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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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police unleash tear gas and rubber bullets, after a once peaceful anti-trump protest >>laura: police unleash tear gas and rubber bullets after a once peaceful anti-trump protest turns into a riot. what the president elect is violent. >>russell: new body camera footage moments after the deadly pulse nightclub attack. how authorities hope it could save lives. >>laura: and the science behind a super moon. why nasa is urging everyone to soak in the view this weekend. >>dave: still 61 degrees at tampa international. one of the few spots left in the 60s because, boy, folks, in some areas it's jacket weather.
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brooksville 48. low to mid 50s from brandon to lakeland, bartow, yeah. it's beautiful outside but a little bit cooler than yesterday at this time. i think your veterans day forecast looks spectacular with sunshine and upper 70s. >>laura: we have a new crash reported in the area of i-4 and 75 and here's the live camera look at it right now. it's starting to build delays here. seems to be impacts mostly to also seeing some delays, looks like coming north i-75 to four westbound. so an area to avoid and if not, if you have to head this way, plan extra time. we'll be watching this one to see how long it sticks around and whether or not you're going to have to take a detour event
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the streets. in portland, police are classifying the anti-trump protest there as a riot after demonstrators threw objects at police and damaged several cars. just a few hours ago, the police department tweeted that anyone not wanting to be associated with anarchists should leave the area immediately. >>laura: new york city, protestors gather around trump tower chanting slogans like not my president and pay your 16-year-old not even old enough to vote. overall, the protests have been peaceful and orderly though there are some scattered reports of violence and civil disobedience. >>russell: in tampa, there were two separate anti-trump protests, one at the federal courthouse downtown and the other in the streets of ybor city. the message the same, that
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them. >> we're on the road to ruin in this yo-yo gets -- i shouldn't say things like that, shouldn't i? but he's not my president and i am not pleased with this election. >>russell: that was 91-year-old elizabeth payton. she hopes to inspire the younger crowd. she and others acknowledge they can't change the outcome of the election but they can make certain their voices are heard. >>laura: it seems that the president elect this is his response. in one of his first tweets since the election, i had a hopeful and successful presidential election. trump's tweet came just minutes after another one describing his meeting with president obama with whom he says he has great chemistry. >>russell: their meeting lasted 90 minutes longer than originally planned. publicly the two men appeared to put aside past animosity as they
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>> we now are going to want to do everything to help you suck seat. -- succeed. >> i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >>russell: trump traveled to washington on his private breaking protocol not bringing journalist as long. he headed to capitol hill for meetings with house speaker ryan. there's just 10 weeks until the trump family moves into the white house. >>laura: in local news this morning, new this morning, tampa police are investigating a homicide near north nebraska avenue and columbus drive.
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man lying on the ground of the when they found him, he was unconscious with upper body trauma. he was rushed to tampa general where he later died. police do not have a suspect or a motive. they will not release the man's name until his family is notified. >>russell: in polk county, deputies shot and killed a man who was threatening to kill his own mother. this all started with an argument over a car, that's the information we're getting from polk county sheriff grady judd. and eventually this argument intensified and a mother alerted authorities. i want you to take a look at this video of the area we're talking about. this all unfolded around 6:00 in the evening thursday. crime scene technicians took pictures and collected evidence overnight. some used metal detectors to search the ground for bullet casings. authorities blocked off a
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screen for the investigation. according to the sheriff, a woman called 911 after she got into an argument with her son. he became angry when she asked for help moving a disabled car and she could not get the car into neutral. the mother reportedly waited outside for deputies who arrived within minutes and eventually they entered the home to search for a man identified as 53-year-old john pacuicrk. the sound of gunshots follow learned about the shots a little later. >> here's what they determined. the gunshots they heard was when theodore pacuicrk saw his brother with a gun in each hand. theodore said that john walked past him and said i'm going to kill mom. so theodore said he bear hugged john who started shooting.
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struck their 75-year-old mother. a bullet struck each of her legs. she's in the hospital recovering from her injuries. according to the investigators working the case, this situation actually once those deputies were in the home, they rushed outside. they were able to stop the tussle between the brothers and one of them followed instructions, the other did not. when john reportedly pointed a weapon at the deputies, the this is still an ongoing investigation. the deputies involved are on leave which is standard procedure and dealing with any sort of deputy involved shooting. of course, we'll continue to follow the story and we'll continue to keep you posted as any new information becomes available. shayla reaves, fox 13 news. >>laura: it was a celebration of life for a bradenton family dealing with one of the biggest
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goode was shot and killed. she was sitting in a car with a friend when deputies say devon freeman pulled up and started shooting. goode was an innocent victim and freeman was aiming for her friend. the family is leaning on faith right now to get through the tough times. >> life is short. love jesus, make sure he's in your heart because you're not promised tomorrow. >>laura: freeman was arrested this week. goode's mother has and hopes to see her daughter's kindness live on in others. >>russell: in miami a toddler is recovering after falling out of a fourth floor window at an apartment complex. 3-year-old landed in a mulched area, missing the nearby pavement by just inches. fall appears to be an accident. no charges are expected. >>laura: florida's next house speaker is cracking down on lobbyists. richard cochran has a new set of rules. yesterday we mentioned his plan
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floor. he also wants to ban house members from flying on planes provided by lobbyists or by their clients. house members boent be -- won't be allowed to enter into business deals, either. lawmakers return to tallahassee on november 22. >>russell: still ahead on "good day," george zimmerman threatening to press charges after another confrontation a florida bar. >>laura: facebook ceo is firing back amid allegations that the social network helped donald trump win the election. >>dave: crystal clear outside. the light winds and a tremendous amount of drier air filtering in, we have a cool start. i mean, it's grab your jackets. we have 40s and 50s this
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>> hi. i'm nasa astronaut, commander of the international space station and a retired army colonel. as i orbit the earth at an altitude of 250 miles, i'm constantly in awe of the sight of the planet below. i'm equally awe struck by the americans who serve in the un the defense of our freedom. our servicemen and women have always placed themselves in harm's way, to protect our values and everything and everyone we hold precious in our democracy. i also want to recognize family members of those serving. you humbly sacrifice more than people know. thank you. >>russell: that's pretty spectacular, isn't it? veterans day message from the international space station.
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taking a break from his duties to thank the men and women in uniform as well as their families. >>laura: and we've got a reason to look up this weekend. on monday, all of us earthlings will be treated to what they call a super man. it is the closest full moon of the year. it will be the closest the moon comes to us in almost 60 years and it won't happen for another 18 years. so coming up at 6:40, we'll talk to nasa. we'll talk to a nasa who is urging everybody to soak in the view. it will be coming right at you, right? so close you can almost touch it. >>dave: you know, my only concern is some cloud cover. >>russell: okay. >>dave: and we'll talk more about that coming up. but until then, until we get into very early on monday, this weather is just spectacular.
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outside during the 9:00 hour in the summertime with the big fan on and we were sweating and we were thinkin, come november. come november. this is one of those days when you just go -- now, i will say this. there are many, many parts of the viewing area where you need to grab the jacket first thing this morning but look at the stunning start at 6:15. we're a little over half hour away from the sunrise and it's 61 degrees in the tampa any influence of water, west chase 56, new tampa, when i mean water, i mean like tampa bay and the gulf. not the little ponds in the backyard. brandon 52. but wait. it gets cooler than that. i've got crystal river and inverness both at 46 degrees at this hour. brooksville at 49. i know many people just woke up and went, let's go get the you'll need it for a couple of
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lakewood ranch at 56. venice at 59 and a bunch of 50s, mid to upper 50s for other inland locations. so it's clear, it's crisp outside because of all the drier air and it's cool. it's late fall. what are you going to do? dew points, and this has helped to cool us down because as these numbers continue to drop, everything cools off pretty quickly with the drier air in place. it also warms up quickly so when the sun does come expect by 10:00 or so, you'll be able to shed the jackets, especially to the north and the drier air sticks around. it sticks around for the entire weekend which is going to be fantastic. computer models, and they're all doing this, they're painting like very unsettled weather for early next week, say monday, tuesday, wednesday. we'll deal with that later in the weekend. we'll fine tune the forecast for you but at least for today, tomorrow and sunday, talking
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and it's going to be beautiful. gorgeous sunshine today. i do expect a 78-degree temperature this afternoon but as soon as that sun goes down tonight, mind you, it's going to start to cool off pretty quickly and i think tampa actually goes below 60 tonight. if you're in the 40s right now, you'll probably be there again tomorrow or at least the lower 50s. sunshine, drier air for saturday with a high of 80 degrees. sunday sunday night going into monday, we will have some cloud cover around and just the potential for a couple of quick showers as well. vanessa? >>vanessa: and we want to get back i-4. we showed you a crash with lane blockage. lane block jamgs -- blockages in the area. so here's a live look right now. what we're seeing as far as where this is going to be and
6:18 am
so we're seeing a lot of traffic stacking up from westbound i-4 just west of 75 back onto mostly affecting north and southbound 75 as you try to access i-4. i weighed out some work arounds. give yourself extra time still at this point, the only exception is if you're coming from south of mlk and you usually take northbound 75 onto westbound i-4, you might save taking the selmon expressway instead. so we're going to keep watching this. we'll see how long it sticks around. if it clears quickly, this might not be a concern but we'll let you know. >>laura: president elect donald trump wants to delay a federal fraud trial until after his inauguration in january. he's facing a class-action lawsuit involving his now defunct trump university.
6:19 am
success in real estate. trial is set to begin november 28 unless the judge agrees to the delay or trump's attorneys agree to a settlement. >>russell: mark zuckerberg is denying reports the social media network helped to sway opinion in trump's favor. the small amount of fake news stories that appeared were not enough to influence the outcome saying people underestimated trump's appeal. facebook has called fake articles pledged to root out misinformation in trending topics. facebook was criticized for suppressing conservative news. >>laura: john kerry has become the highest ranking american official to visit antarctica. he's on a two-day trip where he'll hear from scientists. he had previously spent decades working on the environment as a
6:20 am
>>russell: so we struggled to decide what song to play right now because there are so many great versions of it. if you don't recognize this one, it's the late jeff buckly's version of alleluia. it was written by leonard cohen who has died at the age of 82. few songwriters have had their songs covered by so many. his he was inducted in the rock n' roll hall of fame in 2008. leonard cohen sometimes called bob dylan's the country's prime minister. his work resonated across generations. canada and the world will miss him. such sad news.
6:21 am
passed away. thanks for what your music has done for humanity, kindness, love, beauty, poetry. star of "hamilton" has been tweeting some of his lyrics. this is heartbreaking. can't help but feel grateful for the tower of song he leaves behind. >>laura: that was a good choice, alleluia. beautiful song. >>russell: it is. >>laura: danger in the gulf. new video of a coast guard captain is lucky to still have both of his hands. it's one of the few times you'll see a cricket highlight here on "good day." hear how the dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >>jennifer: what was going on? >>laura: time to see what's going on. >>jennifer: what's going on in the studio? >>russell: jen, help us. hot clicks. >>jennifer: the first time we have ever shown a cricket highlight on our air.
6:25 am
who makes the clip worth it. >> it's out of the ground. it's gone! it's downtown! it's on my car. it hit my car! i don't believe it. the down side of getting the back side twice. >>jennifer: so the commentator thinks the cricket ball slammed into his car. his rental car. my car, he said. his face man, oh, man. we do have some good news here. after further examination, turns out the car wasn't his after all but someone will be going home pretty upset. my car. and this is no miracle. it's the 27th annual walk on water competition. architecture students attempted to glide across the 175 foot
6:26 am
shoes. >>laura: that is great. >>jennifer: some of their kraegs winners got $1,000.han others.- most of the students who participated were just hoping for an a in their class. >>russell: nice. >>jennifer: humane society of tampa bay calls them a box of chocolates. we call them adorable. these puppies were surrendered to the humane society yesterday. they're a chocolate lab mix of pups. they're not old enough for adoption yet. they will be on novemr day" today. all of them. all 12 at 8:00. just what we need. puppy kisses. >>laura: that's great. a box of chocolates. >>russell: on this day and every day, veterans deserve our thanks and so much more. freebies veterans can enjoy today. >>laura: and alcides segui is with hundreds of people this morning who are about to get
6:27 am
we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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((russell 2shot) good morning.. it's friday.. november eleventh.. i'm russell rhodes..((laura)) i'm laura moody.. let's get this half hour started with dave. >>laura: i'm laura moody. let's get this half hour started with the way we always do. >> it is. >>dave: around the water we'll science center. it's the mid 60s in pinellas county. anybody close to those main bodies of water. but the second you get away from those, it's in the 50s and the 40s. citrus and hernando county are starting in the 40s. i'm looking at tampa's temperature right now in the lower 60s and we'll get to the upper 70s for today. mostly sunny, low humidity, a
6:31 am
in pinellas county and it's going to be blocking what appears to be the exit ramp off 275. we'll show you that live picture right now. this is at mlk. pinellas county, 275 at mlk and it appears to be southbound the exit ramp that's going to be blocked here. we did see a few minutes ago some cars coming down that ramp and they were able to just barely squeak by around the crash site, on the shoulder there. it letting folks do that. it may be slower than normal and crews working on the side of the road. if you head that way, give yourself a few extra minutes. we want to update you as well on what's happening on i-4. once again, this is the crash just off of the westbound i-4 exit ramp from 75 with most of the impacts you can see to 75, northbound and southbound as the traffic heading both ways tries to get off on westbound i-4.
6:32 am
about five minutes or plus, i would say, if you have to head this way. >>russell: deputies say they shot and killed a man who was threatening to kill his own mother. it happened on del rose drive in lakeland about 6:00. john pacuicrk was arguing with his mother after she asked him to move a car. he grabbed a gun and went outside and tried to kill his mother, shot her in both stop them. he pointed the gun at them and deputies killed him. deputies are not sure why her request to move the car made the son so angry. >>laura: george zimmerman says he's in the victim of battery. he said the incident stemmed from one of his female friends being touched inappropriately.
6:33 am
investigators say in the end, no crime was committed. >>russell: new video of a coast guard rescue 90 miles west of john's pass. captain of a commercial fishing boat suffered a hand injury and was in need of medical assistance. he should be back fishing in no time. >laura: orange county sheriff's office has released new body camera footage of deputies walking into the pulse after the deadly terror attack. >>russell: we're getting a first hand look at what they saw. >> let's go! >>russell: this video shows deputies entering the building with guns drawn as disco lights were on the wall. they did not know what they were pointing into, whether the gunman was alive or dead or more than one shooter. other points in the video, you
6:34 am
loved ones in the club. authorities hope there's something to learn from the videos on how to respond to future attacks. jst days ago, city of orlando discussed plans to buy the nightclub and turn it into a permanent memorial. >>laura: hundreds, maybe thousands of people will be receiving medical and dental care they so desperately need. >>russell: it's all free and there's a long line and people have been waiting for hours to get this care. >>laura: alcides segui isiv college in bradenton. it's still a little early. is anyone there yet? >>reporter: they started lining up yesterday afternoon. yesterday afternoon there were people lined up. when they opened their doors at 6:00 this morning, there were hundreds of people. you're not seeing a whole lot of
6:35 am
as well. people needing the medical services are checking in right now because they're opening the doors at 6:00 this morning. they're checking in, going to the triage area and getting their vitals and other blood pressure checked and cholesterol and once that's done, they go to different services. we're in the dental service. this is really -- this is like no other operation i've ever seen. i have to be honest with you. every chair, everything that you see right here has been brought in by an organization that's called regional area medical and it's an international non profit and they go to different parts of the country and they bring their own supplies. the only thing they ask for is doctors and dentists and volunteers to come in and help out and that's what they've got. they started today and it's going to go to tomorrow and into
6:36 am
in a two-day event. now that it's three, they're expecting more people this year. with that said, if you're looking for dental work, whether you need a tooth extraction or you have some sort of pain, they'll come here, they'll check you out and give you whatever assistance you need. if dental isn't your thing, you're okay with that, maybe you need a different medical service, whether it be general medical service or women's service, they have that here as well. they also have vision. so they have really everything you're looking for all under one roof and again, it's free. they don't ask you a whole lot. just your name and your email address and just however old you are and again, the service is free. all you have to do is show up. it's at the manatee technical college. it's in bradenton. we're going to be here all morning long. i'm short on time. we're going to speak with volunteers, speak with someone getting all the free service and it's really remarkable. there's a person here that
6:37 am
from what i understand, a lot of pain so they're here. he's here getting all the services he needs and so are a lot of other people so we'll continue following this story and we'll post more information on our website at back to you. >>russell: we will see you later. thank you. >>laura: and so today we honor the men and women who have served our country. about half of tampa bay schools are closed this veterans day. that includes manatee, hillsborough and polk pinellas, sarasota schools are open today, making up from storm days of last month and the month before. for families with the day off accident there are a lot of veteran celebrations going on. thousands are expected to turn out for the bay pines ceremony in pinellas county and our own mark wilson is emceeing that event. congressman jolly will be there, too. that events starts at 11:00 this morning. st. petersburg is holding their annual veterans day ceremony.
6:38 am
jeurnegen. he has become a good friend here to us on "good day" and to other people. that event starts at 8:00. tampa, james a haley hospital will hold a parade. brief ceremony starts at 10:00 and the parade follows immediately. >>russell: you don't hear me say this very often. thank you, dave osterberg. he in just a few minutes and trust us, you're going to love this. >>laura: you'll want to thank him, too. it's not just the sunny sky you'll appreciate but the big, bright, beautiful supermoon. we'll talk live with mass assign
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dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>>dave: time now is 6:42. look at this. most clear nights, we look up, you see the moon. it's a familiar sight but coming up on monday, it will look a lot bigger and a lot brighter. scientists refer to this as a super moon. i don't know why i said it like that. to help explain this rare phenomenon, dr. alex young us from nasa this morning. how are you? >> i'm doing well. how are you? >>dave: fantastic. we've had some super moons in the past. pwhat makes this one so super duper super? >> this one is special because it's the closest that the moon will be to the earth during a full moon, the super moon since
6:43 am
moon. >>dave: so talk to me about the best time to see this super poon and is it going to look any different than a regular full moon? >> we've actually got several days you get to enjoy it over the whole weekend. saturday, sunday into monday, hopefully the skies will be clear. you go outside and what you're going to see is a full moon that's 14% bigger and 30% brighter. so it's really a nice show. >>dave: this might be a perfect time for those with the telescopes to get it out and take a look at it, right? >> absolutely. absolutely. this is definitely a great opportunity, and i'm excited that everyone will get a chance to see this really cool, astronomical event. >>dave: it's not going to happen for quite some time again from what i understand, right? >> we'll have another super moon
6:44 am
until 2034. this is definitely -- this going to be awhile before we get one of this magnitude. >>dave: one more thing i've been hearing about you guys up there. you guys have been taking a spacecraft and orbiting the moon for seven years. i didn't know that. tell me about that. >> yeah. so we have the lunar reconnaissance orbiter and that's been providing this amazing, detailed view of the lunar surface, giving us all kinds of information. in particular, it's been telling us how the moon is changing and what we've come to find is that the moon's surface is much more active than we have thought, being bombarded, we see the craters that have appeared over the seven years and so what that means is, we expected astronaut's footprints would go away maybe in a couple of
6:45 am
there. >>dave: we better look at them again then. i appreciate t. we love when you guys join us on the morning show. we reallydo. i think we'll talk to you again in the 9:00 hour. i look forward to that. again, closest and largest full moon since january 26 of 1948. i think monday morning it will be its biggest. it will be pretty bright and big tonight and tomorrow night as well. we have a great start to our u.s.f. marine science camera showing that 65-degree start. sun will be up in literally about, i think, 3 1/2 minutes and we need it because there are many, many spots where it's chilly this morning. like crystal river at 46 and brooksville at 44 and then you get the mid 50s. haines city, so a lot of 50s. you get away from the influence of the gulf or tampa bay and it's gotten chilly this morning. so grab your light jackets.
6:46 am
hours. i would suspect by 10:00, we're going to be good to go. is that a 39? did it change to 39 at tallahassee this morning? wow. 43 in gainesville. 44 in jacksonville. it is so dry outside as well. we saw this happening with the north wind bringing the humidity down intu just low humidity. it looks to hang around really for the entire weekend. so you get this beautiful ns cools off quickly and warms up quickly so that's why we're going to have these very cool mornings and these nice, mild to warm afternoons. really enjoy it. you've got veterans day today. rest of the weekend looks good. we do have a chance of rain in our seven-day forecast but it's not until early next week so gorgeous sunshine today, sunrise again in three minutes. 78 degrees for a high temp. mostly clear tonight, low 59 degrees and tomorrow, we'll go
6:47 am
sunshine, dry air in place. boaters, what a fantastic weekend for you. just check back in this weekend with us, okay? we're looking at a moderate chop for sunday. it shouldn't be a big deal but just to be on the safe side, going boating on sunday, check back in with us late on saturday and i've also got a high tide at 11:32 this morning. you'll see 30% rain chances, not whopping rain chances, it's november, so just throw that in the back of your mind for early next week but really, ts gorgeous. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks. we want to check in on the roadways. we want to start off with a live look at pinellas county. a crash along u.s. 19. it's in the southbound direction. you can see the congestion that's building in the area of belleair where we have a crash. it's blocking an inside lane and the delays are sitting at about a few minutes right now. so an area to avoid or give yourself the extra time, we'll watch this one. here's a look at the sensors in
6:48 am
area of belleair. map sensors are a little off. all that yellow should be south of 60. that is the extent of delays we're seeing following that crash site. looks like we're still waiting for lanes to clear here. exit ramp off southbound 275 at mlk in pinellas, like i mentioned before, we've been seeing vehicles able to skirt by very, very carefully and cautiously on the shoulder but i would expect some slowdowns passing through the as well westbound i-4, the crash just past 75, mostly impacts to 75 northbound and southbound looks like we have particular delays here in the southbound direction from i-4 all the way back to the area of fowler avenue. all right. it's friday. it is 6:48 and we want to check in with charley. see what he's working on today. good morning. >>charley: big sigh after that. it's friday. been a long week. >>vanessa: i'm tired. >>charley: it's been a long week
6:49 am
i think we're ready for the weekend. any veterans in your family? >>vanessa: yes. i'm currently working on something for my facebook post about my great grandfather. i'm always so proud to talk about him but your picture is glitching. dn't move the camera. he served in world war ii, in vietnam and korea. he was in the army, retired sergeant. >>charley: very nice. my dad, a proud veteran of the united states navy. my veteran in the navy, served in world war ii and then i think it's my great great -- let's see. my great great great grandfather, way back, milton belcher was a veteran of the civil war. he was capture bid union troops. he was a prisoner of war and we have his certificate when he was released from the civil war that ended.
6:50 am
countries many years. i did not. i serve this way by trying to help you get up this morning. not nearly the same. >>vanessa: much needed. >>charley: standing up proudly and joining our military. i appreciate everyone doing that, everyone at macdill who watch us every morning, thank you, thank you, thank you. can't say thank you enough. thank you doesn't even seem like -- it's not even the -- the words don't do enough justice but thank you. i think weea appreciate our freedoms, freedoms to agree and disagree and we'll get all back together. we all love cars, right? we all need cars at one time or another. get out to lakeland. sun and fun fly-in. this is the area that is now home to the carlisle events fall auto fest. it's here, folks. oh, my goodness. cars, cars, cars. you'll drool, you'll smile. you'll kick a tire or two. you can see a live auction
6:51 am
really fun. whether you're going to buy a car or not, doesn't matter. you have to come and watch it. it's crazy, fast, furious fun. and then all kinds of accessories and parts and cars on display from the classics to the moderns, plenty of food vendors, that sort of thing and i'm so excited. the bat mobile is here. i'm talking the original 1966 bat mobile is here and we're going to have it on "good day tampa bay" so stick around, everybody. happy veterans day and come on, vanessa. no sighing. we're going to have a great >>laura: -- >>vanessa: you're right. everybody loves cars. and everybody needs them. >>charley: thank you. thank you for backing me occupy that. >>vanessa: see you later. >>laura: all right. they or notice. if you voted for donald trump, resign. the ceo of a major company makes a bold statement after tuesday's election. >>russell: and forget about black friday and cyber monday. there's a new shopping holiday
6:52 am
we traveled the world
6:53 am
and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
6:54 am
if you voted for donald trump, you may not feel welcomed at grubhub. >>russell: if you voted for done
6:55 am
>>laura: we'll bring in lauren simonetti to talk about it. good morning. wlaet the story behind the email? >> happy friday. so this email was sent by the young ceo of grub hub. his name is matt maloney. he wrote an email to his employees saying i absolutely reject the nationalist, hateful politics of donald trump. he goes on, if you do not agree with this statement, then reply to this email with y resignation because you have no place here. the headline for that is if you support donald trump and his hateful politics, you're not welcome at our workplace. he's walking these comments back a little bit but that's what he said. not telling employees to resign because they voted for donald trump but if they support his hatefulness, they should resign because there's no place for
6:56 am
a holiday that's a new one that's breaking records. >> it's called singles day and it's 11-11 in china. if you're single, you should drown your sorrows away by shopping online. amazon of china, the everything store where you can just shop til you drop and people are shopping today. so far, $13 billion in they're going to surpass last year's total. to give aun idea how popular this is, they are selling -- in the first hour, they sold a billion dollars in the first five minutes. and then it was like just like the crazy number, every second they were calculating like 200,000 orders. it's nuts. are you laughing because when your single, you should go shopping? come on. that's a holiday?
6:57 am
thank you. >>laura: let's talk about some freebies that veterans are able to get today. all of the companies on the screen are offering free meals. you have to be in uniform or have to have your military i.d. to get the deal. a lot of bay area attractions are free to the military today, too, including the lowry park sfl oo, florida aquarium, the dali museum and glazier children's museum to and most are for active duty and retired military. >>russell: and coming up at 7:00, your risk of getting the flu may depend on the year you were born. we'll break down the health risk. >>laura: we saw a lot of pictures of a meeting yesterday between president elect trump and president obama. >>russell: and 16-year-old levi
6:58 am
not anymore. he's hand-dipped, with real milk, is the only way to make a milkshake. you can't trust machines. now, how come? once, i got a machine-made shake from some other place, and it clanked and clunked and do you know what it was made of? artificial turf? what? no. powder! what? powder! chowder? (announcer) get half-price holiday milkshakes between 2 and 5 during happy hour.
6:59 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
7:00 am
america runs on dunkin'. ((russell- a family feud. two brothers fighting over their mom. >>russell: two brothers fighting over were forced to take when things turned violent. >>laura: and hillary clinton still has a chance to win the presidential election. why we won't know for a few more weeks. >>russell: losing sleep. a rare type of bed bug is showing up in florida after a 60-year absence. these things are multiplying quickly, too. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. first the friday forecast from


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