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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 8, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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why a computer issue could lead to lodger waits for you. >> we begin at 11:00 tonight with the last campaign push before the voting begins. hillary clinton and donald trump persuade as many voters as possible. clinton head a star-studded event in philadelphia with performances by john aboveovervy and bruce springsteen and speeches by president obama, first lady michelle and former president bill clinton. trumps wraps up election eve in grand rapids, michigan. before that he was in hamdz alongside governor mike pence. trump vichted a total of five states today. talk about flying around.
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must win. >> that includes florida, where he held a rally in sars. as carl cameron tells us, the race may be a lot closer than we think. >> in one day we're going to win the great state of florida, and we're going to take back the white house! >> reporter: from the beginning trump's called florida, where a democrat won the last two democratic election and polls show a dead heat right now a must win. in sarasota he cast his barred populist turned inside turneded outsider candidate in some terms. >> it's some campaign. they say it's the sijle greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. >> reporter: in north carolina a red state he must defend where polls show a toss-up, he predicted victories in all the targeted states. >> we are winning ohio and iowa.
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pennsylvania as a priority from the start, often warning s supporters to look out for voter fraud. when it comes to presidential temperament, 60% nationwide saz clinton has it, while 61% says trump does not. 63% say clinton is qualified to the president and 37% disagree and trump is upside downed. 45% think trump is quif for a second time not to charge clinton into a get out the vote rally cry for tomorrow. >> right now she's protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 e-mails in eight days. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. now it's up to the american peek to deliver justice at the ballot box. we're going to win. >> reporter: in fact, fbi
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documents in a week. he argued for clinton to delete e-mail as after congress demanded them, it should have been prosecuted. >> that's a crime. you don't even need the new stuff. she shouldn't be allowed to run. >> carl cameron, fox news. >> of course, the get out of vote effort in florida is huge on both sides, and vice president joe biden tried to tilt that in his party's favor today. he held a rally for hillary clinton at a park in st. occupant? the king of the parrot heads himself. jimmy buffett. evan axelbank is our room, what was the message today? >> the campaigns have similar messages. the message is it's close and, close, and you have to get out and vote, vote, vote. >> think about where joe biden went. he went to pinellas county, that voteded for the last
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out of 240,000 costs so far in pinellas county, democrats outnumber recommends by just 358. think about that. 240,000 votes and just a margin of 358. vice president biden is painting trump as an unprepared childish narcissist. he spent his last moems as the parties they would their statesman saying world leaders have told them that they can't considering electing donald trump. he argued hillary clinton is as prepared as anyone has been. with a split in pinellas county of .15% as i mentioned, biden spoke in st. pete, which is a critical area for democrats in that county. >> i know every world leader and know them by their first names. they're looking us like, are you all kidding? are you serious? no, no. swear to god.
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with a head of state, i mean this, with the exception of vladimir putin, and i mean that, too. there's not one i leave and they don't say to me, it is possible to elect trump. it's not, is it? you think i'm joking. i'm not. >> after that jimmy buffett came to the stain. he amendment 2 there with big grabs from the last. if democrats vote, hillary clinton will win. they believe they have the superior ground game to the rep party. crucial to watch tomorrow as the xit positives l poll comes in. the hispanic vote more than doubled and democrats bank them help to deliver the creitical state to hillary clinton.
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don't accurately represent the sment he enjoys. chris, tomorrow aum that stuff is just going to be for the ages. we're finally going to have results to look at, right? >> this is awe a manner engine razor thin margin offers. the results of new opinion savvy poll up virtual tie. almost roughly half the registered voters in florida, 13 million and behalf have cast their ballot. that's a state record for early voting especially in the bear area, nearly half voted in the bear. in pinellas county over 48% have voted. for those of you who haven't done to, remember, tomorrow, you
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driver's license or another form of photo ichltd i.d. that has your photo or signature on it. you vote tomorrow at your predict, but bring the ballot with you to pruf you haven't cast your vote. when those results roll in, stay with fox 13 for complete election coverage. we have national coverage along with the results of local races starting at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. a you can stay on top of the returned online on fox 13 n new there's a news alert out of tampa right now where a 29-year-old man has been shot. we're told the victim was snot in the sum and police haven't released other details dwret. >> dmv offices are affected by computer outages. this has been happening for months, the system failure cost
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week end county leaders say thaef had enough. crystal clark is joining us to explain. going to dmv is frustrating enough with the computer crashing. >> you're right, sint that. a lot of people dread the long lines so they wait until the mras minute to go, but with the system down those with urge the needs this weekend were basically out of luck. before hitting the room with his wife had to make a pit stop through the doors of the dmv. >> in 30 minutes he got in and out of the pasco county office monday, a far cry for the wait these customers faced saturday morning. >> i would say we will come back another day. >> we had people from all around the state, from ocala, from jacksonville and orlando. >> he said pasco county is one
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dnv offices operate on saturday. they notice the system offline before opening at 9 kam. it never happened. in fact, by 12-year-old we pretty much told whoever was left it did not look like the system would come back up. >> those that needed an updated i.d. have to try against saturday. it's the second saturday this morning the system it's a problem with the state dmv and outdated equipment. >> thv they have all kinds of excuses and they're working it. >> last mott the florida department of hoif safety and motor vehicles announced two backup workers to resolve the crashes. a temporary fix until new technology is it flays by june of next year. >> we're working every day constantly on them. so the systems work now.
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despite the system dock back auto line saturday night, they had another outage on monday morning. >> fen if we can wait that long. >> if there's a major half a daily out looj like saturday. you're talking about 67 counties affected and toe terrible hi tens of thois of xheshgsment. he still had to pay his employees, so so he had he sent a letter to the state asking them to reimburse that money t his office. cynthia. >> good luck on that one. >> we'll see how it goes. coming up, a terrible accident on i-75 that killed a father and his two children. >> after the break, of differing reports on how it happened from investigators and the sole survivor. first, a warning to car owners in this area. there have been a rash of break-ins spreading across pat coast county. paul it's a nice night out there. >> pretty good.
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with a couple of i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, new at 11 -- y squares. check this out. deputies in pasco county urge people to lock their vehicles after a rash of car burglaries. there was a number of of these burglaries across the area. it started nearly a week ago. the spree spreads across the county from land o'lakes to hudson. since last wednesday there's 20
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video of the suspects caught on a surveillance camera. they're pulling up to a home and break into a car there. a lot of kieming would be preechted if people would just lock their dires. >> they do carhopping, and that's where they pull on the car doors to see if they're unlocked and see what they can find and their valuables, firearms, anything of of value next take. >> check this this is a suspect outside autozone in hudson who used a tool to pop the locks on three vehicles and they wound up stealing a silver dodge caravan. if you know anything about those cases, contact the pasco county sheriffing's office. we have new details about a devastating crash that killed a man and his two young children sunday morning. the victims were donald green and his 5-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. their mother, tiffany young, is
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condition. investigators say the crash happened when green lost control of his maserati. he hit a guardrail and flipped over a concrete bare yr onto i-75. the impact caused the car to catch fire. family members say the mother says they were cut off by another car, but witnesses that spoke to troopers say the maserati was speeding and trying to past other cars and lost control. investigators believe alcohol was a major factor. it will take abo toxicology report. >> now your skytower radar forecast with fox 13 chief meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> still buzzing about the sunset tonight. this is how it looked up and down the entire west coast. what a great view tonight from david sharf. the perfect combination. those aren't high clouds or loy clouds, kind of mid-layer clouds about 15, 20,000 feet up.
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the average is about 0.36. we had none, and it's dry since october first. for the year we're above average. 52.12 and 42.64 is the average. there is a chance we make see rain early next week. until then, not much at all. highs today were in the low 80s and the high at t.i.a. was 82 and. a record 88 was set the low this morning was a delightful 67 degrees, another run of red. we've been above average every day so far this month. we're close to or a few degrees above average all the way into the jeengd. there's signs as low pressure developing in this time zone here that we may drop below average early next week. until then it's near to above average.
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cooldown coming our way, either. on election day i don't expect any weather troubles coast to coast. in early november you can get through snowstorms so let's go up and down the east coast. the i-95 from miami up to maine, whether should be good and some rain in the lower mississippi valley. chicago is dry tomorrow and 358 and same in minneapolis. dallas is partly cloudy and 67 83 in vegas. it's about 85 to 90% of the country will be precipitation-free tomorrow. so the polling numbers could be simply based on the weather forecast around the country. high pressure is over north carolina, and as you know, the flow around the high gives us a gusty wind. that's the theme for the past couple of weeks. the winds make some a little bit tomorrow and stay from the east
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return flow and with a trough, there was some rain from louisiana where it's raining heavily in naundz now up to jackson, mississippi and westerns tennessee. yorng there's rains head our way anytime soon. there's a small chance of shores on wednesday. 69 in tampa. 66 in tallahassee, 54 in atlanta, 58 in little rock. not bat all. and dupest are under control. any way you slice nice night and most of the people is good. we're 69 and dew point of 57 east-northeast winds around the country. there's moisture you're from the golf producing rain and cold front behind the plains. behind that cold fafrt not too bad. wichita has a 60, and flint is 48 and new york and at 34 degrees tonight.
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all in all, it's pretty good, isn't it? today we're partly clouds and clear. mix of clouds and sun tomorrow. maybe more clouds than sun on wednesday and a small kwhans of a shower 77 as i mentioned. there was a chance of cooling in about a week or so. temperatures stay close to arrive meaning 80ish for the high and 60 to 6 ifrnlt if the election is bringing you down, maybe this will perk you up a little bit. >> we're talking coffee and doughnuts and buggers, all sorts of goodies to get tomorrow just by showing proof that you voted. stay with us. tonight we have the final bro jekzs in the races, and we'll put the candidates to the test and stit down with senator marco rubio, congressman murphy
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you won't get to use the graphics much longer. choosing the next leader of our country isn't incentive enough to vote, how about this? >> freebies. you cast your vote tomorrow and you get to eat for free even score a free workout after you eat the free stuff. you decide. tom johnson shows us what's up for grabs. >> reporter: this election season has been workout for some people, and on election day you can get a free physical workout at gold's gym one time only if you have one of these i voted stickers. maybe when you go there work ouf the free and discounted food and dring by using this as your coupon. prachs you want to start your election day with a cup of hot coffee. download the 7-eleven app and get to your nearest store to get
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you need something to east too, right? show your i voted sticker at krispy kreme for a free doughnut. at lunch quench your thirst at firehouse subs. you get a free medium drink with the sticker. slide into burger 5 for a $5 deal on a sandwich that normally costs eight bucks. it's one beef patty and one veggie patty. >> come before you vote. you're conflicted. eat the burger and weigh it over, and see where you go from there. >> it's not just food or the free workout. there are also discounts on clothes out there on election day. there is a free electoral map you can get. there's a college offering to send you a free pocket version of the u.s. constitution.
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>> just for doing your civic duty. >> i voted a couple of weeks ago and i didn't know i needed to save my sticker to get a doughnut tomorrow. >> if you need a ride tomorrow, uber and lyft offer special discounts and uber teamed up with google. that makes it easier to find your polling place. it's cool. >> for a list of all the freebies mentioned in the story, we have those posted for you on fox 13 >> scott scribbled them down over there, you know. >> one of these days you have to start paying for it. the bucs sign a new wide receiver and specialtyist recently released due to off the field issues. back on the practice field, they have the most recent running back injury and figure out who will carry the rock this week will carry the rock this week everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
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? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? oh, louder ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i wish i was in school.
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i'll stay after class. i'll clean the chalkboard. i wish i was in school. man: school ends, but free lunches for your kids don't have to. the
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the practice squad today. philadelphia released him last week after he was arrested for dui, marijuana possession and out of state firearm. meanwhile, at running back it's a revolving door. anton smith's season-ending injury on thursday night makes him the fourth running back to go down in the last seven weeks, so who is healthy enough to ka carry the ball now? kevin o'donnell has more from one buc. >> right now on the field to practice. among the three are two rookies and mike james who just rejoined the team. he had just 20 carries in the last three seasons, but brings the most experience. >> last year no running backs went down. we was all healthy. this year it's a different story. that's how the game is. >> mark is a sharp guy and did a good job getting ready to go last week.
1:28 am
can't go on everything this week. >> doug martin is recovering from a hamstring injury since being injured in week two. dirk koetter thinks there's an outside chance martin might make it back for the bears. he can't count on martin yet. >> no information for you guys. i'm sorry. we'll have an injury report on wednesday like we're required to. >> the bucs are still unsure who will be in the backfield come sunday against the bears. they already have gone through four feature backs this season, but the one positive a opening holes for whoever carrying the ball. >> i think the offensive line has done a good job. we can definitely play better. we used this little mini bye-week to do a lot of work studying ourselves. we definitely can play better. >> it's not only injuries to running backs that slow down the progress. they have key injuries all over their roster, which is exposing the real problem. a lack of quality depth.
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>> we have good news. jameis winston and mike evans were back on the practice field today. >> thank you so much. before we go, thanksgiving is not quite here, but already disney kicked off the official holiday season. >> never too early, right? today was the return of mickey's very merry christmas party, and every night the gang from "frozen" transforms cinderella as castle they have a new show called a frozen holiday wish. catch it any night through november and december for a certain price. >> it's the only place you find anything frozen in florida, because other than that, there isn't. >> not even in winter. >> there's an ice rink in a hotel. >> we may need something frozen by this time tomorrow night. >> we might indeed. the news keeps on going on and on the news app. "money, power & politics" is
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a.m. election day coverages begin in a few hours. a historic day. from all of us here at fox 13, have a great night. have a great night. >> be sure to vote. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the wonder core smart system. you've seen it all -- miracle pills, crazy workouts, and those unbelievable claims of incredible weight loss. but none of it has even come close to working for you. well, quit wasting your time and money and get the body that you've always wanted now by doing it the smart way. that's r wonder core smart. the wonder core smart is the revolutionary new fitness breakthrough designed to target your entire core like a laser, focusing on your upper, middle, lower abs and your obliques. in fact, wonder core smart is so effective that it's guaranteed to get you the strong, sexy six-pack abs you've always wanted or your money back. but wonder core smart does so much more. in all, it combines six great exercises plus cardio to give


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