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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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this morning- a fox 13 news alert.. donald j. trump will be the next president of the united states. he made his acceptance speech just before three a-m. we have full coverage... of one of the most ?historic mornings, in u-s history. good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay. and the news has just elected its new president. and it's a ?huge shocker for many. many pundits promised a "november surprise"... and donald trump definitely delivered! he defeats hillary clinton in a race that almost ?no one predicted him to win. the decison came down barely an hour ago. and trump addressed his supporters at his election night event in new york city. it would be his first president-elect: "now is the time... runs: 2:33oc: forgotten no longer longeroc: forgotten no runs: 2:33"now is the time... runs:
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and one of the big keys to trump's victory... was the sunshine state. both candidates spent a lot of time here the past year... and both considered it a must-win. and the state turns red for trump... he beats clinton 49 percent to 47 percent. pretty much ?all the bay area picked trump... except for hillsborough county. even pinellas went his way... and he didn't even have a campaign stop there. clinton got the orlando area... and much of south florida... along with the tallahassee area. trump's margin of victory in our
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hillary clinton has still not made any public statements... but she did ?call donald trump a little more than an hour ago. her campaign sent home the crowds at her election night party in new york, just after two a-m. campaign manager john podesta addressed the crowd and told them the party was over... but the ?fight was not: it's still not clear if or when clinton will make a public statement later this morning. we will bring it to you... whenever it happens. there are also reports of clinton supporters holding ?protests at this hour... taking to the streets of several cities across the country. even singer "lady gaga" led a protest in new
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several big races here in florida we need to tell you about. including the race for u-s senate... where marco rubio is keeping his job. he beat democrat patrick murphy... with 52 percent to 44 percent. rubio almost didn't even ?run for re-election. but after he lost his bid for the white house... he decided to come back. rubio celebrated the big win with his supporters in miami last night. he gave a passionate but brief speech where he insisted americans need to heal, no matter what happens in the presidential election: and former governor
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to office. the democratic candidate beat david jolly to take florida's 13th congressional district. it was a close one... crist getting about 51 percent, jolly getting 48 percent. here's fox 13's josh cascio, with reaction from crist's
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and... here are the results from state senate district 18. republican dana young easily beating democrat bob buesing for this ?newly created district. it represents tampa and much of western hillsborough county. young gets 48 percent of the vote. two no-party candidates were so including "joe redner"... who managed just under ten percent of the vote. the sun has set... on amendment one. the controversial solar energy bill did ?not get enough votes to pass. it could only get about 50 percent of voters to say "yes." but it needed 60 percent to go through. the amendment took a lot of criticism in recent weeks... with pro-solar groups saying utility companies were backing the bill... to actually ?restrict the growth of solar energy and raise costs to consumers. critics of the bill say this is good news...
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and even though amendment one failed.... back in august, amendment ?four passed. that will allow tax credits for homeowners who install solar panels. the medical marijuana bill ?did pa the amendment makes medical marijuana legal all across the state... for people with serious medical issues. this amendment was on the ballot two years ago, but failed. supporters say they changed the amendment's wording from 20-14... to tighten oversight. here's how ?both sides are reacting
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here's how this amendment will work: patients will have to be certified by a licensed physician... and get a state-issued i-d card. the department of health will regulate the "distribution centers" where patients would present their card and get their marijuana. and two night. including amendment three which got 83 percent of the vote. it provides tax exemptions for totally and permanently disabled first responders. amendment five also passed with 78 percent of the vote. it provides homestead tax exemptions for certain senior, low-income, long-term residents; determination of just value. and of course there are ?many other local races.. you can see them scrolling across the bottom of your screen right now... and throughout the morning. and we'll also have all the results listed on our website, "fox 13 tampa bay dot com."
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editor craig patrick will even join us in studio starting at seven... to go over all the numbers. in other local news this morning: a tragic crash in st. petersburg. a 72-year-old school crossing guard has died.. after being struck by a suspected drunk driver.((more)) a witness told police the man behind the wheel was driving erratically for several blocks before the crash. and just a few minutes difference could have led to ?more lives being lost. fox 13's shayla reaves is live in pinellas county, with
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later this half hour: some more big election results from last night... from across the country. including several ?more states, which just legalized marijuana. but first... we should get our first ?forecast of the morning... from dave. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40enrk
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time for a quick look at sports this morning. and despite a ?rough season for the rays... there are a few bright spots. including the play of outfielder "kevin kiermeier. and major league baseball just rewarded him for it. kiermaier won his ?second gold glove award on tuesday. the rays centerfielder has made some amazing plays all season long... but he also missed 48 games with two broken kiermaier said receiving the award was quote... "an absolute honor," and he is on "cloud nine." and after winning this award two years in a row... even after battling an injury... you have to add kiermaiers name... to any future discussions about the ?best centerfielders in the game. and the ?not so good news for the rays right now... the ?trade talks have begun.
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every year they lose some big stars... or stars in the making. the top names being tossed around right now... "evan longoria"... and "chris archer." longoria's name seems to come up ?every offseason. and the rays ?usually dismiss the rumors pretty quickly... but m-l-b rumors suggest they ?will hear offers for their star third basemen. there's a lot of interest for pitcher chris archer too... even after his ?rough season. are said to be ?very interested in him. when we come back, i'll have another check on your wednesday forecast.((walter))
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on president-elect trump... the election wasn't decided until two this morning.. and trump spoke shortly after.. we'll have more on his acceptance speech - at four- thirty.. and still ahead: the smoke has cleared... on several big votes nationwide. smoke has cleared... on several big votes nationwide. and there's a new list of smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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in case you missed it at the top of the hour: america has decided... and donald trump will be our 45-th president of the united states. the decision only reached a couple hours ago... while voters and both candidates waited anxiously for trump to edge over the magic 271 number. wisconsin's 10 electoral votes.. and pennsylvania's 20 votes put trump over the top. trump spoke just before three a-m... thanking all his supporters, as well as hillary clinton. he says she earlier this morning. but clinton has still not spoken publicially yet. we could get that speech, later this morning. much more on this historic event thoughout the morning... but first, lets get another check on the forecast from dave.
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((vanessa)) making other headlines across america: a jury in georgia gets back to work today... deciding on whether to convict a father... for ?murdering his own baby. the toddler died... after being left in a hot car for ?hours.
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harris" told police he forgot to drop off his 22 month old son at daycare and drove to work, forgetting the boy was in the backseat. but prosecutors say harris ?intentionally killed his son, so he could escape his family responsibilities. jurors began deliberating yesterday, but were dismissed early so they could vote in the election. in other national headlines this morning: a big win for marijuana. four states... including florida... approved it for ?medical use. and several more states just legalized it for ?recreational use. that includes voters... who approved proposition 64. anyone 21 years or older can now legally possess up to an ounce of pot.. or grow up to six plants in that state.((more)) other states legalizing ?recreational marijuana: massachusetts... which will now regulate marijuana just like alcoholic beverages. that state will also create a commission to regulate marijuana. and ?nevada approved recreational marijuana as well. that state will allow anyone 21 and up to possess an ounce of pot
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?favor of recreational marijuana use.. .their new law goes into effect into about forty days. arizona also voted on recreational marijuana use.. but ?rejected the bill. and it wasn't hard for new yorkers to figure out who won last night... all they had to do was look ?up. the empire state building put on an interactive light show... as all the results came in. it started off red, white, and blue... and then tracked the electoral votes for each candidate. eventually, it displayed still ahead in our next half hour: much more on trump's historic victory... and another look at all the local winners. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in pinellas county... with the latest on a tragic death,
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good morning and welcome to good day tampa bay at 4:30. and while you were sleeping... america elected a new president. "donald trump" is our president-elect. it's president-elect "trump" made his victory speech around 2:45
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