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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a developing story in polk county this morning... where a man has been shot and killed by deputies. but not before he shot his own mom... twice. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now
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the florida supreme court has ?upheld the death sentence for leon davis junior. he's the man convicted of ?burning two women to death... during a robbery. the murder happened in lake wales back in 20-11. during the trial, jurors voted unanimously to recommend that davis should die for the killings. circuit judge michael hunter imposed the death sentence. davis was also sentenced to death for the execution-style killings of two clerks at a b-p gas station and convenience store.
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runners will be paying tribute to our nation's heroes this veterans day. the "old glory relay" will end in tampa at amalie arena. if you want to run or walk the last leg of the cross-country run with the group.. they'll be gathering near gandy and bayshore around four p-m.. then proceeding along bayshore blvd. to amalie arena where a ceremony will take place around five. a bay area charity will be working hard for the homeless this weekend. and they're doing it... with some old school fun. (jen/ "family promise" is holding a box car derby ?fundraiser tomorrow afternoon. the proceeds will help give boxed lunches to local homeless children and their families. here are a few of the entries so far. this derby is all flintstone-style... no motors... so lots of rolling and sprinting. the derby is from one to five saturday, at boca ciega high school in gulfport. it was a race to rescue our nation's high-flying symbol... from a very low
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orlando. ?two bald eagles were actually spotted by the drain... with their ?talons locked together. one of them was ?inside and the other was up above. at first, people thought one eagle was trying to ?save the other. but as fox's kirstin delgado explains, it may have been the complete ?opposite: edit:show the 3 stills from ocso in pkg two birds. one in a storm drain, the other standing over it. experts say they probably fell out of the sky.edit: holly raw18:24:49 "this time a year we see large numbers of bald eagles fighting, and in territory fights there are injuries"edit: 17:24:52 chopper.01 dian f audubon center for birds of prey.edit: holly raw18:25:24 "oh they're hardy, they've proved that"edit: bird flies away 17:53:46 chopper.1a one bird flew off when rescuers moved in. f-w-c was able to get the bird into a net while it was still in the drain.edit: holly raw18:28:34 "i reached down there and i grabbed the foot that was grabbing the next, then i grabbed the other foot. and i grabbed the foot and you saw the rest"((edit: show cell phone video of rescue from web video folder)) flynt says they will examine the eagle at the audubon center. she thinks it has puncture wounds. edit: holly raw 18:27:49 "she's stunned, that's why we put her in a dark quiet box, its very shocking, she's been through
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the injured bird will remain at the audubon center until it's better... and after
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some "out of this world" heroes... are descending on the space coast today. after the break: the new exhibit that lets you ?interact with nasa's greatest astronauts. ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers... tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 65 million dollars. good luck... and
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today on the cape... you're getting one more reason to visit the kennedy space center. the complex is holding a grand opening for it's newest exhibit... "heroes and legends." it's a 20 thousand square foot interact exhibit , that also includes the astronaut hall of fame. there will also be space artifacts 4-d theater where you can ?experience space history. and more than two dozen astronauts will be on hand for today's grand opening, including buzz aldrin, and the children of neil armstrong and neil shephard. the ceremony begins at ten a-m. and... nasa is getting ready for another rocket launch today. but it won't be leaving from the space coast. an atlas five rocket is taking off from the vandenberg air force base out in california. it's carrying a worldview-4 satellite , which will help
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this launch was actually suppose to take off back in september. it was delayed several times because of technical problems and wildfires near the base. it should take off around 1-30 this afternoon. and ?another atlas five rocket is set to take off from cape canaveral on november 19th.
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a walk in the park... turned into an amazing opportunity for one mother in new york. after the break: her chance meeting... with the woman she voted for! plus: the music world is mourning... the passing of a poet. up next:
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mourning once again this year... after the passing of a poet. singer-songwriter "leonard cohen" has died. of course he will be best known for his hit song "hallelujah." it's been covered by more than a ?hundred different artists, and featured in dozens of films and t-v shows. but cohen's impact and influence was a lot more than just one song. cohen's death was announced last night on his
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lost one of music's most revered and prolific visionaries." a cause of death and exact ?date of his death was not given. the canadian singer's career spanned more than five decades. and he just released a ?new album last month, a memorial will take place in los angeles at a later date. leonard cohen was 82 years old. fellow singers and celebrities have been tweeted their sadness over cohen's death all night long. "lin manuel miranda" ... the creator of the broadway hit "hamiliton" sent our several twts like this one... "and when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him, he said all men will be sailors then until the sea shall free them." singer justin timberlake, whos covered one ofcohen's songs... tweeting.. "r-i-p leonard cohen. a spirit and soul beyond compare." actor josh gad tweeting.. "of course 2016 would take leonardcohen. of course. 2016, please go away. you have made your
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another great. even canadian prime minister justin trudeau tweeted condolences last night, saying quote... "no other artist's music felt or sounded like leonard cohen's. yet his work resonated across generations. canada and the world will miss him." and now... to another facebook post that has a lot of people talking this morning. it comes from a mother in new york... who went for a hike with her little girls yesterday in a park. and then, she ran into a couple walking their dogs, and they looked ?very familiar. that's because clintons! hillary clinton and president bill clinton were out walking their dogs near their home in (chap-a- qwah)chappaqua. margot gerster... who voted for hillary... told clinton how proud she was to take her daughters to the voting booth tuesday. she had a ?hug with clinton... who seemed very relaxed and even had a smile on her face. gerster even got this photo and posted it to her facebook page. it has more than 90 ?thousand likes, in just eight hours. and by the way... the person
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clinton. from ribs... to rock... and even some comic relief. after the break, a look at all the big events you can check out today in tampa bay. plus... before you head outside... dave joins us after the break, with another
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even when life isn't. pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks, sweetie. the veterans day preview is on now at havertys. life looks good. tonight in st. pete... veteran journalist "dan rather' shares some of his amazing stories from the field. "an evening with dan rather" is taking place at the hilton st. petersburg bayfront. it's part of the poynter speaker series. rather has been a journalist for more than ?sixty years. tonight's event starts at eight. tickets are a hundred bucks, and that also includes dinner. if only your t-v had "smell-o-vision" this morning... because your mouth
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guess what kicks off today in st. petersburg? yup... it's the 26th annual "rib fest." it's going on at vinoy park through sunday... with plenty of tasty ribs, and live music from bands like "huey lewis and the news" who perform tonight, and the "doobie brothers" on saturday night. also tonight in st. petersburg... comedian "tracy morgan" brings his new standup tour to the mahaffey theater. the former saturday night live star survived a horrfying car crash two years ago , breaking several bones, and suffering a major brain injury. the show is at the mahaffey theater, starting at eight. and this is actually a big weekend for standup comedy. two other big funny men
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"pauly shore" is performing at the tampa improv in ybor city this weekend, and "gilbert gottfried" is performing at sidesplitters in tampa. and tonight in clearwater... one of the best rock bands of the 1970s. "kansas" is on tour, celebrating the 40th anniversary of their breakthrough album, "left overture" and during this tour, they are playing the album in its ?entirety for the first time ever. the show is at ruth eckerd hall,
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((//2shot)) toss to dave... ((vanessa tossback... coming up in the 5
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bay: a family fued ends in death.. and a deputy pulled the trigger. fox 13's shayla reaves is live in polk county... also ahead in the five o'clock hour of good day: a bay area teen... who has fought back against bullying. and it's earned him nationwide acclaim. we'll meet this hometown hero... in
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developing this morning: a deadly deputy-involved shooting. we're live with the series of events that put officers in harm's way... and cost a man his life. ((jen chaos, coast to coast. a second night of anti-trump riots, damaging businesses, starting fires, even shutting an interstate down. ((walter thank you to a veteran today? a look several ways you can honor our military men and women. good day tampa bay starts now. (walter - take vo) ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us this veterans day.. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the forecast, with dave.


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