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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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trump/ more victory speech (vo/nats/sot) 7 ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, donald trump! 12 ny/ trump hq/ supporters cheer (vo)12 cheering 17 trump/ victory speech (vo/sot) 1:38-1:43i pledge to every citizen of our land that i ladies and gentlemen the next president of the united states, donald trump. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all of ame from tampa bay's number one news station, bay. we thank you for waking up wednesday november 9th we've got lot of election coverage to get top let's get to dave first. he's outside. going to be another beautiful day good morning. indeed. you know realliomy difference some cloud cover today. and evening though we've got a few sprinkles trying to make it
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making its way on shore. you've got a few sprinkles north of tampa. i've got temperatures this morning, at least right now in the upper 60s for tampa. back to st. petersburg, mid to upper 60s inland. i think what we'll do top it off in upper 60s for today. we'll get back to 80 tomorrow but also be dryer. more on your weekend outlook in a little bit. all right. we'll see you then, dave. thank you. 8:0 one on roads here. we're watching two notable incidents going on along 75. bo viewing area. we'll start off with most serious one. definitely lots of red here southbound 75 through manatee county. this crash is lingering here into our 8 o'clock hour. just south of university parkway now single lane is blocked solid delays to state road 64 moderate day delays back to 30 one. please avoid if you can if not plan for plenty of extra time here. meantime bit further north. good news no delays here. but there's reports of a lane block or two. southbound on 75.
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overpass. like mentioned i don't think you will be too slow in this area you do want to use caution. i've just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us. it's about us. on our victory. and icon grat lated her and her family on very, very hard fought campaign. i mean she, she fought very hard. >> and with that history is made. and we have a new president-elect trump what many are, calling an upset business man will a become 45th president. he will move out trump tower into white house come january 20, '20s 17. it would not have happened without florida. the initial numbers showed he was down in the early and absentee vote. but that changed dramatically
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shocking, and a surprising turn of events these are just some of headlines today. >> poll after poll over the last few weeks show the former secretary of state hillary clinton was most likely going to walk with the most electoral votes. that is not how it turned out. so what happened? we're going to bring in fox 13's political editor craig patrick to explain how all of these predictions could have turned out so wrong. hey good morning. that's a good question. before out that our polster matt to you rewas ranked third most accurate in the nation throughout the primary cycle time and time again. i want to go back oh money, power & politics, friday night, and then again on monday night before the election, our fox 13 polster matt tower rei'm one polster who put the odds in favor of donald trump winning. monday night trump will win the election. the polls have been poorly weighted and under weighted the massive turn out of demographic
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republicans and more importantly donald trump that includes white voters, older voters and men. so yes while our polster predicted this, you're right, collectively the polls were way off on this. we had another version of brexit playing out in united states. so what happened here? let's start with hillary clinton doing very, very well among hispanic and latino voters. that was much hyped by the national media. i think what was missed in that is those hispanic voters did support hillary clinton. but a strong plurality of those were voting for donald trump. and you combine that with turnout of white voters across the nation and early voting most certainly in state of florida just off the chain. you had massively higher turn out for that demographic than you did in 2012. it certainly showed in state like florida if you look at the map, yes, once again, hillary
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orange county. this is a bit of an anomaly. hillary clinton wins by 25 points in orange county. moving largely by a strong turn out of latino voters. but you have turn outs of conservative in particular, white working class voters all along the panhandle. in massive numbers. it reflected the turn out margins were greater. and very similar margin to what we saw in 2014 when it was rick scott and charlie crist. there weren't enough democra of the state to account for the beating that hillary clinton took across the rest of the state. then you look at state like michigan. why were polls off here? first of oh you didn't have early voting to go by in state like this. and you had a lot of factors in play here. like the flint water crisis like job losses, like deep concerns about trade deals that changed the turn out mix. and the polls collectively failed because you don't know exactly who is going to turn out.
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what happened in 2012. based in 2008. what we knew coming into this, this was a very different kind of year. and with that you had to account for the possibility of very different results. it wasn't just our polster matt tower. l.a. times u.s. sc survey consistently put donald trump ahead of hillary clinton. so the polsters are making guesses. they are educated guesses but guesses nonetheless in terms of who actually will go out and cast their ballots and with we have a new darn day not just in florida but across the nation. okay. craig stick around a little bit more later on. thank you. >> and just moments after the announcement the donald trump won demonstrators took to streets of san francisco to protest. at the set trash cans on fire in middle of the street. they even started marching down the middle of the street with signs in hand. some local businesses had broken windows and some minor damage because of protesters. but a different scene in miami.
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streets. raising the american flag and cheerilying as it was announce he was going to be 45th president. asecured his place in history next four years in white house thanks to florida 29 electoral votes. lot of mixed reaction that donald trump is our new president-elect. we send alcides segui to how they feel. good morning, alcides segui. pgood morning. mixed spoke some people most the folks i spoke with say they are very surprised of the outcome that trump beat clinton last night with that said, they are optimistic. theory hoping trump will lead this country in right direction. let's listen in to what they said. >> i was hopeful that he was going to win. so i'm happy. i'm very happy. i just hope the country will
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country. that's what i'm hopeful for. i think it's great, man. republican, i believe, i believe he loves his country. i think he's going to do a good job. we are you shocked to see he won? >> no. >> and to be honest he was only one that was not shocked. i have been in contact with the director of care, council on american islamic asurprised but he's very concerned that trump is going to lead this country for the next four years with that said he's not only one, just about every democrat i spoke with this morning same exact thing. everyone hoping he will steer this he will guide this country in the right direction. back to you. >> all right. alcides segui, thank you. coming up an 8:30 how florida voted on two very important amendments. one passed the other failed. and fox 13's shayla reeves is
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killed as school was letting out. shayla, good morning. yeah, good morning to you. today a family and a community are remembering a beloved crossing guard. some described as a gentle giant. today we're talking about the life and the memories of 72-year-old david round tree. we'll have that story for you straight ahead. and i am charley belcher coming from clearwater this from ward's seafood market been here since 1955. only three different owners i'm going to get a lesson in cutting up a grouper. hopefully i go away with all ten
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((russell 2shot)) a beloved crossing guard welcome back. 8:12 an about loved crossing guard sitting school sown to keep our kids safe. he would no idea it would his last day. police say he was hit ask killed by a drunk driver just 5 minutes before students were dismissed. right now a memorial for him is
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for us in front of that memorial. shayla, we're hearing from some of people's lives he touched. a lot of people are grieving this morning. >> a lot of people are grieving we've seen neighbors well children described him a being a familiar face not only in morning but in the afternoon as they made their way to mount vernon elementary school. this is someone who co-worker are supervisors a gentle giant. he was someone who had smile and a chance to know him personally. we are talking about 72-year-old david roundtree. you can see him there on your screen. and he was someone who took his job seriously. his family told us he enjoyed children. he enjoyed helping kids. working for his community. ooern today, the stories that you're hearing from people who
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ninth avenue north and 45th street north. they've come. they've left flowers. messages each one almost in tears as they talk impact they had on kids right here in area. one of the children who described him as familiar face took a moment to speak with us as she stopped by with her mother to leave a message. here's what she had to say. >> always smiling and he would just a high 5. he would make us smile. >> and how safe did you feel knowing that he would be here >> i felt really safe because he would always make sure every car stopped or every even if every person got across street he would always make us get of oh off our bikes to get off street so that even we fell we wouldn't get hurt. >> and right now, crossing
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intersection that was handled by david roundtree for several years i'm here with yolanda st. pete police department. cross thing guards play instrumental role in communities they serve. he talked about that and what's here today to help the kids. so important for children to have someone here that they can count on mr. roundtree was here for three years every more thanking he lives a couple houses away he took lot pride for what he did for kids here. we knew there uld a lot of big but traffic enforcement team is out here. a reminder for folks they have to slow down when they reach school zones. look how quickly speed and not paying attention can cause a tragedy. all right, thank you so much for your time yolanda. again, we will continue to follow throughout the morning and keep you posted as we learn information and hear some stories about a crossing guard so many say they came to know and love in the last three years. reporting live here in st. pete,
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>> that's touching to think about how many lives he changed just by being where he was all right shayla, thank you. >> let's get outside. dave's enjoying a little out there this morning. so interesting. if i had to pick day like okay, it's not going to greatest day in next seven it will be today. but still beautiful outside. only reason i zeta because we do have some cloud cover around the cloud cover kept us mild. we're kind of sitting a degrees first thing this morning. we've got tampa's in upper 60s. st. petersburg, then mid 60s throughout rest of hillsborough pinellas county where they actually have couple sprinkles just off the coast there. 68 degrees in venice. inland mid to upper 60s as well. you start to see this weak disturbance trying to ride through the area. there is the chance that tiniest chance less than 20 percent you get a shower north of tampa
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times. what that will do is kind of limit our high temperatures. so instead of sneaking back to lower 80s, we'll keep it in upper sfants. that's only real change from yesterday. so really still a nice forecast. clearing late tonight. with an overnight low of 64 degrees. 80 tomorrow. but you're going to notice tomorrow, even drier than today. and that drier air extends easily through the weekend. we've got veterans day the weather looks spectacular. we'll be in upper 70s for friday, for saturday, and for sunday. okay. all right dave, thank you. >> we'll switch greaser. we'll get to roads here. i-4 is where we're looking live right now traffic stacking up in area mlk, jr. boulevard while you're here you can see in emergency striping we do have remnants of an earlier vehicle crash that right travel lane taking up a couple minutes ago. it you're heading that way,
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minutes to get our i'm sorry 19 minutes to get from 75 to 275. ten by the way is time if you're traveling north on 75 between selman and fowler. those folks coming from pinellas heading to hillsborough don't see any big complaints on your morning drive. we don't have any incidents with lane blockage report. travel times haven't hit very congested range quite yet. we do have a crash reported riverview area it will be causing lane blocks use 301 at sims road and most of our delays here in direction. avoid or plan extra time heading this way.
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good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming coming to you from clearwater. on this corner you will find ward seafood market been here since 1955. only three owners in all of that time. rob's owned it are two 26 years. all about fresh fish as many varieties as you can get off the boat whatever i get my hands on that's didn't quality what is we'll sell a ward's seafood.
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they can buy whatever they want right showcase. we're cutting up showcase to put out. it never makes showcase people say what are you cutting over there can i get some of that how fresh is that? ain't going to get any fresher than that. let's pull something out of case. and a cut a little grouper. cream of the crop right there. when was that swimming? that was caught on monday and brought to me yesterday. i'm not very good at this. that's why you're here, charley. i'm going to teach you. >> i'm going to cut the first side give you a little demonstration with what we're dealing with. pull that back right there. cut up around the head. down the back. right along that backbone. right along that backbone. okay. i used to go fishing all the time with my boss. whatever he would catch we would
8:23 am
me filets to go home, because i would mutilate it if i did this. now it's all about that filet. nothing really goes to waste here. even like, whatever byproduct you sell to crabbers. what you're seeing right here the byproduct, the back bones and head nothing ghost to waste stone crab guys will buy it lot of my customers come and buy these because they want to make fresh soup. okay. make their that. you succeeded. that's it. big old grouper filet. pretty much all i've got to do take that ask kin it i'll do real quickly here for you. that's a sharp knife right there. a nice little long knife right there. a real tight on skin right there. who wants grouper for are lunch now. look at that. doesn't get any fresher than that. you know you did that so
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that gave its live for warding seafood market. i tell you what. when we come back, what i am going to do what to learn to do is get into stone crabs as easy as possible. this happens be to family owned business. your daughter will come in and help us crack into stone crabs. i will bring my daughter in. stroen crabs. see russell and laura, here's the thing. if you waste so much time talking and you run out of time in your segment you don't have to pro knife. >> all right. there's always that. >> just barely. i filibustered myself. there's always that. we'll see you later. all right, bye. all right. there were a few surprise and some local races. coming up 8:30 we will take look some of those results and evan axelbank is in miami where the rubio comb pain celebrating big victory this morning.
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he's got six more years. the question now is he we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese.
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every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. president-elect donald trump
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years an positive note he made some big promise moments after learning he will spend next four years a commander in chief he plans to fix the veterans administration and make sure oh military is contain carry of. he also says america will no longer settle for anything less than best and plans to work closely with foreign countries. says his administration will seek common ground not hostility. only time will tell what will happen to the promises he made on campaign trail. those include building a wall between u.s. and mexico. he days will be dedicated to tax reform illegal immigration and repealing the affordable care act. >> taking look some florida races marco rubio, man who ones faced donald trump in the presidential primary ended up keeping his seat in senate. florida voters have reelected him to service a second term in senate placing him there for another six years. rubio defeated democratic challenger patrick murphy evan
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everyone last night announcement not exactly a surprise. certainly good nose for the gop, yes? >> well yeah. i mean it's good news for gop. you think about it marco rubio at first was not going to run for reelection to the senate after he lost his race for the presidency to donald trump. of course here in florida, that was capped off by a 40-point stinging defeat to donald trump here in marco rubio's home leader you're going to be crucial if you we want want to keep united states senate. so marco rubio did some soul searching got back into race how he kept good on his part of that pledge. republicans kept a senate marco rubio is part of the majority that they are going to enjoy over the next several years. and you know he did say that he would have strong reservations on some of the that things donald trump wants to do. he said that whoever gets elected tonight, meaning last
8:31 am
strong disagreements with that person. so it's going to be very interesting to see the role that marco rubio plays. obviously he's highly visible. what stance does he take on different things donald trump wants to do? but it's interesting, because in politics makes such strange bed fellows, rubio likely skated on such a big margin over patrick murphy because of the margin of donald trump had here in the state of florida. he miami dade county but likely donald trump helped him in places like panhandle. marco rubio here won this race by eight points. polls obviously wrong and all kinds of dft ways only showed him with two or three point edge. very convincing win for marco rubio. good win for him. solidifies him as crucial member of republican senate majority. you know, laura i have to say that this is a big moment here for marco rubio in his career.
8:32 am
be you know the senate, let's face party or same party or not as the president, they are counter weight to what president wants to do. it will be very interesting to see how marco rubio plays next several years. >> this is a real moment for him to get back in the game and focus on task at hand. already. i notice it had last night there was talk of him running for president again for the 2020 election. but i think most important thing for him right now is to be a senator. to be in the moment. as you mentioned there was r by the down vote here. the other interestings about this race in particular is republican party was consistent in its support for rubio and it's advertising dem contact party pulled out of that particular race as it related to funding. then got back in game they realized this was closer than they thought. you have to wonder if that played a we will here, if patrick murphy may have had better chance had democratic party stayed behind him. yeah i mean, you know i think
8:33 am
out for reason. democratic party felt patrick murphy wasn't going to have numbers so why not spend their money elsewhere. i think in this case, the senatorial campaign committee likely didn't make a huge impact, maybe he would have maybe they would have helped murphy by a couple points. it's hard to believe that it would have been able to flip the whole thing in murphy's direction. considering what happened around the rest of the state of florida and rest of the country. very convincing win. he clearly had knocked murphy down in polls enough to make democrats think they could win the seat at all. in this case, marco rubio and donald trump go to washington together. it's going to be very interesting to see how the guy who was called little marco during this campaign winds up working with donald trump. of course he called hilary clinton the prospect of her presidency horrifying he wasn't exactly flattering towards
8:34 am
yes, it will be. evan we know it was long day and late night we're we're glad to have you this morning. thanks for being here. >> russell. 8:34. and now to house. florida historically republican 13th congressional district flips from red to blue after charlie crist defeated current congressman david jolly. former governor beat congressman jolly last night 52-48. crist pledged to bring civility to was >> these races are difficult. and they can be tough sometimes. it turned out well for us. but i want to thank david jolly and his wife laura. and while he was my opponent, he was never my enemy. and so i wish them well. i wish them the very best. and during david jolly's concession speech he made point to say politics has change ad lot in last four years.
8:35 am
for marco rubio senate seat that's when senator said he planned to retire after his unsuccessful republican presidential primary then he later refused to endorse donald trump saying he felt abandoned by republican party. and surprising upset locally, former federal prosecutor an true warren narrowly defeated mark ober and now hillsborough county state attorney. only a few thousand votes separated the two. >> also in local election news we have the controversial constitutional amendments. one failed the other passed. florida voters rejectd amendment one. so-called solar energy bill. critics called it misleading and bad for solar energy and for consumers because it would raise cost in end only got fun percent of vote but it needed 60 percent to pass. defeat is major blow to state largest utility companies who poured more than $20 million into backing amendment 2 that passed.
8:36 am
measure passed with 71 percent, well above 60 percent need to become law. specifically allows prescriptions for ten different illnesses, considered serious. similar law failed back in 2014. florida becomes the 26th state to legalize marijuana for medical use. well, as for hillary clinton, she's going to speak 9:30 this morning. she's not said anything yet since trump won presidency around 2 o'clock this morning her campaign manager announced her campaign would clinton was not done yet. but she did call president-elect trump, she will an address staff and supporter outside new york city hotel and yes, good day will carry it live. stick with us. government's across world admit they are surprised next president reacted with stunned disbelief wondering what's next. effects are being felt already and hitting markets internationally and here at
8:37 am
reacting. russell good morning world leaders have lot to say about our presidential election. we will get to that in minute. right now biggest concern financial impact on the this decision. opening bell is going to be a little less than an hour from now. u.s. dollar sank stocks plummets when polls started showing race was closer than anyone expect. mexican peso plunged to lowest point ever as compared to american dollar. the problem investors fear trade turmoil and years unpredictability. however after trump gave his acceptance speech the markets started to stabilize. if they think that somebody going to be stable and do things to help the economy overall, and people who make up the economy, then the markets like that. but if they think there's some uncertainty then investors get was radar they pull their money away that's when you see this kind of volatility.
8:38 am
now asking what's going to happen next. united states is brokered peace for decades foreign ministers are n ur unsure what trump presidency will mean for key and an i ran nuclear deal and a trump has no political background newspapers across uk describe this most extraordinary presidential campaign in modern history a victory that stunned the world and the markets are reacting. russell. all right walter. thank you. okay. get over to dave for look at the forecast. he's outside right now. a different camera completely through me off there. >> that doesn't happen to me. you know why? because i've only got one camera. there's that. i have to be point at the right one. hey, we're mostly cloudy but it's a beautiful start to the day. sweating out here. temperatures are mainly in the
8:39 am
to rain, you see all of these little sprinkles up around cedar key. that's the worst of it. i just don't think many of us are going to get those sprinkles today. less than 20 percent chance. really mainly north of the tampa area. you're looking a mid to upper 60s right now. and i'm thinking with lot of cloud cover that we have around, we'll probably stop our high temperatures today. just shy of 80 degrees. so we'll say about a sprinkle. don't count on it. clearing late tonight seasonable weather, low to mid 60s in most spots. then you're going to be surprise. not surprised but enlightened by this. lower humidity that returns to tomorrow. with that sunshine, yes our dew points scaling back into the 50s tomorrow. your high temperature around 80 degrees. it looks beautiful. all the way through the weekend. veterans day on friday high 78.
8:40 am
and sunday as well with lows upper 50s and lower 60s. time to give away a good day mug #get photos in by going to our facebook page and quick logo half way done left-hand side. i chose this because i love this beautiful sunrise picture. i also just wanted to say do you know where that is, vanessa? in your imagination? >> no, this in polk county. east of lake wales out in rural part of polk county. carolyn thank you for the picture. i wanted to say that on air as many times as could. you certainly accomplished that.
8:41 am
better you than me. i think you said it enough for the both of us. all right. thanks, dave. thanks carolyn for that picture. >> switching over to 8:41. we're in pinellas skyfox checking out new crash here this is reported along northbound 275. it is looking a bit slow. good news is the lane blocks we were seeing several minutes ago cleared out. this crash involve as dump truck area a little bit north of 38th avenue north. everything is now shoulder but as you can see delays are building in that northbound direction we're seeing delay backing up beyond downtown st. pete exits. i think it might be enough you might want to consider u.s. 19 instead. otherwise you're going to be in for slow go. definitely will want to plan extra time here. so we'll move on from there to other congested points. of course you see travel times here on 275 north through westbound i-4 normal delays e - westbound from the mlk area into interchange.
8:42 am
pinellas has crash here. park industry at 62nd avenue north southbound left lane will be blocked probably not big delay concern more of a safety concern. then of course update you on delays we're seeing here in the manatee county area on 75. looks like we actually have two crashes near university parkway now. both of them blocking a single lane. so you will have at least one lane passing here but it is very slow. and delays are still backed to u.s. tough on families some find themselves having to make hard choices. eat or pay their bills. jen epstein tells us how you can make their lives a little easier. hey, jen. guys good morning. 18,000 families. that's lot of mouths to feed. metropolitan ministries is determined to make sure no one goes hungry this holiday season. goes hungry this holiday season. coming up how this box of
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology.
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the bills are stacking up... and you're watching good day tampa bay. you know the bills are stacking up not enough food to make a meal imagine having to tell your children something like that. there's chance you may never have to. but it is a reality for thousands of other people. >> and it's happening more often sadly enough. but, metropolitan ministry hoping to and at least some hunger we sent fox 13 jen epstein to donation tent good morning, jen. good morning guys all it takes couple dollars worth donation to make huge difference for a bay area family in need. metropolitan ministry sent is open 8 o'clock this morning. that means our local residents have until about 6 o'clock this evening to stop by, drop off a food donation or a monetary donation to make a huge difference to a local family in need. it's a box of hope for about $25 is all it takes to help out a
8:47 am
little about a week. air ariel de witt is with us thanks. good morning jen. we've got lot of work to be done in this room right now. you guys just got tent up last week. so, you guys are just making it happen getting boxes together. and people are already stopping by and making donations? >> that's right, jen. yes the tent is open for donations. we're accepting everything from turkeys to cereal to yams and stuffing. emergency that would bring a family joy for thks and you can fill this box and mke that happen. talk to me about one is in one of these boxes. as you can see cereal, we have stuffing. we have the gravy especially a thanksgiving. yams that are so needed for that holiday dinner. and that is what really brings a family joy. it's more than just a box. it gives a family hope for thanksgiving. so this box will provide for $25 if someone donates $25. they can make this whole box full? yes. you're going to get everything
8:48 am
for thanksgiving day and not only that you will get a couple of days after worth of food, correct? that's exactly right. jen you can come down bring items in yourself. or if you'd like to go online and donate $25 to make this box happen, it would feed a family of four for a couple of days. especially with that turkey. of course food is important for the holiday season. but you're not just asking for food donations are you? that's right. no christmas is on its way. it's going to be here before we know it. we need those toys. especially infant learning gifts and the teen gifts. so many times we have lot of gifts for middle children, but teens do need those gifts. i know its tough to choice a toy or product that teen would want. so you said you take gift certificates as well. teens love gift cards they can pick exactly what they want for christmas to bring them join. your goal this season 18,000 families. lot of mouths to feedlot of food to be donated.
8:49 am
absolutely right. we need volunteers now. tent is still under way families are coming on this 17th to receive these gifts. we need volunteers to help us set up for thanksgiving holiday. and of course, going into christmas. so please come and join us at the tent it's a great unifiction of the community. appear big job last 44 years managed to get it done made lot of people in bay area happy. we thank you for that if you want more information on how you can help or get hel metropolitan ministries we posted ling on our website from get out our checkbooks and help the community. that's right. that's what we're here for. do what we can. that's right, jen thank you. >> yeah. >> and now, back to charley belcher. you did a fine job, man. you did a fine job of skirting the issue. of skirting the issue. that i did. that i did. russell how's old folk song go
8:50 am
crabs in the morning. is that how old song goes? is that not how it goes i've got a hammer and stone crabs. season has just begun. they look fantastic. and we're going tell you best way to get a cracking if you
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now at havertys furniture, it's our veterans day preview. where you can create the perfect home. from now until november 14th, you'll save an extra one-hundred to one-thousand dollars. it's our gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from a clearwater and since 1955, ward seafood market has providing freshest of fish to it's customers. family owned business rob is only the third owner of this place. owned it for 26 years. his lovely daughter haley literally grew up behind that counter right over there. >> absolutely. stone crab season so popular, right in people can't wait until october rolls around so they can get their stone they go out the door. haley cracking into them can be a chore. not particularly. fairly easy. look at this everybody needs one these at home. show me, i'm super jumbo guy right there. biggest one we have. i love that. whoa. look at that. oh, yeah.
8:54 am
crack 2. crack 2. crack 3. we get all of that meat. look at that. look at that big piece of meat. you see you juicy that is yummy yummy. so some people like to eat them cold i like them warmed up a little bit. you had great suggestion you do not want to overcook them if you they do they stick to a shell it fully cooked product when we get them in here typically for most part if you want to heat them up you do get it to point where it's hot and overcooks then it will stick to shell. my suggestion you put colander in synch boil water in stove pourly and brings it up to warm temperature. nevers gets to point start cooking again and stick to the shell. perfect suggestion. colander pouring water boom you're done. all right. now, here's a challenge haley that i did not tell you was going to do to you on live tv can you do one without this
8:55 am
i'm going to do it on a smaller scale. all right. basically right in the middle. right in the middle. squeeze hard. oh. yeah. nice. a little messier than machine about l. do. look at that. look at that, wow. can you tell i like stone crabs. that is, that's beautiful. what else do i need to know as fa they are going to be around until may. may 15th as season closes plenty of time for things you like to see right here when when they crack you see juice come out that shows you super fresh product when it has that nice product. you suggest only get them cracked if you're going to eat them that day. we will crack them for you if you want. technically we like to crack them for that day if you crack them today you want to eat them tomorrow, juice is all come out.
8:56 am
product from ward's seafood. nice. >> first stone crab quality of season. we take these put them all over the country. i was supposed to ask you that. i got lost. say that again. you'll ship stone crabs. ten pounds went out yesterday to denver, colorado. you'll have great idea. what great idea. you're eating up all the profits. >> i will see you later, okay. all right, buddy. bye. well, it was an historic night. election season is all over and done with. well, almost. coming up at about 9:30 this morning we're expect to hear
8:57 am
officially concede. we'll bring it to you live. we've got a busy show. lot of dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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:03:15 now its time for america to bind the wounds of division . have to get together. to all republicans, democrats, and independents. across this nation. it is time for us to come together as one united people." 03:34 now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independence across this nation, i say it is time for us people. and with that, a new era has begun. one unthinkable a year ago. a month ago. maybe even a day ago. donald trump has stunned the country and the world. he will become the 45th president of the united states. >> and for the first time since privately conceding race hillary clinton expected to face the nation live later this morning.


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