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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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'a house divided.' from tampa bay >>laura: a house divided. from tampa bay to seattle, donald trump's election sparks protests and thousands declaring, not my president. today how president elect trump and president obama are hoping to unite the country. >>russell: a teen is shot and ll deputies say they caught her killer. >>laura: they call it a dream job. drones for a living. how companies are learning to deal with this evolving technology and some of the legal challenges. >>dave: straight up 6:00 and gorgeous, beautiful start to the day. tampa bay still be in the mid 60s but areas to the north have snuck back to the 50s and we've cleared skies out this morning. look at the 52 in brooksville.
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lakeland at 59 and to go along with these drop in temperatures this morning, i got drier air moving in so i'm going to have sunshine, drier air, a gorgeous day as high temperatures touch 80 degrees for a brief period of time this afternoon. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. it's 6:01 right now and we want to check out i-4. we don't have any major incidents happening right now on the major roadways, including where we're looking live. this is the camera near 50th stre. bit but overall, looking very much up to speed and light with the congestion. it should take 11 minutes hitting i-4 west from buchman to the 75 exit and looking equally nice here with those times travelling between pinellas county, the 375 and pinellas bayway exits and then southbound 75 between fowler avenue and the selmon. >>russell: dropping right now a gunman opens fire in downtown
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against the victory of president elect donald trump. mass shooting does not appear to be connected to the anti-trump demonstrations. instead, authorities say it stemmed from a personal argument. two victims sustained life threatening injuries. police are still searching for the shooter. >>laura: this was the scene. several thousand people frustrated by the election results protest the donald trump presidency. some say fight racism, love organizers encouraged demonstrators to attend trump's inauguration and shut it down. >>russell: similar protests in other areas. chicago celebrated the first world series century in a victory. several thousand marched through the loop. they gathered outside of the trump international hotel and tower chanting, not my president. >>laura: an estimated 5,000 people gathered outside of trump tower in new york city armed
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concerns on issues like immigration and civil rights. police set up a perimeter around the building to protect the president elect. only people that work in the building are allowed on the tower side of the street. >>russell: people in ybor city protested the election. they feel that trump doesn't respect the rights of minority groups. several tampa police officers followed the group. those threats turned out to be while most of these protests were peaceful, it's clear the country remains divided after tuesday's election. >>laura: today president obama and president elect trump hope to bridge the divide. they'll meet in the oval office to discuss a smooth transition of power. >>russell: even though he branded trump unfit for office, the president is urging all americans to accept the election results. >> it is no secret that the president elect and i have some pretty significant differences
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president bush and i had some pretty significant differences. but president bush's team could not have been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition so that we could hit the ground running. >>russell: the president campaigned hard for hillary clinton and he said he's proud of her and her campaign. yesterday morning, she ended that historic presidential bid during her emotional concession speech, she sent a message to daughters across the country. >> to all the women and especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and in me, i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. i know we have still not shattered that highest and
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sooner than we might think right now. >>russell: clinton won the popular vote but lost where it counts. this would be the fifth time a candidate has won the popular vote but failed to win the election. trump's victory in florida was not a landslide but he defeated clinton by more than 100,000 votes and that's more than president obama when he carried the state four years ago. >>laura: so now the business of being president begins with 71 da trump and his senior team are working to pick a cabinet. >>laura: trump's transition team has prepared a preliminary list and you'll notice some familiar names. newt gingrich for secretary of state. republican national committee chairman, repeatedly the only name being considered for chief of staff. jeff sessions is an early trump backer up for defense secretary. attorney general picks include chris christie, jeff sessions
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for secretary of commerce. ben carson up for secretary of education. >>laura: and rick scott named as a potential pick for secretary of health and human services. his name was tossed around when trump was vetting running mates. on paper he seems like a good fit. when asked about joining trump's cabinet, he was quick to put the idea to rest. >> no. i want to help donald trump every way i can but the economy going. while scott's answer is a no for now, pam bondi had a prime time speaking role at the gop convention. her name could bring baggage with it as well. in september she got caught up in a controversy over a $25,000 campaign check she got from trump's charitable foundation in 2013. trump eventually paid a fine for
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>>russell: he and his businesses are involved in an estimated 3500 lawsuits. today a federal judge in san diego will hear arguments in the class-action lawsuit against trump university. lawyers for the president elect have asked the judge to exclude things he said during the campaign. 6-year-old lawsuit alleges tra trump university falsely gave the impression it was an accredited >>laura: it is 6:07 now. developing this morning, detectives have made an arrest in the murder of an 18-year-old woman from bradenton. shayla reaves is live for us in manatee county and you spoke to mariah goode's family on monday morning. hopefully this will bring them the close closure they were wanting. good morning. >>reporter: i had the chance to communicate with the mother of mariah hope goode and she tells
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face to face with the man now accused of killing her daughter. she wants to tell him, i forgive him. that's the words presented to me this morning by jan goode and i want to show you this picture. this is a picture of 21-year-old devin lee freeman and the message i shared with you is one this grieving mother hopes he hears. he is waking up behind bars this morning in the sarasota county jail. a warrant out of neighboring manatee county. he's facing murder charges in connection with the sunday shooting death of mariah hope goode. goode has been described as caring and loving by her loving, a young woman adopted by her family as a newborn who tackled health challenges in recent years. some included lupus and
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the location where the shooting happened sunday. but here is what we do know. the shooting took place on fourth street east in bradenton. deputies say 18-year-old go aheade fls hurt in the gun fire. a potential witness transported her to the hospital but goode did not survive her injuries. her mother told me this morning, right now she does still miss her precious girl and she's not looking for revenge in this case. what she is looking for i justice in this case. we know that the family is planning a celebration of life service this afternoon followed by a vigil to honor the memory of goode's life. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the day and hopefully later this morning we'll have a chance to speak in person with mariah hope goode's parents once again. shayla reaves, fox 13 news. >>laura: thank you. we have a fox 13 news alert out
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shot and there is a search going on for the person who shot them. this happened in cannonsburg southwest of pittsburgh. we do not know what led up to the shootings just yet or what the conditions of the officers are, but we will continue to follow this story and we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. >>russell: it's 6:10 right now. after two elections and $9 million out of his own pocket, attorney john morgan won the fight to legalize medical marijuana in florida. now he's putting pressure on tallahassee to moving. >> when 70% of the state of florida says we want something, i believe if they don't hear it, if they do play games again, i think they could suffer at the ballot box. >>russell: lawmakers have to create a system for getting the newly legal medicine to patients. that means rules for what kind of companies can produce, licensing companies to sell it. morgan thinks it could happen by
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once day legalize recreational marijuana but has no plans to be involved in another campaign. lakeland city commissioner spent hours debating whether to join a trend set by other cities in the bay area and decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. commissioners decided to hold off. decision was not popular with the crowd in the room and it's likely the issue will come up again in the near future. >>laura: whe return later this month, they may want to keep cell phones in te pockets. cochran wants to ban texting while legislating. it will help create a standard for ethical behavior in tallahassee. >>russell: a federal judge rules the tribe can keep blackjack tables at its gaming operations. tribe runs some of the state's
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the hard rock in tampa. judge says keeping blackjack will ensure the tribe's casinos and keep jobs. >>laura: still ahead this morning on "good day," while you were sleeping the black friday ads from the top three retailers were released. alcides segui will take a look at some big deals you can expect. >>russell: and drones, they're the future. a local businessman is looking to fly around the regulations. right? and after tuesday's election exposed serious flaws in traditional polling, see what future campaigns could do to avoid a surprise upset. >>dave: 6:12. temperatures falling a little behind this front. boy, 52 in ocala, 52 in brooksville, 64 in tampa. it is a nice, nice start to the day and it's also getting drier as we speak as well. dew points have been gone back
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50s in brooksville. down to lakeland. i expect a near picture perfect day today with sunshine, mild temperatures, 80 for a high. tonight back to 60. tomorrow veterans day, sunshine and a high of 78. dunkin's sweet black peppe with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>>dave: what a lovely shot we have here at the tampa net camera. yesterday all the cloud cover. today is completely the opposite. it's clear. it's beautiful. i got a noh- temperature there. now, further north you go, now this front is starting to move further south, we're beginning to bring some of those cooler temperatures in like crystal river and inverness, prbrooksvie at 52 degrees. 58 in dade city. boy, is it a comfy start to the day. bradenton at 65. 66 in venice and have the upper 50s and lower 60s squeezing down to polk county.
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at the same time, it's cooler to the north and also a lot drier and that drier air will continue to move south today so say goodbye to lower 60s dew points as everybody squeezes back in the 50s so it's like full sunshine, mild temperatures, dry air in place. it's really a near perfect, perfect late fall, kind of day around here. now that this front has squeezed toward the south and high pressure is building in, this i going to dominate weather the next several days. we'll still have the northerly component to our wind so we'll stay pretty close to normal, i think. upper 70s to around 80 degrees not only for high temperatures today, through veterans day, through the weekend as well and it's really not until the beginning of next week that we maybe change it up a little bit by bringing a few more clouds in so the future cast looks
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entire northeast. we'll get the coolish mornings and mild afternoons with temperatures close to normal. normal high around 79 for this time of year. we'll go 80 today with the sunshine and the beautiful sunrise that we're going to have in exactly a half an hour from now. starry skies tonight. it will continue to be dry. now, notice tampa at 64 this morning. tomorrow will be around 60 which means just about everybody away from the city is going to be in the 50s so throw that in the back of your may not need the light jacket this morning in spots, a lot of areas are going to need it tomorrow morning and tons of sunshine for your friday. it's veterans day. seasonal weather. high around 78 degrees. that is great. boating is great. how many times are you going to say great in one forecast? northeast wind shifting at 10 knots. water temperatures still in the mid 70s and next tide is a high tide close to 10:30 this morning. there's the next seven. other than a couple of tiny 20%
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the temps. upper 70s to around 80 and lows, upper 50s to the lower 60s. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks. so far, so good on the roadways. still we're starting to pick up with the cars on the roadways and 275 and 22nd avenue north is where we're checking out the conditions right now. this is pinellas county and we look pretty go ahead in this area. travelling through pinellas along 275, just under 70 miles per hour in the northbound direction. those are just an avere. hillsborough, see clear conditions continue. no crashes to report to you. >>russell: thanks. it's 6:19. so how did donald trump win? it's one of the top questions on google following tuesday's election and while trump's win surprised the pollsters, google's search data may have hinted at it, this upset, days ago. google data shows trump in red accounted for 55% of search views between november 6 and election day and also shows
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pennsylvania for almost every poll predicted a clinton victory. trump also dominated search data in florida and battleground states like michigan and north carolina. the election take search numbers should not have been a big surprise since announcing his candidacy in june of 2015, trump let searchs for most of the election. 2016 exposed big flaws in traditional polling making this vital information for future presidential campaigns and even at social media experts say candidates need to take a closer look what people are searching for and where they are searching from to target voters more effectively. >>laura: here's a video you need to see to believe. footage of a record breaking firework display is going viral and it will not leave you disappointed and australian man is getting dpriled by authorities after using a drone to pick up lunch and now that meal could cost him a lot more than a few bucks.
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it's time to see what's clicking on the web. jen is here with this morning's hot clicks. >>russell: what's going on? >>jennifer: are you doing okay? >>russell: yeah. you? jo >>jennifer: yeah. we begin a story with an officer, sick little boy and much needed hug. a mother sent these pictures to the lakeland police department. she had to take her 1-year-old son to the hospital because of a high fever. on the way home her boy was crying uncontrollably. martin crouse was walking by, noticed and came to the rescue. he gave the child a stuffed animal from his cruiser and a much needed hug. so sweet. the mom writes, this officer is an angel. may god bless you for all your work. >>russell: nice. very nice. >>laura: nice. >>jennifer: and a fireworks celebration for the record books. at first that little fireworks
6:25 am
for it. >>laura: oh, wow. >>jennifer: boom. there it is. >>laura: beautiful. >>jennifer: you've witnessed the single biggest firework ever. weighed 573 pounds. you're like, okay. that's big. that's kind of nice. lights up the sky. light show took place in september as part of the feast of saint katherine. >>russell: very nice. >>jennifer: finay, authorities are grilling a man who used a drone to deliver a barbecue sausage to a friend. stay with me here. this happened in australia. you can see the man attach a note and some money to a drone. it flies on over to a sausage cart outside of a hardware store. the drone drops off the note, waits for the guy to buy the
6:26 am
then after he buys the sausage, he ties it back onto the drone. so then the drone goes on its way, delivering the sausage to a friend. where is this friend? where everyone eats sausages, in a hot tub. looks like some fun but it seems he now faces a $7,000 fine because drones are populated areas. that drone costs seven grand. who eats sausages in hot tubs? >>russell: i did not know that. >>laura: thank you. speaking of drones. >>russell: segue. >>laura: we're going to see how two local pilots are making a business of this in the u.s. with the approval of the f.a.a. >>russell: and took a few tries but starbucks has done it. we have a look at this year's
6:27 am
is just two weeks away, and alcides segui is giving us a first look at some of the best deals. good morning. >>reporter: can you believe that black friday is two weeks away? best buy, target, recently released black friday ads. last hour we talked about best buy. now we're going to talk about talk about wal-mart.e going to - we have a lot in store dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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((laura 2shot) good morning, i'm laura moody ((russell)) and >>laura: good morning. i'm laura moody. >>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. let's get to dave for a look at weather. >>dave: good morning. yesterday was nice. today is almost near perfect. i mean, look. the beautiful blue sky we have and the sun will be up in 15 minutes or so. 62 degrees the brookdale, bayshore camera. north-northeast winds at three miles per hour and how beautiful overlakeland and lake mirror where it's 59 degrees this morning. so not only a little cooler but
6:31 am
sunshine, looking at high temperatures getting up close to 80 degrees. a beautiful november day weatherwise. >>vanessa: thank you. overall looking nice on the roads. don't have any big incidents reported and a look at bridges, you can see that everything is running up to speed between pinellas and hillsborough county. selmon expressway, we want to see how the toll road is fairing. looks good here as well. crash-free and looks like we're still slowdown free in the get between 75 and gandy either way you're going. >>laura: from new york to chicago to oakland, thousands of demonstrators protest donald trump's victory in tuesday's election. protestors blocked traffic, started fires, some even beat a trump pinata. there was a march in ybor city as well with dozens upset by
6:32 am
truch will meez with president obama in the oval office. ahead of trump's january 20 inauguration. also will be melania trump and michelle obama. they'll meet in the residence of the white house. >>laura: sarasota man is charged with murder. freeman is accused of shooting mariah goode last saturday. a witness drove her to the hospital where she died. shayla reaves s adoptive parents on monday morning and they say they've forgiven the shooter and asked to turn himself in. >>russell: tampa police identify a man dead following a house fire in ybor city. 44-year-old gonzales. the fire broke out yesterday morning at a house on north 16th street. when they went inside, firefighters found his body. still not clear what started that fire.
6:33 am
charges. the deputy johnson's aks were justified. august 30, deputy shot and killed riggins. deputies feared for his life and later learned that he was unarmed. deputy johnson remains on leave. >>russell: there's a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a serial armed robber in lakeland. this is video from his latest heist at a subway. the man inhe at least three other robberies. so far no one has been hurt but police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you recognize him, you're asked to call the sheriff's office. >>laura: overnight three of the top retailers released much anticipated black friday deals. >>russell: and there are some big ones, especially if you're interested in tablets or tv's. alcides segui live in tampa. these may be black friday ads but they really start on thanksgiving, right?
6:34 am
thanksgiving day but there are a few opening, including macy's, jc penny, toys r us and as you mentioned, big box retail stores recently released their black friday ads, including best buy, wal-mart and target. so earlier this morning on "good day tampa bay," we talked about best buy. now we want to focus our attention on target. take a look at that black friday ad. you can see like in years past, televisions are a hot item. target this year will open thanksgiving day at 6:00. you can find a 50 inch tv. apple series watch starting at $198. power beats powerless head phones, $90. regularly 200. quite frankly, target, the ad
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and tablets, appliances, just about everything is on sale if you're willing to leave the turkey dinner at home, you can save big bucks. stores will ring up a healthy 3.6% increase in sales this year compared to 3% last year. a lot of stores are having their sales online as well. if you want to avoid the stores and long website. a lot of sales are online and if you want to see the black friday ads, go to our website, we have all the information you need right there. coming up in the next hour of "good day," we'll look at wal-mart. big sales there as well. back to you. >>russell: it's weird to think that it's already here. isn'it? that's something. okay. we'll see you later, man. >>reporter: i can't believe it. black friday two weeks. >>laura: right now in an amazon
6:36 am
octocopter, a mini drone that will fly packages to your doorstep in 30 minutes. drones in the every day life. it could be big business. faa is already preparing for it with a new set of laws and two local pilots are having the time of their life carving their niche in this new frontier. have you ever flown one of these? they are fun. and really hard to guys, they're the pros. >> the controls are a lot like a tell coukcouldn't -- helicopter. the technology is unbelievable. >>laura: their day job is at the controls of a helicopter, other times a plane, but this is their dream. starting their own company doing this new kind of flying. >> we decided, hey, this is a new frontier.
6:37 am
involved in this. so we have and to be honest with you, they're absolutely fun to fly. >>laura: they do cinematography. they can get clean, clear pictures and the applictions are very cool and very futuristic. >> this amazing innovation lowers itself slowly to the ground, drops off the package. >>laura: we've talked about delivery drones commonplace as mail trucks. can you imagine? but air space is complicated and necessary to know even for hobbyists. >> we are in close proximity to peter o'knight. we have a hand held radio so we're able to listen to incoming traffic and the flight path. >>laura: and the f.a. sachlt doing its best to keep up with this unmanned aircraft system technology.
6:38 am
lagses that will give the high tech drones their own air space. >> they've been rated to fly almost 22,000 feet in the air. they have a five mile range on them. however, one of the f.a.a. stipulations is you can't fly beyond line of sight. >>laura: you have to have a license and you have to know the rules. >> you cannot fly over people, can't fly at night, can't fly within controlled air space. that's three of the major ones. you can get waivers for each of those. >>laura: they are one of the only to fly at night because they know what they're doing. who knows what the future will see but it is fun to think about and their dream to be sure is that they never stop flying. isn't that cool? they've documented some of the damage from hermine. they're doing construction time laps, shooting commercials and this is commercial drone operation. the rules for hobbyists are a bit more lax with the faa and there's an app called before you
6:39 am
it sure is cool. these are some smaller things but that high altitude, wide range job. >>russell: did you take the controls at any point in this? >>laura: these are a little pricy. i'll not sure they can afford me but i have flown them at the house. jim has them, the boys have them. >>russell: that was a cool story. dave is promising low humidity and sunny skies. forecast in two minutes. >>laura: and a starbucks you cannot beat it. we know the name of a local woman who won millions playing
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z24zwz z12fz
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>>dave: oh, wow. what a stunning start to the day. we have clear skies and look at that beautiful sunrise coming up this morning in just a couple of minutes from now.
6:43 am
many areas to the north have already gotten back into the 50s and slow down there, crystal river. you're at 50 degrees now. same for brooksville. it's still 61 at wesley chapel, newp port richey and 67 in st. petersburg so another hour of these temperatures cooling down a little bit. this weak front has come through to the south of us now so just allowing some of that cooler but definitely a lot drier air to settle in. we do have a the upper 40s. there's one of them, tallahassee at 48 degrees. gainesville, jacksonville in the lower 50s but i think the two things you're going to notice today, first of all, we're getting sunshine back. beautiful, gorgeous day. but secondly, the drier air that's going to settle in, not that yesterday was humid, no, but you're going to go from a dew point in the lower 60s, where we are now, to the lower 50s and maybe some spots in the
6:44 am
out there with the beautiful sunshine today and that northerly component to our wind. the best part about this is watch the forecast dew point because it gets back in the 50s and then guess what it does over the weekend? goes down even further and down to the 40s come saturday afternoon. it's like we're going to get dry air today and then another reinforcing shot of drier air coming in over the weekend. all in all, beautiful, lovely and dry day. i do see one little thin ribbon of clouds here moving through starts of the panhandle. other than mixing a few high clouds in, enjoy your day. mostly sunny, low humidity, 80 degree foz are -- degrees for a high today. we'll go starry skies tonight,
6:45 am
means most of us away from the water to the north, inland you're all getting back in the 50s for overnight lows tonight so plan accordingly for that. then tons of sunshine for your veterans day. seasonable weather. high temp around 78 degrees and typically when we get a front to come through, it's pretty choppy out there in the coastal waters. not this time. light chop expected and your high tide at 10:20 this mornin fine tune and tweak early next week but in general, next four days you're looking at high temperatures running 78 to 80 and low temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. good morning, vanessa. >>vanessa: good morning, dave. right now as we check in on roads, we see an incident with lane blocks to report and it is coming to us out of the manatee county area. hit and run crash reported at u.s. 41 and florida boulevard. really main concern is going to
6:46 am
lane that's blocked. i'm not expecting any big delays quite yet. we'll see how long this sticks around but you do want to use caution and maybe give yourself an extra minute or two if you have to head that way. 6:46. we'll switch gears and get to charley belcher and see what he's up to this morning. >>charley: good day to you, switching gears, shifting gears. >>vanessa: we did the same gesture here, too. >>charley: that's the shifting gear gesture. do you know how to drive a stick when i got a new car, i was bummed. they didn't have any standards on the lot at the time. >>charley: it was my first car as well and at the time my parents thought, look. everybody should learn how to drive a stick shift. in this day and age, i don't know if it comes in handy any more or not. since i have a daughter who just turned 16 and i'm thinking about all of these things now, and no, she does not have a car but eventually i'll have to get her a car. i thought, what a great way to
6:47 am
driving. you get them a stick shift. >>vanessa: and put both hands on something that is car related. >>charley: it's more difficult to text and drive a stick shift or do any -- like when you're driving a stick shift, you have to think about driving. both your feet are doing something, your hands are doing something. >>vanessa: good luck on a hill, right? >>charley: we live in florida. just stay out of brooksville and you'll be fine. >>jennifer: >>vanessa: i learned in georgia so >>charley: i turned 16 and lived in beach mountain, north carolina. first time i drove a stick shift, i cried and said, take me home. why did i just admit that on tv? i didn't cry, little baby. moving on -- jeez. i don't have to be that honest. i'm going to brighten up your
6:48 am
>>charley: i just brit ened it up. look at this. we are in quite a colorful place and speaking of colorful, we are bringing back a dear friend to "good day tampa bay." notice i didn't say old friend. you're welcome. long time friend to "good day tampa bay." russell rhodes has stories that could fill a book about this lovely lady. >>russell: that's true. >>charley: jules burt is our florida. her art featured on "friends." big time celebrities collect her all over the world. >>vanessa: central perk russell is saying. >>charley: she's amazing. she pops up here and there every now and again and that's what she's done. she's done a popup gallery. she's rented this space off
6:49 am
year. she has her art here. she's got some other artists she's celebrating here as well and she's offering art classes. she's offering painting parties. she's got kids' classes she's having fun with kids so we're going to remind the world just how crazy she is and how colorful and wonderful she is so we're going to celebrate the art of jules burt and tell you about a very bright "good day tampa bay." >>vanessa: i'm curious. did statue? >>charley: no. no. >>vanessa: the one that monica didn't want chandler to bring. >>charley: it was like their pet there. no. >>vanessa: i like that. very cool, though. that's so cool. thanks, charley. >>charley: okay. >>walter: i loved when the two of those were riding him in the apartment. that was fun. 6:49 the time. election night narrowly missed a
6:50 am
millions of americans tuned in to prime time americans to watch donald trump get elected president. 100,000 people fewer than when president obama won his first term in 2008. cnn earned bragging rights for the most viewers during prime time. 13 million people tuned in. night owls who stayed up to watch trump speech, fox news had 10 million viewers of the st. petersburg police department has been deeply affected by the death of crossing guard roundtree. a drunk driver hit and killed out tuesday afternoon. groundfree was well known around the community and st. pete police want to help the family. many are donating to help pay for funeral expenses. suncoast police benevolent association opened up an account at wlz fargo to help out. we now know the name of the big winner of the florida lotto drawing. a woman in lakeland claimed the
6:51 am
winnings in a one lump. the store takes home ssz 90,000. >>laura: why wall street is rolling out the red carpet for donald trump. >>russell: and many americans saw red last christmas. today i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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(announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes between 2 and 5 during happy hour. only at steak 'n shake. ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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we've seen the protests, thousands of people flooding major cities, upset by dona >>laura: we've seen protests, thousands of people upset by donald trump surprise victory. >>russell: more proof the country is divided but on wall street, president elect trump is getting a much different reaction. let's get to lauren simonetti at the fox business >> and we're going to see a record high today because we're shouts away from getting there for the dow. i've been thinking about this. we knew the selloff was a knee jerk reaction. that's why futures were down 800, 900 points overnight and we saw the market selling off in the polls before election day were closing. market never expected donald trump to do so well. so it was the unknown that took stocks down.
6:55 am
president elect is donald trump and i think it's when hillary clinton spoke of unity and a seamless transition of power that helped investors out. maybe this isn't so bad after all. markets up, including the gains we're looking at right now in the premarket four days in a row and certain sectors better than others. think donald trump, higher interest rates, less regulation, the banks do well. think tearing up obamacare but less regulation on the companies, think drill, baby, drill. solar stocks, green stocks doing terribly but oil stocks and goal stocks doing gang busters right now. those are examples of how the market is reacting. >>laura: let's get to the starbucks cups for whatever reason. every year we do this story sparking controversy. >> since 1997. yes. >>laura: new holiday cup. >> some people thought they were the green ones but the new cups
6:56 am
today. they're bright red. if you ask me, these are christmas cups. there's 13 different variations that you'll find worldwide. >>laura: very cool. >> reindeers, snowflakes, christmas images that you see were designed by customers in an instagram contest and, you know, there's no war on christmas here if you ask me. >>russell: you want christmas, we got christmas, right? >> they're shoving christmas down your throat with complain no matter what. you can't compleez everybody. >>russell: it's just the way it is right now. welcome back. we missed you for a few days. >> thank you. i'll see you tomorrow. >>laura: stay with us. it's something i struggle with every night and then this guy over here has to hear about it every morning. i know a lot of other parents can relate. homework and the middle schooler. at 7:00 how parents can manage the amount of homework and what to do if your child is struggling. >>laura: and the overnight
6:57 am
of killing an 18-year-old. she's going to talk with the girls' parents to see if this could bring them any peace and closure. >>laura: and then a simple gesture but one that brings a lot of smiles. overnight janitor and his vacuum brighten the days of a bunch of kids. it's pretty cool. >>russell: it is. >>dave: now that the sun is up, you can see the reflection off those buildings downtown. way in the distance, right-hand side, just beautiful. 62 degrees. the brookdale, bayshore north-northeast winds at three miles per hour. how about this picture? overlooking lake mirror and lakeland, 59 degrees. folks, it's going to be an absolutely stunning day with high temperature around 80 degrees. 78 tomorrow. lovely sunshine will condition in the weekend. sarpt's high around 80. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
6:58 am
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((russell- angry and resentful. people >>russell: angry and resentful. people protesting donald trump's victory, chanting not my president. it won't stop him from attending an important meeting today, though. plus -- >> bullies are not limited to the playground. i'm in new york with more o cyberbullies coming up. >>laura: and it's time to speak only when spoken to, learn by the numbers. our walter allen is the newest recruit to go through daddy boot camp. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." >>russell: we have a lot ahead but first the weather and dave. >>dave: it is beautiful outside. a lot of people getting ready to head off to work, head off to


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