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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> and i can only say that while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. >>russell: donald trump pulling off a historc win. he'll be our next president after sweeping the swing states. >>laura: and a spare for democrats. hillary clinton supporters left in shock this morning. they did not see this happening at all. >>russell: and market concerns. stock prices falling all over the world, even here in the u.s. triple digit losses in some places. hey, everybody. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody.
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morning. we've got team coverage this morning. fox 13 political editor craig patrick is here to talk about the historic election. we'll ask him about hillary clinton and the camp there and what they'll be doing today. >>russell: we'll also talk to geoff simon about the effect on the global markets and the u.s. markets as well. marco rubio's political future and alcides segui will be getting local reaction. >>laura: we start with do election more than a year now. it all comes to this. good morning, doug. >> you've got to imagine the campaign corks were popping here at trump tower last night where trump and his team engineered this amazing come from behind win, defining the polls before claiming victory. >> sorry to keep you waited. complicated business. complicated. >> trump and the rest of america had to wait until some of the
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showed all along, upset and often fiery candidate tried to pose a gracious note for president elect. >> for those who have chosen to not support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> trump just received a concession call from hillary clinton but t campaign would accept the results. >> listen to me. everybody should head home, get some sleep. we'll have more to say tomorrow. >> clinton campaign chairman ptried to send supporters home n what was supposed to have been a party in new york. in washington, outside of the white house, trump supporters
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backers. >> disappointment, that doesn't do it justice as to how i feel. >> but the gop victory goes beyond the white house. republicans defended enough seats in congress to keep control of both the senate and the house, dealing soon president trump a remarkable hand. hillary clinton will speak later this morning. political editor craig patrick here to talk about this historic election. we know it was a late night for you and we're so thankful you're in here this morning. a lot of people are wabing up in shock over this very surprising news. how did the polls get it so wrong? >> let's start with the fox 13 pollster who called before the election. he predicted that donald trump would win. he thought collectively the polling models were off.
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here in the united states. the polls were undersampling a good number of people that don't normally come out w. that you had big changes. in a state like florida, you have hillary clinton who focused a great deal of time and attention on the great state of florida and she won southeast florida, one -- won hillsborough county and orange county. look at this, by nearly 30 points. that was not enough to counter the beating she took, particularly in the jacksonville area all florida panhandle and with this, this map and the turnout model, though the turnout is higher, is very, very similar to what we saw two years ago in the gubernatorial election. rick scott and charley crist. it matches up about county by county and what happened is you had a real thrust of people coming out to vote republican and it was just not enough in the democratic strongholds of the south to counter that. yes, it's close but by florida
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blowout. president obama won here in 2012 by less than 1% and with this, you have hillary clinton, i think regretting a great deal, a lot of decision making here. among other things, not investing more time in other statsz like michigan where it is very close and hillary clinton until the tail end took the state of michigan for granted. even though this was a state reeling in job losses, concerns about manufacturing and strayed deals and on top of that, water supply poisoned by its own government, people losing faith in government turns to a change agent in donald trump. same goes for wisconsin as well. hillary clinton invested very little time there. had she spent more time there instead of trying to encroach in places like texas or georgia where she never had a chance, she could have turned there. fool's gold for republicans, sometimes the polls show they have a chance but they never really do. not this year. hillary clinton dismissed it for
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until the closing days did they invest more time there. i think that cost the clinton campaign as well. >>laura: and you did a lot of analysis last night. if you look at a map of the united states, hillary clinton did well in metro areas, in bigger cities. in the rural areas for a lot of those people, they went towards trump and these are people who don't typically vote, right? >> that's what hillary clinton did and yes, you had a significant uptick in voting among people who don't vote. but when you're angry at government, when you want someone to come in from the outside and shake things up, that's a strong motivator. that's what hillary clinton learned overnight. with this you have a number of states that typically have gone democratic. we showed you the upper midwest but new hampshire in recent years as well. state with a strong independent streak and boy, it is close but donald trump continues to have the edge in that state as well. when you start adding up numbers, look.
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donald trump had a narrow path he had to get there but as it played out, he got every state he needed and then some and it flipped the other way for hillary clinton. we were the first to call florida at 10:06 last night and you started to see which way the story was going well above that. >>laura: let's talk a little bit about now we know we've been watching the congressional races, senatorial races. let's talk about the republican controlled house and senate now. there was a lot of division before support, a lot of republicans who did not support trump. do you see them falling in rank now and getting behind trump in some things he wants to do? >> to a certain extent because they have common goals, repealing obamacare, for example. but there also is a split in republican thinking on some issues like supply side economics and in terms of trade deals where there's a great deal of separation between the republican establishment and
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well. so i think both will feel their way. while they'll publicly say they're on the same team, they'll work together, bet that there will be at least to a certain extent some push and pull behind donald trump to one side in the white house and paul ryan and the republican congress in the other. >>laura: craig patrick, we'll leave it there but talk to you again very soon. thank you. and as craig mentioned, florida was one of the battleground states, must win for either here. trump beat clinton by 1%. there will probably not be a recount. >>russell: trump won almost every county in florida. all but one here in the bay area. hillsborough county was the only exception. up until now, voters there had chosen the winner in 11 of the last 12 presidential races. exit polls show trump had an advantage with higher earning voters plus whites, men and
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with women, younger voters and minority groups. that's almost nine in 10 african-americans in florida. last hour we showed you how donald trump had changed his twitter bio to say president elect. just minutes ago his first tweet since winning this historic election. it says such a beautiful and important evening. forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as never before. and former governor crist is heading to wash 13th congressional district after defeating david jolly. 51-48%. crist grew up here. he considers it a privilege, he said, to represent his home town. >> it's home. this is home. i mean, there's no other way to put it. so it's so meaningful to me because this is the place i've lived for 57 years. it's where i gru up. you know, where i went to elementary school, junior high school and high school.
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>> thank you. >>laura: crist is one of 10 new members to the u.s. house from florida. >>russell: marco rubio is keeping his job. he beat patrick murphy by eight percentage points. he was not going to run for re-election until he lost his bid to be president. he was able to go home early last night, too, declaring victory in miami around 9:00 and our evan is there still this morning. how are you doing? >>reporter: how are you? you know, har c -- marco rubio won his rae in florida sooner than donald trump won the state. that's because marco rubio held on to his pace in miami dade county. he did better than donald trump there which meant there was a bigger margin for marco rubio to play with than the rest of the state and i believe a lot of donald trump voters who came out to support trump in the panhandle likely also gave marco rubio a nice boost of support.
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had a big battle during the primary. marco rubio had some very harsh words for donald trump and the other way around and marco rubio said here at the hilton in miami last night they're going to have very strong disagreements. he will have strong disagreements with whoever the next president is. that was before he knew donald trump would be president and it's interesting because he likely skated at least into office on such a big margin on the coat tails of donald trump. very interesting position. he did speak in very inspiring fashion last night about what this country needs to be and how florida, he believes, represents the rest of the nation. >> this is an extraordinary place, florida. it is the collection of all of the things that make us the greatest nation on earth. of people who have lived here for decades, of the descendants of slaves, of children of
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an honor to represent this extraordinary state. >> you know, russell, i think it's just so interesting that at one point, first marco rubio wasn't running for senate. he was running for president. when he lost his race for president, he said he would run for the senate. and then all of the speculation was, he was just trying to gear himself up for a 2020 run for president. he said he wasn't going o do that, that he pledged to serve well, now it's very likely he's going to serve at least six years in the senate because donald trump, you would have to think at least, is going to have, you know, a better than outside chance of winning the nomination this time. it's interesting to see how this will play out for marco rubio. i love presidential history and you can be an elusive prize for many people. only 45 have succeeded in doing
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out the next several years of his career. >>russell: and it's interesting something you said just now, that the man he ran against may well have helped him last night win so resoundingly. that's something. >> well, yeah. yeah. you know, you think about the fact that this was little marco to donald trump. donald trump went after marco rubio in big fashion and they had a back and forth on the debate stage about things that repeat on the air. it was a very tight back and forth. it's true. they were very -- it was a very difficult race between the two of them. rubio was beaten in florida by 40 points and now rubio is going to serve as a check on donald trump's power in the presidency. yet, he likely went into office because donald trump did so well
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fellows, doesn't it? >>russell: sure does. take care on your way back. >>laura: on to the other election results. lights out for amendment one. it did not pass. controversial solar energy bill fell short of the 60% it needed to pass. it could have meant higher fees on solar uses and it would have kept out companies that wanted to compete with u 'til companies. amendment two, that got the green light. medical marijuana wins it came close to passing two years ago. supporters chose to reword the amendment this time around. also public opinion on medical marijuana has been changing across the country. department of health will regulate the distribution centers to make sure that patients have an i.d. card. that may take another year to happen. florida is the 26th state to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use. >>russell: other two amendments won approval.
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disabled first responders and amendment five gives certain local seniors tax exemptions. you can find them by going to our website, >>laura: and we have much more on the election results, including president elect donald trump's impact on the markets. >>russell: but maybe we need a distraction or two. here is walter with an extraordinary ordinary. >>walter: law enforcement officers, you never know who duty. >> state department going to tolerate children living on the streets. i'll not going to tolerate chirp living on the streets. i had a duty and a desire to make sure that they're in the right place and they're safe. >>walter: a meeting on a routine shift changed the lives of not only this officer but this family forever. that's this week's extraordinary ordinary. dave? >>dave: first time in awhile i got some sprinkles on the radar.
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a lot of it is just falling apart before it makes it to the coastline. less than 20%. the rain chance for today, 68 degrees our current temperature
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>>dave: a little more cloud cover this morning. you see that here with the lakeland net camera. so, you know, on the positive side, not going to get too warm today. the negative side, we need some rainfall. it's been 24 any precipitation at the tampa international airport. that's where the records are kept. other than a few sprinkles today, i don't see it happenig. you're looking west of the river view net camera as well and some cloud cover mixing in with sun. it's a beautiful day. i know we've got more clouds than we had yesterday, but in general, it's very nice and you see a few sprinkles, tiniest of showers. notice they make that push toward the coast and they just fall apart.
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cedar key, probably getting a steady area of some light sprinkles, very light showers. that's where you'll likely see it today. citrus, hernando, pasco, even hillsborough, maybe the tiniest of rain chances but we kind of got them at 20%. 68 in tampa. 68 in st. petersburg. 65 in sarasota. temperatures in the upper 50s for punta gorda and near 63 in lakeland. looks like with a little bit more high temperature. variable clouds. i put sprinkle, shower question mark. chance of rain tonight, the overnight lows near 64 degrees and then for tomorrow, we're going to go back to 80. sunshine returns but you'll notice a change tomorrow going through the weekend as well. humidity is going to get lower and lower. so by veterans day, dew points will be well down in the lower 50s and getting back into the 40s for those dew points this
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upcoming. looking positive, looking forward to the sunshine coming back. okay? >>vanessa: they good. very nice looking forecast. thank you. switching gears here, 7:21 is the time. disabled vehicle here sun city center area. u.s. 301 north of sun city center boulevard and southbound lane is going to be blocked. we do have some delays in the southbound direction trickling down from big bend all the way up to that and please be careful as you head that way. major delays from folks in the manatee county area to sarasota. 75 southbound, a crash reported just south of the university parkway exit is going to be blocking two lanes. most of the two lanes center around university. avoid if you can. a wider look here at some of our other interstates and how they're fairing, 275 south just under 30 minutes to get from
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p275 junction and i-4 and then 5 minutes you'll spend between 75 and the interchange travelling on westbound i-4. >>russell: if you're just waking up, donald trump won the presidential race. state of pennsylvania put him over the top around 2:00 this morning. this is a historic win and it's one a lot of people did not see coming. >>laura: it's sent stock markets around the world into a free fall. we'll ask geoff simon how this may affect first, charley belcher always giving us a smile. >>charley: "good day." i'm at ward's seafood market. this has been here since 1955 but the fish in the case only been here a few hours in some cases. check it out. fresh fish and it's stone crab season. oh, yeah. stick around, everybody.
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y262jy yy6y
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y24zwy y12fy (walter) we've reported on the different things and people
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in people that law enforcement come across each and every day but it's one encounter that changed the lives of one family and one tampa police officer forever. it's this week's extraordinary ordinary. typically not every guy takes their entire family with him when they go pick out lawn equipment at home depot. but then again, this isn't your typical situation. >> making history >>walter: john is starting his own lawn care company. it was his dream to do this. his treem now to teach and leave the company to the next generation some day. >> take care of my family and my grandsons. >>walter: john had also with him his guardian angel. >> perfect. >>walter: again, not your every day average situation. >> once he explained he was homeless, he had just got put on
7:27 am
for his three grandchildren that he had custody over, i thought maybe this was a great opportunity to me to see if i could get them on the right path >>walter: at first he was going o notify the family tha park was closed and that he had to move on. when he saw three children, that's when it all changed. >> it's not something that we can look away from. we're not going to tolerate chdr i had a duty and a desire at the same time to make sure that they're in the right place and safe. >>walter: officer lee, using his own money, got them in a hotel for a few days and then metro pole tan ministries. john has door hangers to advertise his business.
7:28 am
carry the equipment and the giving is apparently contagious. >> i would like to donate that to you today to help you start your lawn business and take care of your grandchildren. >>walter: this started from an officer doing a routine park check that measured out to be so much more. >> yeah. he helped me. and he helped everybody. >> we'll be friends. >>walter: what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a police officer. >> nowadays the way the different communities has been kind of rough, i don't know anyone that i'm working with that wouldn't have stepped up to help them. i'm one of a majority of officers that would have done the same thing for this family. i was just blessed enough to be in the right place at the right time to find the opportunity to help them. >> if it wasn't for this man up here and that ran right there and y'all, i wouldn't be where i'm at today. i might be one of you all. >>walter: special thank you to everyone who donated and for
7:29 am
that, i'll put that on my facebook page. you can also head there if you have an idea of someone you think is an extraordinary ordinary. >>russell: we're continuing to follow the big story this morning. trump upset in race for president. >>laura: we're talking to voters about the historic win. good morning, alcides segui. >>reporter: we're getting local reaction from the folks here at tampa international airport. why tia? we wanted somewhere where it was both republican and
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tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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>> again, it's my honor. it was an amazing evening.
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period and i love this country. thank you. thank you very much. >>russell: trump triumphs. just a few hours ago, hillary clinton called to concede. despite the fact that clinton is currently winning the popular vote doesn't matter. trump has enough electoral votes to win the presidential race. and trump did it by winning the swing states of florida, ohio, north carolina, pennsylvania and wi supporter home around 2:00 this morning. she is expected to speak later on today. >>laura: and just minutes ago, president obama congratulated trump and invited him to meet him at the white house tomorrow. thursday meeting is to discuss the presidential transition and it's the latest in a string of extraordinary developments from overnight that have people all
7:34 am
you've felt like you might be able to get the best gauge for voter sentiment this early in the morning, right? >>reporter: i think so. we found both republicans and democrats and i got to tell you that everyone i spoke with, with the exception of one person, everyone thought they were extremely surprised that trump won last night. one person says, you know, they're very concerned now the house, senate and the president are all republicans and soon, republican as well. so they're very concerned about that, too. so listening a while ago, we spoke to republicans and democrats alike. >> i was completely shocked. yes. very surprising. based on his negative campaign, i just couldn't believe it to be honest. >> we have to accept that. we're sad about some of his character issues. i loved hillary and wanted her
7:35 am
along. >>reporter: that's the one thing that everyone said. we have to learn to get along. we have to learn to move forward and hopefully put this country right back in the right direction and everyone is hoping that trump is that guy. we're just going to have to wait and see. coming up in the next hour, you'll hear from a guy who is a hard core republican, hard core republican that says he knew 100% that trump was going to win. he didn't even watch the coverage last night and he was no won last night. so you'll hear from him coming up. back to you. >>laura: thank you. russell? >> election results have sent shock waves through the foreign markets. even wall street is responding. stock futures were down and they're recovering a bit. geoff simon from raymond james in this morning to talk about the trump victory. >> good morning. >>russell: as soon as it started looking like donald trump might
7:36 am
it's because he's regarded as the outsider? hillary clinton the insider in all of this? >> and he's an untested leader. he has no experience in government so there's nothing to judge and the markets were comfortable. and they are always comfortable with the status quo. but the market really doesn't like surprises and all of the polls pointing to a narrow clinton victory threw the markets off when it went the other way. when the markets get surprised, have a big decline internationally and the futures markets here in the united states are down 2%. i will say they were down twice as much when the direction seemed to be towards trump. they've actually recovered halfway so being down 2% is a recovery in a way right now. >>russell: from what i've been able to read so far this morning, it was his pretty gracious speech he gave, acceptance speech that he gave a while ago and the markets did
7:37 am
they? >> that's the reality. markets are always looking to the future. they're not looking at the present or the past. they're looking to the future and trying to determine whether the economy will be stable or improved in the future, whether business opportunities will be better or improved in the future and if they think that somebody is going to be stable and do things to help the economy overall and the people who make up the economy, then the markets like that but if they think there's some investors get wary and pulmonary away. >>russell: looking forward, some things that donald trump ran on, trade, i mean, issues with mexico, issues with china. i mean, these could all have economic impacts, couldn't they? >> they could all have economic impacts and he'd made some bold statements about ripping up
7:38 am
and earnings and commerce and he's no experience in elected office so people don't have any way to judge actually how he'll perform once he gets on the job. we'll see a little period of uncertainty here. >>russell: and world markets really were reacting this morning. you say a period of uncertainty. any idea how long we're talking about? >> that's hard to say. it's going to be several more months before office. question how long. there was a vote in june for britain to leave the e.u., brexit and the marks dropped about 8% in two days. u.s. markets dropped 8% in two days and recovered in two days. so who knows? it's hard to predict time frames. >>russell: thank you for coming in. thank you for adapting to everything this morning, too. we had to change plans. good to see you.
7:39 am
>>laura: social media exploded with chatter and even with the results in, it has not slowed down. forget snap chat or facebook and instagram. 2016 election was a pure twitter moment. by 11:00 a.m., there were 27,000 election related posts every single minute. the social media platform also teamed up with buzz feed news to bring in live video streams and by posts had been sent out about the election. that's nine million more than election day in 2012 so what were people saying? here's just some of what the a-listers in hollywood are thinking. modern family tweeted i'm taking tonight to grieve for minorities, women, immigrants, muslims and the lgbtq community. tomorrow i'm waking up ready to fight. alex baldwin, theme for 2020. make the white house great
7:40 am
was at the trump victory party last night. he tweeted out, god bless america and our 45th president of the u.s.a. and the new first family. scott bayou said great faith in dpod works. i'm proud to call you president of the united states of america and first lady to melania. many people say the online twitter election was partly because of how active donald trump has been on the social media site but embedded tweets on other sites also bumped up usage. either way the election chatter will not be going soon. >>russell: 7:40 right now. police blame an accused drunk driver for killing 72-year-old crossing guard. victim was hit shortly before students were let out of mount vernon elementary tuesday afternoon and shayla reaves is there and spoke to the victim's family earlier this morning. what a sad, sad story we've got here. >>reporter: yes. and it's something that not only
7:41 am
students, their parents, people in a neighborhood where david roundtree was simply a familiar face. and those who did not know him well remembered even just seeing him waving as they pass nearby. some saying they wish they had stopped to speak with him or thinking about the things that they never had a chance to do now after losing 72-year-old david roundtree. so right now you're looking at some pictures of him. he had been a crossing guard for him best say he's someone that they looked forward to seeing here near the intersection of ninth avenue north and 45th street north every day. he always greeted the children with a smile. he always had something kind to say. some children telling us one of the things they'll remember most is him sometimes telling them a joke before they crossed the street on their way to school every day. but the thing that we heard over and over again from the
7:42 am
protected knowing that mr. roundtree was here and would be looking out for them every day. it was just yesterday afternoon right around 2:30 in the afternoon when saint pete police tell us that a driver, now identified as 21-year-old charles walton, lost control behind the wheel, struck another vehicle, struck mr. roundtree and kept going and ultimately struck a school crossingig a stop. mr. roundtree was ultimately transported to the hospital but did not survive his injuries. this morning we spoke with his wife. she described how she wants the community to remember her husband. >> i want them to remember him as a good man, a good crossing guard for the kids and he did what he do best. that was his life with the children out here.
7:43 am
>>reporter: she tells me she and her husband had been married for 22 years and he was sell briting his 73rd birthday this upcoming monday, november 14. the picture you're seeing there on the screen, this is a picture of an officer who tells me he works this area. he described mr. roundtree as a familiar face, someone he saw in the area all the time. in fact, just yesterday that officer said he was stop just down the road when he received a call about a wreckless driver. as he made his way down the roadway, before he could even pursue that driver, look for that driver, he came upon mr. roundtree and stopped to help him. he couldn't do enough. ultimately mr. roundtree was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. we'll continue to keep you posted and continue to share the stories that we're learning out here as kids make their way to school this morning and crossing
7:44 am
remembered. back to you. >>russell: talk later. thank you. dave? >>dave: a little bit of cloud cover this morning. other than that, another great start to the day. i've got some sprinkles in the gulf, but that should not be a bother to the majority of us. we're getting back to upper 70s for today. drier air settles in for the weekend which we'll talk about in a few minutes. right now, i want to see what jennifer epstein is up to this morning. >>jennifer: for thousands of bay area families, can be a sad, stressful time of the year but help is out there. thanks to metropolitan ministries and their hope is here campaign, coming up, i'll let you know how a small
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>>dave: there's the cloud cover streaming through this morning. i think that what this will do
7:48 am
temperatures in the upper 70s for today. not a big deal. i don't think we're going to get a lot of this. we do have a few sprinkles that will try to make their run toward the coastlne so north of tampa, maybe one or two tiny sprinkles but the overall rain chance is going to run less than around 20%. 68 degrees on this wednesday morning in tampa. 63 in crystal river, leesburg, lakeland. mid 60s all the way to have some cloud cover today, i think what we're going to do, keep temperatures just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. variable clouds. we'll go 78 for a high this afternoon. then for tonight, we'll start the clearing process again. overnight low near 64 degrees and tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day. we'll get back up close to, if not touch 80 degrees but the difference is, it's going to be even drier for tomorrow.
7:49 am
winds shifting to the southwest today at 10 knots, seas running two feet with a light chop. the next seven days, smooth sailing through the weekend. we have veterans day on friday. we have 78. then saturday and sunday, maybe a little bit more cloud cover early next week but notice temperatures staying in the 70s. >>vanessa: all right. thank you. right now we have sky fox checking out the area of nebraska and skipper where we have a crash. good news is it's not have some blockage affecting turn lanes in the center median. i think you might number for some minor slowdowns, maybe as folks pass by to take a look. we want to get back to the sarasota area of manatee county. we have lots of delays southbound here along 75, building since our last check here on the crash just south of the university parkway area. two lanes are still blocked and heavy delays back from the area all the way now to, looks like to me, 64 is going to be that
7:50 am
please continue to avoid that stretch. lakeland drivers, just a safety concern. disabled vehicle reported memorial boulevard. left lane is going to be blocked. we'll get over to jen now. what are you up to today? >>jennifer: good morning. you know, bay area families have been getting help from metropolitan industries for 44 years. metropolitan industries hopes to help about 18,000 families in and christmas holiday this year. and it all starts here at the holiday tent. that's where we are this morning. they just opened up their doors about a week ago, last thursday. not open yet. it opens at 8:00 this morning but there are some changes happening with metropolitan ministries and the holiday tent this year. good morning. thanks for being here. >> good morning. thanks for having me and thanks for being here. >>jennifer: it's quiet in here right now but i'm sure once 8:00 happens, it will be packed with
7:51 am
you know, we're so excited for the holiday season with the new location, thanks to the tampa housing authority, we were able to secure this location right here in beautiful downtown tampa at cass and nebraska. >>jennifer: that's different from previous years. we should mention that, right? >> absolutely. we moved from the north end of tampa river walk because they're developing that beautiful area for families to live and now we're here in the heart of downtown at cass and nebraska so families can come here and find hope for the here. >>jennifer: campaign is called hope is here. why choose that phrase? >> it's the be hope here and we're here to come together at a time when the country a little divided. this is an equalizer for families to come, no matter what background you're from, to join together for the community and lift each other up. >>jennifer: and people shouldn't come here and just pick up some food they need. they have to register first, correct? >> that's right.
7:52 am
across the street or go online and learn more about the locations and times they can register. >>jennifer: we put that website on our website, you can just go to the seen on tv section and you'll find a link there. coming up in the 8:00 hour, we'll talk more about this box of hope and how just a few dollar donation can help provide food to a family in need. time to check in with charley belcher. let's see what fun stuff he's up to this morning. >>charley: i'm in cle ward's seafood market that's been here since 1955 and in the last little segment, i showed you the fresh fish case down there but what they've got different here is this. look at this case. fresh, hot meals you can grab and go. my goodness. look at that. seafood lasagna. are you kidding me? well give you a history lesson.
7:53 am
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let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >>charley: "good day tampa bay." i'm charley belcher from clearwater, corner of mlk and belleair to be exact. ward's seafood market, stood here since 1955. three different owners, the last one being this man here. rob being the last owner for 26 years. amazing to think three owners. what a classic place of business for the city of clearwater for, gosh, 60 years plus.
7:56 am
for a long time. the thing about us is the quality we've always held here, buy directly from the local fishermen, cut the fish fresh right here. but me myself, i work for the second owner for about five years so i learned the business from the second owner and he kind of taught me a lot about everything to know about this particular business. it was nice to know the customers, being in the right place at the right time and 26 years ago, me and my wife michelle >>charley: good for you and how is business? how has it been? does it's been a thriving business, growing every year. >>charley: great. >> phenomenal help, employeewise here. they treat our customers fantastic. customer service is everything we're all about here. but every year it's been growing and growing. it's hard to handle sometimes with the growth. >>charley: that's a good problem to have. >> yes. >>charley: from fresh fish to
7:57 am
we'll explore all of it this morning. it's kind of full service. >> absolutely. we have grown this. this is at five add-ones if you want to call it, starting it used to be nothing but fish. then we went to the kif en area, take-out only and then we put a thing in there for the hot food. >>charley: nice. all right. we're going to continue to explore ward seafood market. stick around. all the national, local, amendments, everything you need.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
trump/ more victory speech (vo/nats/sot) 7 ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, donald trump! 12 ny/ trump hq/ supporters cheer (vo)12 cheering 17 trump/ victory speech (vo/sot) 1:38-1:43i pledge to every citizen of our land that i ladies and gentlemen the next president of the united states, donald trump. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all of ame from tampa bay's number one news station, bay. we thank you for waking up wednesday november 9th we've got lot of election coverage to get top let's get to dave first. he's outside. going to be another beautiful day good morning. indeed. you know realliomy difference some cloud cover today. and evening though we've got a few sprinkles trying to make it


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