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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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more anti-trump protests erupting in across the country and across florida. see how protesters stopped traffic on a busy miami freeway.. when
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night three of protests take off across the u-s! the traffic mess it's creating for some drivers on this friday night. as trump transitions to washington.. big names are being tossed arnd administration! the familiar face from florida.. on the short list. a four thousand mile journey.. runners carry the american flag from seattle.. all the way to tampa. the mission behind every mile. good evening, i'm mark wilson and i'm kelly ring.
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first - another night of protests sweep the nation.. from philadelphia to chicago to portland.. in red states as well as blue... hundreds of demonstrators continue to march against president-elect trump! tonight protests took off across the south.. in atlanta.. hundreds of protesters marched through the streets.. police were also out in force there. but perhaps the most intense protest tonight is playing out in miami. demonstrators.. made their way hours...backing up traffic for ?miles. fox 13's evan lambert is in ybor city.. where the protest was smaller than last
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there's increased police presence and heightened security around trump tower in manhattan to protect president- elect donald trump. the measures include barricades and armed counter-terrorism officers guarding the front of the building. of course - inside - the president-elect is trying to decide on the first and most important of his staffing decisions. a handful of names are being talked about for the various positions.. and there's already been a bit of a shake-up on his transition team. chris cato has a closer look. chris? we learned today new jersey governor chris christie will ?not lead trump's transition team... as he was originally slated to do... that role now goes to vice- president elect mike pence. sources say trump likes pence's experience and
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for 12 years before becoming indiana's governor. christie will now serve as vice chairman. he's joined on the committee by former house speaker newt gingrich.. ex-presidential candidate ben carson.. retired lt. general michael flynn.. former new york mayor rudy giuliani.. and alabama senator jeff sessions. the president-elect's camp says three of his children and his son-in-law will also join the transition team... along with g-o-p chairman reince priebus and former breitbart executive steve bannon. giuliani says.. he's merely offering advice to a friend. giuliani has served as an adviser for trump throughout his campaign.. and it's been rumored that he may be appointed attorney general in trump's cabinet. a familiar name to us in florida is also on the list of potential picks for that post... florida attorney general pam bondi. of course, trump's spokespeople won't confirm any names at this time. one thing's for sure: with ten weeks until
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mark and kelly. new at 10 - a wesley chapel high school coach is in hot water over a donald trump comment. he's accused of directing it towards a group african-american students in the hallway. parents told the school coach "john sousa" said quote: "don't make me call donald trump to get you sent back to africa." the school is investigating the matter..while sousa remains on administrative leave. a fight at a gas station leaves a 56-year-old man dead. tampa police say found gregory walker dead at the sunoco gas station on nebraska avenue near columbus drive. they were called there just before seven last night. investigators aren't sure what caused walker and another man to get into a fight. they do not know the other man's name. the widow of a man who was shot in cold blood is speaking out for the first time tonight. mohamed allam was killed in lake wales a few weeks ago.. after locking his convenience store for the night, two men wearing hoods approached him with a gun.
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everything he had on him quickly.. he complied.. but they shot him anyway. today his widow couldn't hold back the tears when she talked about life without her husband.. she's hoping someone will come forward with information about the gunmen. crimestoppers just announced that there is now a 5-thousand dollar reward in the case. it looks like the cross-bay ferry is in its first week.. more than 70-percent of the seats were sold. this weekend, the cross bay ferry is getting some help from the tampa bay lightning. the team bought ?all of the seats for a roundtrip ride for tomorrow's game. if the ferry proves popular... it could be eligible for state or federal funding. a driver in pinellas county gets a big scare when a snake appears on her
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her facebook page. she says she was stuck in traffic because of a wreck. for 40 minutes she says she sat in traffic with the snake just watching her. the says she was panicked the entire time it would get in the car. when it finally slithered onto the wipers... she flung it off the car. (mark/ still ahead- lost memories resurface in the bay-area... they're priceless pieces of the past.. (kelly/ up next - the unlikely place these snapshots of a soldier turned up.. and the one clue that's leading them back to the
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high tech hands! coming up at 10:40.. we show you how some people are using ?implanted micro chips? in their everyday lives. hey
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n aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only. honoring our vets...and at carrabba's. old glory ... one step at a time. runners carried this american flag- more than 4000 miles from washington state...all the way to tampa. it was quite a sight. fox 13's josh cascio is live along bayshore tonight... it was the last leg of a long journey. a long trip...but an inspiring one. the relay - honoring the sacrifice and nation's veterans.
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family photos of a serviceman... from a bygone era are found in a shuttered st. pete thrift store the woman who found them in a pile of old junk, didn't feel right throwing them away.. so she reached out to fox 13 to help find the soldier's family and return these priceless pieces of the past. fox 13's kellie cowan discovered the soldier in the photos is private first class robert ogilvie from cumberland maryland. he
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...sadly, ogilvie passed away 11 years ago, but his name lives on. his son bobby junior and his children are living in maryland. bobby junior says he's not sure how his family's album wound up in florida, but when we reached him on the phone this afternoon, he says he's grateful it was found. kellie's family is in virginia.. so when she goes home for thanksgiving in a few weeks.. she's going to make sure the album gets back into the ogilvie family.
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he was born at just 24-weeks... and tonight.. an incredible celebration of his life... after the break - the special way little ryan's family is saying happy first birthday.. and honoring the dedicated doctors and nurses...who helped save his
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choice for many veterans who need care. like nat legend. " "i have been invidted to tammy's family on several occassions i'm treated like i am a member of the family." i'm ls, see how people are opening their homes to care for veterans."seeing them having full lives. being happy with where they are and what they're doingand what they're able to do. " foster homes for vets, coming up. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon.
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a tampa mother is >> a tampa mother is celebrating her preemie's son medical triumph by honoring the people who helped him along the way, his doctors and nurses. a big women's hospital tonight. >> but it was much more than just eating cake and opening presents. >> this was truly a celebration of life, a life that could have easily been cut short if not for a group of d dedicated doctors d nurses. >> his sparkling blue eyes may not show it, but he has had dark times in just his one year of
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24 weeks old. >> he looked like a little tiny jell-o h mold because he had re, translucent skin. >> she says she knew what was in store because she is a nurse but says no mom can be prepared. >> for 128 days for his life in the nic-u, he had eight surgeries mostly in his stomach. >> it's something you take for granted. you pop the bottle in the baby's mouth and he eats because he had many struggles. >> this nurse helped him until he was finally able to go home. >> there was support and guidance and i was able to have full trust and confidence.
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birthday his family knew they could not celebrate his life without first honoring the people who made his life possible. >> the people who work here bring so much joy. >> it's important for them to see when they have bad days that there are babies who make it through and it does matter. >> it's amazing. it makes all of the long nights and the days of while. >> one year down and a lifetime to go, thanks to the women in pink. >> their job? it's worth it. >> that is amazing. >> all of the lives saved in the nic-u. >> how he is doing medically? >> he is healthy and his mom says he is sprouting about four teeth and he is saying bah-bah
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be his first word, short for bottle. >> and coming up next at 10:00, over coming an upsetting loss, what is next for the democratic party after republicans sweep the election. >> and a man goes on a violent
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developing tonight.. developing tonight, a man had a knife,. he refused to put down his gun. >> police say they implored 38-year-old dustin johnson to drop his gun or be shot after learning that texts were coming in from some of the victims and who were bleeding to death and
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investigators have not said if any of the injuries are life threatening but an employee says johnson complained that a stay at a facility had ruined his life. he got into the security facility on to the fifth floor where he was talking to people before pulling out a knife and a gun. the executive director called is a hostage station, and that center mental health issues. >> and. >> democratic party officials are trying to figure out where to go now. >> we'll have wonderful news for
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>> that was nancy pelosi and now she is seeing repub republicans controlling the white house the senate and her beloved house. >> this is the worst shape our party has been in since reconstruction. >> soul searching is a qu party that looses the white house. >> four years ago it was republican's turn. >> our party was weak, and they were not inclusive. >> and now democrats are tinker with their ground game and navigate the new political landscape. finally they must address the generation gap that produced no
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challenge miss clinton. mrs. clinton. >> not only do not have a seat at the table do you to redistricting but we are not prepared to have younger candidates in the system to move through the ranks and move up. >> nancy pelosi is expected to run away and is about to 77. they called this a very sad and trying week for all of us. >> vice president elect mike pence attended a veterans day observance in his home state of indiana. speaking to the crowd, pence
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our nation's veterans. >> today is your day, today is veterans day. all of indiana and all of america pauses to honor your selfless and courageous service anand it is my honor to be with all of you today. >> and closer to home, one of the largest veteran celebrations was held at bay pi p we spoke with a purple heart recipient about what this means to him. >> it's very humbling and honorable that we are able to remember our one gets through many difficult times because of the sacrifices of our veterans. >> well, some military trivia on this veterans day.
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army air corps until 1947. >> and this veteran found a foae and a family that suits him just right. >> it's bingo time for a special group of veterans and their care givers. they are from all over central florida and are all a part of the medical >> it allows them to live in a home environment and receive the medical care they need but they are living in a family. >> they use their va benefits to pay the care giver for home-based care, and the vets back a part of the family. this woman started with her father. >> he wanted his own house and i came to help him and then he
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who were in the same situation he was. >> veterans like nat legend. >> i had been invited to tammy's family on several occasions and i'm treating as though i was a member of the family. >> nat is 99 years old, a veteran of the army aircorps one of the millions who served our country through war and peace. and caring for them now i >> to see them have full lives and being happy with where they are and what they are doing and are able to do. >> they get out of the house at vet together togethers where ved caregivers can socialize, but when it's time to go home, it's really home. >> to me it represents everything that home was. >> and for some veterans a
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fit. >> that is something, and caregivers do get special trains to deal with vets with special needs. >> that is big. >> and it's a sign of the times. >> we are talking about merging humans with machines. how people are making their hands high tech and the risks that go along w i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. >> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00, a fractured country, a fractured campus. the fall-out from this bitter election has spread, and we'll tell you about the threats getting written on walls and showing up in dorms. and helping our service member find a new state of healing with horses as these veterans transition back to the real world. >> and it's a sign of the times. it's a micro chip for humans and some are getting them implanted in their hands and are beginning to use them as a part of their everyday lives. >> yes, they are, and there are some health and security risks, too. >> you can't see it, it's like a
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>> the bump is a micro chip that this tattoo artist had implanted in his hand. >> it's easier than giving blood. >> and he also put a magnet in the other side but that was just for fun. he uses his micro chip for practical purposes. >> i can load a link to any website, a message, limitless and just depends on what you do professionally or socially, what you would want to have on there. >> showtime networks showcased people from around the world who are using these in their iferred everyday lives. >> it was a cool feeling to see that i could connect with another device. >> the device is like one you
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a swipe scans the chip and identifies the owner. implanting a chip is a relatively minor procedure done by making a small incision in the hand. but some worn these come with health risks. >> there is also a worry of infection, and there are other reactions and the device can move and end up in a place that is unsafe, like a nerve or arteries. >> and if i had a micro chip in my hand, i wouldn't had need this reader i would just waive my hand and the door would open, but these are not encrypted and
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be hacked. >> while the current implants do not have gps tracking technology, the idea of that in the future is already raising concerns by critics who call them "spy" chips. >> it's kind of weird. >> as long as its optional. >> well, a set of twins born in massachusetts last weekend will have an interesting battle for bragging rights over who is ol before and after the daylight savings time changes and that means that one technically born after his brother is the older. samuel was born at 1:39 a.m. before the clocks turned back and rowan came along at 1:10 a.m. after the time change. it remines to be seen how the brothers are going to sort it
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the first time she has seen this happen in more than 30 years of nursing. that is interesting, i wonder what the out o odds are of that. >> and fsu playing under the lights for the first time in 59 years. and head coach robert weiner and the panthers taking on haven. >> and everything from a medical checkup to dental exams to medical glasses all free. up next
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with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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now its time for the good >> all right, time to get some good stuff, people helping people here in our community. >> hundreds are getting free medical care thanks to the generosity of people coming together. this free clinic is run by the ram organization, which stands for remote area medical, a wonderful organization. their mission is to stop pain
10:45 pm
focusing on the working poor, the uninsured and the underinsunderinsured. >> smile. yay! >> he is a cutie. more than a thousand people attended last year's event, and they received about 3200 different treatments amounts to more than a million in free care, and the amount this year they think is going be even bigger. and it continues tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and tomorrow 6:00 a.m. to noon. so if you need that service, you need to h head down there. >> i heard they had a little bit of a slow day today, and hopefully that picks up tomorrow and sunday because now days with
10:46 pm
insurance, take full advantage of that. >> the doctors are there waiting to see you, so if you need that, get down there. >> another group spent the day trying to help homeless vets. they brought together federal, state and local and faith-based organizations and nonprofits to help connect veterans with services. trying to get homeless vets off the street and those who qualify apartment complete are furniture and household goods. >> those of us have our witnesses about us and we take the little things for granted but when you see a person who has served our country go through those issues this is the least we can do to pay it wack backto them for serving our couy and fighting for our freedom. >> more than 300 homeless
10:47 pm
reveille, and i think i said reveal, but it just looks funny, i want to make sure to get it right. >> and this is going on through sunday, and you have to take a look at some of the fun. the jeep owners pay a registration fee to put their vehicles to the ultimate test, and we were able to take them and show them to you. the event takes pce down, around it raises a lot of money for sheriff's office charities. speck dspectators are welcome te and see the fun. you can check it all out. >> pen just don't share that wih your insurance agency. and we like to hear about the good stuff going on in your neighborhood, i was talking to someone else earlier and she
10:48 pm
an event and i said it's not even really about that, it could be a simple gesture, like a pay-it-forward gesture, and sometimes the smallest gestures can make the largest difference. >> we want to know if a neighbor helps you when you were in a bind. and sometimes people come up to me and say you have to do this or that. >> and the bed time not show, there is great theater in those! >> and take us to tallahassee. >> a rare friday night game for the s seminoles. fsu's first friday night game under the lights in years.
10:49 pm
tate, and it's 7-0, fsu. the next time with the ball, under pressure, and it's swrus t ripped and that is a touch down, 14-0 'noles and then calvin cook breaks loose, and the final, 45-7, that game sw just over. usf opens with a win, and they win. 80 to 59. the road to the state high school championships starts to narrow. the top team in the area, the plant panthers. their last state total coming in 2011 and tonight they honor the 2016 team, and remember the
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the 2016 quarterback, james francis, the blue devils blettes threaten early. and duffy is unage unable to h. from the five and working his way through the blue devil defense, it's 10-0 plant and the first play of the second quarter coming up here, and francis again on the keeper. 43 yards and he just outruns the defense, and the panthers beat winter haven, 59-6. plaplant takes on lakeland next week. and then in 6a. a scoreless game in the second quarter. thomas right here just chucks it up. m.l. link has a connection, and
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7 all. and watch this run by jones, just pure determination. he scrapes on his back and lake gibson punch it is in and goes on to win, they will face armwood in game two. and there is no question that the game aben must-win. and so where are the bucs right now and where does dirk cutter koetteras head coach. >> had a is the toughest part hopefully for everybody. and you know the best part i guess would be that you're seeing some things development-wise that maybe are not evidence to everyone right
10:52 pm
fruit down the road. >> and we have a full slate of football for you on sunday. going live from remains this week, scott smith and anthony on the side lines and then taking you right up to the 1:00 kickoff between the bears and the bucs. and the cowboys and stealers all right here on fox 13. >> that should be a fun night.@. >> oh, i know. you. you. and it's turning into a big week on the stock market.
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>> check out this sky, i even see a hint of a little bit of a rainbow. dalesteinberg wins a fox 13 umbrella. and it's simple. you upload your photo to the app and we give an umbrella away monday through friday at about 10:55. nicely done, dale.
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occasionally high clouds, with certainly more sun than clouds and then we'll watch and wait the arrival of another front monday and tuesday. of course, the full moon will be the story both sunday and monday nights with it being a supermoon. the future cast is quiet.% here is the forecast for tomorrow. 67 degrees in the morning. 76 by overall a fantastic saturday. >> a big week for donald trump and a really big week for the stock market, the dow gaining another 40 points closing with its best weekly point gain ever. the biggest gain in five years. we saw gains of more than 200 points as voters elected donald trump the next president.
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will have a little extra cash filling up their cars. the national price now at $2.19 a gallon. and shoppers are in a good food. consumer confidence rising to its highest levels since june. >> all right, david, and we all have our own ways of honoring the men and women who serve our country. >>
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy
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really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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>> okay, today is a day to monday those who have served our country. >> but one 90-year-old honor her husband who died last year. >> if i don't do it now, i may never do it. >> she didn't just take an airplane right, but a sky diving ride. doing a 45-second free-fall and then a 5-minute coast to the ground. her husband died at the age of
11:00 pm
to everyone else who has served and jumped. >> i had a son who died in vietnam, and i had three sons, greg, bob, and rick. they were in the service and i also had a grandson gr grandsonn the service. >> and she says she may consider that for >> she is my hero! and for all of the most wonderful reasons. that is a joyous story. >> it is indeed. >> time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> thank you for showing us that, it was so good, go, granny go. >> and new at 11:00 we are monitoring antitrump protests for the third night in a row.


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