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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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now at 6 -- three people are dead...including two young children after a horrific overnight crash-- while their mother fights for her life. what officials say may have lead to the deadly incident. the search is on for three suspects who robbed two citrus county internet cafes at gunpoint. the extreme when shots were fired. last-minute early voters head to the polls. plus -- the new information coming out into the new f-b-i investigation into hillary clinton's emails. good evening i'm haley hinds. and i'm lloyd sowers.. thanks for being with us. we start tonight with
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investigating a murder at the park plaza apartments. we're told a person of interest is co-operating with invesitgators. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will have more information as it comes in. tragic news out of brandon tonight...three members of a family were killed when their car flipped off of an i-75 overpass and onto the highway below it happened overnight ... two young children and their father were killed , their mother is in critical conditionfox 13's kellie cowan was on the
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new at 6 -- citrus county deputies need your help tracking down three armed suspects that hit internet cafes in dunnellon. the robberies happened around 9 p-m last night -- as the flamingo internet cade and the xtreme internet cafe -- which are next door to each other on west dunnellon these are newly released surveillance picutres of the suspects... investigators say two went into the flamingo internet cafe...while a third went next door. deputies say an armed employee at the xtreme internet cafe fired a the suspect -- but the suspect then grabbed a woman...dragging her out as a human shield. the three suspects took off in a blue dodge neon. two pinellas deputies are on leave tonight -- as officials investigate the shooting death of a suspect. sheriff "bob gualtieri"
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erratically in front of his home in lealman. they say he threatened deputies..and that's when two of them opened fire. this is a previous mug shot of "zemola" who -- officials say -- has a lengthy criminal record and a troubled past. while the investigation continues -- sheriff gualtieri said the deputies did what they had to do to protect themselves. we're following major developments in the clinton e-mail investigation -- the f-b-i announcing just a couple of hours ago -- that the recent review of new emails has "not changed" their original conclusion from earlier this year. f-b-i director "james comey" making the announcement in a letter to congress this afternoon. coming just
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-- comey's letter reinforces the decision that clinton should not face charges for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. the new emails came to light during an investigation into underage sexting involving disgraced congressman anthony weiner. it appears weiner's laptop was used to back up his estranged wife... clinton aide -- huma abedin's smartphone contacts-- which also backed up her emails. if you're looking to get out to the polls ahead of have a little less than an hour to cast your ballot before early voting comes to an end. fox 13's evan lambert spoke to voters in st.
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the fight for florida continues -- with president obama addressing hillary clinton supporters this afternoon in kissimmee. mister obama took issue with supporters of donald trump who say they find some of his words and actions offensive, but they believe he will change if he's elected president. before the president took the stage -- stevie wonder entertained the crowd. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence campaigned in the panhandle. with just over a full day to go till the polls open, pence wants to make sure his panama city beach supporters get out to vote. polls here in the sunshine state have clinton and trump neck and neck. and even a small number of votes
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tomorrow -- donald trump returns to our area. making a last push for voters in sarasota. still to come on the fox-13 6-o-clock news... some monkey business happening in the bay area. as offcials try and wrangle the primates... we talked to the homeowner who captured the latest sighting
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? ? you hear my voice, you hear that sound ? ? like thunder, gonna shake your ground ? ? you held me down ? ? but i got up ? ? get ready 'cause i've had enough ? ? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ?
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? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? ? roar, oh, oh, oh ? ? roar ? ? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? oh, louder ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? i'm hillary clinton
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all new at 6 -- there's some monkey business happening around tampa bay. for weeks, there have been reported sightings of a small primate enjoying the sunshine... from hernando county to pasco. and now... it looks like the traveling rhesus macaque has made its way to pinellas county. valerie borger lives off belcher road in clearwater. this morning, something in her backyard caught her attention. when she took a closer look, she couldn't believe her eyes. call.and wildlife a give florida fish spot the monkey, if you happen to lookout! county... be on the lookout! county... be on the watchers pinellas wildlife wildlife watchers pinellas county... be on the lookout! if you happen to spot the monkey, give florida fish and wildlife a call. a permanent honor for a
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today, the elfers post office was renamed in memory of private first class felton roger fussell. nearly 50 years ago, the 19-year-old was killed while serving in vietnam. congressman gus bilirakis introduced legislation for the name change. fussell's family was there for the ceremony, and overwhelmed by how many people came to honor his sacrifice. congressman bilirakis said it was truly a community effort to get this done. in fact, he said fussell's sister worked at that very post office for 20 years. feeling a today? well you're not the only one. daylight saving came to an end overnight. coming up -- the way you can make falling back a bit easier as you head into
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carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did.
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trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. i'm proud of you mom, we both are. dana young for the florida senate. z25egz z16fz
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the next couple of days may be moving a little slow for some people as their bodies adjust to the time change.... from daylight saving time to standard time. northwestern medicine's doctor sabra (say bra) abbott says our bodies adjust a bit easier to falling back than springing forward.. but feeling a bit sluggish a couple of days
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by the way -- the clocks don't "spring forward" until two a-m on march 12, 20-17.
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weather!! mike- added extra minute for weather trivia
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we'll takea spin around the nfl and recap some of the big games from the day... plus, the bucs had the day off... but we'll take a look at the amazing pace, mike evans is on at the midway point of the season. then... dale earnhardt junior has a minor run-in with the police in texas... this while being in town for the cup series race today... i will tell you the details
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gerald mccoy says during the extended weekend off, the bucs need to do a little "soul- searching"... and come back ready to attack the second half of the season... the first half, specifically these last two games against oakland and atlanta.. haven't gone well. --however, there are some positives... and one is the play of mike evans. coming off his biggest game of the on thursday where he had 11 catches for 150 yards and 2 scores... and hopefully, won't miss anytime after going through the nfl concussion protocal...and actually entering today... no other receiver has more touchdowns than evans... his eight tds are more than twice what he had last season... in the top five for catches, yards, and yards per game... dirk koetter says evans is more disciplined
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the steelers happy to have big ben back - way ahead of schedule... just 3 weeks removed from meniscus surgery... which was scheduled to take 4-6 weeks... but even with roethlisberger under center, that steelers offense was pretty ineffective for the first 3 quarters against the ravens today. in fact, steelers managed just 66 yards of offense in the 1st half, fewest with roethlisberger since 2009. steelers down 21-0...finally
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roethlisberger finds antonio brown for the touchdown... steelers trail 21-7... caps 75 yard march.then under a minute to play...ben roethlisberger scrambles and scores... steelers down 21-14... :48 seconds left... they gotta chance!!!and... quite possibly the worst onside kick in the history of the nfl......chris boswell misplays it on the kick... (rabona final... pittsburghs 3rd straight loss... both teams tied (4-4) lead in the afc north. so big ben is the quick healer... but no rush for romo...the better dak prescott plays... the slower tony romo heals.and he's playing pretty well...and the browns defense is not.might want to cover jason witten?prescott to witten for a 26-yard touchdown... 7-3 dallas... 2nd
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ezekiel elliott, playing back in ohio, goes off tackle for the 10-yard touchdown... gets the ball inside the pylon.14-3 cowboys... 3rd quarter... same score... elliott takes it again... this one from 8 yards out... 28-10 dallas... cowboys win big, 35-10 the game you watched right here on fox 13... eagles at giants.. collins...giants in great field position...that would lead to...eli manning passes to odell beckham jr for the touchdown...7-0 new york... later in the 2nd...eli manning lobs it up to beckham jr who catches his 2nd td of the game... 21-10 giants..manning 4 td passes.28-23 giants
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late in the 4th... vikings driving again... larry ellison on the end around gets the ball across the goalline just before losing control... vikings takes the lead 16-13... last chance for the lions...stafford throws it downfield to andre roberts for >> looking down field andre roberts. the lions in field goal range. 58 yards he's money. tied at 16. heading into over time. matt stafford peyton skating along the solid there and spins into the end zone and the lions win the game in dramatic fashion. final 22 to 16. the cup race in texas this afternoon dodging rain drops in a rain delay. they hope to get the race in at
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the race didn't hurt the speed of one driver in particular. dale erne hart junior nailed for speeding on the way to the track this morning. a twitter account of a police officer writing a warning for junior. he got out of getting a speeding ticket. no word on how fast he was going. junior hasn't raced since july. i think that's a good excuse. listen officer i profession. i speed. >> shock today doesn't happen more often. >> forget where you are. >> i'm glad he got a warning. >> anchor: coming up in the next half hour a chilling confession from a man suspected of chaining
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carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. i'm proud of you mom, we both are.
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candidates donald trump and hillary clinton are keeping >> anchor: presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton are keeping busy schedules today as this race enters it's waning hours. >> anchor: this afternoon fbi director james comey announcing that clinton's email investigation is over. they stand by their position not to charge her with any crimes. more details the campaign >> anchor: the presidential candidates are making a push through the swing states. clinton's vp pick time kaine is brushing off criticism of clinton's email drama. >> stories this week about internal turmoil of the fbi. people don't want it to be distracted. >> reporter: clinton's campaign chair taking a jab at trump's claimsav a rigged election.
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see through that. they know this is a fair election. republican voting officials across the country have said that. >> reporter: trump's campaign manager says trump remains confident. he believes he can pull out a win. >> the reason that he'll win. when people see a winner they picture you in the office. >> reporter: in the final hours before election day donald trump is looking to expand elecra and minnesota. clinton is working to bring in celebrity endorsers to rallies in key battle ground states like ohio and new hampshire. molly lion fox news. ; new developments out of south carolina tonight where a man accused of chaining a woman inside a storage unit confess of other killings. >> my god answers prayers.
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with a confession that he did this crime. >> anchor: todd cull up was denied bond after he confessed they say to shooting and killing people in 2003. he reportedly showed officials where he buried 2 others. cull up killed the boyfriend of the woman who was chained on his property. >> anchor: that left 3 people dead including 2 children. officials say the attacks 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon. neighbors watched in horror as detectives investigate the crime scene. >> just sad. when it's going to stop. all the killing and stuff it needs to stop. >> she said she came from the store. >> reporter: and. >> and she just collapsed. she just collapsed. after they start bringing the
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>> anchor: at least 3 other people were also injured in that attack. >> anchor: a company in charge of a pipe line that exploded in alabama last week is back in service. killed one person and injured 4. tonight they remain hospitalized. the colonial pipe line runs the gulf coast to new york city. and we're getting new video of the smoldering remains of what used to be an the fire was caused by a gas explosion. the fire forced the evacuation of several nearby buildings. 6 people were hurt and one of those patients suffered serious injuries. flown to a phoenix area hospital for treatment. >> anchor: inmates and shelter dogs in texas are giving each other hope. >> icismson. sit.
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>> reporter: sampson has been to the austin animal center for 6 months. >> he was a stray. depressed and broken down when he arrived. rough around the edges. >> reporter: volunteers worked with him. there was room for improvement. the perfect opportunity came from an unexpected place. >> absolute life saving partnership. >> reporter: the austin animal center announced a new program that involves inmate dogs. it again in september. a dozen female inmates trained 4 dogs. in the new course a dozen male inmates are serve as trainers. teach the dogs to be house trained and understand commands like sit, lie down and how to walk on a leash. but the inmates also stand to benefit. >> they come out with a piece of paper. it's more than a piece of paper.
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that they can carry with them in the next leg of the journey which we hope is a positive one full of opportunities. >> reporter: the sheriff's office and shelter will expand the program to include overnight stays. dogs will remain with inmates in their cells. >> when a pet is in a shelter it's a stressful artificial environment. they don't know why they're there. get out of that artificial environment. >> repor dog. >> he has soft eyes. >> reporter: ready for a family. so are bella, clifford, nigel, buzz and george. >> anchor: that was noel newton reporting. florida counties have programs similar to this one. >> anchor: are your favorite childhood gadgets good enough to be inducted in the hall of fame. the toy hall of fame announces
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play in rochester new york. some of the previous inductees include mr. potato head. silly putty and the easy bake oven. >> anchor: that easy bake on which my all time favorite. >> anchor: they need an easy bake oven for adults. >> anchor: those nights you want one warm cookie. >> anchor: you make things like that. >> anchor: i don't know how ab
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carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did.
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trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. i'm proud of you mom, we both are. dana young for the florida senate. u-s backed kurdish forces in syria are now beginning their
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>> anchor: u.s. backed kurdish forces in syria needing their push to take the isis capital of raca. iraq battles their way through the city of mosul. more on this raca offensive and the allied plan to beat isis. >> reporter: isis now facing a 2 pronged assault by u.s. allied troops in iraq and syria. syria forces announcing today they he campaign. isis of course is already under attack by u.s. backed iraqi forces in mosul. insurgents captured nearly 2 years ago. and iraqi troops have seized control of much of the eastern part of the city and pushing further in despite fierce isis resistence. the u.s. views kurdish forces as
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controversial. nato member turkey considers the curds as enemies. anchora does not want the curds in either fight. syria bombing of rebels and civilians in a lepo this weekend. the humanitarian crisis there is only getting worse with food and water in short supply. connor powell fox news. >> anchor: in isis strong holds women and children are packed into trucks. others collecting whatever belongings and live stock they could and moving out on foot. a un office says islamic state militants are holding civilians back as use as human shields.
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at least 11 refugee camps. >> anchor: overnight in london mass protesters clashed with police leading to dozens of arrests. thousands of people taking part in the demonstration which quickly got out of control. hurling bottles and launching fire works at police. the annual million mask march aims to promote civil and end capitalism. a total of 53 people were arrest. >> reporter: lots of sunday football to watch. except our home team. >> anchor: bucks are off. >> reporter: what we saw on thursday was good enough for me for the entire weekend. hoping to refocus after a loss. time for our upon further review segment. talk about frustrations with
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enjoyed myself at the beach too.
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the bucs will get the benefit of 10 days between games... >> anchor: the bucks will get the benefit of 10 days between games to heal and redouble efforts for next week's game at home against the chicago 43-28 loss to the falcons to chew on. i ran into bucks fans who wanted to get things off their chest at the beach of all places. look back at the game upon further review. >> you work here. >> yeah. >> every day is a wonderful day at the beach. >> just a celebratory weekend. >> even after the loss? >> we beat them once on opening day.
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>> go falcons. >> what do we think of the bucks after that performance? >> i root for the bucks. >> if we had doug martin it's a different game. >> they needed defense. was it 40 points. >> 43. >> you can't do that. >> do they normally lose? >> that's a good question. this is typically what i wear at the beach. >> did you watch the bucks game? can >> i think they were getting a lot of bad calls. i don't like it when the officials get in the game. >> i've heard people blame the coaches and defense today. how many drinks have you had today? >> just enough. >> i like the optimism. >> do you do the dirty bird dance? >> do you want me to fall down and break another hip. >> don't break your hip.
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>> mike evans needs to learn to catch the easy ones. >> you saw that hard catch. >> that was unbelievable. >> i did. >> was that the catch of the year? >> so far. >> if i can get mike evans on my fantasy team. >> waiting in vein is my favorite marley song. >> that's what you are as a bucks fun. >> don't play that. >> no. >> reporter: and the fun's just getting started. look at this. you can swing by my facebook page scott smith and latest snack break featuring haley hines. riveting interview where we learn everything there is to know about ms. hines. >> anchor: all sorts of things. >> reporter: we could go about the clowns. her favorite movie top gun.
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i talk about that all the time. >> reporter: peron the groundies. >> anchor: . >> anchor: pering ony is number one. >> anchor: not the bad one. >> reporter: just checking. weather wise more of the same. more warmth. breezy this afternoon. stuck in this pattern. not a bad pattern to be in. we change this week. if you're looking for that department. johns hopkins hospital camera time lapse view. kind of a cloudy start to the day. the sun tried to peek through early on. you see from this it's interesting the camera looking east. the low and midlevel clouds looking at the camera. above that the high clouds pushing away from it. an interesting dichotomy of the
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saw clearing late in the day late in the afternoon set the stage for nice looking sun set out there. talked about a couple light sprinkles that we've seen moving through northern polk county through lakeland. if you see rain drops from this it's not going to last a. coyum of minutes of light shower activity pushing through. 84 the official high again. been 84 a few days in a row a cooler start to the day. warmed up quickly through mid to late morning. 77 the current temperature. dew point of 61. and winds out of the east northeast at 7 miles per hour. other temps 74 in sun city center. 75 in saint pete. 77 for you in palm harbor. 75 in new port ritchie. 73 in inverness.
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temperatures in the low 70s. 71 in hanesly. 71 in arcadia. for tonight pretty much just as cool as last night. maybe a touch warmer. 65 in tampa. 64 in brandon. upper 50s to near 60 to the north. up against the water upper 60s to maybe closer to 70 as you get closer to the bay. satellite and radar view. high cloud stream in. partly cloudy skies overnight tonight. high pressure remains in control of our weather or 48 hours or so. how close they get over the coming days. that remains murky. as far as temperatures go no real cold air across the country. chilly to the north. burlington 43. new york city 54.
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7 day forecast. low 80s over let next couple of days. couple showers moving in wednesday. some of the models say more in the way of rain. some less. fine tune that. cooler behind that. dropping below average thursday and friday. next weekendship see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. >> anchor: looking forward to the 50s. modeling is about to change. >> anchor: all thanks to one litt
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in just a couple of days... a little boy in georgia will become the next big modeli >> anchor: in just a couple of days a little boy in georgia will become the next big modeling star. his mom shared his photo and her frustration about special needs children in the modeling industry. katie beezely shows us how one rejection opened the door for many others. >> reporter: asher nash is like any 15 month old. he loves to talk blow kisses and dance. >> i know that babies love the attention. something about asher when he gets in front of people and gets in front of the camera.
6:55 pm
show. >> reporter: for a while she heard nothing back. then she was blown away by the response she finally got. >> i was told that they did get them but they weren't submitting his pictures because they did not specify that they were look for example a baby with special needs. and so my first question for them did they specify that they were not look for example a baby with special needs. >> reporter: megan was hurt. she turned to facebook and they encouraged families to call out brands not working with people with disabilities yet. i called outosh kosh. i used orbkosh because they're local to us. >> reporter: garnering more than 124,000 shares and so many kind comments. >> i know that all parents are biased and believe their children are beautiful.
6:56 pm
him is amazing. >> reporter: the response from osh kosh and carters inc. >> it was incredible. they welcomed us with open arms. then we got a call last week and they actually invited him to shoot for holiday ad this year. we are confirmed november eighth asher will be shooting kosh. >> reporter: it's a small victory in a bigger fight to show that children with special needs should be included. down syndrome does not define who this sweet boy is. >> it was not about asher getting into modeling and being in that advertisement. it was about making that change. so that the world sees more people with disabilities in the advertisement. >> reporter: it's working. since making headlines asher has
6:57 pm
too. a company with several children's brands. >> this has opened a lot of doors. contacted by several other companies who are ecstatic. they can't wait to work with him. i feel proud as his mom. everybody else saw that story. now they're trying to make the change. thinking this is something we want to be a part of. >> anchor: what a cutie. >> anchor: what a cutie for sure. a lot of charisma there. we hope 10. we will have your sports highlights and forecasts for the work week. look at the number one concern for people heading into the election day. that's the economy. what voters are saying heading into the election. we have that for you tonight at 10. >> anchor: the news is on on fox 13 >> anchor: see you at 10 and 11.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move.
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