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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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((walter developing this morning: a family fight... comes to a fatal end. why deputies say they were forced... to open fire. ((jen plus... the transition is ?officially underway. donald trump meeting at the white house... with the man he's about to replace. ((walter and: a day to say thank you... to all of america's greatest heroes: honored in the bay area... this veterans day ((walter)) good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen... ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your veterans day forecast... from
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new this morning: a death investigation at a tampa gas station. deputies responded to the sunoco on north nebraska around seven last nght, after getting a report that there was an assault and a man was down. they rushed him to the hospital where he later died. his cause of death is still under investigation but they
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his name has not been released. developing this morning.. an argument between a mom and her son.. ends in death.. and it was a polk county deputy that pulled the trigger. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from the home where this happened.. on del
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new this morning... someone busted through a thousand dollars worth of cell phones and cash.. it happened at the t-mobile on east brandon boulevard early yesterday morning. they also cut into the safe and took an undisclosed amount of cash. this is a picture of the car the thieves took off in. if you know anything... call the sheriff's office. it was a somber night in bradenton... for friends and family of moriah goode. they held a vigil for the teenager - who was shot and killed over the weekend. and deputies say she was not even the ?intended target.
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balloons in moriah's honor. purple was her favorite color. the 18 year old was shot and killed sundaya&sitting in the car with a friend. 21 year old devon lee freeman has been arrested and charged with second degree murder. detectives believe freeman was trying to shoot someone ?else. moriah's family say they forgive freeman: devon freeman is still in jail... being held ?without bond. for the second straight night... protestors take the streets all across the country, angry over the election of donald trump.
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philadelphia.. to washington d.c. the crowds somewhat ?smaller than wednesday night... ((more)) in tampa, there were two seperate anti-trump protests.. one downtown by the federal courthouse, and the other in the streets of ybor city. this is the second night crowds have marched in ybor. hundreds took to seventh avenue from different ethic backgrounds... and they weren't all ?young. joined the protests: and donald trump took to twitter last night, responding to the protests. saying quote... "just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters, incited by the media, are
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earlier in the day, trump got his presidency off to a symbolic start. he headed to the white house.. for his ?first ever meeting with president obama. and despite all the harsh words these two have had for each other on the campaign trail... they seemed united in bringing together the country. first lady michelle obama also met with future first lady melania trump. and vice president joe biden met with his successor, vice president elect mike pence. today... trump will have his
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trump's victory tuesday just got a little bigger. he's now won the state of arizona. the final tally was delayed because ballots had to be re-counted... as it was too close to call. this now gives brings trump's electoralvote total to 290. and it could top 300 electoral votes, one michigan's votes are confirmed. new hampshire hasn't been called yet either. hillary clinton has only 228 electoral votes.... but she still leads in the ?popular vote. today... we salute our nation's greatest heroes on this veterans day. and there are several big ceremonies planned in the bay area. in tampa... the james-a-haley veterans hospital will host its 9th annual veterans day parade. vietnam war veterans will be honored to mark 50 years after the end of the war. more than 40 groups will be taking part. it begins with a brief ceremony starting at 10 in the morning. the parade immediately follows. thousands are also
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the c-w bill young veterans hospital in pinellas county. our own mark wilson is emceeing the event. congressman david jolly is also expected to speak. the ceremony begins at 11. one of florida's biggest veterans day ceremonies takes place later this morning in sumter county. starting at 11 a-m, the florida national cemetery in bushnell will honor all those who served. the south sumter high school band will perform, along with patriotic songs , bagpipes, and a rifle salute. about four hundred flags will also be on display along the cemetery roads. they were all fallen veterans... and were once draped over their caskets. the event free for all to attend but space is limited. the city of st. pete holds its annual veterans day ceremony this morning at williams park on first avenue. it starts at eight a-m. the city will present it's "2016 honored veteran" award to u-s marine corps veteran, "michael jernigan." he was serving in iraq in 2004 when his humvee was hit by a
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cranium. but he didnt just survive... he's been thriving. mike graduated from u-s-f st. pete as a history major... and started working for southeastern guide dogs in 20- 12. also today in tampa: a special honor for ?homeless veterans on this veterans day. "operation reveille" brings together federal, state, and local government agencies to give those homeless vets a free ?home for the holidays. veterans who qualify can show up to today's event and get a free fully furnished apartment. it even comes with household goods. and veterans can celebrate today's holiday with several ?freebies all over the bay area. from free food... to free admission to most local attractions. a lot of restaurant chains are offering free meals for veterans today.. including applebees, chilis, bob evans, california pizza chicken, hooters, and olive garden. you just have to be in uniform or have your military i-d to get the deal. and you don't even have to wait until lunch or dinner. because veterans get a free ?breakfast today too. dennys is offering a free grand slam...
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red,white, and blue pancakes... and krispy kreme is offering all military members a free glazed donut and a free small coffee. and the military can also get free admission today, to many bay area attractions. including the lowry park zoo, the florida aquarium, legoland, the dali museum, and the glazer children's museum. and most of those free passes are for active duty ?and retired military. and of course we couldn't go through ?all the freebies this morning. but you can find the ?complete list on our website, "fox 13 news coming up after the break: ?santa claus is coming to town? well guess what... he's already ?here! your
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can you believe it's ?already that time of year? santa claus... is coming to town. in ?fact... your kids can ?meet him today. ((more)) international plaza in tampa will santa's first stop in the bay area this year. and it's more than just a photo stop. the mall is opening an interative experience called "santa's fight academy." kids get their own badge, wear a virtual flight suit.. and help santa and his elves prepare for their christmas eve flight. the ?experience is free, but the photos are extra. and tomorrow... kids will also be able to see santa at the tyrone square mall in st. pete and the wiregrass mall in
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ahead in sports: the bolts... back on home ice last night. why the crowd had plenty to cheer about. plus: the city of cleveland has the cavs... and the indians. two ?very successful teams this year. well two out of three aint bad. after the break: why the ?browns... just set
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin with the bolts. they were back home last night, playing the new york islanders for the second time, in a week-and-a-half. the lightning out of the gates quickly. first period, lightning on the power
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circle... and scores. that's the bolts' 13th power play goal of the year... the captain's 8th goal. still in the first, nikita kucherov works deep in the islander zone... steals the puck as the lightning keep it in the zone... eventually, it gets back to kucherov who scores from the point... lightning up 2-0 after one period. bolts on the power play again in the second... great control of the puck... it wou the bolts would lead 3-nothing at that point, and cruise. the lightning win 4-1 to thursday night football. not exactly a ?marquee matchup... the 4- and-4 baltimore ravens hosting the ?winless cleveland browns. the browns hoping to avoid the worst start in franchise history. and cleveland actually led 7 to 3 at one point in the first quarter. wouldn't last though.
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three touchdowns and the ravens roll, winning 28 to seven. cleveland is now oh and ten on the season, the only team in the league without a win this season. and next week.. they're playing the steelers. the ?college football game last night was actually a lot more exciting than the nfl one. duke hosting their biggest rival this game was tied at 14 the second quarter, until carolina gets a 54 yard touchdown pass. but duke would tie it ?again right before halftime. carolina takes the lead back in the third with a field goal... and duke responds ?again. carolina has the ball with a minute left... down a point... but they throw a interception. the 17th ranked tarheels go down... 28-27, and the duke
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and much more football this weekend, including the bucs on sunday. tailgate sunday starts at 10:30am here on fox 13. then the networks' pregame coverage will take you up to the one p- m kickoff between the bears and bucs at ray-jay, followed by the cowboys and steelers at 4:25. all right here on fox 13. when we come back, i'll have another check on your friday ?and weekend forecast. plus: the top toys... of all time? the latest members of the "toy hall of fame" are unveiled. and you've probably played with at
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making headlines across america: an update on the shooting of two police officers in pennyslvania. one officer died, and the other is in serious condition. and the tragedy doesn't stop there. we're now learning a pregant woman was also killed. it started yesterday morning at a home in canonsburg, just south of pittsburgh. officers responded to a domestic violence call and a man inside immediately started shooting at them. 52 year old officer "scott bashioum" was killed... another officer was wounded. polic shooter.. 47 year old "michael qwa-lin-ski"... later killed his pregnant wife and shot himself inside the home, killing both of them. the man had a history of domestic abuse. in atlanta: a man accused of ?murdering his toddler by leaving him in a hot car... will now have to wait until next ?week to learn his fate. jurors spent a third day of deliberating thursday but still couldn't reach a verdict. the judge ordered them back on ?monday, since the court is closed today for veterans day. they're trying to decide if
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car, after driving to work. harris says he ?forgot the boy was in there. a scary sight during the evening rush hour in california. a semi-truck caught fire, on the side of a freeway in the city of industry. it then caused a one acre brush fire nearby. firefighters were able to quickly put out ?both fires. the truck driver was able to escape the fire and was not hurt. it's still not clear what started the blaze. and... remember dungeons and dragons and fisher-price little people? well, they're two of the new inductees into the toy hall of fame. the strong museum in rochester, new york unveiled the picks thursday. 12 toys were actually up for induction, but only three got in. the good old "swing" was the third pick. this was a long time coming for the "little people" the
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.tied for the most of any toy. still ahead in our next half hour: an animal rescue...that shut down an entire florida street. plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is ?live in polk county, following a ?deadly deputy
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