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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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america runs on dunkin'. ((russell- a family feud. two brothers fighting over their mom. >>russell: two brothers fighting over were forced to take when things turned violent. >>laura: and hillary clinton still has a chance to win the presidential election. why we won't know for a few more weeks. >>russell: losing sleep. a rare type of bed bug is showing up in florida after a 60-year absence. these things are multiplying quickly, too. welcome to the 7:00 hour of "good day." i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. first the friday forecast from
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absolutely gorgeous. but i will tell you this, especially north of tampa, grab a jacket. it is much cooler this morning. look at the 40s crystal river at 46, brooksville at 47. wesley chapel 55. tampa 60 and 59 in bradenton. need the light jackets this morning. rest of the veterans day forecast, stunning. highs in the upper 70s. good morning. >>vanessa: we want to touch on trouble spots this morning. some are carrying over from the last ho vehicle fire on northbound 75. no reports of any lane blocks here but fhp cautioning drivers may see smoke in the area so please be careful. pinellas county, we had a crash blocking the exit ramp off 275 southbound at mlk. looks like that is completely cleared out as is this crash on i-4 westbound at 75. seeing no lingering delays here. still waiting for this one to clear out of pinellas in the area of belleair, delays still
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we have one lane blocked in the southbound direction. >>laura: thank you. trump administration is starting to take shape. >>russell: and protestors are letting him know they're not happy about this election. doug is in washington where trump and president obama are -- have been talking about a smooth handover. good morning, doug. >> look what the trump administration, the incoming trump administration has to do. they have to hire thousands of people over the course of a couple of question the validity of tuesday's election. >> we reject the president elect! >> in portland an angry crowd lashed out. >> how many days do you think this will go on? >> four years. >> there were similar protests in california, washington, d.c., some protestors even wound up in front of trump tower in new york where trump responded on
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successful presidential election. now professional protestors incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. >> here we go. looks like glass projectiles are being thrown at the police. >> even the white house called for restraint. >> the president wants to hear his message as well. >> reconciliation as trump met with president obama at the white house and incoming first lady, melania trump, spent time with mrs. obama. >> we do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> so mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. thank you, sir. >> trump got a tour of capitol hill, including a view from paul ryan's balcony overlooking where his inauguration will take place in january. campaign staff is still going through resumes.
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name. i think the major criteria will be loyalty to him. >> even in this transition process, trump is defying convention. yesterday he angered some in the media for travelling from new york to washington without a contingent of reporters. coming along, that will change when he becomes president and the press pool is with him all the time. >>russell: thank you. for the second tight in a row, protests. hundreds of people held signs while chanting that trump does not represent them. both protests were peaceful. and trump said out of response to the protestors about three hours ago, it was on twitter, says, quote, love the fact that the small groups of protestors last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. yesterday he tweeted how he had great chemistry with president
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the obamas may have been cordial hosts but they skipped a a long standing tradition. there are no pictures of the two couples together outside of the white house. >>laura: a family fight ends with a fatal shooting. it was a polk county deputy who pulled the trigger. fox 13 shayla reaves is live for us at the scene. this is on dell rose drive north in lakeland and there's a back story here, too. a mother shot by one of her sons, saved >>reporter: we're talking about a mother shot, a son dead and multiple lives saved. that's the information we're getting from polk county sheriff judd after a family fight ended in gun fire thursday. right now you're looking at some video from lakeland. this is the 2,900 block of del rose drive north. we know crime scene technicians took pictures and collected
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casings. according to the sheriff, this all started around 6:00 in the evening. a woman called 911 after an argument with her son. listen to what happened next. >> he got mad at mom when mom asked him if he would help move a car to the backyard that apparently was disabled. and then when mom went out and she couldn't get the car intu neutral, she said he just flashed and he was just immediately angry and ran bedroom where he locked the door. she told him, i can't put up with this anymore. you're going to have to leave. >>reporter: we're told the mother waited outside for deputies to arrive and within minutes, they reportedly entered the home in search of 53-year-old john pacuicrk. we're told deputies rushed outside to find john holding a gun and tussling with his brother theodore. when deputies asked the pair to
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the instructions, the other did not. ultimately, according to the sheriff, john pointed a gun at deputies and deputies fired, killing him. now, the investigation continued and according to sherif judd, it revealed that pacuicrk had threatened to kill his mother but did not succeed because of the actions of his brother theodore. theodore was able to intervene. however, she did still suffer some injuries. she's at the hospital right now recovering from two bullet injuries, one in each of her legs. this is still an active, ongoing investigation. the deputies involved as is standard procedure, they or administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. we're going to continue to follow and keep you posted should any new information become available. back to you. >>laura: i'll take it. thank you. family and friends are remembering the life of 18-year-old mariah goode.
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she was fatally shot while sitting with a friend in a car on sunday. freeman is facing a murder charge. police think he was trying to kill someone else. the friend she was with. he's being held right now in jail without bond. >>russell: state supreme court rejected an appeal from a death row inmate. he was sent in 2011 for burning two women to death during a robbery in lake wales. got a separate death sentence for two clerks at a station. his lawyers were asking the supreme court to let him live. a group of burglars went through a concrete wall to steal cell phones. this happened at a t mobile on east brandon boulevard. the thieves stole $150,000 worth of electronics. they also cut into the safe and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. this is a picture of their getway car. if you know anything about it, call the sheriff's office.
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a gum ball machine? this machine is worth $800. it's pretty crazy story. a man walks in, tells employees he's there to service the machine and picks it up and walks away with it. employees watched him, dumb founded. >>russell: you're never too old to find love, either. listen to this. 95-year-old carla married yesterday. friends, family there to see it happen. couple met less than a year ago. they say it was love at first sight. good for them. good for them. >>laura: do you know what? >>russell: that's great. >>laura: everybody deserves to be with somebody. >>russell: look at that happiness. that's just joy right there. nice.
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ahead, your chances of getting the flu. check your birth certificate. we'll explain coming up. >>russell: don't let the bed bugs bite. it may be easier said than done. a rare breed is coming back to florida. >>dave: you have to show a closeup of it? okay. 60 degrees. yeah. we're at 60 degrees. that's in the city. north-northeast winds around five miles an hour so you can obviously expect that you're away from the influence of the gulf of the bay and it's cooler. i've got mid to upper 50s inland. 40s to the north. heads up, brooksville. jacket weather for you folks this morning but it should be a beautiful afternoon.
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>>dave: what a brilliant start to the day. sun just came up over lake mirror, a little less than half an hour ago and it's just
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jackets because it's a lot cooler than it was yesterday which i'll show you in a second. usf marine science camera, equally as beautiful. we do have, and you can see them in this picture here, a few very thin, high clouds. no biggie. not going to stop from having an absolutely ly gorgeous day. bayshore camera, equally as beautiful. we have 40s. these blue shaded areas, really om up to the panhandle, these are all 40s this morning. ocala is at 45. so 46 in inverness. 47 in prooksville. then a little warmer especially toward the influence of the gulf. st. petersburg at 65. tampa at 60 and inland locations in the mid to upper 50s. one of the reasons for that is the tremendous amount of dry air that kind of settled in
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get light winds like we have now with this kind of dry air, you get something called radiational cooling and that's all that warmth from yesterday skips all the way to the atmosphere. temperatures drop quickly. on the other side of the coin, though, with the sun coming up, we're going to warm things up very quickly as well so absolutely one of those days where you walk out the door, need the sweater or light jacket. pi noon time, shed it, not going to need high pressure dominating weather and looks to do so really for three days which is perfect. you've got veterans day today, holiday, then you've got the weekend. after the weekend, we're looking for some clouds and showers to maybe settle in early next week but until then, smooth sailing. it's going to be a little cool in the mornings, though. lovely temperatures this
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then for tomorrow, temperatures to 80 degrees with the sunshine and dry air continuing through the weekend. look for seven days and even if we were to get showers monday, tuesday, which to be honest with you we could use at this point at the month, it's not a big deal. 76 for highs on monday, tuesday and thursday. >>vanessa: thank you. polk county we're watching a vehicle fire along westbound i-4. it is causing some lane blockage and it's in the general are up. it appears this is under control. we don't know about injuries so we'll let you know if we get an update on that. in the mean time, use caution as you head westbound i-4. otherwise, you can see actually pretty clear majors right now. 275 south still in the green heading into the interchange as is westbound i-4 travelling through eastern hillsborough county. no big complaints for northbound drivers on 75, either. don't forget out of pinellas, the delays are getting worse
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off. i keep trying to explain to folks, the sensors are off in pinellas as far as the location of them but this is the speed marker. we have pulled up near belleair where we have a crash still dailying with an inside lane closed so now delays, i would say you probably want to start to consider to avoid this area and we'll come back with another update in a couple of minutes. >>laura: your risk of contracting certain types of the flu could depend on the year you were born. this is a little convoluted so when you're exposed to the flu for the first time at a young age, our bodies remember an important immune response to deploy and that works as an immunity to that strain for the rest of your life. depending on the year you were born and the flu strain that was dominant, your body may already know how to fight it off and keep you healthy. >>russell: that's fascinating. got it.
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years ago. the last time the tropical bed bug was found in florida was back in the 40s. now, these bugs were found at a brevard county home. sorry about this. university of florida scientists confirmed it's the tropical species while both types of bed bugs feed on humans in the same way, what makes tropical bed bugs different is how quickly they can multiply. scientists say if you find any bed bugs in your home, call in the you can also send bed bugs to the university of florida to be identified. >>laura: thanking our veterans. places to go for free stuff today. >>russell: and then jennifer epstein has a great home town hero story this morning. >>jennifer: it's not easy being a kid and it's tougher when you're bullied.
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alone and wants to prevent other kids from feeling the same way. local teen is teaching others how to stand up for themselves and to be courageous. but first, we say happy belcher -- happy friday to charley belcher. >>charley: happy belcher? i am a happy belcher. i always try to be a happy belcher. thank you, jen. thank you very much. "good day," everyone of the i'm in lakeland this morni carlisle events have taken it over and it's not about planes. it's all about cars. fall auto fest underway. we're going to celebrate our veterans today. sell bralt -- celebrate our
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nourish the goodness inside. also try benefiber? healthy shape. it's proven to keep you feeling fuller longer. ((laura welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. we' >>laura: good morning. it is 7:22 now. we're getting a closer look at the crime scene at the pulse nightclub in orlando. >>russell: it was from body cameras. the judge told them to release the video after hearing
7:23 am
family members of other victims. police fatally shot the gunman. his shooting spree in june left 49 people dead and dozens more hurt. >>laura: husband of a missing woman in northern california has passed a polygraph test. investigators were also able to confirm his whereabouts at the time. his wife has not been seen since they left for iphone app to locate her cell phone located a mile from the house. her earplugs were also found along with stranding of her hair. >>russell: colin kaepernick admits he didn't vote. critics say he shouldn't disrespect the flag if he's unwilling his right to exercis to vote.
7:24 am
preseason. >>laura: there may be an end soon to the lawsuit against trump university. the judge is recommending that the plaintiffs settle. as of right now the trial is set to start later this month but trump's defense team is requesting a delay until next year. they say he needs time to work on his transition to the presidency. plaintiffs accuse trump university of not delivering on promises to make them successful in real estate. >>russell: artwork once belonging to david bowie sold it was the first of three auctions to sell his collection of 400 pieces. total sales may exceed $100 million from his estate. he died from liver cancer two days after his 69th birthday. >>dave: 7:25. getting ready to walk out the door. if you're to the north, citrus county, hernando county, grab your jackets. it's in the 40's this morning. tampa sitting right around 60 degrees which is coolish and
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however, it's full of sunshine, a gorgeous day. your veterans day forecast brings it up to about 78 degrees or so and low humidity which is going to continue, linger for the weekend. 80 for tomorrow. 18 on sunday. what a fantastic weekend we have for you. >>vanessa: looks that way. all right. thanks, dave. here at 7:25, of course we're still watching some of our earlier incidents, raem just i-4 westbound at this right lane. that has not changed. but all around, it kind of looks pretty clear on the roadways. check out the veterans expressway right now. lots of green sensors until you get to the area of waters where we have a drop down there, about 25 miles an hour in the southbound direction. can't complain too much about these travel times. only takes you 16 minutes from the top to the bottom of the expressway and no delays heading northbound. >>russell: election is over.
7:26 am
hillary clinton could still win the race for president. >>laura: plus helping homeless veterans. walter allen is covering that story for us this morning. good morning. >>walter: good morning to you on this veterans day. it's a day we honor those who have or are serving our country. there are some who have served our country that don't have a place to call home. this is operation revelry today. we'll tell you more about this operatio a it's been in only three years. first let's head over to alcides segui. another fantastic program going on this morning. >>reporter: we have a heck of an operation here. manatee technical college, free medical, vision, dental work. some dental work is happening right here. this is free. they don't ask for insurance, won't ask for medical records.
7:27 am
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r own voice. ((russell/2-shot)) welcome get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. back to good day tampa bay. wooufr seen from the protests that some people are having a tough time accept that go donald trump is the new president and will, in fact, be our 45th president. >> donald trump won the electoral college and that's what counts in the end. but, and it's a long shot but one scenario that some clinton supporters are clinging to and it would take members of the electoral college, a lot of
7:31 am
pledged to. this is called a faithless elector. this was brought in 2000 when the race between gore and bush was so tight. it's happened a few times but never enough to reverse an election. she would need more than 20 to go rogue and change their vote. elect orall college meets in a formal assembly and votes december 19. as you can imagine, some of clinton's most popular and vocal celebrities are backing this push to do this. lady gaga is pushing her fans to sign a petition. it's been signed by more than two million people so far. pretty substantial number. the chances of this happening is practically nill. the focus now is on unifying. president trump tweeted out his respect for protestors having passion for the country and asked that all come together and be proud.
7:32 am
since wednesday. >>russell: richard cochran sent out a list of proposals yesterday. listen to this. it includes a ban of lobbyists sending emails or text messages to legislators while about to vote on something. new rules would also ban legislators from travelling on planes that lobbyists own, even if they pay their own way. he also wants to make it harder for lawmakers to add new spending items to budget. his colleagues in the house will voten from tuesday >>laura: it is veterans day. walter allen is live in tampa with a look how several groups are coming together to help local veterans find homes for the holidays. >> a big thank you to all veterans out there and today's mission is to end homelessness. operation revelry is going on
7:33 am
personally. antoinette of the tampa hillsborough homeless initiative. that's a lot to remember. thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >>walter: what are we doing today? we're ending veteran homelessness and it's only been going on for three years. talk about your success. >> so in tampa, we've been doing operation revelry for three years. originally it was in st. louis. since we started, we've had over 42 vets that are experiencing hopelessness. >>walter: 42%? >> 42%. today will be even greater. >>walter: it's being looked at on a national scale. >> secretary mcdonald, secretary of veteran affairs was here about a month and a half ago and said, let's do operation revelry nationally so in six weeks we started the planning process with other communities across the country. he had a 90-day call to action so within the next 90 days, over
7:34 am
doing here today, ending homelessness for many vets in one day. >>walter: what is it they're doing today to make it so successful? >> a vet that is homeless, sleeping on the streets or in an emergency shelter will get a home today. we're looking at the most vulnerable vets today and making sure that we secure housing and wrap around services for those vets today. so we have a list, by name list homelessness. we made sure we're looking for the most vulnerable veterans today. >>walter: i shared this story with you off camera. in college, there's a homeless gentleman who came and spoke to the class about what it was like on the streets and when you think about it, what is the second question they ask you? what is your address? you don't have an address when you're homeless. it's hard to get a job, if not
7:35 am
wheels turning. >> we've had lots of vets that come back. we should have some that's actually volunteering here today. they received services last year and the ability to have your own place and to be able to attend school and get a job is crucial. this is the first step of many steps. one vet that i talked to the last two weeks said he couldn't get his services because -- or benefits. he didn't have an address. now after 20 years of being homeless off and on, he's >>walter: that's great. you have to be feeling great. >> absolutely. >>walter: antoinette, thank you very much. there's a program at 9:00 this morning and we'll bring it to you at 9:30. just a great event, ending veteran homelessness. >>laura: great. thank you, walter. there are a lot of freebies today for veterans. free admission to attractions, free food at restaurants. we've got a complete list on our website at
7:36 am
military ido proof of service. >>russell: hundreds of people are standing in line right now for free medical, dental and visual care. it includes more than just help for humans, too. alcides segui is at the manatee technical college in bradenton. started lining up really early for this one, didn't they? >>reporter: absolutely. started lining up yesterday afternoon and continues even right now. there are folks outside this building that are waiting to come inside to get all this free also you just mentioned it a while ago. not just for humans. it's also for pets. free vet service behind the mtc building here in bradenton at the high school. bring your pets as well. that service is free. this is the dental service here. you can see how many chairs -- and by the way, this is brought in by a non profit called ram. they go from place to place across the world providing free
7:37 am
bay area today, tomorrow and sunday as well. vincent is getting some free dental work this morning. let's put you over here in the light. you served in the navy. >> yes. >>reporter: you were diagnosed with stage four cancer. you fought that incredibly and because of that, you were saying your teeth are rotted out almost. talk about what happened and how you're getting your services here. >> well, when i was going through the treatment radiation, it was going through my mouth into my neck where the cancer was located. now because of the treatment of radiation, my teeth dried out. the roots died. and now my teeth are falling apart and the gums are growing over the broken teeth. nobody will take care of my teeth because of the radiation treatments.
7:38 am
or possible fracture when they pull my teeth. i can't find nobody to help me. i need an oral surgeon that will do it and the oral surgeon that i went to wanted a phenomenal amount of money. >>reporter: you're getting the done here. >> here it's going to be done for free. if he can't take care of everything, he's going to refer me someplace else and it will be taken care of. the v.a. will not do it. they caused it. and >>reporter: thank you very much for your service. i greatly appreciate it. good luck to you as well. >> thank you very much. >>reporter: thank you. hundreds waited earlier this morning and that will continue throughout the day so you're looking at all the times as well as the location and again, it's at the manatee technical college in bradenton. it runs today, saturday and sunday. this is also the pet care, the free vet service is happening
7:39 am
building and that's also going to run through the weekend so here's the interesting part. just speaking with a lot of the volunteers, they want as many people as possible to thank you about what's going on because they have so many volunteers, so many doctors that are here, so many dentists that are here, they're hoping to provide as much service as possible to the community. so they're hoping to spread the word as best they can so they were very happy to see we were out here this morning. operation. they check in, they get their vitals done, they either get the dental work done or they go in a separate area to get some medical services, whether it be for women or just general medical services. they have hepatitis c testing, hiv testing. if you want your vision done, that is done on the other side of this 60,000 square foot building here. they'll test your vision and make your glasses, prescriptions right here in 12 to 15 minutes.
7:40 am
it's happening today, saturday and sunday. for more information, go to pretty impressive. back to you. >>russell: you can see there's a need. there's a need for it. all right. >>reporter: absolutely. >>russell: see you later, man. thank you. hey, jen. >>jennifer: you know, being the victim of bullying is tough to deal with at any sxaj when you're a child, and often leaves you feeling alone and unloved. this week's home town hero is using his experience to teach kids how to themselves. 16-year-old levi has a simple message to victims of bullying. be courageous. >> it does take a lot of courage to talk about bullying. >>reporter: he knows all too well what it's like to get picked on. he spent most of his fifth grade year hiding from bullies. >> they were saying unpleasant stuff and they were just kind of being mean but then it kind of got worse and worse and became physical, too. like hitting and pushing. >>jennifer: even though he kept
7:41 am
something was wrong. >> i just noticed something was different. he's always been really silly, outgoing. he seemed a bit more withdrawn. he just didn't seem himself. he wasn't eating as much. >>jennifer: it wasn't until a bully threatened him with a gun that he finally asked for help. the situation got better. levi channelled his pain into something good, writing two children's books about his experience with bullies. >> made me feel really great, that i was helping other people going through similar situations. >>nn signings as a platform for his be courageous campaign. >> i decided it's important to go to schools and talk to them about it before middle school and high school and it becomes more severe. >>jennifer: he's received a lot of recognition, including an award given to young role models who help transform the lives of others and the daily point of light award which honors people making meaningful change in
7:42 am
levi even got to meet congressman barber injured in the same shooting that left gabrielle giffords injured. >> i was only 12 years old so that was a good experience. >>jennifer: levi recently took his anti-bullying platform national, taking part in self esteem he was born in arizona, then he moved to england for a couple of years but now that he's starting to settle in, he hopes to spread his message of courage to kids in our area, too. >>dave: in sports, lightning play at home tomorrow night. then they're hitting the road for five games. night 4-1. the islanders last -
7:43 am
play goal which is one shy of team record. also victor hedman got his career assist and goalie had 31 saves. bucs are getting ready to play the bears at home on sunday. seems like a long time since they lost to the falcons. you know, the bucs fell two spots on the power ranking because of that loss. they're currently number 27 out of 32 teams. 49ers and browns are worse. speaking of the browns, the ravens, they beat them up last night, 28-7. joe flacco threw touchdown passes to three different receivers. they have the worst start in the 66-year history of the franchise. okay. now, i want you to look at this. talk about dedication.
7:44 am
a hundred years, he got one of the most insane tattoos you'll ever see. that is wrigley field marquis that you see on top of this guy's head. head. no word on how long this took to make. and i'm pretty sure it was painful as well. goodness. okay this morning. absolutely gorgeous start to the day. grab your jackets. you won't need them all day long.
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7:47 am
>>dave: 7:47.
7:48 am
if you haven't had a chance to be outside and it's beautiful. looking down kennedy, here is downtown, downtown tampa, 60 degrees with a north-northeast wind. also as we turn the camera around and you see -- look at the tremendous visibility. dry air, really many levels of the atmosphere and it's going to be just as pretty as it was yesterday and even though we have a coolish start, look at the beach where it's 59 the air temperature is 59. i think that's the first time i've seen that so far this fall out at clearwater beach. east-northeast winds at five miles an how were but it is. it's stunning. it really is. look at the 40s and oh, my goodness, tallahassee, what are you doing? 38 degrees in tallahassee this morning. 40 in panama city. 44 in jacksonville. brooksville at 47 so for a lot
7:49 am
very early this morning. then it will get warmer quickly, too, because of all the drier air in place. four to nine degrees colder than yesterday at this time, but it's just lovely out there, especially when you've got drier air sitting in place like this. drier, warms up quickly. that's going to take a lot of 40s to the north and bring them to the 70s this afternoon. tampa is looking to be around 78 degrees with that gorgeous sunshine. tonight if you're going out, and just before the sun goes down, grab your jacket because once it does, then it's going to quickly cool off again and wake up tomorrow morning with most of us in the 50s and the 40s well to the north. then sunshine, dry air for your saturday. it should be a beautiful day with high temperature around 80 degrees. i do have a light shop for boaters today, tomorrow, moderate chop on sunday and next high tide at 11:32 this morning.
7:50 am
looks to be perfect. weekend looks great. the clouds, maybe a shower will roll in early monday, tuesday but the thing is, vanessa, i'll take any rain we can get. we haven't had rain in 26 days. >>jennifer: i didn't know that. doesn't seem like it. >>dave: it's been that long. >>vanessa: i guess we do need it. thanks. 7:50. on the roadways, i can't see too much to complain about as far as the number of incidents we're seeing in the congestion. you can see a lot of green here on these maps but right now we're watching at hillsborough at the veterans expressway. this is reportedly eastbound. we haven't gotten any official word on lane blockages but based on the delays i'm seeing, i'm thinking not. some good news, we're hearing the motorcyclist is up so that might indicate better news as far as the injuries that could be involved here. use caution as you pass through the crash site. we're still watching the slowdowns here. u.s. 19 at belleair and once again, if you're just joining
7:51 am
geographically are not quite right on this map but what we're seeing essentially, that speed marker is near the belleair area. the delays we're seeing are back to drew street so make sure you're planning an extra five minutes out the door for this. it's pretty clear here 275 south heading into the interchange. ? santa claus is coming to town? >>laura: i was wondering >>russell: i do. we've been thinking so many other things for the last few months. now i'm just happy to say, santa is back. >>laura: time to redirect. >>russell: he's going to be at international plaza today. >>laura: the mall is making it an interactive experience, too. they're calling it santa's flight academy. kids will get a badge, get to wear a virtual flight suit and even help santa and his elves put together a christmas eve flight plan.
7:52 am
pictures. he'll be at the wire grass mall in wesley chapel and that's coming up tomorrow. >>russell: all right. charley belcher, what's going on, man? >>laura: what are you laughing at? >>charley: i was going to get in this cool car and start it up for you but i don't know if i can fit in it. >>laura: come on. >>russell: he can get in it but -- >>charley: i was supposed to be in when you came to me. all right. yep. perfect fit. nothing to see up here. nothing to see up here. all right. now i'm going to start it. hold on. don't go to commercial yet. i'm trying. he's giving me the wrap. where is the key? stick around. >>laura: i'm exhausted. are you all right? >>charley: auto fest.
7:53 am
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havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks, sweetie. the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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>>charley: "good day"! yeah. that was just to prove that i got it started. oh, sorry. all right. sorry. i got the wipers on. "good day." i'm charley belcher coming to you from lakeland at the sun and
7:56 am
take it, lance. how are you doing? i have to take it now that i broke it. carlisle events do a winter auto fest. this is the fall auto fest. they've taken over sun and fun fly-in at the airport. great event, kicks off today, all weekend long. what can folks expect? i know we see a live auto auction and then accessories and cars on display and food and a little bit of everything. >> if you don't want to buy the car, you can build a >>charley: piece by piece. >> it's unbelievable the amount of parts out there. if you need the toold, you can buy them, too. there's about everything. if you want to eat along the way, great food. >>charley: i need to stop eating so i can get in and out of the cars. everything we see in here will be auctioned off, right? >> that's correct. every single car in here. >>charley: as seen on tv, they might want to buy this. when does the auction start? >> 10:30. >>charley: and all weekend long.
7:57 am
>>charley: today and tomorrow is the auction. >> 400 cars just about. >>charley: to be auctioned off. but i'm telling you, just watching the auction is funment it's a spectator sport. >> i love it. it's honestly -- you'll have good bumps watching it. >>charley: what does it cost? >> $10. >>charley: can i buy a ticket for the whole weekend? >> you can. a little is here.
7:58 am
7:59 am
z262jz zy6z
8:00 am
((russell hundreds of people - waiting hours for help. and right now - they're getting it. whe hundreds of people waiting hours for help. right now they are getting it. where you can ged free medical and dental check ups all weekend long. and how's this for a box of chocolates. all surrendered in humane society of tampa bay. 12 need of a new home. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. by the way, they are here. yes. they are here. they are. that's right. welcome it's 8 o'clock p.m. i'll russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning we thank you for waking up on this veterans day. we want to say thank you to all men and women who serve. friday november 11th. we will get straight to dave. >> wait. did you say they are already here. they are going to be i'm not


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