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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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all eyes on the tropics .. >>laura: all eyes on the tropics. this is the latest satellite image of tropical depression nine as the big storm churns just to the south. tampa bay is getting ready. good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. the question, where is it headed and when is it going to get here? dave is tracking? so where what's going on? >>dave: since last night, not much has changed. it's slowed down the whole process a little bit. i still think this is headed to the west coast of florida, north of tampa, right in the big bend area with thursday being the day that it makes its way onshore so thursday will be the day when we have the biggest impact felt in our area. i show you the viper radar right now because we have the showers pouring in from the southeast and we will continue to get those fast moving showers from east to west across the state
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similar to yesterday. 60% to 70% rain chances mainly in the afternoon. winds are tropical depression nine are still at 35 miles an hour, though the hurricane center confident it should become a tropical storm later today. notice how it starts to increase the intensity by wednesday afternoon and then by thursday morning, it's still well offshore. by friday morning it's in the jacksonville area. it's making levy county. that path would give us two, maybe three things to be concerned about. number one, the very heavy rain associated with any tropical system to some minor coastal flooding, especially at high tide. on the eastern side of the landfalling system, you tend to spin up tornados, isolated tornados. time frame for this is late wednesday night right through thursday afternoon.
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to get the fast moving showers from time to time. okay? >>russell: preparations are underway for tropical depression number nine. communities around the tampa bay area are offering free sand bags ahead of the storm. people were loading them in trucks and suv's by the dozen. >>laura: shayla reaves is live at the jackson heights community center in tampa where the same thing is happening today. good morning. >>po location is expected to open again. it's just one of three available for people in the city of tampa. with heavy rain in the forecast as we get through the week, many people are preparing because as we've seen here in tampa before, it doesn't take much to create some major challenges when you're dealing with a lot of rain over a short period of time and in some cases, too much more drainage system to handle.
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heights community center is just one location. but the city of tampa is not the only place in the bay area preparing for the heavy rainfall. we take to you pasco county, right now you're seeing video there where residents are taking steps to prepare as well. flooding concerns are real. county officials tell us the biggest worry, though, is the wind. they tell us people are urged to secure any loose debris outside their homes and make sure they have enough necessities they could need during the course of a weather event. in addition, we can tell you people in tampa are being urged if you have any sort of debris in your water drains or anything of that nature, go ahead and make sure that those drains are clear. remove that debris, remove anything in your yard that could possibly clog any of those drains nearby as well. when we're talking about water flow and flooding, every time we
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some tips that we want to pass along in hopes you can stay safe if you're out and about or forced to travel in those conditions. some of the tips we want to make sure that you remember are do not drive through standing water. you cannot determine the depth just by looking at the water, avoid driving unless necessary, treat non functioning traffic signals as four-way stops, fog directions. if you see road closed signs, follow the detours, avoid downed they may be live. if you see any flooding in the tampa area, you're urged to report it to the city of tampa's storm sewer maintenance division. you can do that by calling the number. ba to you. >>russell: talk later. thank you. >>laura: we have a growing list of sand bag locations on our website countywide, county by county. we'll continue to update it as it becomes available. head to
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reason you can't find it there, click on the seen on tv section. >>russell: storm has forced the tampa bay bucs to make some big changes. this week's preseason game between the bucs and the redskins at raymond james has been rescheduled. it's now tomorrow. tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. the game was originally scheduled for thursd. the change wasad fans, players and stadium staff. >>laur pack a one, two punch. >>russell: in addition to any flooding and storm damage, they're also worried about an explosion of sflziki cases. governor scott is worried any standing water left by the storm could provide breeding grounds for mosquitos which carry the virus. city of tampa is getting ready for that. officials purchased an additional 5,000 mosquito dunks designed to stamp out the
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are taking that a step further. they're asking the federal government for permission to use genetically engineered mosquitos. incoming house speaker and house minority leader, who are both from thepa tam bay area alrea pport the plan. other house members have until tomorrow to sign on. stay with fox 13 as we continue to watch tropical depression nine and everything that comes with it. >>russell: we need to look at the traffic and the good morning. >>vanessa: with all the concerns on the weather front, we don't have any traffic concerns right now. live look over the howard frankland bridge towards the area of fourth street so this is closer to the pinellas side running up to speed still at a six minute drive heading into tampa. eight minutes is the ride eastbound on i-4. 75 to branch forbes and also taking eight minutes to get northbound 75 coming from the selmon heading to fowler avenue. >>laura: thank you. in less than an hour, the polls
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contested primary. >>russell: and one race in particular is generating attention. it's whether republicans hold on this fall. marco rubio's decision to run was a game changer. he said he would not seek a second term but facing pressure from party leaders, he changed his mind. the republican primary. recent m a landslide with rubio leading by nearly 40%. >>laura: u.s. representatives patrick murphy and allen grayson are the two leading candidates to take on rubio in november. murphy has a significant lead in the polls right now along with endorsements from president barack obama and vice president joe biden. both candidates have had issues during the race. grayson facing allegations of abuse which he denies while murphy has been criticized for
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>>russell: amendment four would provide property tax breaks for people who install solar panels on their homes. supporters say it takes advantage of our state's biggest natural resource. critics say it's a way to give tax breaks to the welly. measure must receive 60% to pass. >>laura: nearly 536,000 people cast their ballots during the early voting period. another 1.2 million voted by mail. >>russell: today the polls are open from 7:00 to 7:00 and we have a l on our website. that's >>laura: stay with fox 13 as we bring you results tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 and be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for all the highlights. >>russell: the race for the white house, it appears foreign cyber criminals are going after your right to vote. according to the f.b.i., foreign hackers targeted voter registration data bases in at least two states. the agency is asking state election officials to watch for similar activity. same threat prompted the
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state election officials this month offering the services of federal experts to scan for witnesses and shore up voting systems. warning comes after foreign hackers successfully stole records from the democratic national committee as well as a possible breach of the non profit clinton foundation. >> if we ended up having a razor thin election and there'sny question of even a small number of votes, that could create a crisis of confidence in the entire >>russell: analysts say this issue should rise above partisan politics and they say that republicans and democrats should make it clear that the u.s. will not tolerate any kind of tampering. >>russell: video could help catch the person who shot a baby girl sunday night. it shows a car driving on westcott drive in port richey andired mu victim's house hitting this 1-year-old girl in the wrist.
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it's not immediately clear who the target was but the girl's mother is the gang's member. in a facebook message to fox 13 she writes, i've never been part of a gang and, quote, this is not gang related. this morning she's facing drug charges. her children have been placed with other families. >>russell: officials at the plato academy are trying to calm parents who say their children were exposed to mold. they say while there was mold in the building at one time, parents, administrators acknowledge mold was found in a mobile classroom in july caused by a broken air conditioner. they insist it was cleaned and tested five times by different companies. each time it was found safe. they say pictures that circulated among parents last week, which appeared to show mold, were taken before the cleanings. >> if there's mold at unhealthy
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>>russell: parents asked the board to hire a mold expert, one of their choosing. >>laura: the man who robbed a local pizza joint found another way to get his dough. >>russell: and we remember a man who helped generations of kids tap into their imaginations. >>russell: hollywood honors the late gene wilder. >>dave: tropical depression nine still moving to the west right now. we have winds of 35 miles an hour. not much of a change in the track at 5:00 this morning. still thinking it's going to become a tropical storm later today and start to strengthen as it heads toward the big bend area of our state making landfall thursday afternoon. on this path, heavy rain will be the dominant issue around here,
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isolated tornados and coastal flooding at the time of high tide, especially to the north. more on all of this in just a few minutes. as you walk out the door right now, rain chances at 60% to 70% now, rain chances at 60% to 70% th golden outside or fluffy inside. deep pockets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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>>dave: 6:15. 77 degrees in the tampa area. brandon in the upper 70s. and we're going to finish the same way. once we hit the afternoon, the showers across the state again. those rain chances today running 60% to 70% and it will be the fast moving showers that we'll be contending with this afternoon. obviously by looking at tropical depression number nine, a couple of things to point out. it's pretty disorganized, elongated and also flaring up new convection near the center of the storm. what's been happening is we've been getting the west wind. you can see the way the clouds
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shearing the storm and not conv think once it does, then you're going to start to deal with the intensification process. there is a plane flying around inside now. they detect it 35, 35 mile-per-hour winds. that's why it's a tropical depression. you can see the drier air. the drier air is trying to eat this up. the wind shear is trying to pull it apart. it's trying to develop. this is pretty classic with a tropical s intensify. the thing is, the forecast is for a lot of this drier air to move west and for the wind shear to relax for a day, day and a half and that's all this system will need to start the intensification process. that's why hurricane center believes, we believe in generally this become a tropical storm today. the computer models the past, say, 36 hours have all been clustered, bringing this toward the west coast of florida, west
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to be the forecast track. the question is, is it up here near tallahassee? down toward the big bend area? down toward tampa? because that will obviously make an impact for us into a much different storm if indeed it comes a little closer to us. so the forecast path in the hurricane center hasn't changed much. the only thing that's changed is that it's slowed down just a little bit so by thursday morning, a tropical storm off to the west. with that, we're going to be getting impacts late wednesday, going into thursday morning. heavy rain, some coastal flooding a possibility at a time of high tide. this very shallow water here so it push onshore and when you're pushing water onshore and it's raining and the water is trying to drain out, that causes problems with flooding.
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flooding and heavy rain, the two biggest impacts i think we see in the tampa area. then, of course, any landfalling tropical system, there's always that potential, especially onhi on for some isolated tornados. so today, no impacts from the storm. just more or less same of what we got yesterday. it will be tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night he is personal -- especially on thursday. friday morning the storm is moving back out over the atlantic and then dramatically improve. so the timetable for us, really going to be late wednesday and into thursday. heavy rain, three to five inches of rain possible. now, the further north you go, the more rainfall you're going to get. the further north you go, the better chance you're going to have of inland and coastal flooding and don't forget, we mentioned isolated tornados. i can remember many a time when
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when we had rain bands with tornados. these, i think, are three things we need to be concerned about in the tampa bay area. i didn't mention winds. right now wind speeds projected in this area of about 30 to 35 miles per hour. a few higher gusts. there's 39% chance of tropical storm force winds here in tampa. i know. 39%. that percentage is going to change but just in the back of your head, it gives you an that while it will be windy outside, i'm thinking the rain and the possibility of some coastal flooding will be the largest impacts. notice the coastal areas are just picking up all that rainfall. european model and then a brand new gfs model which is coming in right now, all portraying a tropical storm making landfall on thursday. looks like thursday afternoon and then eventually racing off toward the north and the east and there's your rainfall
6:20 am
three to five inches of rain with higher amounts and especially to the north. so the impacts will be felt late wednesday and thursday and i keep saying that over and over again because i know people are like, this thing has been around for a week. when is it going to be gone? it should be gone by thursday night and then by the time labor day weekend kicks in, then things start to get a little better. so 89 degrees for a high temperature today. rain chances obviously go way up, going int be windy, we'll have the potential for some minor coastal flooding as well examine notice how we back the rain chances to normal for labor day weekend, especially for sunday and monday. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. and still looks good here on the roads. not seeing any big complaints. this report we're going to check out pasco county. we're crash-free. you can see here along state road 54, suncoast looks good and 75, you're getting the all clear as well. hillsborough, 75.
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this is near fowler avenue but it looks clear as i mentioned before as far as crashes and construction go. seven minutes is the time coming from pasco county, state road 54 heading to bruce b downs boulevard. >>russell: think about this. stinkiest job imaginable and we can top it. >>laura: not here. coming up, how firefighters rescued a skunk that was trapped in a dumpster. wait until you see the pictures. how about that? merman making a big splash on social media.
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donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy.
6:23 am
remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." "you have to be wealthy in order to be great. i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
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it's time to see what's clicking on >>laura: it's time to see what's clicking on the web this morning. >>russell: walter has the hot clicks. >>walter: a gender norm is turned on its head. you know the racy private photos men send women and their wives?
6:25 am
would make anthony weiner blush. the pictures show him dressed in a mermaid, seductive poses and then a lifeguard. she shared these photos and they have gone viral as you can imagine. look at that. that's fun and flirty, isn't it? that's great. the wife taught me that phrase. the pair say they just wanted to break down gender >>laura: it's fun. why not? >>walter: and something a little less racy but more smelly. these pictures were taken by the fire department in colorado. they responded to reports of a skunk with its head caught and it looks like in a dumpster, in the hole of a dumpster here so a firefighter kept the critter calm by reading dr.
6:26 am
the skunk dubbed oliver didn't seem to grateful. he waddled off afterwards. >>russell: he didn't leave a present. >>walter: doesn't matter. they had the masks. >>russell: but still. that's a lot of tomato juice. i think that's probably -- i heard tomato juice is not the best thing. >>laura: i didn't know that was the >>walter: russell, the camper in all of this. >>russell: you didn't know this? >>walter: no. and i'm from colorado, too. >>russell: you should. >>laura: big skunk country. thank you, walter. >>russell: still ahead this morning on "good day," one of history's oldest mysteries is solved. >>laura: and we are tracking the tropics. there's a big storm with florida in its sights as you well know. tampa is getting ready, right, ken? >>reporter: that's right.
6:27 am
storm coming our way. what's the new stuff in the play book? i'll tell you coming up. >>russell: thanks. and dave is also going to have the latest on the race to become the next tropical storm. we'll explain what that means introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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((russell 2shot) good morning, i'm russell rhodes ((laura)) and i'm laura >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. thursday seems to be the big day for the tropical system as we're watching and waiting. we'll get to dave osterberg who has the very latest on the storm's track. good morning. >>dave: watching and waiting and we see all this convection trying to wrap around a center, and the thing is this area of low pressure, this depression,
6:31 am
still opened up because of all the wind shear that's been going on in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. the longer it takes to organize, the less of a chance it would have to be stronger. it is forecast to become a tropical storm later today and continue to drift off toward the west, maybe even the west-northwest over the next 24 hours. then it will start to turn and make landfall in the big bend area of florida sometime on thursday. so probably thursday afternoon or so with a strong tropical storm. tampa is expecting heavy rain, minor coastal flooding, too, with the southwest wind pouring the water onshore and the possibility of some isolated tornados. triple threat there. going into thursday afternoon, primary threat around here. today, though, like yesterday, that 60% to 70% rain chance as
6:32 am
state. we'll have much more on the rest of the trop cics in a few minut. >>russell: there are free sand bags available. while the bags are free, for the most part you're going to have to fill them yourselves. you also need to show some proof of residence at some of these locations and we have a growing list on our website. we'll continue to update it as more become available. go to and we plan to keep the page. if for some reason you don't see it there, go to the "seen on tv" section. >>laura: and this storm has already forced the tampa bay bucs to make a tough decision. >>russell: they're moving their fourth and final preseason game as just a precaution. kenny is live. decisions like this don't come easy, do they? >>russell: they don't. and the reason why, they have to weigh so many factors. football, the nfl, the bucs,
6:33 am
bucs did not make this one on their own. they got together with the folks with the redskins and the nfl is this is what they came up with. last preseason game was scheduled for thursday. they moved it to tomorrow night. you can only make the best decision with the information available at that time. it appears that moving the game was a pretty good call. the latest information we have, which we're just getting this morning; weather is going to hit tampa bay on thursday so it looks like the bucs will dodge the bullet. the bucs coo just issued this state many and it says, the decision was made by both teams in conjunction with the national football league and local authorities in an effort to ensure the safety of our fans, players and stadium staff. i want to thank the bucs because in journalism 101, you have to
6:34 am
bullet. once per season i use mine. now i can move on. the only thing we have to overcome is the redskins. go bucs. >>laura: go bucs. >>russell: rain or shine, go bucs. now look at vanessa. quiet before it gets real wet, probably, right? >>vanessa: looking good. no big complaints right now. we'll start off with a live look at the downtown interchange area. this is 275 and i-4 in tampa and it with the traffic but no crashes tot repor to and looks like our congestion levels are not bad. 37 minutes. that drive southbound fletcher to pinellas bayway starting to show a little pop of moderate congestion westbound i-4 coming into the interchange. three minutes is that drive from the connector area. 11 minutes 275 to i-4 taking 75 southbound. >>laura: all right. thank you. the polls are about to open in florida's primary election.
6:35 am
cost their ballots thanks to early voting. republican senator rubio and democratic congressman patrick mufshry are campaigning as if they already won the party's nomination for u.s. senate and they have double digit leads in their respective races. polls are open from 7:00 to 7:00. >>russell: 70 days, 70 days until the general election and this will all be over with and a new national poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by 7%. survey found 46% of likely voters support 39% back trump. 7% say they're supporting gary johnson. 2% back green party candidate. >>laura: and memorial services continue today for monsignor lawrence higgins. he was the founder of the catholic church on hiem avenue and served as chaplain for the buccaneers. a funeral mass is planned for tomorrow morning at 11:30. that will be held at st.
6:36 am
>>russell: let's see. there was willywonka, blazing saddles, young frank en sign, silver street. you can't help but smile when you see gene wilder on the screen. the world is mourning the loss of this comedic genius. >> put the candle back. don't put >>russell: it is my favorite movie. gene wilder had a long career on stage and in film and television. he's best known for starring role in willy wonka and the chocolate factory. he made the producers and young frankenstein and he teamed up with richard pryor. he was also active in promoting ovarian cancer awareness.
6:37 am
disease in 1989 just six years after they were married. and the response to wilder's death has been overwhelming. his long time friend mel brooks writes, he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his friendship. julie dawn cole, you may not know that name. she was just 12 years old when e described wilder as a father figure if there is a heaven, he has a golden ticket. wilder was 83 years old. >>russell: put the candle back. >>laura: you could go all morning long. stay with us. more frustration from tropical
6:38 am
slightly. dave is going to explain what that means coming up next. >>russell: and a crafty criminal breaks into a pizza parlor.
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>>dave: 6:41. let's begin with temperatures. about with the tropics but you're getting ready to walk out the door and i have mid to upper 70s from crystal river, 75. lakeland 75. st. petersburg 79 and sarasota at 77. today almost exactly like yesterday. we'll start with sunshine and then the fast moving showers and storms will take over this afternoon moving from the east to west or maybe southeast to northwest. rain chances 60% to 70% with highs in the upper 80s. i'll step out of the picture.
6:42 am
huge tropical wave off the coast of africa. i'm only showing this to you because this is a hypo terrible to develop in the long-term like seven to 10 days from now. worry about that later. here is gaston moving over the north atlantic. here is tropical depression number eight and tropical depression number nine and of course, it's a race to see which one of these two becomes a tropical storm first and gets the name hermine and the other will likely to become a tropical storm today. landfall in the big bend area is expected on thursday afternoon, give or take an hour. thursday afternoon. th chance of tropical storm force winds in tampa is at 39%. cedar key, that chance is at 48e areas, you can obviously interpret your chances.
6:43 am
less chance you have of tropical force storm winds. we know with many or most tropical storms, it's not really the winds. it's the rain that you have to really be concerned about. i think this is going to be a hefty rainmaker based on the way it's coming in from the southwest and then being up to the north, it's going to pull almost unlimited moisture at us beginning tomorrow afternoon right through thursday afternoon. so therein lies our potential for coastal flooding, maybe even inland to go along with some gusty winds. it's trying to develop this morning. you can see a huge flareup of congestion but you don't see the big spin. like what's going on here? we do have a lot of wind shear, still continuing wind shear has been a thing that's been holding us back which i'm completely fine with. but eventually the wind shear is going to relax and you're going to see more of a classic look to this tropical system as it develops and gets stronger over
6:44 am
so 35 mile-per-hour winds. here is the path. this came out at 5:00 this morning from the hurricane center so by thursday morning, it's here. so still off to the west and still offshore. and i think by thursday morning is when we start to feel the impact of this storm, the heavy rain, the higher than normal tides. it wouldn't surprise me to get a few isolateded tornados as well. typically on the eastern side of tropical systems m landfall, you get the spinnup tornados. those are three things right now we're thinking about of concern in the tampa area and while technically polk county and southeastern hillsborough, not in the cone, again, don't focus on the wind speeds with this. it's going to be the abnormally large tides. it's going to be the potential for that coastal flooding and the very heavy rain we're going to have to contend with and then eventually by saturday, it is long gone. what are the chances of having
6:45 am
well, number one, it obviously depends on how strong the storm gets and number two, the track. but on the track it's supposed to take, you're looking at 30% to 40% chance of tropical storm force winds in tampa. higher amounts to the north with the computer models saying we could get several inches of rain out of this deal. so rainfall, coastal flooding, isolated tornados, those are the three things i think of concern for us and it's going to be late we're narrowing down the time for you rather than saying, sometime next week like we did on saturday, we're going to narrow that down late wednesday into thursday. quick moving showers today. your high is 89 degrees and the quick moving showers turned some rain bands tomorrow. look at the rain chance, sky high for wednesday and thursday. by the weekend, though, we have a labor day weekend coming. it's all gone and everything returns back to normal. >>vanessa: good to hear.
6:46 am
we do want to thank min stewart who is seeing a crash that she says is major, five to six vehicles involved. we're still waiting for authorities but we're seeing delays here. eisenhower where it meets up with the veterans expressway southbound. most of the delays we're seeing southbound on the vets from that re of hillsborough of the plan extra time here. we have yet to hear with lane blockages. it appears as though there could be l we'll get to polk county right now. i-4. this is a live look west of u.s. 98. things are running up to speed here. no big incidents reported on i-4, polk parkway and u.s. 92. 6:46 right now. good morning to charley. how is lucas working for you this morning? >>charley: you know, i'm a little taller than lucas so if you see ceiling tiles behind me, it's because he's -- >>vanessa: at least we're not seeing up your nose. way. now we are. stand back. >>charley: sorry.
6:47 am
he's doing great. those of you who don't watch regularly, my photographer i work with every day, jason bird taking a few days off. lucas, vanessa's fiance is filling in. >>vanessa: hi. just bring him back in the same condition. >>charley: i cannot guarantee that. they all come back a little ptsd. i got something for you. you're a lady of the 90s. 70s 8 here are some things we thought were facts in the 1990s. and you tell me whether this is true or not. we thought starter jackets were cool. do you remember those? turns out we were wrong about that. we thought in the 90s that getting a degree will land you a good job no matter what. many people realize it just lands you in debt more than anything else. in the 90s we thought phones could only get smaller.
6:48 am
getting bigger again. >>vanessa: you're right. the big screens. >>charley: we thought beanie babies were a good investment and they would make you rich. >>vanessa: regrets. i still got a whole room full of them. >>charley: pawn shops were buying beanie babies. we thought only weirdos thought the government was tracking us. turns out those weirdos were right. we thought -- remember your pten math because it's not like you're going tbe around with a calculator in your pocket the rest of your life. >>vanessa: it spoiled us, too. it has spoiled us. >>charley: in the 90s we thought one day we would take our kids to blockbuster video. >>vanessa: oh, my goodness. yeah. blockbuster card. >>charley: that was my first job out of college. >>vanessa: good times. >>charley: i used to tell people i was in the film industry of the finally in the 90s we
6:49 am
kind of wrong about that, too. that's what we thought in the 90s. he'srehat i think in 2016. ive a great place to take you this morning. if you like guitars at all, if you are into music at all, wait until you see this place. guitars as far as the eye can see. just opened in south tampa right on south dale mabry. it is called the replay guitar exchange. vanessa, guitars everywhere. i can't play them but i love to look at them and i wish i knew how to play guit locally owned, they hope to give the big box stores a run for the money. replay guitar exchange in south tampa. >>vanessa: stevie, his eyes are like b mouth is watering. i can just tell. he's really into guitars. >>charley: hopefully people will tune in. >>vanessa: i like it. i like it. tune in. take care of lucas, all right? >>charley: no problem.
6:50 am
say traffic fatalities rose 7.2% in 2015 over the previous year. that's the largest single year increase in half a century. officials say it's due to more drivers on the roads. estimates for the first six months for 2016 show the trend increasing with fatalities, up 9%. st. pete police are looking for the man who broke into a pizza place by coming in through the roof. look at it. he drops out of the ceiling and onto the counter. this is at jo 28th street north. if you recognize this pizza prowler, contact st. pete police. one of history's oldest mysteries finally solved. scientists say they know what killed lucy. humanities favorite ancestor. researchers believe they fell from a tree. analysis showed breaks in her right arm, left ankle and left knee. lucy's death has remained a mystery. her discovery was significant
6:51 am
determine thatncestors walked upright. >>russell: big news for movie buffs coming up. >>laura: and a cool new way to pay for your next flight and then trash or treasure? you've heard the sayings. how much would you pay for a for some the answer is more than
6:52 am
in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of
6:53 am
to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
6:54 am
from now until the holidays, plane tickets are only >>laura: plane tickets are only going to get more expensive. >>russell: you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars all at once to fly across the country to see family, you may not have to. >>laura: some interesting idea from the fox business network studio to talk about it, lauren simonetti. >> i'm struggling with this idea. it makes sense for people who don't have credit cards. it's anpt ho you do have a credit check that determines how much interest you pay but essentially you can finance your dream vacation. you can pay for that air fare so long as it's over $100 and you can do so over three months, six months or over a 12-month period. thanks to cheap air and financial company called affirm teaming up and offering this option to flyers out there. >>russell: we can debate this one another day but we have to
6:55 am
about this very nasty looking pair of shoes that is fetching an arm and a leg. >>laura: that's putting it mildly. >>russell: what's going on? >> you wouldn't buy these sneakers? >>russell: tell me the story. >> golden goose. i feel like you need to drink grey goose to afford them. they're $585. they're pink suede, tattered and purposely distressed like with the ripped jeans. i always told my daddy paid for the holes because they're expensive but these go beyond being distressed. they have duct tape on the front. they're sold for about $600. >>russell: nobody wore these before? they're new? >> they're brand new. yeah. they're brand new. is that shabby chic or way over the line, you're on drugs if you buy these? >>russell: only if barbara streisand's would i buy those. >> did you love that concert?
6:56 am
we'll talk. he told us he'd be back .. >>laura: he told us he would be back. terminator two judgment day is returning to theaters next year, celebrated t camer over the summer. this is not his first 3d conversion, either. titanic earned $43 million worldwide. terminator 2 topped the box office in 1991 earning $315 million and went on to win four oscars. >>russell: this is huge. ben affleck has revealed a mysterious teaser from a set of the new justice league movie. it appears to show dextra,
6:57 am
or how it relates to batman. justice league will not hit theaters until november of 2017. >>laura: it's time to vote. the polls open in just two minutes and jennifer epstein is live with what you need to know before you head to the polls today. >>russell: and dark and mysterious or blonde with blue eyes? at 7:00 find out what most people look for in a partner. >>laura: and then getting his shot on the diamond. today tim tebow will try out for major league baseball and he already has an offer team. it's all ahead at 7:00. >>dave: tropical depression number nine sitting out there in the southeastern gulf. slowly moving west at seven miles an hour. headed for the big bend area. landfall will be on thursday afternoon and the impacts for us the heavy rain, potential for flooding and isolated tornado, especially wednesday night and then during the day on thursday. so those are the impacts for us. time frame for that, look at the rain chances go way up.
6:58 am
introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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7:00 am
((russell- watching and waiting. >>russell: watching, waiting still. tropical depression in the gulf should start turning back to florid dave is tracking everything you need to know. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. good morning. let's get right to dave osterberg with the latest on where this system is going. nine. we're watching and waiting, right? >>dave: how long has it been? a week? we've been waiting for this to do something and still this morning, it is disorganized. it's got some wind shear impacting the west side of it so you're not getting a lot of thunderstorms to wrap around the center which is good.


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