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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen and i'm jen epstein... this morning.. america is waking up with a new president-elect.. on january 20th, 2017.. donald trump will take over from president barack obama -- as the 45th leader of the united states.. this is the reached the 270 electoral votes needed earlier this morning.. by taking the state of pennsylvania, and wisconsin.. trump also took some suprising victories here in florida, ohio, and north carolina on his path to the white house.. surrounded by his family... president-elect trump took the stage at his headquarters in new york city... to give his first speech as the next president of the united states... at the hilton in mid-town manhattan.. trump promised a roaring crowd of
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as for hillary clinton.. she called to congragulate trump earlier in the night... trump said that the country owes her a major debt of gratitude" for her service.... the sentiment was a far cry from his usualy heated rhetoric about the democratic nominee.. who he often said should be "locked up".. clinton didn't publicly address the trump win last night-- instead-- her campaign chairman "john podesta" announced her campaign would have nothing to say about the race.. only adding that clinton was quote-- not done yet. (walter) of course, florida played a huge role in trump's historic win. russell joins us in the newsroom with a look at how things played out in the sunshine state. (russell) trump had to have florida, and he got it... he of course did well in rural parts of the state, but also along the i-4 corridor and tampa bay... let's take a look... -one of trump's keys to winning was pinellas county .... he beat hillary clinton by
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pasco county by a wider margin than mitt romney did four years ago... -overall in tampa bay, trump won 150-thousand more votes than romney did four years ago. -exit polls showed a large number of voters wanted change. making trump's win even more remarkable in florida is how hillary outspent him by tens of millions of dollars and had seemingly better organization here. thanks russell.. we'll have much more election coverage in just a moment.. but first -- weather and
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(dave no closed captioning is available for traffic. now back to the election... so what will a trump white house be working with? congress will remain in republican control next year.. with democrats only making small gains... right now -- republicans have 233 seats.. democrats 175.. under a donald trump presidency.. a republican congress and white house could attempt sweeping rollbacks of things like obamacare and the nuclear deal with iran... one of the few seats that the democrats ?did manage to pick up.. was right here
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will get his second shot at politics in the sunshine state -- after beating out david jolly in the 13th congressional district.. during his victory speech at the don cesar in st. pete beach --- crist thanked supporters.. and pledged to bring civility to washington.. he says he was humbled by the win and knows he has a lot of work ahead of him. crist says he looks forward to working with a trump presidency.. he also addressed david jolly - saying even though they were opponents.. they were never enemies... as for the senate.. republicans also held onto their slim majority last night... wins for incumbent candidates in missouri, indiana, pennsylvania, north carolina
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another stinging blow to democrats... fox news has the current balance of power at 50-47 in the g-o-p's favor.. their slim lead will still be an advantage.. as the controling party gets to confirm the supreme court justices.. in florida.. senator marco rubio may have failed in his bid to end up in the white house.. but he's still going back to washington.. florida voters have re-elected him to a second term in the senate.. placing him there for six more years.. he beat out democratic congressman patrick murphy.. at a victory party in miami -- rubio began his speech by saying: "this is a lot better than the last time i did one of these".. rubio then thanked murphy for a good race, and told the crowd.. he looks forward to what murphy has to acomplish in the future.. this is an extraordinary place, florida. it is the collection of all the greatest things that make us the greatest nation on earth, of people who have lived here for decades, of the descendants of slaves, of the children of immigrants... florida's america and it's such an honor to be able to represent this
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as for patrick murphy.. he had received endorsements from clinton and president obama... but it wasn't enough.. his loss in the senate race also dealt a blow to democrats in congress.... republican "brian mast" beat out democrat "randy perkins" in murphy's old seat.. several constitutional amendments.. were also on the ballot here in florida.. for amendment one -- the sun has set.. the often controversial solar energy bill didn't get the amount of votes it needed to pass.. only managing 50 percent.. of the 60 it needed to get through.. criticisim from pro-solar groups ramped up against the bill in recent weeks.. saying utility groups were backing it -- to restrict the growth of solar energy.. the florida firefighters union -- one of the bills biggest backers -- also pulled their support just days before the election.. as for amendment two.. medical marijuana is now legal in the state of florida.. for people with serious medical issues. the bill garnered 71 percent of the vote last night.. under it -- patients will have to be certified by a licensed physician... and get
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"distribution centers" where patients will present their card.. and get ?legal marijuana... the same bill failed in 20-14.. as for the other two amendments on the ballot.. both of them passed by a wide margin.. with 83 percent of the vote -- amendment three provides tax exemptions for totally, and permanently disabled first responders. amendment five also passed with 78 percent of the vote. it provides homestead tax exemptions for certain senior, low-income, and long-term residents.. ((jen)) we've been following the election for what seems like a life-time.. and this morning -- we have an ending.. donald trump will be our next president.. but how do people feel about all of it? fox 13's alcides segui
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president elect donald trump there reassuring jittery u-s allies this morning.. assuring he will work fairly with everyone.. but are the american peoiple reassured with what a trump presidency holds for the future? the winners were eager to shake up the establishment.. while clinton supporters will be left frustrated.. some saddened by the way things went.. live at tampa international this morning.. is fox 13's alcides segui.. hey alcides.. simon breheny / donald trump supporterbreheny says: "it's a huge surprise here in florida, of course. this is a huge state for trump, he had to win it to win the presidency. he's done that but he's gone even further than that. the rust belt has delivered in spades for trump and that's been a really significant part of his victory."
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when we come back.. there's still plenty of news happening around the bay area today.. shayla reaves is following a developing story in st. pete.. where a crossing guard was hit.. she'll have the latest.. (walter and kudos to kevin kiermaier.... the
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espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. happening today.. the driver responsible for hitting and killing a 72-year-old school crossing guard is expected to make their first appearance in a pinellas county courtroom today.. here with the details.. is fox 13's shayla reaves.. she joins us live from the scene of the accident.. where a small memorial has been
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a blown tire is being blamed for a deadly three car accident on i-75.. that killed two people. state troopers say both people tuesday were in the same car. investigators say a back tire blew on one of the vehicles.. causing the driver to lose control and hit a car in the center lane... causing it to overturn. a third vehicle then hit one of them. the interstate was closed for about five hours while troopers investigated and cleaned up the scene. the ride-sharing controversy in hillsborough county could finally be over. transportation commissioners will vote today on a temporary operating agreement to make uber and lyft ?legal. "uber" and "lyft" have tentatively
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checks..but that does ?not include fingerprinting. congratulations, kevin kiermaier. he has won his second gold golve in a row. and the victory is extra sweet.. considering he missed 48 games this past season with broken bones in his hand. the gold glove means kiermaier is the top centerfielder in the american league.. it was voted on by managers and coaches.. kiermier said winning the award is an absolute honor. ((jen)) the big story this morning - the presidential election.((walter)) trump's win is the biggest
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we'll hear from the president- elect... he spoke just a few hours ago... and we're live with what local voters are saying about this unprescedented outcome.
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good morning everybody.. i'm walter allen and i'm jen epstein.. the 20-16 presidential campaign was a historic race... with tense moments all the way to the last minutes of election day... but after hours of close vote counts.. and consecutive upsets favoring trump -- the republican nominee emerged
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hillary clinton didn't have much to say about the results of the election.. in fact the former secretary of state didn't make any comment at all.. instead.. her campaign manager-- john podesta-- announced her
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his speech-- donald trump said clinton did call to congratulate him.
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house speaker "paul ryan" called both trump and pence overnight to congratulate them. they've had a testy relationship during the campaign. earlier in the night, ryan won his own bid at re-election. during his victory speech he
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this is ryan's ninth win in congress. despite big republican wins on the night, ryan will probably face some opposition within his own party to retain his leadership roll. and there's a new sheriff in maricopa county, arizona. democrat police sergeant paul penzone defeted republican joe arpaio. arpaio served the county for 23 years... his reign bias against latinos. penzone ran against him in 20- 12... but failed to win that election. and some big wins for marijuana supporters across the country. california, nevada and massachusetts all voted in ?favor of recreational marijuana. that makes recreational marijuana legal in those states for people who are 21 and older. by the way, here in florida, amendment 2 was passed making medical marijuana legal for people
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the prospect of a trump presidency is unnerving business people and economists around the world. asian stock prices dropped last night as results started leaning toward a trump win. at one point-- the dow futures dropped more than 700-percent. currently -- they're down 1.8 percent.. or about 332 points.. trump previously threatened to rip up trade deals like the north american free trade agreement. ((jen)) ahead this half hour: continuing coverage of this historic election. will join us... she'll break down the big issues voters want our new president to tackle over the next four years. ((walter and big issues for the bucs. as the second half of the season gets underway, the areas tampa bay neeeds to improve on - if they plan to make a run for the playoffs.
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the world this morning. with most polls wrongly predicting the outcome of the race. fox's lauren blanchard, has more this morning from new york fox's lauren blanchard, joins us live this morning from new york with more.. morning lauren... chyrons:0:12-0:18 donald trump / (r) president elect 0:42-0:46 john podesta / clinton campaign chairman 0:54-1:02 arnon mishkin / fox news decision desk lauren blanchard / fox news correspondent (no on cam) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----((take nats)) fox news calling the race just before trump and his running- mate mike pence took the stage in midtown manhattan ... claiming victory just before 3-am eastern ... trump says: "i pledge to every citizen of our land i will be president for all americans ..." trump trying to appear presidential ... in the moments following his surprise win.trump says: "for those who have chosen not to support me in the past in which there were a few people (laughs) i am reaching out to you for your guidance." hillary clinton calling trump to concede shortly after her campaign told supporters at her rally they planned to count votes well into the morning .. podesta says: "everybody head home, you should get some sleep." most polls going into election night had hillary clinton with a comfortable lead... leaving many who followed the race shocked ... mishkin says: "i think what happened was a lot
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thanks, lauren.... even he's calling it a historic event.. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states... after defeating clinton.. and here with some exit poling data.. is laura moody.. morning guys.. well we all know this campaign has been a bitter one on both sides.. and that was reflected in the issues.. and the rhetoric... and as voters walked away from the polls-- here are some of their thoughts
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the united states.. americans overwhelmingly said the economy was number one on their list.. maybe a little lower on the list than some would expect was immigration.. the topic was highly contested amongst donald trump and hillary clinton supporters. trump campaigned on the promise that he would build a wall between mexico and the u-s.. to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.. he even said that mexico would pay for it.. but exit polling suggests 54 percent of voters.. aren't comfortable with the idea of a border barrier.. this may be the most shocking.. donald trump -- the new president elect.. only came out with a 38 percent favourability rating.. 60-percent on the other side.. as for hillary clinton.. she was also viewed unfavourably.. although less so than trump.. and another suprising number.. when asked if donald trump was qualified to serve as president... more americans said hillary clinton was.. trump only receiving 38 percent of the vote.. clinton -- 52.. incredible numbers considereing trump not only won the electoral vote..
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ad lib toss back no matter which candidate you supported... this election really got voters riled up. as we showed you.... pretty much all of the bay area elected donald trump as their next president. except for hillsborough county.... so how are people feeling about the final results this morning? fox 13's alcides segui is live at tampa international airport this morning.... alcides-- what's the general
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alcides.. it's now 5:??. time to check the forecast with dave. it is 5:??: time now to find out what's happening
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the bucs defense has certainly struggled this year... from.. not enough pass ruch to blown coverages... but the reality is the last two weeks they have face 2 top 5 offenses... and this week, they face the bears - who's offense is now where near that of the falcons or raiders.but there are certainly some concerns... and one is at linebacker, specifically lavonte david's production... he has 25 fewer tackles than he had last year at this point. however david says, mike smith's defense - though challenging to get up to speed on... is actually making him into a more well-rounded backer... here's koetter on number-54:you can catch it all, on sunday right here on fox 13...starting at 10:30am with tailgate sunday. followed by network pregame coverage... then the bears and bucs at 1... then the cowboys at steelers to follow.usf heads to memphis this weekend, still chasing temple...the bulls will need the owls to lose one in order for a chance
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worst teams in the conference; tulane and east vo---- meanwhile, bulls q-b quinton flowers is having a record-setting just 59 passing yards and 79 rushing yards shy of becoming the first 2,000 passing/1,000 rushing player in program history. also just 680 ?total yards shy (with 3 games to go) of matt grothe's single season record.and 5 touchdown passes shy of topping his own record set last year.taggart says, those numbers are a reflection of flowers ability and not just
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((jen)) in ten minutes - president-elect donald trump's acceptance speech.. and the clinton campaign's plans for this morning..((walter)) but first - an average "park check" that turned to to be so much more.. ((walter how a tampa police officer helped a family get off the streets... and is now creating a new future for that family, for generations
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we've reported on the different things and people that law enforcement come across each and every day. but it's one encounter.... that has changed the lives on one family and one tampa police officer forever. and that makes him this week's: extraordinary ordinary! runs: oc: typically, not every guy takes his entire family with him.....runs:oc: when they go to pick out lawn equipment at home depot.runs: oc: but then again... this isn't you're typical situation. runs:oc: john singleton is starting his own lawn care company. it was his dream to do this... his dream now to teach and eventually leave the business to the next generation one day.runs:oc: john also had with him his guardian angel.runs:oc: again... not your everyday average situation. runs:oc: officer lee first
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was just going to notify them that the park was closed and that they had to move on. thats when he saw the 3 children..... and everything changed. runs:oc: officer lee, using his own money, put the family up in a hotel for a couple of nights. then got them into metropolitan ministries. runs:oc: and the community. through donations.... john now has door hangers to advertise his new business.... he has donated bikes and trailers to carry the equipment... and the giving is apparently contagious. runs:oc: and to think... it all started from an officer... who was on a routine "park check" the
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and a special thank you to everyone who donated... for information on how to do that - will be put on my facebook page. you can head there as well if you have an idea - someone or something you think is an extraordinary ordinary! ad lib... ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. race was tight.. and the results took awhile.. but this morning - we have a new president elect...((laura)) donald trump will be the 45-th president of the united states... (laura/take vo) coming up at six - more from president elect trump's acceptance speech.. plus, what we can expect from the clinton campaign ?today.. and - what people around the bay area are saying about the results.. (russell/take vo) and: it will be a tough morning for a community in st. petersburg.. mourning the death of a school crossing guard. this morning - the driver responsible for hitting and killing the 72-year-old is
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>> as i've said from the beginning, ours was not a campaign but rather, an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard working men and women who love their country and want a better, brighter future for themselves and it's a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, back grounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will. >> this morning america wakes up


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