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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- angry and resentful. people >>russell: angry and resentful. people protesting donald trump's victory, chanting not my president. it won't stop him from attending an important meeting today, though. plus -- >> bullies are not limited to the playground. i'm in new york with more o cyberbullies coming up. >>laura: and it's time to speak only when spoken to, learn by the numbers. our walter allen is the newest recruit to go through daddy boot camp. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day tampa bay." >>russell: we have a lot ahead but first the weather and dave. >>dave: it is beautiful outside. a lot of people getting ready to head off to work, head off to
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right now we're currently in the mid 60s in the tampa area, although there are spots in the 50s to the north and we'll rebound just beautifully this afternoon. drier air settles in, lots of sunshine and high temperatures getting up close to 80 degrees again. vanessa? >>vanessa: we're checking out the usual suspect as far as congestion for this time of morning. 275 south in the interchange. right now sky fox checking out the area near bush and it is jamming up as we this time of morning. check the travel times and see if they're about normal and yes, they are. 22 minutes from bearss avenue to i-4 and if you're heading 75 southbound, we're looking normal with moderate congestion. 14 minutes from fowler avenue to the expressway. i-4 should only take 10 minutes and we do want to remind drivers if you're in the bradenton area taking u.s. 41, we're still dealing with the remnants of the
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blocks as well. southbound lanes are going to be blocked. we're getting differing reports from different authorities which lane is blocked, whether it's the right lane or center line but we do have southbound delays in the area. >>laura: developing this morning, police are searching for the gunman who shot two officers in western pennsylvania. it happened about 4:00 this one officer was taken to a local hospital. the other officer was flown to a miles away. it's not immediately clear the condition of either officer and officials have not said what led up to the shootings but we're following the story and we will bring you an update very soon. today in washington, a meeting between president obama and donald trump. >>russell: this is the first face to face since trump's stunning presidential victory on tuesday. fox 13 is city white house this morning where the obama administration is getting ready to hand over the reins of power. good morning.
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elect trump will be arriving here at the white house later this morning for this meeting with president obama. obviously it will be at least somewhat awkward but this is part of the standing tradition here as washington and the rest of the country prepare for a big transition. this is where it will all take place today. the confines of the oval office. officially it's where donald trump and president obama will discuss the finer points of presidential transitions. just outside, construction is already underway for the inauguration. it's something the president spoke about in his first public remarks since trump won the white house on tuesday night. >> i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team said eight years ago and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president elect. >> beyond the transition details, it's hard to ignore the real tension that must exist between the two men. think about everything on the
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twitter account, they can't handle the nuclear coast. >> do you know what i say to president obama? give me a break. >> there may be less tension today. michelle obama sitting down with the next first lady, melania trump. small talk may be the order of the day but white house transitions are serious business and trump's team is being led by chris christie. still with lingeri about the elections outcome, governing is going to be a challenge in the months ahead as trump moves into the white house and tries to unite a divided country. and after the meeting here at the white house, trump moves to capitol hill to meet republican speaker of the house paul ryan and there's been tension with those two as well. back to you guys. >>russell: thank you. on the subject of protests, there was one in tampa. not nearly as large as some you've been seeing.
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marching along seventh avenue in yor city and chanting. someone put threats against the group on facebook. nothing happened. it was a peaceful protest. >>laura: there's new numbers that may explain why hillary clinton may have lost florida. the latino vote. democrats were counting on it and while a record number of them did vote, 29% cast a ballot for trump. that's 2% more than mitt romney got four years ago and cubans ha trump won by 13%. and he ended up winning florida by 100,000 votes. women didn't seem to help hillary clinton, either. she won pretty big with minority women but not so much with white women. 51-45% with white women who have a college education but trump beat her 62-34% with white women without any college and clinton only won 4% more of independent
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hampshire to declare a winner in the presidential race. michigan has 16 votes and new hampshire four. trump has 290 electoral votes. hillary clinton, 278. trump has gotten the most electoral votes of any republican presidential candidates since george h.w. bush since 1988. george w. bush had 271 electoral votes after the florida recount in 2000 electoral votes. a lot of us remember ronald reagan. he beat jimmy carter in 1980 by a margin of 489-49 in the elect oral count. beat walter mondale four years later, 525-13. mondale's only wins were in minnesota plus the district of columbia. >>laura: in local news, and new this morning, the arrest of an accused killer and the victim
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sitting in a car and shayla reaves is covering this arrest from bradenton. it's a story you followed on monday and covered. good morning. >> yeah. good morning to you. we can tell you 21-year-old devon lee freeman is waking up behind bars in the sarasota county jail. we can tell you the sarasota man is facing charges in connection with the death of 18-year-old mariah hope goode. i'm here with mariah's parents bit about their feelings since learning of the arrest. this is jan and gary goode. i'm sorry again for your loss. what can you tell us about -- if you could say anything to the person that's been charged in this case, what would you want them to hear? >> i forgive you. i forgive you. i want you to know i'm real -- i forgive you. i want justice for mariah but i
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>> when we communicated via text message, you told me you would like to speak with him face to face. why is that so important to you? >> first of all, i want to see his eyes. i want him to see my eyes. i want him to know that i truly love him. >> and gary, tell me about the dog that you're holding. this dog has been with your family for three years and it was somewhat a dog that was spcial to mariah as >> this is her service dog. she's just beside herself. she sits in the window looking for mama to come home. >> and even this morning she was shaking quite a bit. and for folks that are tuning in, we can tell you this situation unfolded over the weekend. it was sunday when 18-year-old mariah adopted by the goode family as a baby, she had
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years, including treatment for lupus. right now authorities say she was shot over the weekend in bradenton and she was transported to the hospital by a potential witness in the case and ultimately mariah did not survivor her injuries. there are still some questions as to whether she actually knew freeman or why she and freeman may have been at the location on fourth street east where the so certainly questions still out there but the family is telling me, even,000 you still miss your little girl and -- >> can't breathe without her. it's just -- i want no parent to feel this. no parent should feel this. >> and i know today, jan, that you all are going to be remembering her life. tell me quickly about some of the things that are planned for the afternoon.
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mariah and show how much we love her. we also want to be honoring jesus so we're having a celebration of life at anna maria community center at 2:00 and then there will be like a reception at cause point church right after that and then tonight will be a candlelight service at river walk. >> that is scheduled for 6:00 in the evening. >> yes, ma'am. >> and last but not least, before we let you go, if there's anything you want to say to the community, i understand m may have been very close to some students who attended manatee high school. what would you like to say to the community as far as what support you've received has meant to you in the last few days? >> words can't express how much gratitude we have towards those that showed their love, their outpouring by just coming by, by providing food for the family and just different things like that. now, i just want the community to pull together and honor
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many people showed up. she would laugh to know that she was that loved. and also that the community would pull together and help us pray that we see justice here and that nothing slips through the cracks. the truth will be known. >> thank you for your time. we will continue to follow the story and make sure that we bring you any developments from the manatee county sheriff's office as they are provided. reporting here in bradenton, shayla reaves, fox 13 ne. this family is showing. thank you. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a serial robber. this is video from his latest heist in lakeland. he's wearing a hat. detectives say he's responsible for at least three other robberies. fortunately, no one has been hurt. if you know who he is, call crime stoppers. >>russell: 7:11 right now and
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hillsborough county is finally done, at least for the next year. the hillsborough county public transportation commission has reached an agreement with uber and lyft to keep them in the county. 4-3 on wednesday they voted to adopt rules that both groups agree to. fingerprint regulations were removed but tougher background checks were put in place. uber drivers will have to get their cars inspected. other ride shaping companies besides uber and lyft would be subject to rules as well. the december. both sides hope the legislature comes up with statewide rules. >>laura: sometimes it is the simplest gestures that mean so much. the overnight janitor at a school in new hampshire has become a bit of a celebrity because of what he does to bring a smile to his students' faces and his name is mr. munzie and every night cleaning the classrooms, he will take the time to vacuum patterns into a couple of the rugs. teachers say the kids look
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the night before. he's made sports logos in the past. is that dallas, dave? did you see that? halloween shapes. he seems to have an affinity for peanuts characters. he's new to the school this year but they're so pleased by his creations. they have even added a link on their website so parents can log on to see the fun carpet creations. >>russell: that's neat. okay. fighting fatigue. coming up, addiction that keeps a lot of you up night. >>laura: and then walter allen takes us to daddy boot camp. good morning. you're getting close. >>walter: up and at them. it's time for boot camp. it's where the instructor tells you about puke and all the other hzards when it comes to parenting. that's next. >>dave: 7:13 and we have lower 50s to the north.
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honestly, it's a gorgeous start to the day. cloud cover. we're bringing in drier air as we speak. notice how much cooler it is to the north than it was yesterday
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>>dave: it is 7:17 and the usf marine since -- marine science northeast winds around 11 miles per hour. lake mirror, it's 61 degrees right now in lakeland and mainly northeast winds at around three. just everywhere, up and down the state of florida, it's just beautiful this morning. notice the difference in temperatures, though. where the front hasn't gone through yet, key west, you're at 74 degrees. then you flip the number around and that's where tallahassee is at this hour. they're at 47.
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brook brooksville, all at 50 degrees. plus a tremendous amount of drier air that's slowly sinking southward. this is one of the days where we'll have full sunshine but as the day moves along, it will continue to get drier and drier as the air comes in out of the north-northeast behind that front that came through last night. so enjoy. it's going to be beautiful. mostly sunny, high temperature around 80 degrees for today. tonight we'll go back to 60 in tampa. now, north of hillsborough county, you're going to be in the 50s come tomorrow morning. so really, you're away from the water, you're probably in the 50s. beautiful sunshine for tomorrow. it's friday, it's veterans day, it's 78 degrees for a high temperature. boaters enjoy your light chop today as well. northeast winds shifting to the north at 10 knots this afternoon. next seven days, while we do bring a couple of 20% rain
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high temperatures straight through this upcoming weekend. >>dave: and we want to look at i-4. we have a reported vehicle fire. i'm not seeing any flames but definitely the fire department on scene seem to be focused on this -- looks like a van to me that's pulled over on the side with its hood up but this is westbound direction, kind of near the orient road area. we have some lane reductions due to emergency vehicles on site. left lane is blocked so please use caution here. good news to report, it looks fire under control. and additionally our congestion that we're seeing through the area is still in the moderate range so it's about 15 minutes to get from 75 to the interchange so that is passing by this site. we haven't quite hit the red zone yet. we'll see how long this sticks around, if they start to clear this out, this might not be a huge concern for drivers but i do want to maybe urge you to give yourself a few extra minutes out the door. we also want to check in on 75. we have sky fox in the area of
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looks like moderate congestion here as well. >>walter: thank you. 7:19 this time. this week is all about getting me ready to be a new dad. i took on a class and thankfully st. joe's women's hospital was kind enough to take a camera with me as i stepped into daddy boot camp. a little guy time. sitting around on a saturday for a couple of hours babies. >> i'm a father of two sons. >>walter: not something you see often and i've never been to a baby shower. guys, we're not typically wired this way, right? that's changing for me. i'm going to be a new dad so it's time for -- >> welcome to bot camp for new days. >>walter: it's a camp, this one at st. joe's women's hospital. we told the group who we are, when the due date is, name of the baby.
7:21 am
once we got through that, then some big topics are covered and it's part hands-on, part group therapy but all real. >> here's the problem with infants. first three months, they're crying, sleeping or eating. and you're feeding, burping or changing dipes. that's not a traditional male role and a lot of men, we won't use the word with each other but the truth is we're scared of it. fascinating is the father's role that has changed throughout the years. big point that stuck out for me was fathers taking a big role, as big of a role as mom. not to let mother-in-laws in or anyone else diminishing that role. >> men don't bond with babies that way. you know how men bond. you already know that. you bond by spending time. >>walter: spend time because you don't get it back, i'll told.
7:22 am
sniff portion of the program. swaddle, suck, side. >> they're kind of curled around. >>walter: shake. wait, what? >> not a hard shake but a jittery shake. >>walter: and finally, shhhh. and all of this re creates the womb. so in these classes, there are a number of things that are always covered and some other depending on the class and what is brought up by the participants but a class with dads in mind, speaking dad language, i feel one step closer to taking on the job full time. >>laura: you're not going to have a choice. >>walter: exactly. here it comes. eight weeks to go. one of the topics i wasn't sure if they were going to cover or not, which is shaking the baby. and he did. he covered it and was very frank about it and the people that he's talked to over the years, they're not bad people if they
7:23 am
it's just -- they just make a bad decision and everybody comes close or can come close. just doesn't make them bad people. >>laura: you have to stop yourself. >>walter: there are things you can do to make sure you don't get to that point. put the baby down, make sure you step out of the room, that sort of thing. >>laura: can i say you're such a great dad for going? we've come a long way when it comes to equality. >>walter: he had a very interesting perspective. he has a a kid in his 20s and his 42-year-old as a traditional dad back then, you start bonding with your son when they can start throwing a ball a little later and the mom did the breastfeeding and all of that stuff, changing diapers. he has a different relationship with his older kid than the younger one. younger one can talk to both parents. older one talks to mom and only sports to dad. do you understand? >>laura: yeah. it's a new age.
7:24 am
ahhh! >>laura: you're ready. you're ready. >>russell: i'm proud of you. >>laura: all right. stay with us. gracious in defeat. coming up, the subtle way hillary clinton may have been encouraging unity with what she was wearing. >>russell: and a happy medium. getting your middle school child to do their homework with all those distractions. our advice for parents. but first, we check in with charley belcher. good morning, my friend. >>charley: speaking of kids, we're calling all artsy kids, at least that's what artist burt is gallery. village shopping center. it will be here offering art classes, painting parties and all sorts of colorful fun. stick around, everybody.
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7:28 am
they'll wait to let people go. it's the first time 2010 an auto maker has had to cut jobs. >>laura: and we're continuing to follow a news alert, developing story out of pennsylvania. search is on for the gunman who ambushed two police officers in the town of cannonsburg. authorities have confirmed that one of the officers hit has now died. the officers were responding to a call for a woman who had a restraining order on a person and when they arrived at the scene, someone opened fire. we do not have a condition on but we're following this story and we will have updates throughout the morning on "good day." >>russell: investigators in spartanburg, south carolina have removed a large shipping container from the property of a man who held a woman hostage. todd keller is accused of holding a woman captive inside that metal dungeon for two months and also killing her boyfriend. ivestigators confirmed the identities of two other bodies found on the same property. te couple was missing almost a year.
7:29 am
he admits killing four others. that's a total of seven and there could be more. >>laura: there will be no criminal charges against brad pitt for alleged child abuse. los angeles county center for child and family services says there's no case. it was on board a private plane. wife angelina jolie accused pitt of hitting the boy. she filed for divorce the next day, six children. pitt denies any wrongdoing. >>russell: having trouble getting some shut eye? your phone may be to blame. university of california study showed technology could affect how much and how long you sleep. more than 650 adults use smart phones with trackers for a month and smart phone use increased around bedtime, sleep quality and quantity went down. >>laura: parental protection.
7:30 am
child safe from cyberbullies. >>russell: and the black friday deals that are new this morning. alcides segui has them for us. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. yeah, those big box retail stores, black friday ads are out. they include best buy, wal-mart, target, great deals across the board, especially if you're shopping for a television but computers, tablets on sale as well. we'll take a look at wal-mart's
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if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp." get to know us at (laura- welcome back to good day tampa bay. >>laura: welcome back to "good day tampa bay." time right now is 7:33 and while most of you are sleeping, three major retailers released black friday deals. >>russell: a lot of stuff.
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good morning. >>reporter: good morning. so earlier this morning on "good day," we talked about black friday for best buy and target. now we'll focus on wal-mart. right off the bat, you'll have to download wal-mart's app to actually see the black friday ad itself. so if you go online, you go to, you can't do it. you'll have to download that app. once you do that, you'll see the ad. thursday. 50 inch television for $225. no doubt that the televisions are hot items. that's always the case year in and year out. you'll save a lot of money on televisions. big thing this year is the 4k-tv, whether you're going to best buy, wal-mart, those tv's are going to be extremely cheap in terms of saving money towards black friday.
7:35 am
40 inch, $125. if you keep scrolling, you'll find more televisions and blue tooth, surround sounds and tons of electronics you'll see on sale at wal-mart come black friday. but remember, you can actually shop black friday items on thanksgiving day starting at 6:00. at wal-mart. you can also do that at best buy and target. their times and when they open and when they offer the sales are going to vary depending on the store. if you're willing to leave that you're going to save a lot of money. you won't be the only one shopping, though. stores will ring up a healthy 3.6% increase in sales this holiday season that would be an improvement from last year when sales were 3%. a lot of retailers are also offering their sales online. i don't think it's going to be as much as actually coming to the store but for a lot of folks, they would rather pay the
7:36 am
the long lines and the hassle of shopping themselves. also amazon has already started black friday deals. i was just on there a short time ago. they started a couple of days ago as well so black friday deals, hard to believe, russell and laura, but two weeks away. started already for amazon. >>russell: that's something. keep looking. check in with you later, okay? >>reporter: all right. >>laura: a lot of bullying can happen tse can feel hopeless, may not even know. there are things they can do to help protect a child. >>reporter: bullying has long gone on in person. but as use of the internet and other electronic devices grows, bullies have launched their attacks around the clock. >> cyberbullying is pretty prevalent. we find that with kids and adolescents, it's a pretty big problem right now.
7:37 am
appropriately and online platforms give them another way to interact where they're not monitored by teachers or parents. >>reporter: 16% of adolescents have been bullied through their cell phones or the internet. the result can leave kids without self-esteem, feeling anxious and depressed. and parents feeling helpless. experts say keeping the lines of communication open can help. >> i think parents need to have general conversations with kids themselves. so for some kids, that will come naturally. they'll be able to assert themselves and tell a bully, stop. i don't like it when you talk to me that way. it's not okay. but for other kids, they may need more of an advocate. >>reporter: if you find out your child is a victim of cyberbullying, first step for parents is to collect evidence. that means having access to your child's social media as well as taking screen shots of their phones. >> parents have to be open with
7:38 am
we have evidence to support the fact that you were being bullied. yes, we want our kids to be able to use social media and phones as they want. but what's more important, we keep them safe. >>reporter: telling your child you need to take action and see what you post yod line may cause anxiety. while it may be uncomfortable for both, you need to ride it out. >> it's normal for kids to freak out when they're confronted with e going to administration or another parent to let that person know about bullying that is happening so that's a natural anxiety that might come along with not wanting to confront a situation. not every kid will freak out. some kids may be relieved their parents are stepping up for them. >>reporter: researchers are trying to get more evidence on cyberbullying and effects but this is difficult as studies and surveys may not accurately capture social media trends.
7:39 am
parenting. as a future first lady, melania trump works to pledge on social media. >>russell: the world watched yesterday as hillary clinton gave her concession speech and urged the country to unite but while her words were powerful and sincere, some say it was her outfit that spoke the loudest. jen has more on the power of purple. >>jennifer: you know, suits and she's stuck with that uniform for her concession speech wednesday but it's her color choice that has a lot of people talking. hillary addressed the crowd in a purple blouse with a black feature featuring purple lapels and matching trousers. bill clinton had a navy blue suit and a purple tie. a lot of people took her choice to wear the color people as a
7:40 am
a mix of red and blue makes purple. now, whether or not that was the reason behind her color choice, her message of unity was clear at yesterday's speech. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the fure president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >>jennifer: donald trump's victory shocked a lot of people but could google have predicted his win? according to data from the search engine, in the final weeks of the campaign, more people did google searches for hillary clinton except in the days leading up to the election when trump accounted for 55% of search views between november 6 and election day.
7:41 am
google searchs in pennsylvania during that three-day period, a state where every poll predicted a clinton win. he also dominated searches in florida, michigan and north carolina. singer katy perry is part of a twitter protest. people across the country began blacking out their profile and header photos after hearing the election results. she's also encouraging her 75 million twilter followers to leave the country. her message said, quote, do not sit move. we are not a nation that will let hate lead us. perry has been a big vocal supporter of hillary clinton. she even did a few free concerts to help during the campaign and amy schumer will not be part of that exodus, even though she said she would leave if trump won. she said she was joking. >>russell: every night in household across the world, homework causes drama and headaches and tension between parent and child. >>laura: but in this morning's
7:42 am
amount of homework they bring home and how to manage it all. what can parents do to make the evening routine easier for everyone? we'll chat with a guidance counselor about how much involvement parents should really have at this age and then what to do if your child is struggling. >>russell: take another look otside. is that pretty? look at that.
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>>dave: every single one of our cameras this morning looks like this. i mean, beautiful. a couple in general, it's beautiful outside and look at the temperatures, too. they are cooler than yesterday. tampa is at 64 degrees. lakeland at 61. as you go north, you quickly get back in the 50s. brooksville, ocala and you see this blue color across i-10? those are temps in the 40s behind the front. more importantly, it's drier. we have dew points running 48 to 50 degrees and they will continue to slowly settle south throughout the day.
7:46 am
you've got lovely, lovely dry air sitting in place. it's going to be a beautiful day. we'll take temperatues, bring them close to 80 degrees but with lower dew points, that means it's going to feel drier outside. tonight overnight lows, there's going to be a range again. we'll probably have lower 50s again in citrus and hernando county. 60 degrees in tampa, mid 60s out toward the water. and then for tomorrow, tons of sunshine, friday seasonable weather. i mean, gorgeous high temperature around 78 degrees. boaters, a light chop, water temperatures in the mid 70s and not much of a change. in fact, even early next week with a few clouds and 20% rain chance, temperatures should be nice. so looking forward to it. vanessa? >>vanessa: looking forward to it, too. we want to get to a couple of trouble spots. right now a crash newly reported at hillsborough and hanley with lane blocks.
7:47 am
direction. eastbound delays from this intersection all the way back towards webb to plan extra time or avoid that area. spring hill, really the pasco county part of spring hill. we have a crash along u.s. 41. this is reported in the northbound direction at parsley lane. so you could see most of your concerns heading that way and i do urge you to use caution this way. and as we switch gears here, we're having issues with the video stream but this is the westbound. we had that earlier vehicle fire in the area of orient road. you can see the lanes are clear as of this couple of minutes ago. this is a still shot where it froze but our delays right now sitting at 20 minutes to get from 75 to 275. laura? >>laura: all right. thank you. ask any parent with a child in middle school, and they'll tell you, it is hard to get them to do homework. there are so many distractions at this age, so much homework to
7:48 am
counselor at dunbar elementary school and good morning to you. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >>laura: let's talk about middle school. that's when the attitude sets in, the real fun time. and it seems like there's more homework than ever. >> middle school seems like because they have multiple classes so middle school, they have six or seven different classes so each class assigns different homework. it may seem like they have a lot of homework but really multiple classes they want to catch on so we c >>laura: i'll bet you hear a lot of frustration, probably from the teachers, from the students who maybe are a little overwhelmed and parents, too. what's your advice? >> depending on your student, if you know your student's academic level, sometimes students struggle with homework. it may take longer. if the student is easy throughout the day, they may finish homework easier. i say coordinate with the teachers, have conversations back and forth about their homework so you get more content
7:49 am
trying to establish more independent with them socially, academically for a lot of reasons. how involved should parents be? i know it depends on the child but as a rule, how much should we just let them try to work their way through? >> i would let them work their way through in the beginning. if they're struggling, be available to help. whether you're around the kitchen or watching tv or folding clothes or whatever you're doing, make sure you're available for help. i want you to do as much as you can on your own but what you can't help you. save time. teachers can stay in contact with -- parents can stay in contact with teachers on the school website so they can communicate back and forth. if there's a particular thing they don't understand, they have a way to get ahold of them. >>laura: what do you recommend? first for a place to do homework that is productive. but also, you know, for the parents who are frustrated with their child, you don't want to turn them off.
7:50 am
cool. >> yeah. it's hard as a parent to work with child, especially when it comes to homework, especially when it's difficult. the best time is when they come home after school, it's fresh in their mind. if they watch tv, they have forgotten some. maybe give them a 30 minute break between home and homework but get right into it. give them a snack, something to eat to keep the brain food going and that will help you get prepared. if you wait too long, it's tired. if you don't work out right away, you forget about it. as the day goes on, you don't want to do it anymore. >>laura: and once you do anything for 30 days, it's a habit. the hope is they kind of find a groove to get into. we have to leave it there but there's so much to talk about. general advice for the parents, too, and the teachers. if you don't quite get it all
7:51 am
minimized where the kids aren't taking it anymore? >> do enough homework to know the content. if the student is not completing it, you're missing the goal. the goal is to understand the content. if they're doing half of each subject each night, that will help. as long as you know they get the concept and understand what they're doing. >>laura: a little something. thank you so much. we'll let you get back to the workday. while we're on the subject, tonight at 10:00, linda is going to tackle this topic. she's going to new no homework trend and how it may be improving grades. that's tonight on the fox 13 news at 10:00. we need to get over to charley belcher for a look what he's up to today. >>charley: good day to you. no homework required for this segment. we have taken a little trip to plant city, catch up with jules burt with a popup gallery. she's known for her swirly wine glss, her kissy face beauties and of course, those flowers
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
(anchors wrap with charley) >>charley: i'm charley belcher coming from plant city this morning. give you a little "good day" history. those long time, loyal viewers will remember that russell rhodes used to do this job. he was the roving reporter who was going out and doing all
7:55 am
the area. if you've been watching, you know that this lady would often appear with russell rhodes. >> hey, russell. >>charley: jules burt, ladies and gentlemen. artistic extraordinary -- extraordinaire. you collected from big time celebrities all over the world. you've been all over the place, you've done it all. you've done it all. >> created miss americas, whatever. >>charley: you painted the time a two. >> i painted your lindsay. >>charley: you did. now this is a popup gallery. the village shopping center here. >> villages, right. >>charley: and you're only here through the end of the year.
7:56 am
right? they're all over, popup for branding and stuff. i don't know. it's like september 25, i had this idea and so i came down here and i called the landlords and i said, hey, popups are in. how about i get this place from october through december? and you know, that's a perfect time of year. we have the holidays, everything in here hand made. >>charley: yeah. great gift stuff with your glasses and the art on the walls and here. >>charley: you're sharing space with other artists, doing some classes, painting parties, doing it all. >> have fun. i love art and i love to paint and so i'm sharing this. i'm telling everybody, stay off pinterest and come see jules. >>charley: we have kids coming. we'll show you what she's doing with them and show you some art and russell rhodes says you make an amazing tomato pie. >> russell, i'll make you a
7:57 am
i've had one. i'm jealous. >>russell: i hadn't, either. >> we brought him biscuit and gravy from fred's.p>>charley: l not hungry at the moment. they feed you good in plant city. >>russell: it is great to see her. tell her i love her, miss her. >>laura: she's your kind of woman. tomato pie. >>russell: it sure was good. wasting no time. he's already preparing for the transition for the safety of all americans. >>laura: and celebrating veterans all year long. where they can go to get a free pet and making big changes in a small amount of time. president elect trump, what he plans to do in his first 10 dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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((russell the first hundred days... it's important for every new president.. we'll take a look at president-elect trump's plans the first 100 new days we a. important for every new president. we will take look a president-elect plans for first new plans in a sick little boy sympathetic officer how lakeland police department helped a mother and her son get through a very tough time. >> from tampa bay's number one tampa bay. hey everybody it's 8 o'clock i'm laura moody. good morning it's thursday, november 10th we thank you for waking up with us this morning. we need to get straight to dave who outside with look at the forecast. let me tell you, it is unbelievable out here. >> nice. >> it really is wait until you come out 9 o'clock russell. we're in mid 60s. it's gorgeous, gorgeous almost wall to wall sunshine here. not to mention the dryer air that is settling in.


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