a test flight for the world's largest aircraft ends in disaster. the crew said they're ready to try it again. >>russell: and do you think this guy has what it takes to dunk on an nba legend? looks can be
6:21 am
f like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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it's time to see
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time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: jen is in the studio with hot clicks. welcome back. >>jennifer: thank you. the moral of our first hot clicks, looks can be deceiving. during the olympics, nba set up a spot for fans without tickets. they were able to hang out here so nba legends held a little dunking competition and picked some random players. random. like this guy. we're focused on the loud shoes that i love. he's 6' 1" but based on his looks, you wouldn't think he would be too good. that guy didn't think so, either. but he is. >>laura: that's awesome. >>jennifer: that's jordan. he's a professional dunk artist. wouldn't you like that job? >>russell: yes. i would. >>jennifer: check out the reactions, by the way. >>jennifer: that's so cool. >>laura: very cool.
6:25 am
the staff at a library in new zealand are really missing the olympics. they are training for synchronized shelving. it's not a real event but they hope to get that changed. what do you think? do they have what it takes? librarians just passing the time. >>laura: i like it. >>jenn >>russell: all right. all right. >>jennifer: this is for dave. while we watch the tropics, you can practice hurricane hunting at home. new campaign will create a lego set. look at that. it's around 600 pieces and includes landing gear, spinning props. it needs 10,000 supporters to get approved. right now only 133. but there's still a year left in
6:26 am
>>jennifer: start voting if you're a fan. what do you think? >>russell: the question becomes, how many meteorologists are in the country or in the world who would fund this game? that's the only way you're going to get it. have you checked in on this? >>dave: i would love to chip in on that. if my kid did that, it would be like chewbacca would be flying the plane. why not? it's a learning tool. all of us should fund the learning tool. >>jennifer: i to vote then. >>laura: i'm in. >>jennifer: i like synchronized shelving better. >>laura: thank you, jen. still ahead, the search for survivors continues after a devastating earthquake in italy. >>russell: plus alcides segui is in sarasota county. sheriff's office there showed up for three war veterans. good morning. >>reporter: those war veterans didn't have family or friends
6:27 am
sarasota county sheriff's office decided to show up. it's a feel good story.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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good morning i'm russell rhodes. >>russell: >>laura: and i'm laura moody. welcome. we're watching the tropics. there's a storm that's out there that could impact florida as early as next week. >>russell: with a lot of rain at the very least it's starting to sound like. >>dave: i think more and more, i think rainfall is going to be a big issue. not only central, south florida, maybe even northern florida, too. we'll get to that in a bit. tampa net cam is just beautiful.
6:31 am
it will be similar to yesterday. toasty warm with temperatures in the upper 70s and the rain chances starting to go up in response to that tropical moisture entering our state. we have a lot to talk about here with this disturbed area down in the caribbean and we'll touch on that in a few minutes. >>vanessa: thanks, dave. right now we'll get an update on the drive times. we don't have any crashes in the travel lanes yet and hopefully it will stay that way. eastbound i-4 looks like just four minutes heading from area the mlk exit. 19 minutes, that drive southbound along 275 between 75 and i-4. hitting 75 southbound, give yourself eight minutes to get between state road 54. buckle up. >>laura: police are looking for a man who officers say exposed himself to several people, several times last week. new this morning, we have surveillance video of the man they are calling a person of
6:32 am
green shirt he was wearing. again, at this time the man in these pictures is just a person of interest. officers just want to talk to him. anyone with information about this flasher or if you recognize this man, call usf police. >>russell: captain of the doomed freighter el faro ordered his crew to a band only ship 10 hours after leaving port. it sank after being caught in hurricane joaquin. ntsb information and audio from the ship's black box. the agency plans to release a transcript but some audio is degraded. >>laura: the community is invited to pay respects to monsignor lawrence higgins. a funeral mass will be held next wednesday at 11:30. higgins was one of the longest serving pastors in the st. petersburg diocese. he contributed to many local
6:33 am
for the buccaneers and the rowdies. >>walter: devastating earthquake in several italy. >>laura: 247 people are confirmed dead and crews are working to find survivors. there's been some success, too. this girl was rescued after being trapped for more than 17 hours and watch this. i's unclear how many people may still be trapped this morning because the area is a popular tourist destination. geologists in rome are right now which continue to shake the region. >>russell: afghanistan, seven students are among the 13 people killed in an attack on an american university in kabul. two attackers were shot dead nearly 10 hours after the assault began with an explosion. it comes two weeks after two university staff members were kidnapped by gunmen. their whereabouts are unknown. >>laura: in the u.k., the world's largest aircraft came in for a bumpy landing after its second test flight.
6:34 am
no one was hurt. airlander 10 is a mix between a blimp, helicopter and a plane. aircraft was originally developed by the u.s. military to use on surveillance in afghanistan. no word yet on what caused the awkward landing. >>russell: there are roughly 22 million u.s. military veterans and there is no doubt they're heros. >>laura: and sadly, when they farewell they deserve. alcides segui is live for us in sarasota county with a sweet story where deputies honored three fallen heros when there was no one else who would, right? >>reporter: yeah. that's right. sarasota county sheriff's office sent out a tweet yesterday and it grabbed my attention right away and i know it did a lot of people as well. especially those that follow the department. it's a feel good story of the day. it's pretty neat.
6:35 am
also there as they normally are to pay their respects to those who have either lost their lives in war or again, serving our country. but again, just sarasota county sheriff's office doing whatever they can to pay their respects to those who served our country as well. they attended the burial services of three u.s. army veterans who did not have family or friends in attendance on the department's facebook page. it states the community affairs office put out an all call and it didn't several deputies asked to attend. the services were held at the sarasota national cemetery and on that facebook page, it also states, we hope these servicemen rest easy knowing their service to our great country will never be forgotten. and you know, several of the soldiers there were in their 80s and they passed away earlier this month. and there was one veteran as well who served in the vietnam war but it's just a wonderful
6:36 am
best. there are so many of our veterans who have passed away just through the years and for whatever reason, they lost contact with family and friends and during their burial service, it just -- no one was really there other than the company that's doing the service itself. so this is just a wonderful job by the sarasota county sheriff's office, just stepping up and showing their appreciation. back to you. >>laura: when they didn't have to at all. thank you. it's a precious story. big story this morning, probably we're watching in the tropics. >>russell: dave has the latest on what could become ermine and star wars fans grant a man's final wish.
6:37 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while what muscle pain? what headache? what arthritis pain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. nexium 24hr is now the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for complete protection all day and night
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>>laura: 6:39. temperatures today, tomorrow, very similar of the . 92, 93 degrees.
6:40 am
chances will start to slide up. everything is about the tropics. still very disorganized invest 99l. slow development is expected because right now, it is interacting with the mountains of hispanola and once it moves away, then we expect a development to start. but it may not develop until it actually gets very close to our coastline late in the weekend or very early next week. and computer models are throwing out for wind because they're all over the place, i think we need to focus right now that this could be a very heavy rainfall event statewide. not just in one part of the state but all the way up through. let me show you why. here is the enhanced satellite. there's a lot of convection, rain going on.
6:41 am
to keep the circulation from really establishing itself until it starts to move away over the next couple of days and slow to do so. once it gets up here in the florida straits, gets up here in the bahamas, that's when it's going to encounter unbelievably high water temperatures, low wind shear and then the conditions will be ripe for development. computer models are all pinpointing florida as obviously a particular system. but what they completely disagree on is the strength. i can tell you right now, i've been looking at the very latest gfs model. what they call the 6z model that's coming out right now and what it's doing is it's still not developing this storm. but what it's doing is taking the moisture, bringing it up the west coast and between now and next wednesday all of a sudden,
6:42 am
okay. five to seven inches of rain? this is going to change and these numbers will be tweaked the next few days. but if this was to pan out, that's a lot of rain. so watch the gfs model. again, the latest is coming in now and what it's doing is it's trying to keep this weak low just running up the west coast of our state which coincidentally is exactly the same thing that the european is doing. so if this consistency idea of where it's going. the only question is how strong will it be. the gfs model keeps it weak. european model, which is run -- that starts at 7:00 this morning and that data will come in about 1:00 in the afternoon. that model brings it in the same path right up the west coast of florida but it's a little stronger system.
6:43 am
talking about tuesday around here. not saturday, not sunday so we've got plenty of time and the whole weekend to watch as this whole system develops. so it may strengthen quickly late in the weekend but we still have some time to watch it. i want you to walk away from this with two things. one, you can always check online at when we're not in the number two, prepare right now for heavy rain next week. 92 for a high today. jump into the next seven days which by the way, this will change. you know, 50%, 60%, so higher rain amounts obviously early next week depending upon the path of this whole system. vanessa? >>vanessa: thank you. we have a new lane blockage crash right now. it's out of the tampa area affecting nebraska south of fletcher. we don't know the direction or the number of lanes, i should
6:44 am
do give yourself a couple of extra minutes and use caution in the area. we'll check the usual suspects as far as congestion. we're already in the red zone along 275 southbound coming towards the interchange. 19 minutes is the drive from the bearss avenue exit. 12 minutes westbound i-4, 75 to 275 and then so far, so good here northbound 75. drivers only taking five minutes to get from the selmon to i-4. it's what's up, charley? >>charley: good day. how are you? >>vanessa: not too bad. how are you? >>charley: i'm fine. thank you very much. coming to you from lovely, beautiful downtown dunedin. do you ever get over here and explore? >>vanessa: oh, gosh. no. i don't think so. >>charley: i love dunedin. you have to get over and kick arched dunedin. it's fun during the day, fun at night. there's fun little hot spots at night and a great place to just shop and tool around during the
6:45 am
going to be bad when it comes to eating something bad you probably shouldn't eat, what's your like toughest to resist? >>vanessa: i don't know. i'm more like a savory person so like a burger, like a cheeseburger or -- >>charley: okay. my wife, give her mashed potatoes. i want ice cream. ice cream is my big weakness. she's like, no. just put two scoops of mashed potatoes in there for me. >>vanessa: lucas is more of >>charley: i don't have a sweet tooth per se, i don't think, but i just love ice cream. i would say it's my biggest weakness but i've got so many weaknesses, it's hard to really put them in order. that's certainly up there. i'm so excited to be at a real old fashioned ice cream parlor type place. it started in palm harbor. they have two locations. if you've ever driven up alternate 19, you'll be like, oh, that place.
6:46 am
we're here in dunedin and here is your quiz for today. how would you pronounce the name of this ice cream place? >>vanessa: strackens? >>charley: that's a good guess but incorrect. >>vanessa: ice cream. >>charley: yes. yeah. it's pronounced homemade. no. the straw-hans. it's straw, like hay, like straw, and hon like honda. >>vanessa: the whole back half is silent. >>russell: is it german? >>charley: i was saying it's german. it is german. >>vanessa: there you go, russell. >>charley: i will tell you this
6:47 am
i've called it strahans, i've called it stractens. now i know. so we're going to be at strahans ice cream this morning. this one in downtown dunedin. they nor longer with us but it was this beautiful family that created the recipes from scratch. another beautiful family has bought the place and is continuing the tradition. so started family owned and operated and continues to be family owned and operated. different family but the same spirit. we're going to have a "good day." >>vanessa: russell and i are having a moment. he wants to know the new family's name. he said please let it be smith. >>charley: it's much easier than strachans. >>vanessa: we'll stay tuned and find out. thanks, charley. >>laura: in the headlines this
6:48 am
tampa pleaders will talk about the aftermath of the string music festival where two people died and 57 others got sick. it happened at the sunset music festival in late may at raymond james stadium. abuse of ecstasy was the cause. tampa mayor buckhorn has said that he doesn't think future programs like this should be on public property. one but the gap has been narrowing since 1968. according to a new report, cancer deaths have more than doubled since 1950. it's already the leading cause of death in 22 states. florida is not one of them. and a major project can finally move forward now that some tiny tortoises found a new home. 33 florida gopher tortoises stopped the i-4 ultime project in its tracks.
6:49 am
had to be moved to conservation land. the project is expected to help ease traffic along i-4 but won't be complete until 2021. and lastly, today is your last day to go swimming at amalie arena in an ocean of over a million anti-microbe yal plastic balls. it's been open since august 5 and attracted thousands of people. you can get into the attraction for free but you're urged to reserve a time on facebook. last and i like how they stress, anti-microbial. a little hand sanitizer after that. >>russell: and all those keys that have been lost will be discovered tomorrow. it's 6:49 right now. a man fighting cancer for three years had just one wish before he died. to see the new star wars movie. how luke sky walker helped make it happen. and delivery drivers, your days are numbered.
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using to deliver pizzas.
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these days wars aren't simply fought on the
6:53 am
fought simply on the battlefield. >>russell: conflicts have gone over into cyber space. lauren simonetti with us this morning to talk about this one. this is interesting. very interesting, i think. >> it's interesting because silicon valley and the social media companies, right, they have to guarantee free speech and support it and protect their users but many governments say, look. we need to protect our citizens and we see isis and terror plotters communicate with each other and radicalize each other on your sites. so a new report out of the u.k. says that facebook, twitter and google are not doing enough to help authorities fight isis. >>laura: and how much oversight is there, too? how much internet regulatory action is there? >> i know. it's very tricky territory. you know, they do police their
6:54 am
suspend accounts. it's on each company, the onus, and it's difficult for governments to work with these companies at times to get the information that they need because the companies have the duel mandate, right? of protecting users and free speech as well as supporting governments who are trying to thwart potential terror plots. >>russell: wow. how do you segue to this? >>laura: i'll let you do that. that's why i was quiet. >>russell: serious and heavy domino's and drones. >> yes. well, isn't every company working on the robotic drone thing? now domino's deeming up with the robotic company called flirty. in new zealand, they're going to give you your pie from the sky, pepperoni pizza delivered by a drone. how do you keep the cheese on the pizza so it doesn't slip
6:55 am
air, would it be exposed to the elements rather than the delivery trucks? and that's all i got for you. >>russell: you're such a jersey girl on this, aren't you? you really thought this through more than most people would. >> perhaps. perhaps. >>russell: but you're the one who believes you need to go pick up your pizza, right? you don't buy pizza delivery. >> once it goes in the box, it's soggy. period. so once it goes in the air, i mean, it's going to be lopsided and spilled all over the place. >>russell: and she knows. if anybody knows, lauren simonetti knows. >> yes, i do. >>russell: see you later, okay? >> catch you later. bye. >>laura: summer olympics were the lowest rating and least watched since 2000. ratings averaged about 25 million in prime time.
6:56 am
billion for the broadcast rights to the olympics. simone biles won four gold medals at the olympic games in rio including the women's individual all around. she and her teammates, known as the final five, are going on tour. they're going to make several stops in several cities, including tampa. they'll be at amalie arena october 30. >>russell: after battling cance2 granted his final wish. neal wanted to see rogue one before he died. now this movie does not come out until december. when other fans found out, they launched an online campaign. it was retweeted by thousands of supporters, including mark hamill and saturday he got his wish. saturday. neal died on monday. his wife shared this statement
6:57 am
supported her husband's wish. all the messages of love during the past week have given us a great deal of comfort during a very difficult time. and you know this is not the first time star wars fans have come together like this. last year they helped daniel fleetwood and several other terminally fans see the force awakens early. director j.j. abrams sent daniel an unedited cut of the film before he died at the age of 32. >>laura: building on the usf campus is a room called feedable and walter allen will explain what it's all for. that's at 7:00. >>russell: if you're going to book a cruise, do it today. you can save a lot of money. and a bakery is getting hate mail because of a barbie doll birthday cake.
6:58 am
go. our area of interest down there near the dominican republic and while there's no low level center, it has significant winds. that's headed our way slowly but surely. for the next couple of days, we
6:59 am
7:00 am
((russell- look at this. >>russell: lake-effect -- look at this. police want to hear from anyone who knows who this man might be. he may be responsible for odd behavior at the usf campus. plus -- >> hillary clinton could face trouble from wiki leaks and donald trump seemingly changing his position on immigration reform. we'll have more from the


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