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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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president-elect donald trump. >> and election rejection, protests in several cities as angry americans refuse to accept trump. >> i don't think it's going to be a cake walk. >> lots of uncertainty over obama care, will trump deliver on his promise to repeal it? >> first up tonight, less than 24 hours astonished the world, reality is beginning to sink in, and after a more than contention elections both sides are trying to heal some wounds. president obama has invited trump to the white house tomorrow. >> already trump has been breved briefed on national security at
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how we reached this point. >> president-election trump struck a gracious unifying tone. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all america, and this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you f we can work together and unify our great country. >> trump has won 279 electoral college votes so far. he has picked up at least four blue democratic states and two are undecided michigan and -- as
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latino votes and he got 49% of college-educated whites as one of the most combative campaigns, he was humble and gracious. >> she congratulates us on our victory and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought >> many democrats disheartened and shocked. and today president obama quickly took the high road. >> you realize that the presidency and vice presidency is bigger than all of us and now we are all rooting for his success in leading the country. >> now comes the real work.
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to some foreign leaders including the israeli prime, and minister and the president of mexico. >> but across the country, protestors have flooded the streets of new york, c today, teachers and students walked out of classes in protest. >> and several dozen people took to the streets of seventh avenue in ybor city. >> the woman who organized this said she was stunned by the racist and degrading words she
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wanted to do something about it. >> their hate and lack of desire to educate themselves on something they don't understand is not going to overpower our create fear in our community. >> the protests were peaceful despite threats of violence on facebook. and during clinton's concession speech she acknowledged how deeply divided we a the key to moving forward is acceptance. >> i still believe in america and i always will, and if you do then we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> hillary clinton was also honest about the pain of defeat. she is only the fifth presidential c candidate in history to win the popular vote
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>> trump will come in with a republican controlled house and senate, only the second time that since 1929 that the gop has hat both houses and the white house. here is how it all played out. democrats gaining just six seats in the house, far shy of the number needed to gain control. in the senate, democts just two seats and that is pending a run-off election. experts say there is still a potential for gridlock because you need 60 votes in the senate to get anything done, but we spoke with our political editor craig patrick who says that the gop is promises a bold agenda.
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big, big goals in terms of tax reform and you can expect the white house and trump to work with or without congress to drive big changes to our trade deals. this is where the president has a lot of power on his own, and we could be seeing some striking changes to how we deal with other countries as it relates to trade. >> something else we could see is a change in health care. from the start of his campaign he has vowed t replace obama care and this month is the start of open enrollment but tonight some people are questions what changing they will see on their health care plans heading into the new year with this president. crystal, what have you learned? >> obama d care is in effect and will be through 2017, meaning every american is still required to have health care coverage.
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concern obama care as we know it is headed out the door. >> it's been a gop target for years. fueled by the campaign trail. >> obama t care means higher prices, fewer choices and lower quality. >> president elect trump vowed to repeal the affordable health care act during his first 100 days in office. >> if we don't repeal and re destroy american health care forever. >> his victory has raised questions about what is next for the health care plan that has enrolled more than 20 million americans. >> if i sign up for background obama carethis week i have a coh a federal government and a third-party insurance company. >> and that count contract willo
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he says wiping out the law won't be a cake-walk. >> there is going to have to be a lot of policy and financial discussion. >> some say that trump and congress could make targeted changing like removing funding for s subsidies and there is alo talk of eliminating employer and individual mandates requiring everyo by law those who don't enroll face a tax penalty. >> they have to determine in their own heads whether paying the tax is going to be a reality or whether mr. trump is going say i'm going to afford everyone an out-of-jail pass so they don't have to pay the tax next year. >> trump proposed giving tax credits to help with
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health insurance companies to sell across state lines. it's hard to tell just yet how people will respond to the upcoming change of power. >> yes, it is, it will be interesting to see how they unravel everything already in the system. and we saw another olive branch today. >> this is a more local issue. are services like uber and lyft here to stay now? them and hillsborough county. >> it's incrementalism to ultimately be se sensitized. >> will the city of lakeland be the next to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana? >> and the weekend is around the
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and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> a a news alert, there has ben
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protest in seattle. the police say several people were shot and at least two have life-threatening injures but police say that they believe the shooting is not related to the protest. and four states voted to legalize recreational use, and in florida medical marijuana was decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana but as josh cascio tells us considering it is about all they did. >> the city of lakeland will not be next. >> tonight the city held a special forum at the lakeland center to hear the pros and cons for reducing the penalty for
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lakeland is a different place from other municipalities and. sheriff grady judd among those in opposition to decriminalization. >> 411 cities, six have created civil citations. what this is, it's incrementalism to desensitive the state, city by city, to ultimately legalize recreational use of marijuana. i believe this is the wrong -- >> our civil infraction policy is smart policy, smart for police resources and for our community and our society. the reason is number one this is a safe and effective substance
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ruined. >> despite what most of the folks in the room wanted, councilmembers decided to hold off saying they would rather let the state legislature handle it and i can tell you the decisions was not popular with the crowd in the room. >> a man's body was found inside a burning home in tampa and now they are trying to figure out how he died fire. once inside they found the body of 44-year-old rafael soto gonzales, and a number of agencies including atf are now nfts gating. investigating. and there will is an agreement that will keep uber and lyft
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settlement. a sticking point had been fingerprinting the drivers. that was removed and in its place, it means that drivers will have to get a background check, and they will also have to have their vehicles pass a check >> today we were mostly cloudy with sun shine southeast of tampa bay. we were near 80's for highs and a canopy of clouds came in as expected from the gulf, but there were a couple of sprinkles and that was it. the average high is now below 80. way back on april 7, we'll come
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friday where a high gets below 80. and now between the end of now and last year it was tough to get below 80. the last rainfall, october was pretty dry, 1.55 inches in the rain bucket and it's then 25 days now since the last recorded rainfall at tia. october 15, we had a weak cold front is trying to go by. the air mass behind the front is cooler and certainly dryer. a combination of high temperatures near 80 and dewpoints in the upper 40's and low 50's that's a nice com bow , and i think the weather starting tomorrow and lasting through the weekend is going to be nice, it
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the ground or for that matter, the water. this is going to slide northeast, and there was blue on the t temperature map. the dewpoint plunged when you get north of tallahassee, and so slightly cooler and dryer weather is going to head our way, but during the day with sunsign very ni winds, north-northeast, and here is that weakening cold front. and beside this, this is usually quiet for early noaf and t noved this was the case on election day where the only weather was up in ohio and you could hop in
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all the way across the country to lax with little if any cloud cover during the entire trip, how about that? high pressure builds in behind the weakening cold front, and has been it comes down the peninsula, and if it rains early next week, and the models are hinting at that a little bit, it could be from a northeast wind pushing the peninsula, but usually that is not a big factor for us. we drop into the mid 60's and any early morning clouds burn off and then the sunshine returns, that trend continuing on veterans day. lots of sunshine and very pleasant. a high of 78, good weather for the bucs game on sunday, not too hot and a small chance of showers arriving monday,
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become donald trump's new home. >> come january, this will be donald trump's new home, and sure, it's nice but it can't hold a lincoln bed room candle for the digs that trump has lived this before. mara lago is his place in palm beach. >> and the people who work there say they are excited that their boss won the election but others are worried about w >> this is mara lago in palm beach, what donald trump calls his favorite place on earth. it costs $100,000 and $14,000 a year after that to get in, but employees here and residents tell me it's hard to place a value on what its new title is as the second home of an american president.
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little bleary eyed today after hosting a 230-person watch party. well-heeled trumpettes ate a cake shaped by the white house. >> this woman is assistance to the tennis proon >> this whole community loves him. >> eric says he attended trump's wedding and is thrilled that palm beach now has a president as a part-time resident. >> it might be a little inconvenient for the towns people. >> but this man is not so impressed. they regularly use the main
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the secret service will shut the road down. >> i can't imagine what it will be like, you need that road. >> president pres kennedy got te same treatment when he lifted here, but for trump's staff, a presidential visit arouses great ccuriosity. >> christmas, we'll see him in palm beach. >> this would be the return of doug martin but with or without this could be the magnitude of the tilt, and kevin kiermaier, we'll hear from him on what it
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doug martin was back at bucs practice today... hoping >> well, doug martin was back in buc's practice this week, hoping to stop their skid. they are scheduled to play the remaining teams with the worst words on the schedule. >> the bucs of the season facing a two-win opponent, the chicago bears that they just have to beat. >> we have to get out there and get this game, we have not won at home all year and we have to get this one. >> adding to the pressure is winning at home where the bucs have only three victories in the last three years and no victories at home this season. and while they are trying not to
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with winning at home. >> going back to a couple of years ago seems like we have a tougher time winning at home. >> we have not won a game at home all year and we don't want to be down three game losses in a row, and we are 3-5 and we don't want to go 3-6. >> winston is following a similar path starting with protecting the football. over the last four games he has thrown just continues to find ways of getting mike evans the ball, despite double coverage. >> everyone knows he is one of our main targets mike knows he is our main guy but it's the heart and the fight inside of him going man, i have to get open for the benefit of this team. >> kevin kiermaier is once again investing in precious metals in


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