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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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"this is america everyone has the right to their own opinion and they shouldn't be beat up for it (cries)." this is america everybody has right to their own opinion and they shouldn't be beat up for it. post election violence. a plea from parents to stop. and it's daddy boot camp time. we're getting walter ready for his newborn. his experience with the 5 s's. and what he learns. good thursday morning i'm laura
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and it kind of cloudy yesterday. it blue or sun shining. its nice. sadder than sad. sorry. see, we're singing to you. listen. i'll always take a morning serenade. >> there it is. we are mid to upper 60s. we'll think about it. . still on tv. crazy. we'll work on it. 69 degrees the current temperature outside of tampa international. look all lower 70s bradenton sarasota. venice. i got low to mid 60s crystal river. really is nice. and this is one of those days where it gets nicer as we move along. because we'll likely get that dryer air to continue to settle in. we will still touch that 80 degrees mark. it feels beautiful. and tonight, tomorrow, through the weekend, nice, nice, nice. we'll have all. michael johnson? that's it.
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sings that song. >> i'm so lost right now. >> oh you are listening to russell and i singing earlier. now, now. okay yes, i do recall that. i've going back and forth listening to you guys keeping some eye on roadways. you will have to excuse me a little bit. we do want to bring you this. switch gears get to the roads semi-involved crash we're seeing hard to dell tell i do believe an overturned vehicle here along 275 south. this ash we have likes like maybe two lanes passing, two lanes will be blocked here. we have heavy delays. approaching immediate crash site. but also, moderate delays all the way back to bush area. bearss to i-4 taking 19 minutes. which is pretty heavy for this time of morning. so if you can, please avoid the area. we'll update you as we learn more about possible injuries there might be if that's an overturned vehicle we're seeing orr there. speak speaking injury crash we
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crash working in brand done area wood bury road shut down falkenburg to this crash one trauma alert patient. we do have delays a you might imagine in the area. the actual crash is going to be at the 75 overpass. but the lanes are going to be closed auto way to falkenburg was we're hearing from sheriff's office. 3 to 4 vehicles involved. serious injuries. work arounds here for wood bury broadway or state road 60 we will update you with more than we've learned from this. all rit a life taken too early. 18-year-old mariah good was shot and killed earlier this week. and deputies have little to go on. but there has been a new development. an arrest. fox 13 shayla reeves is at manatee county sheriff's office this morning with details on this. good morning, shayla. >> yeah, good morning to you. this morning we did have a chance to speak with the mother of 18-year-old maria hope good. she told me i want to look him in the face and tell him i
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mother now that she hopes to some day share with a man now facing charges in connection with her daughter's death. i want you to take a look at this image. this is an image of 21-year-old devin lee free man. freeman is waking up behind bars in sarasota county jail. authorities are arrested him on a warrant out of neighbor's manatee count. he's facing murder charge. in connection with at sunday shooting death of mariah hope good. good woman of haitian descent adopted by her family as baby. she tackle ad number of health challenges in recent years requiring some costly treatments for painful symptoms associated with lupus. now it's unclear if she actually knew freeman or what landed either of them at the location where she was shot. but this is what we know, gunfire erupted off fourth street east in bradenton. maria hope good suffered injuries in shooting a potential witness drove her to the hospital. but doctors could not safe her life.
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a celebration of life service this afternoon. that will be held in anna maria island and be followed by a vigil at the bradenton river walk at 6 o'clock in the evening. her family says they are not seeking any sort of revenges in this case. what they want is justice for their daughters. so we're going to continue to follow this story and we'll keep you posted should any new information be released. laura, back to you. all right situation going on in washington. two officers have been shot and one of them has died. spokesman says the officers were checking on reports of a domestic dispute when they were ambushed as soon as they got there. the surviving officer has been flown to a hospital in pittsburgh. police and s.w.a.t. teams are in neighborhood in this area. so far we are not hearing of any arrests. an update tune awful story from yesterday. st. petersburg moifr are offering support to family of a
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drunk driver. david round tree was popular among officers. he was popular among everyone. so it seems. so much so for the officers that they are collecting money to help pay for his funeral. the police benevolent association which represents all of st. petersburg officers and pinellas county deputies opened and accounted wells fargo if you would liking to help you can do so at any wells fargo bank. also developing this morning there's backlash o trump's victory all across the nation people took to the streets to show their displeasure with what's happened. most were peaceful protests in oakland things got violent fire smashing windows, spray painting businesses. folks clearly upset some head signs saying not my president. >> and in texas, reaction to a trump presidency got violent for one student at an elementary school.
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voted donald trump because few weeks ago they made a mock election for the president. and then i said i voted i did they come over here and started, and they jerked me out of my seat and then they started, before i, before i could turn get up they started kicking me and punching me. >> well, the teacher tried to stop it all quickly. but 11-year-old says it felt like it took forever. boy now says he's afraid to go back to class even though attacker have been and parents had this to say. >> i know we have been very opinionated on this election. but one thing i never i've never said anything to the point where i would incite violence. my son doesn't have mean bone in a his body. that's what america is about. that's what lex process is we have to respect last election results i feel like everybody needs to respect this election
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will get others to talk about how to be compassionate and accepting to those who believe differently. and it is a big day for president-elect trump. he will a meeting with president obama at the white house today. new video of trump about to leave trump tower in new york city. this was just about a half hour ago. his meeting with the president is scheduled for 11 o'clock this morning and news conference is scheduled for 11:30. you can watch that right here on fox 13. it is the beginning some reports a little behind. towards end of campaign donald trump asked his transition team to stop planning and start campaigning now they are trg to make up for lost time. port mortem on election. so-called experts are wondering how donald trump won. there were several voting blocks that polsters never counted on. steve harrigan takes look how hispanic vote dave donald trump florida in the end and the white
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worry. we will build the wall. >> donald trump called mexican rapist promised to build a wall and deport undocument immigrants. and yet 29 percent of his hispanics voted for trump. two percent more than voted for mid romney four years ago. according to fox news, exit polls. a new day in america. it's a great day. i'm thrilled. i'm very happy. i knew it was going to be hard race. but i was excited about the policies that trump would talk about. >> i love him, trump. battle ground florida for example younger cubans who favor openness with the castro regime were expected to join. newly arrived puerto rican officials deliver the state's 29 electoral votes to the democrats. a check mate that could eliminate any path for republican victory. but somehow in the ballot box that failed to materialize. people get into the ballot box, they are going to be alone.
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their partisan ship. they are going to vote their partisan ship. at the same time president obama was legalizing the purchase of cuban rum and cigars. cuban regime donald trump was meet rg veterans failed bay of pigs invasion trump won cuban vote by 13 percent. courting older cubans long been seen disciplined conservative voting block paid off. >> while trump lost the florida hispanic vote he did so here by a much nationally. keeping hispanic vote close and enable trump to carry must win swing state by just 1.4 percent. >> i know it's steve harrigan reporting there bad news for general motors. they are laying off more than 2,000 workers in michigan and ohio. company getting rid of third shift workers because demand for cars is down. the chevy cruz and camaro and
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them spokesperson says this has nothing to do with election. they said by law her required to give 60 days notice before mass layoffs. >> hillsborough county public transportation commission has reached an agreement with you beer and lift that will keep them in the county up and running. ptv kroetd 4 to 3 wednesday to adopt rules that both agreed to fingerprint regulations removed but tougher background checks put in place uber drivers will have to have their cars inspected. agreement is temporary. until next legislature comes up now with state-wide rules. to lakeland city commissioner there cement hours debating whether to join a trend set by other cities in bay area. and decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. after hearing from opponents like president clinton grady judd commissioner did decide to hold off on him decision not popular with crowd in room in near future.ll come up again- one first signs of holidays are almost here.
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tree is coming down this morning. on a farm in new york. about 140 miles north of new york city. this 90 foot spruce will arrive in manhattan on saturday. then crews will begin getting ready for big reveal. more than 50,000 lights will be switched on later this month coming up on the 30th. nice. yes. very nice. yes. >> bring on the christmas season. yes. yes. all right. all right. i got lost there for a minute. wives. you really can now say see, told you so. not that we needed permission. and then a little later the vinik vision for tampa. what one of cities high rollers thinks of bay area why he moved here to begin with. what an ma he is too. gentlemen he is. illusive. and then charley belcher. with someone who i have never be
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ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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((russell//2sh)) it happens to all of us, in almost all our relationships.. we remember something differently than someone
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differently than our significant others. >> especially our wives. well, sorry, guys. don't argue with them because mostly they're right and we're wrong. study found that women in their 40s and 50s performed better in all memory measures then men. even despite a decline around the time of menopause. now women who went through menopause did however have worst memory than those who hadn't been through it but still, as long a healthy brains they continue to have an edge over their male counterparts. >> ic concur 1,000 percent with that. my wife will tell me you wore that two thanksgivings ago.
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has. be careful now. you can step into something. i agree with that 100 percent. 72 degrees in pinellas park. we've got 68 in st. petersburg. 69 in tampa. apollo beach at 68. 70 in brandon. now finally getting back into the 60s citrus county. hernando county. after bombing out really in the lower 50s this morning. but it's so beautiful out. that i look at the 72 bradenton. saraso, inc including lower 70s we have in highlands county. why? because our dew points continue to drop. couple of hours ago they were at 63. now they are at 58 in tampa. so this dryer air is slowly i'm going to use the term oozing south. even though we will get up to 80. low humidity with mostly sunny skies. tonight, 50s and 60s depends on where you live.
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pinellas. to lower 50s all the way up into citrus county. and then everybody else in between. then for your friday, veterans day, tons of sunshine. seasonable weather with again your high of around 78 degrees. why ruin a good thing. keep it going through weekend 80 on saturday and 80 on sunday as well, vanessa. >> all right. dave, thanks. of course the big that go we're following on roadways is 275 live camera look near ashle still have multiple lanes blocked after semi-involved crash we're seeing even more. so now this is involving an overturned vehicle possible another vehicle you can see that white car that is behind overturned one. so our delays have grown. we're up to about 21 minutes coming from bearss to i-4 remind you once again to avoid the area. we will be watching this one as we get on throughout the rest of this hour. so hopefully we'll have good news as far as injuries here. and lane blockages. don't forget as well to avoid
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crash serious injuries reported multiple vehicles involved lanes blocked completely. all right vanessa. thank you. 9:18 the time. this week, has been all that getting you ready for being a new dad as ready as you can be one thing i did take class and thank will st. joe's women's hospital kind of not to let me take camera with me as i stepped into daddy boot camp. a little guy time. sitting around on a saturday father of two sons not something you see very often until now i've never been to baby shower guys we're not typically wired this way. i'm going to be new dad it's time for >> welcome to boot camp for new dads. a class that's offered a various places, numerous times a year. thun was st. joe's women's hospital. we started off by telling the group who we are when due date is name of the baby. i don't know if i have
9:20 am
she's due on january 6th. once we got through that, some big topics are covered and part hands on, part group therapy. but, all real. here's the problem with infants, first three months, they are crying, sleeping and/or eating. you're feeding, burping and/or changing diapers. that is not a traditional male role. and a lot of men, we won't use the word with each other but ut what i thought was fascinating father's role that is changed throughout the years. point stuck out for me fathers taking big role as buying of a role as mom. not to let mothers in law or anyone else admin issue that role. men don't bond with their babies that way. >> you already know that you bond by spending time. to spend time because you don't get it back i'm told.
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>> in womb there five s's. tight. swaddle, there you go. suck. or pacifier. so that they can suck. they are kind of curled around. shape, way, what? not a hard shake but a jittery shake. and finally, shhhhh. and all of this recreates the womb. so in these classes a number of things and some other topics depending on the class what is bought up by the participants. but class with dads in mind speaking dad language, i feel one step closer to taking on the job full time. one thing i thought was interesting, he did cover shaking the baby. he said everybody is capable of it at some point. you got to remember that, that capable of it got to remember if you do feel like you're boiling over starting to get frustrated place baby down and take ten
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thanks for being along the ride with me. we'll keep you post ad we continue on. moving on 9:21 the election is done and over how will donald trump presidency affect your wall? a financial magazine what means for hard earned cash.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from plant city this morning. i had couple of little ones who showed up after we did the
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that's great. that's great. i miss her. i miss her. haven't seen her in long time. tell her i want to visit. i owe her a visit. all right. two of my favorite people right there. take care. we'll see you soon. be good. all right man working to tran form downtown tampa has some concerns about our city's concerns about our city's will your business be ready when growth presents itself? or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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station, this is good day tampa bay. i know they accused to call a difficulty little rivera town. rivers now clean. downtown. now filling up with people who actually live there. and there is that beautiful river walk. it's change ad lot in last 20 years. slow and steady. yeah but now we have a player in town that is ready to take things to the next level. jeff vinik. owner of the tampa bay lightning of course. he says tampa is full of potential. jen epstein is here now with more on jeff's vision he spoke with forbes tampa potential reason he moved here from new york with millions of dollars he could have moved anywhere in the world he chose the bay area and tampa in particular saying it's totally under appreciated and under valued. he loves living here. saying the people are friendly and there's a lot to do. and that's one of the reasons why the city's population continues to grow. in fact, he tells the story of bringing his asset management group here 25 people from big cities like l.a., chicago and new york. but then when he bought the
9:31 am
but he said out of those 25 employees he brought here, 20 of them stayed. the bonus is the weather. sunshine during the winter months is just something you can't put a price tag on. >> no commute, living in working downtown is a huge plus. cost of living also lower than other major cities around the country. >> and the people and communities are friendly welcoming. because he says for the most part, everyone is from somewhere else. >> but the draw backs tampa bay needs better paying jobs ask he says area's full of local college educated workers who want to stay but can't find a decent job. but he did say the entrepreneurial spirit and drive is alive and well in tampa. that in turn will hopeful lead to better jobs. interesting. yeah. all right speaking wages forbes had written an article president-elect trump will affect your wallet. his economic policy that he put out during campaign. and this is what forbes suggests
9:32 am
>> for federal income taxes you file in april, taxes will come down for everybody. and there will be only three tax brackets. for a married couple filing jointly and making less than $75,000 a year. the percentage is a 12 percent. while that's a little more than the current rates there are other details according to forbes that will actually make it less. next bracket families that are in between 75 and 225. they get to keep about 3 percent more under trump. and families who earn more than $225,000, that percentage drops down to 33 percent. there are more details we'll not get into because we just don't understand. >> but the bottom line is that forbes is saying that everyone across the board will have more money in their bank account. forbes article said he is amazed at what trump is proposing for child care. this author says $5,000 deduction for children under 13 years old. and the way he's doing it he
9:33 am
also items that are complicated to explain but bottom line is working class families will be able to pay less for child care. other big issues corps raet taxes would reduced to keep companies from going overseas. and affordable care act would revamped, if not scrapped altogether. >> you need to go outside as soon as possible. >> you know. yes. sunny. look who's hanging outside with me mike bennet everybody so nice he wanted t really nice out here. fun. ai got it talk into your mike. sorry. into the mike. okay we've got temperatures in the 60s at this hour. he doesn't like when i do that. look at the beach. look how beautiful it is. and gorgeous blue sky we have what different day than yesterday not only do we have a gorgeous sunshine, but it also feels nicer out there getting drier and drier and drier.
9:34 am
73 venice 72 sarasota. then mid to upper 60s for tampa to the north. the difference is as you go further north it's cooler and drier. front comes through snuck et cetera way through. if you got to sprinkle yesterday congratulations you're lucky. because most of us didn't. and now the front is through, now dew point numbers which again measure that surface moisture start to go down. they are down to 58 in tampa which is very comfy air. yo brooksville. 51 as you're getting into gainesville. watch this forecast dew points continue to drop not only today but really for tomorrow and going into the weekend. we'll going to eventually get them down into the 40s. so just a lovely stretch of weather coming at us. i know we need some rainfall. but this is why november is climatologically driest month of the year. because it just we just don't get lot of it. we do have tons of today is like
9:35 am
high of 80 degrees. tonight, 60 under starry skies and dry conditions. for tomorrow we will go tons of sunshine is seasonable with high of 78. voters, northeast wind shifting to north at 10 knots. seas running two feet with light chop i got water temperatures by way at 74 degrees. air temperatures will run 78 to 80. really for the next several days. low temperatures 59 to around 63 degrees. quiet. nice, dry one very special first birthday today. i bddy turning one today. he likes mickey mouse and loves watching paw patrol. but he especially likes going to the park. happy first birthday little buddy. sounds like great day to go to park your birthday erin we want to switch gears right now 9:35. sparting to agent bit busy of roadway two previous crashes at the top of the hours in last report. two 75 southbound at ashley.
9:36 am
lane blocks wood bury also still shut down near falkenburg and 75 in brandon due to that serious injury crash a few other trouble spots we're seeing hernando cortez boulevard lane blocks reported following a crash westbound. we have some minor to moderate delays reported. so make sure you're planning a few extra minutes using caution there. live look, this is going to be 75 at state road 60. crash is going to be on left shoulder mostly. one the vehicles it seems to be is pretty close to tha it is bunching up in that northbound direction. you can see with the traffic. so use caution here as well. northbound drivers on 75 as well if you're passing by ruskin sun city area. sun city center builded exit lane blocks reported here good news we're not seeing any major delays. thank you, vanessa. thanksgiving is just two weeks away. and while some are checking turkey the and stuffing off their list, at least making the
9:37 am
like big screen tv laptops. that's right many people are getting first look a some black friday deals this morning. and alcides joins us live from your target, you go to target in tampa now. is that where you moved to? yeah. target on dale mabrey. this has been best live shot location ever. you got bestbuy across the street. target behind me. then you've got walmart to my right. looks like you've been all over place. to every store. that's exactly live hit. okay. i got to tell you, people have been, people are plan for black friday now. you go online and people are all over this. especially now that bestbuy walmart and target have released their black friday ads. here's the thing these three stores are going to open on thanksgiving day. they are going to continue that tradition. lottery tail stores deciding last year you did what, maybe we should close down on
9:38 am
bestbuy walmart, target they are still going to do it. and you know, for most part, some people are welcoming the idea. so let's take look at the target ad. you can see that they've got big screen t v right there. 50 inch 250 bucks 4 k uhd i imagine latest and greatest which not bad deal at all 250 bucks. you go to bestbuy you're going to see you know, televisions on sale as well 4 k you're going to spend about $25 really depends on name brand. walmart same exact thing. laptops they all big sales on laptops big sales on tablets again really fends on where you're going to go. i did also see some sales at kohl's as well. either way, if you're going to do your shopping on thanksgiving day, get out there early. because again, there's going to be big, big lines out there. i imagine that bestbuy here on
9:39 am
been in last couple of years. with that said national retail federation is predicting retail sales is expected to increase from year to year. in fact last year it was 3.0 percent. this year expecting 3.6 percent. so again, just to be clear, bestbuy, target, and walmart will have their black friday on thursday toys-r-us macy's j c pence also going black friday sales on thursday. but for the most part, other retail stores will be closed o and really interesting to see i got to tell you who is actually going to shop on thanksgiving day are people going to stay home or maybe they are going to eat early and then go shopping. of course we're going to cover it here on good day tampa bay. i'm actually kind of excited a tradition here on fox. sure is. sure is. but to have a thanksgiving and get out and 3 or four and do black friday thing. all right alcides, thank you. >> yeah. all right still lots more ahead including a first look at the
9:40 am
pitt's fist appearance since divorce drama. how reacted to fans and latest on investigation into child abuse allegations. live picture of board on wall
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9:42 am
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((vanessa)) ryan reynold's movie "deadpool" was such a hit, studio execs started working on a sequel. but even before they see if that's a welcome back riej reynolds dead pool was sufficient a studioed exec start working sequel before they see if that's hit they are planning dead pool 3. right sows told hollywood reporter story line that would include x team and x force. perhaps a little crazy because the original director you'll recall walked out on doing this sequel and so has composer. the studio has not even replaced those key positions yet. but they are already planning on a third. and to this now first time since angelina filed for divorce, brad walking red carpet alone.
9:44 am
coming out november 23rdrd. day before thanksgiving. but along the carpet he did thanks his fans for their support through the drama. that wasn't only good news earlier in evening he was cleared by dcf of any child abuse allegations. we'll talk nailing it tv mo derp family is really getting some help from future hall of fame quarterback. you know it's true tmz catching payton manning onset he arrived yesterday. will be in one episode. word is he's going to be playing a sports tutor. that could be kind of funny tmdz is reporting only scheduled for one episode but he is funny apparently we can totally see him having recurring role. you know there are only 45 days until christmas. yeah. hollywood gearing up by releasing hollywood movies almost christmas is out tonight in theater. and fox adam housley sat down with the cast. not going to make it to christmas, are we in not a damn chance.
9:45 am
christmas floridaed a broken family that gets together a may tree arc passes away. how do you like cranberry salad. very good. cast says this story is different than other holiday flicks. like lot christmas movies they have hart or humor but they this have all of it. you have you have very realistic family drama. you also have realistic conflict resolution. you have a family that's in mourning. i think it takes a strong christmas though the mother was glue it was the father that was the leader. and you really get a chance to see that and often times you don't see that in film. as for the actors, dos and don'ts during holidays, please don't bring someone, you know in brand new relationship to celebrate the holidays with your family. please. don't. no, i'm sorry. they got to wait. always do enjoy every moment because you might not get to moment you're looking forward
9:46 am
that's one thing. um, um, be courteous around the holiday see on. when you go oh someones house, bring air freshener. when we asked monique if she's been naughty or nice this year i'm not going to tell you. that's my business. >> in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. russell is laughing too. it's building gets a redo a little later. first look at the four year multi million dollar renovation
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9:48 am
9:49 am
((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. ((russell there's another live look at the board on wall street. .up about uni-170 points. let's get to laurenim got some good news here. it's a record. record high. stocks are up four days in a row. this is unbelievable. the market reaction. and they chaoticness that we have seen since wee hours of morning. i guess it was wednesday morning tuesday night. it's all fog at this point. i'll tell you right now macy's up seven percent. kohl's up 14 percent.
9:50 am
happy. i think also a euphoria going on that trump uld could good for the banks less regulation he could good for lot infrastructure and engineering type companies. good for oil companies. he would bad for lot things too we're focussing on good today unity. hillary clinton gave a beautiful speech yesterday and this transfer of power should be drama free. all right. let's hope so. hope so. let's stay on president-elect trump for a moment. art of deal that book he wrote in the 80s it was initially 1107 on best seller 24 today. number 2. that's not only book that's doing better. he also wrote book great again at the top of the list too. his hats make america great again hats they are sold out in red color. >> so despite the protests, from coast to coast, some people are
9:51 am
sam subpoenaing had its share of troubles lately. >> you think? >> yeah. yeah. that's the way i'm going to start. that's positive. all right. it's not a flip phone. but it's a followedable phone, yes? >> yeah. it's like a futuristic flip phone. they filed a patent for a phone that folds and bends and flips. it looks like it would have more than one screen. so i guess when folded or flipped you can see email coming in i don't know. i'm not sure patents d products that will be sold. they just go to show where a company where they are headed what they are thinking about. and they got to be thinking about something really cool post the exploding phones that have been coming such a negative for the company. would you guys want to a followedable phone? well. i'm not sure i would want to samsung phone right now. i'm not sure what kind of model could entice me. let me say this, if you fold it
9:52 am
know when it's folded. that's clever. and it's protected. >> yeah. that's a possibility. >> it fit in your back pocket. yeah. i mean i'm not going oh write that off entirely yet. but there's that other thing. and can i also say something about those flip phones, they lasted for like a week. you didn't have to charge them. remember? >> yeah. this was awesome. yeah. all right. thank you, lauren. good point. all right. my mom still has a flip phone. >> some still do. and yeah, has flip phone. and i don't think she owns >> no there's more than one. there's more than one. jeff has one anne marie. >> just called out jeff on tv. that's i never thought i'd get to do that. all right. see you later. so two people have flip phones. i'm not sure every phone had ever held charge longer than a day. ye i never shop without a list. and at publix what's on the list
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on sale! isn't that something? that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. (russell- a four-year effort to transform a tampa how cool is that? a four year effort to transform a tampa landmark is nearly done. if you've driven north oh on howard avenue in last year you notice all the work going on in the new tampa jewish community center. it was formerly fort home armory
9:56 am
guard later used venue for entertainment and political figures like elvis presley and john f. kennedy. an event center aquatic spaces and business incubator. it's going to be cool glazer family foundation donated millions of dollars to help redevelop the property. it opens next month. yeah. nice. >> out in laughing so much about more will radar about wrestling. that kind wrestling. >> hey dave. >> how about a ten out of ten? i mean it's just, that nice outside too. beautiful sunshine. and i love during day it continues to get nicer and nicer. you know when dryer air settling in. 80 degrees for high today. veterans day tomorrow. high of 78. then, beautiful for the weekend saturday and sunday. high both days around 80. good. sure does. tomorrow is veterans day 3-day
9:57 am
time today thursday november 10th live with kelly coming up next and fox 13 news at noon. take care everybody. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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