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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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to everyone else who has served and jumped. >> i had a son who died in vietnam, and i had three sons, greg, bob, and rick. they were in the service and i also had a grandson gr grandsonn the service. >> and she says she may consider that for >> she is my hero! and for all of the most wonderful reasons. that is a joyous story. >> it is indeed. >> time now for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> thank you for showing us that, it was so good, go, granny go. >> and new at 11:00 we are monitoring antitrump protests for the third night in a row.
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this is the scene in miami where protestors are marching on to highways bringing traffic to a stop. >> i do have a son, and i would have to leave in case i get sent back tomorrow. >> what new trump policies could tear this family apart. >> doing it together is a big part of what makes it special. >> they are running with honor and running are old glory, paying tribute to our vets. >> >> stokes by anger and worry, antitrump protests have popped up in several major cities for the third night in a row. another one of the largest protests is happening in philadelphia with thousands of people crowding the streets but no reports of violence or
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and brought traffic to a stop, all this as a way to show their opposition to the new president-elect. protests in ybor wrapped up and you say this one is not as big as the one we saw last night? -- >> people -- hear tonight -- sorry >> massive -- >> okay, we are having a little trouble with evan lambert, this is ybor where the crowds were smaller than the last two nights and there are about 30 or so people who showed up but miami is a different story. protestors blocked traffic on the mcarthur causeway and really for hours. and then in orlando, hundreds of
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with the same chants, dump trump and not my president. the protestors say they know they can't change the outcome but they are going to keep going until they feel like they've gotten their point across. >> we know that protesting isn't going to get him out but we are going to give him a hard time about the poor choices and decisions he has made and the poor choices he is going to continue to make. >> to pay police officers for these protests and to keep people safe. >> the police do say that this is a use of their resources to come out and staff the protests and they hope that eventually they will fizzle out because of that. that is taxpayer money that goes toward that but we understand there is another protest planned for sunday in st. pete.
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lambert, and sorry about those technical difficulties and now to portland, oregon where they are holding a peace rally, but much calmer than the night before, when protestors set fires and shatters windows and even vandalized cars. so what is trump saying about this. this is the first oneov protestors have passion for our great country, we will all come together and be proud, but last night it was a different story. just had a very open and successful presidential election and now professional protests incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. it was worth mentioning that when obama was elected in 2012,
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saying everyone should march to washington and trop that stop tt travesty. >> and some students have found racist notes under that you are dorm room doors and graffiti promised trouble if clint elected. the president of the university sent out a note saying it is my sincere hope that we can come together and whether or not you approve of the outcome, this is a respectful place. >> and they are saying they are not treating the writing on the walls as hate crimes and as for
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there. >> and donald trump named the and leading the way is his vice president-elect, mike pence around also florida attorney general pam bondi. she has backed trump through most of his campaign and she was a female voice supporting him after that controversial audiotape came out. calling the comments disgusting bu ben carson, and former new york mayor rudy guiliani will also be on the transition team. >> and of course his promises on immigration have some local undocumented residents pretty concerned.
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with the story of a usf students who is afraid of being ripped from his family. >> he is a new father and a ph student and may also be on the venture of being sent back to jamaica. >> the only person in paul barrette's life who doesn't realize what is ahead... is his new son. >> lose everything. >> this is president obama's executive order that allows previously undocumented immigrants to stay. he is a track star, and works on campus and is studying
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without the citizen. >> if the executive order is rescinded. >> you will rescind daca? >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. >> paul's lawyer is richard manny. >> by taking away that program, you are punishing the children for the acts of other adults. >> while trump has said his priority in deportation will be known criminals manny is h outlook. >> what was once campaign rhetoric, he is also the president of paul and the many, many daca students, they are a part of his constituency now. >> paul and his girlfriend ruth suddenly have new reason to fear for more than swrus just their s future. >> i don't see how he can decide
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these people anymore, they are not valuablable. >> because daca is simply a policy memo issued by the secretary of the department of homeland security it can easily be scrapped and the paper says that anyone who gave the government their location and information to participate in the program could easily be found by federal agents. >> evan axelbank with some very emotional perspective from that family. >> that is a pretty thing. >> well, a new exhibit is inspiring a new generation. >> this could be used as a motivational tool for young people. >> coming up a look at how nasa is honoring its heros and legends from space. >> and a long journey ends for this flag. how this relay is supporting our veterans and paul, please tell
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nice as today. >> all right tonight we have some temperatures in the 40's in the bay area, and i will
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>> did you thank a veteran today? we know a lot of you did. one of the biggest celebrations in our areas held at the veterans affairs center in bay pines. thousands of people saying a genuine thank-you to those who served and sacrificed and a purple heart retired general for his service in vietnam. and if you saw this group running down bayshore carrying the american flag then you were witness to a 4,000-mile, two-month journey. we talked with the runners proud on this veterans day to carry the flag that so many proudly served under.
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seattle washington and ended on november 11 on veterans day. it's the third annual old glory relay. this is the first time it's come to tampa. those who took part said it was humbling and a fitting way to honor our vets. >> this is just one of the capstone events we year. >> it's humbling and motivating. >> about 8,000 hands touches the flag on its way across the country. >> in t tampa, josh cascio, for fox 13 news. >> and some of the veterans are also legendary for other reasons.
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artifactsand technology to givea look at the early years of space travel. among them apollo 13's jim lovell and others. >> your feelings just go into overdrive up there. you are like i'm on the moon, and hopefully that is showing up there. >> wouldn't you love to talk with him more about that. >> i would love that. >> the kennedy is honoring veterans throughout the weekend. >> yee-haw, i'm on the moon! >> and the female eagle rescued from this storm drain is now at
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territory, when they fell from the sky, and at least the one eagle got stuck in the storm drain, and it took several hours to free her and officials say that took its toll on the bird. >> after all of the attention from the people and the territory she was definitely in shock, and this morning she has a lot more spunk in her, and we love seeing that, these animals should have a lot of energy. >> animal experts s prognosis is good, and she is expected to make a full recovery soon, and you really gave us a nice lesson as you often do in any story involving animals. you shows us how they fight in the sky and i thought it was just the male eagles doing it but apparently the females -- >> they fight over territory every now and then. >> and did you see the syringe
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>> yes, they are giving eem food themfood and water right now. >> and the clouds coming in off and on during the day, but over all it was pretty nice, and one thing of note, if you look closely you will be able to see venus and jupiter show up over the gulf, and this is a bright light i does set quickly, but that is a fantastic view on the serrata beach cam. a beautiful day, 70's to near 80 oorksand a bit of a breeze. we hit 80 and i expect in the next week that we'll end that long stretch going back now 17
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temperatures down near 60. 1.55 inches of rain since october 1 and the last measurable rainfall, .2, back on october 15. and today is the 11th and you are talking about a couple more days that will have no measurable rain at tia and there is a chance of showers monday into tuesday as a weak front heads our way, dramatic rain, and in november, this is generally our dryest month and this is certainly living up to the reputation. a lot of high-level moisture a round tomorrow, and this generally equates to high sirrus clouds and we could even see a halo around the country, but it should be a nice saturday. temperatures cooler as you move away from the cities and the water.
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52, brooksville, the airport, always a cool spot, they are 47. new port richey at 60, and sarasota 62, and then 50's and low 60's inland, right now we're at 64 and the dewpoint is 56. the corners of the country, there is lake-effect snow in the northeast. and in the middle. it is essentially rain-free and it's quiet and chilly. kansas city, 44 and chicago land 48, and for us all we see is occasional high clouds tomorrow, with a cold front heading to the south. i don't think we'll see much and then low pressure developing
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week, and that should drag down even cooler weather to the middle of next week, but for now we are looking pretty good, pretty afternoon weather for midnovember, and i hope that you have a good weekend, we'll kick it off with a mostly sunny and nice day. partly cloudy and mild, near 80 and after that a small chance -- maybe 30% is generous, and cooler tuesday, wednesday and thursday. have a good weekend. >> back to you. >> you, too, and i can't wait to hear what cynthia has to say about this. dogs move over, horses may be man's new best friend. >> can i get an amen? >> the race was so intense we are calling out and having fun with politicians on both sides. we'll wrap up the election with
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>> all right, check this out, the university of center florida's therapy facility in osceola county. >> trying to understand why a horse might be the answer to help veterans cope with battles off the battle bat battlefield. >> calm.
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>> enveloped kelley smith. >> there we go, yeah. >> every time she comes to this st. cloud horse barn, there is just something about working with the horses and riding them that settles her psykhe but calm is a new state of being for her. >> i was very angry and confran >> she was a navy corpsman. co cocorpman.>> she was shot ft her injured arm just got progressively worse. >> i had it amputated when it just couldn't be saved.
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withdrawn and angry, and then someone suggested she try horse therapy, here. >> okay, i will go but i'm only doing it once, they don't understand me, don't know what i've been through. >> only once turned into more a year now. >> it's very moving seeing how healing this can be. >> after the first day i knew this is what i needed and this is where i needed to be at. >> thing that makes the difference. >> this medical school's doctor wants to know why, she has been studying horse therapy for several years and early findings suggest that the reason it works is a common psychological state shared by horses and veterans. it's called hyper vigilance where vets who come home from this feel like they have to stay on guard and amped up all the time.
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hyper vigilance all the time. >> dr. monroe says that commonality forces veterans like kelley to change their behavior and psychological state to be successful with the horses. >> it's okay, buddy. >> they are learning how to calm themselves in order to interact with the horse. >> you have to control your emotions and your anger, and snap decisions because they are relying on you, too. >> it's a cool connection. saving her life and brought her back to her family and friends, tom johnson, fox 13 news. >> well, cook makes history in tallahassee tonight, and the second season is underway. the high school play-offs are
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espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> well, florida state's cook has not had the heisman type season like a year ago, but he is making history, just the second seminoles running back to go over 100 yards and the last the 'noles take it right down the field on their first drive. this one is rifled across the middle to tate. and under pressure this time, watch francois step up and just rip it. and this make it is 14-0 'noles and then they break it lose and


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