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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((russell hundreds of people - waiting hours for help. and right now - they're getting it. whe hundreds of people waiting hours for help. right now they are getting it. where you can ged free medical and dental check ups all weekend long. and how's this for a box of chocolates. all surrendered in humane society of tampa bay. 12 need of a new home. >> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. by the way, they are here. yes. they are here. they are. that's right. welcome it's 8 o'clock p.m. i'll russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning we thank you for waking up on this veterans day. we want to say thank you to all men and women who serve. friday november 11th. we will get straight to dave. >> wait. did you say they are already here. they are going to be i'm not
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>> oh. 62 degrees outside. you just can't doesn't matter chocolate lab puppies, beagles you can't go wrong with a puppies. it is a coolish morning out there you start winds at 6 miles per hour. i got lower 50s in crystal river. brooksville, mid 50s, wesley chapel these are coming off the 40s. which they had just an hour ago. really beautiful start to the day. veterans day forecast. absolutely gorgeous. sunshine, and 70s. all right. dave. and looks like a roads are pretty good right now if you're heading oh the door really, really quiet number of events we're seeing congestion as well. right now we want to show you 275 and fowler southbound and northbound seems to be trucking along smoothly. both of those directions. if you're travel in pinellas county on 275 maybe coming up to fletcher area. bayway to that spot, only taking 34 minutes. by time southbound on 75, between i-4 sell map, it
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east bound from area of the interchange to the area of the connectors. so enjoy. >> this morning we honor our veterans, the men and women who put their lives online every day fighting for our freedom. honor veterans goes back long way to november 11th, 1919. back then they called armistice day it happened at the end of world war i. veterans day didn't become a national holiday until 1938. now while some confused veterans day with memorial day. they are completely different days. morning dayon their country. while veterans day pays tribute to all american veterans. focus today is to give our attention to those who are still among us. right now approximately 21 million veterans living in the united states. and over 1.6 million of them live in florida. the majority of those served during war time. as of 2014, nearly 3 million veterans receive compensation for service connected
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free admission to commemorate veterans day governor scott maded that announcement yesterday parks already offer discounted annual passes. for those who server have serveded in military. in addition to springs beach and forests parks also include historical and military sites that deal does not include the skyway fishing pier state park. >> not just a parks. as long as you have military id or uniform you can get free food drinks even hair cuts going to go through short list i hop offering f giving out free blooming onion and beverage as well fitch prcent off veterans families through december 31st. great clips free hair cut coupons those valid through end of the year. see the rest just go to our website, fox 13 >> nations cia director says over next few weeks his department should have some clarity on what is next for the country. >> director john brennan says national security briefings with
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tack oelg threats needs to be first thing addressed. he also says it's important trump know the reasons why the u.s. has allies it does and arrangements that go along with them. and adding it's important that the u.s. follow through on its treaty allegation. not just americans looking forward to next step. rest of the world is too. fox 13's jen epstein is here with way the election could change our relationship with other countries. good morning. >> hey laura there has ab lot of mixed reaction from and relationship america has with it. donald trump has made it known he's not a fan of the organization and some think it's the beginning of a very rocky relationship. others say he's just voicing the concerns many americans have had for years. people are now concerned president-elect trump will start a cozy relationship with russia and it's president putin. next he free trade deals we have with any other countries would over. that would biggest change the way america has done business
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iran nuclear deal might see drastic change. trump wants to dis-mantle it altogether. and that would have a massive impact on the entire middle east. north korea dictator kim gung unis not a fan of donald trump and trump suggested south korea and joop should arm them sells with their own nuclear weapons. president-elect says he man's on cancelling paris climate agreement and will work hard to reverse climate change regulations and promises to bring back the use of coal plants. all right. th >> we're going to much more on election reaction coming up next half hour chris wallace will be live from d.c. he'll have look some results and what this could mean for the next four years. 8:05 right now. one son is dead another one being called a hero. and the mother of the two is in the hospital. this is all happened after family fight. fox 13 shayla reeves is live in polk county where deputies say when the man turned the gun on them, they had no choice but to shoot and kill him shayla, good
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that is the information we're getting from polk county sheriff grady judd. i want to take you back to how all of this unfolded. right now you're looking a some video of the scene here in lakeland in 2900 block of dell rose drive north. we know overnight, crime scene technicians took pictures and collected evidence. some of them using metal detectors to search the ground for bullet casings. now according to sheriff this all started around 6 o'clock thursday evening. a woman reportedly called 911 after an argument reportedly became an 18 degree when she asked for his help moving a disabled car anger intensified when she couldn't get car into neutral. listen to what happened next. >> just went mad just very angry. ran to his room and closed the door. she went to the door and said i can't take this any more, you're
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now we're told the mother waited outside for deputies to arrive. and once deputies arrived at the scene they entered home looking for are man later identified 53-year-old john. now the sound of gunshots followed. and we're told those deputies rushed outside to discover john inspect a fight with his brother identified as theodore. he was not only fighting with his brother but fighting and holding a gun. at some point the the brothers to stop fighting. one followed the direction. the other did not. ultimately an according to sheriff judd, john. pointed his gun at one of those deputies and the deputies fired killing him. as for the mother of the two men mentioned she is in the hospital recovering after two bullets struck her in the leg. according to at sheriff, these
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gunfire from inside of the home. but we have learned that the mother is expected to be okay. so we're going to continue to follow, continue to keep you posted. those deputies as is usual procedure during a deputy involved shooting they are on leave at this time. we will continue to follow and keep you posted should any new information become available. back to you guys in studio. all right shayla, thank you. it is 8:08 now. some thieves bust 32ed u concrete wall stole more than $150,000 worth of cell phone and electronic brandon. deputies say the robber took place on thursday morning thieves forced their way in by breaking through concrete wall and once inside they stole the cell phones and electronics from the store's storage cage. deputies say they also cut into into a safe they took a bunch of cash. this is a picture of the get away car. and in clearwater police are also looking for a robber who used the cash register as a weapon. take look at this man on your screen here.
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5:00 a.m. thursday morning. and when clerk tried to stop him from leaving robber hit him over the head with cash register and took off. clerk had to go to the hospital but will be okay. 8:0 nippy right now flu season is here there's chance you could have lower risk of getting it and solely based on the year you were born. all right. you got to the follow us here. if you were exposeded to a certain strain of the flu, when you were a child it resulted in long-term protection against related flu viruses. researchers university of arizona and more likely to be exposed to h1n1 ones those strains return. later people had their chance of dying from them reduced by 80 percent. and a strains researcher found
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people as well. speaking of that. flu shots other medical assistance over the next at the days alcides segui is live with a big event when i think of a famous cars and tv his history he think the general lee kit from knight rider i think of thing monday ser sters drove around maybe the most famous of them all, right there it is. you're singing song in your head right now. holy good day tampa bay bath man. it's the bat mobile. stick around. i hear the music. that is me just hearing that in my head.
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((russell 2shot)) people all over the state started lining up ??yesterday welcome back. people all over the state started lining up yesterday for an event that's happening today. that tells you say just how important free healthcare is for many people.
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free dental assistance. fox 13 alcides segui is talking to some of those who spent the more than's manatee technical college waiting for these services. he's also got some information that people need to know if they are wanting to attend over the next few days, is that right? >> that's exactly right. yeah, today, saturday, and sunday. as you said it's medical services also dental and vision. it's kind of a one stop shop for whatever you're looking for. it's free. you don't have to have your medical records, you don't hav kind of show up. they'll ask you some generic questions your name, date of birth if you have an email address pretty much it check-in area behind us. here's the engine as you mentioned manatee technical college 60,000 square foot facility. all equipment was a brought in by a nonprofit called remote area medical. and they travel around the globe providing free medical service
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time here serve about 1600 people in two days they will here three days they are hoping to help out even more. so lot of folks you're seeing in the blue shirts are folks from our students here and mtc students here they are helping you have dentist from bay area. that's tooth cleaning or ex transactions. different dental procedures. again this is the dental service area. behind area where you can get different medical services as well action whether it be general consultations diabetic screening mammograms. smear and other side of the a vision. that includes as basic screenings eye exams, free prescription eyeglasses when they are needed if you just can't afford to buy your eyeglasses, they will test you here and actually give you a set
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so here's the a thing. here's what you aneed to know. event runs today from 6:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. then on sunday, from 6:00 a.m. until noon. that the manatee county, excuse me manatee technical college off state road 70 in bradenton not just for humans. also for pets as well. on the backside of the building, it's braden river high school. and they have free pet services there. and i larger crowd on that side. again it's an incredible organization. they doing really free medical care. are you kidding me. that's why it's oh so packed and expecting large trials here for more information go to our website, a lot of folks i've seen here by the way laura and russell are vets. they just simple, you know whether they've gone to the va or need additional dental work they come here. they get what they need and they are very, very happy. not to pay a dime out of their
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great service. back to you. >> very, very deserving too. thank you, alcides. all right. it's okay. look at that. yes, it is. see that? i've seen it. i've seen it. getting ready to put that picture on facebook. look at that baby. what time are the puppies coming on 8? >> 8:37. folks, we need good homes. there we go. i don't think that's really building to be an issue. one of 12. oh. oh my gooes he's so cute though. hey buddy. oh. okay. we'll do some weather. let me give you back. you want me to take him? >> yeah give him to me. give him to me. give this little baby to me. >> go see uncle rusty. >> okay. well. let me tell you something folks that was highlight of the week. it really was. we've got great, great start to
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from the beach. all the way inland. gorgeous sunshine. yes. i know it is cool right now. it will warm up quickly with that dry air in place i've got temperatures today getting back to upper 70s. gorgeous sunshine. lovely. tonight we'll get back to about 59 in tampa. we were a 60 this morning. so everybody's cool tonight. for most areas. then tomorrow we will once again back up to around 80 degrees. happy looks great. we've got 80, 81. and then maybe a quick shower early next week. which we need. i'm still thinking about the puppy, vanessa i don' know what i just said. you just spent half of your weather report. you know, we all did. stairing a puppy. that's okay because people love puppies. we all do. i was perfectly happy to look at that puppy i can't wait to see more of them. they are really tiny and cute by the way switch gears. we want to get roadway an area
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northbound direction. crash reported at 124th. so brew aget to fletcher delays already building in the area. make sure you're taking another route which everyone works best for depending on where you're coming from going to. pinellas county. we were watching delay earlier south ound area bellair an earlier crash. seeing most of the congestion really in the area completely northbound southbound gone. and i don't think you will have any concerns getting through >> you know, every bit of stress i've had all week long is all of sudden gone. you did it sweetie. you only got 12 of them in here. 12 of them. oh. okay. shall we read it. better stock up on boxes and gift wrap and maybe puppy. why you shouldn't buy gift cards for your friends and family this year. but first, i got it for you.
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mission this morning. he's at the fall florida auto fest checking out cool cars. that's not it. we will show you what else he's ghost up his sleeve. look at that when we come back. we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. when i have a headache,
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and i want to enjoy every moment of it. that's why i use fast-acting excedrin for my headaches. excedrin has two pain fighters plus a booster. and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin.
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lakeland. sun and fun flying on the other side of lakeland linder airport. where we are home to carlisle events fall auto fest. today, tomorrow, sunday. big auction today and tomorrow. all sorts of cars to see and drool over. and food and fun. and yes, you can meet the bat mobile. i'm very excited about this. gene happens to own this car. he also owns the original bat copter from series in the movie which will be here and you will give people rides in. even on bat cycle to original bat copter from tv series is air worthy and flies. people will be able to not only get a look at them but be able to take them for a ride. i've flown in them. they've lifted me off the ground. we had a fantastic time. tell me about bat mobile. what we call a perfect bat mobile replica. it was copied of a number one car back in '66. built original car for the very
8:24 am
based on the original car was based on ford a very beautiful design and in infancy ford spent all of that money and then as time went forward that's why lincoln was such a big name in cars back then. but the bat mobile special iconic vehicle. does this car right here does it run? this car runs so well, that we've had it around the daytona motor speedway track a times. we are here a sun and fun legally during the show. if we have air shows here too. we're here for the car show. and this is fantastic thing. but that thing drives. does well. it has an after burner and does fine. let's see there. every kid remembers holy crime batman. yeah. it's after burn and then you see it out the cape and sign moves
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oh, man. this is just. see the bomb right there pull it up so you can take look at it. >> yeah. holy explosives batman. what do we do with this? is this a problem? a real problem. that rep cap prop. however adam handled that many team in some comic cons we do with him. look at that. adam west. wow. i love it. love it. love it. thank you. good to see we're out here what we call flight line in main area where all the cars are. great. come and see bat copter will be approaching soon. i have a russell i know this brings you back, too, russell and i've got a pole going an my twitter page. of what your favorite tv car. i got at least three i list bat mobile. general lee and kit from knight
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see. i have have a feeling the bat mobile is going to win. i think you may be right. okay. all right. see you later. all right. it's been a long week. clearly we needed something to relieve our stress this morning. this thing is so cute. never a bad day when you have box of chocolates. chocolate labs. jen's got these dogs coming up all sister and brothers. veterans do so much for us. this morning they are getting something in re
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((larua 2shot mp)) it's time to fight for veterans.. after all..they fought for us..((russell)) in about a half-an-hour.. hillsborough county..along with 25 other about a half hour hillsborough county along with 25 other organization ares teaming up for operation revel lee. walter live a port tampa bay where they are getting vets off the streets and home for the holidays. good morning. good morning there. yes. this is a mission today to make not just for holidays to make sure they get back on their feet and then, kind of get their life back in order. and, don't need assistance after that. and antonio joining tampa hillsborough initiative got it right i know i was nervous. was fan tampa's being about this event is this kind of a one stop shop. you said it took months to get all different documents and things in order. to get what they need. >> typically takes like a month or two to make that happens to in terms of get all documents they need.
8:31 am
things. but significant of operation revel it brings in under one roof to shorten time make it more efficient and put them in housing in one day. from time they walkthrough the door to the time they leave, all of that stuff takes place. >> now, you're with an two net you came from st. louis together. to see success from year one to year 2 now going on national scale are you surprised at the success? >> i would say yes and no to reason why i say no is because i believe in innovation. i believe in community support. multi sector collaboration. i know that is real. and when you've seen it happen time and time again, it's believable. the reason why i say no is because i didn't think its was going to happen this quick, right? that's the thing. when it happens so quickly, we've only been in hillsborough county for two years.
8:32 am
community in terms of hunger and eagerness for change and for to eradicate this issue that we have in our community. >> now another thing you know is real, is a struggle of being homeless. not a veteran but one time you were homeless. share your story with us. absolutely. >> so i was a homeless teen. i went through a couple of episodes of being a dcf custody in foster care when i was and committed and constantly moved forward. and after living with my dad for short period of time you have disagreements and that's culture of the youth population is that something comes up that, that somehow makes them exit the home whether it's you know a disagreement, abuse alcoholism, whatever. those types of things happen. so that was my case. in terms of alcoholism.
8:33 am
time. so i left and did some couch surfing after that i actually went and moved in with my foster mother for about 8 months while i was in my freshman year of college. and enthis, you know you only can stay somewhere for so long until it starts becoming birdie. and i decided that i'll just sleep in my car. so i wouldn't be burden on anyone. adid that for roughly two years. and while i attend state college in st. lie is, missouri. fraternity incorporated. that's where my homeless issue ended. and at the time i didn't i didn't access services or anything like that. i didn't want anybody to have sympathy or even empathy for me. because i was going to make it. i was going to dedicated to doing that. and making something of my life. but i have a lot of people that was invested in me. and making sure that i was a successful and that i had the things that i needed even though i was on streets.
8:34 am
on the streets. but lot of people know. >> now fortunately running out of time i do want to the ask you awith that perspective what do you think that means with veterans that homeless and standing in line right now about to get the help that you got. i would definitely say that the, process today it will be an unreal thing. that after being on the street, even if you're on the street for a week or two weeks that's too long to stay on the streets. and to have a key in your hand have someone tell you hey, the services you need, we're going to help you get through this process is very overwhelming not about pomp ask circumstances and all the of fancy stuff that you, that lot of people make out of it. it's about the community coming together to truly honor our veterans in the best way to honor them is to make sure they have a place to live. absolutely. thanks so much for us we can thank you so much. i appreciate it, man. absolutely. another, just a great event here. these homeless veterans are going to go home today.
8:35 am
they will have an address such an important thing. coming up at 9 a whole big program. and clint mcdonald for buccaneers will be here he's providing a couple food trucks. food for veterans get something in their belly before they good out and get their own place, guys. kind of nice when an troerd ordinary shows up your live shot. wow. that guy was great. i know. fantastic. isn't it? we'll run it again for extraordinary ordinary. you know. there we go. and i'll take the rest of the weekend off. we'll see you soon. bye. >> all right. see ya. 8:35 now. in health news more than 220,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year. in that same time it will kill more than 160,000 of them. researcher are trying to ballots it however they can. they are now taking a new strategy on. to divide and conquer. it seems to be working immune therapy drugs helping with a
8:36 am
doctors can take and help tens of thousands of patients with different kinds of cancer. this drug was just approved by fda to help treat advanced cases of cancer. and tests show it beat chemo in effectiveness especially in lung cancer patients. something about it anne marie? just relaxing. they are everywhere. everywhere. we don't care if they we need them. and got to raise it up. there we go. exactly. exactly. there it is. when we say they are everywhere we mean everywhere. that was good. that was good. boy, i tell ya, it's everybody's got this you know, ear to ear smile right now. puppies in the house. we're in the low to mid 50s up in citrus county.
8:37 am
pasco starting to warm things up you will start to ian increase probably in 9 o'clock hour with temperatures as this drier air warms up very quickly. really, it is beautiful outside. it's clear, it's dry. winds are relatively light. i do expect us to easily get back to the upper 70s for high temperatures for today. so gorgeous with those lovely temperatures going out tonight? grab your jacket. overnight lows 59 degrees. it will get cool quickly and then for your saturday, more sunshine and dry air with your high temperature around 80 degrees. next 7 days, we will show you couple of tiny little rain chances early next week. 30 percent monday to tuesday. high temperatures getting back into the mid 70s. and oh my gosh, vanessa, i didn't want to say this, but we got a problem outside. >> you know what it is in i think we have a problem in here.
8:38 am
sun. look at that. that's school. what a perfect timing for a picture. dragon eating the sun. that was over in winter haven. #welivehere mug winner today. maybe we will put a positive spin on it and say he's bask basking in glory the sun. looks like he smiling. what do you mean before he eats it. he's not going to eat sun sun. all right dave, thank you. let's get to roads right now. see what's hapn we do have crash we're seeing in pinellas u.s. 19 ask everyone's road. so north of 580, southbound lane is going to be blocked. good news is no delays really we're seeing in the area. we're still following this crash out of tampa nebraska at 124. so brew aget to fletcher we do have all of the northbound lanes blocked. continue to avoid. i do want to take you here to interstates to give you update on drive times. looking pretty clear.
8:39 am
our majors. and i'm grabbing a puppy and going to join you guys right now. hand off. this is an exciting day for me who doesn't love a box of chocolates especially when they are in form of chocolate lab puppies. someone dropped precious pups off thursday. due dave osterberg you hear that? they won't ready for adoption until thanksgiving. we could not wait. we could not wait. we needed some puppy loving today. look at this family you guys. they smell like puppies too. they do. they smell fresh. show us. show us. oh. look at this. with humane society of tampa bay. danielle. hi. good morning, ladies. you brought the whole gang in for us. yes, all the chocolates are here. all 12. all 12 of them. ten boys, two little girls. >> wow. six weeks old.
8:40 am
actually. the owner that had the mom and dade they weren't spayed or neutered. they had a litter of puppies. they knew it was just too much for them to handle. so they brought them us to so we would find them there are forever homes we have a wonderful program called litter mate. you bring people can bring their litter of puppies. we take the puppies. get them spayed and neutered put them up for adoption. then we will take the male a female the mom and dad, and get them spayed and neutered for free. then return them to the family return the parents to the family and we find homes for the puppies. so it's a wonderful program. it is a wonderful program the owners of mom and dad you got them spayed and neutered. so they won't have any more puppies. and because you guys did that you took them over for them. >> exactly. they are really small. they are really young really
8:41 am
going into foster for two weeks. so they can get nice and strong and healthy. and then they will be available for adoption at the shelter. the day after thanksgiving. what a blast black friday would be best give you can give on black friday. this couldn't happen without angels in your foster system that take these dogs in. are you going to try to keep them all with one foster parent? or >> usually they are split up just one family. so normally they will split up into two or three different homes. and then they will all come back us to and be ready for adoption. >> black friday. black friday. and on that day we will open from 10 to 7. you know what will happen >> there will be long line of people yes we're hoping to clear the shelter that day so hopefully people will come, look for their new family member. we will wonderful pets as all
8:42 am
as long as long as with the box of chocolates they will be there as well. >> come on. get in here. come on. i mean just what a puppy can do to change the mood. you know. it's been a horrible week appear hard week. and you know, here we are. here we are. and this what we needed what everyone at home needed. exactly. yes. there are going to be a lot of fun, tons of love, tons of energy. i know there's a couple you're holding two runts in the litter. these the smallest. the dad was a doer. the mom was mainly a lab. she was a mix but probably 50 to 70 pounds. and they will have they will be great jogging partners great to take to the park. great can children. lash doer is second most popular breed in country. yeah. i anticipate a lot of people will be calling today anyway even though they are not ready. you can't put them on hold or. no first come first serve. you can keep an eye on their progress on our facebook page
8:43 am
thank you so much, thank you for having us. i'm sure it won't take more than a minute to the find home for these 12. all right. good day's back after the break. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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((russell on cam)) the election is over.. and now it's time to look at a welcome back. 8:46. now its time to look at donald trump presidency. this morning got host of fox news sunday chris wallace in morning to take look at things. i wish you could have been here for last segment 12 chocolate lab puppies in here. i think it. the stress of the week is gone in here. i don't know if you have been able to let it go yet or not. >> well, the yes and no. i mean look the news goes on. this is big news.
8:47 am
trump transition and trump presidency. i pretty neat. so where are we? we got to get a transition team in place. or is that still are we still getting even that going right here? >> well to a certain degree. one of the interesting things we're finding out i don't think that for all talk about it that trump was entirely sure that he was going to win. i mean there have been a lot of talk about trump i do know that some people who had positions in trump campaign and were obviously going into the transition and staying at trump towers, their leases ran out on november 20th because somebody this trump camp i don't know kind of thought it was all going to be over yesterday. so, i mean, you know it's like the scene in movie the candidate
8:48 am
aide and says now what do we do. you know, that i think there's a little bit of that. u he's got about ten weeks, to figure it out and staff 4,000 jobs for his new administration. >> i know it's around the country there have been a lot protests and things are going on. but i will say it looks pretty good in washington. everybody seems to be trying so make this happen nicely. i agree. people are know president is shocked and quite upset about donald trump succeeding him particularly since so much of obama's legacy could go out the window. obamacare, the iran deal, climate change. be an inform issues. and you know, this is the flip side of obama doing so much by executive order by not law it can all be undone by guess what an executive order. but they behaved very well in
8:49 am
up to capitol hill and met with paul ryan and mcconnell, ryan for one was thrilled. because they have got a big agenda that they've building for last eight years they couldn't get it through congress and then, signed by the president. if it did get through congress it was vetoed by president. they suddenly think well now logjam is going to break we could get lot of our ideas enacted into law. >> let's talk the show on sunday. you know it's going to be i know it's going to be a big one. jae. we we have a top trump transition official on. somebody that everybody knows. its not quite locked down i can't announce it. we will go oh other end of a pennsylvania avenue talk to kevin mccarthy about exactly that for all tensions during the campaign how does he think that trump and congresses republican congress will work together. and what goes first? i mean so many issues on the plate.
8:50 am
first? >> all right. hey. it's good to see you great job by the way tuesday night. would you dmee a favor, russell? send me a picture of those chocolate labs. >> it's a deal. hon it's way, man. on its way. i was going to say great job you all did a great job tuesday night. it was pleasure watching. >> take care. >> thank you. >> yeah. all right. hey charley. nailed it i was going to say very rarely did i want to be where you are. usually you want to be where i am. but when i saw puppies, wow. enjoy. you know what, you guys back there stuck in studio very hectic news weaken joy that puppy love. you all earned it. we're enjoying a beautiful morning out here sun and fun. which home of carlisle events fall auto fest. american flag flying high. they will pay tribute tour veterans day this veterans day. usually an all about airplanes. nope, this weekend, it's all about the cars.
8:51 am
with us.
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from lakeland this morning. we're in spot where they do sun and fun. right next to lakeland linder
8:54 am
and all kinds of cars. today tomorrow, sunday, carlisle fall auto fest winter auto fest we're talking about fall@fest. lance is here to tell while we will talk about auction in more detail in second we want to let everybody know car shows, car accessories, so much going on out here throughout the grounds. so much going on. right now we have a ton of cars coming in. real diversity. you've got corvettes cadillacs to electric vehicles. so we've got everything coming in. big, big car it happens to be veterans day. weaver got our flag flying high above us even as we speak. i know you will do something special for veterans at 11 o'clock this morning? we are. we're going to be doing that each day of the event. we feel it's very important. especially this week. yeah. very important to do so. yeah, we'll have beautiful display. come on out check it out. it's an honor. good. very important. now when you talk about car show, is it, how does it work? is it one big giant car show on grounds here?
8:55 am
what we try to do make fun for people go check them out very diverse. you will see bunch of different things from exotic all the way to you know like i said, ev cars. so, essentially you're going to see very diverse crowd of cars. and people. so that's what it's about. again why officers important part this really is just a giant car show. and the a little bit of a swap meet too. absolutely. swap meet. tell me about swap meet. anything and everything you want to do. you want wall art by all means in your garage you've here. >> yeah. look at the neons over there i'm digging some of those i have to take closer look neons over there. exactly. if you want cleaning products you're go mcgwires here anything and anything you want regarding cars is here. right. and from accessories to parts to anything you can sell with a car on it. let's, logistic. today gates are open. people coming in. absolutely.
8:56 am
until what time tonight? >> about 5, 6 o'clock tonight. >> tomorrow gates open? >> 8:00 a.m. goes all day. exactly. same thing. and sunday also, right? absolutely. and then auction is today and tomorrow. correct. ten bucks gets you in. cannot go wrong. then we've got beautiful weather. good morning. loud speaker. this is veterans day. 2016. we're going to have to be quiet. but, nice. all right. so sorry i didn't pay attention to lou thank you, lance. appreciate it man, good to see you. russell when we come back in next half hour all about the auction. i tell you how this auction works and why even if you're not going buy a car you might want to come watch. spectator sport the way they do these auction. great see you then. thanks, man one young man's struggle leads him to helping others. jen's got this inspirational story in the 9 o'clock i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this...
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the holidays are almost here. this morning, well, the holidays are almost here. this morning the gift no one wants to get but everyone loves to give. the gift giving dilemma. >> and so close you can touch it. we're talking live with nasa about this weekend super moon and best places you can watch good friday morning we made it i'm russell rhodes. law last few days. it is really, really nice outside. i am jealous. come on. come on. >> and we have recovered quickly from the cool morning that we had too. because we have chilly. first those in the 40s. citrus county was in the 40s. and now we're beginning warm things up. and it's, because of all that drier air we have here at the surface. 67 in tampa. now 64 in brandon. how about sarasota. already made it to 70 degrees. let me tell you, it's going to


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